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The State of the Energy Nation: World, Europe, UK Thames Valley Group Chamber of Commerce International Energy Conference 16th August, 2016 Update.

C aspiration, USA & China will sign Scale effects for renewables -> material cost reduction through 2030+ Massive investment required $2.8tn to 2040 in India alone, $7.4 in total Momentum behind efficiency (homes, vehicles, aircraft….) Clean fuels coming to reality China Transition Growth biased more towards services than previously India Continued Growth Largest future contributor to energy growth & CO 2 emissions Prolonged low fossil fuel (oil/


M P Sharma Varroc Group QUESTION & ANSWER‘S- SESSION Index: ABOUT VARROC GROUP ENERGY SCENARIO – INDIA ENERGY SCENARIO – MAHARASHTRA WHY RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLAR PROJECT – A B C QUESTION & ANSWER‘S- SESSION About Varroc Group Company Profile – Varroc Group Headquartered in Aurangabad, India Leading Indian supplier of Electrical, Metallic and Polymer components and sub assemblies for 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler industry USD 1.2 Billion annual sales/

GEOSS, IEEE Committee on Earth Observation, & Energy Community of Practice Jay Pearlman, Chair, ICEO Ellsworth LeDrew, Chair, CEO User Interface Working.

Sundaram, India Wind Energy Association, venkat@inwea.org, India venkat@inwea.org Qin Haiyan, Chinese Wind Energy Association, qhy@interpowers.com qhy@interpowers.com Hyun-Goo Kim, Korean Institute of Energy Research, Wind Energy Research / between Renewables Work in Progress: Geneva Invitational Energy Expert Meeting: August 28-29, 2006 Geneva Energy Expert Meeting Activities Support for Renewable Energy CoP Structure and Workplan Endorse combination of Renewable and Non-Renewable into Energy Community /

1 Renewable Energy Experiences Food for thought minus the RE statistics to be found at mnes.nic.in, powermin.nic.in, www.cea.nic.in and www.recindia.com.

. 25 Example 9: Very remote area PV All systems which the author visited in North India (Himachal Pradesh, Spiti, Kinnaur, Tirthan district) in 2000 – 2004 in very remote villages (2- 4 days trekking) were for various reasons not any longer in use. 26 Rural electrification with (renewable) energy power systems should be done in such a way that it does not financially harm public power utilities. Just because/

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is derived from natural process that are replenished constantly” -- defined by the RENEWABLE ENERGY WORKING PARTY of the INTERNATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY Introduction Contribution of Renewable Energy in World Electricity Production Introduction Major Renewable Energy Sources Hydro Energy Wind Energy Solar Energy Biomass Energy Tidal Energy Geothermal Energy Wave Energy Bio-fuel Bagasse Present Installed Capacity of Renewable Energy Sources in India Wind 10200 MW Small Hydro 2100 MW Bagasse 750 MW Biomass 620 MW/


Earth Vol. 9 (3) PP8-14.   Faculty serving in National committees National Expert for Solar City Development, Panel of Experts, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India, New Delhi. Member of R& D Committee (RDSPAC), MNRE, Govt. of India Member of Sub-Group under the working Group on New and Renewable Energy (NRE) for “Cooking Energy from Renewable” for the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-17). Member/

Akshay Ahuja Business Analyst India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) 12 Oct 2014 ENERGY STORAGE FOR SMART GRIDS.

public transportation systems 15 Some Initiatives in India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has identified high potential application areas. Looking at the increasing importance of energy storage for integrating renewable energy, the MNRE propose to support demonstration projects for energy storage to assess feasibility of energy storage technologies for small scale and grid connected MW scale renewable energy applications. MNRE is looking to/

Renewable Energy Development in India Government of India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy New Delhi 16 October 2012.

Million people still without access to electricity Electricity shortage estimated at 25-35 GW Renewable Power Capacity Total Installed Capacity = 25,857 MW Plan-wise Renewable Energy Capacity (GW) Addition Renewable Energy Projections for 2027 Cumulative Capacity in GW Renewable Energy Projections for 2027 Share of Renewable in Total Electricity Mix in % So far, main driver of RE in India; contributes over 70% of total RE capacity Assessed Potential49 GW (at 50 meter/

CASES – Cost Assessment for Sustainable Energy Systems.

28 WP10 – Assessment of policy instruments to internalise environment-related external costs in non-EU Member States WP 10 objectives  To assess policy instruments to internalise externalities in non EU Member States, via promotion of renewables, focusing on Turkey, Bulgaria, India, China and Brazil.  To investigate stakeholders preferences for policy instruments to promote renewable energy sources through Stakeholders Workshop 2. WP 10 partners  UBATH – United Kingdom/

Presentation on India’s Strategy Towards Energy Development and Energy Security By R.V. SHAHI Secretary, Ministry of Power Government of India December.

with waste heat recovery. Demand side management. Energy efficiency. Establishing feed in tariffs for power from renewable energy sources. Reducing Energy Requirements Energy Intensity of some countries Country Energy Intensity (KgOE/ $ GDP PPP) India 0.18 World Average 0.21 China 0.23 US 0.22 OECD 0.19 Large potential for energy saving exist in India Reducing Energy Requirements-- Large potential for energy saving exist in India At least 25 % of total generation could/

GRIHA & Solar Passive Architecture/Renewables

to sustainable habitats in the Indian context. It was founded jointly by MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India) and TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute, New Delhi) along with some of the experts in the fields related /due diligence site visits are conducted for each registered project Current incentives from Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India a) Government projects Registration fee for 200 building projects wavered b)Private projects- Project Proponent /

Challenges and Solutions for achieving a Renewable Electric Grid in India By Dr. Rahul Walawalkar VP, Emerging Tech & Markets, Customized Energy Solutions.

.IESA-ETN: Emerging Tech News Quarterly magazine  Inaugural Earth Day issue Launched on Earth Day  2 nd issue to be launched at ESA Annual conference, June www.esiexpo.in Summary  India presents large opportunities for renewable energy integration as well as energy storage & microgrid technologies  We need fundamental policy reforms as well as better implementation mechanisms for existing policies to avoid recurrence of such event/

CASES – Cost Assessment for Sustainable Energy Systems.

ethanol for transportation (COPPETEC)  Bulgaria: Fossil fuel based power production and renewable energy (EAP).  China: Coal and bio–mass or other renewable (ERI);  India: Coal and ethanol for transportation (IIMA)  Turkey: Coal and bio–diesel (TUBITAK); Cost Assessment for Sustainable Energy Systems 66 WP7 – National Level Estimates of Energy Costs in Non EU Countries Challenges in harmonizing computations to ExternE standards Differences across developed and developing countries arise/

Understanding Smart Cities

Information Layer Management and Editing Map Navigation Import and Export Source: The Times of India (MGI report ), NIIT-Tech Energy scenario in INDIA Installed Renewable Capacity (May 2014) SOURCE CAPACITY (MW) Wind Power 21,262.23 Solar Power/ ppp ….to be continued Source: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India and IEA, Key World Energy Statistics Target for Financial Year: 2014-15 Renewable energy scenario in INDIA Physical Progress in 2014-15 Sl. No. Sector Target for Financial Year:/

Bhilwara Energy Limited (BEL) Corporate Profile October 2014.

of US$1bn  Company has a strong Board with eminent personalities and follows strong corporate governance standards  Experienced and qualified professional team with capabilities of executing complex projects in the renewable energy segment Leading renewable energy company in India Strong execution capabilities  Company has successfully commissioned two HEPs with aggregate capacity of 278 MW and commissioned three wind power asset of 84 MW.  Malana HEP holds the/

Princeton University Undergraduate Task Force on Energy for Sustainable Development Generation, Efficiency, Development, and Implementation Commission.

the generation, efficiency, development, and implementation of energy services in India, China, and the U.S. Global Energy Consumption Total Carbon Emissions from Energy Consumption, 1880-2002 Figure created from data /energy-dependent businesses and energy service providers. 2. Promote the creation of micro-enterprise zones. Building Markets for Renewable Energy in China Sabina Sequeira AP Multimedia Archive Renewable Portfolio Standards, Feed-In Tariffs, and Tendering China’s Capacity for Renewables/


17300 MW 2005 4388 MW 2000 1170 MW Growth of wind energy in India Ref: MNRE data 1995 470 MW Wind Energy Scenario: Gujarat Wind Energy Potential in state of 10,609 MW Installed 3650 MW* Yearly Wind energy generation has risen to 5.3 Billion units in 2014 ~ 60% of Ahmadabad circle’s annual energy requirement Total renewable installation of the state is 16% of total power installation of/

Smart Grid and Renewable Integration

Social pressures 8.Calls for energy efficiency 9.Growing demand for energy 10.Rising consumer expectations 11.Rapid innovations in Technology 19 April 2017 Energy, Environment & Sustainable Development – interlinked. 19 April 2017 Renewable Energy in Smart Grid Energy, Environment & Sustainable Development –/ Farms Rooftop Photovoltaics Remote Loads Load as a resource SMES Smart Substation 19 April 2017 What India need to do? Sensitise all stake holder about global developments. Insist and mandate to procure/

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Customer needs (End-to-End) R&D and Innovation Expanding Global Presence Australia - Sustainable and internationally competitive renewable energy industry USA – It has outpaced Germany in terms of capacity China - Favorable policies & targets India – Robust domestic demand Global Acquisitions Hansen Transmission-Develops long term growth driver in terms of wind and industrial gearbox business. REpower Systems AG-Entry into large European markets; Complimentary product portfolio/

West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA) Department of Power & NES Government of West Bengal Scenario of Renewable Energy in West Bengal.

& NES Government of West Bengal Scenario of Renewable Energy in West Bengal Indian Renewable Energy Scenario The energy scenario in India is a complex mix of a variety of energy sources including traditional fuels (also called non-commercial fuels) such as firewood, agricultural wastes and animal wastes have played a significant role, particularly in rural areas. Critical analysis of Indian energy scenario suggests that India would continue to be a net importer/

Renewable Energy Developments in India MINISTRY OF NEW AND RENEWABLE ENERGY Government of India.

Solar Cookers 6.98 Lakh Villages Electrification 9553 Technical Institutions Solar Energy Centre Centre for Wind Energy Technology Solar Energy Corporation of India National Institute of Renewable Energy Alternate Hydro Energy Centre (A Dept. of IIT Roorkee working in close co-operation with MNRE on small hydro) Next Five Year Projections (Installed Capacities in MW ) Source Installed capacity In March, 2012 Capacity addition Target for 2012-17 Target installed capacity/

Climate Change Mitigation as a stimulus for Universal Rural Energy Access in India Dr. P. BALACHANDRA Department of Management Studies & Centre for Sustainable.

255 MT (million tonne) Soft biomass for biogas production for cooking  Soft biomass of 300 – 600 MT  Cattle dung of 450 MT Renewable energy technologies Biomass combustion/gasification technology Bio-methanation or biogas technology Both are commercial and India has experience in large- scale dissemination of these technologies. Power generation potential is 60,000 MW Biogas potential is more than 100 billion m 3/

Solar Energy: Path to Grid Parity April 11, 2012.

up solar power plants 14 © 2011 KPMG India Private Limited, an Indian limited liability company and a member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity. All rights reserved. Renewable energy at preferential tariff Environmental Attributes Environmental Attributes Electricity REC Mechanism Option to sell renewable energy in REC market has been a major incentive for/

Indian Solar Power Development: Opportunities By Debashish Majumdar Chairman & Managing Director Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited New.

& EE sectors. IREDA welcomes you to join hands to create a better tomorrow. Thank you ! Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited 3 rd Floor, August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaiji cama Place, New Delhi – 110 066, India Email : cmd@ireda.in www.ireda.in National Solar Mission (NSM) ApplicationsUnits201320172022 Grid MW1000400020000 Off-Grid MW20010002000 Thermal Mn m 2 71520 Manufacturing MW/yr1500500010000 RE Investments Parameters20072008Growth Total InvestmentsUSD/

FINANCING BIOMASS-TO-POWER AND ADVANCED BIOFUELS. EUCI Renewable Biomass For Affordable Power Generation Conference Financing Biomass Workshop Minneapolis,

projects in India; biomass-to-power projects in India and the Philippines; solar-powered water treatment projects in Greece, Turkey, India and Bangladesh; wind projects in India, and small hydro power projects in India. At present, I have been engaged for more than 1500MW of solar, wind and biopower projects in India and approximately 500MW of biopower projects in the Philippines. 12 III. ENERGY TAX INCENTIVES A. Energy Production Tax Credit For Electricity Produced From Renewable/

Internacionalización Green Business Co-operation Day 2010 Macao Forum & Exhibition Madrid International cooperation on Environment and clean energies.

, trade shows, cooperation, investment Madrid Region: BusinessTourism promotion 2006 - Activities CountrySectorDateNº of Co. India Engineering, environment and construction March 13-1711 Arabia and YemenEnvironmentMay 17-218 Oman y Qatar Industry and/BCM – Morocco Subcontracting, environment and renewable energies May 3-7 BCM – Algeria Agroindustry, Chemical, infrastructure and environment May 9-12 Multilateral Institutions A source of business in key sectors WORLD BANK INTERAMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK/

1 Energy Security of India The Place & Price of Coal & Gas T L Sankar CII-PowerMart 2005 Power for Empowering East Kolkata 16-17 Nov 05.

increased demand for total primary energy and electricity to sustain an 8% growth is only about 2 % above the rates achieved in the past. 9 India – Specific Fuel Needs for Non Power uses Coal Oil & Gas are used directly in several sectors. They are also used for power generation.Power is also generated from primary sources like nuclear, hydro and renewable. Direct use of fuels/

Renewable Energy Sources D. Elango Assistant Professor in Civil Engg. Hindustan College of Engg. Chennai – 603 103.

water body suddenly increases the temperature and losing its oxygen holding capacity Environmental Problems in Non-renewable Energy Resources (cont’d) Existing Available Renewable Resources in India  The production of fuel alternatives is projected to increase more than 2.5 /current usage levels  The Table – 3 shows the New and Renewable sources of energy potential and cumulative achievement in India Table – 3 New and Renewable Sources in India S.No.SourcesPotential (MW)Achievement (MW) 1.Wind45,00020,000/

Renewable Energy 2012 Wind Conference 1 Wind power development: Innovative trends to increase project profitability per KwH Mr. Ravindra Utgikar Head -

RECs: Advantages Inter state Transmission Promotion of stand- alone systems Overcoming the barrier of natural diversity Competition in Electricity Market Alternative to Meet Renewable Purchase Obligation Attract Investment REC mechanism gaining momentum in India Renewable Energy 2012 Wind Conference Levers For Improving Project Profitability #4 RECs: Projects availing RECs in India 17 Energy Source Accredited (MW) Registered (MW) Wind1534.51297.2 Bio-fuel cogeneration 636.1622.5 Biomass564.5534/

Proprietary & Confidential Renewable Energy Industry Scenario in India and Emerging Collaboration Opportunities A présentation by : K N Subramaniam

Projection for XII Plan Proprietary & Confidential Demand Estimation of Renewable Energy in India As projected by the 17 th Electric Power Survey of India and the Projected RPOs Proprietary & Confidential Incentive fuelled to meet Energy Challenge  Incentive-laden policies have fuelled growth in Indias renewable energy sector  Renewable power has been particularly beneficial for an enormous, over-populated country like India  Wind energy capacity in India is fastest growing with a record 3,163 MW/

Astonfield Renewable Resources Ltd. An Astonfield Group Company Note: The information contained here-in is proprietary and confidential. Any unauthorized.

pipeline, at least 500MW expected to convert into formal concession by 1Q10 with remainder by 1Q11 ► In addition Astonfield is in process of finalizing 400MW in pipeline from four leading industrialists in India under co- development structure Rajasthan Phase 2 Solar Astonfield has become the largest diversified renewable energy company in India MOU/ Allocation Pipeline Initial Dialogue Madhya Pradesh Phase I Solar Orissa Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh Jammu & Kashmir/

Role of policies in deployment of wind energy – evidence across States of India Riddhi Panse (and Vinish Kathuria) (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)

Results Conclusions Limitations and Future Work 21/11/2014Indian Institute of Technology Bombay2 Introduction – Motivation Renewable Energy (RNE) - reducing local air pollution, increasing energy access and improving energy security. Indian RNE Program - resource assessment, demonstration, awareness creation, and providing useful operating experience to industry and Utilities. Wind Energy in India – short gestation periods, increasing reliability and performance of turbines. – CAGR 34 per cent: From 52/

Renewable Energy Certificate Mechanism Central Agency National Load Despatch Centre Power System Operation Corporation Ltd. “Empowering Renewable Energy.

Single Touch Point for information for RE Generators A First of Its kind Initiative in India!! GREEN ATTRIBUTE GREEN ATTRIBUTE ELECTRICITY RENEWABLE ENERGY CERTIFICATE SOLAR CERTIFICATE NON-SOLAR CERTIFICATE REC | Key Concept Energy Generation Key Highlights:- Provides commercial mechanism for promoting renewable Energy Translates Government Policy to Action Brings in Investment in the Renewable Sector Platform for Environmentally concious Individuals and Corporates to Contribute Key Highlights:- Provides/

Experimental Aerodynamics & Concepts Group Micro Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory Georgia Institute of Technology Monday Thrissur.

. Many issues similar to VLSI- Smart Grid research underway. Experimental Aerodynamics & Concepts Group Micro Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory Georgia Institute of Technology komerath@gatech.edu 1.Beamed power requires millimeter waves for practical antennae. 2. 220 GHz window offers efficient propagation above 3 km. 3. Emergency Response systems in India can benefit from aerostat antenna / waveguide tether power delivery and communications. 4. Aerostat antennae/

The Politics and Economics of Climate change in India S L RAO.

potential growth for hydro-land shortages, environmental considerations, geological, political and resettlement & rehabilitation problems. Flexibility in supplies possible from use of coal, gas, nuclear and renewable energy. Coal is the highest carbon emitter and India will need considerable quantities of coal in the coming years. India’s scientists and Soviet technology India to 4000 MW of nuclear. capacity No private sector. Bush Administration freed supplies of uranium/

Grid Integration of Renewable in India - Challenges and Policy Responses Sanjay Garg General Manager General Manager PGCIL/ Ministry of Power Disclaimer:

plan (MW) * Wind Power15,000 Biomass Power 5,000 Small Hydro (up to 25 MW) Solar Power10,000 TOTAL30,000 Potential of Renewable Energy in India (MW) Total Installed Renewable Energy Capacity (MW) up to Jun,13= 28,709 Major RES Distribution in India Evolution of Renewables over the years Envisaged Wind & Solar Capacity addition by 2030 8 Resource2012 (GW) 2016-17 (12 th plan) (GW) 2021-22 (13/

Indias Intended Nationally Determined Contributions – Towards Climate Justice 1 Government of India Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

Our national plans ambitious and purposeful: o Thrust on Renewable Energy and Promotion of Clean Energy; Enhancing Energy Efficiency o Climate Resilient Urban Centres and Sustainable Green transportation Network o Swachh Bharat Mission, Cleaning of rivers, Zero Effect Zero Defect, Make in India 11 High Economic growth possible with low per capita emissions India’s Per capita emissions in 2030: remain lower than the current global average of/

1 Climate Change & Renewable Energy Presentation at ICORE 2008 Date 16-10-2008 By TL SANKAR Administrative Staff College of India Hyderabad.

society and public-private partnerships 7 The Renewables In the Action Plan 1.Renewables are expected to play a major role in the Action Plan 2.Eight National Missions have been setup 3.Important among them relate to renewable energy 4.These are a). National Solar Mission b). National Mission on Sustainable Habitat c). National Mission for a Green India d). Choice of technologies for mitigating CO/

1 The Search for Self Reliance A presentation at ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF COLLEGE, Hyderabad 20 September 2005 India’s Energy Future T L Sankar ADMINISTRATIVE.

accelerate coal production. Achieving these would not be easy. But, The will to overcome the crisis is emerging. Summing up 28 MY VISION INDIA ENERGY 2050 All renewable energy technologies will be viable. India will produce power from Wind,water and sun in plants of all sizes. Large power plants using Coal and safe Nuclear technologies using Thorium will produce huge quantities of power. Open access/

© OECD/IEA 2015 Canberra 20 November 2015. © OECD/IEA 2015 The start of a new energy era? 2015 has seen lower prices for all fossil fuels  Oil & gas.

GDP (trillion dollars, PPP) Energy demand GDP Total primary energy demand & GDP in ChinaEnergy demand in China 1 000 2 000 3 000 4 000 Coal Oil Gas Nuclear Renewables Energy demand GDP 3 000 6 000 9 000 20002010202020302040 Energy demand (Mtoe) 20 40 60 GDP (trillion dollars, PPP) © OECD/IEA 2015 India moving to the centre of the world energy stage Change in demand for selected fuels, 2014/

Towards a People Centric Energy Policy & A case for reduced need for conventional Power Plants ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Tariff policies will similarly will reduce demand –Wider use of distributed renewable energy source will reduce the demand on the grid –Other direct benefits: reduced losses, rural development Part III Alternative Energy Policy for the Country (People centric and Environmentally friendly) N&RE Potential In India Potential: (Grid interactive power only) Remarks 1. Wind energy> 45,000 MW 2. Small hydro15,000 MW 3. Solarover 5/

1/6/20161 1 Renewables Energy Sources - Regulatory perspective Presentation by Prashant Chaturvedi Secretary, MPERC.

Power survey 06/01/2016 MPERC Presentation 22 Renewable Energy potential In MP SourcePotential (MW)Installed (MW)Gap (MW) Conventional Sources -8457 (other than Central Sector) RENEWABLES Wind power1019213806 Small Hydro40071329 Bio mass- Agro1386 Bio mass- Forest & Wasteland 2060 1/6/201623 Estimated additional units on tapping renewable sources in MP 1/6/201624 The need of renewable Power in India To mitigate carbon emission To augment supply To/

India’s Energy Security: Role of Renewable Energy Amit Kumar TERI, New Delhi.

India’s Energy Security: Role of Renewable Energy Amit Kumar TERI, New Delhi Outline India’s energy scenario India’s energy scenario Challenges Challenges Role of renewable energy Role of renewable energy Collaborative opportunities Collaborative opportunities The Energy and Resources Institute An independent, not-for-profit research institute established in 1974 An independent, not-for-profit research institute established in 1974 Focus on Focus on – Energy, Environment, Bio-technology, and Sustainable /

Energy Needs of Growing Economy Economic growth is desirable for developing countries, and energy is essential for economic growth. The per capita energy.

for a price are classified as non- commercial energy. Firewood, agro waste in rural areas; solar energy for water heating, electricity generation, for drying grain, fish and fruits etc. Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Renewable energy is energy obtained from sources that are essentially inexhaustible. Examples of renewable resources include wind power, solar power, geothermal energy, tidal power and hydroelectric power. Non-renewable energy is the conventional fossil fuels such as coal, oil/


National Solar Mission India 19 Opportunities and benefits of Solar Installation Cost savings/Long term saving/ROI Uninterrupted power supply. Carbon Emission Reduction and Environmental problems (Clean energy fund - Under consideration) CSR & Community Development falling prices in both solar and wind (solar panel price decrease by 75% during 3 years) development of technical solutions for the integration of diesel and renewable energy considerable number of/


-line on the GAC model and potential impact of GHG Energy Consumption in Trillions of KWH/Year (equivalent) Energy from Fossil Fuels Energy from Renewable Fuels 1950 CO 2 280 ppm 1850 CO 2 230 ppm? 2006 CO 2 380 ppm 2030 CO 2 500 ppm? 2050 CO 2 800 ppm? Current EIA China USA, China & India Fossil Fuel Consumption Trend line 14 VSNI Proprietary VS/

ICA RENEWABLE ENERGY- COOPERATIVE OPPORTUNITY. 2 Energy need Energy is the basic requirement for contemplating work in urban as well as rural areas. More.

Bio-Gas, Solar, Wind, Ocean-Tidal (Ren.) 13,3107.7 1.5 – 1.7 (Wind) 3 – 4.2 (Solar) 12 (S) Total Installed Capacity 1,52,360 MW 13 Renewable Energy Potential in India Potential Bio gas Plants 12 Million (Equivalent to 5000 MW) Improved Chulhas120 Million Biomass19,500 MW Solar Energy20 MW/ sq. km Wind Power45,000 MW Small hydro power15,000 MW/

Europe India Chamber of Commerce, Spain

for increse in the demand • Expected demand, at current growth rate of 8%, to cross 750 GW in 2031~32 • A major part of this demand to be fulfilled by Renewable Energy Blackout a harbinger of power needs to come? Back 6 India Solar Radiation / Individuals / Corporates/ Government/ IPPs Policy Flow R&D Flow Fund Flow Implementation Flow Source: Framework Adapted from India: Renewable Energy Report (APCTT-UNESCAP); Analysis 7 India will be the next solar capital of the World 35 80 68.0 30 70 60 25 20 23.2 /

Solar Energy: An Emerging Option for India

)and Prayas calculations Large grid connected Renewables Energy security, price rise in fossil fuels; focus on local environmental and global climate concerns has made RE an extremely important supply option for the future. RE moving from margins to mainstream. Capacity (~23 GW) and Generation (~ 50 BU) $ 9.5 billion (50,000 cr) invested in large RE in India in 2011. Fastest growing energy sector, 22% CAGR past decade/

World energy economy at a glance Uri Barenholz Weizmann institute of science December, 2011.

(Per person) Consumption by usage Agriculture and industrial use: 37% Transportation: 20% Residential: 11% Commercial: 5% Lost in generation and transmission: 27% How much does an average car account for? Assuming 20,000 [km/year] How much/ 6[kW] China ~ 1.5[kW] India ~ 0.7[kW] Bangladesh ~ 0.2[kW] The promise of renewable energy Hydroelectricity The dead sea canal potential World hydroelectricity Installed capacity: 770[GW] o 90% of renewable energy electricity production. o 20% of world electricity /

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