Ppt on railway track cross

1 UNIFE Association of the European Railway Industries Welcome EFRTC Roma, 01/12/2006.

in New Member States (joint UNIFE/CER Initiative) Proposal for Cross Acceptance of Rolling Stock (Joint UNIFE/CER/VDB/FIF Initiative) 9 UNIFE - Achievements 2000/2005 European Railway Agency Counterparts 10 active ERA working group 8 active UNIFE –/ requirements and opening technology solutions. Network of Industries formed by: UNIFE members Network (infrastructure system integrators, track suppliers and track workers) UNIFE 4+1 ( formed by the 4 industries members of UNIFE participating in INNOTRACK and by/


a nautical term for the stones used to stabilize a ship. BALLAST RAILS Railway transportationA generic term for railroads, railways, rail transport, and related matters Rail tracks, or railway lines, the running surface of a railway Rail profile, the cross sectional shape of a railway rail Third rail, a method of providing electric power to a railway train Conductor rail, a structural steel surface fitted alongside a rail/

Human factor, road-rail safety policies, available technologies at level crossing. Towards a model to evaluate LCs risk. Emilio Cosciotti Massimo Costa.

sound approach involving all the exogenous and endogenous factors of safe mobility. UNECE 5 LEVEL CROSSING  A unique dangerous moment: Interaction of road / railways, two completely different modes.  Fatalities & Road Users  Attitude and risk demeanor at/of pedestrian at LC” urban/non urban area railway traffic single/double track total faults/incidents total faults/incidents max speed of the railway line avg LC closure time 13 railway side visibility Linear regression model for the estimation /

Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering 1 Reliability Analysis of Switches and Crossings

, turnout or set of points is a mechanical installation enabling railway trains to be guided from one track to another at a railway junction. Name of switche in Swedish railway system: A-B-C-D (e.g. EV – SJ50/ Switch device (motor, gearbox, coupling, bars, etc.) Switch and Crossing Elements Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering 7 Sweden railway network Division of Operation and Maintenance Engineering Division of Operation and Maintenance /

. Cooperation of railway construction companies in Europe within EFRTC Joseph H.M. Urlings EFRTC Vice-President.

of trackworks machinery and their depreciation are key cost drivers Qualification system for railway track work contractors Safety Protection on track during work Measuring and recording systems for track geometry and quality assessment Rail grinding, milling, welding and planning work / about process, people and culture even if technology and safety harmonisation are also important in particular for cross border operation and opening of the markets The over-arching key to success: a closer and more open/

DEDICATED FREIGHT CORRIDOR on MUMBAI DELHI ROUTE An Overview of the By S. K. Kulshreshtha Chief Track Engineer, Western Railway.

with adequate blanket thickness, sub-ballast layer. Track Structure suggested Curves not sharper than 1 0, Vertical curves must be provided Conventional Double line Gradient not steeper than 1:400 compensated for curves. Level Crossings / Grade Separators –Avoid level crossings as far as possible. –For DFC along existing route, Convert LCs into Subways, Grade Separators at Railways cost. –For Corridor along new alignment, grade/

Transport EU Railway Policy Market Opening and Railway Restructuring Bertrand Collignon EC, DG MOVE B2 April 2016 Single European Rail Area.

between infrastructure management and rail service provision Strong European Railway Agency ("system authority") Strong Regulatory Bodies ("market authorities") Rail Freight Corridors with improved cross-border traffic and infrastructure management More interoperability and /corridors at a given date Transport ERTMS market is increasingly global 36 ERTMS trackside contracts, in tracks km (excluding frame contracts), March 2014 Transport Interoperability European Standards (EN) Technical Specifications for/


triple track having metro standards will be constructed. SÖĞÜTLÜÇEŞME GEBZE Üsküdar SİRKECİ Existing Conv. Line High Speed Line ANKARA-KONYA HIGH SPEED LINE A dream of 145 years MARMARAY PROJECT This Project is one of the biggest projects in the World, which connects European and Asian continents. The project consist of 3 Phase BC1: Tube tunnel crossing/

Mission: Eliminate deaths and injuries at railroad crossings and along railways. DuPage Railroad Safety Council Dr. Lanny F. Wilson, M.D. Chairman.

Defined/Far Side Devices Relocated 2004 – 2010 Before and After the removal of the pedestrian crossings Victor Olivera BETTY OLIVERA Mission: Eliminate deaths and injuries at railroad crossings and along railways. Story : 11 year old nephew, Victor, sustained fatal injuries while riding a bicycle too close to the train tracks. There were no pedestrian gates. Prevent a recurrence Install pedestrian gates at the railroad/

0 WORLD BANK Financing freight railways in developing countries Global Rail Freight Conference Sponsored by Indian Railways and UIC Paul Amos: Transport.

profits earned from freight are often implicitly used to cross–subsidize passenger services, for example:  direct transfer to passenger operating losses, and/or  indirect transfer through excessive track charges (implicit or explicit)  reinvestment of freight / with heavy bulk traffic markets Track access rights can provide a route to private investment in freight while retaining the public railway network in public ownership and control. 13 WORLD BANK Track access rights for freight train operators/

The Coming of the Railways. In this unit you will learn: Why railways were developed The Building of the Liverpool Manchester Line The Opposition to Railways.

was to lay logs and brush wood beneath the stone for the track to float the line across. This was done much later and on a bigger scale crossing Rannoch Moor. Sankey Viaduct The line had to be carried over a/most lines were built in the industrial Central Lowlands Links to Aberdeen and the Highlands developed later The Scottish Railway Network Opposition to Railways Canal Companies Stagecoach companies Some landowners and farmers Doctors Some Politicians Lost money Land divided, believed animals would/

1 Development and Application of Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment Models for the Korea Railway International Railway Safety Conference 2008 Denver, Colorado.

rolling, train stop, backward moving Obstacles on the track External obstacles, parts from train/freight falling, infrastructure collapsing/obstruction Level Crossing Accident Being trapped in level crossing -Engine stop -Deviation of pathway -Gangway blocking -Lack of propulsion/braking -Violation entry -Limit interference -Breaking or detour Crossing during warning signal Breaking through or detour the barrier Railway Traffic Casualty Accident People struck/crushed Striking with train/

Title: Railway Safety Plan in Korea Name: Sanglog Kwak, Sungbae Yoon, Kwanghag Choi Organisation: MLTM, KRRI Economy: Republic of Korea Thirty Fourth APEC.

 Cause Management Invest 2 billion US$ for 5 years : focus on SMS Establish detailed background of Railway Safety Programs TPT-WG34, Brisbane, Australia Thirty Fourth APEC Transportation Working Group Meeting, Brisbane, Australia, 13-/ Button, etc…) Passenger Crowd Management Minimize hazardous environment in station The handicapped passenger safety in station Track security Level crossing safety : Intelligent signal, over-bridge, barriers Maintenance Reliability on Signaling & Power Supply system Fire /

GEO TEXTILE: PERSPECTIVE FROM THE RAILWAY SECTOR A K Shrivastava. Executive Director Railway Board Rajesh Agarwal Geo-technical Engineering Directorate.

of such track can help to eliminate speed restrictions Use of Synthetic Geogrids for Erosion Control of Natural Existing Slopes Construction of RE Embankment 11 Typical Cross Section of Embankment with Prefabricated Vertical Band Drains Sand Blanket Initial Embankment Soft Clay Layer Band drains Firm Soil 12 Band drains installed above initial embankment USES OF GEO-GRID GEOSYNTHETICS APPLICATION IN RAILWAY FORMATION PROJECT/

EFRTC and Czech Technology platform “Interoperability of railway infrastructure” Imrich Korpanec EFRTC Secretary General.

with member states Work stream E – Contracting Strategy Purpose reflect the specific conditions for railway track work services, e.g. heavy and expensive track machinery designed for special scope of works, well skilled operators, etc aim at transparency / for placing the OTM in service To facilitate the cross-acceptance of On Track Machines with the aim at further opening of the market for construction, renewal and maintenance of railway lines in Europe and increasing the competitiveness of European /

1 Details of “2013 Safety Vision” The 5th Five-year Safety Plan for East Japan Railway Company Tsugio Sekiji East Japan Railway Company Details of “2013.

during signal failure Signal passed at danger Wind Falling rocks Level crossing Level crossing Track maintenance work Rain Rail trouble Earthquake 0.01 0.1 1 10/Railway collision, Uetsu Line derailment derailment D: People being hit by a train at a station platform D: People being hit by a train at a station platform Estimated damage ranking Not-Derailment : 1,271 Derailment accident on double-track line Maximum estimated damage ranking ⇒ B Maximum estimated damage ranking ⇒ B ABCD Example of level crossing/

Railway and Bus Stations

Ordnance Survey on behalf of The Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, ©Crown Copyright Stamford College, 100042277. Railway Level Crossing The symbol on the right is a LEVEL CROSSING The black line means the railway track and the red thicker line means the road A railway track will always run over a road Bus Station The symbol on the right is a BUS STATION Reproduced from/


by trains Lack of management of the rail reserve Security at / around stations SARPS recovered R 1 041 846.50 worth stolen cables SARPS arrested 14 903 persons for crossing a railway track without authorization C.2013/14 STATE OF SAFETY CASH FLOWS FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES: RECEIPTS D.2013/14 FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Statement of financial performance for the year ended 31 March 2014/

Railway Crossing Safety: Challenges and Opportunities Wendy A. Tadros, Chair Transportation Safety Board of Canada Operation Lifesaver 20 th Annual Seminar.

as vehicles Similar accident not far from this one in 1995 Many other communities with busy multi-track main lines 22 Brockville, Ontario Recommendations That TC assess and make public risks to pedestrians for second-train accidents at all multi-track crossings That TC work with railways and communities to develop solutions to prevent pedestrian/train accidents Action taken TC will improve high-risk/

GIS Initiative in Indian Railways

owned land 14/04/2017 Centre for Railway Information Systems Centre for Railway Information Systems Subsequent layers Fixed infrastructure Track, Bridges Cuttings and embankments, tunnels Overhead Electrical equipment Buildings -- stations, control offices, etc. Yards 14/04/2017 Centre for Railway Information Systems Sachin Budhisagar Centre for Railway Information Systems Subsequent phases Location of maintenance facilities Movement of trains Level crossings Hospitals and medical facilities Accident relief/

Romanian Railway Reform Case Study Ray B. Chambers Chairman Seneca Group International.

BP #2 The Final System Plan of Radical Reform 1973 – Regional Rail Reorganization Act - FSP US Railway Association – Government -Finance and Plan Conrail created out of bankrupt estates- 1976 – Conrail begins operating-Government/ Safety Regulator (USA) Areas to be Addressed Marfa Privatization CEE Interoperability - 2007 Track Access & Track User fees Common Safety Rules & Regulation Train Control Border Crossings Common Training – Training & More Training Project Management Areas to be Addressed Unified /

Kosovo Ministry of Transport & Communications Department of Railways, Civil Aviation and Maritime Transport Pristina, June 2004.

CROSSINGS SIMPLE POINTS CRUCIFIED POINTS 147,74766,294223,10913 / 259174 / 1976 81,26221,511103,7536 / 242322 / 607 58,43611,42071,2512 / 73811 / 255 30,13115,0676,55951,7572 / 32687 / 150 332,643105,784449,87023/9020 115/2988 1. Existing situation - Track Maintenance - In war time some parts of railway track/ two new stations  two storage facilities with big refrigerators  Investment in reparation of railway track, signaling and telecommunication equipments  Estimated budget: 3,200,000.00 € 2. Proposed /

IR Safety Plan- Investment strategy & Safety environment Presentation by : M.C. SRIVASTAVA Member Traffic Railway Board Indian Railways.

124% OUTPUTS Growth of Freight Traffic 544% Growth of Passenger Traffic 435% INDIAN RAILWAYS – AN OVER VIEW KEY STATISTICS 2001-2002 ROUTE KILOMETERS 62759 TRACK KILOMETERS 107969 NO. OF LOCOMOTIVES 7517 NO. OF PASSENGER VEHICLES 36510 NO. OF/ various training centers. Automatic switching “ON” of flasher lights of locomotives in emergencies has been planned. Level Crossing having heavy traffic density are being progressively interlocked with signals. Self propelled medical vans and accident relief trains are/


Dublin, Ireland October, 2006 Background Most communities in Canada grew up around the railway tracks Municipal governments have growing influence As population and transportation needs have grown, there /Noise, vibration, vegetation control 2. Safety and Dangerous Goods 3. Mitigation costs – who pays? 4. Construction and maintenance responsibility 5. Crossing safety and congestion 6. Urban corridors – grade separations, land banking, prime urban land 7. Integrity and expansion capacity of rail facilities /

Session: Liberalisation of the railway markets. A challenge to finance railway systems “South East Europe Railways. Challenges for cooperation and exploitation.

in a continuous and fruitful international cooperation. Four main rail routes are considered to cross SEE area according to NEAR 2 project B3 via branch of the Trans-Siberian railway network – the Mongolian route C1.1 via the TRACECA – Turkmenbashi rail route (/ Lack behind in infrastructure - Traffic is falling more sharply than EU-27 Railway Corridors (PECs) in SEETAC study area: 10.530km 51,4% of the PECs (existing) railway lines are with double tracks. 83,7% of these lines are electrified. 64,7% of PEC /

Making Tracks Schools Engineering Challenge briefing.

instructions so an assessor could operate it scale to be based on track obtained maximum size is A2 Team solution: Year 10 Model Team Solution: Year 9 Model a bridge where the railway line crosses the Dawton River model is not to be made from a kit /scale to be based on track obtained maximum size is A2 a justification of the proposed route (from the engineering/


(revised to Rs 12.45 crore in 1993)  4 km of closed loop with 1.1 km of reversing cross- over was planned  Railway Board reviewed and abandoned the project in 1998 due to various problems History of Test track (contd)  Railway Board sanctioned Test Track in 2002 –03 for Rs 87.3 crores  Proposed site in Kanpur-Lucknow dropped due to protests by local/

Future Road Map – Modern Control, Command Signalling Systems BY Anshul Gupta DRM, Adra, South Eastern Railway Secretary, Institution of Railway Signal.

or Satellite Communications On Board Communication Systems- WiMAX/ GPS/ GSM Switches Weather Sensors Grade Crossings Track side/ Onboard sensors Bhuvan/ GPS Defect Detectors TRACKSIDE ASSETS End-of-Train Devices Crew AND workers TRAINS & CREWS Commercial Communications Carriers or Internet RailrTel/ Railways wireless IP links IP radios Satellite navigation Wagons Signal/ Track Circuits Wagon/ coach Maintenance Facilities FOIS CCS - NETWORK BASED INTELLIGENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS S/

ECOPLAN 1 Case Study Switzerland: Railway Investment Fund Stefan Suter ECOPLAN, Economic Research and Policy Consultancy REVENUE Final Conference Brussels,

and investment No cross-financing (2/3 road investment fund, 1/3 local government) Equal distribution (1/3 rail and 1/3 road investment fund, 1/3 local gov.) Status quo (2/3 rail investment fund, 1/3 local government) Green lobby solution (3/3 rail investment fund) Road fund Pricing / taxation Investments Railway Fuel tax Public treasury Track charges Railway fund Local/national/

Station and Yards CE2303 Railway Engineering. Definition A railway station is the selected place on a railway line, where trains halt for one or more.

goods – For control of train movement – To enable the trains on a single line track to cross from opposite direction – For taking diesel, water etc. – For sorting of bogies – In case of emergencies (accident/dislocation of track due to heavy rain) Site Selection For selecting a site for a railway station, following factors should be considered: Acquisition of Land Sufficient land area including land/

By: Scott Winslow. The Cape May and Millville Rail Road began operations in 1863, having completed a line of track from Philadelphia to the coast of.

St and Germantown Ave in Germantown, PA. By 1835, the track was extended to Norristown, following the Schuylkill River. In 1850, a bridge had been built in Norristown, crossing the river to connect the rail road with the Philadelphia and / and the Steubenville, Canton and Cleveland Railroad companies under the name Cleveland, Youngstown and Pittsburgh Railway Company. The company operated a single line of track in Ohio stretching from Phalanx to Dillonvale. The company was sold from receivership in 1887 and/


weight of the floor is found from the dimensions and the unit weight of the different materials. Weight of an open timber floor for a single track railway bridge = (250+350)=600 kg/m’ (9.3.4(p149)). back The weight of the steel structure is first approximately determined from similar /W = 0.75 + 0.50 L t m’ - For deck bridge W = 0.50 + 0.50 L t m’. For deck bridge without stringers and cross girders W = 0.25 + 0.50 L t m’ Where, W = weight of total steel in (t) for one meter of bridge, L = effective span/

ICT for Efficient Railway Infrastructure R K Bahuguna Director/RailTel 08/01/2010 IRSE Seminar on Role of Modern Signalling, Telecom & ICT Systems in Making.

System Data Centre Asset Management Data Centers 5 Places Trackside Fibre Network (50000 Rkms) Health Monitoring HRMS Train Tracking Level Crossing Monitoring Railway Services Crew Management Matl mgmt PRS/ UTS Train Tracking Railways Control Center RailTel IP Backbone Mobile Ticketing Comml Services WiMAX Indian Railway Portal - Architecture Legacy Networks PRS, FOIS.. MISERPCRM Claims Mgmt Call Centers MIS Internet Res. Portal E-ProcurementPassenger Info systems TMS, Train/

102 October 2013CER The Voice of European Railways Railway Policy in the EU 02 October 2013, Budapest Dr. Libor Lochman CER Executive Director.

a result of the Recast of the First Railway Package 902 October 2013CER The Voice of European Railways Road Access Charges Road system Access to infrastructure Track Access Charges Public sphere Priva te sphere PUBLIC /playing field 2602 October 2013CER The Voice of European Railways Intermodal level playing field? Cross-modal regulation needed! Improve law-making to ensure a fair intermodal legislative framework Set up cross-modal legislative principles – Common principle for infrastructure charging/

122 October 2009CER The Voice of European Railways The future of railways in Europe What shall we do? International Conference on the Future of Railway.

October 2009CER The Voice of European Railways Direct loss from rail PSO transport increases every year Cross- subsidisation from freight and low passenger infrastructure charges Less income for network maintenance, renewal, investment and rolling stock Rail freight becomes less attractive for customers Deterioration of the quality of public service transport Downward spiral of indebtedness / competitiveness… MISBELIEF C: ‘Track access charges can replace investments/

INDIAN RAILWAYS INSTITUTE OF CIVIL ENGINEERING. Introduction of high speed corridors on IR– impact & challenges before us.

- Normal322640006250 - Exceptional312540005556 Maximum Cant (mm) - Normal180 - Exceptional180 Cant Deficiency ( mm) - Normal1008565 - Exceptional13010085 *French Railways Track Parameters for High Speed CURVES Parameters*270 km/h300 km/h350 km/h Cant excess (mm) - Normal100 - - Exceptional110 / of Geo-grid/concrete/ tarmac –Sub-ballast & Ballast Ballast less track bed Tunnels Problem of airwaves –Increased cross-sectional area of tunnel –Avoiding double line tunnels –Operating only air sealed/

1 The Industrial Revolution Moving on. 2 Today we are looking at transport Roads Canals an aside into the steam engine Railways.

he went on to link the four major navigable rivers - Thames, Trent, Severn and Mersey. The centre of this Grand Cross was Birmingham, which became an industrial centre because of the canal revolution. Many new businesses started up because the area had easy/and scare their animals into giving birth prematurely or dying. Members of the aristocracy were annoyed at the idea of new railway tracks because they believed that it would hinder fox- hunting. Some people did not like the idea of men and women /

EFRTC European Federation of Railway Trackworks Contractors General Meeting Porto 5th June 2009 1 Presentation of Railway Infrastructure Manager from Hungary.

works:  Renewal of level crossings, platforms  Flood protection works  Slope restoring works  Individual bridge works  Danube bridge at Baja, Tisza bridge at Algyő  Renewal of weighbridges EFRTC European Federation of Railway Trackworks Contractors General Meeting Porto / Consortium Renewal and investment works: generally the above two and MÁV FKG (track machines) Ltd EFRTC European Federation of Railway Trackworks Contractors General Meeting Porto 5th June 2009 23 VI. Selecting contractors, tendering/

Operation & Management of Urban Railway in Seoul Metro.

“B2S” track system - obtained international patent Track renewal system from ballasted track to slab track during train /railway O&M management, etc. Technological & Financial Innovation 032_ 033_ Social Contribution Activities Seoul Metro Volunteer Group Organized and in operation Operation of Matching Grants - Welfare institution assistance with 1:1 ratio (staff : company) Accident insurance for volunteer work staff Partnerships with 5 volunteer specialist institutions including Korean Red Cross/


VEHICLE” is a concept of detection of cracks in railway tracks automatically and prompts to adopt the required steps to avoid accidents. RAILWAY ACCIDENT Railway Accidents occur due to the following reasons:-  The unmanned level crossing  Signal Failure  Human error  Crack in the railway track  Any big object in the track BLOCK DIAGRAM The block diagram of the Automatic railway track crack detecting vehicle is shown in fig. Block diagram/

Freight Railway Integration Strategy For Inter-American Development Bank Transport Week 2009 by Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) Subsidiary.

Subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads November 9, 2009 The Transportation Technology Center, Inc. Railway Research &Testing, Engineering consultancy and On-track testing Operates FRA’s Transportation Technology Center (TTC) - the world’s leading and largest/ Statistics Annual Report, 1980-2008 (preliminary 2008 data). Note: Excludes grade crossing accidents. 11.43 3.18 IDB Transport Week 2009: Freight Railway Integration Strategy Accidents per Million Train-Miles 72% reduction from 1980 to 2008/

Certification “EURAIL-ING” Certification of European Railway Engineers “EURAIL-ING” Wilfried Lorenz Head of the UEEIV Certification Body for Persons.

expertise in the following fields of knowledge: Design and function of track machines, Measurement and control systems of track machines, Maintenance of track machines, Operation of controls in track machines, Measures to remedy malfunction of track machines, Track geometry / track parameters as defined by railways in their guidelines, Track construction and maintenance procedures, Quality assurance for jobs done with track machines, Fire protection, health and safety at work. Objective of/

The Road-Rail Welding Vehicle MSK-01.

bogie turn angle is +/- 100° for easy driving of the vehicle on and off track. It is possible to enter and leave the track at almost any railway crossing that has a width of approximately half the vehicle length. When travelling by public automotive roads, the front and rear railway bogies are raised and locked in position with air operated mechanical locks. Only one operator/

Presents The Railway History of St. Thomas. The Railway History of St. Thomas 23 October 1849: Sod-turning commences in London for the Great Western Railway,

built a year later. The Pere Marquette uses car ferries (left) rather than bridges or tunnels to cross waters such as Lake Erie and the Detroit River. The Boom Years August 1902: The South Western Traction Company is granted/Central Railroad, and becomes the Penn Central Company (PC). The PC now operates the former NYC tracks through St. Thomas. 1976: The PC and several other bankrupt railways are amalgamated to form the federal Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail) which begins operations in St. Thomas/

Aligning national priorities with EU requirements in Romania’s passenger railway transport Aligning national priorities with EU requirements in Romania’s.

which: - 2707 km of double track (27%) - 2707 km of double track (27%) - 3929 km of electrified track (35,9%) - 3929 km of electrified track (35,9%) 1000 railway stations1000 railway stations … Romania prioritizes the transport development/ EU requirements in Romanian passenger railway sector Evolution of the passenger railway transport in Romania (Romanian Statistics – INS) European Union and Romanian Priorities « Creation of an integrated European railway area to allow cross border services under a single/

Schedule of Dimensions And Track & Bridge Structure for Dedicated Freight Corridor adhpm.

nominated a core group for Engineering department, consisting of: EDCE(P), EDCE(B&S) & ED/W from Railway Board, ED/Track & ED/B&S from RDSO and Dean from IRICEN MMD for Dedicated Freight Corridor AM’s Committee has /over platform and other track side structures will infringe. In Height: All overhead structures including ROB, FOB, Through Girder Bridges, Tunnels, Cover Over Platforms, OHE, Electrical Crossings, Flyovers etc will infringe. Sample Study on Western and Eastern Railways has shown: Western /

Geo-Synthetics Perspective in Railway Sector

of Natural Existing Slopes Construction of RE Embankment Typical Cross Section of Embankment with Prefabricated Vertical Band Drains Sand Blanket Initial Embankment Band drains Soft Clay Layer Firm Soil 12 12 Application In Railway (Specific) Track Bed Design Reinforced Earth Embankment (Railway Loading ) Formation Rehabilitation GEOSYNTHETICS APPLICATION IN RAILWAY FORMATION USES OF GEO-GRID GEOSYNTHETICS APPLICATION IN RAILWAY FORMATION Geo-grid in IR Biaxial geogrid has/


Parcels  Demurrage and Wharfage Calculation  Printing of Parcel labels  Networking of all parcel offices  RFID tags for tracing parcels INDIAN RAILWAYS INDIAN RAILWAYS ASSETS PROFILE Total Track Kilometers 109,221 Electrified Track kilometers 39,358 No Of Bridges 119,984 No Of Level Crossings 37,423 No Of Diesel Locomotives 4,699 No Of Electric Locomotives 2930 No Of Passenger Coaches 34,895 No Of/

Railways in Sub-Saharan Africa An effective regional integration tool? Presented by : Pierre Pozzo di Borgo, Principal Investment Officer June 2013.

financed by Governments (Excluding Angola). These figures do not take into account urban railways and, most importantly, new general freight track expansion. Albeit they represent a small portion of what Governments spend on roads /bigger if Governments can find a sustainable way to finance railways infrastructure while attracting private operators to finance their operations, maintenance and rolling stock. Cross border railways management presents specific challenges and solutions: Challenge 1: Accounting/

1 The Voice of European Railways IDEI and Northwestern University - Toulouse 7-8 November 2003 Railroad Industry Structure, Competition and Investment.

services obligations) and commercial traffic (mostly long distance) 7 The Voice of European Railways (2)Industry structure: Rail as a system Railways are a track-guided transport system The performance of the system is largely determined through the infrastructure/costs (2) unclear definition of cross-modal financing options The expected Framework Directive on Cross-Modal Charging & Financing has been abandoned ! Energy taxation VAT question 14 The Voice of European Railways In conclusion: The need for /

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