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Six-Sigma Management and Lean Tools

Taguchi Method provides: A basis for determining the functional relationship between controllable design factors and the outcomes of a process Strategic Quality Planning Six-Sigma Management and Lean Tools The Taguchi Method The Taguchi Method provides: A method for adjusting the mean of a process by optimizing controllable variables Strategic Quality Planning Six-Sigma Management and Lean Tools The Taguchi Method The Taguchi Method/

Distance Education at BGSU COSMOS Presentation December 3, 2009 Dr. Bruce Edwards, Associate Vice President for Academic Technology and E-Learning Connie.

to develop and support distance education. Beginning with… –Program design and development –Instructional design –Course development –Online pedagogical/quality, economic development, and educational attainment” (USO metrics) through distance (online & blended) learning. Co-chaired the “PLAQA” committee (Professional Learning, Assessment, Quality Assurance) — just finished report. PLAQA Charge To develop an integrated, statewide strategic initiative for faculty/instructor professional development informed by/

 Copyright © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall. 15- 1 Chapter 15 Implementing and Validating the Quality System.

and will study and understand customer needs  Customer retention is closely relat5ed to profitability  Copyright © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall. 15- 7 Strategic Quality Planning Implementing and Validating the Quality System Building Blocks for the system of quality improvement  Information and Finance  Well-designed information systems … become the institutional memory for customer needs  Financial resources are needed to provide the infrastructure and/

© 2007 Pearson Education 11- 1 Managing Quality Integrating the Supply Chain S. Thomas Foster Chapter 11 Managing Quality Improvement Teams and Projects.

teams  Tiger teams  Natural work groups  Self-directed work teams  Technology teams  Virtual teams © 2007 Pearson Education 11- 9 Strategic Quality Planning Managing Quality Improvement Teams and Projects Implementing teams Facilitation  Helping or aiding teams by maintaining a process orientation © 2007 Pearson Education 11- 10 Strategic Quality Planning Managing Quality Improvement Teams and Projects Implementing teams Team Building  Follows a process that identifies rules for team members/

 Copyright © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall. 8- 1 Chapter 8 Designing Quality Services.

useful for gap analysis The key to closing gap 5 is to first close gaps 1 through 4  Copyright © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall. 8- 20 Strategic Quality Planning Designing Quality Services SERVQUAL The SERVQUAL survey is useful for gap analysis By averaging the difference between Perception and expectation a two dimensional map can be created identifying strengths and weaknesses  Copyright © 2010/

Post Occupancy Evaluation of Sustainable Development Projects in the Education Sector Leanne McMillan, Senior Consultant, BRE Scotland.

i.e. has Value for Money been derived? –Feedback for future projects Sustainable Design Drivers in Education Key business drivers for many Further and Higher Education establishments include: –The desire to enhance the learning experience –The provision of fit-/ of performance Case Study 2 – Project overview Project Client not informed or driven by the concept of sustainable design, though user comfort and quality of finishing were a priority Heating strategy Comfort heating and cooling system installed to /

A Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Presentation Quality in Practice: The BCBS Blue Distinction ® Program Iowa Health Buyers Alliance Annual Conference.

employers using and promoting Blue Distinction for member education and highlighting facilities offering better overall outcomes Others developing differential benefit designs to encourage or require use of Blue Distinction Centers Better Outcomes and Better Value for Specialty Care ® 280535 17 Provides a quality-based, cost-effective means for flexible benefit design Example of Benefit Design driven by Blue Distinction Better Outcomes and Better Value for Specialty/

1 Community Partnerships in Quality-Based Purchasing Roy Plaeger-Brockway, MPA Senior Program Manager Health Services Analysis Washington State Labor &

support for solutions by involving local leaders in program design and development Place responsibility for quality improvement within the local marketplace, which increases adoption 16 Lessons Learned Physicians are willing and able to adopt best practices and improve quality when they have: Local institutional support from clinical leaders Incentives for use of best practices Health services coordinators Better information tools and education Reduced administrative burden/

Teaching for Quality (Te4Q) January 12, 2014 University of California, San Francisco.

 Certificate Te4Q Workshop Objectives Address an identified gap in the education of students, residents, and/or practicing clinicians regarding quality improvement and patient safety Design an educational innovation to fill that gap Effectively implement the initiative Assess the / the system that allow or “set up” the individual to fail SHARP END ACTIVE ERRORS are made by individuals Blunt vs Sharp Active vs Latent Fishbone (Cause & Effect) Diagram Structured team brainstorming Represents relationship /

© 2007 Capella University Improving Success Rates in Online Education Addressing Persistence, Retention, Advising, Quality Educational Programs, Technology,

University Faculty Chair, Higher Education Programs - Enrollment Management, Leadership for Higher Education, Nursing Education, Postsecondary and Adult Education and Professional Studies Former Vice/Learning Network Online Orientation Technology and Learning Platform Infrastructure Course Design and Instructional Quality Online Learning and Retention Plan Faculty and Staff Development Student/ up time Administrative Tools Assessment of Time-on-Task by Students and Faculty Tool to measure likely success of /

EXPANDING THE RALPH C. MAHAR REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT Key Questions, Key Concerns, Common Interests 10/8/09 1 Ken Rocke - Curriculum Design Associates.

revenues received by the district for school choice students be credited to the school budget in which the choice child enrolls 10/8/09 17 Ken Rocke - Curriculum Design Associates MAINTAINING /Design Associates EDUCATIONAL ADVANTAGES OF REGIONALIZATION (done properly) Significant amounts of management costs could be re-directed to maintaining and improving quality education. A re-constituted central office management team could provide specialized leadership in special education, elementary education/

1 What Is Engineering? Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only.© Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. Objectives Define engineering. Identify.

the types of knowledge used by engineers. List the roles that make an engineering team. List several engineering disciplines. Summarize the historical developments in engineering. Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only.© Goodheart-Willcox Co/ production problems Permission granted to reproduce for educational use only.© Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. Environmental Engineering Designs environmentally friendly products Works to improve air and soil quality Works to enhance human health Tries to /

A turnaround moment for higher education? - an Australian perspective - Good ideas with no ideas on how to implement them are wasted ideas A turnaround.

Excellence Tertiary Education Quality & Standards Agency (TEQSA) Proportionate risk & a new approach to quality Provider standardsProvider standards Qualification standardsQualification standards L&T standardsL&T standards Information standardsInformation standards Research standardsResearch standards 1. Design 2. Support/and learnModel, teach and learn A change capable culture is built by change capable leadersA change capable culture is built by change capable leaders Everyone is a leader in their own area/

Quality Education for a Healthier Scotland Clinical Knowledge Publisher Overview and Demonstration Sandra Davies, Senior Information Manager, Knowledge.

Scotland Use Properties to apply an item style to a particular node to designate something – in this case “red alert” Quality Education for a Healthier Scotland Applying an Item Style. These are customisable by Administrator Quality Education for a Healthier Scotland Use Link to link whole pathway or bits of pathway to supporting information Quality Education for a Healthier Scotland Activates Link Manager Apply different types of linked/

Building High Quality Personnel Systems Improving Data, Improving Data Conference September 9, 2014.

Share strategies and processes from Pennsylvania’s experience in designing and implementing a high quality personnel system. 5 ectacenter.org/sysframe What does a/ System of Personnel Development Evaluation Strategic Planning for a CSPD 1.Process by which CSPD: Sets its direction States its intent Establishes parameters for implementation/ Science Focus > Tom Corbett, Governor Carolyn Dumaresq, Acting Secretary of Education | Beverly Mackereth, Secretary of Public Welfare PA’s Professional Development System/

Quality Systems Education Partnership (QSEP). Overview of QSEP – What is it? EEducational partnership LLocal company & Bowling Green State University.

queue with flow manufacturing systems Optimal production efficiency achieved by:Just-in-time product deliveryUtilizes Team organizational systems What is “Lean”? Quality Systems Education Partnership (QSEP) What is “Six-Sigma”? The /sustained quality improvement requires commitment from the entire organization, particularly from top-level management Quality Systems Education Partnership (QSEP) Six-Sigma Includes TQM DMAIC DMADV Design of products and processes using DMADV – Define, Measure, Analyze, Design,/

Chapter 9: Guerrilla Marketing Plan Copyright ©2009 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall 1 Building a Guerrilla Marketing Plan.

Known or trusted brand name Low price Low price Quality Chapter 9: Guerrilla Marketing Plan Copyright ©2009 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall 32 Quality Guidelines Build quality into the process; don’t rely on inspection to obtain quality Build quality into the process; don’t rely on inspection to obtain quality Emphasize simplicity in design Emphasize simplicity in design Foster teamwork Foster teamwork Establish long-term ties/

The Brno Quality Of Life Longitudinal Study of Pediatric Oncology Patients (“qolop”) Tomáš Kepák, Marek Blatný, Irena Vlčková, Milan Pilát, Petra Navrátilová,

Prospective longitudinal studies are vital!  Complex study design in terms of health, social and educational issues, parental-child relationship etc. Much of / progress of the „qolop“ project 2005 – Interdisciplinary working party for quality of life of children with chronic diseases established in Brno 2006 – / International collaboration: Interdisciplinary Research Collaboratory on Cancer and Children (IRCCC), coordinated by Christine and Richard Eiser, University of Sheffield, UK Study progress of the /

1 DoQuP standards for quality assurance of study programmes in partner countries Project strategic outcomes at Qafqaz University AZERBAIJAN Sannur Aliyev.

Education, taking Central Entrance Exam, English language skill proficiency. 7 Quality Requirement B2 Design of the educational process The SP should design a curriculum and characteristics of the modules consistent with the established learning outcomes. Qafqaz University Designing the/ steps to assess the results of SP and other activates. Students progression evaluation are being carried out by relative faculties and then they present this report to Board of Directors. In addition, we receive feedbacks/

Pharmacy Quality Commitment Pharmacy Quality Commitment A Way to Improve Patient Safety Confidential Training.

appropriate response and develop pharmacy systems and workflow processes designed to prevent QREs  Provide ongoing education Procedures:  Employee Training  Identification and Documentation of Quality Related Events  Root Cause Analysis (Investigative Analysis) /Quality does not happen by chance, it is a result of quality habits Redundancy is positive Process ingrained You Can Fix the System 13 No longer asking yourself this ! D. Institute process for collection, analysis and improvement cycle  Quality/

1 Chapter 6 Human Resource Practices. 2 Toyota Georgetown “We’ve got nothing, technology-wise, that anyone else can’t have. There’s no secret Toyota Quality.

Design Job enlargement – expanding workers’ jobs Job rotation – having workers learn several tasks and rotate among them Job enrichment – granting more authority, responsibility, and autonomy 22 Employee Involvement Employee Involvement - any activity by/whose skills and attitudes will support and enhance the organization’s objectives. 28 Training and Education Quality awareness Leadership Project management Communications Teamwork Problem solving Interpreting and using data Meeting customer requirements /

© 2008 Pearson Education South Asia Pte Ltd Chapter 16: Product Design and Manufacturing in a Global Competitive Environment Manufacturing Processes for.

a Global Competitive Environment Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials Deming methods © 2008 Pearson Education South Asia Pte Ltd Chapter 16: Product Design and Manufacturing in a Global Competitive Environment Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials Taguchi methods High quality and low costs are achieved by engineering and statistical methods. Loss of quality will result in: 1.customer dissatisfaction 2.costs are incurred 3.marketplace is diminished/

1 Rossier School of Education Defining Excellence in Urban Education.

the Concentrations Currently there are four concentrations – K-12, Higher Education, Teacher Education in a Multicultural Society, and Educational Psychology. More work is needed to: More clearly define the focus/ Professional doctorates in other universities. 15 Ed.D. Program Evaluation 2) Program in Practice – –Extent that design is implemented – –Analysis of quality of the current program   Academic areas: core courses, preliminary review, concentration courses, thematic dissertations, qualifying /

Chapter 9: Guerrilla Marketing Plan Copyright ©2012 Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Prentice Hall 9-1 Building a Guerrilla Marketing Plan.

and service quality will astonish your customers. See customer complaints for what they are - a chance to improve your service and quality. Encourage complaints and then fix them! Enhance your products and services by giving /Education, Inc. publishing as Prentice Hall 9-17 Quality Guidelines Build quality into the process; don’t rely on inspection to obtain quality Build quality into the process; don’t rely on inspection to obtain quality Emphasize simplicity in design Emphasize simplicity in design/

US Medical School Curriculum Design and Transformation: Past, Present & Future Michele P Pugnaire, MD Senior Associate Dean Office of Educational Affairs.

aim”…. http://www.ihi.org/ The 10 Year Snap Shot of Med Ed Safe ty & Quality as a Driver of Educational Innovation September 2015 US Medical School Curriculum Design and Transformation: Past, Present & Future MPPugnaire MD The “IHI triple aim” A framework for optimizing health system performance by simultaneously focusing on the health of a population, the experience of care for individuals within that/

S6 - 1 Statistical Process Control MGMT3057 © 2011 Pearson Education.

.” Indeed, an overall process average of 12 ounces has been found by taking many samples, in which each sample contained 5 bottles. The average/quality level (AOQL) S6 - 83© 2011 Pearson Education Automated Inspection  Modern technologies allow virtually 100% inspection at minimal costs  Not suitable for all situations S6 - 84© 2011 Pearson Education SPC and Process Variability (a)Acceptance sampling (Some bad units accepted) (b)Statistical process control (Keep the process in control) (c)C pk >1 (Design/

1 Massachusetts’ Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS): Overview and Update.

All providers of care and education have a stronger understanding of quality, with related professional development and leadership development opportunities.  QRIS builds public will to support early education and care. 8 Design Phase: Structure Preliminary Recommendations /in a variety of ways.  Provide financial and other quality supports during implementation. 9 Design Phase: Standards Process  External Working Group split into groups by setting (Infant-Toddler, Preschool, Family Child Care, School-/

Air Quality Modeling for Teachers 1 PRESENTER: Robert R. Gotwals, Jr. The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc. Ozone O3 creation normal decay depletion ~

small staff, mostly former supercomputing center scientists and educators Air Quality Modeling for Teachers 3 About Shodor operating philosophy-/Air Quality Modeling for Teachers 17 Van der Waals equation takes into account the two assumptions by adding/Quality Modeling for Teachers 46 Sample Isopleth Chart Design ratio line is drawn at 10 to 1 (VOCs to NOx) Air Quality Modeling for Teachers 47 Activity One: Using Ozone Isopleths Air Quality Modeling for Teachers 48 Activity Two: Controlling Ozone Air Quality/

Product and Service Design Copyright © 2015 McGraw-Hill Education. All rights reserved. No reproduction or distribution without the prior written consent.

Legal Considerations Product liability The responsibility a manufacturer has for any injuries or damages caused by as faulty product Some of the concomitant costs Litigation Legal and insurance costs Settlement costs/education System design 4-23 Robust Design: Design that results in products or services that can function over a broad range of conditions Insensitive to environmental factors either in manufacturing or in use. Robust Design 4-24 Quality Function Deployment Voice of the customer House of quality/

Open Technology, Open Education: The Future of Teaching and Learning James Dalziel Professor of Learning Technology and Director, Macquarie E-Learning.

how educators structure activities to foster student learning –LAMS is the leading Learning Design system used by thousands of teachers in over 80 countries and translated into 27 languages LAMS can integrate with LMSs & Portals –For students, link(s) from course area to the relevant sequence –Teacher single-sign-on and easy authoring and launching Example: Inquiry Based Learning “What are the qualities of/

Designing Courses and Curricula Clare Bentall, Andrea Creech, Holly Smith.

outcomes (LOs) Hussey & Smith (2002) argue that LOs have been appropriated by ‘new mangerialism’, distorting them and rendering them useless.  Precise statements of behaviour/and Tang C. (2007) Teaching for Quality Learning at University. Maidenhead: Open University Press. Bloom, B. (Ed) (1956). Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. Handbook 1 cognitive domain. London/ or training Formal evaluation – enhancing teaching and learning Design and develop instruments for collecting student feedback Improve the /

Assessment and Development: The Keys to Quality DLA2007 Distance Learning Administration Conference 8:00 AM on Monday, June 25, 2007.

Evaluation Methods Formative=Ongoing Institutional Effectiveness Formative evaluations can be accomplished through:  This can be accomplished by obtaining feedback from students and faculty on their satisfaction with online learning.  Improvement of programs  //larry/evalplan.pdf Sims, R., Dobbs, G., & Hand, T. (Oct. 2002) Enhancing quality in online learning: Scaffolding planning and design through proactive evaluation, Distance Education, 23 (2), 135-149. Stewart, B.L., Waight, C.L., Norwood, M.M/

A Training Course for the Analysis and Reporting of Data from Education Management Information Systems (EMIS)

standards and procedures maintain school records in a systematic and rigorous manner Quality information is needed for: school management school census questionnaire Questionnaire Design Design the school census questionnaire: to minimize socio-economic and cultural mis/for assessing the quality of education statistics has been developed by UNESCO and the World Bank The purpose of the Data Quality Assessment Framework (DQAF) is to strengthen the national capacity to produce quality education statistics for /

_________________________________________________________________ GIGP2007, SPLIT, 17-19 Oct 2007, The Design of a Quality Assurance System in Higher Education.

learnt Future work _________________________________________________________________ GIGP2007, SPLIT, 17-19 Oct 2007, The Design of a Quality Assurance System in Higher Education – Selecting Key Performance Indicators 3 Towards an Open European Higher Education Area The Bologna Process oA common frame for diverse national systems oTransparent and mutually recognised educational systems oA National Quality Assurance Systems required by 2005 in the member states including: A definition of the responsibilities/

Copyright © 2012 Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Prentice Hall 13-1.

 Various forms of process-control charts Enhancing Quality—SPC 13-11 Operations Management: Quality Copyright © 2012 Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Prentice Hall Enhancing Quality—SPC—Quality Control Charts 13-12 Operations Management: Quality Copyright © 2012 Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Prentice Hall Quality is improved by…  DMAIC process (define, measure, analyze, improve, control)  DMADV process (define, measure, analyze, design, verify) TQM—Six Sigma Disciplined, data-driven/

2012 Navy Medicine Audit Readiness Training Symposium

by the MTFs Rapid Feedback Critical Success Factors FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Review List Section Overview Leadership commitment and support are critical to assure the appropriate environment for data quality A. Organizational Factors Controls in this category are designed/ developed economically, are thoroughly documented and tested, and contain appropriate internal controls E. System Design, Development, Education and Training Controls in this category are intended to ensure that systems meet user needs, are/

A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Educational and Motivational Intervention to Enhance Consumers Use of Health Plan and Medical Group Quality Data Patrick.

., friends and family) u Analysis of secondary outcomes limited by poor response to post-OE survey despite two mailings, financial incentive, and follow-up abbreviated web- based survey (est. 41% excluding ineligibles) Policy implications u Educational/motivational interventions designed to increase perceived benefits and decrease perceived barriers, with negative framing, may increase use of quality information but are unlikely to affect actual choices in/

University of Piraeus Department of Technology Education and Digital Systems Centre for Research and Technology - Hellas(C.E.R.T.H.) Informatics and Telematics.

Quality Observatory (EQO) initiative Funded by the EC eLearning Programme One of the four initiatives specifically focusing on e- learning quality Aims: To develop a metadata model for describing and categorizing quality approaches To collect quality approaches and store them in an online repository To support e-learning researchers and practitioners in identifying quality approaches suitable for their application needs University of Piraeus Department of Technology Education/


HOW DO PEOPLE LEARN? Transmit Knowledge? Constructivism Social Constructivism Social Constructivism: We can construct our understanding of anything by ourselves, but... it usually works much better to collaborate and dialogue with others about how best to understand/People” skills Large classes The VALUE of TBL: Meets the 4 Challenges of Med./Health Education. Uses Principles of Good Course Design High quality LEARNING GOALS Full use of 3 components of ACTIVE LEARNING Good ASSESSMENT & FEEDBACK Powerful /

Response to Intervention: A Framework for Educational Reform

Tiers Universal Tier Instructional strategies that are proven effective by research Instruction that is systematic and explicit Differentiated instruction /Tier I instruction -- increasing time and intensity Intensive Explicit, intense instruction designed to unique learner needs Delivered to individuals or very small groups Narrowed / AApproximately 5-10% of students. Universal Level Research-based, high quality general education. Screening and benchmark testing for ALL students. Data continues to inform/

Quality Rating & Improvement Systems Powerful Policy for Improving and Unifying Early Care and Education Anne Mitchell Early Childhood Policy Research.

(Outcomes for Children) Standards for Practitioners Standards for Programs Common ECE Standards Quality Early Care & Education System A Standards-Based ECE System Design Engagement & Outreach (Selling the Vision) for Programs, Practitioners, & Consumers / compliance with quality standards 5.Family/consumer education Source: Mitchell (2005). Common Standards Categories Staff Qualifications & Professional Development Environment Curriculum and Learning Included in most QRIS and backed by research Common/

Making Sense of Open Educational Resources (OER) in Marketing Education Dr Philippa Hunter-Jones AM/HEA Marketing Education Symposium, 30 th November 2012.

-use, quality, and trust. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 28, 4-14. Conole, G. and Weller, M. (2008). Using learning design as a framework for supporting the design and reuse of OER. JIME. Available at: http://jime.open.ac.uk/2008/05 (accessed 30th May 2012).http://jime.open.ac.uk/2008/05 Creed-Dikeogu, G. (2009) The Open Education Resource Phenomenon: Free Educational Resources/


is good, 3 is excellent. Rated value is indicated in PM notes. A full description of the criteria used by EWB-USA Project Managers to rate project submittals is available on the homepage of the Member pages of our website, / a solution. Solid waste management education and training incorporated in plans. SANITATION - 525 Engineering scope meets basic human needs, but is too large. Very little community input to design. Long term commitment is met. Poor quality drawings, copied conceptual drawings from other/

Providing Quality Feedback to Dissertation Students

As you know, at Walden University we strive to provide quality online higher education. Many of our students appreciate the asynchronous online learning environment /  (Paula) The methodological expert should provide feedback directed at the research design and research method. This includes the appropriateness for addressing the problem statement / a thorough review, including track changes, and comments (as was provided by the other member). This is neither comprehensive nor appropriate.   ****Jennifer /

Designing and Managing Services Marketing Management, 13 th ed 13.

Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall 13-17 Consumer-Friendly Services Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall 13-18 Improving Service Quality Listening Reliability Basic service Service design Recovery Surprising customers Fair play Teamwork Employee research Servant leadership Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education/ by enhancing their role clarity, motivation, and ability Encourage customer citizenship where customers help customers Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education,/

The pedagogies for large-scale student guidance Diana Laurillard London Knowledge Lab Institute of Education, London 08 July 2013.

Education, London 08 July 2013 The global demand for education The new UNESCO goals for education: Every child completes a full 9 years of free basic education … Post-basic education expanded to meet needs for knowledge and skills … (Draft for UNESCO post 2015 goals) By 2025, the global demand for higher education/ will improve knowledge, quality and value for students money Senior leaders should be modelling what they expect from their staff (Cathy Walsh) Teaching as a Design Science: Building pedagogical /

UK Quality Code for Higher Education Chapter B9: Complaints and appeals on academic matters Consultation discussion event January 2013.

Resolution pilots – Jan to March 2013 – Good Practice Framework – sector wide; voluntary; complement QAA Quality Code How to contact us By post: By post: – Third Floor, Kings Reach, 38-50 Kings Road, Reading, RG1 3AA Tel: 0118/ and complaints/appeals) Positive engagement information and guidance Good design and implementation Expectation Higher education providers have procedures for handling student complaints about the quality of learning opportunities and appeals against academic decisions which are/

Tom W. Corbett, Governor I Ronald J. Tomalis, Secretary of Education l Gary D. Alexander, Secretary of Public Welfare www.education.state.pa.us | www.dpw.state.pa.us.

Welfare www.education.state.pa.us | www.dpw.state.pa.us Office of Child Development & Early Learning Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System (PQAS) Designed to ensure quality PD and TA provided to early childhood and school-aged practitioners. All instructors or TA consultants who work with practitioners and want to be eligible to participate in OCDEL funded initiatives are required to be approved by the PQAS/

Implementing Education Decentralization Donald Winkler RTI International EGAT/ED Global Sector Training Workshop August 8, 2005.

Decentralization Matrix FunctionNationalRegionalLocalSchool Governance Finance Personnel Students Curriculum Facilities Examples of Tools  Reverse Process Engineering Egypt Experience  Participants: Ministries of Education, Higher Education, Finance, and Local Administration; Governorates  Content: Emphasis on design, focus on quality, communication, international experience, identify Egyptian successes. Resources on Decentralization  Additional Resources USAID web site: EQUIP2  www.equip123.net www/

Designing and Managing Services

13-10 Improving Service Quality Listening Reliability Basic service Service design Recovery Surprising customers Fair play Teamwork Employee research Servant leadership Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc.  Publishing as Prentice Hal l 13-11 Solutions to Customer Failures Redesign processes and redefine customer roles to simplify service encounters Incorporate the right technology to aid employees and customers Create high-performance customers by enhancing their role/

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