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Graphic and Design and Production Cartersville High School.

describe the major components and operating controls of the output device. 14.Students will print a product according to customer specifications. Graphics and Design STANDARDS Introduction to Output Operations Students will be introduced to basic output / standards for page numbering. d)Draw the imposition following the job ticket specifications. e)Transfer the plan to the digital file. f)Produce the product following the imposition plan. Graphics and Design STANDARDS Binding and Finishing Students will/

® IBM Software Group © 2011 IBM Corporation RDz Workbench – Debugging z/OS COBOL Applications Jon Sayles, Rational System z Products -

) or string value representation  Copy variable  Copy variable and value to Notepad  Find specific variable  Find specific variable in filtered Locals  Show specific variables  Show specific variables in the view 32 Variables View – EBCDIC (Hex) Data Representation Value – in string/for debugging, and use the more sophisticated Debugging techniques, suitable for production-level work: Entry breakpoints, Watch monitors, You will read and write files, do an inline sort, etc. Recall from a previous course/

® 2-2 Projects 2.1Projects Overview Bootable Projects and VxWorks Configuration Integrated Simulator Downloadable Projects Build Specifications.

code, configure VxWorks, and specify build settings. A project is a collection of source and binary files and build specifications. A workspace is a collection of projects which are grouped to simplify organization of multiple related projects./ linking integrates a project object file (in a downloadable project) into the VxWorks image on the target when the file loads, after VxWorks is already running. Static linking (bootable projects) is usually used for production code. Dynamic linking (downloadable /

PRICING By: Steve Moeller & Ron Stogsdill, Sr.. Menu 5.3 (Old) Menu 5.3 Customer Discounts Column A is for Product Class and Category - allows only one.

are trying to do P – Enter ‘P’ if you are setting pricing or discounts for a specific product. Then enter the specific product number you are setting up. (Can use ‘L’ for lookup) V – Enter ‘V’ if you are setting pricing or discounts/. To run, use menu 5.23, select the printer number to print to or ‘FT’ to file transfer, press to print or file transfer the report.   Menu 5.24 – New Pricing Matrix Listing Customer Price Matrix File Listing Column Options: – –1. Each Column – –2. Bucket 1 Column – –3. Bucket 2/

06/30/2003 1 Data Product Service (DPS) Packaging and Context Dan Crichton Steve Hughes Ron Joyner Chris Mattman Paul Ramirez Peter Shames.

Radiation Reports DSMS File Transfer Svc Telemetry Service Product Accounting/Reports Product Assembly/Delivery Command Service Product Accounting/Reports DSMS Science Product Service Science Product File(s) Assembly Received Product Product Accounting Cataloging Data Ancillary Data Reporting Processing History?? Observation Planning Integrated Obs. Descriptions Observation Templates Product Types Product Type Relationships Product Type Definition Ancillary Specification Engineering Sequence Development/

© Hanson Bridgett Marcus Vlahos & Rudy, LLP 2002 Technology and Document Production Management From War Room to Database.

Bates Numbers –Replicates Original Organization –Allows for Relevance and Privilege Review Production Bates Numbers –Replicates Production Organization –Identifies Production Documents © Hanson Bridgett Marcus Vlahos & Rudy, LLP 2002 Numbering /Definition of Documents & Boundries Image Resolution Image File Format Image File Naming/Numbering CD Folder Structure Load File Format Imaging Specifications © Hanson Bridgett Marcus Vlahos & Rudy, LLP 2002 Load File Format © Hanson Bridgett Marcus Vlahos & Rudy/

Ria Thompson, DenDesignery +647 500 6518 WINDOW TREATMENTS SPECIFICATION CADL03/6207, HND Stage 1, Final Project.

manufacturer: https://static.theshadestore.com/s3/thesha destore/cms/files/TSS_XL_Pleated_Cellul ar_Install-1.pdf ADDITIONAL NOTES 1.Widths and heights/lengths determined based on manufacturer’s recommendations. 2.All hardware needed (brackets etc.) is provided with the shade. PRODUCT DETAILS Ref ID within room TYPE/NA ME BRAND/S UPPLIER QUANTITYCOD E MATERIALCOLOUROTHER SPECIFICS WWW 21Pleated Shade / XL Pleat Firenze The Shade Store/

RJMorris - Global Product Realization -Sept.26, 20021 Patent Law -- A VERY Brief Introduction by Roberta J. Morris, Ph.D., Esq. Adjunct Professor, University.

I+17 Term is F+20 Patent expires 20 years from date of EARLIEST application Was the MOST RECENT application on file by 6/8/95? RJMorris - Global Product Realization -Sept.26, 200249 A.YOUR QUESTIONS -- Concepts [specification and claims] RJMorris - Global Product Realization -Sept.26, 200250 The two basic LIABILITY issues of patent law: VALIDITY and INFRINGEMENT VALIDITY: whether the invention - as CLAIMED/

© Anselm SpoerriDigital Media Production Digital Media Production Digital Media Production Anselm Spoerri PhD (MIT) Rutgers University

with class X rule will overrule h1 rule. ‒ The id attribute is considered the most specific. © Anselm SpoerriDigital Media Production CSS: Cascade Cascade: Inheritance, Specificity and Location. Location ‒ Rules that appear later have more weight. Browser  External CSS / specificity, the one that appears later wins. Note: Some CSS properties allow you to specify the URL of another file: if it is a relative URL, then it needs to relative to the external style sheet. © Anselm SpoerriDigital Media Production /

V5.1 Customer Presentation Date: August -14-2015, Rev 1.0 By: Kenny Odetunde – Product Manager D400 v5.10.

Product Brochures Website / Online Store Activation Confirmed release D400 2015 2016+ Planned release D400 v5.10  DNP 3 DPA Enhancement  Calculator Enhancement  HMI Enhancements  Standby Local HMI pointing to active D400 IP address  Allow disable of controls for remote HMI  Login to specific one-line screen  Automatically create mirror file/Ed. 2 & KEMA certification Associated SGConfig Enhancements:  ICD File re-import  Productivity tool for editing large configurations  61850 Config tool 2015 /

19 septembre 2006 Tendances Logicielles “Toward Completing A Vision” A Preview of Version 7 of the IBM Rational Software Model Driven Development Product.

whose notational elements reflect underlying 3GL semantic elements In RSx, serialized and persisted as source code files (semantics) and diagram files (with.dnx extensions) contained in 3GL-natured projects Mixed Model A shorthand way of referring/Install into existing Eclipse instance 19 septembre 2006 Tendances Logicielles Product Installation and Deployment (3) IT administrator can pre-configure customized installations for specific user-communities Managed / scheduled updates 19 septembre 2006 Tendances /

Demystifying Domain Specific languages & Software Factories Govind Kanshi Architect Advisor Microsoft Corporation.

get concrete guidance for my project? Why isn’t modeling more effective? Why can’t tools generate production quality code? Why don’t models stay synchronized with code? Why don’t models fit my file-oriented environment? Agenda Modeling and Methods Industrializing Software Domain Specific Languages A Software Factory Schema MDA and UML Wrap Up Software Development as Craftsmanship Labor Intensive Generic Tools/

IBM Software Group © 2006 IBM Corporation Pete Soto Jr IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler TWSD jobmanrc,.jobmanrc and djobmanrc.cmd Options Files.

emails when a job abends. This is necessary to determine which files and options must be created, edited or added. Emails can be sent to: 1) A specific user when any job abends. This will require that EMAIL_ID= / (For UNIX, pid ) UNISON_MASTER – The name of master domain manager UNISON_RUN – TWS current production run number UNISON_SCHED_DATE – TWS’s production date: yyyymmdd UNISON_SCHED_EPOCH – TWS’s production date expressed in epoch form UNISON_SCHED – The schedule name for job UNISON_SHELL – The user’s /

CHAPTER 62 Business Operating Systems. INTRODUCTION Efficient and effective business systems can:  Increase productivity  Decrease stress  Increase.

it is time to sort out the charts for all patients not seen since 2014, it is easy to go through the file and quickly identify those folders still labeled with only a red 2014 tag 23 RECORD PROTECTION AND CONFIDENTIALITY HIPAA electronic safeguards / need to look through several places in the office to locate a needed product 31 WHEN ORDERING SUPPLIES Be prepared Be prepared  Have a want list ready and check with the dentist Be specific Be specific  Know what you want and how much is needed Be alert Be /

OceanStor N8500 Technical Training Material. 1 Contents Software characteristics Hardware architecture Product overview Performance computing model and.

. Operation per second (OPS) refers to the number of concurrent requests processed per second. 4 Product specifications N8500 System architectureMulti-node all-active cluster architecture Number of nodes2 to 24 Max. system capacity15 PB/x 2600T (NL-SAS); SAN configuration: S5600T or higher  Efficiency and performance: efficient management of massive small files and powerful I/O processing  Clustered architecture and flexible expansion: flexible expansion of performance and capacity for economical and/

Products and financial services provided by A MERICAN U NITED L IFE I NSURANCE C OMPANY ® | a O NE A MERICA ® company Products and financial services provided.

NSURANCE C OMPANY ® | a O NE A MERICA ® company REMINDER: If you Build your census from contributions proceed to Step 2B. Sample Spreadsheet and file specifications can be found at www.oneamerica.com/ExACCT. Step 2A: Import Census Products and financial services provided by A MERICAN U NITED L IFE I NSURANCE C OMPANY ® | a O NE A MERICA ® company Detailed “Import Census/

Learning Outcome 01 : Be able to design interactive products Unit R005: Creating an interactive product using multimedia components Cambridge Nationals.

have select this additional software? Learning Outcome 01 : Be able to design interactive products Unit R005: Creating an interactive product using multimedia components Include key design elements, which will be common through out your / - file types are not always appropriate. Stores the components - file types are mostly appropriate. Stores the components - file types are consistently appropriate. Design specification has limited structure. Design specification has some structure. Design specification is /

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Advanced Exploration Systems (AES) Core Flight Software (CFS) Project Summary of Products (FY13-FY15) Plans.

Dictionary Tool (CCDD) Collaboration Manager Tool Larry Garner/Tietronix XTCE files used to create other product files System Engineer describes system command and telemetry lists XTCE files describing system representation is generated System representation SysML model is generated//OS) Parasoft C++test (standards checker) Tool Chain Dynamics, Time, Environment Models Generic Systems Models Morpheus Specific System & I/O Models scripts PPC 750GX Processor, cPCI (AiTech) Open Source C++ JEOD Valkyrie Trick/

Programming Techniques Lecture 13 Product Metrics Based on: Software Engineering, A Practitioner’s Approach, 6/e, R.S. Pressman Software Engineering Fall.

the presence of an attribute that is deemed desirable); Metrics should be tailored to best accommodate specific products and processes Programming Techniques Measurement Process Formulation. The derivation of software measures and metrics appropriate for /Domain ValueCountsimple average complex Weighting factor External Inputs (EIs) External Outputs (EOs) External Inquiries (EQs) Internal Logical Files (ILFs) External Interface Files (EIFs) 346 457 346 71015 5710 = = = = = Count total x x x x x Programming /

HLA Product Support Group Interim Meeting 27 March 2012 Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization.

New Business Standard Revision Adjourn 3 Step 5 : Interpretation, Distribution and Configuration Management Responsibility of SAC and Product Support Group Establish and maintain a process to respond to questions concerning the language used in the standard,/ "true". Action: Suggested Resolution or Action to be Taken: The file HLAstandardMIM.xml should be changed to reflect how its defined in the specification. Specifically, the interaction class HLAsetSwitches must have two parameters added to it, /

Global MCM Operations File Submission Guidelines (Digital Assets) August 2015 Version 5.0.

) – Assets go through the creative business process (including PRT review) – “Resource”  Creative Artifacts: Creative source files and associated supporting documents (i.e. wireframes, functional specifications, etc.)  Telescope Digital Asset Management (Telescope DAM or “GDAM”): Merck’s global digital asset management repository  Global MCM Digital Publisher (DP-Production Team): Digital publisher that audits creative artifacts from agencies and builds global MCM assets for delivery/

Chapter 9 – Data Design.  Explain file-oriented systems and how they differ from database management systems  Explain data design terminology, including.

group When you eliminate the repeating group, additional records emerge — one for each combination of a specific order and a specific product The result is more records, but a greatly simplified design 31 FIGURE 9-23 The ORDER table /add, update, manage, access, and analyze data in a database  DBMS designs are more powerful and flexible than traditional file-oriented systems  DBMS components include interfaces for users, database administrators, and related systems; a data manipulation language; a schema/

Launch Pad 2.0 - Spring 2016 SE and Distributor team Panorama Schneider Electric Partners Business Unit- New Product Launches for SE & Distributor teams.

=1724749563&p_File_Name=1700BR1501.pdf ●White Papers http://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_File_Id=1724749583&p_File_Name=1700SP1501.pdf http://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_Reference=0602LD1501&p_File_Id=1724749600&p_File_Name=0602LD1501.pdf ●CSI Sample Specifications https://schneider-electric.app.box.com/files/0/f/4463389014/Sample_CSI_Specs ●ERMS - Instruction Bulletin http://products.schneider-electric.us/technical-library/?event=detail&oid=0900892680c19755&cat=0b008926801691e1/

PD233: Design of Biomedical Devices and Systems (Lecture-5 Product Documentation) Dr. Manish Arora CPDM, IISc Course Website:

file (TDF) Documents Business Proposal Purpose: to identify and document market needs, market potential, the proposed product and product alternatives, risks and unknowns, and potential financial benefits. The business proposal usually contains: Project overview, objectives, major milestones, schedule Market need and market potential Product proposal Strategic fit Risk analysis and research plan Economic analysis Recommendation to form a core project team Supporting documentation Product Specification/

Topic Based Authoring: (Part 1)

Flare and Framemaker Can also go straight from Frame to published output BUT what is a single template in WWP is two files in Flare The import rules The publishing rules Flare Interface Tour (Live Demo) New Project Guidelines Who is the target / the full-text search. It lets users know what keywords are relevant in the product. It converts to an index in print documentation. Beginner to intermediate users with specific questions may have the best chance of finding the answer to their question quickly by/

Copyright © 2005 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved. Product Features and Technologies Qosmio F20.

Remote Control October 200540/ 5-1. QosmioPlayer (TV recording) You can record TV program and save maximum 10 files in QosmioPlayer. If recording area becomes full, QosmioPlayer stop recording automatically. Remote Control QosmioPlayer (TV) supports analogue TV/Processing Unit (CPU) Performance Disclaimer. CPU performance in your computer product may vary from specifications under the following conditions: 1.use of certain external peripheral products 2.use of battery power instead of AC power 3.use of/

A P P E N D I X A UNIVERSAL BRIDGE - EXTERNAL FILE FORMATS This Appendix outlines the requirements for the external files that are used for the Cougar.

file types that describes the file you want to import: Column Position File (fixed length): Each field in the file to be imported starts at a specific position and contains a fixed number of characters. This file type is sometimes referred to as fixed length. Tab Delimited File: The fields in the file/ unchanging and general in scope. They define such things as departments within a company, product categories, payables categories, receivables catego- ries, and company policies. ProfitThe amount by which/

CAMERA RAW? – WHATS THAT? Forget about JPEGs. You should be working with raw files, editing your photos at their most molecular level.*

greater control over the quality of conversions by third-party applications. The specification allows the addition of private metadata to DNG files, enabling differentiation. Usable links, required reading and credits: *http://www./products/photoshop/pdfs/understanding_digitalrawcapture.pdf (required reading)http://wwwimages.adobe.com/www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/products/photoshop/pdfs/understanding_digitalrawcapture.pdf ****http://wwwimages.adobe.com/www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/products/

1 Note content copyright © 2004 Ian Sommerville. NU-specific content copyright © 2004 M. E. Kabay. All rights reserved. Configuration Management IS301.

are now normally released on optical disks (CD or DVD) or as downloadable installation files from the web. 35 Note content copyright © 2004 Ian Sommerville. NU-specific content copyright © 2004 M. E. Kabay. All rights reserved. Release problems Customer /by a repair release. Competition A new system release may be necessary because a competing product is available. 39 Note content copyright © 2004 Ian Sommerville. NU-specific content copyright © 2004 M. E. Kabay. All rights reserved. System release strategy /

Model Driven Product Line Engineering: Core Asset and Process Implications Maider Azanza supervised by Prof. Dr. Oscar Díaz Onekin Research Group Department.

features.. (3) Domain..that satisfy the specific needs of a particular market segment or mission.. (4) Core Assets..are developed from a common set of core assets.. (5) Production Plan..in a prescribed way. Maider Azanza/ for equation features*/ 8 File fbaseSC = new File (../base/sc.ecore.xmi); 9 PMDD_Model featurebase=new PMDD_Model (fbaseSC); 10 File fseatSC = new File (../seat/sc.ecore.xmi); 11 PMDD_DeltaModel featureseat=new PMDD_Model (fseatSC); 12 File fcheckinSC = new File (../checkin/sc.ecore.xmi);/

ThinkCentre Multiple Monitor Configuration Guide December 9th 2011

solution: “Multiple Monitor” and “Monitor Port Configuration” pages: “ThinkCentre and Graphic Card Monitor Port Configuration” file: ThinkCentre and Graphic Card Monitor Port Configurations (internal) Designed for country, region, geography sales teams. Includes/ NVIDIA Quadro 600 DisplayPort, DVI (0A36183) NVIDIA graphics card offering NVIDIA product design and specifications. Cards are purchased from NVIDIA. Product changes are controlled by NVIDIA NVIDIA agency approvals. Lenovo manufacturing and service /

CIMCO Integration Software Products

the CNC operator using the remote request or auto receive features. CIMCO DNC-Max Send/Receive programs Step 1. To send a file manually from a specific port, highlight the port in the port list by clicking on the left mouse button. Press the arrow next to the Send/held terminal CIMCO DNC-Max 5 supports the use of Hand-held terminals. The Terminal is used for Remote mode in the DNC products to pass the name of a CNC code program as a string of ASCII characters back to the DNC system when requesting or storing/

Soil Productivity Factors and Agricultural Land Barry Wood Assessment Division Director January 2014 1.

“incorrectly applies the new burden of proof statute, Indiana Code § 6-1.1-15-17[.]” 95 Soil Productivity Factors and Agricultural Land More specifically, the assessor argues that in applying Indiana Code § 6-1.1-15-17 to Stout’s 2009 assessment appeal/to bring its appeals. In another IBTR decision dealing with the assessment of common areas (see http://www.in.gov/ibtr/files/Timber_Ridge_-_Marion_- _Final_Determination.pdf), the appropriate use of the Form 133 is addressed, as well as an explanation of the /

TÜV Product Service Ltd 1 CE marking & your legal obligations This presentation is intended to provide a practical approach guide to what you need to know.

or components at least one of which moves, with appropriate actuators, control and power circuits joined together for a specific application. In particular for processing, treatment, moving or packaging of material. TÜV Product Service Ltd Technical file contents TÜV Product Service Ltd Technical file contents A general description of the electrical equipment This requirement can normally be met by the description (including model/

Cataloging Digital Sound Files: AACR2 Chapters 6 and 9

leave the second position blank. [blank] Item is a musical sound recording r Rehearsals of any nonmusical productions a Autobiography s Sounds (Nonmusical utterances and vocalizations) b Biography t Interviews c Conference proceedings z Other/; consult LTxt (008/30-31)] Variable Control Fields (Cont.) 007 – Physical Description Fixed Field Computer files $a (007/00) [Category of material] c (Computer file) $b (007/01) [Specific material designation] o (Optical disc) r (Remote) $d (007/03) [Color] n (Not /

FLOORING SPECIFICATION Ria Thompson, DenDesignery +647 500 6518 CADL03/6207, HND Stage 1, Final Project 1 PROJECT.

2T, available in 2000 lengths. BlackFor more detailed product specification: http://www.polyflor.com/jh/ products.nsf/products!ope n&prodcode=ejecta http://www.polyflor.com/jh/ products.nsf/products!ope n&prodcode=ejecta (Please see Sit-on skirting PDF file) Installation instructions at: http://www.polyflor.com/jh/products.nsf/products! open&prodcode=ejectahttp://www.polyflor.com/jh/products.nsf/products! open&prodcode=ejecta (Please see Flooring Accessories Installation PDF/

4/14/2015R-4, File: Hazcom-R4.ppt1 Great Plains Technology Center Presents: Hazard Communication Training CFR 1910.1200.

causing temporary incapacitation or possible residual injury. May give off toxic or highly irritating combustion products or products lacking warning properties. 4/14/2015R-4, File: Hazcom-R4.ppt36 Color Blue = Health Hazards 3 = Extreme danger - Causes serious / not cover the situation and the employee should refer to their supervisor for guidance. 4/14/2015R-4, File: Hazcom-R4.ppt40 NFPA Color White - Specific Hazards OX = Oxidizer COR = Corrosive W = Use No Water Alk = Alkali Acid Radiation - Use /

Index 1) Application To Hide/Unhide File OR FolderApplication To Hide/Unhide File OR Folder 2) Talika (A Solution for Planning and automatic scheduling.

according to the reply file if there is no error. SaS Technologies Talika Application Overview JSW CIC MMC WCCFDM SPJSAPPUR GEC IMC OSC CCC MRC SaS Technologies JSW (Job Study Wizard) :- This console is responsible for production planning, cost estimation/ Console) :- This console is responsible to select a vendor, raise a Purchase Order for purchasing material(s) against job specific PR approved by SAP console. SaS Technologies OSC (Out Sourcing Console) :- This console is responsible to raise a Work /

What’s New in XLIFF 1.2? Tony Jewtushenko Director Research & Development Product Innovator Ltd. Co-Chair – OASIS XLIFF TC The XML Localisation Interchange.

Product Innovator Ltd. Co-Chair – OASIS XLIFF TC The XML Localisation Interchange File Format Agenda Overview of XLIFF Definition, goals, benefits, architecture and basic XLIFF concepts What’s new in XLIFF 1.2 New and changed features of XLIFF 1.2 normative specification/XLIFF Overview A glance at the definitions, goals and benefits of the XML Localisation Interchange File Format. What is XLIFF? A specification for the lossless interchange of localizable data and its related information, which is tool-/

MACC Conference Soup up your Structural Production!

can be exported Structural Modeling Practices Modifying multiple column lengths Isolate columns Stretch Tool AccuDraw Structural Document Production in AECOsim Building Designer Dynamic Views Plans Elevations Details Dynamic View Seeds Geometry Maps (Forward Patterning) /-LoRise.dgn Open the Dataset Explorer Navigate to the Project Level Structural_parts.xml file, Concrete Family We will now make two specific parts to control our symbology Dynamic Views – Structural Discipline Geometry Maps Copy the/

1 GOES-R AWG Products Processing Framework Configuration Management Yunhui Zhao.

which case they populate their work areas with the specific stream’s recommended baselines. This practice ensures that all members of a project team start with the same set of files. baseline 17 CM Process dev test Product testdev DEV_INT INT AWG developer streamAIT developer streamIntegration stream Release Stream Deliver routine Rebase routine Product stream 18 Major Release Project Model Major Release Project Model/

Database Security and Data Governance

Administrator (SA) Information Assurance Officer (IAO) STIG Document Overview Integrity Software Development & Production Data Integrity Ad Hoc Queries Discretionary Access Control Database Accounts Control Authentication Database Authorization (Roles/ Remote Connections Database Replications & Database Links Operating System Database Files Access Local Database Accounts Database Administration Accounts Database OS Groups Appendices Database specific scenarios & scripts (Oracle, MSS, DB2 ) STIG Generic/

D0 Grid Data Production 1 D0 Grid Data Production Initiative: Coordination Mtg Version 1.0 (meeting edition) 08 January 2009 Rob Kennedy and Adam Lyon.

for CPU inefficiency when load dips but job slot use does not –Top: dips only in load (black trace) are due to a file transfer daemon failure mode (fixed) –Side effect of more stable system: Easier to see low-level issues AND debug larger issues. Less /–AL: Improved script to identify them and treat symptoms. Not happened recently. But why happening at all? –Not specific to SAM-Grid Grid Production 3) Scriptrunner on samgrid needs to be controlled, a.k.a. the Periodic Expression problem: This is now locking /

RDz Workbench – Cheat Sheets

doesnt need to be compressed) See: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/awdtools/filemanager/ - for File Manager product installation and documentation Advanced Development Techniques UNIT Advanced Development Techniques Topics: Control Flow Analysis Data Flow /http://www-01.ibm.com/software/awdtools/filemanager/ - for File Manager product installation and documentation Setup a Local Property Group A Property Group is a collection of specifications (mostly compile/link properties like SYSLIB, whether to preprocess/

Sales and Productivity Enhancement tool Welcome to Digital Catalog (V 2.9c)

picture viewers for your customer with details Picture viewer with zoom option and product details (unlike other photo album software) While viewing products, customer can add specific product to his mail list This viewer makes you display to customer the complete/preparation Overcome the risk of loosing customer for delayed response Create email on the fly Optimize mails to reduce file sizes while emailing Facilitates you quick response to customer Digital Catalog Tour: Quick emailing from your Catalog How/

Session 109 Its a Copyright, Its a Trade Secret, Its a Patent: Protections That Can Be Used to Cover Your Products and Services Wednesday, October 29,

fee (50% discount for small entity)  Timing: final disposition within 12 months  Current allowance rate is 46% to file Accelerated Examination (AE) Program:  Must lower fee than PE ~ $140  Requires a pre-examination search document and /’ federal registration for its dot pattern  Utility patent only covered process and not the specific embossed dot pattern  The parties products could incorporate different embossed patterns  Conflicting evidence as to functionality 25 Georgia-Pacific Consumer Prods/

ANSYS Multiphysics 8.0 Technology Overview & Benefits

to sequentially couple any number of physics fields Applicable across all physics available in ANSYS Multiphysics Multiple field specification with different solution option for each field Analysis type (Transient/Static/Harmonic) Solver options Material & /from CFX results files Works with ANSYS Multiphysics 8.0 and the Multifield solver Multiphysics 8.0 Customer 3.0- 1/30/04 Topics Covered What is Multiphysics? Market Applications Multiphysics Benefits Educational Products Market Applications Market /

By D. Calab Gabriel D. Calab Gabriel Senior Partner, Drafting a Patent Specification, Patent Office Examination Practice, PCT and Budapest treaty K & S.

and useful improvement of any of them, and an alleged invention – Dimminaco case New ‘Invention’ means a new product or process involving an inventive step and capable of industrial application. (with effect from 2003) INVENTION Fundamental research Improvement/the application o o FORM 2 “ The following specification describes the invention” A PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION A PROVISIONAL SPECIFICATION o o Specification can be amended to add new information at the time of filing o o To be completed in 12 months o /

1. Preparing for MISER 2013 Releases Lenn Freeman, MISER Product Manager Jackie Roberts, MISER Product Manager.

eAlerts – Manage institution offerings and accountholder selections – Accountholder election sent in the print or data file header for each statement/notice – Addition option to support ADA vision impaired statements (note: / Form 100 (Monthly Summary of Delinquencies) – LNR511 – Sold Loans Report program Product Sunset – Investor Reporting for Line of Credit Accounts PROGRAM AND TRANSACTION SPECIFIC NEWS 56 REVENUE GENERATION REVENUE GENERATION – CERTIFICATE PENALTIES Minimum penalty amount – Account Type/

BEST PRACTICES IN REISSUES PART II Addressing specific 35 USC 251 issues in depth 1) Amendments to the claims 2) Amendments to the specification 3) Amendments.

15.(amended) A method for preparing products selected from cosmetics and toiletries [compositions] which provide antimicrobial or fluorescent whitening properties comprising the step of: incorporating into said products [one of these compositions] a / [tybe] type II collagen gene expression in cartilage cells via the application of specific and selective [fileds] fields generated by specific and selective electric and electromagnetic signals for the treatment of injured or diseased articular cartilage/

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