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Snow White Review. Purpose The purpose of the animation is to advertise, and to entertain. It is a trailer, and you can tell that its a trailer because.

it appeal to children more, because it includes music and cartoon voices. Children would not be as interested if they used /to them, making them become more interested in the advert. They would be more engaged in a trailer for this kind of film,/ The features are to show pictures and information about the product. As well as convincing people to purchase whatever is on /between different pictures to create a moving image (transition effect), to advertise well what is offered. T his links well to the audience,/

Unrecognized Influence : Propaganda Through Cartoons Tommy Tobin © Splash – Fall 2009.

they see (Video Games, Violent TV) – Mindset: Portrayal in media (e.g. cartoons) help in the construction and maintenance of cultural stereotypes Dick Tracy & Itchy & Scratchy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censored_Eleven Cartoons to Sell Selling Products by Targeting the Impressionable Seeing how media can help construct / Dr. Moser – Film Studies- (Bukatman) Communications – Politics (Krosnick, Fishkin & Iyegar) – Co-Term Programs Journalism/Media Studies Business – Advertising/ “Making Ideas Stick” (Heath)

1  2007 Thomson South-Western Ethical, Regulatory, and Environmental Issues in Marketing Communications Chapter Three.

are unnecessary and the communications involved are exploitative Use of posters, book covers, free magazines, advertising, and other so-called learning tools Placing products in movies with tie-in merchandise programs 9 Targeting to Children and Teens Targeting adult products to preadults—Miller Brewing Company— “bolder” beer Use of unacceptable images—cartoons—greatest recent controversy is Joe Camel and Camel cigarettes Marketing of adult-oriented entertainment/

The Theme ANO SA TINGIN MO?. 21 st PAC Vision The 21 st Philippine Advertising Congress will offer delegates relevant learnings about the entire marketing.

Asia MARKETING JEREMY CARR – VP Cartoon Network Jeremy Carr is Vice President, Regional Entertainment Advertising Sales for Turner Entertainment Networks Asia, Inc. (TENA). Based in Hong Kong, Carr directly oversees television and interactive advertising sales for the properties that TENA / into him in his role as the CEO for Havas Media in Asia Pacific as well as Havas Digital Regional Manager in APAC. VISHNU MOHAN – CEO, Havas Digital Asia Pacific DIGITAL Peter is in charge of all product development and /

The Relevance of Copyright Protection in the Textile Industries presented by: Lien Verbauwhede Koglin, WIPO ___________________________________________________________________.

and maps What is Copyright Marketing materials: Trade and product catalogs Artwork and text on product literature, labels and packaging Marketing and advertising materials (on paper, billboards, websites, accounting forms) /cartoon film producer, that stated that X was infringing its copyrights Small Enterprise X reached an out-of-court settlement with Company Z Enterprise X could continue selling the product after payment of compensation and royalties from further sales. The compensation resulted in/

Advertisements Teen Living 10.0. Purpose of Advertisements  1. Want people to buy the product  2. Give consumers more choices  3. Promote Sales.

10.0 Purpose of Advertisements  1. Want people to buy the product  2. Give consumers more choices  3. Promote Sales Slogans/Jingles  Help us remember the ad…. –Can you name the company… –Da Da Dant Da Da…I’m loving it! –MMM MMM Good! –Think outside the bun…. –What can you do with a dallap? Cartoons  Appeal to kids…. –Cereal commericals  Frosted flakes/

Advertising Is it always good for you?. Advertising in TV Children and adolescents view 40,000 ads per year on TV alone. Much of childrens viewing.

government should help underwrite the cost of establishing and disseminating such programs. Action Ask Congress to restrict alcohol advertising to what is known as "tombstone advertising," in which only the product is shown, not cartoon characters or attractive women. Ask Congress to implement a ban on junk- food advertising during programming that is viewed predominantly by young children. Ask Congress to increase funding for public TV/

Food Marketing to Children, Nutrition Labeling and Health Claims: Changes in the Global Regulatory Environment 2004-2006 Corinna Hawkes Research Fellow.

24-26, 2006 International Seminar on Food Labeling and Advertisement. North America: use of labels to drive trans fats out of the food chain USA: implemented January 2006 USA: implemented January 2006 Trans-fats found in fewer and fewer products, but still in “low-quality” products Trans-fats found in fewer and fewer products, but still in “low-quality” products Canada: Implemented December 2005 Canada: Implemented December 2005 Evidence/

Hollywood in the Age of Conglomerates. CONGLOMERATES & CORPORATE TAKEOVERS Box-office fell in 50-60s; stocks became undervalued, relative bargains Bought.

BROS. –MOVIES & TV: Warner Bros., Warner Bros. TV, WB TV Network, Warner Bros. TV Animation, Hanna ‑ Barbera Cartoons, Telepictures Productions, Witt ‑ Thomas, Warner Bros. International TV, Castle Rock –TIME WARNER CABLE: Full Service Network, NY1, Road Runner, West/box-office THE PACKAGE-UNIT SYSTEM –ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN Designs the advertising campaign Each film ’ s advertising designed individually –DISTRIBUTION SCHEDULE SLEEPERS are booked in 2-3 theaters, booked in more as word-of-mouth spreads TURKEYS/


manufacturer and advertising agency violated right to privacy under New York law and infringed trademark under the Lanham Act  Right to Privacy action dismissed because manufacturer’s creation and display of a cartoon character dressed in street entertainer’/11 th Cir.: Metatag use of NAM marks to promote and advertise Axiom products was “use in commerce” in connection with advertising goods, and district court did not clearly err in finding a likelihood of confusion  Distinguished 1-800 Contacts because/

Definition : Marketing is the process of finding out what consumers want and then making a product that will satisfy their needs and persuade them to buy.

paying for because Ribena is better for their children than drinks such as Coke.  Advertises extensively on TV and features Ribena-berry cartoon.  Evaluation-­Good as their target market watches a lot of TV and also the cartoon character appeals to children.  The product is sold all over the country in supermarkets, garages etc.  Evaluation-­This is good as it is well distributed and is/

ENGL 6480/7480, Studies in Contemporary Literature: Mad Men and the Sixties Dr. David Lavery Summer 2015 The Space Age.

and need and are buying those things that have nothing to do with our lives," Cathy herself tells us in the cartoons final frame. In the 1980s, the age of the yuppie, we perfected the art of what Time magazine has called "transcendental/of the Space Age and advertised in copy divided into sections entitled "Countdown," "Liftoff," "All Systems Go," "Ground Control," and "Link Up" and in the usual "product in orbit" imagery; and I saw the Carvin V220 guitar blast off from Earth in an ad whose headline /

BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ADVERTISING 3. TARGETING CHILDREN Today’s children are born into the technology era so they are used to all media and media products.

contain some cartoon characters so that makes different images in the children minds. And these images effect negatively the psychological and sociological structures. Additionaly when the children purchase the products that the ads involve heroes/cartoons they / attention, to bring visibility to a product is one of advertising’s greatest strenghts. In advertising originality or suprise are often used to get attention. INTEREST AND RELEVANCE Another factor in perception is interest; which means the receiver/

After this lesson, you will be able to… $Identify new business practices that aided in the rise of big business in the late 1800s $Identify the most noted.

Wealthc. Social Darwinism b.Corporate Strategiesd. Vertical Integration ??????????????? StrategyAction Cut Costs Increase production lower wages Maximize Profits Reinvest in Advertisement Reinvest in Advertisement Stay on the Edge Research and development Research and development US History Quizdom Which / US History Quizdom Which of the following best describes the author’s likely intent for the cartoon above? a.To promote the benefits of corporations b.To promote increased government regulation of big/

Advertising & Commercial Culture Chapter 11. Culture Influenced by Ads “Advertising has long played a prominent role in contemporary life….As big players.

Social Media Provide data on consumers and a venue for ads Web Advertising’s Growing Power Web companies buy agencies, become brokers Persuasive Techniques in Advertising Famous-person testimonial – Product endorsed by famous person – Serena Williams spokeswoman for Nike Plain-folks pitch – Product associated with simplicity – Example: GE “Imagination at work” Snob appeal – Product use will maintain or elevate status Classic Techniques https://www.youtube.com/

Propaganda and Political Cartoons. How can art be used to sway one’s opinions?

mind without liberties or freedoms created political cartoons since the 1600s.  Propaganda is designed to persuade.  Its purpose is to influence your opinions, emotions, attitudes, or behavior.  It seeks to “guide your choice.”  Military  Media  Advertisers  Politicians  Bandwagon  Name-calling/ the implication is that we shouldn’t be interested in it.  A famous person endorses an idea, a product, a candidate.  If someone famous uses this product, believes this idea, or supports this candidate, so/

What Role Should Consumerism Play in our Economy? Chapter 7.

making our consumer decisions? Marketing – the way in which companies convey knowledge about their product to the masses (with the goal of influencing consumer choices). Marketing (also known as advertising) has become a huge industry in itself – employing millions of people working to attract your $$$. These people work to manipulate consumer behavior. Cartoons about Consumerism Examine the cartoons presented on p. 256 of your textbook. What/

Target Market A target market is the market segment (group of potential customers) which a particular product or service is marketed (advertised) to.market.

the market segment (group of potential customers) which a particular product or service is marketed (advertised) to.market segmentmarketed Cartoon Back Pack Example: Kids 6-12, boys/girls, students, like cartoons More on Target Market A target market is often defined by/depends on- Ask yourself the following ?s before you choose – 1. Number of competitors in the market Are too many other companies already trying to sell products/services to this group? – 2. The preference/choice of customers Do I really like/

BUAD 307 PROMOTION Lars Perner, Instructor 1 Promotion Elements of the Promotion Mix Advertising Strategies Other Methods of Promotion.

307 PROMOTION Lars Perner, Instructor 7 Measuring Advertising Effect Several possible criteria: – Scanner data Individual TV exposure can be matched against actual purchases Available only for grocery products – Increase in sales (but it may be impossible to /seen for competing brands Split cable BUAD 307 PROMOTION Lars Perner, Instructor 9 Japanese AdvertisingUse of animation and cartoon characters BUAD 307 PROMOTION Lars Perner, Instructor 10 Breaking Through the Clutter BUAD 307 PROMOTION Lars Perner,/

~ Lesbionix Cartoon ~ ~ It’s a Lesbian Thing! ~ Lesbionix - It’s a Lesbian Thing!  Lesbionix is a new online Lesbian webcomic that tells the story of.

the Lesbionix Social Club * Click here to go back to the Lesbionix Comic! * Lesbionix - Its a Lesbian Thing!Lesbionix SocialClubLesbionix Comic Lesbionix Social Club If you would like to advertise on the Lesbionix web site or have a product prominently placed in the cartoon, send us an email at Lesbionix@hotmail.com. We will get back to you within 24 hours!Lesbionix@hotmail.com/

Engagement Summary NeuroMama, Ltd. will receive from Grupo Carso the rights to resell Internet, Telephone and Cellular Service in its brick-and-mortar.

entertain themselves with educational material. This includes ebooks, downloadable learning material, video games in flash, a large selection of streamed cartoons, and more! Finance.NeuroMama.com Our online finance center provides current information on /Marketing and Advertising Strategy Founded in 1989, by Dennis Warner and In Sync Productions, World Championship MuayThai is based in Southern California and is the longest running Muay Thai event in the United States. Championships are held in Los Angeles/

T HE R OARING T WENTIES The 1920s. 1920 S S LANG The 1920s was a colorful decade in both Europe and America, sandwiched between the hardships of the two.

F LAPPERS I NNOVATIONS AND P RODUCTS OF THE 1920 S : Purchasing on time or credit. Advertising-modern advertising began in the 1920s, due to mass production people could afford items such as cars, radios and refrigerators. Band-aids-1924-the first were three/ body, white eyes, and giant grin, coupled with the surrealism of the situations in which his cartoons place him, combined to make Felix one of the most recognizable cartoon characters next to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck or Woody /

Marketing Tobacco. Targeting youth Targeting youth Targeting women Targeting women Targeting minorities Targeting minorities Targeting consumers in developing.

and video game arcadesbillboards, signs and placards in arenas, stadiums, shopping malls and video game arcades Limits advertising outside retail establishments to 14 square feet Limits advertising outside retail establishments to 14 square feet Bans transit advertising of tobacco products Bans transit advertising of tobacco products Advertising and promotions increased in convenience stores and other retail outlets Advertising and promotions increased in convenience stores and other retail outlets Two-for/

Merchandising; Cybersquatting; Indirect Infringement and False Advertising Intro to IP – Prof Merges 3.22.2012.

v. Zuccarini – IPNTA 5 th p. 869 ACPA Case “Typosquatting” at issue Joe’s Cartoons site http://joecartoon.atom.com/ Post-Google environment may be a bit different... John Zuccarini (born c. 1947) is an /of “Breathasure” trademark along with advertising that implied bad breath could be (better) treated “at the source” (in the stomach) vs. in the mouth 2 Final issues Disparagement – ads that do not mention defendant’s product – only criticize or condemn plaintiff’s product (E.g., “Don’t /

Consuming Passions: Brought to You B(u)y: The Signs of Advertising

lit landing dock of a trash receptacle/space station. --I saw a cartoon Albert Einstein plug the "genius" of Betamax while ensconced in an armchair in a living room floating in the cosmos. Survey of Popular Culture Brought to You B(u)y / the Space Age and advertised in copy divided into sections entitled "Countdown," "Liftoff," "All Systems Go," "Ground Control," and "Link Up" and in the usual "product in orbit" imagery; and I saw the Carvin V220 guitar blast off from Earth in an ad whose headline proclaims/

Who is this ad targeting?. Analyzing Influences Learning how to analyze advertisements will help you to make better choices. You will become an advertisers.

than all others 2.False Image - convince people that they will have a certain image by using a particular product 3.Bandwagon- Implies that everyone you know is using this brand Advertising Appeals Cont. 4.Humor- A catchy slogan, jingle, or cartoon. Something that sticks in your mind. 5.Glittering- Contains an exaggerated appeal that gets to your emotions. 6.Scientific evidence- Uses data/

AD 502 - Seminar in Contemporary Theory | Fall 2006 | Daria Tsoupikova | School of Art and Design | UIC Yugoslavian animation school. Zagreb Dusan Vukotic.

(1927 - 1998) AD 502 - Seminar in Contemporary Theory | Fall 2006 | Daria Tsoupikova | School of Art and Design | UIC With Kostelac (production manager) and other cartoonists made advertising films on their own doing commissions from factories/ Borivoj Dovhikovic (Bordo) b. 1930 From 1994 regularly published cartoons in the Zagreb based magazine Croatian the Left interest in the field of graphic design, typography and drawing, newspaper advertisement, poster, trade-mark, mascot, periodicals, books, etc. He/

Reading in Depth Passage 1 Passage 2 Passage 3 Passage 4 Passage 5 Passage 6 Passage 7 Passage 8 Passage 9 Passage 10 Skimming and Scanning Passage.

in very interesting stories presented in the form of cartoons. The cartoons themselves have thus served to illustrate the teaching of the Chinese sages ( 圣人 ) ( 圣人 ) in a very attractive way. In this sense, many Chinese cartoons are different from Western cartoons in/, newspapers and paper products). This helps to reduce/Advertisement Appreciation Love at first sight it was love at first sight, I suppose. And yet it wasn’t just the way she looked. It was also the way she talked. We’d been for a stroll in/

AD 502 - Seminar in Contemporary Theory | Fall 2006 | Daria Tsoupikova | School of Art and Design | UIC Animation in Britain Len Lye George Dunning Bob.

production of Music Man (1938), met Joy Batchelor, who also worked on the film. Halas & Batchelor Studios John Halas (1912-1995) and Joy Batchelor (1914-1991) AD 502 - Seminar in Contemporary Theory | Fall 2006 | Daria Tsoupikova | School of Art and Design | UIC 1938 Music Man 1940 Halas & Batchelor Cartoon Films Ltd was established in Bush House, Aldwych - the headquarters for the J Walter Thompson advertising/

Models and Concepts of Communication Objective: Introducing different models and theories of communications. In the end of this part, students will also.

in THY ads. As a result, many food companies aim promotions at doctors, dentists… Celebrities are effective when they personify a key product attribute. …Beyaz ads for Rinso... Celebrities are effective when they personify a key product attribute. …Beyaz ads for Rinso... Using animals and cartoon/ After the budget has been determined, the marketer must decide which promotion tools to use - advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing. He must blend the promotion tools/

Don’t Get Fooled Again! Common Fallacies in Argument to Look for and Avoid Mr. Richard “The Grammar Hammer” Martin.

but everybody’s always singing it in the hallways. I guess it’s kind of good.  If 99% of the people in school thought 2+2=5, the answer would still be 4. Ad Populum Fallacy  Watch the following cartoon. What is the Ad Populum Arthur/latest advance.”  May use scientific jargon or hi-tech language to show it’s technologically advanced.  How does the following skin care product advertisement use hi-tech appeal? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Hbky_bvtow The Fallacy Song (to the tune of the Who’s “Won’t Get/

Graffiti? Advertising?. Guerrilla Marketing Low Budget, High Impact Interactive and embedded ads Product placement.

the citys reaction as unmitigated hysteria. Tracy OConnor, 34, a retail manager, called the police response ``silly and insane, contrasting it with that in other cities where no one reported concerns about the devices - an advertising gimmick for the Cartoon Network show ``Aqua Teen Hunger Force. ``Were the laughingstock, she said. Public safety officials and a large segment of Bostons older generation condemned/


presented. A lecture entitled How to make a good advertisement was given by a professor of Kaunas University Four multicultural groups were formed with different tasks: production of: TV spot, radio spot, a cartoon spot and musical spot. At the end, the /presentation.The decision of the panels: The best slogan: Greece The best idea: Finland The best music: Poland 1.price in total competition: Finland 2. price Slovenia 3. price Greece The winners got rewards and every participating school got a diploma./

General Mills New Product Introduction Marketing Plan

GM to meet growing demand for ethnic flavors in children’s markets Shelf-stable, single-serve products are convenient for storage and quick and easy to prepare. Consumer demand for meat flavors and sustenance in shelf-stable, single-serve products Communication The promotion behind Fiesta Ench-a-lottas will target the childrens’ market with catchy cartoon-based fun advertisements. Additionally, a web-site will be created/

Educational Fair Use in Copyright Compiled by Ellen Bell, Librarian Amador Valley High School.

(text), and compilations such as business directories Musical works. Songs, advertising jingles, and instrumentals. Musical works. Songs, advertising jingles, and instrumentals. Dramatic works. Plays, operas, and skits/cartoon or picture from a book, periodical or newspaper. Rules for Reproducing Text Materials for Use in Class Teachers may photocopy articles to hand out in/ product constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement.” “Read this agreement carefully. Use of this product /

Advertising: Us vs. Them. Tobacco advertising goes way back… Before women “won their rights”… Before advertising was a profession… Before there was sound.

eye-catching marketing schemes in order to attract YOUth!! Tobacco companies used to use sports to advertise their products to a broader audience. Racing was one of their largest markets because… In America, it is/products over non- sponsors’ products…just because they sponsor NASCAR Youth Market More than 1,000,000 youth (age 12-17) watched auto racing on television in 1996 Hanna-Barbera cartoon company executive, when asked to explain why they sponsor a cartoon racing car, replied… Hannah-Barbera Exec. “In/

1 BA345W Announcements, 2/15/07 –Class next Tuesday (2/20) in Hamersly #108 –Class Project Concepts past due Note that students have greater degree of.

5: Learning Objectives Brief discussion of common Internet-based security threats. –Viruses and other “malware.” –“Phishing” (Dilbert cartoon) Emphasis on practical information. Very brief discussion of encryption; focus on tension between privacy rights of citizens and role /to users who have absolutely no interest in their product/service. Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. Slide 7-47 Advertising Networks Best known for ability to present users with banner advertisements based on a database of user /


INFRASTRUCTURE OF MANPOWER.IN-HOUSE INFRASTRUCTURE OF MANPOWER. ADVERTISING AGENCY OASISFIMS VIDEO PRODUCTION Corporate Films & Presentations.Corporate Films & Presentations. Propaganda FilmsPropaganda Films Educational ProgramsEducational Programs Music based ProgramsMusic based Programs Studio based show.Studio based show. Road Shows.Road Shows. Spots & Fillers.Spots & Fillers. Cartoon Films & Animation,&Cartoon Films & Animation,& Tele-films/ Tele-serials/ Short storiesTele-films/ Tele-serials/ Short/

Be a Healthy Consumer.  Advertising is a form of selling products and services.  An advertisement (ad) is a paid announcement about a product or service.

certain product.  Advertisers use their logos as a form of advertising. They pay celebrities to wear their logos during sporting events and social events. 1. “I’m Lovin’ It” 2. “Just Do It” 3. “Breakfast of Champions” 4. “Like A Rock” 5. “Your in / product or service.  Bandwagon appeal implies that everybody else is using a particular product or service.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4J52Qa D6mw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4J52Qa D6mw  Humor appeal contains a catchy slogan, jingle, or cartoon that/

Mass media *The mass media are pervasive in our everyday lives. *The primary mass media are built on print, electronic, chemical and digital technologies.

in 2009. Effects of demassification Advertisers are able to reach narrow and targeted segments of the population. This is a bonus to company officials who are targeting their product to a certain part of the population. Advertisers/ Warner Bros. Television (production) Warner Bros. Television (production) The CW Television Network The CW Television Network Warner Bros. Television Animation Warner Bros. Television Animation Hanna - Barbera Cartoons Hanna - Barbera Cartoons Castle Rock Entertainment Castle /

Information-Media-Technological Literacy Defining Your Place In The Curriculum Frank Baker Martha Alewine

media products. /in Social studies Analyzing editorial cartoons Analyzing editorial cartoons Examining historical photographs Examining historical photographs Studying past/present propaganda Studying past/present propaganda Understanding bias/stereotypes Understanding bias/stereotypes History of American broadcasting History of American broadcasting Understanding US communications policy Understanding US communications policy Analyzing political advertising Analyzing political advertising Media literacy in/

Think About This: What type of gender socialization messages do people get from toys, advertisements, clothing, movies, etc. Are gender stereotypes reinforced.

in the toy ads?  What is the product?  Who is the target audience?  What images are used to sell the product?  Does this advertisement reinforce any stereotypes?  What is the advertisement telling us about how we should look, act, or dress?  Is the advertisement/a violent episode of the cartoon Woody Woodpecker, and the other 12 watched the non-violent cartoon The Little Red Hen.  During play afterwards, the researchers observed that the children who watched the violent cartoon were much more likely /

Tobacco Early Smoking Advertisements (1920s -1950s)

on purchase  No free samples  No sponsorships  No advertising at events  No use of cartoons in advertisements  No distribution of tobacco branded products  No targeting of youth  No advertising on billboards  No gifts based on purchase  No free samples  No sponsorships  No advertising at events  No use of cartoons in advertisements  No distribution of tobacco branded products  No targeting of youth  No advertising on billboards Why People Smoke?  Peer Pressure  They think/

LEARNING QUESTIONS 1.What am I learning today? 1.Pathos, ethos, and logos in politics. 2.Audience and implications. 2.What am I doing today? 1.Looking.

-British magazine that also publishes in America -More middle of the road FINISH ADS FROM YESTERDAY REPORT OUT Finish your advertisement. Report out to class. You may not explain your ad. You may only hang it up and tell us what your product is. Class will guess what appeal you used. POLITICAL CARTOONS, ARGUMENTS, AND IMPLICATIONS What do political cartoons accomplish? What makes a political/

INTEGRATED CORE ASSESSMENT MODERN WORLD HISTORY. MWH HONORS CORE ASSESSMENT The core assessment project in MWH-H focuses on the Era of Imperialism and.

of Independence. The Component Parts of Core 1, consist of 4 magazine articles (as specified in the handout), an original advertisement of a good or product, an original political cartoon, and an editorial response thereto. CORE 1 4 Articles: 1) What was your region like/Article must contain at least 5 Citations from 3 different sources. CORE 2 Core 2 Must also include: * An advertisement for a current product or export from your country * A relevant graph or chart * A video link to a video relating to your /

Tuesday 2/4/14 RAP AGREE / DISAGREE

an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market Evangelicals –/ skills are much more important than drawing skills in creating a good cartoon. A good cartoon is always simple and limited. It never tries/in the Arts PPT notes Review Ch. 12 and 13 QUESTIONS TITLE: Ch. 13.3 Popular Culture Many immigrants were lured to the U.S. between 1870 and 1900 for many reasons, such as -search of a better life—advertisements/

INFLATION STRIKES RED SCARE Harlem Renaissance Mass production Booming economy.


The Jazz Age 1920-1929 Section 1: Boom Times Section 2: Life in the Twenties Section 3: A Creative Era.

and The Saturday Evening Post Cartoons, short stories, advertising pages Cartoons, short stories, advertising pages Dewitt and Lila Wallace found Reader’s Digest in 1921 Dewitt and Lila Wallace found Reader’s Digest in 1921 Celebrities and Heroes /white actress Rose McClendon, Deep River Rose McClendon, Deep River In Abraham’s Bosom In Abraham’s Bosom Porgy, she appeared in the first production Porgy, she appeared in the first production Literature Literature Nella Larsen, Quicksand (1928) Nella Larsen, /

Andy Warhol said, “In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” It is the year 2030. Andy Warhol was right! You’re in the papers! You’re.

advertising I can create Art in the style of Andy Warhol, Peter Max, and Claus Oldenberg In the 1960s, advertising exploded. Businesses started hiring graphic designers to create ads trying to get people to buy their products Many people began to buy televisions, meaning advertisements/that you see EVERYWHERE… on tv, billboards, magazines, etc? It could be a cartoon character, picture on your shoes or t-shirt, fast food symbol, or product. Find an example. Bring it to class. Draw it. We will be making /

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in South Korea, K-pop is a musical genre that has exploded onto the North American scene. The k-pop anthem most commonly known worldwide, Gangnam Style, hit airwaves and the subculture has since been adopted into a range of global products, advertising / ii. Clusters 40 Pages, 350 Examples 59 Creative Chocolate Confections 50 Girly Chocolates Creations 100 Eggcellent Easter Desserts 70 Cartoon Character Desserts Chocolate Ideas For 7-12 Year Old Girls 70 Pages, 430 Examples Filtered down from 1,700 chocolate/

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