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Presented at: French-Serbian Summer University “Renewable Energy Sources and Environmental – Multidisciplinary Aspect” Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, 17-24 October.

of abatement options. GHG EMISSIONS ABATEMENT SCENARIO GHG ABATEMENT ANALYSIS Household and service sector ♦ Thermo insulation, ♦ Use of efficient consumers; ♦ Introduction of prepaid meters; ♦ Increase use of renewable energies ♦ Central heating plants vs stand alone ♦ Efficient combination of different kinds of energy GHG EMISSIONS ABATEMENT SCENARIO GHG ABATEMENT ANALYSIS Transport sector ♦ Improvement road infrastructure; ♦ Increase of the share of public transport ♦ Introduction of carbon/


of IBT in cushioning the poor from rising costs  Monitor effectiveness of MYPD2 in term of the true cost of production  Extend IBT to cover prepaid meters in more municipal areas Legislation:  Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill  National Energy Regulator Bill  ISMO Bill  Promulgation and maintenance of the statutory frameworks administered 21 ANNUAL PERFORMANCE PLAN STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE TARGETS Existing Programme 3 - Electricity, Nuclear and/

Sustainable energy options for low-income households – South Africa Sustainable Energy Africa Yachika Reddy 26 May 2009.

Low income Business model basics CDM suppressed demand methodology Eskom incentive Local employment Low monthly repayment (approx R20) Prepaid meter collection system/FBE Business Model Cost of 100l SWH (installed including Eskom incentive)R 3,500 Annual payment / – ceilings – accessing carbon funds from the north to support roll out of ceilings in social housing nationally Sustainable energy options for low income housing - national priority - should be funded through a stepped tariff - should be paying /

1 NERSA ANNUAL REPORT 2011/12 Portfolio Committee on Energy Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer 16 October 2012.

SETTLEMENTS AND IMPROVED QUALITY OF HOUSEHOLD LIFE NERSA contributes through: o Facilitating access to electricity / energy services; o Facilitating reliability of supply; o Monitoring maintenance of infrastructure; o Compliance monitoring to /between the Chiawelo community and Eskom after the acceptance of NERSA’s report on Testing of Disputed Electricity Prepaid Meters in Chiawelo, Soweto by all parties. Licensing: GenerationDistribution Licences Granted51 ACHIEVEMENTS – PIPED-GAS INDUSTRY REGULATION /


FACTOR IMPROVEMENTS 6/8/2016 ZESCO TARIFFS-2013 1.Metered Residential Tariffs(upto 15kVA) R1-consumption upto 100kWhEnergy Charge/kWhK152.00 R2-Consumption between 101 to 300kWhEnergy Charge/kWhK250.70 R3-Consumption above 301kWhEnergy Charge/kWhK408.62 Fixed Monthly ChargeK14,629.31 Prepaid TariffsEnergy Charge/kWhK278.33 2.Commercial Tariffs C1-Consumption upto 700kWh Energy Charge/kWhK266.13 Fixed Monthly ChargeK47,753 3/


only be disconnected to the POP if the POP has tempered with the meter or has been found to be stealing electricity. The free basic electricity /Signe d Munics not signed Actual % Munics signed – As @ Jan 2012 CC&B total prepaid customer s Municipalit y approved FBE + MFFBE customers (number of FBE + MFFBE customers received)/ Mpumalang a 10078 North West9872 Northern Cape 9872 Western Cape 10089 2012 Free Basic Energy Snapshot 6/14/201619 PROVINCES August 12 FBE Total Indigent Households (Census 2001) Total/

Off-Grid Renewable Energy Applications – Strategy for Energy Access Biomass Gasifier based Village Electrification Opportunities ASEAN-INDIA Workshop on.

 Biomass Gasifier Based Mini Grids Experimented in India – Business Models  Sustainable Business Opportunities in Future  40% population without Energy Access.  No Grid Or  No / Erratic Supply  Many Hamlets left out  Situation unlikely to improve substantially. / for a monthly charge of Rs. 100 Commercial users, irrigation pumps (Rs 50/KWh) pay more Prepaid meters to ensure payments, prevent overloads Residual ash used for agarbatti making- additional revenue source Ministry provides Central Financial/

Financing Strategies for Renewable Energy Projects Southwest Renewable Energy Conference 2010 Office: 414.225.2752 Cell: 414.588.2948

No such requirement for the ITC or the 1603 Grant, permitting net metering projects where the project owner uses the electricity. 18 PTC (cont’d)  Reduction of credit for grants, tax-exempt bonds, subsidized energy financing and any other credit allowable with respect to any property part/.  Failure to do so results in a recapture of the credit.  This means that the funds may neither be amortized nor prepaid (i.e., no return of capital).  Interest on the funds (i.e., a return on capital) is OK.  The/

NASUCA 20111 HOW TO REGULATE COMPETITIVE ENERGY SUPPLIERS Barbara R. Alexander Consumer Affairs Consultant 83 Wedgewood Dr. Winthrop, Maine 04364 (207)395-4143.

of customers  A NY natural gas supplier declared bankruptcy after collecting up to 12 mos. in prepaid service (Iroquois)  New Power (Enron, et. Al.)  Dominion Energy Solutions dropped 8,500 customers in PA in August 2011 and used smart meter usage information to find those who use energy at peak times NASUCA 201111 DOOR TO DOOR AND TELEMARKETING SALES  MAJOR SOURCE OF CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS/


but general consideration was also included to investigate the reduction of capital expenditure.  ENERGY  WATER  WASTE AND EMISSIONS  MATERIALS  BIODIVERSITY  MANAGEMENT  LOCAL /future developments are compliant.  MANAGEMENT Investigate the use of sub-metering to give operators more insight into electrical and water consumption. /the current provision of facilities to include:  Postal / Courier Services  Prepaid electricity and account payments  EDUCATION Increase the area for pump attendants to/

Contents Section Page 15/04/ Overview of Nigeria’s Power Sector

improvement by the private sector on the current structure alone will represent a major step change in Nigeria. National Energy Regulatory Commission (NERC) Market structure, regulation, price setting and safety GENCOs IPPs TCN DISCOs Customers Self-Generation Sold/a fair price (cost reflective). Key concern for Discos is the effective collection of tariffs from end users. Prepaid meters wiil assist in addressing this concern The World Bank PRG covering NBET’s PPA with Gencos provides significant comfort/


.Hiring Advisers: Legal, Owners Engineer, Insurance, Risk Management, Audit 9 Leveraging Investment Process Action 1.Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization PEDO has independent BOD 2.Establishing a KP Power Holding Company Ltd. 3.Establishing a SPV/% owned by Govt KP 5.PEDO facilitating Planning, Financing and EPC – Cook Book/Conferences 6.Community Participation 7.Prepaid Meters 11 Oil & Gas Sector Financial Leveraging Revenue from Security Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has created a ‘Fulcrum/pivot’/

Ensuring Sustainability of Access to Utilities for All Girish Sant Prayas Energy Group, Pune – India.

is a challenge due to: –History of non-payment –Inconvenient payment locations –Organizational/administrative problems Strategies –Prepaid meters –Payment only for properly functioning utilities –Franchisee/Village/Community Committee responsible for collection FES-UN meeting9 Interlinkages/Such institutions and process should be implementable under present political milieu FES-UN meeting21 Girish Sant Prayas Energy Group – Pune, India girish@prayaspune.org FES-UN meeting22 T&D Losses,Theft hidden under Agri/


) marks its 6 th year as the industrys leading forum for the exploration of prepaid energy service offerings The PEWG continues to grow because its members value the extensive and actionable research agenda and the record of accomplishments Participants include energy utilities and suppliers, metering and software vendors, a regional energy efficiency alliance, regulatory commissioners and consumer advocates. Together they cover a broad spectrum of/

By, K Keerthi sheela, T V V S Lakshmi, K Suresh kumar.

(SESB), Malaysia, has awarded a contract to a local manufacturer to supply 1,080 prepaid meters  Countries such as Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Iran have been showing increased interest in adopting prepaid system  In India, the State of West Bengal has decided to introduce the smart card operated prepaid energy meters in remote islands of Sunderbans. In Mumbai, pre-paid power is provided by the Brihanmumbai/

Retail Market Overview to PUCT and OPUC Staff Retail Market Subcommittee Representatives May 12, 2014.

Notable Exceptions: After 5 p.m. New construction = 10 days New meter sets Meter communication failures Sundays & holidays SWITCH-HOLDS Eric Blakey Just Energy Switch-Hold A “switch-hold” prevents a switch or move-in from/ for those with designated critical care/chronic condition status Disconnection Moratoriums —holidays, weekends, extreme weather events Prepaid Service Customers —separate notice requirements, and disconnection and reconnection timelines Disconnection without Notice —when known dangerous /

GIDED BY:- Mr. Vikas Bhalla 1 Department of Electrical engineering Govt. College of Engineering and Technology, Bikaner. Seminar Presentation SUBMITTED.

. Advantages 6. Future Integration. 2 PROBLEM IN POWER SECTOR  Recovering electricity dues from  Government departments  Apartment blocks,  Commercial complex  Rural areas etc.  Electricity Theft  Complicated Billing Process  Wastage of Energy. 3 introduction Prepaid Energy Meters: It is the new concept in world of electricity measurement. This concept is not only beneficial for electricity measurement but also has the capabilities to prevent theft and misuses/

Benefits of A Prepayment System Elimination of connection and disconnection costs Improved cash flow – Electricity paid for before use. Consumer can budget.

and profit are so small it cannot even pay off the prepaid equipment loan Changing technology makes prepaid meters out of date too soon and in many cases prepaid systems have been changed due to new requirements by the consumer/ of outside plant personnel. –Remote monitoring, –Distribution automation sensors, and –Smart meters –Fully integrated over a broadband network by a dedicated local energy distribution management system Precluding implication of outside plant personnel in power theft. 9 Who/

Www.selaprojects.net. What we do Larotecs Web2M is an off-the shelf, end-to-end, web-based solution designed to manage multiple widely distributed devices.

AMM Larotec s AMM applications Commercial & Industrial AMM for Electricity, Water and Gas Residential smart metering for Electricity, Water & Gas Prepaid Applications - based on standard meters Energy management for distributed sites and sub-metering www.selaprojects.net Existing Prepaid solutions IC Cards / Tokens - chargeable at Points of Sale and read by the customer Meter IC Cards / Tokens - chargeable at Points of Sale and read by the customer/

Introducing NERSA’s Inclining Block Tariffs (IBT’s)

INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS In order to assess the IBT structure the following data/ information is required from the municipalities: Proposed block energy rate tariffs for the 4 blocks in accordance with the benchmarks Proposed fixed charge Customer numbers as per existing domestic / to ensure that the shortfall in revenues does not occur. DETERMINATION OF IBTs Prepaid Meters WEIGHTED AVERAGE INCREASES For municipalities that are unable to implement IBTs, a weighted average increase is calculated. This is mostly /

2008Legislative Wrap Up Pamela C. Loomis Director, Office of Governmental Affairs September 4, 2008 C ALIFORNIA P UBLIC U TILITIES C OMMISSION.

Assembly Bill 1920 (Huffman) Would mandate compensation for net surplus generation under net energy metering Would mandate compensation for net surplus generation under net energy metering Would have required electrical corporations to offer a contract or tariff for surplus generation / Governor’s desk On the Governor’s desk Assembly Bill 2885 (De La Torre) Prepaid calling cards Prepaid calling cards Authorizes the Commission to enforce the standards and requirements of the Business & Professions Code for /

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Intelligence Reports Home Area NetworkLast MileWide Area Network Meters Basic energy rates Time of Use ratesDynamic rates Bonus programsNotificationsPrepaid Energy Data Collection Mediation SWVEE Versioned data storage Application enablement etc. Top-up Meter Data Management Mediation SWVEE Versioned data storage Application enablement etc. Basic energy rates Time of Use rates Dynamic rates Bonus programs Notifications Prepaid Energy Top-up Prepaid Energy Solution Architecture 8© Nokia Siemens Networks 2011/

CSR Powered by Innovation April 2016 SHYAM PATRA Naturetech Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Tackling Social Challenges Through Supporting Technology Interventions.

. Every recharge model has a validity period, once it expires, the energy meters will be shut down till the next recharge. The meters are pole mounted and enclosed in a tamper-proof metallic enclosure in order to avoid meter bypass and tampering For remaining cost effective, 3 customers are clubbed in a single prepaid metering kit Present Product Development 1 2 3 4 Optimization of GSM/

Engineer/ Shireen Fo’ad Al-Sindiouny, Technical Consultant, The Holding Company for Egypt Electricity.

round Can provide subscribers with information on electricity consumption along with the necessary support for energy conservation Cutting regular meters reading and re-training personnel to fill otherwise jobs Reducing current thefts (non-technical / Off-line Prepayment Off-line prepayment Meter is recharged by prepaid cards On-line prepayment Meter is recharged using the system Off-line prepayment Meter is recharged by prepaid cards On-line prepayment Meter is recharged using the system Characteristics /

In Collaboration with Shenzhen Star Instrument Presents.

the dual warning thresholds (pre-warning and warning) provides adequate warning to consumers of diminishing level of prepaid energy units in the submeters, thus prompting alert for a recharge of UltimatePower ® smart card. This ensures that consumers do not experience self-disconnection. Features of Sub Metering System (Cont’d) Installation of Submetering System The UltimatePower ® Submetering System is a package of single phase/

Enel Roadmap toward Excellence in Grid Management Trends in Power Industry in the European Context VIII Antonello Buondonno Head of Europe and Americas.

Grid Electric Vehicle recharging infrastructure eMobility Italy – Charging stations design and certification Key Features Metering grade measurement of energy usage System access with RFID ID card Security Flexible communication: 3G and PLC enabled Identification and authorization to charge from Clearing House Customizable energy supply: mono vendor vs multiple supplier Prepaid Process control: Recharge remote control Remote monitoring of recharging station; availability check Hom e/

PRE – PAYMENT LESSONS LEARNT FROM INDIA BY Dr. V.K. Goswami Director, ABES Engineering College Hon.Vice-President (R+D), Havells India Ltd.

and anti fraud features  compact, reliable, accurate, temper proof and can be installed in every household and commercial establishment. Continued… (Synergy – brand name); is incorporating  These are single / three phase prepaid electronic energy meters.  security dual autherfication followed by read and write password;  unique card, overload control,  Data retention 15 yrs  low credit warning system  temper information Continued… (Synergy – brand name); is incorporating/


time-based rates for residential customers except upon affirmative and voluntary selection. Prepaid Meters, Service Limiters  Smart meters may include capacity to require pre- payment or have service limiters, which trip/ California Statewide Pricing Pilot Summary app. C (2008); Michael McGann & Jeremy Moss, Univ. of Melbourne, Smart Meters, Smart Justice? Energy, Poverty and the Smart Meter Rollout (2010).  12. Sydney Jones & Susannah Fox, Pew Internet & American Life Project, Demographics of Internet/

Customer Payment Options Mike Connor Manager, Customer Service Bryan Texas Utilities.

–Cash, check, credit card –Night drop Phone Center –7:00am to 6:00pm, M-F –Electronic check, credit card Prepaid Metering Allows customers to prepay for electricity at the same rate as other residential customers. Allows customers to monitor their usage in order / and shown on the display. This represents the total prepaid dollar amount that has been applied toward the purchase of electricity. How does it work? Money continues to tick away as energy is consumed. The new amount is updated and displayed for/

CPUC Public Agenda 3283 Thursday, October 20, 2011, 9:00 a.m. 505 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco Commissioners: Michael R. Peevey Timothy Alan Simon Michel.

5 MW (from 3 MW) –CPUC POSITION: OPPOSE –Author decided not to move bill 2011 Legislative Wrap-up NET ENERGY METERING SB 489 (Wolk) – NEM Eligibility Expansion  Expands NEM eligibility to include all RPS-eligible technologies –CPUC POSITION:/CPUC POSITION: NEUTRAL (Initial: OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED) –Governor Action: Signed 2011 Legislative Wrap-up SPEECH-GENERATING DEVICES & PREPAID WIRELESS AB 136 (Beall) – Speech-generating Devices  Expands the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunication Program to include speech-/

Update on Texas Smart Grid Activity Christine Wright Public Utility Commission of Texas.

by Commission August 29, 2008 Full deployment over 4 years – Landys+Gyr Approximately 3.4 Million Meters July 20094National Town Meeting on Demand Response Whats on the Horizon CenterPoint Energy – HAN Functionality begins August 2009 (up to 5 devices) – Prepaid Functionality begins August 2009 Oncor Electric Delivery – Prepaid Capability June 1, 2009 – Time-of-Use Capability Summer 2009 – Low Income program begins Summer 2009/

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experience  Recognized experts in ZigBee ® Smart Energy™ © 2011 Rainforest Automation, Inc. 4 Smart Meter Utility ZigBee ® Wireless AMI Network Cloud /Prepaid Balance $125.30 est. 12 days remaining ● Balance is based on actual account balance sent via Message Tunneling and last 48 hours use ● Days remaining estimate based on moving average of the last 10 days © 2011 Rainforest Automation, Inc. STB Opportunity 19 Unused USB Port © 2011 Rainforest Automation, Inc. STB Data Flow Meter Reads “PowerTV” Energy/

Latest ECE Projects Ideas In Various Electronics Technologies.

Held Intelligent Multi Parameter Monitoring System – Das With LCD Display  Smart Multi Functional Power Meter With LCD Display  Digital Energy Meter & Voice Annunciation With Proximity Card – Contact Less http://www.elprocus.com/ Latest ECE Projects Ideas In Various Electronics Technologies  Intelligent Power Sharing Of Transformers With Auto Protection  Prepaid Digital Energy Meter Billing & Cost Indicator With Voice Annunciation  Multiple Starter With Overload & High, Low Voltage Protection/

The Gas Advantage ! Information contained in this document is the intellectual property of Venus Gas Products & Services (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd. (VGPSPL) and.

The New Business Driver Reticulated Gas Expand the influence of gas past cooking to optimize concept of Energy-Mix Low or No grid power dependency Limiting impact of power outages The Gas Advantage impact -/GAS PRODUCTS & SERVICES (MYSORE) PVT. LTD. (VGPSPL) Mechanical Gas Metering system. Mechanical Gas Metering system. Pulse Gas Metering system. Pulse Gas Metering system. Prepaid Gas Metering system. Prepaid Gas Metering system. ….to meet everybodys budget and convenience. Efficient Gas Management Systems /


use restriction  Multi Tariff/TOU/Prepaid meter  Consumer education & motivation  Demand side management  Energy saving lamp & Electronic ballast  Efficient equipment & Variable speed motor  Industrial cooling, Technical losses reduce etc METERING n Cash Box n Meters always best quality n Meters should read at lowest wattage n 3 phase meters - 3 element n System adequately grounded n Multiple Tariff Meter - Demand management n Prepaid Meters n Tariffs vary for each cooperative/

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Landscaping and Review of Approaches and Technologies for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Opportunities for Action Main.

spare parts in-country; Conformity to national policies; “Fit” to national infrastructure (including roads, energy and communications); Sustainability in natural resource terms. Technologies must be culturally and socially acceptable, affordable, /slum retailing Marketing approach using group/street connections. Informal household connections to remote meters. Fixed discharge/trickle supplies; prepaid meters. Kiosks/regulated on-sellers. Regulated franchised water vending and distribution including quality /

WAY FORWARD Improving CRM Practices in Electricity Sector.

2.7 million (5 times the number of DESCO’s connections).  To meet the limited energy needs of rural customers and many MEs, renewable energy could be a good alternative. 20 Solution – 11: Prepaid Metering  To date, two distributors (DESCO and BPDB) deployed around 57,000 pre-paid meters across the country. We have talked to a few consumers who talked about some issues they/

To: Students 1. Must be punctual (15 minutes rule)

Disadvantage be used only for data, music, pictures, book, electric energy ① Motor Carriers Highway transportation has expanded rapidly since the end of /Cubic Meter A cubic meter is something 1 meter long by 1 meter wide by 1 meter high 1m x 1m x 1m = 1 CUBIC METER Technically cubic meter could/freight collect) = FCA shipping point FOB shipping point, freight prepaid = CPT destination FOB destination (or FOB destination, freight prepaid) = DAT destination FOB destination, freight collect =No Incoterm /

CPUC Public Agenda 3262 Thursday, October 14, 2010, 10:00 a.m. 505 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco Commissioners: Michael R. Peevey Dian M. Grueneich John.

required by the bill. 2010 Legislative Wrap Up SMART GRID SB 1476 (PADILLA)  Outlines requirements for utilities using smart meters to protect customers energy usage data from unauthorized access or disclosure.  Prohibits the utilities from conditioning customer’s access to their data on the/ for collection of state and local communications taxes, fees, and surcharges applicable to prepaid wireless.  An effort by the author to find a way to collect fees for 911 service and other public goods charges /

Tackling Social Challenges through Supporting Tehnology Interventions High Impact CSR Partnership Shyam Patra Naturetech Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

/CFL lights for great lighting experience Theft proof Technology Enabled Sustainable Solution Solar Microgrid + Intelligent Power Distribution System+ Prepaid Metering SMS based Smart Pre- paid Metering Cloud based Remote Monioring and Energy Management Can be recharged from anywhere by admin and village based recharge agent Get Energy balance and Status of Recharge on registered mobile number No place for payment delay and collection hassle Villagers/

Mata kuliah : F Akuntansi Keuangan Lanjutan II

Convert to common unit of measure [boe or mcfe] based on relative energy content,but… OK to use either oil or gas if it dominates or/processing plant (pipelines usually act as transporters, not purchasers) Meters (pipeline meter and operators check meter) measure volume movement Lease-use gas and shrinkage Oil /Conveyances AICPA Accounting Standards Executive Committee Other Property Conveyances Property Conveyance Types Loan Prepaid Commodity Sale Volume Production Payment (VPP) Outright Sale What is a /

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Water Sector Initiatives.

Four times Proposal is under consideration at the level of the Group Leaders and the Standing Committee. Prepaid water meters- water connections with prepaid meters are proposed to be given to the inhabitants of unauthorised slums & structures so as to avoid stealing/for Comprehensive Water Supply Distribution Improvement Programme is currently going on. 32 Energy Audit A reputed agency has been appointed for carrying out energy audit of the complete system and major pumping stations in water supply sector /

Customer Assistance Programs Discussion Group Presented By: Ed Bodie, Manager of Retail Services Presented By: Ed Bodie, Manager of Retail Services November.

Weatherization –Identified Through Local Agencies –Energy Efficient Upgrades –Heat Pumps –Duct Sealing –Windows/Insulation –Testing Blower Door and Duct Blaster tests Blower Door and Duct Blaster tests Questions? Discussion Collection Policies/Actions Collection Policies/Actions Special Needs Policies/Actions Special Needs Policies/Actions Energy Efficiency Programs Energy Efficiency Programs E Source Benchmarking E Source Benchmarking Metering Options Metering Options Prepaid Metering Prepaid Metering

Sharon Canavan Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Stephen Tracy

allocation. With and without test 25 Eligible Energy Tax Credit Basis What costs are NOT eligible? Organization costs, permanent loan fees, syndication costs, etc. Transmission costs/ Interconnection fees Security fencing, prepaid O&M Intangibles? PPA? Ground Lease Roofing/ effectively given to tenants Risk that tenants abuse the privilege Master Meter structure One inverter versus one for each unit Electronically monitored sub-metering Solar Tax Credits with LIHTC – Issues Beware of tax-exempt entity/


Centralised funding mechanism, through tariff ring-fencing Incentive schemes (standard offer programme plus tax incentives) Energy Efficiency Target Monitoring System to keep track of performance relative to baseline Measurement and verification system developed/approved by NERSA to cushion the poor against increasing tariffs Application in conventional and prepaid meters in Eskom areas done Municipal prepaid meters only 60% configured, mainly due to financial sustainability problems emanating from IBT Next/

Presentation on Export Credit and Investment opportunities

. (SML) The facility is being used to facilitate exports of high end smart energy prepaid meters manufactured by Indian parent i.e. Secure Meters Ltd. Structured Finance - SAFL leases out prepaid meters to UK-based utility (gas & electricity) suppliers. Utility supplier offers these meters to household users without any upfront cost. However, rents of meters are recovered from monthly usage and these lease rentals are escrowed to Exim/

Enterprise GIS Discussion Documents 1. Objective To implement Enterprise GIS for effective utilization of Integrated Land Records, Power, Water network.

with other systems Server Database Platform 1 Platform 2 Maintenance management and Asset Management Customer Care Center (IVR / Operator Assisted) Prepaid metering / Automatic Meter Reading Distribution Management System (DMS) Load Forecasting and Network Planning Back office Automation and Customer Management Management Information System Energy Audit and Accounting SCADA Interface New Connections 11 Proposed Architecture of Enterprise GIS GIS map available Data Structure available in/

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rates and other pricing options. This encourages energy conservation and new offerings, such as monthly prepaid electric service for the budget minded. What Makes it Smarter:  Increases energy efficiency and savings due to customers’ ability to monitor electricity usage in near real time  Improves outage response times because smart meters notify CenterPoint Energy about power outages  Features remote meter reading, which practically eliminates the need to/

SMART Devices in Utilities Béla Bakos Innovation advisor

Project will be implemented by MAVIR or its exclusively owned project company. KOM Central Smart Metering Company Ltd. was established by MAVIR (TSO) in 2013 Our challange: Realization of the most considerable/solar, wind systems) Central support of flexible payment functions (prepaid – TOU tariffs ) Exploration of network losses Supporting low-voltage operation control Supporting Energy traders for capacity allocation Energy Management, Smart Home Device Support Electric vehicle integration, charging control/

Data Collection guide March 2015 2015 Customer Service Benchmarking.

Should especially be included for Billing, Payment and Credit. Postage CostsCost of mailing bills and credit notices. Prepaid envelopes if used for payment processing. For postage for Credit & Collections, only include if a separate credit / Assurance) includes both office and field activities surrounding these types of revenue loss: Energy theft (aka diversion, unauthorized usage): 1) Meter tampering; 2) Meter bypass; 3) unauthorized attachment. Fraud (aka identity theft): Field investigation related to/

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