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Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Dr. Sireen Alkhaldi Department of Family and Com. Med. Global Health Course Summer Semester 2014/ 2015 Textbook:

Humanitarian law (IHL): Includes the Geneva Convention of 1949. In 2006, it achieved universal acceptance. The IHL requires that belligerents respect the four principles of discrimination, proportionality, precaution, and protection of non-combatants. 2.Refugee Law: gives /forensic examination (finger prints and dental records), and later, DNA-matching (all were used in Thailand in 2004 Tsunami).  Bodies decompose rapidly in hot climate, and facial recognition will be difficult then. Bodies should be kept/

This lecture will help you understand: Reasons for seeking fossil fuel alternatives Energy contributions of alternatives Nuclear energy Debate over nuclear.

purposes –France, Russia, Japan have commercial reactors Pros and cons of breeder reactors Safety and security precautions are greater. –Large amounts of 239 Pu could cause serious meltdowns. –The half-life of 239 Pu is 24,000 years. – 239 Pu can be /for seafood by the Japanese government Nuclear fallout map 63 Radioactive Seawater Impact Map 64 Casualties the earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused about 20,000 casualties. According to a June 2012 Stanford University study by John Ten Hoeve and Mark/

MONSOON, FLOOD & FLASH FLOOD IN INDIA. CONTENT Monsoon in India. Flood hazard in India. Regions of country prone to floods, flash floods. Damages caused.

may also affect the soil characteristics. The land may be rendered infertile due to erosion of top layer or may turn saline if sea water floods the area. Precautions to Take To remain safe from floods you need to know when and how to /hours to days. The ground conditions effects the runoff. Coastal Floods Coastal floods are caused by tides, storms, tropical Cyclones, or tsunamis. They happen in the ocean and effects the general public and maritime interests along the coastline. They are caused by heavy surf,/

BAD BUGS! Alfred DeMaria, Jr., M.D. Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

outbreaks, esp. related to water sources and product contamination, ICUs  Emerging problem in Asia (2004 Tsunami), Middle East (Iraq) snd tropics, in general  Resistant to virtually all drugs tested  Some susceptibility to carbapenems  Susceptible to polymixins/of CP  Develop lab protocols for notifying clinicians and IP about potential CRE  Long-term care  Place CRE colonized or infected residents that are high-risk for transmission on CP)  Patients at lower risk for transmission use Standard Precautions/

KASHMIR, PAKISTAN OCTOBER 8, 2005. INFORMATION Epicenter: 12 miles northeast of Muzaffarabad and approximately 65 miles north-northeast of Islamabad Focus.

8, 2005 INFORMATION Epicenter: 12 miles northeast of Muzaffarabad and approximately 65 miles north-northeast of Islamabad Focus depth:10km MAGNITUDE It had a magnitude of 7.6 on the Richter scale FATALITIES AND INJURIES SURVIVORS Ihtesham-ul-Haq Mohammed Farid MAP PT MAP PT DIAGRAM OF CAUSE OF EARTHQUAKE WHERE ELSE THIS COULD OCCUR: AREAS OF RISKS AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WORKS CITED  http://list25.com/25/

ST210 Concorde Career college. Objectives List the types of healthcare facilities and the sources of funds for each Describe the organizational structure.

and wildfires Earthquakes and tsunamis Tropical storms and hurricanes Floods and tornados Avalanche Tsunami Earthquake Hurricane Man-Made Disasters Disasters caused by people Transportation accidents Acts of terrorism and bioterrorism Industrial / Event Important considerations Disaster scene must be safe before entering Standard Precautions and personal protective equipment Patient decontamination area Triage of victims Point of Distribution (POD) site Risk communication with the public Immediate Response /

The Sichuan Earthquake, China.. The Basics. Date: May 12 th, 2008. Location: Sichuan (Province of China.) Magnitude: 8.5 on Richter Scale. Sichuan, China.

they’re doing. 3. Provide info before the earthquake strikes. The use of newspapers, TV and radio can inform people quickly before the earthquake strikes. The information should provide what precautions to take (safety), how to secure your belongings from damage, and what /, especially in recent years. The largest in the UK being on the 7 th of June 1930, measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale. Earthquakes can also cause Tsunami’s. Earthquakes happen when plates move, so when the sea shares the same plate,/


ent Centre Prime Ministry Crisis Management Centre Prime Ministry Head of Turkey Disaster and Emergency Domestic and Foreign Resources Crisis Centre of related ministry Crisis Centres of Ministries General Staff Crisis (desks) offices of the state institutions and organizati ons Garrison Command Crisis (desks) offices of the state institutions and organizations. Crisis Centres of district governors Needs Precautions Connection Connection when needed Govarnorate Crisis Management Centre HEALTH/

Business Continuity (Disaster prevention). Agenda General principles Lessons learnt from September 11 and other disasters (floods, Tsunamis, earthquakes,

September 11 and other disasters (floods, Tsunamis, earthquakes, fires) Implementation elements Media /, mould and mildew), leaking toilets?, burst geysers Big weather: storms, rain, lightning Types of Disasters environmental, such as an aircraft crash, hazardous material or chemical spills (including acids and/ Internal External Natural Malicious and deliberate Accidental Careless work procedures Take extra precautions Impact Probability Low High Risk assessment What records are located where? Which/

Communicating Climate Change to Citizens This presentation is aimed to sensitize the citizens of the MMR across various facets of climate change. It contains.

Maharashtra, India, Pg. 5 www.slideshare.net/aminmohan/rotary-club-of-thane Protect the mangrove forests As They reduce the flood impact They reduce effects of storms and tsunamis They are home to many different birds, animals and fishes Protect /Donate unwanted clothes, stationery, books & artifacts And Finally to Conclude… Climate change will affect our daily lives Precautions in terms of health, food and water are important By using public transport, decreasing the consumption and waste, emissions can /

By Stephanie Millett & Brittany Uhlman

million people living in areas that could flood. Precautions to Take To remain safe from floods you need to know when and how to deal with them. Lives could be saved by having more warnings of floods for places in threat. There are / storms, tropical cyclones, or tsunamis. They happen in the ocean and effects the general public and maritime interests along the coastline. They are caused by heavy surf, tidal piling, and storm surges, Other factors are tidal cycles, behaviors of the storm, river or stream/

9/11. Katrina. Virginia Tech.. Almost every disaster, incident of school/workplace violence and act of terrorism was preceded by warning signals.

OF THOSE THAT REOPEN CLOSE IN TWO YEARS. 83%20%30% 80% 70,000+ 40% 25% E VERYTHING IS FORESEEABLE A NYONE MAY BE FOUND ACCOUNTABLE Extreme Heat Fires Floods Global Warming Hazardous Materials Hurricanes Landslides Multi-Hazard Nuclear Earthquakes Pandemic Power Outages Thunderstorms Wildfires Winter Storms Workplace Violence Dam Safety Earthquakes Terrorism Tsunamis/ vaccinations and masks; even though the medical community says those precautions may not be effective. Critical functions are not getting done./

Sue C. Jacobs, Ph.D. Ledbetter Lemon Counseling Psychology Diversity Professor School Of Applied Health & Educational Psychology; College Of Education;

being conducted by psychologists. Exercise reasonable judgment and take precautions to ensure that their potential biases, the boundaries of their competence and the limitations of their expertise do not lead to or condone unjust /of a diverse older adult population: age, race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, disability/ ability, gender, sexual orientation, rural/urban; social economic status Context of Ethical Clinical Practice: Aging Tsunami Demographic data highlight the increasing diversity of/

Geography 1000 – for Quiz #3 Part 2 of 4 parts. Cyclone Effects: Storm Surge 1. Low atmospheric pressure allows sea water to rise as much as three feet,

down, property loss is increasing rapidly. Perception of and Adjustment to Cyclones Perception of hazard depends on personal experience. – More experienced people may take hazard more precautions. – More experienced people may also take less precautions. Community adjustments to cyclone hazard: – / that someone will get “whacked” instead of us. Usually we are right, but the dead don’t come back to tell us what they learned. Scenes like this are common in tsunami waves and ocean cyclones. Water levels rise/

Chapter 51 Disaster Response. National EMS Education Standard Competencies EMS Operations Knowledge of operational roles and responsibilities to ensure.

the Event Immunizations of personnel −Keep up to date. −Be familiar with agency’s plan. Sheltering −Food −Water −Bath facilities © Reuters/Mike Blake/Landov. Before the Event Animal control −Address animals that must be left behind. −Have precautions to manage carcasses./ −Stay updated on post-storm failures. Tsunamis Large waves that travel thousands of miles and hit at speeds of 250 to 600 mph or more Can come in a series © Atsushi Taketazu/AP Photos Tsunamis Pay attention to warning systems. Prepare for/

Some natural destructive phenomena Some natural destructive phenomena are cyclones, lightning, earthquakes etc. Lightning is streaks of bright light and.

damage to buildings, dams, bridges. It can cause landslides, floods and tsunamis. It can also cause damage to life and property. What cause an earthquake ? The outermost layer of the earth called crust is not one piece. It is fragmented into many/mud, wood and light roof should be used instead of heavy materials. iii) Heavy objects like cupboards, water heaters etc. should not be fixed on the walls. iv) All buildings should have fire fighting equipments. Precautions during an earthquake :- a) If you are at /

X.always MASTER PART TWO 10 MARCH 2007. Tom Peters’ X25* EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. XAlways.MASTER/PART 2.1O March 2007 *In Search of Excellence 1982-2007.

. Entrepreneurial. Decline of BOYS. Retirement of MEN/Senior MEN.) 8. DEMOGRAPHIC TSUNAMI. WOMEN. Women as solo HEADs-OF-HOUSEHOLD. THE WOMaN- BOOMER-GEEZER. LOoooNG-TERM PHENOMENON. Global phenomenon. 9. SPEED of “change.” mother of all “megatrends.” 1. Participation rate/2 of 3 new jobs,/When I climb Mount Rainier I face less risk of death than I’ll face on the operating table.” — Don Berwick, “Six Keys to Safer Hospitals: A Set of Simple Precautions Could Prevent 100,000 Needless Deaths Every Year,” /

Starter –Sketch in the back of your book the 3 stages of ionisation 1. Before the photon gets there 2. As it arrives 3. After it has collided Do it. As.

As I could ask any of you!! (Think about the key words) C/W 1 st November 2011 Effects of ionising radiation Keywords: gamma rays radioactive X-rays radiographer Objectives: Must – Understand the risk of using x- rays and gamma rays Should – understand the precautions you need to take with/ Forces above)1-in-131,890 Dog Attack1-in-147,717 Asteroid Impact*1-in-200,000** Tsunami*1-in-500,000 Fireworks Discharge1-in-615,488 Odds of being an astronaut: 13,200,000 to 1 Odds that an American adult does not want to/

Francis Lasalo Ngonga1 THE VARIOUS HAZARDS ASSOCIATED WITH AVIATION Definitions Hazard – Condition, object or activity with the potential of causing injuries.

(OSHA)  Oxygen and grease is a typical example – mix them & the consequences are well known  Inflation of tyres outside the recommended cages is also well known Francis Lasalo Ngonga30  Fatalities have occurred when service personnel fail to observe mandatory warnings & precautions  Operational & maintenance manuals normally have warnings, precautions & notes which must be strictly followed  Aviation & hearing are not ‘buddies’ – appropriate care must be/

ICT Security Policies Security Policies What is Security?What is a policy? The aims or plan of action of a person or group. School OED Precaution against.

aims or plan of action of a person or group. School OED Precaution against theft. School OED Keeping something safe and secure. What do we need to apply policies to? ICT Security Policies ICT Systems What are the main features of an ICT system/destroyed the company records in a nearby industrial estate Accidental altering of data e.g. by inexperienced employees deleting an order in a customer files Natural disasters such as the Tsunami destroyed population birth death bank records. How can we prevent against/

The Diary of the Unknown Soldier Read aloud Audiovisual supplements Section One: Pre-reading Activities Section Two: Global Reading Section Four: Consolidation.

European town that had been untouched by warfare. Still, the townspeople took all of the proper wartime precautions. One night, as I performed my routine watch, I passed a young girl of no more than twelve or thirteen, who was walking home. I couldn’t / poverty-stricken areas still exist in every corner of the world, especially in Indonesia and Iraq for people there have suffered tsunami and war respectively. We should help them to get rid of poverty to the best of our ability. More money ought to be spent /

Content Schematic Diagram of the Information Policy Management and Operation of the Information System Information Security Measures Official Web Site.

organizations Comprehensive explanation to organization in question, individual confirmation and instruction for rectification ② Ensuring knowledge of precautions for removing USB memory sticks and other external media from the premises Ensure wide knowledge that external use is, in principle, prohibited, and of precautions when external use is unavoidable ④ Confirmation of implementation of information security measures by sub- contractors in consignment contracts Confirmation by check list for sub/

The preferential option for the poor: the role of socially responsible consumption and saving Leonardo Becchetti Università Tor Vergata Econometica Banca.

and are effective in recovery after shocks (our findings on the field before an after tsunami for a sample of MFI borrowers) SME and the reputation of the market Does the market erodes social virtues ? “commodification” (Marx and Hirsh, 1976), “depleting moral/fair; for foul is useful and fair is not. Avarice and usury and precaution must be our gods for a little longer still. For only they can lead us out of the tunnel of economic necessity into daylight.“ John Maynard Keynes "The Future", Essays in Persuasion/

The Rights of the Future: Linking First Generations Rights to the Future By, Laura Westra, Ph.D., Ph.D.(Law) Professor Emerita (Philosophy) University.

its occurrence. In this sense, it might be like saying that the recent outcry for devices capable of predicting the occurrence of a tsunami (such as the one that devastated Indonesia, Sri-Lanka and Thailand on Dec. 26,2004), should / countries, are not safe for all stakeholders, even when all possible precautions, legislated by the regulatory regimes of NorthWest nations are implemented. Unsafe Operations and the Externalities of War Most industrial operations are unsafe for the ecosystems that are affected /

Global Health Threats & Indiana : 2009 H1N1 Human Influenza as One Example Lloyd J. Kolbe, PhD Associate Dean for Global & Community Health Professor of.

& radiological terrorism War undeclared, declared, intra-national, international, nuclear Natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes) Demographic extremes, aging and adolescent populations Rapid changes in cultures Stress, anxiety, depression/ closures, avoiding crowds, and other social distancing measures. Develop a family emergency plan as a precaution. This should include storing a supply of food, medicines, facemasks, alcohol- based hand rubs and other essential supplies. Global Health Threats /

RADM Ali S. Khan, MD, MPH Director, Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response Bridging the Gaps: Public Health and Radiation Emergency Preparedness.

Health Preparedness and Response Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response Japan Disasters: March 11, 2011  9.0 magnitude earthquake  Tsunami  Nuclear power plant damage and radiation release CDC Response to Japan Disasters  CDC Emergency Operations Center activated  3 persons deployed by CDC  Travel health precaution posted on CDC website Public Health Preparedness is Dynamic  Not just/

 Describe the distribution of earthquakes, volcanoes and fold mountains in relation to plate margins.  Describe the causes and effects of earthquakes.

;  Secondary effects include gas fires, disease and tsunamis  More deaths occur in LEDCs;  Greatest financial loss occurs in MEDCs;  More deaths occur in urban areas;  The time of day is important.  Poor quality buildings/infrastructure/roads/ Therefore people cannot be properly treated for their injuries;  Lack of planning/emergency procedures/emergency shelters/level of preparation;  Poor education eg earthquake precautions;  Lack of money for re-building/assistance/rescue; etc. Los Angeles, USA,/

By Group 2. Which arguments persuade people to vote for them? What makes a good location a good location? How much influence does the population of the.

the disastrous tsunami that hit, this profit would be used to repair damages done. Tokyo is the perfect place for the 2024 Olympics because of its massive size alone and numerous amounts of skyscrapers it can hold excessive amounts of people. /the funding,about 7 billion yen will be funded by the Government. The Military Service of Japan strongly recommends that all spectators, read their safety precautions on flights, accommodations etc. The OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council) will be guarding the/


or take reasonable precautions against an impending danger or disaster … or fail to take adequate relief and rescue measures, they could be strictly liable.” ‘Tort Law Perspectives on Disaster Management’ in Kumar and Srivastava (eds), Tsunami and Disaster Management:/19]. “Case law and judicial opinion do not provide clear paths for decision on the circumstances in which a duty of care is imposed on a public authority exercising statutory powers …” Sutherland Shire Council v Becker [2006] NSWCA 344 /

What is an influenza pandemic? A global epidemic of influenza resulting from a combination of –the emergence of an influenza A virus with a sub-type different.

should focus efforts more on mitigation rather than containment Actions to ensure safety of people Ensure clear messages and transparent communications Social and personal protection (social /more countries in one WHO Region. Increase surveillance Implement individual & community precaution measures Consider switching to pandemic vaccine Continue communication & updates Activate contingency/not hyping the pandemic threat, but undeplaying it. We know a tsunami is coming. No one can say whether it will be just /

Regulatory Implications of Fukushima for Nuclear Power Plants in the U

Tsunami hazard was underestimated Government of Japan’s report to IAEA: “the assumption on the frequency and scale of tsunamis was insufficient.” 10 earthquakes in the last 10 years worldwide of magnitude 8.4 or less that had generated tsunamis higher than 10m design basis did not include data on tsunamis/ of this authority is entirely discretionary. If the Commission wishes to do so, it may order power plants already satisfying the standard of adequate protection to take additional safety precautions./

Faculty of science Silpakorn University The Boiling Technique: A Method for Obtaining Quality Postmortem Impressions from Deteriorating Friction Ridge.

hot pots containing boiling water Faculty of science Silpakorn University Equipment and Materials Faculty of science Silpakorn University Equipment and Materials แบบพิมพ์ลายนิ้วมือ พลม.25 ต.539 Faculty of science Silpakorn University Procedure Universal safety precautions must be followed when handling all human remains. Procedure Faculty of science Silpakorn University Step 1 Fig 1 Putrefied hand Faculty of science Silpakorn University Step 1 Removal of contaminants with a sponge and warm/

Food Defense & the Psychology of Terrorism Module Two Food Defense & the Psychology of Terrorism National Center for Food Protection & Defense Risk Communicator.

risk. We pause We become hyper-vigilant We personalize the risk We take extra precautions that are probably unnecessary, or at least premature. SOURCE: Peter Sandman 11 /of Terrorism module two Food Defense & the Psychology of Terrorism topic three Natural Disasters, Terrorism and Catastrophic Incidents 34 Natural and ‘traditional’ disasters Types of natural or traditional disasters Fire, floods, earthquakes, drought, hurricanes, tsunamis, mechanical failures, explosions, etc. Disasters due to acts of/


care of entire family of his employees.  All direct and indirect taxes levied by Central, State and local govt. are deposited by trader in Govt. treasury without any charges or commission from Govt.  During famine, floods, earthquakes tsunami and /C.Bhartia,Nagpur. WHAT HAPPENED IN OTHER ASIAN COUNTRIES  Other countries are also unhappy. Many countries have started taking precautions.  Indonesia and Malaysia have established zones within which these foreigners can do trade.  In Japan Big companies have/

The Theory of Evolution

dinosaurs became extinct because of a slow cooling of the earth Catastrophe- Volcanic eruption, dramatic change in climate, tsunami, etc. Extinction or reduction of mutualistic population- If two species are dependent on each other, then the endangering of one also endangers the/great impact in the scientific community. Because of his observations, we are better able to understand why some species survive and some die. We are also better able to take precautions to protect species that are endangered. /

Prepared by: Ms. Norazimah Mazlan THE DOCTRINE OF UTMOST GOOD FAITH.

kept in secured mooring as the security precaution diminished the risk. b) Any circumstance which is known or presumed to be known to the insurer.  Circumstances which is in the public domain and known globally.  e.g. physical risk- the fact that there was hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami at certain part of the world. Political risks – likelihood of conflict or war. MISREPRESENTATION MISREPRESENTATION 20.— Representations/

Sandia is a multi-program laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company, for the United States Department of Energy’s National Nuclear.

–Explosion –Chemical release Natural disaster –Earthquakes –Hurricane/typhoon –Tsunami Disgruntled personnel –Employees –Ex-workers –Students Demonstrations, protests /change in practice / process could create hazard? ◦ Develop recommendations on precautions to eliminate/minimize hazard. 33  Done by CSSO  Coordinate with/ biological agents, working conditions. ◦ Specific signs and symptoms of chemical exposure. ◦ Use of respirators.  Cardiovascular, hearing (perforated tympanic membrane), neurological (/

Mr. Luis F. Palomino R. Major Gral. Peru’s Army (R), Head of National Institute of Civil Defense of Peru (INDECI) Disaster Risk Reduction and Preparedness:

AND DEVELOPMENT It is evident that disasters of natural origin significantly strike the development process of the economies both economically and socially. As the economies develop, if no precautions or steps are taken to reduce or / Disasters Human-Induced Disasters Disasters of Natural Origin Disasters of natural origin MUD SLIDES SEISMS AND TSUNAMIS HURRICAINES RAIN AND FLOODS VOLCANISM DROUGHTS, etc. TYPES OF DISASTERS OF NATURAL ORIGIN IN THE APEC REGION ECONOMIC IMPACT OF DISASTERS *Source: CEPAL (in/

Amy Drummond Daniel Paniccia Jennifer Smith.  Student in center of learning process.  Role of instructor changes. ◦ From expert to facilitator  Focus.

event affects the local economy Description  In assigned groups, choose a natural disaster/event, such as: earthquake, hurricane, snow storm, tsunami, etc.  You will have 2 class periods to research your topic and write a "Breaking News" report.  You will /temperature, pressure, etc.  How did the disaster develop? What caused the disaster?  What are the local/economic effects of the disaster?  What precautions need to be taken by those in the area?  Is there any warning to the disaster? How long?  If/


the ICRC, first professional humanitarian organization  International Humanitarian Law: regulates conduct of armed conflict (Geneva and Hague Conventions, body of treaties, customary international law)  Protection of humanitarian workers and non-combatant civilians—Geneva Conventions of 1949 and related Protocol of 1977  IHL Principles: Distinction, Proportion, Precaution INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW HUMANITARIAN PRINCIPLES  Humanity: alleviate suffering wherever it exists, respect for human dignity/

Coastal Processes.

regions spring tides are a worry, but their time and height can be forecast and precautions taken. What are high and low energy coasts? High energy coasts are ones in which wave power is strong for a /more states of equilibrium the switch stimulates by some sort of trigger. An example of this includes the action of high energy events such as storms/tsunamis. Which can very rapidly switch a coastal system from one state of equilibrium to another by removing or supplying large volumes of beach /

Dr. Jun Zhao Associate Professor of Management

or other innovations The Japanese firms benefited from the massive drop in the prices of their raw materials imports, which offset the negative impact on its exports As the/ that all its new vehicles will have brake override system installed, as a precaution to prevent possible problems Toyota vehicles had experienced Both GM and Chrysler also introduced/ despite the setbacks caused by the massive recall? The 3/11 earthquake and Tsunami have led to setback in Toyota’s production in Japan. It’s predicted that/

Prepared for UNEP by Ahmed O. El-Kholei  

of transportation facilities and roads that can negatively affect the environment. The extensions of the harbor and the development of the new economic zone, if precautions mentioned in the EIA are not taken seriously, can lead to serious impacts. State of the Environment Analysis of/Hazard type Population exposed Drought 357,685 Flood 1,274 Landslide 1,728 Earthquake 22,645 Tsunami 24,261 Impact of the State of the Environment The expected impacts that are central to urban dynamics are impacts at the policy/

Caring for the Older Adult in the Emergency Department Victor J. Scali DO, FACOEP-Dist. Co-Director EM, EM/IM Residencies Department of Emergency Medicine.

of Emergency Care for Geriatric Patients: Recommendations EMT’s: 110 hour course with anatomy, physiology, airway, splinting, transport, c-spine precautions, etc. Paramedics: EMT training + advanced skills (ETT, defibrillation, medications) Pediatric focus: 4% of/and man-made disasters –Hurricane Katrina 70% of dead > age 60 –2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami The Future of Emergency Care for Geriatric Patients: Recommendations Disaster Planning Vulnerability of elders –Social isolation –Impaired mobility –Economic /

Media Ethics: Freedom of the Press T2 – 2009 Dan Turton.

necessary to take precautions against their own fallibility, or admit the supposition that any opinion, of which they feel very certain, may be one of the examples of the error to which they acknowledge themselves to be liable” Overconfidence In each of the following pairs,/which the officials are quite willing to divulge, but which the press is better able to disseminate. E.g. Tsunami warnings 3.There are grey areas where whether people have rights to be provided with information is extremely difficult to /

1. Intro to Geology 4. Earth’s Materials and minerals

10. Streams Running water 11. Groundwater 12 13. Glaciers Deserts & winds 14. Work of Ocean Shorelines 8. Geologic time 17. Rock deformation 2 . Plate Tectonics 16. Earthquakes, Tsunamis 17. Volcanoes Hazards 18. Hawaii Geology 19 Geothermal resources 20. Maui, Molokai, Lanai, /flows more like water. Management precautions for the predicted Crater Lake lahar are based on a debris flow lahar. A train passes over a bridge over the Whangaehu River at the scene of the historic Tangiwai Rail disaster after/

Pollution Control Strategies – A Chemists Perspective National centre for catalysis Research Indian Institute of Technology Madras Chennai 600 036 April.

in cancer. Another major source of industrial water pollution is mining. The grinding of ores and the subsequent processing with water lead to discharges of fine silt with toxic metals into waterways unless proper precautions are taken, such as the use of sedimentation ponds. Lead and /smoke detectors in homes 0 Improve standards for concrete construction 0 Ban residential growth in tsunami-prone areas 0 Make seat belt use in cars mandatory 69 Install smoke detectors in airplane lavatories 30,000 Medicine /

Prize World Press Photo of the Year Year 1955 Photographer Mogens von Haven Nationality Denmark Organization / Publication Category World Press Photo.

Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu Caption A woman mourns a relative killed in the tsunami. On December 26, a 9.3 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, triggered a series of deadly waves that traveled across the Indian Ocean, wreaking havoc in nine /been left lying around. Officers go in at gunpoint as a precaution, as many houses have been vandalized or occupied by squatters or drug addicts. Towards the end of 2007, the severity of losses to US banks incurred over sub-prime mortgages was beginning /

1 KKPMT VI 3 ICD-10 CHAPTER XX EXTERNAL CAUSES OF MORTALITY and MORBIDITY (V01– Y98) Disusun oleh dr. Mayang Anggraini Naga (Revisi 2016)

of lightning Excl.:... X34 Victim of earthquake V34.0; V34.1 (tsunami) dan V34.8; V34.9 41 (Lanjutan) X35 Victim of volcanic eruption X36 Victim of avalance, landslide & other movem. Incl.:...Excl.:... X37 Victim of cataclysmic storm Incl.:...Excl.:... X38 Victem of flood Incl.:...Excl.:... X39 Victem of other and unspecified forces of/Y61.3; Y61.4; Y61.5; Y61.6; Y61.7 dan Y61.8; Y61.9. 75 (Lanjutan) Y62Failure of sterile precautions during sur- gical & medical care Y62.0; Y62.1; Y62.2; Y62.3; Y62.4; Y62.5; /


W W RRRR IIII TTTT IIII NNNN GGGG – Pg 2 and 3 INDEX OF NATURAL DISASTERS Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes Tornadoes Tornadoes Tornadoes Tsunamis Tsunamis Tsunamis Earthquakes Earthquakes Earthquakes Lightning Lightning Lightning Drought Drought Drought Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes Avalanches and/ stocking up on canned food, fresh water, and batteries for radios and flashlights. But probably the best precaution to avoid getting hurt by a tornado is to be alert and follow instructions. Many people get hurt /

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