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July 22, 2008 Loan Participation Purchase Program 1 MASTER PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT JULY 22, 2008 FFEL Loan Participation Purchase Program.

amount due the Sponsor. July 22, 2008 Loan Participation Purchase Program 55 An entity that provided interim financing to a Sponsor may, with an enforceable power of attorney, PUT a financed loan to ED. The /ED, the Custodian, & the Sponsor & ELT, if applicable, enter into the Adoption Agreement. July 22, 2008 Loan Participation Purchase Program 69 Exhibits A – Adoption Agreement B – Participation Purchase Request C – Class A Participation Certificate, including Loan Schedule & Custodial Certification D – /


mechanism Day ahead market Hourly settlement Market operator, financial settlement of balancing power market, day ahead market---Market Financial Settlement Center (MFSC / PMUM) within TEİAS System operator- real time balancing ---National Load Dispatch Center (NLDC) within TEIAS Bilateral Agreements’ Market Non regulated Electricity sale/purchase agreements between: Generation companies Distribution companies holding retail license Wholesale companies Eligible consumers (eligible consumer threshold 25/

The Rapidly Popularizing Extremely Profitable Fuel- and Traditional-Source- Free Next Generation Power Plants To be Presented by the President or Principal.

traditional energy sources (such as, solar, air, and water), and for this reason, the mammoth money, which is expended for purchasing or utilizing, fuel or source (respectively), either of which, for engendering electricity, is compulsory for all types of plants aside from/be prosecuted with the consent of Dr. Ahmed. Some Hints on Making the Order Agreement - 1 In the order agreements, please specify your basic requirements (e.g., the required power-plant capacity in MW (1 MW, 10 MWs, 1000 MWs, etc.), the /

Tanzanias Small Power Producer (SPP) Program IFC Investment Climate Infrastructure Workshop on Small Power Producers Chris Greacen Consultant, World Bank.

year 13 * Applies to cases 2 and 4 only. Key Features of SPP framework (cases 2 and 4) 14 Small Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA) Buyer must take SPPs output if SPP is connected to the main grid Term – 15 years SPPA type depends /0.238$0.303 15 Necessary permits, clearances and procedures for application 16 EWURA license to operate Business license, tax registration, etc. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)* Land title or lease Resource Rights (e.g. water rights from River Basin Water Office) Letter of Intent (LOI)/


public entities who may not have adopted the KMPC, but are using cooperative purchasing agreements in accordance with KRS 45A.300. GENERAL METHODS OF PROCUREMENT May 8, 2013 GENERAL METHODS OF PROCUREMENT There are/districts and their schools in their school improvement efforts. Member districts also work through the cooperatives to maximize their purchasing power, thereby improving their fiscal efficiency. Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative 2331 Fortune Drive Suite 110Lexington, KY 40509 Phone (859/

WELCOME Western Area Power Administration1. Where did the journey begin? Western Area Power Administration2.

Service Requirements of Designated Network Resources For Day-Ahead and Real-Time purchases, Western will reserve the capacity for the length of those purchases. Network Resources currently listed in Network Agreements will remain “Grandfathered”, until expiration of the Network Resource, expiration of the Network Agreement, or Resource is undesignated. 22 Western Area Power Administration Conditional Firm Transmission Service 23 What is Conditional Firm? Modified form/

CONTRACTING AND PURCHASING SERVICES TRAINING SESSION General overview of contracting and purchasing services areas of responsibility Brief overview of.

for specified sums per contract not to exceed $50,000. Delegated contracting power shall be in writing by the appropriate vice president, naming the person given the contracting power, the specific contracts the person may sign, and the limitation in dollars / to 6 offices) Please contact Sue Watt-Smith at extension 3522 for more information Review of Technology Purchases/Agreements Preferred Audio Visual Equipment Vendors If you need information on audio/visual supplies and equipment, please contact/

David J. Bryce © 2002 Strategies for Responding to Buyer Power MANEC 387 Economics of Strategy MANEC 387 Economics of Strategy David J. Bryce.

practice, segment consumers by elasticity of demand – raise price for inelastic customers; lower price for elastic customers –Auctions, purchasing a car –Airlines, hotels –First adopters vs. later ones David J. Bryce © 2002 Segmenting Customers by Differences in/: Narrow Buyer Options OPEC is the classic case: Numerous sellers of oil who create multilateral agreements among themselves to weaken the power of buyers AOL-Time Warner merger – eliminates buyer’s entertainment alternatives for each of Time Warner/

(After-the-fact orders)

a case-by-case basis only. Delegation of Procurement Even when legal authority exists via a power of attorney, all contracts and agreements require review and approval by the Purchasing Department prior to the signing of the contract document, and a Requisition must be submitted, and a Purchase Order issued, before any contract documents are released to the contractor/vendor. If this policy is/

Welcome To New Seminar Tax Planning of Real Estate AND Money Making Ideas in Real Estate For the first time in India a real power packed seminar on Tax.

in Buying, Selling & Renting properties including Capital Gains Tax saving vistas. Tips for Investment Planning of Immovable Property A.To purchase property jointly even between husband & wife + major + minor children + one property for W.T. exemption. B.Wife/consideration received for Capital Gains purpose would be the value adopted for Stamp Duty valuation. Also applicable for Power of Attorney & Agreement to Sell transactions from 1-10-2009 3(25) Agricultural Properties 1. Separate set of Rules for Wealth/

FINANCING BIOMASS-TO-POWER AND ADVANCED BIOFUELS. EUCI Renewable Biomass For Affordable Power Generation Conference Financing Biomass Workshop Minneapolis,

for biofuels, the renewable portfolio standard ("RPS") (for the purchase and use of green power) and its monetizable renewable energy credits ("RECs") thereto for biomass-to-power (and other renewable power applications) are expanding the industry substantially, as RPS requirements are / in cleantech and renewable energy projects? 6. What is meant by “shovel ready” projects? What permits, agreements and other documents does DOE require to be in place at the submission of a Phase 2 application? Must/

LEVEL 4 Purchasing Contexts. Examples of organisations A multinational company such as General Motors A government department such as the Department for.

supply chain, and become a competitor to the organisation. the organisation is not a major customer of the supplier Buyer power is high when: There is only a small concentration of customers in the market There are so many suppliers to /to be required: avoid overstocking. 5.Agree guaranteed lead times for spares if these are to be purchased from the manufacturer. 6.Consider a maintenance agreement with a third party contractor, possibly with the contractor holding stocks of spares. Participants in commodity /

Pasadena Water & Power First Solar, Inc. Kingbird Solar Project Power Purchase Agreement City Council – Agenda Item 13 September 9, 2013.

a contract for professional or unique services, and as a contract potentially relating to the acquisition of real property (includes a purchase option). 14 Pasadena Water & Power First Solar Experience 15 ProjectLocation Project Size in MW (AC) Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Third Party Owner/ Purchaser BlytheBlythe, CA21SCENRG Energy, Inc Copper Mountain 1Boulder City, NV58PG&ESempra USG&P CimarronColfax County, NM21Tri-State Southern Company & Turner Renewable Energy/

1 Bilateral Interconnection Agreement Model Presented to HAPUA Working Group 5 (ESI Services), Project 6 By Power Purchase Agreement Division Electricity.

Presented to HAPUA Working Group 5 (ESI Services), Project 6 By Power Purchase Agreement Division Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) February 25, 2009 Jakarta, Indonesia 2 Contents 1. Introduction 2. Assumptions of the Model 3. Bilateral Interconnection Agreement (BIA) Model 4. Summary 3 1. Introduction Interconnected power system means system connection of two (or more) utilities (or group of utilities) that control their own/

Hot Topics: Creative Power Contracting Jody Lamar Finklea Jody Lamar Finklea Assistant General Counsel and Manager of Legal Affairs Assistant General Counsel.

Features Key Risk Allocation Features Why a Lease PPA Rather Than a Unit Specific Power Purchase Agreement? Why a Lease PPA Rather Than a Unit Specific Power Purchase Agreement? Advantages of the Lease PPA from the Purchaser’s Perspective Advantages of the Lease PPA from the Purchaser’s Perspective Call Option Agreements Essential Feature of Agreements – Seller Has Obligation to Provide Firm Energy from Any Resource or Pay Liquidated Damages/

Framework agreements in Chile: Leveraging the State purchasing power Felipe Goya - RPM South Asia.

Chile: Leveraging the State purchasing power Felipe Goya - RPM South Asia Framework agreements are a tool to simplify procurement and leverage the purchasing power Useful when standardized commodities will be purchased many times Framework Agreements in Chile Goods and services are centrally tendered and the outcome of the tender (the awarded goods and services) are put into an electronic catalogue. Afterward, buyers can access the /

Evolution of the Power Sector in Nigeria and inherent business opportunities.

is finally financed and built by the IPP developers. - The power plants generating units are actually working and available. - The power plant has secured itself the requisite feedstock and, - A distribution company and in turn the bulk purchaser are unable to honor their payment obligations to the relevant IPP.  Comprehensive agreement on all outstanding issues.  FGN already negotiated with labor as per severance package/

Key Legal Issues & Contract Management in Purchasing & Procurement Presented by : Picharn Sukparangsee at the Conference on PURCHASING, PROCUREMENT & STRATEGIC.

Negotiation of Purchasing and Procurement Contract Looking at bargaining power of the party learn weak points of one party use knowledge, experience and expertise of the parties add some words in Memorandum of understanding pay close attention to Term sheet, letter of intent, letter of comfort, letter of award and letter of acceptance cautious at validity, legality and enforceability of an agreement challenge/

Laptop 101. Laptop Policies and Procedures Employee Laptop Handbook Employee Laptop Agreement Acceptable Use Policy Every employee of Wilkes County Schools.

questions regarding the handbook/agreement should be directed to your school’s Instructional Technology Facilitator. Your signature on the Laptop Agreement acknowledges your responsibility for / or via the LAN (Local Area Network). Software Policies  All software purchases must be approved by the Technology Department.  Stand-alone software will not/ day. Allow your battery to completely drain once a month. Laptop Features Power Button Mouse Options  May use an external, wireless mouse. Microphone //

1 THE INDIAN CONTRACT ACT 1872. 2 Section 2 (h) defines a contract as “ an agreement enforceable by law” thus to make a contract there must be 1. An agreement.

. In spite of his request to withdraw the tender the Government accepted his tender. Since the petitioner did not execute the purchaser’s agreement, Tendu leaves were sold to somebody else at a lower rate, and then an action was brought against the petitioner to claim/complete as against the proposer, when it is put in the course of transmission to him, so as to be out of the power of the acceptor. 2. The communication of acceptance is complete as against the acceptor, when it comes to the knowledge of the /

Overview of Industry and Transaction Agreements Share Sale Agreement, Shareholder Agreement and Concession Agreement Nina Bowyer, Partner 29 November 2011.

accede to the SHA o Obligation on purchaser to maintain Genco/Disco as a going concern for five years Dispute Resolution o Governing law : Nigerian o Arbitration: UNCITRAL in London, 3 arbitrators 10 Concession Agreement Parties o Concessionaire o BPE o Hydro Company Structure o Rights granted by the Concession Agreement operation and maintenance of the power stations design and conduct of restorations (obligatory/

PPSA SEMINAR PPSA Security Agreements Update Jason Harris Associate Professor, UTS Faculty of Law 02 95143772.

as inventory (s20(5)) 6 Key risks for security agreements Is it a one-off contract, or an ongoing agreement subject to multiple orders? eg, master supply agreement/credit agreement and individual purchase orders/invoices Do the provisions change over time? Has notice/ group in Oct 13 Contract recitals provided that ‘GE is engaged in the business of renting various kinds of power plant equipment’ Court held that: GE international activities were relevant to assessing ‘regularly engaged in the business of /

D-cyphaTrade Australian Power Futures and Options Training Course June 2010.

101 Natural Spot Market exposure for Retailers 2. Retailers are naturally short > Must purchase power from the pool at an unknown (floating) price in the future but must supply customers at a fixed price. > If spot/ > Bank Guarantees (BG) are acceptable forms of collateral for clients to use to cover initial margin requirements (pending SFE Clearing Participant agreement). > The benefits of using a BG for futures collateral requirements include:  Australian energy companies are accustomed to using BGs (or /

Agenda Aqualor Energi Cost Funding Procurement Heat Purchase Agreement.

bespoke form - need to consider: Term – at least 20 years to capture all the RHI Indexing of heat price - as power price and operational costs likely go up with inflation Heat Purchase Agreement Residential sales – likely basis: A standing charge of [x]p per day (to include servicing of the HIU) 1st heat rate [y]p/kWh 2nd heat rate [y]p/kWh/

Plum Point Project Overview

Security MJMEUC’s revenues are derived from the long-term PPAs with each of seven Purchasers. The Unit Power Purchase Agreements require the Purchasers to pay their respective share of all Plum Point Project costs, including debt service/ be flexible PPEA – senior/subordinate structure MJMEUC – interim financing with permanent take-out MEAM – Convertible power purchase agreement ETEC – RUS financing Empire – combination of ownership and PPA participation Financing Takeaways Relatively unknown developer with /

Purchase Price Allocation of Infologistics India Pvt. Ltd

regardless of whether there is an intent to do so. An enterprise controls an asset if the enterprise has the power to obtain the future economic benefits generated by the underlying resource, and if it can also restrict the access of/ Infologistics Group in Europe and US, no intangibles have been allocated to customer relationship (non contractual). Under the share purchase agreement, XYZ enjoys non compete rights from Infologistics Group for 3 years. As the Infologistics Group has committed a minimum level/

What Is Green Purchasing, Anyway?

is “how to make it easy to find products.” One such tool is blanket purchase agreements. This is an example of a technique that can be used to purchase green products. In both cases, the agency was switching to an on-line / of building energy intensity by 3% per year until 2015, purchase products that us minimal standby power, purchase a specified percentage of renewable energy to meet agency energy needs, and purchase products that are registered as meeting the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment /

HOMESNOW! LEASE TO PURCHASE CASH FLOW INVESTMENT PROGRAM HomesNow Lease Purchase Program is Copyrighted by First Horizon Consulting, Inc. Copyrighted 2007.

can accumulate much faster than with conventional financing Sales Price Is Locked In The sales price will be stated in the lease purchase agreement. Closing Costs Are Delayed Closing costs will be delayed (not avoided) until BUYER actually close on the home. Profits from/ will mean that the Tenant/Buyer’s equity is increasing in the home. Buying Power Tenant/Buyer’s buying power is drastically increased. They can get into a lease purchase home for as little as $5,000. Compare that to a lender who requires/

Fee-For-Service Agreement Milwaukee County DHHS Networks

fails to submit a requested response, data, other information, or other required notifications per Agreement. J. Provider agrees to comply with Purchaser required outcomes and measures or if Provider adopts Provider developed outcomes, Provider must submit for/414)257-7933 Melody.Joiner@milwaukeecountywi.gov 10/22/2014 THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! Power Point presentation & reference copy of the Agreement will be available on October 23, 2014 at: http://county.milwaukee.gov/ContractMgt15483.htm Answers/


into the following contracts with various parties. A turnkey execution contract with ABB, Switzerland An operations and maintenance contract with CMS Corporation A power purchase agreement with APSEB A loan agreement with IFC, ADB, and Indian financial institutions.  Centre for Financial Management , Bangalore  Centre for Financial Management , Bangalore SUMMING UP A lease represents a contractual arrangement whereby the lessor grants the /

Part 4: Supplier Relationship Principles Principles that apply to Independent Contractor Agreements and to Purchasing in general.

be more stringent than ours are. Nothing is worse than an after- the-fact order to shift the balance of power to the Seller. After-the-Fact Monsters  Getting arrangements made with Independent Contractors before any work is done provides advantages/paperwork is complete.  We lose out on copyright unless a “Work Made for Hire” agreement preceded the creation of Intellectual Property. Teamwork  Our objective in Purchasing is to delight you— our customer as we help add value when you have procurement needs./

Project financing basics in the power sector presentation to School of Engineering Columbia University A.J. Goulding New York, NY October 24 th, 2014.

expertise ► Negotiate site control: land lease or purchase ► Interconnection agreement with utility or grid ► Utility agreements for water and other site infrastructure ► Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) ► Financing Agreements ► Key terms of all of these agreements need to be closely coordinated IPPs are essentially a stack of interrelated contracts EPC contract Loan agreement Power Purchase Agreement Site control agreement Manufacturer warranties O&M agreement Permits SPV 6 Intro to project finance *** NOT/

© Michael Best & Friedrich LLP 2007 SHAREHOLDER AGREEMENT AND REDEMPTION ISSUES THAT IMPACT GROWTH Richard A. Latta Michael Best & Friedrich LLP One South.

This discount reflects the minority owner’s lack of control in the entity. As a result of the lack of control or voting power, the owner has no ability to influence the entity’s future (e.g., the management of the entity or the liquidation or/be useful to the company. © 2007 Michael Best & Friedrich LLP 19 Article 2 – Redemption and Purchase of Stock 2.1 Death of a Shareholder  A well-drafted shareholder agreement will provide that in the event of death then either (1) a redemption by the company will occur/

1 Gurmeet S Jakhu, Partner Hamilton Pratt Solicitors Birmingham United Kingdom Topic 5: Successful Franchising: Key Terms of a Franchising Agreement.

make extensive improvements just before expiry of the initial term of FA 31 Outline Franchise Agreement Manual –Deals with day to day operations –Power to amend the Manual during term If not, will be unable to introduce modifications or/Procedure for disciplining staff Summary of employment legislation Breakdown of job description for staff Opening times Trading patterns Purchasing requirements and stock levels Pricing policies Insurance 50 Operations Manual 5.Outlet Suggested location of store Store layout/

Your Presenter - Bill Hairston III

the lender should provide a copy of the Franchise Agreement to ensure that it was an eligible franchise. “If the business is a franchise, it will be eligible unless the franchiser retains power to control operations to the extent that it is/ UCC Lien Searches with the date of post default UCC Search Title Insurance and Recorded Deeds of Trust/Mortgages Purchase/Sale Agreements Legal Pleadings & Schedules, Bankruptcy Filings and Court Motions Other potentially applicable documents, such as a Certificate of /

Public Purchasing in Florida Purchasing Organization September 14, 2005 State Purchasing.

of it as they can. They will forbid the concentration of power; they will multiply its seats, complicate its acts, and make it/Purchasing Agreements (SPA) 34 Evolution of State Purchasing Our Functions/Focus Points Today… No more paper! High-level strategic sourcing Training Customer Service Performance Objectives 35 Public Purchasing in Florida Purchasing Organization - Agenda  Welcome / Session Overview  Challenges and Trends  Florida’s Back Office  Evolution of State Purchasing  State Purchasing/

Transactional certainty Publicity in real property transactions –Land register (German Grundbuch) –Protection of bona fide purchaser –Techniques to create.

right, and the transfer or encumbrance of such a right requires … the agreement of the affected persons with regard to the change and the registration of such/of later transferee Notice-race statutes Priority to the transferee who first records purchase [register of deeds, not title], if transferee acquired interest in good faith/ the faith of such representation given credit to the … partnership. UPA § 35 [Power of partner … after dissolution] Nothing in this section shall affect the liability under Section/

VetroEnergo AS Wind Power at the Kola Peninsula Presentation at Bellona Conference 1-2. April 2008 Lars Helge Helvig, Norsk Vind Energi AS.

wind farms would experience. –Establishment of a Russian company –Experience related to Russian accounting, auditing, tax, etc. –Getting necessary licenses to produce power to the grid –Land lease agreement –Necessary permits to construct and operate the turbine –Grid connection agreementPower purchase agreement –Transportation challenges –Erection challenges –Operation and maintenance routines –Monitoring arrangement Demonstration Plant cont. In order to stay within budget, a used overhauled turbine/

Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises Securing coal resources for power generation 23 April 2013.

No tied mine New Denmark Colliery Colliery Name New build projects: 1) Medupi Power Station – long term agreement has been signed with Exxaro 2) Kusile Power Station – long term agreement will be signed with Anglo The majority of the long term contracts are / (I) Aging of existing tied collieries Deteriorating coal qualities resulting in a noticeable increase of bulk transport Increased purchase of top-up coal from short/medium term suppliers Depletion of higher grade coal reserves in Mpumalanga Higher costs/

1 8 th Annual Gas & Power Institute September 10-11, 2009 ISDA and its Commodity Annexes: The New EEI or NAESB? Craig R. Enochs Craig R. Enochs

of Gap Risk in ISDA, NAESB and EEI  Though similar to the NAESB and EEI, the Gas and Power Annexes (respectively) are not exclusive agreements  Annexes form only part of entire ISDA agreement  Contain only those provisions necessary to implement purchase/sale and delivery of gas and power  E.g., delivery/receipt, scheduling, title, force majeure 9 Sources of Gap Risk in ISDA, NAESB and/


the solicitation, evaluation and award Resulting agreement available for other transactions Usage not mandatory; may be used as benchmark for negotiation or further competition.  DISADVANTAGE May require more time than a one-time informal bid by one buyer PROCUREMENT METHODS ALTERNATE CONTRACT SOURCE  Among “powers & duties” of the division, s. 287.042(16) FS allows State Purchasing to “evaluate contracts let by the/

What Is Green Purchasing, Anyway? Dana Arnold Office of the Federal Environmental Executive.

Commercial sources Cool Stuff EPA entered into a blanket purchase agreement with Corporate Express to supply recycled content and environmentally preferable office products. The Naval Undersea Warfare Division, Newport, has /Savings Contracts Commercial sources Cool Stuff Dyess Air Force Base uses 100% renewable power – using wind power. EPA uses green power for 100% of its national electricity consumption. Purchased power Renewable energy certificates (tags) Federal agencies installed more than 3,000 solar/

Value Of State Cooperative Contracts. Value of State Cooperative Contracts 1.Lower Prices Combined Purchasing Power = Lower Prices 2.Higher Quality Goods/Services.

contract pricing = full life cycle pricing that includes all fees, warranties, customer service agreements and components including systems that may be purchased later. Problems encountered by not using state contracts: Bait & Switch tactics where an item/prices for maintenance, service agreements, system upgrades and components. WSCA Small Package Delivery “The WSCA contract for Small Package Delivery has the very best pricing UPS has ever offered. Without the combined purchasing power of all WSCA states,/

Consultative Paper of APERC on Fixation of Tariffs/Power Purchase Price for Existing & New NRE Projects Views/Suggestions/ Objections K.Raghu 28-02-2009.

Actual units to be supplied ~ 88 Supply as per wheeling agreements ~ 98 Additional units supplied ~ 98-88 = 10 units Additional units to be purchased accounting for losses 10/0.88 = 11.50 units Cost of marginal power ~ Rs 8/unit Additional burden on utilities = 11.5/ Proceedings of APERC are set aside Direction to APTRANSCO and DISCOMS to “ continue to the power purchase and at the same rate at which the power generated by NCE developers supplied to them are paid before passing of the impugned order dt:/

A Primer of What Every Real Estate Lawyer Needs to Know About Architect’s Agreements and Construction Contracts HBA Real Estate November 19, 2014 Bruce.

on various projects, but my success was often based upon provisions contained in the Bid Documents and the bargaining power of my Owner clients. Reservation of right to take conflicting positions in negotiatio ns.. INTRODUCTION/SCOPE (cont.) /of the preparation and negotiation of Construction Contracts and Architect’s Agreements primarily using the AIA forms, plus Purchaser’s concerns relating to construction of speculative home purchases. The Appendix contains various forms that provide provisions for most/

Revision of Chapter 12 - 16. Salam: Forward Purchase A salam transaction is the purchase of a commodity for deferred delivery in exchange for immediate.

unless it is due to any negligence, dishonesty, misconduct or breach of contract. 3. Management of the Mudaraba Restricted Mudaraba The powers of the manger shall be provided under the terms and conditions of the contract. The contract may restrict the manager’s role// as monthly rent of the house and principal amount will be recovered in the unit price. 1. Financing for Purchase of House 10.In Ijarah Agreement, a lump sum amount of rent is necessary to be fixed for a certain period. Rent for the rest of/

Trustees: Rights, Powers and Duties Cameron Stewart.

mental or physical incapacity; and – a trustee resides permanently outside the jurisdiction. Statutory power Trustee Act 1925 (NSW) s 70 – expedient Northwest Capital Management v Westate Capital Ltd/trust No remuneration 3 exceptions: – Trust deed sets out remuneration – By agreement – Court awarded (NSW inherent jurisdiction) Self-dealing and trafficking The duty/ rejected the proposition that the self-dealing rule was confined to purchases of trust property and held that it applied to other forms of/

Lehman Brothers 19 th Annual CEO Energy/Power Conference Moray Dewhurst, Chief Financial Officer September 6, 2005.

+= Appendix 31 FPL Group schedule of total debt and equity 1 Ratios exclude impact of imputed debt for purchase power obligations 2 Adjusted to reflect preferred stock characteristics of these securities (preferred trust securities) 32 FPL - Reconciliation / results. In keeping with industry trends, a portion of FPL Energys power generation facilities operate wholly or partially without long-term power purchase agreements. As a result, power from these facilities is sold on the spot market or on a short/

What Is Green Purchasing, Anyway? Dana Arnold Office of the Federal Environmental Executive.

of: Energy-efficient products and services Products and services that utilize renewable energy technologies Products containing energy-efficient standby power Products containing recovered materials Biobased products Environmentally preferable products and services” What’s in the FAR? Minimum need /Commercial sources Cool Stuff EPA entered into a blanket purchase agreement with Corporate Express to supply recycled content and environmentally preferable office products. The Naval Undersea Warfare Division, Newport, has /

1 DB 4.1: Powering Big Data with Big Solar Bill Thomas, Director – Commercial & Industrial Development.

Center World staff after the session is complete. 3 Powering Big Data with Big Solar This session will explore how data center operators can utilize Power Purchase Agreements from solar power plants to reduce the risk of fuel price volatility, /specific system. Associated market transaction structuring needed based on local market design/ regulation Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)/ Structured Transaction Purchase desired benefits from a specific system, with third-party responsibility for performance and/

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