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Doc.: IEEE 802.22-11/0132r0 Submission November 2011 Slide 1 Introduction to IEEE Std. 802.22-2011 and its Amendment PAR for P802.22b: Broadband Extension.

Line of Sight (LoS) and Non Line of Sight (NLoS) conditions. Other Applications: Smart grid Cheap backhaul using multi-profile RAN stations Triple play for broadcasters (e. g. video, voice and data), Off-loading cellular telephony traffic to un-licensed spectrum, Distance learning, civic communications, regional area public safety and homeland security, emergency broadband/and 802.22 operation) Spectrum management (time, frequency and power) The Coexistence Beacon Protocol (CBP) The Incumbent Detection /

© Analysys Mason Limited 2011 The Connected Consumer Survey 2012: mobile broadband Research Report The Connected Consumer Survey 2012: mobile broadband.

reductions in the fixed market, as well as relatively high levels of fixed-line penetration, have contributed to fixed voice service usage remaining relatively high as a/ tablet users spend on media and communications each day © Analysys Mason Limited 2011 The Connected Consumer Survey 2012: mobile broadband Streaming is the most popular form of/the world. At the core of our approach is a simple, but enormously powerful idea: applied intelligence. By harnessing our collective brainpower we can solve real-/

Learn The Net: A Basic Guide About Modems All About Broadband

Save Money: If you now dedicate a second phone line for Internet access, you can cancel it. Also, broadband subscribers usually pay a flat monthly fee, avoiding hourly/ vulnerable. Your computer is destroyed by fire, floods or other disasters. A power surge fries your machine (Make sure you have a surge protector on your computer/program. Privacy The Internet is fast becoming the dominant medium for business and communication, but it still resembles something of a frontier, because there is little regulation/

Fostering worldwide interoperabilityGeneva, 13-16 July 2009 IEEE IP over Broadband Access in Support of Convergence Dr. W. Charlton Adams, President, IEEE.

BPL devices used for the first-mile/last-mile connection (<1500m to the premise) to broadband services as well as BPL devices used in buildings for LANs and other data distribution (<100m between devices). This standard will focus on the balanced and efficient use of the power line communications channel by all classes of BPL devices, defining detailed mechanisms for coexistence and interoperability between/

Enabling The Broadband Home Sandy Teger and David Waks System Dynamics Inc. Voice On the Net Asia 2000 November 15, 2000 Copyright © 2000 System Dynamics.

don’t work together and disappoint the customer Copyright © 2000 System Dynamics Inc. Slide 4 The Emerging “Broadband Home” Broadband access to the Internet –Many choices Broadband distribution network within home –Wired (CAT 5, phone line, power line, 1394, …) –Wireless (HomeRF, 802.11, Bluetooth, …) New applications and content –Content and communications applications –Audio and video as well as data PCs and much more –Phones - voice and video/

Terrence P. McGarty, Lisbon February 13, 2003 Broadband to the User: US Market Development and Options Lisbon February 13, 2003.

Network Terminator (ONT) –Optimized for residential service –Environmentally hardened –Locally powered with battery backup Optical Line Terminator (OLT) –Shares common components with the ASAM 7300 –Supports residential/broadband infrastructure –Old cable / telecom systems –Outside of RBOC/cable immediate interest Proximity to long haul fiber 10,000 or more homes, upper 25% income demographic, 250 ft per front home Existing municipal power/water/sewer systems Wealthy demographics; rich bedroom communities/

Broadband Communication

Transfer Mode Ethernet in the First Mile (PTM-EFM) Extended US0 band up to 276KHz VC-301 Rear Panel Power LAN Line Product Features G.SHDSL Solution Features Brief G.SHDSL / G.SHDSL.bis Router GRT-101 GRT-401 GRT-402/GEPON / GPON Deployment High Rise Buildings Campus Residential Community Intelligent Office Buildings PON Long distance Fiber Optic Solution Great quantity of Deployment Solutions ADSL 2/2+ Solution Sharing high-speed ADSL 2/2+ broadband Internet connection in a 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet backbone/

“IT Cyber Solution for Industrial Estate” Fiber To The Home ~ Broadband Network Technology ~

companies which have optical fiber A railroad company (PJKA) An electric power company (PLN) –Newcomers The companies which rent the fiber (PT. MIS) Broadband Operator The possible Broadband operators - 9 - Copyright Allied Telesis 2001 9 –Which points /Cable Modem TV PC Internet CATV Network Technology for Broadband - 11 - Copyright Allied Telesis 2001 11 – x DSL Utilize the existing phone line Enable users to use phone and data communication simultaneously Install xDSL modem and Spliter on the residence /

Scenario Description and Business Opportunity Analysis The Indian Broadband Scenario R. Balajee Midas Communication Technologies.

deliver 10’s of Mbps, but upto an Mbps to deliver most broadband services of today – No spectrum bottlenecks to resolve Fixed Wire line solution that can match the ARPU to facilitate further broadband penetration – Highly Cost Effective – Minimal Infrastructure requirements; Outdoor deployable network – No local power requirements to facilitate fast deployments; Remote powered network – VOIP ready subscriber terminals – Triple-play capable network BBcorDECT Fixed/

Introduction to Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) EE4220 Communications system Dr. Hassan Yousif Electrical Engineering Department College of Engineering Salman.

channels.  In data communications a 56k modem will transmit a data rate of 56 kilobits per second (kbit/s) over a 4-kilohertz-wide telephone line (narrowband or voice band). The various forms of digital subscriber line (DSL) services are broadband in the sense that/transmits data over frequencies up to 1.1 MHz. The limit of 1.1 MHz is due to power constraints imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The 1.1 MHz bandwidth is divided into 256 narrowband subchannels downstream (from the service /

Leveraging Wireless Broadband Technologies within the Smart Grid

Wireless Technologies Extend the Reach of the Smart Grid Recommended Solutions to be considered: Fiber and wireless backhaul; Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) wireless networks; short-range wireless links; Power Line Communications (PLC), and; Broadband over Power Line (BPL) are all usually considered to support full smart grid functionality. Wireless connectivity is one of the essential technology components in the smart grid, expands coverage to locations where/

STING Consortia ICT Workshop Jan 10, 2005 1 National Workshop on Role of Information Communication Technology in Taking Scientific Knowledge / Technologies.

10, 2005 26 Top & Bottom line improvements for the Farmer Higher Incomes through –Increased Yields –Improved Quality –Reduced Transaction Costs = Higher Returns and Profitability :Power of Scale to the Small Farmer :/ Plug & Play automated provisioning Carrier Controlled Network Performance Robust hosting environment for broadband enabled applications - Distance learning - e-Commerce - Telemedicine - Community broadband Internet High speed mobility option Multi-mode aware for ‘always best connection’ /

Modern Services of Data Network Part I Communication

Packaging Models, subscription based Internet Access bundle One broadband connection One WiFi WLAN router Collaborative Messaging Applications / devices are used to adjust the frequency response of a communications line to transfer audio signals better. They work well for audio/Architectures – Hybrid PON Up to 70 km Up to 10 km // // OLT Optical splitter // // ONU // Processing (powered) // // // Optical splitter Architectures – Hybrid PON (2) Single fiber, 1550 broadcast, 1310 bidirectional data // // OLT /

Overview of Broadband Technology Platforms Chris Moore, Deputy Chief Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Regional Educational Workshop On Rural Broadband.

in rural areas Data speeds vary There are thousands of WISPs operating on an unlicensed basis around the U.S. Metropolitan, Rural & Community Networks 15 Broadband Over Power Lines Power Line Interface Device Located In Home High VoltageMedium VoltageLow Voltage LV Distribution Transformer Access BPL Power Generation Plant Substation Aggregation Point Internet ~ MVolts ~ 1kVolts to 40 kVolts ~ 120/240 Volts Repeater Coupler Backhaul Point (Gateway) BPL signals/

ENUM: The View from Washington John M.R. Kneuer Acting Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information National Telecommunications and Information.

of Commerce was charged to lead this initiative Broadband Over Power Lines: The Third Wire “ We need to get broadband to more Americans... one great opportunity is to spread broadband throughout America via our power lines.” — President George W. Bush, US Department/or medium. Supporters believe that “private,” or carrier, ENUM can increase the efficiency of network routing, reduce communications costs, and facilitate interchange of traffic among IP-based networks. View of ENUM from Washington – Take 1 /


same coaxial cables that deliver pictures and sound to your TV set.. PLC PLC: PLC also called Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) or Power Line Telecoms (PLT), is a wireline technology that is able to use the current electricity networks for data and voice transmission. The carrier can communicate voice and data by superimposing an analog signal over the standard 50 or 60 hz alternating current/

The President’s Broadband Vision and the Proliferation of Wireless Broadband Technologies “Moore Meets Marconi: Spectrum Policy for the 21 st Century”

th Quarter 1999 – 2 nd Quarter 2004 Broadband Over Power Lines: The Third Wire “ We need to get broadband to more Americans... one great opportunity is to spread broadband throughout America via our power lines.” — President George W. Bush, US Department of Commerce, June 24, 2004 Principal concern is the risk that BPL systems might interfere with federal government radio communications or other state and private radio operators/

Motorola and WiMAX Motorola Canopy™ Wireless Broadband Products November 2004.

path: Upgrade path: Advantage Access Points (AP) will communicate with Advantage Access Points (AP) will communicate with Existing Canopy Subscriber Modules (SM) Existing Canopy Subscriber/the Antenna hardware and connected by a single CAT-5 cable with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Zero-footprint at base station site, low-/2004 About Motorola’s Wireless Broadband Products Organization Canopy Product Line Canopy Product Line Cost-effective Broadband Wireless IP Cost-effective Broadband Wireless IP Voice, Video /

Presentation to the Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications Michael R. Peevey, President California Public Utilities Commission August.

Renewables and Distributed Generation  Electric Storage and CHP THE COMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY THE WATER INDUSTRY CPUC ADMINISTRATIVE INITIATIVES 2 About the / CPUC orders, and utility tariffs. Inspect and audit power plant operation, natural gas and electric utility infrastructure, /rules. Educational Symposiums on Hydrostatic Testing and In-Line Inspection Tools. Ordered all natural gas transmission /page 53 for additional information. 15 Ubiquitous Broadband Total California Advanced Services Fund award to /


Power /Low Cost sites installed and activated Low Power /Low Cost – 16 Achieved Number of Self -Help sites installed and activated Self-Help - 28Achieved Accelerate rollout of VSAT connectivity to Dinaledi Schools Number of new schools connected through VSAT broadband/SENTECH Own) 65 pointsAchieved Level 4 RatingAchieved Ensure that communications infrastructure services are affordable Implement a broadcasting signal distribution tariff in line with current Policy and Regulatory regime Timeframe for signed-/

Consolidation of Summary of Findings and Recommendations of the Four Components of BIIPAC THE BROADBAND INFRASTRUCTURE INVENTORY AND PUBLIC AWARENESS IN.

line Ministry responsible for ICTs generally – demand Does not oversee broadcast or TV Enabling Environment A converged regulator seen as more efficient and effective, particularly in a converged sector Barbados does not have a broadband plan or strategy There is the National Information and Communications/as Minister of Government ◦Management and execution of must be vested in an agency with power, preferably enshrined in legislation, the converged body, representing a reconstituted TU would be appropriate /

Communication Networks Stand und zukünftige attraktive Arbeitsgebiete für den Lehrstuhl für Kommunikationsnetze Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Walke Kommunikationsnetze,

capacity at cell border –balance the capacity/area element –reduce transmission power increasing public acceptance Reducing co-channel interference (Movable) Relays support –fast/, Australia 23Communication Networks, Aachen University (RWTH) 1. 2. 3. Line of Sight AP Cellular Multi-hop deployment in highly shadowed environment Channel Group/ of Germany, 09/2004 ComNets 2004 And: Wijaya, Harianto: Broadband Multi-Hop Communication in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Wireless Lan Networks ABMT 46, 1. Auflage/

SRC GRC Annual Review March 8, 2011 Powerline Communications for Enabling Smart Grid Applications Prof. Brian L. Evans Wireless Networking and Communications.

”, Proc. Asilomar Conf. on Signals, Systems, and Computers, Nov. 4-7, 2007, Pacific Grove, CA. D. Umehara, S. Hirata, S. Denno, and Y. Morihiro, “Modeling of impulse noise for indoor broadband power line communications”, Proc. IEEE Int. Sym. on Information Theory and Its Applications, Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2006, pp. 195-200. M. Zimmermann and K. Dostert, "Analysis and modeling of impulsive noise in/

Broadband/Wireless for Peadar Transmission Theory What happens between the time that a signal begins to propagate down a wire and the time that it reaches.

Fibre –Uses light rather voltage to send 1 & 0 Modems Ordinary telephone lines –Very useful for low-speed data transmission –Most homes already have a / Large Wired LAN UTPRadio Transmission Access point controls wireless stations (transmission power, etc.) Control Message Typical 802.11 Wireless LAN Operation with Access/around (war driving) Collecting traffic and cracking the key. Fixed Broadband Wireless Wireless transmission for data communications –Antenna on roof of each building which is connected –56 /

University of Georgia Law School and Mass Communications School Michael D. Gallagher Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information National Telecommunications.

be 150 million UWB devices by 2008. Broadband Over Power Lines: The Third Wire “ We need to get broadband to more Americans... one great opportunity is to spread broadband throughout America via our power lines.” — President George W. Bush, US Department of Commerce, June 24, 2004 Principal concern is the risk that BPL systems might interfere with federal government radio communications or other state and private radio operators/

Outline Smart power grids Powerline noise Receiver design Testbeds

Superposition of low intensity noise sources Switching power supplies and rectifiers Circuit transient noise and uncoordinated interference Present in all PLC Dominant in Narrowband PLC Dominant in Broadband PLC time Periodic Noise from DC-DC Buck/2001. [Umehara01] D. Umehara, M. Kawai, and Y. Morihiro. Performance analysis of noncoherent coded modulation for power line communications. Proc. Int. Symp. Power Line Commun. and Its Appl., pp. 291–298, 2001. Backup Slides Research Group Present: 9 PhD, 0 MS,/

1 ACTA-10-014R1 Smart Grid Communications Overview Trone Bishop Service Provider Representative (Verizon) September 9, 2010.

the equipment needs to comply. [6] ACTA-10-014R1 15Conclusions 1.Utilities will use a wide variety of broadband communications systems as they evolve the current U.S. power grid into a Smart Grid. [4] 2. Smart Grid communications will use a variety of facilities, including Power Line Carrier (PLC), utility-owned wireless and wireline facilities, leased wireline facilities, and commercial wireless networks. [3][4] 3/

Massachusetts Telecommunications Symposium Massachusetts Telecommunications Symposium Broadband Overview John L. Toccalino Director Integrated Networks.

the house could provide high speed Internet access, if a new technology being tested by Winonas Hiawatha Broadband Communications proves viable. n HBC and Rochester Public Utilities announced they will work together to test offering broadband communications over existing power lines in Rochester homes. Winona Daily News 07/26/04 Page - 18 IdaCorp - Broadband Connectivity Over Powerline n One utility company that is getting serious about delivering/

National Science Foundation Symposium Ed Thomas Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology Federal Communications Commission.

communication services; whether by radio, television, wire, satellite, or cable. FCC’s Strategic Goals Spectrum Spectrum Broadband Broadband Competition Competition Media Media Homeland Security Homeland Security Modernize the FCC Modernize the FCC Commission Initiatives Broadband Services Broadband/services and innovative technologies Broadband Over Power Line Provides broadband services to consumers over existing power lines Provides broadband services to consumers over existing power lines Third “Pipe” /

BROADBAND TO WHERE? A New Definition and Regulatory Framework for the NBN Holly Raiche.

years ofter network up and running) Policy Objectives: Competition and Broadband Improved competition For fixed line access network - functional or structural separation by Telstra Government owned/ to occur) or reception or radio emission for the purpose of communicating information between persons and persons, persons and things or things and things/ rules (Pt IV) If have substantial degree of market power, take advantage of that power with the effect of substantially lessening competition in that or other/

Municipal Broadband: Why & How Public Power Systems are Deploying Fiber-to-the-Home Networks Congressional Briefing Thursday, September 25, 2003 American.

Distance Telephone -- 33 Local Telephone (CLEC) -- 38 Fiber Leasing -- 144 Wireless Network -- 30 Types of Broadband Technologies Used by Public Power Systems Coaxial Cable Hybrid Fiber/Coaxial (HFC) Fiber Optics Fiber-to-the-home Wireless Power lines Why Public Power Systems are Finding FTTH Increasingly Attractive Need for advanced communications infrastructure for core electric utility functions Ability to offer “triple-play” services makes FTTH systems more/

UK’s DSL broadband market is growing rapidly % DSL Household Penetration adjusted for maturity of the respective markets Percentage increase in DSL.

100 service providers supplying broadband over phone lines and has around half of the UKs broadband market” UK broadband coverage is strong Trigger levels/ Encoding Security Asset Management Distribution Monetisation Business Communities Entertainment BT Digital Content Platform “As broadband penetration increases future potential will depend on services/ home networking and the Philips Streamium HiFi powered by BT Broadband BT Digital Media Player  Stream music from broadband enabled PC to any room in the /

Power Park Site Development & Broadband planning and mapping Tim O’Brien, M.A. Business Development Manager 402-471-3769

site in February Made a cut to 8 communities based on a variety of criteria –1 mile from rail, airport, interstate, major gas lines –Adequate power, fiber, water, and sewer –Community preparedness Phase 1 continued DED hired consultants to help/Use of the Internet and computers will be encouraged through demonstration workshops and training in collaboration with the broadband service providers and information technology companies. Regional technology plans as well as a statewide report and recommendations/

2008 FMMC / ITU AJ October 13 th, 2008 in Paris ARITOMI Kan’ichiro Toward Ultra-BroadbandBroadband Ubiquitous Policy in Japan ~ Toward Ultra-Broadband.

terminals combined with mobile phone Source: MIC Copyright @ 2008 FMMC / ITU AJ ( 4 ) Convergence of Communications of Communications and and Broadcasting Broadcasting ① FMC ~fixed-mobile convergence ~ Copyright @ 2008 FMMC / ITU AJ / /line (Dry copper 、 Line sharing) ( Subscriber’s residence) NTT NCC NTT ex. B-FLET’S ex. Optical-Plus ex. YahooBB Telephony Copyright @ 2008 FMMC / ITU AJ Market Share of Broadband Service Providers FTTH (as of June 2008) DSL (as of June 2008) NTT East NTT West Electric Power/

1 Access Networks Types of Access Networks - - continue: other types: Radio Access Networks, CATV – AN, exploitation of power lines in AN lecture No.5.

case of 1-directional CATV network 64/256-QAM demodulator, error correction interface (Ethernet, USB, PCI) control (CPU) splitter telephone modem CATV subscriber line 26 3.6 PLC - Power Line Communication - utilizing of power lines in the role of broadband AN -advantages: or: PDSL- Power DSL 27 -2-phase wires for providing of BB services - LF, HF filters - high security required Base unit HF LF HF LF LAN/

Iowa and Broadband Vic Jaras. IOWA ADVANTAGES More fiber laid than most states. The ICN provides a fiber connection to almost every school in the state.

-11-tb-of-internet- traffic-a-month-by-2010/10446 WE WILL NEED NEW WAYS TO PROVIDE BROADBAND ACCESS.. BPL -Broadband over Power Lines Japans Warp-Speed Ride to Internet Future By Blaine Harden Washington Post Foreign Service Wednesday, August 29,/ matters to our economy and our ability to remain competitive in a global marketplace," said Larry Cohen, president, Communications Workers of America. "Rural development, telemedicine and distance learning all rely on truly high-speed, universal networks." CEOs/

What is broadband Multiple broadband technologies Advantages DSL and DSLAM Types of DSL transmission Services through broadband Cable Modem Internet Access.

and upload speed for satellite Internet access depends on various factors including the satellite Internet provider,the consumers line of sight to the orbitting satellite,the service package purchased and the weather. Power Line Broadband (also known as Power Line Communications) is the delivery of data over the exiting electric power distribution network. It is another way of accessing the Internet, which would allow to surf the web/

T-Link IP Alarm Communicator Training Seminar. Agenda Trend of Internet The Internet: What Is It?  How reliable is IP communications?  Different technologies.

power line. Source: FCC’s Reference Information Center Trend of the Telecom - Landline Market in US Landline subscribership is falling Broadband cutting into demand for second lines for dial-up Internet access Source: FCC, Reference Information Center Source: Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA) Broadband/the status of zones through a webpage on their home computer Instant, always-on IP communication Supervision of both network and KeyBus connections 128-bit AES encryption (NIST approved) Low network/

Powered by Broadband Learning Live: Title 1 Presented by Doug Marlowe For Broadband Learning Live Presented by Doug Marlowe For Broadband Learning Live.

and customer satisfaction. Discuss effective online customer education strategies. Evaluate on-line learning tools for call center staff. powered by Broadband Learning Live: Title 7 About My Call Center: A.Filled with / CSR powered by Broadband Learning Live: Title 21 Call Center Partners  CSG – Broadband Solutions  High Volume Transaction Processing Billing Account Management Back End powered by Broadband Learning Live: Title 22 Call Center Partners  Convergys  Integrated Communications Operations /

National Information & Communications Initiative Committee & Science and Technology Advisory Group(STAG) Jan. 24, 2005 Dr. Zsehong Tsai, Deputy Executive.

Control EAP-SIM  VoIP Streaming TV Multicast VOD Distance Learning WLAN Roaming in Campus National Information & Communications Initiative Committee 36 New Policy for Broadband Services  Relax the tech. guideline and requirement for the fixed network operators  Provide encouragement for CATV and power line owners to invest in broadband in future Fixed Network licensing process.  Revise the National Numbering Plan to allow number allocation for fixed/

Law Seminars International Top Priorities for 2005: Insights from the Department of Commerce and the FCC Michael D. Gallagher Assistant Secretary for Communications.

basis; adaptable to many different applications and markets. Broadband Over Power Lines – BPL has the potential to emerge as a “third wire” competitor to cable and DSL broadband services. Assistant Secretary Michael Gallagher demonstrates BPL to President/Broadband Markets in the World By Number of Lines Source: Point Topic, March 31, 2005 (Jun. 30, 2004 – Dec. 31, 2004). Mobile Ad Hoc Networks or MANETs provide “multi-hop” communication among autonomous nodes (such as PDAs, cellphones), creating a low-power/

 A Presentation on “ BROADBAND ACCESS TECHNOLOGY” www.engineersportal.in.

: PON (Passive Optical Network) FTTH (Fibre-To-The-Home) FTTC (Fibre-To-The-Curb) HFC (Hybrid Fibre Co-axi al) www.engineersportal.in PLC (Power Line Communication) Also referred as BPL (Broadband over Power Lines) Can provide broadband Internet access through ordinarypower lines Most extensive networks in the world, surpassing the phonenetwork as well as the cable network in size and coverage Suffers from technological challenges due to/

International Institute of Communications Telecommunications Forum “Rethinking Telecommunications Policy – What’s So Different?” John M. R. Kneuer Deputy.

, June 24, 2004 Broadband Over Power Lines: The Third Wire “ We need to get broadband to more Americans... one great opportunity is to spread broadband throughout America via our power lines.” — President George W. Bush, US Department of Commerce, June 24, 2004 The FCC began a BPL rulemaking on February 12, 2004. Principal concern was the risk that BPL systems might interfere with radio communications. NTIA submitted to/

Chapter 17: Green Broadband Access Networks Tao Han, Jingjing Zhang, and Nirwan Ansari Advanced Networking Laboratory, New Jersey Institute of Technology,

., the switch configuration is semi-static  Further assume the traffic is uniform among all PONs OLT line card Case 1: Load>50%Case 2: Load [25% 50%] Case 3: Load<25% 26 Simulation results Conclusions  Green broadband wireless networks  Techniques on greening cellular networks Power saving communication protocols Heterogeneous network deployment Enabling off-grid BSs  Greening via cooperative networking Cooperation among BSs Cooperation between/

3A-1 Business Data Communications and Networking--8 th Edition FitzGerald and Dennis.

terminal—does some processing u Workstation—powerful microcomputers Deals with—CAD, CAM, CAE, CASE, CANE, ICANE u Network Computer—Communicates using the Internet-based standards (like/ infrared light waves, to transmit data-- through the air on a direct line-of-sight path between two points; generally used for short distances, such as/ satellites in the orbit u FSS = Fixed Satellite Services u BSS = Broadband Satellite Services u MSS = Mobile Satellite Services Provides transmission via satellite from /

Doc.: IEEE 802.22-11/0132r03 Submission November 2011 Slide 1 Introduction to IEEE Std. 802.22-2011 and its Amendment PAR for P802.22b: Broadband Extension.

Line of Sight (LoS) and Non Line of Sight (NLoS) conditions. Other Applications: Triple play for broadcasters (e. g. video, voice and data), Smart grid Cheap backhaul using multi-profile RAN stations Off-loading cellular telephony traffic to un-licensed spectrum, Distance learning, civic communications, regional area public safety and homeland security, emergency broadband/and 802.22 operation) Spectrum management (time, frequency and power) The Coexistence Beacon Protocol (CBP) The Incumbent Detection /

U.S.-U.K. Bilateral Telecommunications Consultations Broadband Discussion Michael D. Gallagher Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information National.

WiMax sales over the next three years. Broadband Over Power Lines: The Third Wire “ We need to get broadband to more Americans... one great opportunity is to spread broadband throughout America via our power lines.” — President George W. Bush, US Department of Commerce, June 24, 2004 Principal concern is the risk that BPL systems might interfere with federal government radio communications or other state and private radio operators/

December 2, 2015Manchester CT Board of Directors 1 Manchester, CT Board of Directors Regular Meeting Bill Vallee CT Broadband Policy Coordinator December.

, developing their own networks, or being served by other local communities which have the capacity to provide Gigabit services. December 2, 2015Manchester/lines had been constructed over a 30- year period to Depot Square and to the southern portion of Manchester. Poles were often paid for by the users along the route. 1936, the Manchester Electric Company, the Bolton Electric Company, and the Union Electric Light and Power Company merged with the Connecticut Power Company. State RFQ for Gig Broadband/

Copyrights©2000-2005 eAccess Ltd. All rights reserved. Broadband Revolution in Japan November 23, 2005 Dr. Sachio Semmoto Founder, Chairman & CEO eAccess.

% Vodafone 17 % Mobile market is 12X larger than the fixed broadband market. ADSL 71 % ADSL 71 % Approx. 30 operators NTT group NTT group KDDI KDDI Power companies Power companies Usen Usen Softbank Softbank STnet STnet others others Copyrights©2000-2005 /W-CDMA and Wi-Fi to switch flexibility, depending on contents Utilize the best communication method depending on your location and preferred contents Dedicated Lines Copyrights©2000-2005 eAccess Ltd. All rights reserved. 19 Product Strategy - Mobile /

We know your network. But we also know your name State Universal Service Funds: Evolution to Broadband? Pamela Sherwood MARC June 15, 2009.

integrates data, dedicated Internet access, and local and long distance voice services for long distance carriers, wireless communications companies, incumbent local exchange carriers, and enterprises doing business in healthcare, finance, higher education, manufacturing, and/ be eligible to receive funds. Does this favor one type of technology over another? Where does broadband over power line and other new services/providers fit? 19 Principles and Lessons Learned: Need-Based Expansion Consistent with /

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