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TOPIC : INSURANCE & IRDA. INTRODUCTION :  Contact B/w Insurer and insuredInsurer agrees to compensate the insured.  Its purpose in growth & Economic.

the privilege of LIC & GIC  Thus it allowed private sector in life insurance & non life insurance. 5. INSURANCE BUSINESS HAS BEEN OPENED TO INDIAN COMPANIES The Indian Company has been defined in Section 2 of the Insurance Act 1938 as follow: I. Formed & Registered under the companies Act 1956/assumed not earlier than the data on which premium has been paid in cash by the insurer. Where the premium is tendered by means of postal money order or cheque sent by post, risk may be assumed on the date on which/

Preparing Your Retirement – CHIS (CERN Health Insurance Scheme) 24 November 2015 Preparation for Retirement Seminar2 Jean-Pol MATHEYS & Sofia SLOTTE.

Preparation for Retirement Seminar12 Good to know tips  Long Term Care benefits are there to help when dependency impacts daily life  contact CERN Social Service and ask for guidance  ask relative to help with procedure when needed  three dependency / another insurance  use other insurance first, submit other insurance’s reimbursement statement to UNIQA get much better overall reimbursement rate 24 November 2015 Preparation for Retirement Seminar15 Good to know tips  Send your claims by postal mail or/

NON-LIFE INSURANCE. Non – Life Insurance According to Wikipedia “Non-life Insurance or General Insurance policies, including automobile and homeowners.

-LIFE INSURANCE Non – Life Insurance According to Wikipedia “Non-life Insurance or General Insurance policies, including automobile and homeowners policies, provide payments depending on the loss from a particular financial event.” General insurance is typically defined as any insurance that is not determined to be life Insurance. Non-Life Insurance Marine Insurance Fire Insurance Miscellaneous Insurance - Motor Insurance - Burglary Insurance - Personal Insurance -Rural Insurance Policies Non-Life Insurance/

Life Insurance Claims. Introduction A claim is the payment made by the insurer to the insured or claimant on the occurrence of the event specified.

he has not been heard for seven years. If the nominee or heirs claim that the life insured is missing and must be presumed to be dead, insurers insist on a decree from a competent court. It is necessary that the premium should be /copy of Bill of Entry, Steamer Survey report in original, Copy of Claim Notice served on Carrier/Port authorities along with postal acknowledgement card] Notice of Loss Timely and prompt notice Immediate information – Practically If contract is silent about reporting time of loss /

Presented by: Insert name here Make your insurance affordable this tax year and beyond 1.

see if Jack has enough insurance 5 Make your insurance affordable this tax year and beyond Case Study Buy Life and TPD insurance in super Adviser recommends $700,000 in Life & TPD insurance so if something unfortunate happens /Insurance from MLC MLC is not a registered tax agent. If you wish to rely on this information to determine your personal tax obligations, you should consult with a Registered Tax Agent. For more information call MLC from anywhere in Australia on 132 652 or contact your adviser. Postal/

Welcome to the presentation on LIC of India One of the World’s Largest Life Insurance Company voted No. 1 Most Trusted Service Brand voted No. 1 Most Trusted.

4 2.6 Debentures d)Claims on Govt. 3.0 -4.0 -3.1 e) Insurance Funds 17.7 18.0 20.1 i) life insurance 17.1 17.4 19.5 ii) postal insurance 0.3 0.4 0.3 iii) state insurance 0.3 0.2 0.3 iv) Provident and 11.1 9.9 9.5 Pension /Fund P: Provisional, # : Preliminary Estimates. Source: RBI Annual Report 2008-09 Trend in Life Insurance market Favourable macro economic /

1. ACT TO ESTABLISH THE REGULATORY AUTHORITY- “An Act, to provide for the establishment of an authority to protect the interests of holders of insurance.

the exclusive privilege of LIC and GIC and its subsidiaries.  Thus it has allowed the entry of private sector into life and non-life insurance  An Indian insurance company has been defined as a company: a) Formed and registered under the Companies Act, 1956 b) In which/Risk may be assumed not earlier than the date on which premium has been paid in cash by the insurer.  Where the premium is tendered by means of postal money order or cheque sent by post, risk may be assumed on the date on which money order /

1 Al-Huda Centre of Islamic Banking & Islamic Economics Event Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on Takaful (Islamic Insurance) Presentation Topic.

1.Increase savings 2.Risk investigation 3.Capital formation and investment levels 16 B: Insurance Policy: 2007 3: Strategy 1.Improve coverage and outreach. 2.Areas: -Health -General -Micro Insurance 3.SLIC conversion into company 4.Postal life insurance-company with insurance law 5.Public sector insurance entities to be corporatized 17 B: Insurance Policy: 2007 3: Strategy 6.BODs be strengthened with professionals 7.Aggressive marketing 8/

Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company Mortgage Portfolio Agent Training Guide Home Mortgage Series LifeTerm Series Questions? Comments?

0801 04-064-14 (10/05) For Agent Use Only For Agent Use Only. Not For Public Use.06-143-9  A term life insurance policy with optional riders that may help:  Pay the mortgage at death  Pay the mortgage payment during disability*  Waive the premium / a disability extending least 90 days. Policy Series 174/234 New Enhancements! Proof of Mortgage no longer required. G overnment employees and postal workers are now covered using the 60% of income limit but with a maximum cap of $1,500. 2% face amount limit/

The Future of Insurance in Pakistan Omer Morshed Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates 6 November 2008.

% over last 5 years Major Players (2007) Direct Companies (excl PRCL) Growth – 3 rd Qtr 2008 to 3 rd Qtr 2007 (based on sample) – 10% Life Insurance (excl Postal Life) Total premiums in 2007 Rs. 30.58 bn. Life Industry grew at an average of 24% over last 5 years (36% last year) Players (2007) Private sector growth – 3 rd qtr 2008 over 3 rd/


administrative services or handle funds for insurance companies OTHER LICENSES CONT’D.  Premium Finance Company - makes loans by entering into finance contracts with insuredsLife Insurance Counselor - charges fee to examine life/annuity contracts; make recommendations to / phone  Special delivery & other postal  Order MVRs  Property photos and inspections (reimbursement)  Agent fees (in addition to or in lieu of commission)  DISCLOSURE STATEMENT - signed by insured - maintain records for 5 years /

Choosing Courses Choosing which university or college to go to can be a life-changing decision. Do as much research as possible so that you choose the.

to accept or decline offers and change some personal details, such as your postal address, telephone number and email address. Security For security reasons, Track will / students who will thrive well on their course and enjoy a varied academic life alongside their outside interests. Interview Tips Continued… Dress appropriately: Although you probably/ decide which offers to accept because once you accept an offer, including an insurance offer, you are committed to that course (or courses). You can reply /

PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW. Public Employees Most governmental bodies have civil service laws, designed to insure that employment decisions are not.

insure that employment decisions are not based on politics, but on merit. civil service Teachers and professors in public schools and universities sometimes enjoy the protection of tenure laws, designed to protect the central purposes of academic life:/Reinstate an employee with back pay −Award of attorney fees in certain situations POSTAL SERVICE WORKERS Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 created the U.S. Postal Service as an independent agency NLRB is authorized to determine the appropriate bargaining unit/

国际贸易实务第7章国际贸易实务第7章 Chapter 7. Chapter 7 Cargo Transport Insurance Objectives Focus Content of Cargo Transport Insurance Risks and Losses Difficult points.

postal transport insurance  the insurance practice in international trade 7.1 Fundamental Principles of Cargo Insurance 7.2 Risks and Losses in Cargo Transport 7.3 Ocean Marine Insurance under C.I.C 7.4 Insurance of Land, Air and Parcel Post Transport 7.5 Insurance/ insurance. There are many types of insurance products available for life and non- life —property insurance, life insurance, liability insurance, bond insurance, to name just a few. Cargo insurance belongs to property insurance. Cargo insurance /

1 Credit Consumers’ Payment Protection Insurance Decisions: The Effect of Relative Cost and Level of Cover Sandie McHugh and Rob Ranyard Bolton, UK IAREP-SABE.

decide no action necessary Recognise risk and diffuse it - Use insurance to provide cover - Payment Protection Insurance for loans and credit cards - Use other strategies IAREP/SABE ROME 20084 Payment Protection Insurance Benefits Life cover –if you are over 18 years and below 70 / components of PPI cover will predict choice for PPI and willingness to pay for it. IAREP/SABE ROME 200811 METHOD Postal questionnaire-based experiment. 4 PPI loan decision scenarios presented for 36 months, –2 for £7,500 and 2 for/

Chapter 12 Insurance Marketing. Overview Introduction to Industry Marketing Mix (8 P’s) 1.Product (Product levels & Service Flower) 2.Price 3.Place (Channels.

of the insurance sector. Insurance – the concept Contract between the insurer and the insured under which the insurer undertakes to compensate the insured for the losses arising from the risk insured against. The insured agrees to pay a premium regularly. The person whose risk is insured is called “Insured” or “Assured”. The person who agrees to compensate called the “Insures” or “Assures” or “Underwriter” Marketing Mix of Insurance Industry Product LIFE INSURANCE Whole life and/

Life Events Legal Plan & Identity Theft Shield Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and subsidiaries.

 Trial Defense Services  IRS Audit Legal Service  25% Preferred Member Discount  Legal Shield The Life Events Legal Plan: Six Areas of Coverage Preventive Legal Services  Phone consultations on an unlimited number of /at risk?  Utility Companies  Insurance Companies  Credit Card Records  Medical Records  Real Estate Records  Motor Vehicle Records  School Records  Military Records  Social Security Records  Banking Records  Employment Records  Postal Records  Purchasing Records  Tax /

Career in Commerce By Iqbal Singh.

the ICSI. The course is conducted under a system of compulsory postal tuition against payment of requisite fees. The necessary study material is /Insurance Insurance-Introduction Presently in india, the insurance sector is nationalised, services are rendered by life insurance corporation of india (LIC) and general insurance company (GIC) alongwith its 4 subsidiaries. While lic provides life insurance, Gic is concerned with non life insurance like - motor, marine, fire, health and personal accident insurance/

Long Term Care Insurance Kate Mewhinney, Certified Elder Law Attorney Clinical Law Professor The Elder Law Clinic Updated January 2009.

Insurance, “2008 Long Term Care Price Index Announced,” June 10, 2008) Sources of LTC Insurance Federal LTCI program Partnership Policies in some states Policies through CCRCs Life insurance policies Federal LTCI Program* About 20 million people may apply: employees (most federal/ Postal/$100K in assets, and get Medicaid. 2. Policies sponsored by continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) 3.Some life insurance policies and annuities. Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2005 Early ’90’s till 2006: only in 4 /

Personal Finance Literacy And other life skills. BANKING AND BUDGETING Credit v Debit, IRA’s, CD’s.

insured pays before the insurance kicks in. Insurance Health Insurance: Provides money for medical care; including doctor and hospital visits, prescription drugs, rehabilitation, etc. Life Insurance: Pays money to a beneficiary (often a family member) upon the death of the insured. - Life Insurance/insightful questions at the end to show interest Follow up by thanking the interviewer via Email/Postal Mail/other appropriate correspondence Common Interview Questions 1.What are your three biggest strengths? 2./

An Introduction to Insurance Premium Tax & VAT on Claims Costs 11 May 2016 © Fiscal Reps Limited.

Limited Jo Finbow CLIENT DIRECTOR Peter Hewitt CLIENT DIRECTOR - VAT Oana Popescu CLIENT MANAGER From Birth to Settlement The Life of a Tax Liability Jo Finbow © Fiscal Reps Limited Global Premium Tax Compliance Solutions PRICING THE PREMIUM Location of Risk/Directive Global Premium Tax Compliance Solutions EXEMPT SUPPLIES Exempt Schedule 9, VAT Act 1994 Group 1 Land Group 2 Insurance Group 3 Postal services Group 4 Betting, gaming & lotteries Group 5 Finance Group 6 Education Group 7 Health & welfare Group/

Personal Injury Litigation

Government— Public officials Immunity Interspousal—generally abolished Parent-Child But generally excepted from insurance coverage Parent-Child Statutes of Limitations CCP 312 et seq S.O.L Special/upon him by the laws of this state or by the laws or postal regulations of the United States, or when he is on such property upon/of Plaintiff’s name for defendant’s financial gain Public disclosure of private life Unreasonable intrusion False Light Defamation--Property Trade Libel False statement about business or/

1 Personal Injury Litigation Tort Law Litigation Insurance Law.

815 Local Government— Public officials 128 Immunity Interspousal—generally abolished But generally excepted from insurance coverage Parent-Child 129 Statutes of Limitations CCP 312 et seq 130 S.O./upon him by the laws of this state or by the laws or postal regulations of the United States, or when he is on such property /of Plaintiff’s name for defendant’s financial gain Public disclosure of private life Unreasonable intrusion False Light 183 Defamation--Property Trade Libel False statement about business /

Understanding 403(b)(7) Plans 2/15 E30464-15A [Name of Financial Professional, Company Name] [Name of Pacific Life Wholesaler, Pacific Life]

Social Security 34% Earnings 17% Pensions 11% Income from Assets The Effects of Inflation Postage Stamp: Historian, United States Postal Service, February 2014. Home: U.S. Census Bureau, Median and Average Sales Process of New Homes Sold in United States/ (800) 722-2333, option 2. Read the prospectus carefully before investing. Pacific Life Fund Advisors LLC (PLFA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Life Insurance Company, is the investment advisor to Pacific Funds and is responsible for determining the /

*Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program May 2009 FLTCIP* New Contract.

Eligible to apply (with underwriting): Federal and U.S. Postal Service employees, annuitants and compensationers Active and retired members of the uniformed services Spouses and adult children of all groups; parents, parents-in-law, and stepparents of employee groups About 224,000 current enrollees Insurance provided by John Hancock Insurance Company and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (administered by Long Term Care Partners) Present consortium being/

SHIPS Watercraft Training Inc. A Division of Simon & Hall Insurance Professional Services, Inc What its all about.

the new private sector ownership. These presentations help bridge the gap between insurance community and government entities, and past presentations have included participation by United States Postal Inspectors, individual States Attorney Generals Offices, representatives of the FBI, /again at no tuition charge, asking only for a nominal fee to cover meals. Its a fact of life that accidents in the marine environment occur…….. And repairs are expensive……….. Replacement of these propeller shafts and /

Budget 2015-16 Prepared By VSH & Associates-Team.

discounting System (TReDS) which will be an electronic platform for facilitating financing of trade receivables of MSMEs to be established. Postal network with 1,54,000 points of presence spread across villages to be used for increasing access of the people to/ to include all ambulance services.(Amended in the entry at S. No. 2 of notification No. 25/12-ST refers). Life insurance service provided by way of Varishtha Pension Bima Yojna isbeing exempted. (Amendment in entry at S. No. 26A of notification No/


CALCULATION OF ACTUAL PREMIUM The “Tables of Premiums” (See Annexure-A ) prescribed by various life insurance companies in India, show their premium amount per thousand per year. However, some companies have adopted / there are certain: ‘fixed costs’ which are uniform for all policies irrespective of sum assured, for example, cost of policy preparation or postal expenses for mailing the policy document. ‘variable costs’ depending on the sum assured; for example stamp duty on the policy document or medical/

The United States Postal Service processed over 150 billion pieces of mail in 2013—far too much for efficient human sorting. But as recently.

interpret endless variation in handwriting. By providing feedback, the Postal Service was able to train computers to accurately read human /analysis Equipment monitoring Location-based tracking and services Personalized Insurance Imagine what Machine Learning could do to your business/ [ { "boundingBox": "41,102,225,64", "text": "LIFE" }, { "boundingBox": "356,89,94,62", "text": "IS" }, { "boundingBox": "539,77,225,64", "text": "LIKE" }... TEXT: LIFE IS LIKE RIDING A BICYCLE TO KEEP YOUR BALANCE YOU MUST KEEP/

Market Research report Money Transfer 5.0 1. Products and service categories Speed Post International Parcel Post Express Parcel Post Postal Life Insurance.

Market Research report Money Transfer 5.0 1 Products and service categories Speed Post International Parcel Post Express Parcel Post Postal Life Insurance Post Office Savings Bank Money Transfer Business Mail 5.0 2 Money Transfer 5.0 3 Business Success Loyalty Perception & Attitudes Transactions & Experiences Customer satisfaction framework Loyalty Behavioural Attitudinal Perception /

General Insurance. Introduction Analyse general insurance contracts: –the perils that are covered, –the excluded perils, –the extensions and warranties.

policies - by individual Policies can also be issued covering groups of individuals. Scope of CoverScope of Cover Supplement to life insurance, it provides protection against death or disability caused solely by violent, accidental, external, and visible means. on 24 / from the theft or attempt thereat. Definition of MoneyDefinition of Money Cash, Bank Notes, Cheques, Money order, Postal orders, and Bills of exchange, Postage and other stamps having monetary value. Business Hours: The period during which/

Partnering with Assurity About Assurity 120-year legacy—three Lincoln, Neb.-based insurance companies dating back to the 1890s A- (Excellent) rating.

life insurance and annuity products Focus on middle-income Americans *A.M. Best Ratings range from A++ (Superior) to F (In liquidation) Assurity’s Strengths Proven, broad portfolio of individual and worksite insurance products/ Officers Cosmetologists Postal Workers Dental Hygienists Railroad Employees Firefighters, Parameds, EMTs Generic (for any occupation) Nurses Pastors Teachers Real Estate Government Employees Transportation Workers Assurity Critical Illness Critical Illness Insurance Invented by Dr/

1 Insurance Fraud Dennis Pompa, Associate Commissioner Texas Department of Insurance Fraud Unit.

transactions Prepares comprehensive investigative reports for submission to a prosecuting agency 9 Types of Insurance Fraud Investigated Agent/adjuster Company officer Unauthorized/ unlicensed entity Claim Health insurance Life insurance Arson Provider fraud Disability Workers compensation Application fraud 10 Laws That Govern Insurance Fraud in Texas Texas Labor Code (penal violations) Texas Insurance Code (penal violations) Texas Penal Code Chapter 35 Theft statutes Misapplication of fiduciary funds/

An Overview of Capital Management for Property/Casualty Insurers

anything from computer failure and postal strikes to fraud and cock-ups of Baring-style proportions. Insurance companies.... have joined the fray, offering to replace bank capital with new-fangled insurance cover.” “Most insurers think a capital-markets /the running of a base scenario and several adverse scenarios…” -- Canadian Institute of Actuaries, Dynamic Capital Adequacy Testing – Life and Property and Casualty Canadian Regulation (cont.) “(One possible approach would consist of…) … ‘stress-testing’ of /

Insurance. Safety Insurance Cathay Life Medical Insurance National Health Insurance (NHI) $215$3000$4494 $749 per month Counting from the issue date of.

Insurance Safety Insurance Cathay Life Medical Insurance National Health Insurance (NHI) $215$3000$4494 $749 per month Counting from the issue date of your ARC, you / 2015 fall semester students How to Begin Receiving Your Scholarship Step 1: Complete the registration procedure Step 2: Get an ARC & open a postal savings account (samples are provided)samples are provided Step 3: Go to Student Information System (Scholarship Recipient) to register your informationStudent Information SystemScholarship Recipient/

Dr. Sang Hyon Lee Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS) Employment Insurance System of Korea Dec. 2014.

at preventing unemployment and promoting employment as well as a traditional unemployment insurance program providing unemployment benefits. - Merits of Korean EI > Combination of/ School Teachers Pension Act (Optional coverage for special public officials) - Special postal workers 13 - EI premium rates are divided into the rate for employment /the Workers Vocational Skills Development Act, thereby setting up the framework for life-long skills development covering every stage of workers lives. - In addition/

AMLC REVISED REPORTING PROCEDURES Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association 28 June 2013.

are below the reporting threshold; No/Low Risk Transactions For the IC-supervised covered institutions: Group Life Insurance/Hospitalization Insurance; Transactions of members of Mutual Benefit Associations pertaining to basic benefits; No/Low Risk Transactions For the/ 9ID TypeText30X(30) ID1 – Passport ID2 – Drivers License ID3 – PRC ID ID4 – NBI Clearance ID5 – Police Clearance ID6 – Postal ID ID7 – Voters ID ID8 – TIN ID9 – Barangay Certification ID10 – GSIS e-Card ID11- SSS ID12 – Senior Citizen Card /

Disclosures: This plan is NOT insurance. Discount Medical Plan Organization: New Benefits, Ltd., Attn: Compliance Department, PO Box 671309, Dallas, TX.

Roadside Assistance Legal Club Direct (Legal Club of America) LIFESTYLE BENEFITS THESE BENEFITS ARE NOT INSURANCE + EASY TO USE + NO HEALTH RESTRICTIONS + USE IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT OF CARD /and online shopping. Choose from brand names you know and trust such as Country Life, Natures Way, Twinlab and Enzymatic Therapy. + Up to 80% savings on / LIFELOCK +LifeLock Identity Alert System – provides early notification by email, postal mail, and/or phone whenever they detect your personal information being used /

Pakistan Life Industry Growth Pakistans Life Insurance Market has displayed significant growth over the last 2 years Year on year growth over the last.

a tax credit for premiums paid into a life insurance policy Significant Changes (Life) The most significant change in the last couple of years has been the exit of yet another multinational from the life industry – Metlife ALICO has decided to exit /the family takaful players taking the SECP to court and having the 2012 Takaful Rules suspended The Future (Life) The life industry has only 9 players ignoring Postal Life (SECP 18 May 2013) The industry, given its recent growth, has shown that there is room for/

Emergency Operations Manual

Boston Pride Emergency Operations Manual 17 Boston Pride Emergency Operations Manual Section 2 Life safety Boston Pride Emergency Operations Manual Weather Rules & Safety Plans Boston Pride/ in addition to the Group Marshals you have registered. 4. Have adequate insurance for your vehicles on the day of the Parade. The Boston Pride Committee/line-up will be expressly notified by the Boston Pride Committee by email or postal mail once your application and full payment have been received, reviewed and accepted/

0 Welcome! Closer Look at AT Exchange Programs Carolyn P. Phillips Georgia Department of Labor – Tools for Life www.passitoncenter.org.

NOT Recommended) Recycle: End-of-life breakdown of AT for disposal and/or reuse in refurbishing and remanufacturing. Recycle: End-of-life breakdown of AT for disposal and/ online exchange –Add notice that program will report abuse –Include agreement checkbox  Verify insurance policies cover these activities, or set aside money for claims. AT Reuse Liability Checklist/ and how to find UPS locations and request pickups. U.S. Postal Service https://hdusps.esecurecare.net/cgi- bin/hdusps.cfg/php/enduser/std_alp/

Lean & Six Sigma in Financial Services: Case Study

plans market share of 13% NUL Business Environment Products Pensions Life Insurance Mortgages Customers IFAs (brokers) Individuals Corporations Market Competitive Regulated Revenue constrained NUL Operations Approximately 5,500 staff in seven locations Glasgow Newcastle York Sheffield Norwich Bristol Stevenage Operations in Context 250+ legacy products 30+ major systems 2.7 million postal items received In excess of 42 million images created Over 5/

2nd DIA China Annual Meeting | May 16-19, 2010 | Beijing, China R&D: Life Line for pharmaceutical companies: A GM perspective Joseph Cho CEO, Astellas.

target hospitals –Winning in hospital bidding/price negotiations –Reimbursement by health insurance –Distribution to retail outlets Reduction of 5-7 years of real patent life Generics may be launched prior to original products Ensuring sufficient market exclusive /(%) Diseases mainly taken care of by PCPs Note: Questionnaire for Japanese doctors ( :15/10/1999-22/12/1999; postal survey; 128 responses;) Source: Japan Human Science Foundation: 2000 report on survey into basic technology in Japan, “Outlook on/

JKM/GCM Your life today is the result of your Attitude and the Choices you have made in the past. Your life tomorrow will be the result of your Attitude.

or happiness. "The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of Attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past/s the norm). 2. Call the day before the In Home to confirm and insure that they do not forget. When you are confirming their attendance after you have invited/ our daily web overviews. There are many people including Moms, teachers, government workers, postal workers, realtors and other professionals who are looking for a Plan B in this terrible/

The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) Patrick N. McCafferty Account Manager & Media Relations Coordinator Long Term Care Partners, LLC.

available to qualified relatives, even if they are not enrolled. Who Is Eligible to Apply?  Federal and U.S. Postal (USPS) employees eligible for the FEHB Program  Federal and USPS annuitants  Active and retired members of the uniformed services /’t Security for Your Future The FLTCIP is  The largest employer-sponsored long term care insurance program in the country  Underwritten by John Hancock Life & Health Insurance Company  Sponsored by OPM  FLTCIP premiums are held in an experience fund, a fund/

PLEASE STAND BY OUR MEETING WILL BEGIN SHORTLY American Fidelity Life Presents A Recession Resistant Market Telephone Audio Dial 773/945 011 Access Code:

The Sales Process Obtaining Referrals Add Credibility with Each Site Visit Proper Market Conduct Becoming the Onsite Life Insurance Specialist FEGLI Calculator American Fidelity Product Portfolio Alternative 95 AF Easy Term Sentinel How FEGLI Sales Work… A Sample Case Sample Case Marge (age 55) is a Postal Federal Employee (California) Current Income $40,000 ($3,333 per month) Standard Risk Retirement Goal is/

Caitlin McCabe 2005. Early Life Born in Massachusetts on January 17, 1706 From 1716 to 1718 he worked with his father as a chandler making candles and.

London for contributions to science In 1776 he signed the Declaration of Independence as a delegate from Pennsylvania Later in Life… (cont.) In 1782 he negotiated a Treaty of Peace with England In 1753 he is given the Copely Medal/Philadelphias Union Fire company In 1752 he helped establish the Philadelphia Contribution for Insurance Against Loss by Fire Postmaster Most notable service in domestic politics was reform of the postal system Appointed postmaster in 1737 Shipbuilding and Sailing One of the very /

1 Prompt Payment to Providers 28 TAC §§21.2801-21.2820 Patricia Brewer Director of Project Oversight - Life Health & Licensing Texas Department of Insurance.

Brewer Director of Project Oversight - Life Health & Licensing Texas Department of Insurance 2 Who Does Not Have to Comply? Self-funded ERISA plans Workers’ compensation coverage Government, school, and church health plans Out-of-state insureds Medicaid/Medicare, even if provided / Texas 14 Date of Claim Payment Claim is considered to have been paid on the date of: –U.S. Postal Service postmark –Electronic transmission –Delivery of the claim payment to a commercial carrier, such as UPS or Federal Express/

Dealing with continuous variables and geographical information in non life insurance ratemaking Maxime Clijsters.

life insurance ratemaking Maxime Clijsters Introduction Tariff ? Professional use (Y/N) Postal code Age of the permit Kilowatt of the vehicle Age of the vehicle Vehicle type (4x4 Y/N) Policyholder’s Age Categorical variable Continuous variable Multi-Level Factor GLMs remain a very important statistical regression technique for pricing car insurance/remain a very important statistical regression technique for pricing car insurance products. GAMs provide interesting insights in the underlying dependency /

1 INDIANA Short-Term Policy for Individuals & Families from UNICARE Life & Health Insurance Company (Product Training Course) -Effective: May 15, 2003.

1 INDIANA Short-Term Policy for Individuals & Families from UNICARE Life & Health Insurance Company (Product Training Course) -Effective: May 15, 2003 Version 1.3 2 Who Needs Short-Term Coverage? Those who /validates Application information Full premium payment is enclosed or authorized Coverage becomes effective At 12:01 a.m. the day after the U.S.Postal Service postmark date stamped on the envelope or date client specifies after the signature date Client receives a plastic ID card first then Policy booklet/

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