Ppt on pin diode spice

EMC Models. 2 September 15 1.Models, what for ? 2.IC Models for EMC 3.Core Model 4.Package model 5.Test-bench models 6.Emission measurements/simulations.

core activity by triangular waveform current source 12 September 15 Physical Transistor level (Spice) Huge simulation Limited to analog blocks Interpolated Transistor level Difficult adaptation to usual tools/(V) characteristics Output driver I(V) characteristics Core Model 16 September 15 IC PIN DECLARATION - MODELS 17 September 15 Core Model MODEL DETAILS Core Model 18 September / RF disturbance Coupling path Close to ICEM-CE Close to ICEM Add Diodes (camp, back-to- back, ESD, EOS) New! 28 September/

06/02/04 *Other brands and names are the property of their respective owners Page 1 New IBIS Cookbook 1.0 Introduction.

Model vs. Part Model Fast and Slow Corner Model Limits Inclusion of SSO Effects Mention of [Pin Mapping] (also [Model Selector]?) Brief comparison of AMS, standard IBIS, SPICE 2.2 Information Checklist Link to IBIS Quality Checklist 2.3 Tips For Component Buffer Grouping 3/ 3.1 Using Spice to IBIS (s2ibis) 3.1 Extracting I/V and Switching Data via Simulations 3.1.1 Extracting the I/V Data Simulation Setup Sweep Ranges Making Pullup and Power Clamp Sweeps Vcc Relative Clamp and ESD (Diode) Models ALL OTHER/

Chapter 9 Simulation of Switching Converters. Power switching convertersSimulation of switching converters2 Overview PSpice PSpice Simulations using.CIR.

terminal C * Vap --> Voltage across terminal A P * Rsw --> Switch on resistance * Rd --> diode on resistance * Rm --> which models the base storage effects * Re --> models ripple across esr of cap * Pins control voltage -- * common -------- | * passive----- | | * active -- | | |.subckt VMSSCCM A/or bistable operation, or unrealistic circuit impedances When an error is found during the DC analysis, SPICE will then terminate the run because both the AC and transient analyses require an initial stable /

MicroSim Tutorial Simulation program Test and Refine your design before ever touching a piece of hardware.

的 Windows 版, 而 Pspice 是 SPICE 軟體的一支, SPICE 軟體是一種專門針對電路模擬分析 的軟體, 原本 PSPICE 是一套 DOS 版的軟體, 是由 SPICE 2 所發展出來. SPICESPICE2 PSPICE IS-SPICE HSPICE Pspice A/D SPICE 的全名是 Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis/ icon to place the voltage marker. Current markerSelect Markers/Mark Current into Pin or click current marker to place the current marker. Voltage Differential marker /6.sch Loading effects Exercise 6 7.sch Exercise 7 Zener Diode 8.sch Example2 Generator Halfwave rectifier 9.sch Peak Rectifier /

Status of the Chronopixel Project N. B. Sinev University of Oregon, Eugene In collaboration with J.E.Brau, D.M.Strom (University of Oregon, Eugene, OR),

to make 84 pads, as it was in prototype 1. So, 40 pads and 40 pins package were used. 13 Nick Sinev LCWS 2012, Arlington, TX, US Price for allowing / Pixel variations  As soon as Sarnoff design manager gave me final schematics, I started SPICE simulation of it performance to double check their simulations. Suggested by them comparator design did not/the left part of the chip (look at map at right). They have small sensor diodes, but what matters here is that they are far from chip periphery, where all /

CAE tools and technology challenges in making deep sub-micron IC designs Kostas Kloukinas CERN, PH-ESE dept. CH1211, Geneve 23 Switzerland ESE Group seminar.

, connectivity, pins & prboundary) Partial layout view generation (abstract like) 30/3/10 Kostas.Kloukinas@cern.ch 31 AMS Designer Simulator Mixed-signal, mixed-language, mixed-level simulator.  Verilog¨, Verilog-A, Verilog-AMS, VHDL, VHDL-AMS, System-C, System-Verilog, SPICE, and Spectre/bonacini@cern.ch Antenna fix 30/3/10 Kostas.Kloukinas@cern.ch 51 Re-routes long nets Inserts tie-down diodes sandro.bonacini@cern.ch Via optimization 30/3/10 Kostas.Kloukinas@cern.ch 52 sandro.bonacini@cern.ch Filler /

01/30/04 *Other brands and names are the property of their respective owners Page 1 Futures Subcommittee Proposed “New” Futures Subcommittee To create,

Tasks for IBIS 4.2 and Following “Clean up” of language and resolve conflicts Example: [S. Pin Mapping] (BIRD87), [Driver Sched.] (BIRD88) [External Model] integration issues Example: Acceptable digital states for/3 Tips For Component Buffer Grouping 3.0 Extracting the Data 3.1 Using Spice to IBIS (s2ibis) 3.2 Extracting I/V and Switching Data via / Buffers Input Buffers Sweep Ranges Making Pullup and Power Clamp Sweeps Vcc Relative Diode Models Diode Transient Time Data 3.2.2 Extracting the Ramp Rate or V/T /

ITRS Test ITWG July 24th, 2002.

package Conversion Optimize wiring , Adjust processing Electric circuit parameter extraction Tester pin electronics (Electro magnetic analysis) (Board analysis) Tester mother board DR Tester x CP Test board verification technology New business DUT- Tester transmission The necessity for a model 1V 3V 25Ω R S R L ∽ 350mH CP 24mA CP -24mA output SPICE and IBS model Distributed Model, Tester Mode tr=2.0ns/tf=2/

Library Features Standard cells 9 tracks, 600 cells

market Power Timing DFM Built-in antenna diodes in clock buffer cells Advanced TSMC-tuned DFM features unidirectional gate poly contact/metal overlap DFM guidelines used Compliant with advanced TSMC “LOD” Spice model (90nm, Q4’03) New in/ have different conditions; check with TSMC TSMC Standard Cell Characterization Sets the industry standard Extensive Characterization: Input pin capacitance Propagation Delay, Transition Time Setup/Hold Time Recovery/Removal Time/Minimum Pulse Width Leakage, Internal Power /

Monolithic Pixel Detectors in a Deep Submicron SOI Process, TIPP, Tsukuba, Japan 11-17 March 2009 1 Discussion of process features.

implemented in SOI technology”, SOI Conference, 2000 IEEE International 2000, 138 - 139 Pinning layer implanted!!! No attention to coupling Excluded from sensitivity Path of evolution Monolithic /Review of role of BPW layer Extension of effective size of diodes achieved by adding BPW over PSUB is not bringing any good/ 2009 12 Achievements, observations and investigations Transistor with floating body was used (poor precision SPICE models gave wrong value of g ds ) – later measurements showed very small equiv/

Electrical System Nov. 15, 2010 Monte Frandsen. Key Electronics Design Goals and Constraints Minimal change between ground and airborne observations Signals.

. Two lead Cryo cooler heat sink temperature Lakeshore DT-670 Si Diodes Expected accuracy 0.1K around 77K Can be individually calibrated for higher accuracy as required/the expected mean noise output voltage ~Vm ≈ eout*sqrt(Bandwidth) Vm ≈ 1.7mV LT-Spice Noise Simulation shows ~12mV/Hz 1/2 - -Still need to reconcile the differences 16 /Cryo pump cold head 3 general 116 Connections (wire count) Vacuum Bulkhead Connectors 3-50 pin DSUB Bulkhead connectors PN# Preamp Connectors 3-Micro-D style (MIL-DTL-83513 Style )/

GLAST LAT ProjectPeer Review of LAT ACD, July 26, 2001 1 Peer Review of the ACD Subsystem in Preparation for the LAT Instrument PDR July 26, 2001 ACD Science,

68 fibers in two rows Provide venting of tiles and fiber bundles Connectors pinned to maintain alignment Provide light tight interface (wrappings taped to connectors) / version has been fabricated and tested. Conceptual design and process has changed. SPICE simulations continue. Digital ASIC is in conceptual design phase. ADC choice will follow/of 0 to 1600V DC, controllable via DAC command Commandable enable/disable Diode ORing to provide capability for two supplies in parallel A maximum output current/

Full-Custom Design …. TYWu. Outline Introduction Transistor Process Steps Layout Schematic R/C Design Rules Tools.

ratio=?) Layout L/W for NMOS Transistor w L L Layout Diode I O I O I O N+ Layout Resistor Layout Resistor / 10% switch at once, still 10A peak current! Considerable IR drop!  Need many supply pins, wide power supply wires Layout Power Distribution Layout Cell-based chip will appear like Layout Standard Cells/gate 為例 子 Schematic Design Schematic Construct Your Design Schematic CDL out: schematic view  Spice netlist Schematic Spice Netlist  For LVS : *.PININFO y:O a:I.subckt nand02d1_schematic vout a b/

Optoelectronic Simulation of PhotoDetectors

RIDL. Simulated total integrated recombination rate significantly contributes to the reverse diode leakage current. Quantum efficiency is defined as the ratio of the/Comparison of Photodetectors Generic Operating Parameters of Si, Ge, and GaAs pin Photodiodes Parameter Symbol Unit Si Ge InGaAs Wavelength Range λ nm 400/SRH, Auger, Klassesen, Fermi, etc. Simulation of the model e.g. Silvaco, Spice, etc. Optoelectronic Device Simulator Luminous is an advanced simulator used to model absorption and /

NEWCOM WPR3 Meeting – 6/9/04 Nonlinearity characterization and modelling Giovanni Ghione Dipartimento di Elettronica Politecnico di Torino Microwave &

WPR3 Meeting – 6/9/04 NL equivalent circuit examples Bipolar: BJT: Ebers-Moll, Gummel-Poon HBT: Modified GP, MEXTRAM… FET: MOS: SPICE models, BSIM models… MESFET: Curtice, Statz, Materka, TOM… HEMT: Chalmers, COBRA… NEWCOM WPR3 Meeting – 6/9/04 Example: the /Complexity, high cost NEWCOM WPR3 Meeting – 6/9/04 Passive Load Pull Systems I Passive loads Mechanical tuners Electronic tuners (PIN diode-based ) Power Meter Power Sensor Power Sensor Passive tuners  S L NEWCOM WPR3 Meeting – 6/9/04 Passive Load/

Plant Reliability Larry Jump JDSU Field Applications Engineer

. Adjust for Tilt Station Pad. Adjust level Pre amplifier High pass filter Inter stage Compersator Inter stage EQ Pin Diode circuit Main Amplifier On output to Port 4. Know your test equipment Different test equipment operates differently. Size / Provider issues Antennas 8VSB Receivers Muxes to groom for regional networks Program Insertion: Quality of ad being spiced PCR Discontinuity Decoding/Timing of DPI information MPEG edge-processing RF combining Encryption: Encryption not-enabled Equipment /

Applications Engineering.

pole usually set for device, although some devices allow adjusting via compensation pin. Gain bandwidth usually specified: Solve for gain bandwidth pole: Error amp/ .040 x .020 .040 x .025 .080 x .080 0402 Diode Package 04025 Transistor Package 0808 Multilead Package Can Package 4 RC filter/ESD/applications circuits Design-ins Applications Notes Development Troubleshooting Customer Application needs SPICE simulations Development ON Semiconductor Universal Serial Bus ON Semiconductor Applications Engineering /

HCAL RBX PRR Overview Jim Freeman RBX PRR March 1-2, 2001.

be two types of tubes one with 73 and one with 19. HPD Fiber-Optic Window Photocathode Ceramic feedthrough PIN Diode array Ceramic feedthrough Fiber-Optic Window Photocathode e 4 16 kV Gain 4000 8 HB RBX Detail View Digital /oversampling. (106 samples). Nr samples increases with pedestal width. Influence on Ped width on Calibration measurement Noise vs Input Capacitance Spice model of QIE. 50 ohm cable ~ 1pf/cm HB Schedule Design Criteria for RBX Interfaces to other subsystems Accessibility/Serviceability /

Predictably Low-Leakage ASIC Design using Leakage-immune Standard Cells Nikhil Jayakumar Sunil P. Khatri University of Colorado at Boulder.

body effect control.  Drawback:  Applicable only when VDD lower than the diode turn-on voltage. Increased gate capacitance slows the device down. Proposed for partially / switches” (high V T MOS devices) added between the supplies and the power pins of the circuit.  Delay increased (controlled by sizing power switches appropriately). Sizes / cell level, HL and MTCMOS leakage are comparably low Circuit Leakage (Estimate vs SPICE)  At circuit level, HL leakage is precisely estimable This is a key /

TileCal Electronics A Status Report J. Pilcher 17-Sept-1998.

processor 17-Sept-98 July ’98 Test Beam Results Laser calibration Measure linearity and stability of PMT and electronics  3 PIN diodes to monitor laser 17-Sept-98 July ’98 Test Beam Results Digitized signals More pedestal noise on high gain channel Digitizing clock/gain branch ~ 1.1 counts  Corresponds to ~ 0.4 photoelectrons in PMT (17 MeV)  SPICE simulation predicts 1.2 counts Noise for low gain branch ~0.5 counts  SPICE simulation of 3-in-1 card predicts 0.3 counts  Digital noise < ~ 0.4 counts 17/

Dec. 1999 System IC Product Short Form Catalog System IC SBU ( Dec. 1999 / Rev. 01 ) 3 PRODUCT INDEX.

Operating Voltage TEA1062/AGL6962/A Ringer 8 DIP Internal Rectifier Bridge & Zener Diode L3240/1240GL6840A/B 8 DIPAdjustable 2-frequency ToneKA2410/1GL6850/1 40 DIP CMOS/01 ) 67 ASIC Design Flow DESIGN FLOW.VHD : VHDL Netlist.V : Verilog HDL Netlist.SPI : Spice Netlist.SPF : Standard Parasitic Format.SDF : Standard Delay Format.VCD : Value Change Dump Data Verilog2Spice (/System IC SBU ( Dec. 1999 / Rev. 01 ) 70 Package Availability PACKAGE GUIDE Pin Count 100 200 300 PKG Type 160 400500600 (E) 8 14 16 20 24 /

Contribution of: Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits Branch Lab Design Automation (EAS) Dresden Germany DynLAB Kickoff Meeting – Praha – November.

points (pins) of models/Diodes Transimpedance amplifier Applied for Bit-error rate (BER) determination with a semianalytical approach Fieldbus-based systems Verification of system functionality Normal behavior Exceptions, error handling Performance analysis Net utilization Access times Use of resources Profibus design environment Extension to CAN, LON, LAN ( Ethernet ) in progress Real-time applications Methodology and Tools Modeling of Thermal-Electrical Interactions Isotherms Thermal Models (Spice/

EM Effects on Semiconductor Devices, Gates and Integrated Circuit Interconnects Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UMCP Neil Goldsman Collaborators:

allow us to probe inside transistors where experimental probes can not reach, pinpointing regions of failure. (Circuit simulators like SPICE can not show this since they which only perform lumped analyses.) Technique developed to simulate oxide breakdown. Location of avalanching/station measurements Manufactured through MOSIS AMIS 0.5 μm; 3 Metal layers Structures on chip 1: 1.Planar inductor on pin-diode 2.Stacked inductor on p- substrate 3.Planar inductor on p-plus 4.De-embedding structure: Thru 1 2 34 /

Bee Technologies Design Kit Flyback Converter using PWM IC LTspice Version 1Copyright (C) Siam Bee Technologies 2015 02JUL2015.

Output Waveform 5.4) MOSFET Switching Device (UQ 101 ) 5.5) Output Rectifier Diode (D 201 - D 202 ) 5.6) Current Sensing and Feedback Circuit Conclusion Simulation/ 105kHz 4. Transformer Specification Copyright (C) Siam Bee Technologies 201518 NPNP NSNS N SUB Pin (S--F)Turns NPNP 1 → 354 NSNS 9 → 1210 N SUB 5 → / 315uH Electrical Specification  To model the transformer (or coupled inductors), we can use the SPICE primitive k, which describes the coupling ratio between a primary and a secondary. 5. Operation/

LED Lighting Material PDH Promotion – Aug 2012. Decentralized Front Light Module – LED Lighting Light Levelling Curve Light Stepper Motor Driver Decentralized.

A High Integration  Power switch  Sense resistor  Fast freewheeling diode  PWM dimming engine (frequency & duty cycle adjustable externally)  Over temperature protection  Peak current regulation  OL detection via status pin Switching frequency adjustable with external RC network (typ. 300kHz) Analog / All rights reserved. Available Support Material Demoboards Application Boards P-Spice Model for TLD5098EL, TLD5095EL, TLD5085EJ Application Note for TLD5095EL, TLD5098EL Excel Calculation Tool for TLD5095EL, TLD5098EL 6/8/

 C. H. Ziesler et al., 2003 Energy Recovering Computers 1 Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory University of Michigan Conrad H. Ziesler 1 Joohee.

than conventional counterparts  C. H. Ziesler et al., 2003 Minimalist approach – Simple tools: magic and spice – Low-cost standard CMOS process: HP 0.5  m, 40-pin DIP package, through MOSIS. Operational chip demonstrates practicality of energy-recovering circuit design – Non-trivial size /dynamic logic family.  C. H. Ziesler et al., 2003 Energy-Recovering Dynamic Logic Sense amplifier Precharge diodes Current switches Evaluation tree Current tail Power clock Vss bias at bt afbf af ot NMOS NAND gate Power /

 C. H. Ziesler et al., 2003 Energy Recovery Design for Low-Power ASICs Conrad H. Ziesler 1 Joohee Kim 1 Suhwan Kim 2 Marios C. Papaefthymiou 1 1 Advanced.

in 0.5  m bulk silicon process  C. H. Ziesler et al., 2003 SCAL-D Topology ● Sense amplifier ● Precharge diodes ● Current switches ● Evaluation tree ● Current tail ● Power-clock Vss bias at bt af bf of ot NMOS NAND gate Power /: 100 transistors  C. H. Ziesler et al., 2003 ● Minimalist approach ● Simple tools: magic and spice ● Low-cost standard CMOS process: HP 0.5um, 40-pin DIP package, through MOSIS. ● Operational chip demonstrates practicality of energy-recovering circuit design ● Non-trivial size (/

I am thanks full to my friends  Tur Ali Sina Khan,  Daniyal Siddiqui,  Muhammad Umar Yasin,  Syed Wajahat Ali,  Faraz Ahmad Bhatti,  Ibraheem Ali,

In, Zoom Out etc. Components Toolbar Sources, Basics Components, Diodes, Transistors, Analogue, Indicators, RF and MCU etc. Simulation Run Simulation, Stop Simulation, Pause Simulation, Step In etc. Main Toolbar Show/Hide Spice net list viewer, Breadboard viewer, Design toolbox viewer, Grapher/new value here Wiring the Components  To begin wiring, how over the cursor over a part terminal (end pin). Notice that the cursor changes shape to indicate that you are starting a wire. Cursor shape changes, showing /

1 ECE 495 – Integrated System Design I ECE 495 - INTEGRATED SYSTEMS Requirements Specifications and Standards Timothy Burg.

Sweden 8 ECE 495 – Integrated System Design I Design Example – Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) One important component (PIN Diode) 9 ECE 495 – Integrated System Design I Design Example – Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) Used Standards to describe /Design I Project 2 Voltage Adapter This is a design (you don’t physically build anything) Prototype is a simulation – SPICE 39 ECE 495 – Integrated System Design I Website Your Team will use a website to build the final report Hosting the/

Dec 2010Performance of CMOS Circuits 1 Instructed by Shmuel Wimer Eng. School, Bar-Ilan University Credits: David Harris Harvey Mudd College (Some material.

for operation  Source and drain have capacitance to body –Across reverse-biased diodes –Called diffusion capacitance because it is associated with source/drain diffusion Dec 2010Performance/Circuits 28 Simulated Inverter Delay  Solving differential equations by hand is too hard  SPICE simulator solves the equations numerically –Uses more accurate I-V models too!  But/Circuits 45  Power is drawn from a voltage source attached to the V DD pin(s) of a chip.  Instantaneous Power:  Energy:  Average Power: /

9-11 july 2003C. de La Taille Electronics CERN Summer School 20031 Course 2 : deciphering a schematic C. de LA TAILLE LAL Orsay CERN.

Cf Input Output Charge preamp example Charge preamp for W-Si calorimeter at FLC… Readout of 1 cm 2 Si PIN diodes Complete schematic (DC feedback omitted) 9-11 july 2003C. de La Taille Electronics CERN Summer School 2003 4 Basic /) Numerous composites Darlington Paraphase Cascode… Simple models hybrid π model Similar for bipolar and MOS Essential for design + Powerful simulation tools Spice, Spectre, Eldo… BC ECCC The Art of electronics design 9-11 july 2003C. de La Taille Electronics CERN Summer School 2003 /

Page - 1 The Leading Provider of EDA Software & Technologies for the Physical Implementation of Structured ASICs.

clock domains  Fits traditional design flows  Standard test flow  Generates files for LVS/LEC  Diodes for antenna repair Page - 10 11/21/2000 www.ViASIC.com The Best Structured ASIC Single mask/in SDC Outputs Via photomask in GDSII Path delay data in SDF Auto pin assignment in TCL Scan chain reordering interface to Tetramax Print and plot data/ 28 11/21/2000 www.ViASIC.com ViaPath Features, Release Plan 2004.4 Spice Translation/Synthesis for Analog P&R Skew of MUX balancing for additional timing resources/

Microelectronic Circuit Design McGraw-Hill Chap 7 - 1 Chapter 7 Complementary MOS (CMOS) Logic Design Microelectronic Circuit Design Richard C. Jaeger.

but this is not possible to implement By putting the following circuit in SPICE, it is possible to produce more accurate equations Microelectronic Circuit Design McGraw-Hill/ the latchup state, both transistors saturate, and the voltage across the structure collapses to one diode drop plus one saturation voltage. V = V EB +V CESAT = V BE + / McGraw-Hill Chap 7 - 68 Packaging Issues  When choose package need to consider pin count, power dissipation, cost.  Heat sink can be added to relief power dissipation/

FKPPL, Febuary 25-26 2009, Rémi Cornat 1 FKPPL technical activities CALICE Si-W ECAL Rémi CORNAT

Silicon wafers overview Technology – Low cost (3000 m2 for an ILC detector) – Very common process, few number of steps – PIN diode, reverse bias CALICE physics prototype – Various sensors were tested including Korean ones (finally not included in the prototype) – 500 nm/ filters the number of segment Nseg appears Includes the whole measurement chain (band pass filter) Additional electrical simulations (SPICE) including the pixel to pixel crosstalk FKPPL, Febuary 25-26 2009, Rémi Cornat 9 Sensors : dead /

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