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Automation and Drives Title SE&A PASNo. 1 of 68 Copyright © Siemens AG 2006 All Rights Reserved Lifecycle Strategy Solution Architectures Components Features.

505 Controller 505 Controller Engineering Tool Change-out HMI and Controllers Industrial Ethernet PCS 7 ES PCS 7 OS Clients PCS 7 OS Servers AS controller RBC DP Example Migration Strategy Automation and Drives Title SE&A PASNo. 12 of 68 Copyright ©/ Migration Products are available for the following systems: Migration Products are being developed for: OpenPMC All are based on Database Automation (DBA) Automation and Drives Title SE&A PASNo. 58 of 68 Copyright © Siemens AG 2006 All Rights Reserved Lifecycle/

HOME AUTOMATION & CONTROL John Errington. WHY HOME AUTOMATION? Your security system knows all about your occupancy of the house. With a little more development.

AUTOMATION AROUND THE WORLD TYPES OF HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEMS PC-based system: Requires a PC to be running at all times. Dedicated PC Shared PC Standalone system: Runs without a PC, although may use a PC for programming Hybrid system: Runs without a PC, but uses PC/ signal: 1110 01011010 10100101 10 CEBus COMMUNICATIONS PROTOCOL A United States standard developed by the Electronics Industry Association (EIA). Resulted from the standardization of infrared signaling used for remote control of appliances to/

13 years of experience Comes in the Industrial world in 1993 Exclusive provider for With ML-Visu and ML-Contact products under MS-DOS Advent of Windows.

will be entirely free. Who can use Visual I/O? It is for all the developers who want to create Windows © Industrial applications. What do I need to know? You need to have programmed at least once in your life (or in school!). It/ 1690 Euros For Uno and Panel PC Panel PC Is Included : An ARSoft’s Profibus Card (PCI or PC104) + Visual I/O (OEM version) + Visual PLC (OEM version) + PLC Remote Control End User Price : 800 Euros Complete solution for PC based Automation Uno 2160 Profibus DP KIT ADAM-8000/

Stratix 5700 Industrial Switch Overview

Automatically sets up the switch for control system applications Express Setup Tailored for industrial automation applications Automatically sets many parameters including: Enables CIP Configures network traffic prioritization/ system applications Connect securely from your internet browser Device Manager Web based graphical device management tool Dashboard, Configure, Monitor and Maintenance views / Multiple switches Store and copy on a PC Configuration file can be edited on PC as .txt file Edit and copy to/

IDEC PLC MicroSmart series

$400 million Large-size 20% of market $276 million Others (PC based, embedded, and software based) 12% of market $165 million 2. Market Info North America Top/CANbus, Profibus, etc. Software Sub programs (similar to AB) 4. Targeted Industries & Applications Food and Beverage Equipment Washing Equipment Sorting Machine Slicing Machine Baking Equipment / FX3U, FX2N, FX2NC, FX1N, FX1S Panasonic FP-X, FP-Sigma, FP-0 Automation Direct DL05, DL06, DL205 Omron CP1H, CPM2C, CPM2A, CPM1A Schneider Twido 5. /

CONTROL SYSTEMS TYPES 1) PLC 2) DCS 3) PC- Based Controls. PLC Sequentional logic solver PID Calculations. Advanced Subroutines BIT Operations. Data Transfer.

the developing enterprise resource system Windows PLC Architecture Evolution Today : Enterprise Control NT - Based PC running Control Development Software CE Based Open Control Unit I/O Program Download Connection Open Solutions Ethernet - enterprise network connection / micro-kernel operating system for PCs into one of the best selling and most trusted operating systems for mission critical application. Today, QNX is the real time operating system in industrial automation, hand held devices, controllers /

CC Lin PAC/Solution Biz Development Manager Industrial Automation Group PAC Control System Introduction.

Industrial Automation Controller Position Reliability & Scalability Computing & Capabilities PCs PLCs PACs Integrating Control, information Processing and Networking in a Single Platform PLC Industrial PC PAC One Control Platform Save System Hardware Cost & System Integration Effort No Communication Issue between PC/ PAC Two solutions for different programmers PC-based Controller: open platform PAC: built-in SoftLogic software (KW) PAC PC-based Controller PC-based Controller Advantech IEC 61131-3 SoftLogic /

CABA Vision “The knowledge-based forum for industry leaders who advance the use of technology and integrated systems in the global home and building industry.”

based systems such as GPS. AT&T, GM/OnStar, Cisco, Disney Proposed launch in mid to late February/07 State of the Connected Home Market 2007: a collaborative effort between IHA-RC and Information Storage Industry/mentioned most often as part of a potential change initiative is the PC. This category is followed in popularity by Web hosting, WiFi networking/Collaborative Work Health & Fitness Needs Assessment Health and Wellness Portal Home Automation Hub Home Network in a Box Home Networking Barriers & Opps. /

World Personal Computer (PC)-Based Control Markets New Motion Control Systems on the Verge of Increased Industry Growth “Because PC-based controls perform.

Assess the attractiveness of investing in the PC-based controls market Benefits Advantech Technologies, Inc. Agilent Technologies, Inc. Agilera Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation AlterSys Corp. Altus Automation Systems, US ASAP, Inc. Ascender Technologies ATSI Automationdirect.com Automation Controls, Inc. Automation Intelligence, Inc. Cimetrix, Inc. CJ International Cutler Hammer Entivity, Inc. GE Cisco Industrial Networks GE Fanuc Automation Intellution, Inc. Intrinsyc Software, Inc. Mitsubishi Electric/

Wireless Sensor Systems: Security Implications for the Industrial Environment Dr. Peter L. Fuhr Chief Scientist RAE Systems, Sunnyvale, CA

A wireless LAN is a data communications system providing wireless peer-to-peer (PC-to-PC, PC-to-hub, or printer-to-hub) and point-to-point (LAN-to-/(LAN-LAN) bridges. Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN): Personal area networks are based on a global specification called Bluetooth which uses radio frequency to transmit voice and / on the factory floor". Kluwer, "Handboek Industriële Netwerken". Kluwer 2000, ISBN 90-5404-628-7. Kriesel, "Bustechnologien für die Automation, 2nd Ed.". Hüthig Verlag 2000, ISBN/

Business activities of building automation

Automation Existing powerful Controllers according to every application Performance small controller BC / BX Embedded PC CX9000 Embedded PC CX1000 Embedded PC CX1020 Industrie-PC Panel Bus-Controller Embedded PC IPC Application Complexity Beckhoff Building Automation / Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH; Beckhoff Beckhoff Building Automation BSH Bosch und Siemens Household Appliances GmbH, Munich, Germany Customer advantages: - Integrated networking on an ethernet base meets the requirements in terms of flexibility and/

Automation Systems & Testers

Part manufacturing Assembly & part manufacturing Videoton EAS KVJ VT Elektro-PLAST Industrial Park Company VT METAL VT Mechatronics VT ARTRANS VT Automotive Electronics / VIDEOTON. Engineering Engineering ¬ VT-ASYST Main activity of VT-ASYST Ltd. is based on engineering work. Our engineering groups include well-trained engineers. Engineers are supported/ marker Traceability with RF ID Data Acquisition by PC We made it… ¬ VT-ASYST Fully Automated Testers: Feeding by manipulators Functional testing High Voltage/

Mile High Industrial and Automation Conference WHY Wireless Wire David J. Southern, P.E. Manager Control Microsystems, Inc. 90 Madison Street, Suite 600.

Automation Conference Windows-based services-management Software: Field unit configuration interface Auto-Recognition Remote Configuration Provides system diagnostics Powerful network management tool Client/server architecture Installs on: -Single PC’s -Corporate LAN servers for 24/7 Monitoring and Diagnostics -One or more PC’s for multiple services management consoles (including Internet) WIRE Mile High Industrial and Automation Conference Value Propositions: Proven 900 MHz FHSS Radio Wide/

Chapter 5 Industrial Control Systems Dr. Osama Al-Habahbah The University of Jordan Mechatronics Engineering Department.

Automation in the two Industries 5.1.2 Variable and Parameters in the Two Industries Fig:5.1 5.1.2. Variable and Parameters in the two Industries/ update of index of performance. Decision : Based on algorithm + IP. Modification : Actuators./PCs in Process Control Availability of PC operating systems that facilitates real-time control, multitasking and networking. Industrial-grade PCs can be used to cope with the harsh factory environment. Data integration is easier using one PC than using a PC and a PLC. PCs/

intelligent field devices

all applications and all device types efficiently... Data Networks Workstations, robots, PCs Higher cost Not bus powered Long messages (e-mail, files) Not/and limited number of registers in the chips. no standard message services. Market: industrial automation, automobiles "The Dawn of Fast Ethernet" The universal bus To probe further:/ both in the standardisation and on the market. Fieldbus Selection Criteria Installed base, devices availability: processors, input/output Interoperability (how likely is it to/

Industrial Automation Automation Industrielle Industrielle Automation

Industrial Automation Automation Industrielle Industrielle Automation 3.3.2 3. Industrial Communication/RS-232 - Mechanical-Electrical Standard Originally developed for modem communication, now serial port in IBM-PCs Topology: Telephone lines Data DTE DCE DCE DTE Data 2 Terminal 2 Terminal Equipment Equipment /area overlap and frequency limitations not tamper-free, difficult to power the devices costs of base station but: who changes the batteries ? Redundancy at the physical layer Party-Line Terminator /

One Controller - Any Bus Connecting Programmable Automation Controllers,Measurements, Sensors, Networks and PLCs Ian Bell National Instruments.

a hard real-time protocol  Does not deliver determinism 20 Ethernet-based Industrial Protocols Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet/IP EtherCAT Profinet 21 EtherNet/IP Overview Dominant bus for Rockwell Automation  Managed by Open Device Vendors Association (ODVA)  Extends DeviceNET /  Ideal for HMI and SCADA applications Considerations  Slower, not deterministic, single-point only  Can require PC-based OPC servers  Not for safety or critical communications 33 ABCO Adds LabVIEW to PLC System ABS brake testing /

Moxa Company Introduction and Industrial Ethernet Market Trend Overview Andrew Hsu/EMEA Sales manager Moxa Networking 03-22-06.

World-Class Device Networking Solutions for Industrial Automation. BuildingAutomation Utility Transportation FactoryAutomation POS/ATM Telcom 3 Mission: Serial Connectivity,& Embedded Computing &I/O Networking Solutions 46 employees Mission: *Industrial Ethernet *DVN solution Started up /Automation 2. Siemens A& Group 3. ABB Automation 4. Elecktro Beckhoff 5. OPTO 22 1. Siemens A&D Group 2. Rockwell Automaton Allen-Bradley 3. Mitsubishi Electric 4. GE Fanuc Automation 5. Yokogawa Electric Ethernet PC-Based/

©2004 InfoNetrix LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide 3-1 PART THREE Market Drivers, Issues & Trends Market Horizons™ Report Geospatial & Field Automation.

included in the analyses and recommendations. The representations of industry and market data and portrayals of the business environment are based on market research conducted by experienced professionals with broad / PC Maintenance Remote Metering Internet Systems Integration SCADA External Application Development Call Center Operation Asset Management SOURCE: DATAMONITOR Impact & Importance of Automation & IT Initiatives Among Utilities Mission-critical 3. Technology/Integration/Standardization Automation /

2004 June, HK Industrial Automation Automation Industrielle Industrielle Automation 3. Industrial Communication Systems Physical Layer 3.3.2 Niveau physique.

rules Originally developed for modem communication, now serial port in IBM-PCs cable extension ModemComputerTerminal 3 1 7 2004 June, HK 3.3.2 Field busses - Physical Layer EPFL - Industrial Automation Physical Layer Outline 2. Topology 3. Physical media 5. /of unbalance (magnetic discharge) 53 2004 June, HK 3.3.2 Field busses - Physical Layer EPFL - Industrial Automation Decoding base-band signals Zero-crossing detector Sampling of signal needs Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) and preamble (≠ delimiter) Signal /

Slide 1/64 Industrial Automation - Customer View - Services - Training PhW - CANopen_offer_en 09/2003 Industrial Automation CANopen offer June 2003 Industrial.

contacts on circuit-breakers Status of 16 external inputs on sub-base Part 2: Product characteristics CANopen communication module for TEGO POWER/QUICKFIT Slide 20/64 Industrial Automation - Customer View - Services - Training PhW - CANopen_offer_en 09/. Removable terminal block 8 configurable I/O with external 24V power supply RJ45 connector for connection to PC Slide 45/64 Industrial Automation - Customer View - Services - Training PhW - CANopen_offer_en 09/2003 Part 2: Product characteristics Programmable/

©2004 InfoNetrix LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide 2-1 PART TWO Marketplace Characteristics Market Horizons™ Report Geospatial & Field Automation Solutions.

are included in the analyses and recommendations. The representations of industry and market data and portrayals of the business environment are based on market research conducted by experienced professionals with broad knowledge/InfoNetrix LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide PART 2: Marketplace Characteristics 2-28 Segment Applications & Configurations Field Automation Devices Laptops & Tablet PCs PDAs & Handheld Devices ©2004 InfoNetrix LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide PART 2: Marketplace Characteristics 2-/

1 iHome Automation System Home Automation System Team: Million Dollar Contingency Regiment Adam Doehling Chris Manning Ryan Patterson.

home. The web server also interfaces the L2 and L3 nodes to the iHome Control Center software. iHome Security & Automation System16 Software Description- Pocket PC-based Remote User Interface The Pocket PC based Windows Mobile application used for the remote user interface will use internal wireless Ethernet to communicate with the web server, / of the project. Other risks include running out of time before being able to polish our product to industry specifications. iHome Security & Automation System21

©2004 InfoNetrix LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide 3-1 PART THREE Market Drivers, Issues & Trends Market Horizons™ Report Real-time Automation & Controls.

included in the analyses and recommendations. The representations of industry and market data and portrayals of the business environment are based on market research conducted by experienced professionals with broad /PC Maintenance Remote Metering Internet Systems Integration SCADA External Application Development Call Center Operation Asset Management SOURCE: DATAMONITOR Impact & Importance of Automation & IT Initiatives Among Utilities Mission-critical 3. Technology/Integration/Standardization Automation/

Process Introduction. Types of Processes.

specialized high-volume equipment Has formal relationships with vendors May use vertical integration Product-based layout with linear flow Continuous Flow An often automated structure that converts raw materials into finished products in one continuous process. Same operations/ B. Then resource D assembles PC with C2 during 5 minutes. Each week has 5 days of 4 hours. Total cost are 3600 €/week. Process Introduction Classification of Processes Process strategies at the Industry Factors that affect (or are/

1 Dr. rer. nat. Lars Grunske, Boeing Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of ITEE, ARC Centre for Complex Systems An Automated Failure Mode and Effect.

ITEE, ARC Centre for Complex Systems Automated Hazard Analysis An Automated Failure Mode and Effect Analysis based on High-Level Design Specification with Behavior/ a program counter (PC) concept)  Each action increases the actual PC value  Reversion  Set back the PC  New Process  New PC  Translation Scheme (contains/Grunske, Boeing Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of ITEE, ARC Centre for Complex Systems Industrial Metal Press Behaviour Description  Press main functions:  Raise plunger to top /

(Confidential – For Internal Use Only) Copyright © 2008 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved. 1 Logix CIP SYNC Solution CIP SYNC Hardware (how.

Tool –Software runs on a PC –Uses local PC clock to synchronize control system clock on a defined schedule –Often NTP is the source for the PC 1756-EWEB –Sets the wall /industry acceptance –Ethernet is deterministic: Switched Duplex, 100 Mbps, Prioritized –Ethernet based solutions have been broadly adopted for motion Devices Available (Confidential – For Internal Use Only) Copyright © 2008 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved. 46 Motion Network Requirements Synchronization Services – CIP SYNC BASED/

Oracle Industry Solutions Information Age Applications

processes whenever viable. The economic downturn has increasingly compelled Consumer Electronics companies and PC OEMs to protect their installed base of direct and indirect channel customers. The competitive landscape today mandates innovative approaches /lower velocity than raw material for production. Oracle has a complete service solution for this industry, whose processes are automated using workflow thereby reducing costly human involvement. Oracle solution also provides multi channel capability (/

SETMA’s Automated Team Function Dr. James L. Holly CEO, Southeast Texas Medical Associates, LLP A djunct Professor Family & Community Medicine University.

and SETMA’s transformation, ten years later, into a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PC-MH). The principles are: 1. Pursue Electronic Patient Management rather than EMR 2/ them. 25 Value Equals Quality Divided By Cost  The lessons of the industrial revolution give us guidance here. Rather than handmade tools and machines made by/evaluated for: 1. That which can and should be automated, all based on evidence-based medicine 2. That which requires human input based on patient-centered care  This will give the /

1 Implementation of RF4CE-based Wireless Auto Configuration Architecture for Ubiquitous Smart Home Adviser: Yih-Ran Sheu Adviser : Yih-Ran Sheu Student.

The proposed architecture is based on IEEE802.15.4, especially RF4CE protocol. In order to validate the proposed REWACON, we implemented two kinds of REWACON components for a mobile terminal and PC system. The proposed architecture is based on IEEE802.15.4,/, Proceedings, April 2006, pp 1-12 [9] Egan, D., The emergence of ZigBee in building automation and industrial control, Computing & Control Engineering Journal, April- May 2005, Volume: 16, Issue: 2, pp 14- 19 [9] Egan, D., /

IBM Software Group © 2008 IBM Corporation Business Continuity Advances with IBM Tivoli System Automation Family Dr. Norbert

p HP-UX on HP-servers Linux on BladeCenter Linux on iSeries Linux on PCs (System x and non-IBM PCs) Windows on PCs (System x and non-IBM PCs) SA MP SA z/OS System z„classical“ UNIX ServersPC Systems SA MP/software © 2008 IBM Corporation 28 October 2008 Business Continuity Advances - IBM Tivoli System Automation Family xDR Customer Value  Industrial strength business continuity solution for Linux on System z based on GDPS Pretested solution, enables lower skilled operators to perform DR  High customer /

FROM BASIC ILS TO SOCIALLY ENABLED INFRASTRUCTURE: Modernizing Library Automation Marshall Breeding Director for Innovative Technology and Research Vanderbilt.

its company as poor. Library Journal Automation Marketplace  Published annually in April 1 issue  Based on data provided by each vendor  Focused primarily on North America  Context of global library automation market Annual Industry report published in Library Journal:  / [Best Buy Chief Executive Brian Dunn] also said internal estimates showed that the iPad had cannibalized sales from laptop PCs, especially netbooks, by as much as 50%.”  Some backtracking, but clear that new devices are changing the /

CHEM-E7140 - Process Automation Lecture 1: Introductory concepts of process control, introduction to control system implementation.

based logic systems in the retailing industry PLCs have become more common in DCD systems due to the development of technology and increasing calculation speed of microprocessors Contents Introduction to process automation Benefits of process automation Main Functions of the Process Automation Systems Systems Architecture –Distributed Control Systems –Programmable Logic Controller-based Automation/ to system bus (can be implemented also with PC) –Display and operation station Distributed Control Systems: /

Customer Value Proposition Playbook Sales & Marketing Team, Samsung Printing Solutions Business 2016.01 Version 2.0 Industry 1 st Android-based Printing.

SMART MX series  Tech-Savvy Corp. with Innovative culture Concept /Purpose Industry 1 st Android-based printing UX system for creating smart work experience Customer Needs  Better productivity/to device with Send Anywhere  Workflow automation with Auto Start option (shortcut) Workflow automation with Auto Start option (shortcut) Extensibility /Concept?  “66.2% Clear Understood” 2. Expected Benefit  “Customization + Without PC + Extensibility” 3. Expected Concern  “F/W management + Price + Breakdown + /

Control Systems Under Attack !!? …about the Need for Industrial Cyber-Security Dr. Stefan Lüders (CERN IT/CO) 5 ème Journées Informatiques de l’IN2P3 et.

Back Doors War Dialing Denial of Service Automated Probes/Scans IRC Based Zero Day Exploits Viruses Worms Root Kits Control/Management Full remote control of… ► Configuring ► Installation ► Patching ► Rebooting ► Automatically & network-based ► On many PCs in parallel Configure… ► Look & Feel ► Access rights & restrictions … this works even for /Systems” Awareness raising ► Campaigns to inform Users of control systems about ‘Industrial Security’ ► At CERN and in the HEP community Raising User Awareness/

Suppy Chain Management for the Semiconductor Industry - The Value Creation Potential of Transformation The Horizontal, Hyper-competitive Future Heechun.

the OEM’s sought to improve PC price/performance Proprietary operating systems gave way to the Windows standard as the OEM’s sought compatibility with the growing Windows-based software community Desire to benefit from /forecasting –Inventory and logistics planning –Production Product / technical specifications and information (Production libraries) Sales Force Automation Industry / market analysis –information warehousing –data mining –internet EDI Common Challenges ERP integrates global financials and /

Industrial Networking & Connectivity

with -t option Ping your PC’s IP address Industrial Networking and Connectivity Seminar Industrial Networking and Connectivity Seminar “ping” Industrial Networking and Connectivity Seminar Seminar/server Trigger alarm View alarm email Industrial Networking and Connectivity Seminar FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server Automated Data File Storage DAQSTATION Advanced / QoS (Quality of Service) Allows a managed switch to prioritize traffic based on type of data or application VLAN (Virtual LAN) Ability to/

EtherNet/IP Overview.

. All rights reserved. RA can help customers today… Problem Solution Plant floor personnel don’t understand industrial automation security issues and lack technical security expertise Security Services understands automation problem and speaks the language of IT Security patches to windows based PCs on factory floor is problematic Better defenses provided by Security Services allow patches to be tested and applied when convenient Worms or viruses/

Input/Output Systems and Peripheral Devices (03-3)

Standard developed by the PC/104 Consortium, www.pc104.org Intended for systems operating in industrial environments Specifies a board with dimensions of 90 x 96 mm that uses the PCI bus Based on the previous PC/104 and PC/104-Plus standards 10/ software modules are used as for the desktop PCI (PCIe) systems The PCI (PCIe) chips have low cost Applications: Industrial automation Real-time control and data acquisition systems Military systems 10/31/2013 Input/Output Systems and Peripheral Devices (03-3) Input/

Presented by: Doey Au-Yeung Pierrick Chamois Liang Min Huy Le

the IBM PC, producing a 100% compatible clone. Most PC Makers of yesterday and today began as clone makers. Industry Development Mid 1980s: Early 1990s: IBM PC and clones dominant Standardization of platform One common hardware and software base Software: Microsoft/ Next generation data center architecture: emergence of a 24*7 automated, lights-out data center. An environment that will need to be highly secure, highly automated and remotely accessed and managed Always on mobile computing: convergence of/

CAN HELP i PC Series Launch Overview Ralph Damato VP Product Management.

4 Threads) –Intel i7 Dual Core 620M (2.66 GHz, 4 M cache, 4 Threads) Up to 4 GB DRAM Base configuration includes easily removable Intel 40GB SSD –80 GB,160 GB, and 300 GB Intel Solid State Drive options Non-Rotating –/ePC-Fanless and ePC-Lite solutions -ETA goal is for early 2013 Industrial PC Market Trends Notes on Intel i-Series Processors, 64-bit Operating Systems, & Expansion Relatively new offerings into Industrial Automation Markets Processors and Operating Systems lag commercial markets by 1-2 years/

Home & Building Automation & Controls Finally ready for the Mass Market? by Wayne Caswell C O N S U L T I N G A presentation.

& AUTOMATION C O N S U L T I N G Data Voice Appliances Entertainment Control & Security Industrial & Commercial Do-it-yourself Custom- Installed New Technologies move Up- Application Integration IP-based Standards (reliable, scalable, affordable) Ethernet 10/100/1000-base-T/I N G Wireless Standards for Home Networking & Controls Remote Control of A/V Equipment or Media Center PC Remote Control of Surveillance Equipment Wireless Standards for Home Networking & Controls Crestron Niles TS1 (~$500) Philips /

GE Fanuc is a part of 11 GE Businesses Growing Globally

control HMI : Allows the operator to visualize every stage of the process BEVERAGE FACILITY Delivering Industry Solutions Machine Automation - GE Fanuc partnered with the world market leader in CNC Controls and is a global supplier delivering machine automation solutions including Motion, PC/CE Based Control and Operator Interfaces. Process Automation -GE Fanuc as a technology leader is the first to introduce a new line of Programmable/

Ambiento, feel the touch www.ambiento.de. „With a lot of passion we develop, design and produce professional Panel PCs entirely in Germany – for more.

and Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Ulrich Menges Realisation of projects in the field of automation technology 1996:Concentration on developing, manufacturing an marketing of Industrial Computer 2000:Panel PC A15 is presented at the HMI 2002:Certified to DIN EN 9001:2000 2004/ VoyagerServer  Communication via tci contatto amena | Application WebClient amena with WinCE can be used as frontend for every web based server. The single clients will be connected via LAN or WLAN. Certified for  Berker IP-Control  GIRA Home-/

Advanced Membrane Based Water Treatment Technologies Sohail Murad, Chemical Engineering Department Prime Grant Support: US Department of Energy Problem.

be sped up by FPGA based reconfigurable hardware Major roadblock is design tools; need to develop automated techniques to take software applications /set of course archives Leverage existing technologies (Wireless networking, Tablet PCs and digital ink, classroom communication systems, and course specific software/Reconfiguration of Complex Discrete Event Dynamic Systems Investigators: Houshang Darabi, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; Prime Grant Support: NIST, Motorola, IVRI Problem Statement and /

Advantech Industrial I/O Sales Training for AKR - Advanced 2013.August.

Industrial I/O Sales Training for AKR - Advanced 2013.August Advantech Complete DAQ & I/O Solution High Density ISA, PCI, PCI Express Card High Density ISA, PCI, PCI Express Card Rugged PC/104, PCI-104 Card Rugged PC/104, PCI-104 Card Plug & Play USB Module Plug & Play USB Module DAQ Devices PC/-release (authentication), reading key inputs and status signaling Intel Xeon based ATX-Computers With PCI-1730 card Application Machine Automation (Taiwan, China, SAP)  Semiconductor oven machine  Semiconductor AOI/

Industrial Grade Device Connectivity Success Story Guidebook Power Automation Transportation Automation Kiosk/ATM/POS Typical Application.

Base Tx/100 Base Tx/Auto/Force settings  Supports Link Fault Pass Through to help system administrators manage the whole network status Benefits Fiber Optics Twisted Pair Application Topology Product Implemented IMC-21 Series Taiwan/Asia Transportation Automation Utility Monitoring System for an Airport Terminal  A total solution that easily integrates an existing Ethernet infrastructure and serial communication locally and remotely  Industrial/ 8 serial devices to your PC  Various connection cables and /

11 Intel® Xeon® based servers for small and medium size business April 2009.

based on the Intel ® Xeon ® processor brings you the peace of mind of: Always-present file storage and data backup Integrity and security of your data Built-in reliability features with automated memory error correction Business uptime You May Think … “My PC/: Published/submitted/measured results March 30, 2009. Each bar represents the geo mean of published results on five industry standard benchmarks – SPECint_rate, SPECfp_rate, SPECjbb2005, TPC-C and SAP-SD. Performance tests and ratings are measured using/

Open eAutomation, Boundless Integration Howard Lin Sales V.P. of Industrial Automation Group.

Integration Machine Automation Environmental Facility Monitoring System Open HMI Industrial Communication Window-like HMI Window-like HMI Variety patterns download Variety patterns download Anti-vibration Anti-vibration Cost effective Cost effective X-Y table inside Controll ed by servo motor Open eAutomation Successful Story - Industrial Sew Machine ( 工業縫紉機 ) Worldwide No.1 bending machine company Worldwide No.1 bending machine company PC-based control system PC-based control system/

Automating the automation CERN Dr. Enrique Blanco Head of the Process Control section Industrial Controls & Safety Systems Group Beams Department CERN.

50k I/O, 11k actuators, ~5k Control loops - Control: ~100 PLCs (Siemens, Schneider), ~40 FECs (industrial PCs) - Supervision: 26 SCADA servers : 1.5 million TAGS RadTol in-house electronics for signal conditioning and actuation Introduction:/control rooms Facilitate the task of the automation engineer by allowing him/her in focusing only in the automation duty and not in the software production itself: Automatic generation of code. Field Control Supervision Based on industrial standards - ISA-88 / IEC-61512/

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