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Www.wisitech.com 1Digital Media Solutions. Make the internet & mobile work for your business Identify the crucial missing link(s) Capitalize on the booming.

Mobile Solutions ► Content Consultation We create, build, enhance brands on Web and Mobile, positioning your products/services for best response. Besides building websites, we help you leverage the best online & mobile/features Invite constructive action Induce customer queries Showcase service offerings Project benefits in prominent tabs Contact details in clear view / and answers the needs of your customers  Check whether your shopping cart, payment gateway, purchase order forms and other e-commerce tools/

Online Consumer Behavior. Different Types of Buyers b B2B Small business 1-75 employeesSmall business 1-75 employees –Over 25 million businesses 66% buy.

increased $600  $2800 when shopped online b When buyers shop all 3 channels, purchases are 4.5 times greater than if shop only 1 channel Web Channels b /filtering, make predictionsmore than filtering, make predictions Jiffy Lube b Began data warehouse project (1998) Head of marketing, IT, Enterprise data managerHead of marketing, IT/ a Web site, software application, mobile technology, or any user-operated deviceApplies to a Web site, software application, mobile technology, or any user-operated device/

E-Business Eighth Edition Chapter 6 Online Auctions, Virtual Communities, and Web Portals.

Mobile Business Revenue models for mobile business –Requires interconnection Mobile phones Wireless Internet connected Notebook computers Online marketplaces –People switch among access modes seamlessly Interconnection between mobile/shopping agents currently available Major search engine sites have shopping agents –Google product search page E-Business, Eighth Edition57 Virtual Communities Virtual community (Web community, online/ Theglobe.com Cornell University class project –Included bulletin boards, chat /

Principles of Information Systems Eighth Edition Chapter 8 Electronic and Mobile Commerce.

End Systems 17Principles of Information Systems, Eighth Edition An Introduction to Mobile Commerce Mobile commerce (m-commerce) relies on the use of wireless devices, / Common problem with determining return on investment: difficult to forecast project costs and benefits 38Principles of Information Systems, Eighth Edition Legal / management: provides standard format –Product configuration: build product online to meet user needs –Shopping cart facilities –Transaction processing –Web traffic data analysis –/

Problem-Solving Strategy to Fund Social Projects Rick Reese YTB Director 719-217-4825.

22B When members shop and book online -- Corporate level money flows into the World’s economy by default Fund Social Projects YTB Travel & E-commerce Website - Empowers Organizations to earn internet profits when members & supporters shop and book travel online. New Approaches/Travel $7 Trillion Retail $4 Trillion Coffee pH Alkaline Water Residential Electric Text Mobile Global Affiliate Networks And More… Facilitate B2C Online Transactions "We have been very impressed with the incredible size of the YTB /

行動商務與無所不在的運算 (Mobile Commerce and Pervasive Computing)

companies now provide the option of paying bills directly from a cell phone 淡江大學資管系所侯永昌 36 Mobile Shopping §An increasing number of online vendors allow customers to shop from wireless devices §Enables customers to use cell phones or wireless PDAs to: l/ §Maintaining an appropriate work-life balance when work can be conducted anywhere at anytime 淡江大學資管系所侯永昌 54 Lessons learned from Project Failures in M-Commerce §Do not start without appropriate infrastructure §Do not start a full-scale implementation; use a/

1 IS5600 Seminar 2 Global Electronic Commerce. How Global is E-Commerce? F 42% of the world’s population is online –But of course 58% are not F More Chinese.

to do – but can’t? –Think about integrating senses – voice, video, touch, taste u http://www.pranavmistry.com/projects/sixthsense/ u http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr71jrkzWq8 11 B2B2C Reintermediation F Look at www.theoutnet.com F Reintermediating between luxury / underlies their thinking –Connecting mobile people with offline services u China’s e-commerce market is forecast to grow to US$450B by the end of 2014 (46% more than 2013). u PWC found that 14% of Chinese people shop online at least once daily./

Electronic Commerce Eighth Edition Chapter 6 Online Auctions, Virtual Communities, and Web Portals.

Mobile Business Revenue models for mobile business –Requires interconnection Mobile phones Wireless Internet connected Notebook computers Online marketplaces –People switch among access modes seamlessly Interconnection between mobile/shopping agents currently available Major search engine sites have shopping agents –Google product search page Electronic Commerce, Eighth Edition47 Virtual Communities Virtual community (Web community, online/.com Cornell University class project –Included bulletin boards, chat/

Shopping online has never been this easy, safe, hassle-free, and now, more rewarding than ever! only at co. ltd. 1)Earn cash back reward.

and 5% from second generation selling merchants. YOU Your directly referred first generation merchants. Your second generation merchants. Income Projection for Royalty Referral Reward (R3) REFERRA L LEVEL NUMBER OF MERCHANTS 1 st Gen10 2 nd Gen.100 EPOINTS SOLD /owner of www.my-boss.org (website and mobile app) Platform.www.my-boss.org PLATFORM – is a website and or the mobile app where shopping member and selling merchant shop and sell their products and services online. SELLING MERCHANT – is a third party /

Erasmus Mundus Promotional Event XXX date.  The Erasmus Mundus programme  EM-ACE: your online ‘one-stop-shop’  Useful links TABLE OF CONTENTS 2.

25,000+ scholarships will be awarded for these programmes The mobility for EU students to non-EU destinations will remain, but will be organised differently Current Erasmus Mundus projects will run until the end of their funding contract EM/networks MULTIMEDIA PowerPoint presentations; Promotional videos on EM experience in Europe;. WEB EM-ACE ONLINE ONE-STOP-SHOP www.em-ace.eu www.em-ace.eu EM-ACE ONLINE ONE-STOP-SHOP Find out about & search…  the different opportunities offered under the Erasmus Mundus /

V. Bellotti, B. Begole, et al. CHI 2008 Proceedings, pp. 1157-1166 Activity-Based Serendipitous Recommendations with the Magitti Mobile Leisure Guide.

interviews with 16~33 year olds 12 interviews with 19~25 year olds –Online Survey A survey on a market research web site to get statistical information/ ‘AtWork’, ‘Shopping’, ‘DiningOut’, and ‘Visiting’ Previous works –Detection of a person’s current activity –Magitti guide system : predicting a person’s future activities Related Mobile City Guide Applications /each over several days –Participants, who were company employees not working on the project, ranged in age from mid-20s to late-50s, and averaged 37 /

History of eCommerce.

online shopping 1981 Thomson Holidays, UK is first B2B online shopping. Thomson Holidays submits the first ever B2B electronic transaction using online technology. 1982 France Telecom invented Minitel that is considered the most successful pre-World Wide Web online service. 1984 Gateshead SIS/Tesco is first B2C online shopping 1984 Gateshead SIS/Tesco is first B2C online shopping/started in Germany as the Exchange Project. 2001 Amazon.com blazes a trail launching a mobile commerce site. 2002 eBay acquires /


mobile and cloud spaces.  Acquired by the Publicise Group in April 2013, Neev Technologies is now part of Razorfish.  An ISO 9001-2008 certified organization with two development centers in India, Neev has handled over 200 projects/It allows you to reach out to your online customers and provide them with interactivity during shopping sessions.  Neev utilises its ability to create rich internet applications to provide customers with a unique online shopping experience. Some of our clients include big names/

DOMESTIC PRODUCTS USPS DOMESTIC PRODUCTS Mail & Mobile Commerce Making the Connection.

S. shoppers will shop on mobile devices Projected growth to $163B worldwide, 2015 MarketingProfs 2012 Mashable 2011 comScore 2012 ABI Research 2010 USPS DOMESTIC PRODUCTS 10 Mobile barcode use growing 48 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers own a smartphone/ shipped to another business location (e.g. online ordering for in-store pickup). USPS DOMESTIC PRODUCTS 22 Ineligible transactions Sign up for: –Mailing list, email list or text messages –Online billing or paperless statement –Newsletter (electronic or /

“ eBiz with eCom in Bridging Digital ” Project Sponsor: Ms. Dang Tuyet Dung, Head of PFS Project Leader: Mr. Au Duc Chung, Head of eChannels, PFS.

 3000 website  200,000 online shop Top-up  All mobile prepaid  E-Wallet : NganLuong, Bao Kim, VTC, Vinagame Public Collection & Billing eCommercePayment Gateway Interactive windows (Pay now) Direct connection (Pay later) Internet Banking Mobile Banking ATM / POS OTC Interactive TV/full chain (consumer-banking-Merchants- government), to help Vietnam ecommerce solid strides. F @ st ECOM project has become a model of banking institutions participating in e-commerce are trying to reference and inheritance./

Printed by www.postersession.com KITCHEN MANAGER: Your shopping and Food Inventory Made Easy STEPHANIE AHN, LINA ALAOUI, JAMES DEEN, FEI YE GEORGIA INSTITUTE.

(FGCN 2007) - Volume 1, 2007. DOI [6] Judy E. Scott and Carlton H. Scott. 2008. Online Grocery Order Fulfillment Tradeoffs. In Proceedings of the Proceedings of the 41st Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 08/shopping list. The Kitchen Manager mobile application has the same functionality as the fridge mounted Kitchen Manager application. The interface has three main components: a fridge inventory, view, a shopping list view and an order pick up view. BACKGROUND PROJECT/

Getting Found Online In 2015 REACHING TODAY’S CONSUMER Hosted by.

Benefits of having a good website: Shopping Trends: 94% of the consumers surveyed have gone online for local shopping purposes within the last six months 94% 87% Devices: From browsing to comparison shopping to finding a local store and /Mobile web browsing is projected to outpace desktop browsing by 2015. Tablets are expected to make up 50% of PC market in 2014 Android-derived operating systems will account for 32% of PC market Canalys Insights Morgan Stanley The Tablet / PC Tipping Point: 42% of US online/

Presentation Main Projects 5th February 2009 – Sundsvall, Sweden European Union European Regional Development Fund.

Impacts, by Communities in Northern Peripheral Regions - CLIMATIC 2.3Connected Mobile Communities in the Northern Periphery, CMC@NP Approved projects by the Programme Monitoring Committee Priority Two Objective: To strengthen the /shops To offer capacity building for rural retailers To build a network of professionals including universities and civil society to support rural retailers Expected outcomes (examples): A “Triple R model” adapted and implemented in NPP regions. It includes: An e-service for online/

1 DIGITAL STRATEGY 12 December, 2015. 2 Context Objectives Strategy –Website and online club –Online advertising and partnerships –User generated content.

supportive (but would not contribute funds to such projects) Online club 18 Context Objectives Strategy –Website and online club –Online advertising and partnerships –User generated content and virality/–Preview or profile local events / sponsored events e.g. “good food & wine” festivals, mobile Cellar Door in Martin Place, a local art event, etc. –Partner with retailers who have/card, and the invoice goes to the buyer –Establish a gift shop so consumers can also buy merchandise (perhaps at a discount) –Offer/

Capstone Project Spring 2014 eBuz E-commerce System.

Shop Compare Compare Product Compare Shop View View Product View Shop View user detail information Account Management Edit User information Change Password Forgot Password Online Order Review Action History Shop Management Get/Add/Remove Shop Catalog Get/Add/Remove Shop Category Get/Edit/Add/Remove Shop Product General Shop Management View Shop/ to increase performance. Review code Portability Runnable on mobility devices. Portability Runnable on mobility devices. IV. Software Design  System Architecture /

Online Recharge System.  The main objective of this projectONLINE RECHARGE SYSTEM” gives us the information about all the mobile service providers.

service provider wise.  The ProjectONLINE RECHARGE SYSTEM’ gives us the information about all the mobile service providers for the pre-paid mobile users, which can be recharged frequently.  This proposed application helps the mobile user to recharge his mobile of any service provider under one roof. There are 4 modules in this project. They are briefed as follows  Service Provider  Admin  User ◦ Individual ◦ Shop Keeper  Visitor  Service/

Joint Knowledge Online

assessing the course’s utility for future activities and exercises Future VCAT Projects: Additional VCATs have been initiated for the countries and regions of / shore and at sea where bandwidth is typically a challenge Online Standalone CD Mobile Customer: Navy’s Center for Language, Regional Expertise and /$14 DoD wide tracking and documentation Support for Joint readiness reporting “One stop shop” for Joint training products and services Operationally relevant and current Joint Military, Interagency/

© 2012 Capella University - Confidential - Do not distribute Integrating Mobile Learning Technologies To Positively Impact Learning and Productivity Dr.

. one-stop shop) viable today as it was ten years ago? Does the fast growth of mobile devices impact the way people work and learn? Do mobile devices (i.e/ and technical tutorials available online are provided in the accompanying white paper. © 2012 Capella University - Confidential - Do not distribute12 Integrating Mobile Technologies in Learning Have /) it says "OpenOffice.org is both a product and an open-source project.http://about.openoffice.org/index.html OpenOffice offers a word processor, spreadsheet,/

EIAA Mediascope Europe & Online Shoppers

2. Mediascope Europe Weekly internet use Time spent online Frequency of internet use Broadband penetration Online activities The impact of the internet Websites visited 3. Online Shoppers Online research Percentage of online shoppers Number of items online shoppers buy online Amount of money online shoppers spend online The products online shoppers buy Online shoppers are heavy internet users OVERALL PROJECT OBJECTIVE Research objectives OVERALL PROJECT OBJECTIVE The broad aim of this study is/

Sunnyvale Geneva Helsinki New Delhi Beijing “ The premiere global growth investor in mobility ” u u u u u.

task/project based assignments Focused on providing End-to-End turnkey services aimed at all technologies in mobile and /operates India’s leading brands in television news, entertainment and home shopping network; Internet travel, financial, e-commerce and entertainment portals; films/ Sectors: Digital media focus, including gaming, social networking, IPTV, mobile TV, online learning, location based services, online & mobile advertising $200M under management Gobi Partners Representative Portfolio 42 © Nokia/

KTF all rights reserved 0 0 March, 2002 Broadband Mobile Services - Market Update and KTF Perspective - In-Soo Park Vice President Internet Business Division.

Services Financial Services Mobile Shopping Retailing Ticketing Auctions Reservations Mobile Advertising Customer Targeting Advertising Moving Customer Targeting Advertising Area Targeting Advertising Response Targeting Advertising 24/35 KTF all rights reserved 2. KTF Mobile Coupon Service 사업개요 KTF Mobile Coupon POS Terminal Card Reader  Customized  Location-Based  Easy to Carry RegistrationReceiving Usage Mobile Coupon Service 25/35 KTF all rights reserved  In 2001, online coupons (including fixed/

6/30/2015 01:07 1 Mobile and Wireless Database Access for Pervasive Computing Panos K. Chrysanthis University of Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon University.

Mobile Access to the Web  Mobility in Workflow Systems  State of Mobile DB Industry and Research Projects  Unsolved Problems 6/30/2015 01:07 3 Party on Friday  Update Smart Phone’s calendar with guests names.  Make a note to order food from Dinner-on- Wheels.  Update shopping/ distance between data/request E.g., clustering of queries [Ren 99] 6/30/2015 01:07 69 Prefetching  Online strategy to improve performance  prepaging  prefetching of file  prefetching of database objects  What to fetch?  /

1. 2 Agenda Velti Overview Products & Solutions Customers & Projects.

Projects 13 VELTI services span in 3 major business areas… Solutions for Financial Services Mobile Value-Added Services and Content Delivery Messaging services Mobile content organization and delivery Content rendering and optimization Wide variety of ASP applications e-Government Services Online and/or mobile/at sports events, movie theaters, bookstores, etc Vodafone Vodafone Online Comprehensive self-service portal including: e-billing e-care e-shop 33 “Football-Mania 2006” World Cup SMS Contest for /

Dr. Eileen Dittmar October 2, 2012 For audio call Toll Free 1 - 888-886-3951 and use PIN/code 716526 Mobile Learning: Dont Leave Home without it! Integrating.

Online Education, hosted by University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA, 2011), indicated mobile learning is the fastest segment of learning. Specifically, mobile technologies need to be integrated in online/"OpenOffice.org is both a product and an open-source project. OpenOffice offers a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software / shopping and cost configurations Brainstorming ideas for events Discipline-related readings and studies m-Learning Conclusion Going mobile for/

APPC https://store.theartofservice.com/itil-2011-foundation-complete-certification-kit-fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html.

Enterprise, WakeUp, Nomad 2012, AppClarity, 1E Workspace, and Shopping to identify unused and unnecessary IT, remove it and optimize everything else/2011-foundation-complete-certification-kit-fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html Odyssey Software (Mobile Device Management) - Products 1 * AppCenter : an application manager/kit-fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html Hussain sagar - Environmental conditions and conservation 1 This project shall be implemented by Andhra Pradesh /

Mobile Photo James Anderson, Dustin Duran, Trevor Hamilton, Ahror Rahmedov, Vivek Rajkumar, Matthew Renzelmann.

if necessary.  June 2 – Project should go gold and ship to all interested parties. Database Specs and Architecture for Mobile Photo Trevor Hamilton Ahror Rahmedov Database specs  Four main entities of the Mobile Photo System represented as the main tables 1) Users 2) Photos 3) Photo Shops 4) Print Processes  There are /, relationships, triggers, queries) Fully implemented and functional database – May 14 Fully implemented web services – May 21 At least one online Photo Shop service functioning – May 25

© 2012 Capella University - Confidential - Do not distribute NBEA Webinar Integrating Mobile Learning Technologies in Business Education February 23, 2012.

e. one-stop shop) viable today as it was ten years ago? Does the fast growth of mobile devices impact the way people work and learn? Do mobile devices (i.e./and technical tutorials available online are provided in the accompanying white paper. © 2012 Capella University - Confidential - Do not distribute12 Integrating Mobile Technologies in Learning Have / it says "OpenOffice.org is both a product and an open-source project.http://about.openoffice.org/index.html OpenOffice offers a word processor, spreadsheet,/

Integrating Mobile Learning Technologies To Positively Impact Learning and Productivity Dr. Eileen Dittmar, Department Chair and Faculty, First Course.

computer and technical tutorials available online are provided in the accompanying white paper. 13 Integrating Mobile Technologies in Learning Have a folder/and recording the information Active learning projects using global positioning services (GPS) for locations and distance 25 Integrating Mobile Technologies in Learning Finding or /shopping and cost configurations Brainstorming ideas for events Discipline-related readings and studies 26 Integrating Mobile Technologies in Learning Conclusion Going mobile /

Karim Dewji Senior Project 2010-2011 Government Teacher: Mr. Zufall English Teacher: Ms. Dickinson Essential Question How does commonly used modern technology.

family members abroad  Easier access to social networking - Mobile access from cell phones to Facebook increased by 112 percent in/Provides Internet shopping for those immobile or unable to leave households Provides Internet shopping for those /Consoles Sold Modern Console Overviews Survey Questions Senior Project Survey Bias: People who actively use these forms/Other Negatives of Too Much Screen Time." Parental Controls for the Internet Online Games Video Games & TV with One Revolutionary Device from. Web. /

(c) Project Tomorrow 2009 Engaging Parents’ Support for Emerging Technologies in the Classroom Key findings from Speak Up 2008 Julie Evans Chief Executive.

& Global Competitiveness  Emerging Technologies in the Classroom  Mobile Devices  Online Learning  Digital Content  Games  Designing the 21st Century School Speak Up survey question themes (c) Project Tomorrow 2009 Online surveys available for: K-12 students Parents Teachers Administrators New/ personal use at school and at home” (c) Project Tomorrow 2009 What if you could design the ultimate school? (c) Project Tomorrow 2009 Parents’ shopping list: What parents say are good school investments in /


gains access to the agent’s personal online cabinet in TaxFree4U system. Bank operator registers the customer through the agents cabinet to identify him as a bank client in TaxFree4U system. After launching the project, bank integrates with TaxFree4U, for /service for Bank’s client Bank improves its customer service package by providing integrated online service of getting shopping VAT refund for its clients by using the mobile app/web site. Commission per each VAT refunded amount From each client that /


Shopping ServicesHome Shopping Services Telephone Information On-DemandTelephone Information On-Demand International Call CenterInternational Call Center Video & Audio Conference service providersVideo & Audio Conference service providers Operating eLearning project in Romania; Operating 16 live TV channels mobile/entertainment channels, As well as offering them training of mother & Child health, Provision of online health services at their home Through live /recoded programs on Computer and TV sets over /

1 Desiging a Virtual Information Telescope using Mobile Phones and Social Participation Romit Roy Choudhury Asst. Prof. (Duke University)

optimal offers lower bound on error Online algorithm necessary Online optimal difficult Need to design heuristics/ consistent localization  Database contains nearby shops in Duke campus  Both sensors/mobile, location based, social computing Just developing apps  Not enough Many challenges  Energy  Localization  Privacy  Incentives, data distillation … Internet 76 Conclusion Project Micro-Blog  Addressing the challenges systematically  Building a fully functional system with applications  The project/

© 2011 DigitalDay | www.Digital-Day.com THE MOBILE WEBSCAPE TODAY Best Practices Workshop 1.

of savvy smartphone shoppers who bring online shopping behaviors in-store. 27 2012 Mobile Future Focus, February 2012 © 2011 DigitalDay | www.Digital-Day.com Sharing vs. Research Male and female smartphone users exhibited mobile retail behaviors to differing degrees, as/about 25% looked up product prices online to see if they could find a cheaper price at other retailers. 32 the Pew Internet & American Life Project © 2011 DigitalDay | www.Digital-Day.com The mobile impact on email marketing Overall email /

Lumi - Mobile Market Research

Full service Let us handle all the mobile bits. Well diarify the research, implement it, source the sample and run the project through to a successful conclusion. You / is conducted at recruitment and measures opinion, attitude and some context via online. The second part via mobile app collecting purchase and usage across a 1 week period. Jane retains/Best Agency award at the local awards – voted for by Clients! RESULT Instant Shopping Rewards| Cara, the panel company Cara is the Product Director at a panel/

Mobile Communication and Mobile Computing

forestry, railway (wagon search service), car navigation (private/commercial) Galileo EU-Project for installation of European satellite navigation system initiation: prospective 2008 positioning accuracy:/://www.nttdocomo.com Properties i-Mode is packet oriented always online, no time delays to dial-up billing regarding data volumes/ operators M-Commerce - applications Mobile Shopping Mobile Banking Mobile Brokerage Mobile Traveling Pervasive Computing Operation as parallel as possible of all users independent/

SwingWind Company Portfolio. Who we are SwingWind is a Premium reliable and turn-key capabilities in application development, product development, Mobile.

 Multiplayer Games in Flash / Flex ▪ Card Games, Racing, Fighting, puzzle, strategy games and any type of game.  Mobile Games  End to End projects in IPhone/Android platform with any backend  Multiplayer gaming on Smart Fox Server  Knowledge of :  Flash, Flex, Unity / items in the shop and more features in the game. Project: Bird Sanctuary Client: OrangeCorn 1. RummyCorner 2. OurRummy 3. 3AcesRummy 4. Poker – Texas Holdem Card Games RummyCorner RummyCorner is the ultimate Online Rummy gaming site which/

Mobile Computing and Commerce C hapter 7 7-1 Copyright 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Course Part III. Web, Wireless, and Social Media Strategies.

-10 Figure 7.7 How Wi-Fi works 7.2 Mobile Financial Services (MFS)  Mobile banking is an extension of online banking  Financial service handhelds use short codes for sending / Mobile wallet Most payment systems described above are illustrated on Youtube.comYoutube.com Copyright 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 7-13 7.3 Mobile Shopping, Entertainment and Advertising Mobile / Inc. 7-20 Figure 7. 11 Highway 91 Project IT at Work 7.3 The Highway 91 Project RFID sensors in the pavement let the tollway computer know/

Mini Project Seminar on Pizza Ordering Application for Android

shops available in an area, view their menu, place an order and pay the bill online, without having to personally visit the shop. The order can be collected based on the token number provided. Scope The scope of the project is/emulator , documentation, sample code, and tutorials. Technologies/Platforms Used Dalvik Virtual Machine Dalvik is the virtual machine on Android mobile devices. It runs applications which have been converted into a compact Dalvik Executable (.dex) format suitable for systems that are/

Infrascale Partnership:

objects and millions of PCs, servers, tablets and mobile devices. Infrascale Partnership: Your Online Cloud Storage Business Who Is Infrascale? Infrascale builds/project that requires assistance. US-based support, 7 days per week: Our support team is available from 6 am to 6 pm PST to assist with any technical questions. Knowledgebase: The knowledgebase at support.infrascale.com is a one-stop-shop for documentation and recommended procedures for our online backup products. Infrascale Partnership: Your Online/

Principles of Information Systems, Tenth Edition

sales for 2010 projected to be $2.4 billion Principles of Information Systems, Tenth Edition M-Commerce Web Sites @imshopping: mdog.com: Can be accessed from Twitter by sending a shopping-related question mdog.com: Portal for your mobile device’s Web / of days Little up-front cost Storefront broker: Company that acts as an intermediary between your Web site and online merchants who have the products and retail expertise Principles of Information Systems, Tenth Edition Building Traffic to Your Web Site/

Introduction CS 515 Mobile and Wireless Networking Ibrahim Korpeoglu

is important! CS 515 Ibrahim Korpeoglu Why projects are important? I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand Confucius CS 515 Ibrahim Korpeoglu Outline Introduction What is wireless and mobile networking History of Wireless Challenges of Mobile and Wireless Communication and Networking What is Personal/4.0 4.4 4.0 Authorize/enable payment 3.4 3.8 3.0 Banking/trading online 3.5 3.4 3.2 Downloading music 3.1 3.4 3.2 Shopping/reservation 3.0 3.1 2.9 Animated images 2.4 2.7 2.6 Chat rooms,/

India Online BUSINESS PLAN. 2 CONFIDENTIAL & CLASSIFIED www.goodly.co.in India Online is a market place (tab application) for students, focused on aggregating.

Seattle Started developing mobile apps & games Won mobile application project for Procter & Gambler Ventured into animation domain Developed & Patented applications for diabetic care India Online Concept Initiated. Launching Early Dec 2013 Company Snapshot Share-Holding Pattern (India Online) 80% 20 / 7 CONFIDENTIAL & CLASSIFIED www.goodly.co.in BUSINESS OPERATIONS Sales & IT team Marketing efforts Shopping allowances Servers & IT infrastructure Rent & admin Team (Sales) The company plans to hire senior/

MOBILE FIRST WORLD The future of the LMS and Learning.

online video views by 2015 77 per cent of business executives use mobile devices for researching for new products and services IMPACT OF MOBILES ON VARIOUS SECTORS Retail and Ecommerce 50% of traffic in 2014 came from mobile devices Global e-commerce sales made via mobile devices are expected to cross $638 billion by 2018 Amazon and Flipkart will abandon web-browser based shopping/have a roadmap – you cannot do everything now 4.Try – Pilot projects, partner with vendors 5.Evolve – as fast as you can afford /

Www.digsee.com 1 DEALONGO MOBILE merchandising control and audit of retail sites - sales Presentation of mobile solution based on Dealongo Online and MobileSOP.

by mobile representative (including hidden data on his/her work control) is immediately transferred via mobile connection to Dealongo-Online database/Lasunya", "Levada", «AVK» Importers: "Oriflame", "Kamis-pripravy", "Kordeks" (Akbar tea), “Yanser" (lingerie shop chain) "Merloni-Ukraina" (TM Indezit, TM Ariston) Pharmaceutics: “BIOKON Drugstore” Nuclear (NPP) and hydroelectric (HEP/ Software leasing (SAAS) - System use as service permits fast project launch with the minimal time and cost and limited risks. 2/

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