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2 - 1 Visit UMT online at www.umtweb.edu © 2007 UMT Version 07167FIN100 Visit UMT online at www.umtweb.edu PRINCIPLES OF FINANCE University of Management.

sources of funds Mix of corporate securities sold Why financial markets exist U.S. financial market system Investment banking Private Placements Flotation costs SEC Regulation Rates of return and interest rate determination Term structure of interest/system that enables the exchanges. This market system must be organized and resilient. Economic contractions will continue to occur. Businesses will invest in risky projects that may fail or more produce fewer profits than projected 2 - 7 Visit UMT online/

Race To The Top (RttT) MSDE Division of Accountability and Assessment Data Systems (DAADS) Maryland Public Schools: #1 in the Nation Three Years in a Row.

sets of WIFI computer adaptive testing units to high schools.  Computer adaptive units interoperable with the test item bank system and computer adaptive test system will be purchased for distribution to high schools  High School students will utilize these tools to take the online assessments Project Overview MSA Growth Modeling P(27/46) Equating MSA for use on a Growth Model Major Deliverables Impact  The/

Commercial Banking Technology in Indian Banking PGP I (2007-09) April, 2008.

ATMs in different locations SWADHAN Commercial Banking Technology in Indian Banking 2007 46 SERVICES Bill Payment through Electronic Banking Electronic Shopping Mall Effecting Personal Investments through Electronic Banking –Trading in shares –Investing in Mutual Funds –Trade In Derivatives –IPOs Online Commercial Banking Technology in Indian Banking 2007 47 Real Time Gross Settlement Introduced in India in 2004 by RBI Internationally accepted system to minimise the settlement risks Settlements/

E-Banking. History of banking sector in India The Bank of Bengal obtained its charter with a capital base of Rs 50 lacs in the year 1809. It was given.

skills to manage the bank’s use of Internet banking technology and technology-related risks. The board should review, approve, and monitor Internet banking technology-related projects that may have a significant impact on the bank’s risk profile. / It provides sophisticated online banking services It offers reliable high value funds transfer It improves personal image with beneficiary How RTGS is different from Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFT) or National Electronics Funds Transfer System (NEFT)? EFT /

TRIG 2015 E-Rate Update & Training1 November 2015 Presented by: Ann-Marie Mapes TRIG E-Rate Activity Project Coordinator Michael Andrews TRIG E-Rate Activity.

E-Rate Update & Training112 Special construction consists of Design and engineering Project management Construction of network facilities. Special construction is limited to the/ outlet or branch has a pre-discount budget. School districts or library systems may not average their costs across multiple school or library budgets. Non-instructional/ fills out BEAR online USAC approves funds USAC sends funds to applicant’s bank account TRIG 2015 E-Rate Update & Training162 Banking Information collection available/

Student Registration Project 1 Excellence in Administration - Student Registration Project Full-Time Registrations Training Banner 2011.

must be completed: Term Roll completed. New Programmes and Modules approved and live in Banner system. All fees approved for new Term and live in Banner system. Progression process complete: Students records set-up with status EL for new term in Banner/open with a PDF of the Giros to be re-printed. Student Registration Project 24 Web Registration Giro Request Bank Giro Requests (via Web Registration) To support the management of online giro requests, an InfoView report has also been developed. The ‘Web /

Integrated Financial Management System 24 November 2015 National Academy of Audit & Accounts Shimla.

with external IT systems:  Central Accounting Office of Reserve Bank of India;  Pension and GPF Accounting systems of Accountant General (A&E);  Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System;  Core Banking Systems of agency banks. Components & Functions of IFMS Integration with External Systems IFMS RBI / Banks Departmental Systems UIDAI HRMS CPSMS Accountant General Stakeholders of IFMS 10 Treasuries The reconciliation and account generation would be streamlined. Submission of bills online by the DDOs/

PROJECTOnLine Banking Application DESIGN – Design w/ Visual Studio 2005, Visio, VS used to provide web server to debug pages ASP.NET Implementation.

dB Code in C# (some html, java) CS673: On-Line Banking Application Design Design and Implement MEMMKY OnLine Banking WebSite INTRODUCTION – Meet Team Memmky PROJECT OVERVIEW: OnLine Bank DESIGN: PROTOTYPE GROUP PROCESS: Design/Development DEMONSTRATION DESIGN: FINALIZED POST /in C# and presented sufficient challenges STEP 3 – What are we going to do? Online Banking Page (other options Photo Album Page Airline Booking System) STEP 4 - Site Concepts and Features - Brainstorming - Prototype UI - Default Page /

Roadmap for Digital Banking in Digital India – Are we ready for lift off? T. V. Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Manipal Global Education Services Pvt. Ltd.

and digital empowerment of citizens. From these three pillars, stem several projects -- equipping all of India’s villages with broadband, Wi-Fi hotspots/online fashion through e-KYC. E-KYC is a process of sending customer data to UIDAI (Aadhaar issuing authority) and confirming the credentials of said customer, thus reducing the onboarding time significantly. Also, it enables financial inclusion as many of the Aadhaar card holders who do not have any other govt. issued ID can now enter the banking system/

Staff Care (Powered by “VAYAK”) Field Staff Tracking & Online Reporting App ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified www.staffcare.in.

Visit Entry Online Expense Entry Online Collection of cash / cheque Online Leave Sanction system Online Complain Handover to Staff Online staffs location and route Online staff reporting Create tour plans and assign to staff Benefits to Staff by mobile Online Tour and Visit Entry Online Order Taking and Delivery Online View Pending Recovery Online Items Price, Detail and Photo Online Future Tour Plan Approval Online Sales and Commission Online Expense Entry Online Leave Sanction system Online Customers/

Make Money Change the World. Trainer: Olayinka Bukola FCCA FFA AIT Diploma CEO/Project Director of Multi Edge Care Initiatives Mobile: 08120999000/07011997177.

banks. Commercial banks, community banks. NGO’s, Multi lateral institutions such as World bank, Africa Development Bank cooperative banks. Suppliers Credit. Cooperatives, Credit Union Private Ajo Co-operatives exposes its members to some specialized loans and grants like that of the FADAMA project/a checklist of policies and other management systems necessary for NGObizs to run effective organizations/ for all business activities. eCommerce is the online component of an eBusiness. Electronic commerce or /

Distributed Systems CS 15-440 Overview and Introduction Lecture 1, Aug 22, 2016 Mohammad Hammoud.

22, 2016 Mohammad Hammoud Why Should You Study Distributed Systems? Application DomainAssociated Networked Application Finance and commerceeCommerce e.g. Amazon and eBay, PayPal, online banking and trading The information societyWeb information and search engines, / skills they will need to become experts Assignments & Projects Assignments 5 required problem solving and reading assignments Projects 4 large programming projects Projects  For all the projects except the final one, the following rules apply: /

인도에서 Barter로 가능한 광고.

entering the area of entrepreneurship; established entrepreneurs; and the banks, venture capitalist and the angel funds. Dare IS NOT just/ Corporate Support, Entrepreneurship, Context Analysis Engines, Traffic Monetization Solutions, Online Advertising Solutions, DNS Management Products, Linux and Windows Server Management / of Community Economic & Credit Systems. Sjaak Adriaanse Computer scientist and mathematician. Involved in several community currency projects. Maintains over 400 complimentary currency/

Effective Management of SME Taxpayers: The Role of Risk Based Audit

buyer and the seller tracked by the IT system, System identified invoice match/ mis-match between information filed by buyer and seller Veracity of input tax credit claimed can be checked online Summary Matching case Example: Development of risk scores/ East African Community (EAC) Initiative Bangladesh Armenia Georgia Vietnam Pilot project All workstreams Sierra Leone Pilot project All workstreams Yemen Pilot project All workstreams The Tax Team in Yemen Project Brief: Budget: US$1.3mn (Phase I) Started in /



Test Item Bank System And Computer Adaptive Test System

data? More Classroom Focused Testing Systems Projects Overview Implement a Test Item Bank System Implement a Computer Adaptive Test System Test Item Load Provide Online Adaptive Testing Units for High Schools The test item bank project incorporates 3 projects in one. The Test Item Bank system will provide the framework for the implementation of the computer adaptive test system and the online adaptive testing units. Test Item Bank System A repository for test items aligned/

P R O J E C T C O N S U L T Information Lifecycle Management

Straße 17 20251 Hamburg www.project-consult.com © PROJECT CONSULT 2007 Systeme mit steuerlich relevanten Daten Buchhaltungssysteme Finanzbuchhaltung, Anlagenbuchhaltung, Lohnbuchhaltung Der Buchhaltung vorgelagerte Systeme Faktura, Kassenbuch, Reisekostenabrechnung, Zeiterfassung, Electronic Banking, Registrierkassen, ... Weitere Systeme (Inhalte spezifisch) Warenwirtschaft/Materialwirtschaft, E-Business-Systeme, Kostenrechnung/Leistungsrechnung, Webshop, ... Systeme mit übergreifenden Funktionalitäten ERP/

Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. Slide 6-1 Chapter 6 E-commerce Payment Systems Extra notes on e-payment (JMD, modified 2007)

6-43 B2B Payment Systems More complex than B2C Two main types:  Systems that replace traditional banks (example: Actrade)  Existing banking systems extending to B2B marketplace (example: Orbian) Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. Slide 6-44 Key Features of B2B Payment Systems Table 6.8, Page 340 Copyright © 2004 Pearson Education, Inc. Slide 6-45 Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment Online payment systems for monthly bills EBPP expected/

New Generation Banking August 2010. We are an Affiliate of a Reputable Global Conglomerate 1.

Initec Energia of Spain  Project amount of USD 470 million /Banking Base City BankingRegional BankingDirect Banking Corporate Banking Retail Banking Investment Banking Treasury New Generation Banking 16 1. Strong and Dedicated Team 2.Centralized Multi-Institutional Operational Infrastructure 3.Inhouse Core Banking System – “Akustik” 4.State-of-Art Unique Platforms Kreaktif (Credit Factory) Aktif Online Aktif Collection Aktif Card System Aktif Insurance Our Banking Base 17 Direct Banking  Branchless banking/


government expenditure – cut wastage and leakage Need for a transparent and accountable system of public expenditure Social inclusion project with a developmental focus UIDAI issues Aadhaar numbers… Basic demographic data and biometrics/monitoring of implementation Local Language Content Digital / Online Payment The impact… Digital Identity Local Language Content Credit Registries Digital / Online Payment Mobile Commerce Insurance, banking Govt. Services Social Networks Aadhaar identity platform and/

Systems Development Life Cycle & Applications System

Sunday, November 22, 1998 Roles involved in SDLC Steering Committee Project Manager Systems Analyst Team Leader Programmer DBA Quality Assurance Tester Domain Specialist /online processing. Distributed by AGASS (http://www.agass.org) Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) An automated teller machine is a specialized form of the point of sale terminal. This is designed for unattended use by a customer of a financial institution. The ATMs generally allow cash deposits, cash with­drawals and a range of banking/

Memory Systems in the Multi-Core Era Lecture 1: DRAM Basics and DRAM Scaling Prof. Onur Mutlu http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~omutlu onur@cmu.edu Bogazici University.

increasing Main memory energy/power is a key system design concern DRAM technology scaling is ending ITRS projects DRAM will not scale easily below X nm/to know about how each DRAM bank operates DRAM Bank 0 DRAM Bank 1 DRAM Bank 2 DRAM Bank 3 DRAM Bank Operation Access Address: (Row 0/, March 2012. Slides (ppt) Online Lectures and More Information Online Computer Architecture Lectures http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5PHm2jkkXmidJOd59REog9jDnPDTG6IJ Online Computer Architecture Courses Intro: http://www/


Tendency to enter the system (by those who do not own pension) Those who ever have pension Those who have pension now Pension is bought from banks (66%) or agencies/, and gain more within the risks they themselves identify/take. Purpose and Project Design In this presentation, the focus will only be on pension. Our /read newspapers among readers of printed newspapers; Newspaper Readers Followed by Posta and Haberturk Among online papers, the most popular is Hurriyet (49%). Followed by Sabah and Milliyet 56% /

New Generation Banking March 2010. We are an Affiliate of a Reputable Global Conglomerate 1.

Initec Energia of Spain  Project amount of USD 470 million/Banking Base City BankingRegional BankingDirect Banking Corporate Banking Retail Banking Investment Banking Treasury New Generation Bank ing 15 1. Strong and Dedicated Team 2.Centralized Multi-Institutional Operational Infrastructure 3.Inhouse Core Banking System – “Akustik” 4.State-of-Art Unique Platforms Kreaktif (Credit Factory) Aktif Online Aktif Collection Aktif Card System Aktif Insurance Our Banking Base 16 Direct Banking  Branchless banking/

E-Commerce Systems Mark Micallef

: E-Commerce E-Banking E-Dating E-Government E-Learning E-Logistics … What are E-Commerce Systems? Viewing a product list online? Ordering products online and paying by cheque or in person? Ordering and paying online plus having the product/ Graphics Designers People with library science background Database Designers Programmers Web Architects Network Security Experts Project Managers Software Development Lifecycles The Web-E Lifecycle Design Overall Design Navigation Organisation Search Facilities Features/

CONSUMER BANKING SYSTEM. PURPOSE STATEMENT  The purpose of our project is to provide fast and safe analysis of sales data of banks by the state bank.

the banks and either is available online or the state bank can get the bank directly. The state bank can in this way outsource one of their tasks. the state bank can get the analyzed data from our website without the hassle of collecting the data and analyzing it themselves. RATIONALE FOR CHOOSING PROJECT This project has been made to fulfill a niche in the market. The system will/

Anat Lewin | Global ICT Department | World Bank Group

online services E-Customs Trade DB E-Procure- ment Secured Asset Registry Car/Ship Registry Investment Promotion Agency Interoperability of databases, registries and services bring efficiencies and time / cost savings through One Stop Shops and Single Windows. How are things done today? S I L O Implementation Recent Example: Silos Don’t Work Ghana’s Budget and Public Expenditure Management System/ Architecture Data Management Centers The World Bank’s Experience Larger Projects Kenya. US$157 million for pro/

2 nd National Workshop on “ICT in Agriculture & Rural Development” Project Sankalp A step towards eAgriBiz.

-finance etc. was in the scope of phase I of the project. TCS developed the application and implemented it along with the financial accounting/Information Management System - FIMS) Bank Contracts Finance plays the major role in agri business. FIMS tracks entire Loan Cycle. System captures Bank Contract details including Bank Name,/solve their personal queries by associating them with agriculture experts and technologists. Online training sessions for farmers on wide range of topics with multimedia application/

Copyright The Asian Banker 2010. All rights reserved 1/104 Copyright The Asian Banker 2011. All rights reserved China International Banking Convention.

Product Technology and Infrastructure Awards - Best Banking Technology - Best Core Banking Implementation - Best Risk & Analytics Project - Best Data Center Initiative - Best E-Banking Project - Best HR Systems Implementation - Best Call Center Project - Best Banking Security System Risk Management Award Scope of Financial Institutions National Banks, Joint Stock Banks, City Commercial Banks, Rural Banks, Foreign Banks (overall 96 banks) Evaluation Criteria Rational and transparent evaluation process/

Staff & Student Reimbursements Rohin Whitford Finance Business Solutions – User Support & Training Finance Systems Training.

Two Claimant: Rohin Whitford Financial Delegate: John Hilton Fund : OP001 Dept : ANALYTA Project: PS19352 Claim for the purchase of groceries bought for his department Distribution Lines Splitting Distribution/bank Travel Credit CardTravel AllowanceExpense Reimbursement Note: Serko Online Sessions – see Travel Portal Travel Allowance Travel Allowances are now handled automatically via the UNSW Travel Management system Serko Online. A week prior to travel Travel Allowance data will be sent by Serko Online/

Agriculture Mission Mode Project (National e-Governance Plan)

online to bank. Using payment gateway April 19, 2017 NIC 96 SMS Server/Email Server Feedback Once the application submitted online by the fisherman is approved after scrutinize the document as soon as the approval is done by authorized officer system / feeding. April 19, 2017 NIC 98 Feedback 9(7). Details on Fish Diseases (i.e. Fish Disease Reporting System covered under NADRS Project) – Nodal Agency for Fish Disease Surveillance and Monitoring is NBFGR, Lucknow; April 19, 2017 NIC 99 Feedback April/


strategy? See the next slide for help. CURRENCY NEUTRALIZATION 0.92 If you projected the USD would continue to rise like the dotted line, you may want /to tie up Buyer’s assets at the beginning. Use fear of the court system. Results are always uncertain. Can be very expensive—potentially multiples of the cost of/ BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL Online/Distance Learning Course SECTION 19 WORLD AND REGIONAL BANKS; CUSTOMS SERVICE DEALINGS ALAN L. WHITEBREAD THE WORLD BANK http://www.worldbank.org/ The World Bank Group is/

Scalable Many-Core Memory Systems Topic 1: DRAM Basics and DRAM Scaling Prof. Onur Mutlu HiPEAC ACACES Summer.

DRAM MEMORY CONTROLLER DRAM Bank 0 DRAM Bank 1 DRAM Bank 2 Shared DRAM Memory System Multi-Core Chip unfairness INTERCONNECT matlab gcc DRAM Bank 3 DRAM Bank Operation 24 Row / Research Papers  http://users.ece.cmu.edu/~omutlu/projects.htm http://users.ece.cmu.edu/~omutlu/projects.htm  http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=7XyGUGkAAAAJ&/be accurate One option for future work: Use ECC to continuously profile DRAM online while aggressively reducing refresh rate  Need to keep ECC overhead in check 324/

WORLD BANK Seminar on Procurement of Goods, Works and Consultancy Contracts financed from World Bank Loans and IDA Credits, February 27 - March 3, 2006,

to be prior reviewed by Bank Updated periodically. 18 II. ICB : [A] General A GPN required once in a project’s life. GPN does not need to be annually updated any more. All advertisement, GPN or SPN, goes online. Electronic portals address -/ personnel, and financial resources. PQ given to ALL that qualify, regardless of number, based strictly on the criteria. Registration system permissible. Maintained through regular update of PQ information. 20 II. ICB : [B] Bidding Document Use of Standard Bidding /

PAYMENT SYSTEMS – 3 rd Annual Summit Innovative, Inclusive and Integrated Approach for Payment Systems Biju J. John HEAD, BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES.

500 5,000 200320042005200620072008200920102011 Global mobile subscribers (millions) Actual Projected Estimated 5 billion subscribers Many developed countries over 100%/  Reduced Energy Costs  Centralized Automatic Alerts for security & Fire (Auto SMS)  Online Power monitoring for better visibility  Monitoring controller & GPRS at central location  Asset Management;/BFSI customers and its clientele has all major banks and insurance companies and is a trusted System Integrator with an ISO 9001, ISO 27000/


positive response from the Junior and Middle Management participants who completed the online survey. This boosted the sample size by up to 155. This year/barrier to usage of the SMS system by SDF’s and ETQA BANKSETA Accredited Providers A lack of awareness of research projects conducted by the BANKSETA is still/development2 Forecasting management development challenges etc1 Is the BANKSETA learnership effective? How are banks aligning to the QCTO?1 Transformation in our sector1 Research 58 Committee Members/

Copyright © 1995-2013 Clifford Neuman - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - INFORMATION SCIENCES INSTITUTE USC CSci530 Computer Security Systems Lecture.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - INFORMATION SCIENCES INSTITUTE Federated Identity - Shibboleth Internet 2 Project –Federated Administration –Attribute Based Access Control –Active Management of Privacy /HAN control a third In the Banking System –Each bank has its own perimeter –Inter-bank and transaction systems have their own –Interactions with/ SCIENCES INSTITUTE Ecommerce: Auctions Typical real-world auction fraud techniques apply. Online issues –Denial of service –Visibility of proxy bids Copyright © 1995-/


portable computer sales by the end of 2013. By 2015, they are projected to exceed the entire personal computer market. This begs the question, / technological developments in the financial services industry, identifying best practices in online banking and investing, online insurance, mobile finance, active trading platforms, social media and other /Without the need to fit this functionality into a large, multi-level menu system, firms like Chase and Wells Fargo group transfers and payments together, limiting/


and the Commerce Business Daily leads. You can also explore USA Trade ® Online and EuroTrade Online for additional detailed information. U.S. SOURCES OF GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE Export-Import Bank [EXIMBANK] Foreign Agricultural Service [FAS] Agency for International Development [USAID] /SUPPLY-ORIENTED SYSTEM –20 SECTORS: 1,174 INDUSTRIES [and growing] –NAFTA: 5 DIGITS + 6 TH FOR COUNTRY CODE –COMPATIBLE WITH ISIC Rev. 3 [UN] [SITC] –CONTINUALLY UPDATED Services is now the major development project. THE /

1 THE GO-ONLINE TRAINING SUPPORT GRNET - Greek Research and Technology Network www.grnet.gr Xenophon Tsilibaris Athens, EVITA kick-off meeting, 9/12/2008.

Greece, taking into account the specific characteristics of the local economy Project Partners 9 Consultants of Training & Support are: - Unemployed university/online.gr Web site statistics Ιούλιος ’02-Μάρτιος ’06 Home page vistis > 1.500.000 All visits> 18.000.000 Registered users> 29.000 html pages (dynamic)> 900.000 15 Management information system 16 Management information system/ exception. Moreover, only one third of them have online dealings with banks or the public sector. Very small companies are not/

Chapter 7 Online Banking.  Online Banking Online banking isnt out to change your money habits. It simply uses todays technology to give you the option.

online transactions with the bank. Its portability and low cost are offset by fewer features are less versatility. The approaches to connect online banking are:  Early Adopters of Online Banking Services (Cont…)  Benefits of Online Banking The online banking/project of Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) The electronic cheque is comprised of message integrity check, authentication and non-repudiation properties sufficient to prevent fraud against the banks/ –Closed system: single institution/

An update on our progress toward introducing It’s Me 247 Online Banking to your members this fall Rollout Update September 18, 2007.

Project Progress Report  It’s Me 247 Online Banking software demo – What’ll be different? What’ll be familiar?  Planned Infrastructure Improvements  Implementation Plan and Release Dates  Marketing to Your Members – Online Banking Community BONUS: Demo of other new online tools coming soon for your members! 3 Project/ variable 9 An Important Variable: Member Connections to the Web Are Diverse  The operating systems and browsers actually used by members are all over the map  Check out these stats/

Patient Access to Records & Transactional Services (PARTS) Welcome to the project launch. Please note that this event will be recorded. If you are joining.

Today Raise awareness of the project Explore the drivers for the project; why PARTS and why now? Find out what’s already been achieved elsewhere for patients, practices and the NHS Establish what GP systems can do / will do /to transact  Customers pay bills and receive payments  Healthcare equivalent: ability to receive test results Ability to book appointments  Online banks offer real time facilities to book meetings and calls with advisers  Healthcare equivalent: ability to email your doctor 17 With /

Unit 5: Banking Services Financial English Unit 5: Revision of Unit 4Revision of Unit 4Revision Background information of Unit 5Background information.

card is part of a system of ________ named after the small ________ card issued to users of the system. It is a card entitling/banks also provide sophisticated services like online banking, project financing, leasing, merchant banking, and personal banking. Online banking relieves the customers from time-consuming paper based banking transactions with the help of information technology. Personal banking provides technology-enabled and customized banking products like phone banking and Internet banking. Banks/

Department of Innovations & Software Development Faculty of Computing and IT - Makerere University MUK - SGS Automation Project Findings Objectives Recommended.

A non-student can be assigned multiple user roles and may toggle between them. internet Bank reports SGS Admissions & Registration MUK financial status system Student Supervisor, Examiner Student SGS Admin & Management SGS Examinations web pages MUK web / university stakeholders and local media. Hence, improved relationship with research funders and stakeholders. A project to implement an online system like this may entail university policy changes with respect to SGS operations. Examples: Requiring all/

Bank of Baroda A Story of Commitment, Consistency & Credibility Financial Results: Q3 & Apr-Dec, 2011-12 (FY12) Dr Rupa Rege Nitsure Chief Economist January.

Bank has a centralised SWIFT system for India & its 21 overseas territories. Internet Payment Gateway has been implemented to facilitate e-commerce transactions in multi currencies across the globe. Bank/online banking services to its customers & protect them from phishing attacks, Bank has implemented a Fraud Management Solution. Back Office functions have been centralised in the Bank/ of excellence Organisational Restructuring Bank’s BPR Project - Navnirmaan Bank’s BPR Project - Navnirmaan The initial /

Two Factor Authentication Using Mobile Phones. Abstract In our project security and authentication plays a major role. It can be mainly used in online.

user gives any invalid pin number the ATM card is blocked. In our project security and authentication plays a major role. It can be mainly used in online banking or ATM machines. The mobile phone acts as a security token for authentication./the user can access the ATM machine. Modules  Login Module  Token Generation Module  SMS Module  ATM Process Module System Architecture DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Internal Data Flow DATA FLOW DIAGRAM External Data Flow External Data Flow Methodologies Step-1: New user account/

Page  2 PROJECT PRESENTED TO YOU BY: Page  3 Acknowledgement  I would like to take this opportunity to convey our thanks to our Respected mentors.

project. Elance empowers consumers around the world by providing the meeting ground and platform for such transactions.  C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer) There are many sites offering free classifieds, auctions, and forums where individuals can buy and sell thanks to online payment systems/ ADVERTISING NEGOTIATE SALE IDENTIFY CUSTOMERS CREATE PRODUCT Page  11 PROCESS INVOLVED IN SALES CYCLE BANK MAIL OPERATING UNIT PURCHASE REQUISITION PURCHASE DEPARTMENT PURCHASE ORDER (COPY) ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT RECEIVING REPORT/

Presentation at the 2-day Regional Conference – Fostering GATI through excellence in Governance Development Permission Management System 15/Dec/2015.

based solution Before …….. Goes to an Architect for Drawings Goes to Bank for payments Goes to Government Depts for NOCS Submits the Application at / the Field Engineers and Mobile apps capture the data and update the system online Permissions are given with digital signatures to the Citizen and status of /enhance efficiency  Better accounting and fund management, avoidance of leakages and timely collections Project Implementation Life cycle 2 Years 3 Years As per requirement Best Practices  Establishment/

FI$Cal Project Kick-Off January 7, 2016 2017/2018 Release.

with Account Payables and other modules EPP/SABRC tracking and reporting available for every transaction Online P-Card reconciliation available in FI$Cal With FI$Cal, the departments now can capture/Bank Statement File From SCO Asset Management (AM) FI$Cal: Transparency. Accuracy. Integrity.79 January 2016 Acquire Asset Asset Additions, Depreciation, Retirement General Ledger/KK Accounts Payables Project Costing ePro/ Purchasing Asset Processor Asset Manager Asset Maintainer Departmental AM Systems/

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