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Primary Care Counseling for Obesity, Nutrition, and Physical Activity 2013 Eileen L. Seeholzer, M.D., MS Associate Prof. - Case Western University School.

gain at least some hyperplasia occurs Bray, George. Medications for Obesity: Mechanisms and Applications. Clin Chest Med 30 (2009) 525–538 Obesity Treatment Pyramid Diet Physical Activity Lifestyle Modification Pharmacotherapy Surgery NAASO Slide Library Impact of/org www.gastro.org www.americanheart.org www.obesity.org www.asbs.org Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Obesity and Overweight Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Prevalence data and growth charts National Institutes of Health (NIH) National /

Childhood Obesity Lisa Cabrera, Katherine Ko & Kathryn Pugh.

95th percentile or above, on standard pediatric growth charts. ● Morbid Obesity: more than 1.2 times the 95th percentile on standard pediatric growth charts. (Hockenberry & Wilson, 2013) Etiology and Pathophysiology Obesity results from caloric intake that consistently exceeds requirements and expenditures and involves both genetic and environmental influences that include: ● Diet: high calorie, high sugar, high fat diet ● Lack of physical activity: sedentary lifestyle, TV watching/

Obesity & Related Surgical Procedures RNSG 1247. Obesity and Overweight Obesity is an abnormal increase in the proportion of fat cells Obesity is an abnormal.

obese Used to classify underweight, healthy (normal) weight, overweight, or obese Common clinical index of obesity or altered body fat distribution Common clinical index of obesity or altered body fat distribution Uses weight-to-height ratios Uses weight-to-height ratios BMI chart Weight for height chart Classification of Body Weight and Obesity/ 2-4 wks = pureed at frequent intervals 4-6 wks = transition diet w/solids & pureed Ambulatory and Home Care Possible complications from surgery Possible /

Fighting The Fat; Knocking Out Childhood Obesity Brenda Cox Leah Knowlton Sonya Lott Kindergarten – 5 th grade.

4%.1 300,000 deaths each year in the United States are associated with obesity. http://www.surgeongeneral.gov/topics/obesity/calltoaction/fact_glance.htm Overweight and obesity, influenced by poor diet and inactivity, are significantly associated with an increased risk of diabetes, high /checkout Dole’s 5 A Day website: http://www.dole5aday.com/Grownups/G_Home.jsp Free Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Facts Chart and Healthy Snacks to All! Free Kids Cookbook to 20 lucky kids! Dole 5 A Day Program Customer Service/


analysis Aim 1 Obesity Measure using digital weight scale and digital stadiometer Obese is defined as BMI percentile greater than 95% using CDC growth charts To determine the bidirectional temporal associations between obesity and depression in / victimization Measurement tool: Perception of Teasing Scale Weight Stigma Dieting and Binge Eating Self-imposed dieting, not diets enforced by parents Measurement tool: Restraint Scale Dieting Categorized as Bulimia Nervosa or Binge Eating Disorder Measurement tool/

Obesity Diet and Physical Activity

of surgical intervention, the surgeon may have the person follow a strict liquid diet for weight loss prior to surgery. 2009 NIDDK What Causes Obesity? Energy imbalance over a long period of time. Energy in > Energy out/2005. Available at: http://www.health.gov/dietaryguidelines/dga2005/recommendations.htm American Heart Association (AHA). Physical Activity Calorie Use Chart. Available at: http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=756 American Cancer Society (ACS). Exercise Counts. How Many/

Obesity Prachi Desai, Jacquelyn Ferrance ,Vincent Nardone,

11.%. Compared to whites, blacks has 51% and Hispanics has 21% higher rate of obesity. http://www.ibtimes.com/heres-how-obesity-relates-gender-race- income-us-charts-1469056 Obesity by Race and Sex Black Non-Hispanic women has the highest percentage (39.2%). White/ come from a variety of different settings, including gyms, weight loss centers, and doctors offices. -Weight loss clinics or diet programs have begun to show up in every city in America. Although some of these programs have been met with success,/

What does it take to lose weight? A Healthy Diet and EXERCISE.

Proper Nutrition ** Remember, exercise is critical to looking good as you lose weight. OVERVIEW QUIT 4 of 5 Step Four: Chart Your Progress If your goal is to lose several pounds or dress sizes, it may take you several weeks or months to/bigger problem. The two most common eating disorders are: anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Being overweight or obese is a problem that needs to be addressed, but taking dieting to the extreme can create a bigger problem. The two most common eating disorders are: anorexia nervosa/

Option A: Human Nutrition and Health

of fatty acids. [3] (c) Explain why the difference between saturated fats and unsaturated fats is important in a healthy diet. [3] Fat diets across the world: introduction Read your textbook pp 210-213, your guide pp 111 & search the internet (http://www.ific.org/full” There are strong links to malfunction of any of these pathways and obesity, as the individual eats more than is required. Appetite control Copy and complete the flow chart on the next slide to explain how appetite is controlled in the brain /

CHILDHOOD OBESITY: The Global Epidemic

School-UMDNJ Obesity Definition “Excessive storage of energy as FAT relative to lean body mass” Energy intake exceeds expenditure Obesity Measurement Weight Weight:Height BMI Skin Thickness kg÷m2 Skin Thickness Waist:Hip Ratio Obesity Growth Charts Obesity - / improves weight loss Childhood Obesity Dietary Therapy Cornerstone of treatment Weight loss determined by #calories consumed relative to expended Healthy diet 55% carbs 30% fat 15% protein Avoid fad diets Childhood Obesity Dietary Therapy Fat vs Carbs/


growth, maintenance, and specific functions, on the other. HUMAN NUTRITION Obesity & under-nutrition are the 2 ends of the spectrum of malnutrition. A healthy diet provides a balanced nutrients that satisfy the metabolic needs of the / Prevention – Health Education to mothers about good nutrition and food hygiene – Immunization of children. – Growth monitoring on Growth Charts specially of all children under 3 years of age Secondary Prevention – Mass Screening of high risk populations, using simple tools /

Obesity: why a big issue? Overview of the public health problem Pamela Mason.

& over-report activity’ Why?  Physical Activity Different methods could include: –Typical day/week –Keep a diary/chart –Pedometer Assessment of current diet  Traditional 24hr recall  Food Diary How useful is a detailed dietary intake?  Typical Day –Gives information about/hda.nhs.uk  DH (2004) Choosing heath: making healthier choices easier  HDA/NICE(2006). Guidance on obesity What can pharmacists do?  Provision of information  Raising awareness  Participation in local campaigns  Measurement of /

1 Health Psychology Chapter 15: Eating & Dieting Mansfield University Dr. Craig, Instructor.

also 15.1 in text) 27.8 women27.3 men who doesn’t this work well for? §Met Life Height-Weight charts (15.2) Obesity on the Increase §Overall obseity in US has increased by 1/3 in the past 20 years §People (more women) /intentional, why do you think?) §Weight Distribution- Apple (2.3X risk) & Pears §Is dieting healthy? Look above!! Some gain actually may be healthy! (Andres, 1995) Getting Fatter and Dieting More in the USA §Why are more people gaining weight than ever? research shows people are less/


y) * Change in Waist Circumference (cm/y) * Foods high on the GI chart can increase appetite, cause weight gain and increase risk for obesity (Monsivais, 2011) Replacing saturated fatty acids with carbohydrates low on the GI was protective against/-112 Sympathetic activation is an important metabolic adaptation limiting weight gain. Weight-matched β-blocker users, compared to controls, showed diet-induced thermogenesis, fat oxidation rate and weekly habitual activity were lower by 50%, 32% and 30% (all P<0/

H EALTH A T E VERY S IZE A N A LTERNATIVE A PPROACH Julie Rochefort, MHSc, RD Jacqui Gingras, PhD, RD Canadian Obesity Summit May 1, 2013.

weight.” Case Study 8 year old Elisa Mom very concerned about weight Child is not active in sports Wt hx: Growth chart indicates weight for height moved from 90 th  93 rd percentile Mother has been finding hidden food wrappers and finds a /the health and well being of their students are maintained and to reduce obesity prevalence in the school by half in the next 5 years. Kalich et al., 2008 Diet pills Herbal supplements Restricting Skipping meals Recommendations Critiques Assumption: Anyone who is /

Copyright 2015. Adarsh K. Gupta, DO, MS, FACOFP. Latest Obesity Stats Women aged 20-74 Trends in overweight, obesity, and extreme obesity among women.

 Develop / Get patient educational handouts on diet, physical activity recommendations to create behavior change Copyright 2015. Adarsh K. Gupta, DO, MS, FACOFP Addressing Obesity  Documentation & Materials o Pre-visit questionnaire to include precise bariatric dietary, behavioral and activity history along with other medical information W.A.V.E and REAP o BMI-for-Age Growth Charts o Food & Activity diary o Pedometers (if/

Obesity Treatment: What Is a “Staged Approach” & What Does it Mean for Clinicians? Nancy F. Krebs, MD, MS University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.

Obese” Characterizing “Severe Obesity” > 95% = “Obese” 97 th % BMI highest on chart (BMI > 40 – bariatric surgery) (BMI 40) Characterizing Severe Obesity BMI ≥ 99% (~ 3 Z)… Strongly associated w/ co-morbidities Excess adiposity Persistence Influence therapy “Severe Obesity” (BMI ≥ 99%) (BMI 40) Staged Approach to Obesity/u ↑ intensity, frequency, support u Structured behavioral program, diet & PA goals; more prescriptive u Multidisciplinary obesity care team: –Behaviorist, dietitian, exercise specialist –MD /

Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome: Fat Brothers in Arms By: Dr. Samuel N. Grief, MD Assistant Professor and Nutrition Educator University of Illinois at Chicago.

1516 17 1819 2021 22 6’4”1213 1415 16 1718 19 2021 Body Mass Index Chart WEIGH T 180185190195200205210215220225230235240245250 HEIGH T 5’0”353637383940414243444546474849 5’1”34353637383940414243 44454647 5’2”3334353637 / wnl. Case Presentation Diagnoses: Mild intermittent asthma AND Morbid obesity Hypertriglyceridemia Hyperglycemia Elevated blood pressure OR Metabolic Syndrome Case Presentation Treatment Plan: Dietary advice (diet diary, nutrition counseling, etc.) Prescription weight loss medicine Exercise/

ALABAMA AFHK Charting a Healthier Course for Alabama Students A nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the epidemic of overweight, undernourished.

of Alabama KIDS in our schools. What is Obesity? A few extra pounds do not suggest obesity. However, it may indicate a tendency to gain weight easily and a need for changes in diet and/or exercise. Usually children are classified as obese or overwiehght based on growth charts (>85 th = ow and >95 th = ob Obesity most commonly begins in childhood between the ages of/

BMS208 Human Nutrition Topic 16: Diet and Life Cycle Infancy, Childhood and Adolescents Brian Spurrell.

high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and respiratory disease 49 Nutrition during Childhood Childhood Obesity –Psychological Development Emotional and social problems Stereotypes and discrimination –Prevention and Treatment of Obesity Integrated approach with diet, physical activity, psychological support, and behavioural changes Begin early treatment – before adolescence 50 Nutrition during Childhood Childhood ObesityDiet  Reduce rate of weight gain, rather than attempt weight loss  Strategies ◦ Serve/

Evidence Based Diagnosis and Management of Obesity Provider Training NMCSD Weight Management Clinical Quality Team July 2006 1.

Circumference measurement 13 Why Diagnose O&O Categorizing Disease Risk Overweight or obesity and abdominal obesity significantly increase risk* for: Type 2 diabetes, Hypertension, and CVD /related to eating and physical activity –May reveal unrecognized eating and activity patterns Chart your weight on a graph 27 Stress Management Recognize and Defuse stressful situations/ activity is not associated with rapid weight loss – along with diet, it’s a tool for attaining/maintaining weight Discuss barriers and/

Slide Source: www.obesityonline.org LEPTIN acts in arcuate nucleus in hypothalamus Via the JAK/STAT pathway Obese and T2DM often insulin leptin resistance.

210 220320 340 360 240 250260230270280290 380300400 64 Height (in) 62 60 70 68 66 72 74 76 Body Mass Index Chart Slide Source: www.obesityonline.org Relationship Between BMI and Percent Body Fat in Men and Women (coorelate) Adapted from: /High LDL Metabolic Syndrome Slide Source: www.obesityonline.org Treatment of the Metabolic Syndrome in Overweight or Obese Patients Weight loss induced by diet and increased physical activity is the cornerstone of therapy Weight loss induced by drug therapy can also improve/

Dietetics I ABU NURUDEEN. DEFINITION Dietetics - The branch of therapeutics concerned with the practical application of diet in relation to health and.

to patients and their families. They confer with other health care professionals to review patients medical charts and develop individual plans to meet nutritional requirements. Some clinical dietitians will also create or deliver/person with IDDM is likely to be thin and may eat excessively(polyphagia). Risk factors  Family history  Obesity  Lack of exercise  Poor diet  Excess consumption sugar-sweetened drinks↑  Saturated fats↑  Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated ↓  Urbanization  Stress Diagnosis/

Slide Source: www.obesityonline.org LEPTIN acts in arcuate nucleus in hypothalamus Via the JAK/STAT pathway Obese and T2DM often insulin leptin resistance.

360 240 250260230270280290 380300400 64 Height (in) 62 60 70 68 66 72 74 76 Body Mass Index Chart Slide Source: www.obesityonline.org Relationship Between BMI and Percent Body Fat in Men and Women (coorelate)/<0.05 No maintenance tx Maintenance tx Diet and behavior modification therapy Slide Source: www.obesityonline.org Obesity Treatment Pyramid Diet Physical Activity Lifestyle Modification Pharmacotherapy Surgery Slide Source: www.obesityonline.org Obesity Treatment Guidelines The Practical Guide can be /

OBESITY IN CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS A Pediatrician’s Role in Shaping the Future.

of adolescents watched 3 or more hours of TV on an average school day DEFINING OBESITY  Excess of body fat  CDC 2000 growth charts  Body Mass Index [weight (kg)/ height (m)]  2-18 years of age  Obese: BMI at or greater than the 95 th percentile of BMI for age  Overweight/feel about the information I’ve provided? Mother: Well after hearing all of that information and when I look closer at John’s diet, maybe we do need to make some changes. Doctor: On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how important /

Tackling the Childhood Obesity Problem - Adults as Role Models Claudia Raya, RD Massachusetts Department of Education, Nutrition Programs and Services.

Source: CDCNHCS, NHES, NHANES. Age in Years 6-1112-19 Contributing factors to obesity crisis in U.S. Environment Genetics –metabolism, predisposition Diet/Nutrition Intake Physical Activity Cultural/Psychological Toxic Food Environment Shifts in Food Practices in the United/ 30.0 - 34.9 = Obese, High 35.0 - 39.9 = Obese, Very High Very High 40 or greater= Extremely Obese Children Risk of Associated Disease According to BMI BMI-for age at or above the 95th percentile of CDC Growth Charts BMI for age > 95th =/

Topic18: Diet and Health Brian Spurrell

and Chronic Diseases Stroke and heart attack Some cancers Atherosclerosis Stroke and heart attack Obesity Hypertension Gallbladder disease Diabetes This flow chart shows that many of these conditions are themselves risk factors for other chronic diseases./Imagery – guided visual relaxation Iridology – study of the eye and how it is related to disease Macrobiotic diets – a restricted diet of grains and vegetables Massage therapy – manipulation of the muscles to promote healing Examples Examples Meditation – /

Senior Research Project Obesity By Peter Cheng. Introduction Obesity is becoming a major health concern in our nation due to following 3 reasons: - Prevalence.

obese NHANES III –56 % of US population overweight/obese NHANES 1999-2000 –64 % of US population overweight/obese Prevalence Comparison Health Consequences Obesity/ die of obesity related diseases/Obesity Pt knowledge on Obesity More Americans are obese than ever? –7% says No –93% says Yes Is obesity an important health issue? –7% says No –93% says Yes Pt knowledge on Obesity Obesity/Obesity Pt knowledge on cause of obesity What is the cause of obesity: –43% says genetic, 67% says diet/ of obesity among /

Pediatric Obesity: Provider Skill Sets for Improved Care Scott Gee, MD Kaiser Permanente February 18, 2010 French Camp, CA.

when provided by experienced programs with established clinical or research protocols)  Medications - sibutramine, orlistat  Very-low-calorie diets  Weight control surgery - gastric bypass or banding (not FDA approved for children but in clinical trials) NICHQ  National/Make it Easier!!! Accurate Scale & Stadiometer CDC BMI for Age growth Chart BMI Wheel Calculator What are more sensitive ways to address obesity and overweight? Obesity Overweight Fat or Chubby Weight or Extra Weight Body Mass Index (/

The Mediterranean Diet Syracuse University Florence.

generous amounts. It continues to be the principle source of fat in the diet. Result? Lots of heart-smart mono- unsaturated fat. Prevention; Apr2002, Vol. 54 Issue 4, p60, 2p, 1 chart, 4c Rome, NY Cheese and meat rule. Cheese-laden lasagna fill plates./new research Fat is always a target especially SFA Three main risk factor for CHD –↑ blood pressure, ↑ blood lipids, obesity My Pyramid USDA http://www.mypyramid.gov/py ramid/index.htmlhttp://www.mypyramid.gov/py ramid/index.html Dietary Guidelines 2005 /

What is a Healthy Diet?.................................................. 1 Grass-Fed vs Grain-Fed Beef………………………………….. 5 The Sickening Truth About Grain-fed/Feedlot.

habits. If everything else in your diet remains constant, youll lose about six pounds a year. If all Americans switched to grassfed meat, our national epidemic of obesity might diminish. The CLA Bonus. Meat/Diet by Simopoulos and Robinson, HarperCollins 1999.) 10 of 15 Grass-Fed Beef vs Grain-Fed Beef 11 of 15 Grass-Fed Beef vs Grain-Fed Beef William P. Weiss, Department of Animal Sciences OARDC, The Ohio State University, Wooster, OH 44691 Grassfed animal products have a bonus supply of vitamin E The chart/

WEIGHT GAIN /OBESITY By Dr. Cuong Ngo-Minh Back to Basics April 14th 2010.

How incapacitating or impact on daily life activities at work, home?. Search for reversible cause and triggering factors (change diet, exercice pattern, life events). Past medical history (Endocrine disease like hypothyroidism, diabetes, PCO), Hypertension, dyslipidemia, /routine (eg pedometer 5000 steps, walk 30 min after meals). D) Chart weekly weight (same scale). Agree on realistic goals. Goal of care for obesity/weigth gain Benefit with interdisciplinary team for behavior change. Dietician for healthy/

Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Clinical Trials (CT) Observational Study (OS) Diet Modification (DM) Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Calcium +Vitamin.

Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Clinical Trials (CT) Observational Study (OS) Diet Modification (DM) Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Calcium +Vitamin D (CaD) WHI Organizational Chart NHLBI Director WHI Program Office WHI Steering Committee (SC) [40 Clinical Center (CC) / 2 ) Mean BMI: DM = 29.1 ± 6.0 ; HRT = 29.1 ± 6.1 Percent Overweight or Obese Normal Overweight Obese I Obese II Obese III % Overwt or Obese DM: 74.0 HRT:73.3 WHI CT: Hormone Use & Uterine Status WHI CT: Hormone Use & Uterine Status History/

Obesity Implementing NICE guidance December 2006 NICE clinical guideline 43.

1990 BMI charts Discuss with child/young person and their family Consider intervention or tailored assessment: children BMIConsider: 91st centile and above Tailored intervention 98th centile and above Assessing for comorbidities Assess lifestyle, comorbidities and willingness to change: children Including: presenting symptoms and underlying causes of overweight or obesity, willingness to change risk factors and comorbidities eating behaviours lifestyle – diet and physical activity/

CS410 Blue Team Feasibility Presentation March 18, 2010 nutriPe solution that will help you to organize your proper diet.

diseaseExcessive amounts of saturated fats 10%GoiterIodine 7.8%Type 2 diabetesOvereating/obesity 4.5%OsteoporosisLacking calcium, Vitamin D, phosphorus, magnesium, & fluoride Ruth A. Roth, Nutrition & Diet Therapy March 18, 2010 Blue Team - nutriPe 15 Current Process Flow/many snacks Lack of time to chart out a healthy balanced diet from week to week 31 Blue Team - nutriPe March 18, 2010 Why it matters Unhealthy diets can lead to: Higher Cholesterol levels Obesity Sleep apnea Diabetes Heart disease /

Screening and Management of Obesity Ray Plodkowski, MD Chief Endocrinology and Metabolism VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System, Reno and Medical Director:

meters)] 2 or Body Wt (in lb) / [Ht (in in] 2 X 703.1 WHAT IS YOUR BODY MASS INDEX? Chart from CDC: For Adults, aged 20 years and older BMI Clinical Guidelines* Classification BMI (kg/m 2 ) Underweight< 18.5 Normal Weight19/Lipid Panel Pregnancy test Optional –24hr urine cortisol if Cushing’s suspected Obesity Treatment Lifestyle therapy (diet, physical activity, and behavioral therapy) is the cornerstone of obesity treatment NIH Guide to Selecting Obesity Treatment Treatment BMI Category 25-26.927-29.930-34.935-39/

Progress in Preventing Childhood Obesity: How Do We Measure Up? Eduardo Sanchez, M.D., M.P.H. Director, Institute for Health Policy University of Texas.

sectors Definitions Obesity refers to children and youth who have a BMI for age at or above the sex-specific 95th percentile of the BMI charts developed by the CDC in 2000. At risk for obesity refers / sustain consumer demand for products and opportunities that support healthy lifestyles including healthful diets and regular physical activity. Next Steps for Addressing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic Foundations Community stakeholders should partner with foundations, government agencies, faith-based /

OST 524 Diet and Hypertension (www.msu.edu/course/hnf/470) I.NHLBI Joint National Commission VI Treatment Guidelines (www.nhlbi.nih.gov) II.Non-pharmacologic.

disease risk of 15% according to the Joint British Societies coronary heart disease risk assessment programme or risk chart Good evidence from trials shows that several lifestyle modifications lower blood pressure: weight reduction to achieve an ideal body/ associatedHealthy diet indicator score was inversely associated with mortality (p for trend <0.05). Relative risk in healthiest vs. least healthy score= 0.87 (95% CI: 0.77-0.98) Assessment of Obesity Weight Gain since age 18 Bjorntorp P. Obesity. Lancet/

Nutrition & Wellness Confronting Americas Obesity Epidemic HBO: The Weight of the Nation: About the Project HBO: The Weight of the Nation: About the.

wheel, in class, record your personal information. 2. Color and Label My Plate 3. Using the handouts fill out the chart about each food group, as homework. Healthy Eating Recommendations Aim to follow these key healthy eating recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for/ health and wellness. Watch - Weight of the Nation Disc 1 Part 2 – Choices Chapters  1 – Obesity Research  2 – Is there a right way to lose weight?  3 – Why diets don’t work  4 – Energy Balance  5 – Why is it so hard to lose weight? /

NURS 340 Ferris State University Community Plan of Care Group Project ≈≈≈ Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease in Lake County, Michigan NURS 340 Ferris State.

such as… Reward systems such as coupons and vouchers for activities Family record keeping in the form of charts to hang in the home Take home packets with educational material Family fun nights (such as roller-skating and/ Shown to prevent and treat elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels, insulin resistance and glucose intolerance, and fight obesity. Diet Consuming more fruits and vegetables and less saturated fats and cholesterol decreases mortality by 30% Implementing Evidence-Based Practice/

Ch. 5 Food in Your Life Nutrition.

time and money) and by your emotions. Your eating habits Food choices can reduce major risk factors for chronic diseases, including obesity, high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Nutrition Throughout Your Life Nutrition-the process/ in the body. Need to be replenished in a regular diet. Do not overcook, overcooking leaches out and destroys the vitamins. See page 108 of your text for chart. Fat-Soluble Vitamins Fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed and transported by/

The Global Obesity Pandemic JHI Partners Forum October 2, 2012 Richard R. Rubin, PhD Professor, Medicine and Pediatrics The Johns Hopkins University School.

Professor, Medicine and Pediatrics The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine rrubin4@jhmi.edu Obesity Pandemic Key Points Prevalence Causes Medical consequences Financial consequences BMI Chart WHO Fact sheet N°311, September 2006, http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs311/Dansinger, M. L. et al. JAMA 2005;293:43-53. One-Year Changes in Body Weight By Diet Group and By Adherence Level Exercise Physical activity evaluation performed by an exercise physiologist or personal trainer Exercise Role of/

Evaluation of Obese Child Marlene Rodriguez, MD FAAP La Clinica de la Raza Peer Review July 29, 2006.

weight Fix the childFamily Behavior Change Focus on weightFocus on Lifestyle Diets or “ bad foods ” Healthier food choices ExerciseActivity or play Obesity Prevention at WCC Assess all children for obesity at all well child checks starting at age 2 Use Body Mass Index (BMI) to screen for obesity Plot BMI on BMI growth chart Diagnostic Categories <5% Underweight 5-84% Healthy Weight 85-94%Overweight/

Charting/NCP. Charting a Patient is Entering Information Into Their Medical Record Is a systematic documentation of a patient’s medical history and care.

; it should never be done in advance All entries should be signed at the end and include credentials. In some institutions, chart notes will include pager numbers or PIN numbers Documentation Styles ADIME (assessment, diagnosis, intervention, monitoring and evaluation) DAP (diagnosis, / 5 ft. 10 in; wt: 250 lb; BMI 36, Obesity II A: Excessive sodium intake (NI-5.10.2) related to frequent use of vending foods as evidenced by diet history. Pt could benefit from increased activity and gradual wt loss as/

Obesity & Related Surgical Procedures RNSG 1247. Obesity and Overweight Obesity is an abnormal increase in the proportion of fat cells Obesity is an abnormal.

obese Used to classify underweight, healthy (normal) weight, overweight, or obese Common clinical index of obesity or altered body fat distribution Common clinical index of obesity or altered body fat distribution Uses weight-to-height ratios Uses weight-to-height ratios BMI chart Weight for height chart Classification of Body Weight and Obesity/ intake due to anatomic changes Ambulatory and Home Care Diet prescribed is generally Diet prescribed is generally High protein High protein Low carbohydrates /

Unit V – Wellness, Fitness and First Aid Chapter 6 - Controlling Fat Section 1 – Nutrition and Obesity.

it The number of calories burned at Rate (BMR) - Basal Metabolic problems or obesity which can lead to over-fat Fat that the body keeps in reserveStorage Fat -/ method uses body measurements which are then plotted on a chart, providing a final estimation number Separate charts for men and women Different methods for taking body measurements /Bowel disorders Osteoporosis The Road to Fat Control The experts agreed on a reasonable diet as one that closely resembles the dietary guidelines of the US RDI and the/

body cues: Hunger Relaxed eating Social, emotional, spiritual & physical factors contributing to health & happiness Dieting ineffectiveness & dangers Whatever we do, in classrooms and community, should be health centered; not weight-/Advisory Committee - Nutrition Action Healthletter (Center for Public Interest) - Call to Action: Healthy Lifestyle Comparison Chart - Obesity causes, consequences Other steps—individually? in family? Lifelong learning is required for nutrition and public policy development/

The Impact of Obesity and the Value of Treatment

adjustable gastric banding: 1,014 consecutive cases. J Am Coll Surg. 2005;201:529-535. † Based on a chart review of 1,014 consecutive cases of patients undergoing LAP-BAND® System surgery at a single center. Follow-up data were/ with BMI ≥40, surgical therapy is superior to existing pharmaceutical and diet therapy3 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends bariatric surgery for certain obese adults in the UK in 20064 BlueCross® BlueShield® Association publishes positive /

Pediatric Obesity: Prevention & Management MaryKathleen Heneghan MD Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Advocate Medical Group Lutheran General Children’s.

-95 th percentile based on age and sex Obese - BMI is >95 th percentile based on age and sex In children <4 yr of age – BMI may not be precise and weight for height charts may be used as a warning sign Endocrine /Modifications Intensive counseling with at least one “person to person” session per month for the first 3 months Intensive plan covering diet, exercise and behavior changes Monthly follow up A maintenance program after the intensive treatment Is it feasible? Poor reimbursement Parental Guidance/

BMI health check Aim of activity To understand what is a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) score, how to calculate your own, and the role of exercise and diet.

what is a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) score, how to calculate your own, and the role of exercise and diet on your BMI. Live Long & Prosper theme Healthy living Skills for Life covered Numeracy Learning outcomes By the end of the/Under 18.5Underweight 18.5 - 25Healthy Weight 25 – 30Overweight 30 – 40 Obese Over 40Severely obese An easier way to find your BMI is to use a Body Mass Index chart. (You can find a chart www.food.gov.uk/multimedia/bigimages/heightweightfull.jpg). Find your height down the /

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