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Energy: Renewable and Nonrenewable. Energy Resources and Fossil Fuels A fossil fuel is a nonrenewable energy resource formed from the remains of organisms.

be properly confined. The technical problems are so complex that building a nuclear fusion plant may take decades or may never happen. Alternative Energy Sources / era of large dam construction is probably over. One modern trend is micro-hydropower, which is electricity produced in a small stream without having to build/ for landfills because it may contain chemicals from paints, pesticides, cleansers, cans, batteries, and appliances. If landfills are not monitored properly, leachate can flow into groundwater/

Challenging chemistry. The challenges of global change Chemistry for Tomorrow’s World “Global change is creating enormous challenges relating to energy,

of energy conversion and storage technologies, such as batteries, and develop sustainable transport systems. Nuclear energy Ensure safe and efficient harnessing of nuclear energy, through the development of fission and investigation into/ biocatalysts for processing biomass  New techniques for lignin and lignocellulose breakdown.  Microbial genomics to produce improved micro- organisms.  Pyrolysis and gasification techniques for pre-treatment and densification of biomass.  Catalysts for upgrading /


Computers worldwide (Year 2000) - Assumed to consume 0.16 Tera (1012) kWh per year Equivalent to 26 nuclear power plants Over 1 Giga kWh per year just for cooling Including manufacturing electricity [Ref: Bar-Cohen et al.,/– 24% effiency) [Ref: Toshiba, 2003-2004] Micro-batteries When Size is an Issue Using micro-electronics or thin-film manufacturing techniques to create integrate miniature (back-up) batteries on chip or on board Battery printed on wireless sensor node Stencil press for printing patterns /

Science for Energy Department of Physics University of Missouri February 18, 2011 Dr. William F. Brinkman Director, Office of Science U.S. Department of.

syntheses for: carbon capture; radiation-resistant and self-healing materials for the nuclear reactor industry; highly efficient photovoltaics; and white-light emitting LEDs.  /to Commercialization Basic research focused on materials-centric aspects of a micro-transfer printing process for single crystalline silicon and other semiconductors, /2.Identify critical structural and physical properties that are vital to improving battery performance; 3.Use this information to optimize and design new electrode/

Engineers Australia - Northern Rivers Group - Ballina - 8 Sep 12 "Australian power - where to by 2050?" Engineers Australia Northern Rivers Group Ballina.

Ballina - 8 Sep 12 "Australian power - where to by 2050?" Nuclear the bad news Technology still very costly ~ 5,000-6,000$//Small wind turbinesSmall wind turbines Gas fired cogeneration/trigenerationGas fired cogeneration/trigeneration Micro hydro (developing countries)Micro hydro (developing countries) Biogas (developing countries)Biogas (developing countries) /storage already widely deployed Future will be flow batteries and PHEVsFuture will be flow batteries and PHEVs Provides for economic matching of /

The Role of Electric Cars in a Sustainable Way of Life Major Links:

passenger, high performance electric car, and two tiny 8x5 foot 900 lbs. electric micro cars limited to 35 MPH. The high performance family electric car is superior to / MPH) lightweight cars can be designed where the drive train takes up zero space : the battery, charger, and inverter can be a long, wide, but thin pack that makes up the/ which produces only 1/2 the emissions of coal, and 27% of the remaining 30% (nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, geothermal,...) produce almost 0 emissions. So, if EVs produce 70% /

Chapter 11: ENERGY « The Law of Conservation of Energy tells us that we can’t get something for nothing, but we refuse to believe it. » Isaac Asimov, American.

fossil fuel resources so they supplement the majority of their energy needs with hydroelectric or nuclear power How Fossil-Fuel Deposits Form Fossil fuels are not distributed evenly; an abundance in/ of large dams continues Modern trend is micro-hydropower, electricity produced in a small stream without building a dam; turbine floats in /: convert some of the energy of braking into electricity and store this energy in the battery, when sitting at a red light, the gasoline engine may shut off; designed to /

© 2004, Kevin Skadron and Jose Gonzalez Power-Aware Design for High-Performance Processors A Tutorial at HPCA-2004 Kevin SkadronJose Gonzalez University.

1000  i386 i486 Pentium® Pentium® Pro Pentium® II Pentium® III Hot plate Nuclear Reactor RocketNozzleRocketNozzle * “New Microarchitecture Challenges in the Coming Generations of CMOS Process Technologies/ © 2004, Kevin Skadron and Jose Gonzalez 16 Trends in Battery Technology Battery lifetime is increasing perhaps 8-10%/yr. (Powers, Proc./ energy hardware configuration that fulfills requirements Hughes et al MICRO 2001 © 2004, Kevin Skadron and Jose Gonzalez 64/

Dr. Whang, Joo-ho President of the Korea Institute of Energy Research Special Lecture in KAIST Dec. 6, Tuesday, 2011 1 Green Energy Industries and R&D.

2050, Imperatives are renewable energy, CCS, energy efficiency, improvement, clean fuel, nuclear technology. 7 The key to the success of global green growth, ‘ Technology /for FCV in 33 Environmental-friendly new energy, ‘ Fuel Cell ’ Micro device cellularLaptopBuildingTransportationPower Generation Companies focus on their own expertise, acquiring total solution,/ Clean Fuel CCSCCSCCSCCS Smart Green Building coalcoalcoalcoalHydrogen Next-gen Battery 2 nd Battery Fuel Cell Future Key Conv Tech Energy matl for/

Business Ethics: A New Style of Management and Investment

Batteries: includes batteries that are permanently fixed into the product, as well as disposable batteries. The text of the draft Directive on Batteries and Accumulators & Waste Batteries/her village. In the late 1970s, SRI activism turned its attention to nuclear power and automobile emissions control. Sermon: 佈道, Tanning: 染棕色, napalm: 凝固汽油彈. /with the Microfinance Information Exchange and the analysis from rating firms Micro-Credit Ratings International Limited and MicroRate. "Each microfinance institution /

Synthetic Atoms: High Energy Density and a Record Power Density Alfred Hubler, Department of Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign CNLS Seminar,

for high-voltage power lines, propulsive and explosive work, EMP sources, nano- X-ray sources for nano lithography, medical micro accelerators, nuclear protection suits (alpha, beta, gamma) for people and equipment, harvesting energy from solar wind and nuclear chain reactions in very small distributed nuclear batteries (1 milligram and up, 90% efficient). Synthetic Atoms: High energy density and a record power density A.Hubler, Physics/

Renewable Energy Solutions For India - Action Plan

growth of renewable energy.   Phase out all conventional energy subsidies including coal, nuclear, petroleum products to compete with other fuels. PROPOSED ACTION PLAN Give birth / PROPOSED ACTION PLAN Aggressively invest in a smart, two-way grid (and micro-grid) and smart meters Develop large-scale solar manufacturing in India (transforming India/a mixture of sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate) Grid Battery Storage - Lead acid, Li-ion, flow batteries, NaS Compressed air/Gas energy storage Vehicles-to-Grid//

Cool Earth - Innovative Energy Technology Program Technology Development Roadmap ○ RD&D Roadmap Milestones including elemental technologies to promote.

scenario - System technologies (grid connection, batteries, etc.) ◆ High-performance power storage ◆ HEMS/BEMS/Local-level EMS Supporting and related technologies LWR FR SMR ⑤ Advanced Nuclear Power Generation Small and medium reactorsDevelopment in /type (local-/city-level) EMS - Organic combined technology with HEMS/BEMS and local heat/electricity supply - Micro sensing technology - Energy (electricity/heat) storage system integration Diffusion of ESCO projects, Development in energy saving businesses/

Business Ethics: A New Style of Management and Investment Professor David M. Chen Graduate Institute of Finance Fu Jen Catholic.

growth of ecological problems such as pollution and the disposal of toxic and nuclear wastes. The rise of consumerism (Consumers ’ Bill of Rights): John/Batteries: includes batteries that are permanently fixed into the product, as well as disposable batteries. The text of the draft Directive on Batteries and Accumulators & Waste Batteries/with the Microfinance Information Exchange and the analysis from rating firms Micro-Credit Ratings International Limited and MicroRate. "Each microfinance institution earned/

Cross-Cutting Science: Panel Members Andrew Gewirth* Daniel Nocera* Christian Amatore (France) Greg Baker Larry Curtiss Marten denBoer John Harb Royce.

nanometer spatial scales and femto/pico second time scale of electron/nuclear dynamics  3D mapping of interfacial molecular and atomic structure and /spectroscopic characterization with <100 nm spatial resolution by micro Raman, near-field optical, X-ray methods Micro-Raman spectra of single 30  m flake of/-cutting challenges for computation simulations required for making REVOLUTIONARY breakthroughs in battery and capacitor research Cross-Cutting Science: Technology Challenges Intensive collaboration with/

SYLLABUS Section B Real Time and Embedded Operating Systems: Real Time and Embedded Operating Systems: – Introduction, – Hardware Elements, – Structure.

for general purpose computing. Essentially, microcomputer means a computer with micro-processor for its CPU. At a lower level, a computer / plant, – collecting readings from sensor nodes periodically, – monitoring systems for nuclear reactors, etc. Based on their importance, real-time tasks are usually prioritized/consumption in these devices is becoming increasingly important. With the extensive use of portable, battery-powered devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, camcorders, PDAs everywhere (that is,/

MODULE 4: Supply Outlook August 2016. 1.Available supply over the planning outlook 2.Uncertainties and Risks in the Supply Outlook 3.Supply-Demand Balance.

Energy Geothermal/Ground Sourced Heat Pump Thin-film PV Co-fired/Direct-fired Biomass Onshore Wind Offshore Wind Silicon PV Waterpower Small-Modular Nuclear Reactors Dish-Stirling Solar Thermal Nuclear CCGT SCGT Development Stage Technology Cost Micro CHP Demand Response Batteries, Flywheels, Compressed Air Storage Pumped Hydro “Smart Grid” Technologies Nano-Tech Based Generation Fuel Cells Inflatable Air Rotors Space Based Solar Building Integrated/

Energy 101 A discussion of how much, reality checks, and what were doing about it Mickey R. Wilhelm, Ph.D., P.E. Dean.

–Implement a major coal to gas effort –Initiate aggressive carbon capture/sequestration –Examine the use of nuclear power for electricity Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research and Environmental Stewardship (CCRERES) On January 26, /Super Low Power Devices and New Energy Devices * next-generation solar cells, fuel cells, micro-batteries, low-power electronics (Several) UofL Micro/Nano Technology Center Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center State organization for dissemination of pollution prevention and /


Coulee Dam in Washington State and the Akosombo Dam in Ghana. Micro hydro systems are hydroelectric power installations that typically produce up to /their electricity from electricity producers who may be generating from fossil fuel, nuclear or renewable energy sources. In many countries green energy currently provides / examples are: energy carriers as hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, compressed air, oxyhydrogen, batteries, to power vehicles. flywheel energy storage, pumped-storage hydroelectricity is more usable/

Introduction to Embedded Systems. 2 Objectives Introduction to embedded systemsIntroduction to embedded systems Embedded system componentsEmbedded system.

Automatic teller machines Automatic toll systems Automatic transmission Avionic systems Battery chargers Camcorders Cell phones Cell-phone base stations Cordless phones Cruise/ Systems Setha Pan-ngum 25 Types of Embedded Processors Computational micros (32- or 64-bit datapaths) Computational micros (32- or 64-bit datapaths) –CPU of workstations,/ a design flaw For examples: ABS brake, nuclear reactor monitoring system For examples: ABS brake, nuclear reactor monitoring system System hardware (over) designed /

Embedded Systems Design. 2 Objectives Introduction to embedded systemsIntroduction to embedded systems Embedded system componentsEmbedded system components.

Automatic teller machines Automatic toll systems Automatic transmission Avionic systems Battery chargers Camcorders Cell phones Cell-phone base stations Cordless phones/Microcontrollers dominates processor market 32 Types of Embedded Processors Computational micros (32- or 64-bit datapaths) Computational micros (32- or 64-bit datapaths) –CPU of workstations/ design flaw For examples: ABS brake, nuclear reactor monitoring system For examples: ABS brake, nuclear reactor monitoring system System hardware (over) /

Accelerators and Future Industry in Korea The 17 th ICABU Nov. 11, 2013 Byung-Ho Choi Nov. 11, 2013 Byung-Ho Choi.

Battery Materials (Electrode, Membrane) - High Efficient Power Semiconductor - TLA (Thin Layer Activation) - Reinforced Plastics / Steels Synchrotron Light/ Neutron Source Proton/ Electron Accelerator Proton Accelerator Electron / Ion Accelerator Steel * Functional steel- High Strength Steel Sheet - Non Corrosive Steel Sheet - Special Steel Material Development - Anticorrosive Materials Development Neutron Source Ion Accelerator Energy Low carbon energy Next generation nuclear/NF, Ro )- Micro / Nano Pore Ion/

Frost & Sullivan Global Growth Partnership Services Energy, Environmental & Building Technologies Group Worldwide Research Programme 2013.

Lessons to be Learnt for Europe World Military Battery Markets Indian Industrial Battery Market Middle East/GCC UPS Market Middle East/GCC Battery Market Micro inverters market opportunity in Asia Pacific Power Supplies /Recycling/ Reuse Markets, Air Pollution Detection & Monitoring Technology Solid Waste, Sludge Handling, Hazardous Waste, Medical Waste, Nuclear Waste Gas Detection Water & Wastewater Environmental Management Waste Management Environmental Safety NB: Please note that the 2013 project titles/

attributed copies permitted 1 Some Examples of What’s Happening Now (that weren’t dreamed of a short while.

html?in_gallery_id=9139&in_page_id=1055 rick.dove@stevens.edurick.dove@stevens.edu, attributed copies permitted 7 Electricity w/o the Network The portable nuclear reactor is the size of a hot tub. It’s shaped like a sake cup, filled with a uranium hydride core and /attributed copies permitted 15 0.4 gram camera and transmitter of the DelFly micro Weight 3 grams. 10 cm tip-to-tip. Speed 5 m/sec. Flies 3 mins on 1 gram battery. Dragonfly-like Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) www.delfly.nl/?site=DIII&menu=media&lang=nl /

1 Short activity overview L. Federzoni Gent, September 23 rd 2009.

Transportation Nomad Big companiesSmall companies Photovoltaic devices Thermal devices Fuel cell Energy storage Hydrogen Micro power sources Energy scavenging Positive energy building 9 Liten organisation DTNM Nano materials Technologies / Transportation (staff ~180) Prototype for severe environment Link with Nuclear Energy  High T° components HTE, SOFC Powder metallurgy  Low T° components PEMFC, LTE  Low T° components Batteries PEMFC prototypes  Transportation  Coupling with Renewable energy LCPEM LPAC/

DZERZINSK, RUSSIA Potentially affected people: 300,000 Type of pollutants: Chemicals and toxic byproducts from Cold War-era chemical weapons.

Depratt, and F Reyes. “Follow-up screening of lead-poisoned children near an auto battery recycling plant, Haina, Dominican Republic”. Environmental Health Perspectives. (1999). 107 (11) / mine tailings. Gamma radiation from the dumps measures in between 100-600 micro- roentgens per hour. Heavy metals, and cyanides. Site description: There /in seafood surrounding the peninsula have linked the problems to nuclear weapons testing, nuclear reprocessing discharges and the Chernobyl accident. Cleanup Activities: /


kits containing soap, tooth brushes, and towels to evacuees in Minami Sanriku. On 25 March, non-food-item kits containing batteries, candles, matches, and towels were distributed to 4,000 people. OPERATION BLESSING INTERNATIONAL (OBI) - has delivered food, / 26 March 2011 Unit:μ Gy/h≒μ Sv/h(micro gray/hour≒micro sievert/hour) Fukushima Prefecture International Association via World Village Translation FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI NUCLEAR POWER PLANT 2626 2626 FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI NUCLEAR POWER PLANT Unit 1 2 3 4 5 6 Power/

38th Annual AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy May 2, 2013 Experiments in Federal R&D Support DOE’s Bioenergy Research Centers, Energy Frontier.

) 3  Fuels from Sunlight Hub (2010)  Batteries and Energy Storage Hub (2012)  Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (2010)  Critical Materials Hub (2012)  Modeling and Simulation of Nuclear Reactors Hub (2010)  3 Bioenergy Research Centers (/lithium ion batteries. Research Details –~4 μm thermo-responsive polyethylene microspheres were deposited on battery components with no impact on normal operation. –Batteries were cycled at 110°C to activate micro- spheres, which safely terminated battery operation.. M/

Regent Physics Review.

used in Regents Physics are tera, giga, mega, kilo, deci, centi, milli, micro, nano and pico Prefix Examples A terameter is 1012 meters, so… 4 Tm would /Current stays the same throughout the circuit Resistors share the potential difference from the battery (not necessarily equally) The sum of the resistances of all resistors is equal/ and neutrons are hadrons Leptons can interact with all the forces except the strong nuclear force. Electrons are leptons Standard Model (cont.) Standard Model (cont.) A Baryon/

Low-power computer architecture

Micro 32 © Dr. Avi Mendelson Power challenges per segment Handhelds Mobile Desktops Servers Form Factor Battery size Battery cost Thermal cost Delivery cost Form factor Power related system cost drivers Performance Battery life Noise Perf/Kg. Perf/$$ Perf/inch^3 Price drivers Max battery/ the cost of Electricity © Dr. Avi Mendelson Power Density Suns Surface Rocket Nozzle Watts/cm Nuclear Reactor 1000 Rocket Nozzle Nuclear Reactor 100 Watts/cm 2 Pentium® 4 Hot plate Pentium® III Pentium® II 10 Pentium®/

America’s Energy Challenges Steven E. Koonin Under Secretary for Science US Department of Energy June 2011

Held by NOC/IOC Daily Spot Price OK WTI Global Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing (2009) 5 Federal Deficit Administration Goals Transport  Reduce oil /Geothermal 32 Wind Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Concentrating Solar Power Carbon Capture and Storage Nuclear Energy US Gas Supply by Source 33 Unconventional gas sources will grow Source: EIA/ strategies & manufacturing methods for low-cost, high performance photovoltaic modules Micro-Contact Printed Solar Cells Industrial collaborations John Rogers, Ralph Nuzzo (co/

Conspiracy ‘Realities’ OKC FBI to 911 Nukes, Avian Pandemics New World DisOrder Dr Bill Deagle MD May 2007 SanDiego & L.A. 911 Truth Conferences.

200,000 gallon water tanks for sprinkler system but no water in ruins WMD micro-Nukes in 911 WTC 21] Forensic Toxicology of Trace Minerals and Isotopes Found at Scene of Nuclear Detonations – Beryllium, Tritium, etc. 22] Cancers of Rare Types Secondary to / and Extra Shoes and Boots, Extra Glasses, and Toys, Books, Board Games and Entertainment Solar and Wind Power Generators with Battery storage – Must Be Portable and Protected Response Recommendations: Run and Go Pack with Tarps, Shovels, etc or Car, Van /

1 William P. Cunningham University of Minnesota Mary Ann Cunningham Vassar College Copyright © The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Permission required for.

is Energy? How Energy Is Used Coal Oil Natural Gas Nuclear Power  Nuclear Fission  Reactors Types  Waste Management  Nuclear Fusion 4 How Do We Measure Energy? Work - application of/running on methanol could be used in cell phones, toys, etc. instead of batteries. 100 Stationary Fuel Cell System 101 Fuel Cell Types Proton Exchange Membrane - /submerged directly in stream and usually do not require dam or diversion structure Micro-Hydro Generators - small versions designed to supply power to single homes /

Renewable Energy 王曉剛 義守大學 機械與自動化工程系 中華民國 96 年 9 月.

fuel, and the environmental, social and political risks of fossil fuels and nuclear power. Renewable energy use Renewable energy flows involve natural phenomena such as /Hydroelectric energy is a term usually reserved for large-scale hydroelectric dams. Micro hydro systems are hydroelectric system installations that typically produce up to 100 kW/ good starting torque. Some had small direct-current generators used to charge storage batteries, to provide a few lights, or to operate a radio receiver. Vertical /

Based on IMS Technology, Explosives & Narcotic Detector

hazardous materials, such as explosives, narcotics, etc. Analysis & Detection Identification of micro traces of hazardous materials TNT, C4 TATP… EXPLOSIVES MAMP, THC COCAINE… /Auto Calibration Analysis Time < 5 sec. < 20 sec. < 30 sec. Battery Time 8 hr. (Standby) 3 ~ 4 hr. . Performance Comparison to /Customs Post Office Prison Government Office Convention Subway Hotel & Shopping Mall Military Industry Nuclear plant Petrochemical plant Options & Consumables Parts Air Sampler No. Description Note 1 /

AMERICA’S NAVY STEM and the Navy Careers of the Future Commander Alan Schiaffino Commanding Officer Navy Recruiting District St. Louis.

Nuclear Reactors Operated by the U.S. Navy US Navy is largest entity owning nuclear reactors US Navy is largest entity owning nuclear reactors 440 Online Commercial Nuclear reactors Worldwide440 Online Commercial Nuclear reactors Worldwide Benefit for Nuclear Propulsion Pre-Nuclear Era Submarines were Diesel/Electric Submarines. Maximum submergence due to batteries/ and local and wide area networks Implementing micro-computer Implementing micro-computer systems throughout the Fleet systems throughout /

Fukushima I The World’s First Triple Meltdown. We will be covering a large amount of content in varying degrees of complexity. Some information is indeed.

The volume and type of information may be overwhelming at times. Unfortunately, nuclear operations are themselves extremely complicated, and understanding what has happened and is/“macro view” whilst avoiding unnecessary detail. There are many levels of “micro view” beyond what we will cover today. Questions are very welcome. /to damage. Diesel generators (Backup generators) Destroyed by tsunami. Lead-Acid Batteries (Emergency batteries) Designed to last only eight hours. Exhausted. Unable to cool reactor /

Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Powerpoint Templates Top 20 Green Tech Ideas Directorate of Planning for Agribusiness and Natural Resources Deputy of Investment.

of sunshine  Algae also grow much faster than traditional crops, and the micro-organisms may be able to use wastewater or even saline water during their /-efficient electric cars, while the innovative company Better Place is installing networks of battery-charging stations in Israel for its own electric transportation system, with a subscription/additional government aid.  But what if you could shrink the size of a nuclear plant? Thats what companies like NuScale Power and Babcock & Wilcox are trying to/

Fuel Cells https://store.theartofservice.com/the-fuel-cells-toolkit.html.

fuel power plant system can achieve a 40% electrical conversion efficiency while a nuclear power plant is slightly lower at 32%. Fuel cell systems are capable of //the-fuel-cells-toolkit.html Microbial Fuel Cells - Electrical generation process 1 When micro-organisms consume a substance such as sugar in aerobic conditions, they produce carbon dioxide/-fuel-cells-toolkit.html Fuel cells 1 Fuel cells are different from battery (electricity)|batteries in that they require a constant source of fuel and oxygen/air/

Supporting standards comprise 35% of the U. S. History Test 27 (B)

been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Organisms that have been genetically modified include micro-organisms such as bacteria and yeast, insects, plants, fish, and mammals./1917 to 1923, the American Red Cross moved into Europe with a battery of long-term child health projects. It built and operated hospitals / global positioning Nuclear technology1940s United States Nuclear weaponsNuclear weapons, large scale destruction Nuclear medicineNuclear medicine, nuclear powernuclear power Jet/

NON--CONVENTIONAL SOURCES OF ENERGY Course notes for Bachelor in Environmental Engineering.

which aside from the modules, may include conductors, fuses, disconnects, controls, batteries, trackers, and inverters. Components will vary somewhat depending on the application PV / large quantities of fossil fuel in their production. If the soil micro-organisms are adequately fed with organic matter, there is theoretically no/a scale comparable to the largest existing fossil fuel-based, hydroelectric and nuclear energy generation facilities. TIDAL ENERGY Advantages Tidal current energy, though intermittent/

Satellite – Block Diagram

an eclipse the energy to the satellite is supplied by the stored battery energy. Battery charge management is usually implemented using the FPGA. However, comparators can /Applications Orbital observation Systems (e.g. Satellite, Shuttles, Space Stations) Nuclear Facilities Geological Exploration The SMV512K32-SP is the HiRel groups first grounds-/Space Applications per MIL-PRF-38535 Pin compatible and Interchangeable with Advanced Micro Device AM26LS31™ Non ITAR Cold Sparing for Space and High Reliability /

Auto Evolution in the 21 st Century Ken Welles, May 19, 2010

LIQUID Diesel, Gasoline, Ethanol, Methanol, Biodiesel, Syn-Fuel GAS Hydrogen, Methane (NG), Ethane, Propane, Butane ELECTRIC Batteries – Lead-Acid, NiCad, NiMH, Lithium Nuclear Fission, Fusion, Heat Engine Mixture Hybrid, Flex Fuel What Will Future Fuel Be? SOLID Wood Chips, Charcoal, /Methanol – Poor Idea Made from plant waste, switch grass, corn stover Competes for arable land OK for micro-business, self-sustenance LIQUID SYN-FUEL Energy source Coal Natural Gas Bio-waste Engineered Algae Energy crops If/

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. Abu Dhabi Vision Sustainable economic growth, and the development of human capital. One of the projects is.

Energy Efficiency and Energy Conversion Photovoltaic devices Waste-to-energy Nuclear energy Marine energy Bioconversion Fuel cells Batteries Intelligent sensors Building technologies Solid-state lighting Advanced Materials Photovoltaic/ health Agriculture Sustainable development Carbon management Energy and Emissions Markets Renewable energy forecasting Demand response Micro-grids Distributed Energy Resources Carbon markets Innovation Systems Innovation ecosystems Innovation measurement Science, technology, /


, enhancing the soil with organic matter, rotating crops and managing watersheds at the micro level are a key to agricultural production to meet future needs. Population control: /[95%] Non-Renewable Energy 39%[31%] 24%[55%] 24%[8%] 7%[1%] Oil Coal Natural Gas Nuclear 6 % [5%] Renewable Energy 6%[5%] Solar, Geothermal, Wind, Hydro [Hydro] Sector Wise Consumption/ also of course only work when the sun is shining, and thus need batteries to store the electricity. Biomass Energy When a log is burned we are using/

Rocks and Minerals in Today’s World Presented by : Jim Bastian and Jim Goldberg.

of all lead mined world wide is used in batteries. Found in… Batteries Batteries Fishing tackle Fishing tackle Lead crystal Lead crystal Medical/ Gold Energy conservation – micro coating on glass reflects solar energy, reducing air conditioning electrical demand Energy conservation – micro coating on glass reflects solar/ and mercaptan Hazardous waste – heavy metal and nuclear waste containment Hazardous waste – heavy metal and nuclear waste containment Water treatment – ammonium removal Water treatment/

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Will it contribute to energy independence? Stephen Cohen and Nathan Bonnett

can be produced from a wide variety of energy resources including:  Fossil fuels, such as natural gas and coal  Nuclear energy  Renewable resources, such as solar,water, wind and biomass Hydrogen Production  The biggest challenge regarding hydrogen production is/have been proven to be 99.999% reliable How can Fuel Cell technology be used?  Micro Power  Consumer electronics could gain drastically longer battery power with Fuel Cell technology  Cell phones can be powered for 30 days without recharging /

SENCO INTEGRATED SYSTEM MODELLING January 2005 Mark Barrett Coping with variability: integrating renewables into the electricity system. A one day conference.

the economics of supply options with large inflexible units, such as nuclear power? The output from CHP plants depends on how much heat they provide, so the contribution of micro-CHP in houses to electricity supply depends on the levels of insulation/ in integrating variable renewables and CHP into electricity supply. Heat and electricity storage (hot water tanks, storage heaters, vehicle batteries) can be used to store renewable energy when it is available, so that the energy can later be used when needed/

MEMS Labs MEM Departmemt NSYSU MEM Department NSYSU Hydrogen Utilization - Fuel Cell Shou-Shing Hsieh Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering.

tasks. MEMS Labs MEM Departmemt NSYSU MEM Department NSYSU Fuel cells (Hydrogen Energy) Coal Oil & Natural Gas Nuclear Geothermal Solar energy Hydro power Wind power Biomass Types of Energy S.S. Hsieh ppt. 03 MEMS Labs /power plant ‧ Industrial power supplies MEMS Labs MEM Departmemt NSYSU MEM Department NSYSU Micro Fuel Cell S.S. Hsieh ppt. 29 Distinctive, high density energy sources for portable products Hybrid battery rechargers : separate (desktop) Portable Electronics : radio, PDA, laptop, cellular /

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Chapter 16.

Battery Internal combustion engine TransmissionElectric motor Plug-in hybrid Fuel tank Battery Internal combustion engine Transmission Electric motor Science Focus: The Search for Better Batteries Current obstacles Storage capacity Overheating Flammability In the future Lithium-ion battery Ultracapacitor Viral battery/ Hydroelectric power: Iceland Advantages Disadvantages Micro-hydropower generators Trade-Offs: Large-Scale/efficiency research and development Phase out nuclear power subsidies, tax breaks, and /

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