Ppt on non agricultural activities in jamaica

AP World Review May 3, 2006 afternoon. Who takes the test s 21,000+ students took the test in 2002. s This was the most popular first-year exam in the.

–Paul Changed Christianity Among other innovations, he opened the faith to non-Jews and shifted its orientation more toward the Greco-Roman intellectual tradition/ North American mainlaind received some 460,000 Africans in the same period while Jamaica alone, for instance, received almost 750,000/in Spanish America, especially in Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Peru. s The system arose because labor was needed to support agricultural, industrial, mining, and public works activities of conqueror and settler in/

GHS as a basis for sound management of Chemicals Regional GHS Workshop for The Caribbean 3-5 September 2013 St. Ann, Jamaica UNITAR.

Chemicals Regional GHS Workshop for The Caribbean 3-5 September 2013 St. Ann, Jamaica UNITAR International Conventions/Activities 1  Chapter 19 Agenda 21 Rio Declaration (1992)  International Forum on/use for example basic chemicals, solvents, colorants, additives  Pesticides: agricultural pesticides non agricultural pesticides (biocides)  Cosmetics  Food additives (not included in SAICM)  Medical drugs (not included in SAICM)  Research and development  Laboratory chemicals 9 Responsibilities for /


ranging from trade and environment, through agriculture and desertification to capacity building and /In resorts in destination countries such as Jamaica, Indonesia or Brazil, tourism employees with average yearly salaries of US$ 1,200 to 3,000 spend their working hours in/efficiency, lowering waste output and avoiding non-compliance fines. EMS makes a property /Does the environment management programme cover all aspects of business activity? In hospitality businesses this includes front and back office, food /

USDA International Food Assistance

agricultural techniques. In addition to the broadcast on Chinese television, the series will be used as a teaching supplement in Chinese agricultural universities.  Trade Barrier Workshops: Targeted activities to address constraints to U.S. exports. Ukraine Cooperative Programs: Activities in/5) Cen. African Rep. (2) Iraq (1) Philippines (7) D. R. Congo (2) Jamaica (1) Senegal (3) Rep. of Congo (1) Kenya (2) Sri Lanka (3) Dominican / non-USG donors relative to the supply and availability of food. In addition/

Branding a Foreign Location in an International Market Sam Heitner Director Office of Champagne, USA Sam Heitner Director Office of Champagne, USA.

related and been led by countries or major entities: Jamaica UK Ireland I Love NY Trademarks support this Trademark system/Examples include: A city and tourist destination (Villa Gessel) An agriculture product (Vidalia onions) Wines (Champagne) Branding locations requires: /with winemakers traveling to the US Targeted outreach to non-wine writers who reach the target demographics Travel /one in the mind of the consumer Yet one must understand the target market and customize all materials, activities and/

Aidan Davy Program Director Community and Social Development

[1970-2002] Economic diversification - non-mineral GDP growth [1980-2002]/Zimbabwe (S) Generally better Colombia Guinea Jamaica Mali Morocco Mozambique Namibia Senegal Botswana Chile/in 2006 (a very large increase from around 5% in 2004) While direct employment small ….65% of procurement from the industry in Peru is sourced in-country Overall, sector employs 95,000 directly, but 380,000 indirectly (with mining salaries averaging 7.5 times agricultural/support broad-based economic activities in the medium and /

Soenita Parbhoe - Rosan Ministry of Agriculture Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Republic of Suriname National Food Security Policy and Programmes Analyze.

Jamaica, Sint Lucia, St. Kitts-Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenedines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago) to be executed by the FAO. NFNSP Suriname is in collaboration with FAO in/ of food parcels by the government Suriname Red Cross (SRC) provided food and non-food items to the most vulnerable, totaling 2,554 families. Food Security assessment /and sport activities. A Caribbean Academy was launched in 2013. Cont’d The primary and secundary education are free from fee. Import of Agriculture Products Oleaginous /

Distinguished Professor of History University of Alabama in Huntsville

. (Recall the large number of Germans, Swedes and other non-British people in British North America). Excludes Spanish Florida, French settlements in Maine north of Mt. Desert Island, French Louisiana (Alabama,/in the century, after the First Great Awakening (1740s), Methodists and Baptists will be numerous in these colonies. The Chesapeake c. 1740 Economies: Slave-worked tobacco plantations dominant in the Tidewater. Smaller scale farming in the interior. Commercial activities principally centered in/


Jamaica Antigua and Barbuda Dominica (Grenada) FULLY OPERATIONAL: Barbados Trinidad and Tobago Saint Lucia Coalition Jamaica Antigua and Barbuda Dominica (Grenada) 1997 – Caribbean Coalition idea proposed at a CARICOM/UNDP Regional Workshop on Trade in/ + Private Sector FTAA response + Declining agriculture and manufacturing sectors + Urgency to improve economic/to engage in developing export programmes and promotional activities through collaboration/trade in services; To promote the organization of non-/

Adapting to Climate Change Activities, Lessons learned, work in progress and recommendations for Latin America and The Caribbean region Climate Change.

power, ecosystem integrity, health Economic activity:Economic activity: Agriculture, energy Agriculture, energy Anticipated impacts: High Mountain /non’ Strong institutions ‘sine qua non’ Strong partnerships Strong partnerships Political leverage Political leverage Credibility of the Bank on climate issues Credibility of the Bank on climate issues Exploit synergism with mitigation activities Exploit synergism with mitigation activities Strengthen work on institutional development and technical assistance in/


non-agricultural market access” negotiations, which deal with industrial, forest, fisheries and mining products the EU is demanding “real market access” for its exports. To obtain this the EU demands a uniform mathematical reduction formula that would cut tariffs to very low levels in countries like Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Central African Republic, Swaziland, Barbados, Jamaica, etc. The EU is consistently but misleadingly/

CARICOM Justification for the sub-themes and Caribbean Specific ICT Indicators impacting AGRICULTURE and FOOD and NUTRITION SECURITY CARICOM Workshop On.

Activities CARICOM’s Regional Food & Nutrition Security Policy The RFNSP was formulated by a Technical Working Group comprising representatives of Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, OECS, UWI, CFNI and IICA, nominated by CARICOM Member States and serving under the leadership and guidance of the Agricultural/ Phases in Agricultural cycle Water management is the activity of planning/non-communicable, diet related diseases » Food safety and quality » Access to clean water and sanitation 27 Dimensions in/

Organic Market and Trend of Bangladesh Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Hossain Board Member, IFOAM Asia and Sustainable Agriculture Advisor, FIVDB, Bangladesh International.

organic standardization. Friends In Village Development Bangladesh (FIVDB) National non-governmental organization. Established in 1979. FIVDB combines grassroots service delivery, social mobilisation and advocacy in collaboration with communities, civil society, government and private sector. Livelihood Enhancement Programme (LEP) promotes on-farm and off-farm activities to generate gainful income and employment for underprivileged households and communities. In agricultural sector FIVDB promotes organic/


registration In participating Members In non-participating Members Fees and costs, in particular for developing countries Work in the Special Session (4) 21 Work in the /* (with a Member) Work in small groups* (most active Members) Open-ended informal session* General Council How do Members negotiate in the TRIPS Council (example: negotiation/regarding mandate n difficulties in discussion in the WTO because of linkages with other areas of negotiations, in particular Agriculture Final remarks 39 Consult/

The Jook 1)The Jook is the most important musical space in America, for in it blues and jazz were born 2)The sexuality of the Jook has infused itself into.

in Jamaica. 4)In 1912, McKay leaves Jamaica for the U.S. and enrolls at Tuskegee Institute, studying agriculture. 5)In 1914, McKay –appalled by the brutality of U.S. racism---quits Tuskegee for Japan and marries Eulalie Lewars. 6)In/ U.S., the Caribbean islands and West and South Africa that is active in the modern movement against imperialist exploitation. Home to Harlem (1928): Central/ dirty jabbering coolies. But Jake smile and shook his head in a non-committal way. He knew that if he was just like the/

1 TRAINING AND PRODUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT Community-based training Robert Gregory Executive Director HEART Trust/NTA, Jamaica 36 th Meeting of the Technical.

Jamaica / economic activity. Furthermore, this competition is becoming international, since the competitors are increasingly territories located in other countries/& Economy (CSME) FTAA in the Caribbean 2006 4 TRANSITION OF CARIBBEAN ECONOMY PRIMARY SECTORS TERTIARY SECTORS Agriculture-based Service-based 5 SYMPTOMS/account”/self employed workers (40% of Jamaican workforce)  closure of non-competitive businesses  restructured businesses responding to customers more sophisticated demands 8 BUSINESS /

State Agricultural Response Team1. 2 Introducing Florida’s Plant Industry.

,189,000 Jamaica $9,425,000 Taiwan $7,317,000 State Agricultural Response Team22 Florida/in unusual ways. It is believed that kudzu will be the active agent in the spread of this harmful new (to the US) plant disease, which means that in the south, it is already out of control! State Agricultural/non-native diseases such as citrus greening or soybean rust C. either A or B (or both) would be excellent answers. 8.Which is the closest approximation to the number of people who “make a living” from agriculture in/

Mainstreaming adaptation to climate in the Caribbean MACC Roger S. Pulwarty NOAA University of Colorado “If we are not careful.

agricultural practices Limited information on alternative practices Limited investments in best practices for waste treatment and disposal Lack of public awareness and education Inefficient water use Lack of knowledge or culture of water conservation Service cost recovery schemes and market practices that do not encourage conservation Population growth, urbanisation Rural/urban economic inequities Inadequate development planning Non/ DR; Grenada; Guyana; Jamaica; St. Kitts and Nevis/ of Activities and /

American Beginnings and Early Colonization 1. Early America Civilizations 22,000 years ago, the first Americans may have arrived in North America via.

Neolithic Revolution Between 10,000-5,000 years ago an agricultural revolution took place Maize may have been the first domestic/Jamaica 8.Lesser Antilles British colonies in North America around 1750 72 Slavery Becomes an Institution Slave Codes began in 1662 Slave Codes began in/of being hurt. 146 However, as more and more non-Quakers came to Pennsylvania, they mistreated the Indians more /illegal smuggling activities To make an example of the rebellious colony and to punishment the disobedience, in 1684, /

Adapting to Climate Change in the Caribbean (ACCC) GECAFS Meeting February 24-26, 2003 CIMH, Barbados Marcia Chevannes Creary Project Component Manager,

for factors affecting agriculture, fisheries and imported food Agriculture and fisheries in the Caribbean Imported food commodities Implication for food security and adaptation to climate change Component 9 Fostering Collaboration/Cooperation with non- CARICOM countries Objective: To focus on the formulation of a strategic framework to foster closer collaboration/cooperation in the implementation of climate change adaptation activities in CARICOM countries and other non-CARICOM countries in the Caribbean/

My name: James Thomas Worldwide Soytechnologies LLC Subsidiary of Hornbeck Agricultural Group at DeWitt, Arkansas.

1964 Establishes first research station outside U.S. in Jamaica 1970 Establishes an international seed department and changes / liabilities arising out of activities in the industrial chemical business, the agricultural chemicals business is the only segment/in Annual Research and Development Pipeline Update, By PR Newswire, JANUARY 6, 2010 18. Schillinger Seed focused on non-gmo soybeans July 1, 2009 by Ken Anderson, Filed under Featured Programs, Inovations 19.Important Changes in the Agricultural/

Accessing Resources in the Adaptation Fund Update to GEF Familiarization Seminar 17-19 January 2012.

the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project activities and other sources of funding Governing Body: the AF Board Composed/ o Centre de Suivi Ecologique (Senegal) o Planning Institute of Jamaica (Jamaica) o Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación (Uruguay)/accreditation can be used when there are a few non crucial gaps in the fiduciary standards Importance of the role of /– Rural development – Urban development – Agriculture – Disaster Risk Reduction – infrastructure 38 project/programme proposals submitted since September /

Human Population Explosion. Introduction Homo sapiens, the humans are relatively recent arrivals in Earth’s history. But their influence on the environment.

the agriculture technology to the people in those countries GM food !!! New policies to the agriculture and /and 7,500 tons come from construction activities. The municipal waste production amount of /in soil. Non renewable resources – resources that limited in availability. They are fixed in total quantity in the Earth’s Crust and are not replenished by natural processes in/in the mid 1970s -concentrated on male sterilisation. -strong resistance developed to the concept family planning. Tunisia and Jamaica/

Food miles A measure of the distance that food travels from its source to the consumer. This can be given either in units of actual distance or of energy.

their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life”. Areas of food sufficiency and deficiency Explain how changes in agricultural systems, scientific and technological innovations, the expansion of the area under agriculture and the growth of agribusiness have increased the availability of food in some areas, starting with the Green Revolution and continuing since. In spite of the gloomy predictions of Malthus and/

AP World History Practice Exam. 1. From the founding of each religion, Christians and Muslims shared a belief in (A) the principle of separation of church.

hunting wild game in the jungles; digging in the earth to mine its gold.” Simón Bolívar, “Jamaica Letter,” 1815 45/) Merchants had the highest social status in India. (C) Slaves did most of the agricultural work on large Indian estates. (D/researching the effects of Christian missionaries’ activities on local social structures in late-nineteenth-century Africa would probably find which /) It created a self-contained economic system by banning non-Mongol merchants from its territories. (D) It developed /

Centre for the Development of Enterprise

technology to agriculture. New product development and development of niche, high end markets, such as organic foods and areas where the Caribbean can be competitive (high quality cocoa, coffee) among others. Support for food safety, quality, environmental standards and certification. Examples: Cocoa Industry: project for 7 Caribbean countries addressing market access, quality management, value added products, mechanization of cocoa Coffee: in Jamaica; assisting/

IPCCs Work for GHG Inventory Guidelines and National Communications from non-Annex I Parties 7 February 2005 Taka Hiraishi Senior Consultant Institute.

Communications: Guidelines for Non-Annex-I Parties 13/in Shanghai on 8-10 February 2005. 29 CGE Findings - Inventories Insufficient resources to collect the necessary activity data for the estimation of the GHG emissions (land use change and forestry, energy, etc.). Need for appropriate emission factors (forests, transport, agriculture/, HAITI, HONDURAS, INDIA, INDONESIA, IRAN, (Islamic Republic of), ISRAEL, JAMAICA, JORDAN, JORDAN, KAZAKHSTAN, KENYA, KIRIBATI, KYRGYZSTAN, LAO PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC,/

Expatriate Tax Planning 2010 in the Baltics 8th annual seminar Expatriate Tax Planning 2010 in the Baltics Valters Gencs- Latvia Dovile Alekniene- Lithuania.

country) >25% participation voting and capital rights in subsidiary (non-residents outside EU/EEA) Riga, March 4, /in Sweden (Swedish Administrative Supreme Court ruling) Tax on tax pyramids a) loans b) cold comfort letters Riga, March 4, 2010 Personal Income Tax- 26% Fixed income tax from revenue * 9500,01–10 000,00 LVL = 500 LVL *10 000,01 = 500 LVL plus 7% from the revenue of business activity/agricultural undertakings Transitional period for agricultural undertakings: 5% in 2009, 10% in 2010 and 20% in/

What’s Fair in Anti-Poverty Week

trading and financial system that is rule-based, predictable and non-discriminatory Address the least developed countries special needs. (The 2005/of human-rights in all trade activities is the core message of the campaign. This vision is rooted in Christian convictions and /farmers Most of the farmers in the world don’t produce crops for export - 90% of agricultural produce is actually sold on/14, the youngest of 12 children growing up outside Kingston, Jamaica, when her mother lost her job as a sugar cane/

Honors and Undergraduate Research. What We Do Provide high-impact educational experiences Challenge motivated students in all academic disciplines to.

Office Assistant (Reception) Kyle Mox, Program Coordinator (Fellowships) Jamaica Pouncy, Advisor Tammis Sherman, Administrative Assistant Required starting Fall/students to earn Honors credit for non-Honors courses Previously: Only available for/Engineering Department/Major Honors Aerospace Engineering Agricultural Economics Agricultural Leadership Architecture Bioenvironmental Sciences Communication /or local chapter been in existence? Local Chapter Activity – Is it an active chapter with regular meetings?/

November 7 th, 2010 Prepared for Presentation at the XLIV FELABAN Annual Assembly Punta del Este, Uruguay Ernesto Talvi Director Académico de CERES Non-Resident.

Belize Costa Rica Dominican Rep. El Salvador Guatemala Guyana Honduras Jamaica Nicaragua Panama Suriname “Brazilian Type” Brazil Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia/Activities Services Manufacturing Industries 0% 57% 42% 0% Services Extractive Activities 38% 57% 0% 5% Agriculture Extractive Activities Manufacturing Industries Services 2010-2020: LATIN AMERICA´S DECADE? Ample availability of relatively cheap credit and capital due to a reallocation of world savings towards EMs in general and Latin America in/

« The voice of the European Service Industries for International Trade Negotiations in Services » COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa)

in Services » The Services sector generates 90% of new jobs in the EU15 Services Agriculture Industry « The voice of the European Service Industries for International Trade Negotiations in /in Services with non-EU Countries 2004, EUR bn ACP countries export already services in the EU « The voice of the European Service Industries for International Trade Negotiations in Services » What International Trade in Services (ITS) does not include? The activities of the foreign affiliates within the country in/

Pollution at Sea The Impact of Human Activity on Earth’s Oceans.

Activity on Earth’s Oceans What is pollution? Chemicals and waste products Introduced by Humans Damaging to environment Sickens or kills living organisms Types of Marine Pollution Sediment Agriculture/, sewage, ash, muds) –Accidental spills of hazardous and non-hazardous materials Impacts of Marine Pollution Ecosystem and Public Health –/25 million metric tons of wasted oil (Jamaica uses 3.4 million metric tons of oil/–May be virtually impossible Prevention – change in attitudes –Not adding to the problem –/


Exports Returns ~$1.30 to In- State Support Activities: Processing, Packaging, Financing, / Rep., $67m  Turkey, $58m  Hong Kong, $52m  Netherlands, $47m  Thailand, $46m  Jamaica, $45m V IRGINIA ’ S T OP A/F E XPORTS  Soybeans, $794m  Wood, $326m  Soy/Non, Under-Utilized Port Terminals, Facilities into Working Assets  New Investments in Working Assets  VA, Agri-biz, Railroads, Related Support Companies C ONCLUSION  Infrastructure for Continued Growth, Successes In Place for Virginia Agriculture/


Ecological System disturbance perturbation surprise change crisis uncertainty shock variation Cyclical Random Non-linear Measuring Resilience Amount of change that a system can undergo / numbers of landless and land poor following the 1992 Agricultural Modernization Law Land market activity: -Land sales did not appear to increase post-/ exports -In response to more costly imports, domestic production will become more attractive -Will require rapid state responses Cartoon from the Jamaica Observer February/

Why Mathematics is Important Claude M Packer, CD, JP, President, The Mico University College, Kingston, Jamaica.

also utilised simple non- standard measurements to facilitate experimentation and economic activity. The use of mathematics in Mesopotamia, for example, was confined to simple trading, crude calculations of areas of fields, geometry decorations on pottery, patterns woven in cloth and recording /of about 3,000 BC, we did not find more advanced steps in the field. Primitive peoples usually settle down in one area. They built homes, relied on agriculture and animal husbandry, as far back as 10,000 BC, so /

Innovations in Financing

. The Influence of Donor Funding on Cambodian Development Non-governmental Organizations (NGOS). Brigham Young University: Kennedy / Sherie. Alleviating Poverty High in the Peruvian Andes: Chasqui Humanitarian, 1999. Smith, Janice. Poverty and Empowerment in Jamaica, 1998. Smith, Vernon./development in rural villages of Peru where thousands of indigenous people suffer. Programs include health, literacy, agriculture, / by the Office of Research and Creative Activities, April 10, 2001. Received the First/

ROLE OF THE NATIONAL COALITIONS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SERVICES SECTOR Michelle Hustler – Project Manager, Barbados Coalition of Service Industries.

in developing countries could provide as much as $6 trillion in additional income in the developing world by 2015, four times the gains that would come from trade in goods liberalization. Services: The Growth Engine of the Future Coalition Background OPERATIONAL: Barbados Jamaica Trinidad and Tobago Saint Lucia Coalition OPERATIONAL: Barbados Jamaica/ +  Declining agriculture and manufacturing sectors /in developing export programmes and promotional activities/in services;  To promote the organisation of non/

Approaches and Tools Module 5 1 Environment and climate change in development cooperation.

High food insecurity Arid districts nothern Kenya Low literacy Low non-farm income Low market access Etc. Relative drought risk / roadside commercial activities Install temporary access to affected properties Contractorn/a EIA in practice 41 / undertaken in EU each year Some experience in EU development aid Indian Ocean - Coastal tourism Maldives – Regional development strategy Mauritius, Tanzania, Belize, Jamaica, Trinidad/ questionnaire in Annex 3 of the Guidelines Rwanda 2012 SEA of Agricultural Sector 120/

BIOTEK. BIOTECHNOLOGY – technologies that involve the use of living organisms or products from living organisms in order to benefit humans usually for.

non-coding repetitive DNA sequences, the length of which varies from individual to individual. Short tandem repeats (STRs) thus exist in which dinucleotides (e. g., -T-X-) are frequently repeated. Each STR can occur in five to 15 different lengths (alleles), of which one individual possesses only one or two. Biotechnology in agriculture/for human consumption, either fresh or processed Cornell University, USA & UWI, Jamaica Virus resistant tomato Insertion of a mutant gene from the virus to prevent /


Jamaica Antigua and Barbuda Dominica FULLY OPERATIONAL: Barbados Trinidad and Tobago Saint Lucia Coalition Jamaica Antigua and Barbuda Dominica  1997 – Caribbean Coalition idea proposed at a CARICOM/UNDP Regional Workshop on Trade in/ to engage in developing export programmes and promotional activities through collaboration / in services;  To promote the organization of non-/in the services sector than either agriculture or industry ISPRI WORKSHOP ON TRADE IN SERVICES THE ROLE OF A NATIONAL COALITION IN/

1 Frontiers in the Application of High-Impact Climate Services  Pete Epanchin, USAID/W  Kevin Coffey, USAID/W  Aimee Mpambara, USAID/Rwanda  Jim Anderson,

and information in policy, planning, and management What are climate services? Who uses Climate Services? Virtually everyone –General public: individuals, households –Governments –Non-government organizations –Sector-specific users: Agriculture, water, energy/best practices and knowledge. Sample of climate service activities Jamaica: Seasonal Drought Forecast Service. Barbados & Eastern Caribbean: Drought forecast, training and capacity building in regional Met Office. Kazakhstan: Wheat production program /

Albert Park, University of Michigan Sangui Wang, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Community-based Development and Poverty Alleviation An Evaluation.

Agricultural Sciences Community-based Development and Poverty Alleviation An Evaluation of Chinas Poor Village Investment Program PRELIMINARY FINDINGS FOR DISCUSSION ONLY PLEASE DO NOT CITE OR CIRCULATE Community-based development Motivation Definition: an umbrella term for projects that actively include beneficiaries in/2005): Jamaica social /in all poor counties (199) and one third of non-poor counties (187) in the NBS national rural household survey sample 2004 and 2001 NBS rural household survey data in/

The EXTERMINATOR of Waterborne Diseases in Rural Areas, Diseases in Rural Areas, Emergencies and Disasters.

in rural areas More and more contamination of water sources Growing population..Growing Industries..Growing Agriculture = LESS DRINKING WATER Better to prevent epidemics than to combat them FACTS UNSAFE DRINKING WATER is the MAIN Problem the world face today For people who live in/ Do not activate the transformer until the electrode is properly immersed in the brine / Honduras Nicaragua Jamaica Ecuador Costa Rica Panama Peru Bolivia Haiti 10 Caribbean Islands More than 2000 units installed in: 47 countries/

AP Multiple Choice Questions 1750 – 1914

in the Caribbean and South America was launched in: a) Haiti b) Argentina c) Cuba d) Colombia e) Jamaica Answer: A In the nineteenth century, women’s use of bound feet (China), white face paint (Japan), and corsets (Western Europe) are examples of which of the following? a) Practices that inhibit female activities/Agricultural Revolution was a change in farming methods and crops that resulted in A) rich farmers sharing agricultural/colony Answer: E A rising non-western nation that avoided colonial subjugation/

The Impact of the Global Crises on the Microfinance Sector in Latin America. A Threat for Client Outreach or an Opportunity for Improved Social Performance.

and subsistence agriculture in order to revive the sector, in the framework of food security and sovereignity policies ¿Where is microfinance in LAC today? DetailMFIs VCMFIs MSCFE / PFE Legal FormPrivate CompanyCivil Associations and Foundations Private companies; Associat. & Found.; Cooperatives PurposeFor profitNon-profitVarious Focus Regulation Microfinance as a business Regulated Outreach to poor and vulnerable Non-regulated (with exceptions) Autonomous development clients Regulated and Non- regulated/

International Capital Markets

with balance of payments problems. The activities of non-bank financial institutions are growing in international banking, but they lack /in Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean excepting Jamaica (category 2); much of the Arab world falls in this category) 4. Countries with long-term civil war or large-scale breakdown of rule of law or non/ also determined whether local economies were better for plantation agriculture, which resulted in income inequalities and political inequalities. Under this system,/

Geographical Indications in the WTO and the Doha Negotiations Worldwide Symposium on Geographical Indications WIPO/Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry Parma,

geographical origin” On-going WTO activities on GIs In the Doha negotiations i. A multilateral register for wines and spirits ii. “Extension” of GI protection to other products iii. Negotiations on agriculture: “clawn back” proposal The / it: The European Union. Switzerland Countries in Eastern Europe non-EU members. Turkey, Iceland India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and other African countries Cuba and some Andean countries (Venezuela) Jamaica, Mauritius The countries against it: United /

All Protocol Observed All Protocol Observed Many thank you to UNDP and UN Women for the invitation to South Centre to participate in this very important.

Omar El Arini (Egypt), Rubens Ricupero (Brazil), Ransford Smith (Jamaica), Yang Wenchang (China), Victoria Tauli-Corpuz (Philippines) Executive Director: /activities such as agricultural production, deforestation, land-use changes that are important for the lives and livelihoods of women and men in/non-debt creating and easily accessible, flows to developing countries; and 4) ensuring gender equity in the flow of this finance. Drawing on the existing frameworks, enhancing their strong points and building in/

Gold standard is a monetary system in which the standard economic unit of account is a fixed weight of gold. Silver standard is a monetary system in.

agricultural programs which aided the "Green Revolution" of the 1960s, and its functioning to stabilize and occasionally subsidize Third World governments, particularly in/ Rate Regime was formalized in 1976 in Jamaica. At the Jamaica meeting, the International Monetary/In 1971 it had a reserve deficit of $56 billion; as well, it had depleted most of its non-gold reserves and had only 22% gold coverage of foreign reserves. In/of the exchange rate through active intervention in foreign exchange markets without /

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