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Australia and New Zealand. Population Patterns The People – The Aborigines are Australia’s earliest people, and one of the world’s oldest surviving culture.

. style federal system with a British- style parliamentary system. – In 1907, New Zealand became a self- governing dominion. Has a British parliamentary system. – Following WWII, the two countries have forged economic and political ties with the U.S. The Aborigines and the Maori have gained recognition and become politically active. Culture Education and Health care – Education varies throughout both regions. Both countries provide/

Geography (New Zealand) Chapter 27. CONTENTS Section I The Land Section II The People Section III Maori and Maori Culture.

and luxury lifestyle Rotorua 1)Population: 68,000 2)The center of Maori culture in North Island 3)Geothermal activities, volcanic landscape, living Maori culture and hot springs 5. New Zealander ’ s Lives A.Families and Households a.Proportion of families (2001):/1930s b. Universal welfare scrapped by Labor Party in 1984 c. New Zealanders still enjoy high level of social welfare. III. Maori and Maori Culture 1. Indigenous people of New Zealand 1) First arrival by voyaging canoes from Hawaiki over 1,000 years/


HAERE MAI (welcome) WHERE ON EARTH IS NEW ZEALAND? International date line. NEW ZEALAND REGIONS OF NEW ZEALAND AIRPORTS IN NEW ZEALAND FERRY climate DIVERSE LANDSCAPES KIWIS New Zealanders are affectionately known as ‘Kiwis’, named after their iconic national bird – not the fruit! Kiwis make great hosts. Visitors to the country often comment on how friendly and hospitable New Zealanders are. New Zealand is becoming increasingly multi cultural with a mix of nationalities including European/

Unit 18. Pre-reading Discussion about New Zealand’s Geography, Economy, Culture, History, People and Sights Look at the maps of New Zealand. Try to describe.

hiking or doing other outdoor activities. 2. Culture of New Zealand New Zealanders In the 1970s, large numbers of Pacific Islanders settled in New Zealand, followed in the 80s and 90s by Asians, Europeans, and many others. These new arrivals contri- buted, along with technological and economic changes, To a totally new national identity. In the last twenty years or so, New Zealanders have embraced the global economy And the latest/

Chapter Six Southeast Asia and South Pacific. A World of Influences Varied Strands Brought Together Contrasting natural environments, cultures, and outlooks.

, Erosion, and Mining Excavations Globalization Incomes per capita vary considerably Trading links in many differing directions Attempts at integration ASEAN+3 Subregions Southeast Asia Australia and New Zealand South Pacific Islands Southeast Asia Increasing Trading Links Rich Cultural Heritage Outside Influences Countries Continental Countries Island Countries Southeast Asia (cont’d) People Ethnic Variety Population Growth Slows Transmigration Impacts of Rapid Urbanization Primate city/

New Zealand Taiwan Island (China) It lies off the east coast of the mainland of China. It is surrounded by the Philippine Sea to the Southeast.

(famous) Sports and spare time What can be written in a description (New Zealand) Population ______ million, ______ (14%) Language________ (majority); Maori language (Maoritanga) official language Culture of natives 1.Common meeting place: ________ 2.Wedding, burial or conference :/. Their tribal groupings are derived from the people of each canoe, settling in New Zealand in the early times. Maori village & Maori culture This is not just an entertainment showcase, but a strong message of spiritual unity/

PowerPoint slides to accompany New Zealand Financial Accounting 5e by Samkin Slides adapted by Bob Miller,  2011 McGraw-Hill Australia Pty Ltd An overview.

and the Harmonisation of Accounting Standards Values inherent in accounting subculture influenced by society-wide values. Accounting systems are not ‘culture free’. Should different countries with varying cultural values adopt internationally uniform accounting practices? PowerPoint slides to accompany New Zealand Financial Accounting 5e by Samkin Slides adapted by Bob Miller, © 2011 McGraw-Hill Australia Pty Ltd 1-19 Use and role of audit reports/

Australia and New Zealand: A Cultural Self Exploration By: Kathleen Bernardini ITC 525 Summer 1 Click Here to Begin! Standards Addressed.

far away is that??? It takes about 23 hours to get to Australia and New Zealand by plane from Pennsylvania. Why should we learn about those cultures??? We should learn about Australia and New Zealand because… They are two of the most unstudied locations in the world by / continue on to the next question! Click here to go back and try again! What is the tribal dance performed by the Maori culture of New Zealand called? A. Didgeridoo B. Haka C. Foxtrot I think A is correct! I think B is correct! I think C is /

Chapter 10: New Global Patterns Section 1: Japan Modernizes Section 2: Southeast Asia & the Pacific Section 3: Self-Rule for Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

was due to a number of causes: This quick success was due to a number of causes: Common culture & Language Common culture & Language Japan had a long tradition of learning from foreigners Japan had a long tradition of learning from /disease By 1870, most Maoris had died in wars or from disease New Zealand gained self-rule in 1907 New Zealand gained self-rule in 1907 New Zealand, like Canada & Australia kept close ties to Britain New Zealand, like Canada & Australia kept close ties to Britain Section 4: /

1 The Draft New Zealand Curriculum – Feedback Questionnaire Results Downloaded from: TKI | NZ Curriculum | Consultation and Feedback

, and Social Sciences Conclusions 13 Background, Objectives & Method 14 In July 2006, the Ministry of Education released a draft New Zealand curriculum for consultation A feedback questionnaire, designed by the Ministry of Education, was included in the document. The questionnaire was/support 545 Too vague/Difficult to understand/Not detailed enough/No depth/Too wordy 435 Diversity of NZ culture not recognised/no treaty of Waitangi references 222 Need resources for setting up curriculum-funds/time input/More/

NEW ZEALAND Discover your ZEAL!. CHILDHOOD IMMUNIZATIONS All of these immunizations are given to children with a few more added in as the child ages.

May 2015.. "The Department of Internal Affairs." Censorship DCEFS Explanatory Statement. New Zealand, 16 July 2009. Web. 12 May 2015.. WORKS CITED "NZD - New Zealand Dollar Rates, News, and Tools." NZD - New Zealand Dollar Rates, News, and Tools. XE, n.d. Web. 15 May 2015.. "2013 Census QuickStats about Culture and Identity." 2013 Census QuickStats about Culture and Identity. Tatauranga Aotearoa, 15 Apr. 2014. Web. 16 May 2015/

STRATEGIC PLAN 2013 NZPF Moot Presentation Thursday 17 March 2016 Simon Draper, Executive Director Asia New Zealand Foundation.

not learning about Asia now, their chance of future success in NZ is diminished" Equipping New Zealanders to thrive in Asia Business Programme Arts and Culture Programme Media Programme Research Track II Leadership Network Education Programme Equipping students to thrive in their future with Asia. Languages Connections Cultures Asia Equipped A rapidly expanding group of like-minded educators who can access support, resources, trip/

World Geography TodayChapter 31 Australia and New Zealand Preview Section 1: AustraliaAustralia Section 2: New ZealandNew Zealand Chapter Wrap-Up.

make up about 10 percent. Population is concentrated along coasts, mainly on North Island and in cities. Outdoor activities and sports are popular; many sheep. Section 2: New Zealand History and Culture (continued) World Geography TodayChapter 31 New Zealand’s economy is based on farming, but manufacturing and services are growing. Agriculture—Sheep and cattle very important; crops include wheat, barley, fruits. Industry—Food processing/

E nga rangatira, e nga hoa hoki, tena koutou katou

for asking me to share with you all my experiences in the field of kawa whakaruruhau or cultural safety. Outline and mihi Mihi/Acknowledgement: Irihapeti Ramsden, Nursing Council of NZ, EIT Hawkes Bay, Pearson Education. New Zealand context Brief history of cultural safety in New Zealand Cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity and cultural safety Before I discuss the outline of this presentation today I’d like to mihi and acknowledge/

The Māori Roots of a Multicultural New Zealand Professor Margaret Mutu Department of Māori Studies University of Auckland Bananas NZ Going Global International.

English contact is known and understood along with the history of Chinese settlement in New Zealand. It is also very important that Chinese language and culture is recognised and respected in this country and that the Chinese contribution to this / ethnic minorities and should assimilate into the Pākehā majority. Asserted that New Zealand is now multicultural, not bicultural, with Pākehā the dominant and determining culture (white supremacy). Māori fought back litigating endlessly, protesting on streets and/

Evidence of Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Visual and Performing Arts: Exemplars, Missed Opportunities and Challenges Rawiri Hindle, Victoria University,

in the Visual and Performing Arts: Exemplars, Missed Opportunities and Challenges Rawiri Hindle, Victoria University, New Zealand Catherine Savage, Victoria University, New Zealand Luanna H. Meyer, Victoria University, New Zealand Anne Hynds, Victoria University, New Zealand Wally Penetito, Victoria University, New Zealand Christine Sleeter, California State University Monterey Bay, USA Paper presented at the Culturally Responsive Research and Pedagogy Symposium, Nov 15, 2010, Waikato University, Hamilton/


5 years Family partnership framework, with orientation to bilingual education. [2003 Awarded Centre of Innovation] Language, culture and identity as Samoan children for 21st Century (Jan Taouma, Head Teacher) New Zealand Playcentre Federation Parent Co-operative unique to Aotearoa New Zealand Philosophy  Family co-operative education is relevant to the New Zealand setting  Parents, with training and support, make professional contribution  High quality ECE experiences for children/

New Zealand General Information.

Church The Rātana movement is a Māori religion and pan-tribal political movement founded by Tahupōtiki Wiremu Rātana in early 20th-century New Zealand. Culture of English-speaking countries New Zealand Culture holidays and traditions What are New Zealands traditions? •Haka- the war dance performed before rugby matches. •Hangi - meat and vegetables cooked by burying them in the ground, with a fire on top/

All About New Zealand Primary Four. Where is New Zealand? New Zealand is in the South. It is next to Australia.

warrior dance. Maori Language Both Maori and English are the official languages of New Zealand. Maori is taught throughout schools in New Zealand and the government has recognized the importance of keeping this culture going. Here are a few Maori words for you to learn: Kia ora/ and find the warrior dance fascinating. Some of our Kiwi foods also come from the Maori culture, my favourite is baked kumara. New Zealand is famous for strange sports. Queensland is home to bungy-jumping. I haven’t been before/

By: Jyree’ Brice. New Zealand For a country being very dependent on trade make New Zealand. They are very supportive of being a liberalist of a well divided.

place in the South Pacific, and their love of the outdoors, sport, and the arts make New Zealanders and their culture unique in the world. Today, New Zealanders are largely sophisticated and highly educated in the city life. New Zealanders are embracing 21 st century technology and culture in huge sums. But New Zealanders also have a background of quiet but rugged individualism, self-reliance, and a genius for invention/

The Unintended Outcomes of Institutionalising Ethnicity: The Case of Maori Education in New Zealand Elizabeth Rata The University of Auckland.

polytechnic sector, not the Maori tertiary institutions (whare wananga) have been the most successful in enrolling young Maori men. Conclusion The outcomes have not matched the intentions yet culturalism is the orthodoxy in New Zealand education? (also health, social welfare, and justice) Claims accepted despite contradictory evidence Biculturalism a secular religion for some a means for economic and political advancement for the Maori/


the conservative National party and the left wing Labour party. The National party returned to power in November 2008  promise to review the system of employee relations. Cultural context Australia and New Zealand share a British cultural heritage. Estimation: 40% of Australians are migrants mainly from the UK, Ireland and North America. Recently an increase of the Asian immigrants. Native Australians represent about 2/

Maori. Maori People Native/indigenous people of New Zealand Aotearoa – Long White Cloud Unique Culture, Language, Mythology, Crafts, Performing Arts Maori.

. Modern Challenges Although Māori make up only 14% of the population, they make up almost 50% of the prison population. Māori have higher unemployment-rates than other cultures resident in New Zealand. Māori have higher numbers of suicides than non-Māori. Only 47% of Māori finish school with qualifications higher than NCEA Level One (15years old – 4 ESO/

Australia, New Zealand, and the Islands of the South Pacific.

Park administers, a number of scenic, historic, and recreational reserves Tourist Destinations and Attractions Rotorua on North Island is the largest tourist attraction in New Zealand Attracting 60% of all holiday visitors to the country Center of the Maori culture and has a model village museum, and shop selling Maori handicrafts Tourist Destinations and Attractions Wellington, the capital, and its harbor serve as/

Developmental B.E. Deaf Education in New Zealand OMICRON GROUP Chris C, Joshua W, Michelle C, Michelle M, and Tatiana M.

) and Deaf Studies...” Van Asch: Language Usage Emphasis http://www.kdec.school.nz/ http://www.vanasch.school.nz/ Advantages New Zealand – first and only country with official Sign language Focus on an individual’s academics and language needs (I.E.P.) Promote Maori culture to keep it in existence Disadvantages Deaf students separated all over the country Not enough signing environment post-preschool/

OPEN FOR BUSINESS An introduction to New Zealand August 2014.

2014 Social Progress Index Report Page Click to edit Master title style Growing diversity in the population. Importing a global set of cultural perspectives. A well-connected and educated global diaspora. GROWING ETHNIC DIVERSITY 66THE NEW ZEALAND STORY PageTHE NEW ZEALAND STORY Asia New Zealand Colmar Brunton Perceptions of Asia Study 2012 WELCOMING TOWARDS OTHER PEOPLE 84%74% 84% said it was very important or quite important/

8-1 PowerPoint slides to accompany New Zealand Financial Accounting 5e by Samkin Slides adapted by Bob Miller, © 2011 McGraw-Hill Australia Pty Ltd Accounting.

for cash, generate income indirectly through admission charges/ reproduction rights  have utility through provision of educational/cultural experience and academic/scientific research. –Future economic benefits primarily in the form of ‘service potential’ than cash flows –Accounting Standards Board (UK). 9-12 PowerPoint slides to accompany New Zealand Financial Accounting 5e by Samkin Slides adapted by Bob Miller, © 2011 McGraw-Hill Australia Pty Ltd/

Week 4 Chapter 3 The environment and corporate culture: Admin Turnitin details Register yourself with email etc at (thanks to 14) Turnitin.com look for.

deeply about customers, stakeholders and employees. – Managers strongly value people and processes that can create useful change. Environment and culture Shaping corporate culture for the 21st century Changing and merging corporate culturesCulture gaps (especially with mergers and acquisitions). e.g. acquisition of Formica by New Zealand’s Fletcher Building in 2007. Symbolic leadership – A manager who defines and uses signals and symbols to influence corporate/

ANZOA Human Geography Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Antarctica Culture.

of Kiwi Fruit in the World Cultures Australia Jan. 1, 1901 - Australia became an independent nation when the British Parliament passed the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act Australia is a Federation powers are divided between a central government regional governments. 20% foreign born Approx. 2.5% Aborigine Drive on the Left side Speak English Christianity New Zealand New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional/

The University of Auckland New Zealand Is there a role for doctors in future health workforces? Professor Des Gorman BSc MBChB MD PhD Head of the School.

“disinvestment” in health research. The bar graph is the annual per capita national public spend on health research (NZD exclusive of overheads). The University of Auckland New Zealand 11 September 2015 Cultural and demographic maldistributions of doctors New Zealand and Australia are the most reliant countries in the OECD on overseas trained doctors. The global medical market is not evenly distributed and shows a net/

All About New Zealand Primary Five and Six. Where is New Zealand ? New Zealand is situated about half way between the Equator and the South Pole about.

a picture of a Maori Warrior preparing for his warrior dance. Maori Language Both Maori and English are the official languages of New Zealand. Maori is taught throughout schools in New Zealand and the government has recognized the importance of keeping this culture going. Here are a few Maori words for you to learn: Kia ora – common greeting, like hello. hoa - friend kura – school kaiako/

2007 Student Administration The University of Auckland, New Zealand They can walk the walk, but can they talk the talk? How students benefit from university.

, intersubjectivity or ‘something in common’ in the job interview. This can be a shared understanding of the activity itself, not necessarily a shared cultural background. Roberts (1985)‏ THE DISCOURSE COMMUNITY 2007 Student Administration The University of Auckland, New Zealand 1.To what extent do students demonstrate communicative strategies appropriate to the activity (the recruitment interview)? 2.What linguistic and interactional factors are advantaging/

Drowning In New Zealand. Drowning In New Zealand.

weather is hot enough, most Kiwi’s can choose a swimming venue near their home. The dangerous nature of New Zealand waters: - New Zealand seas are unprotected by islands or nearby countries. As a result, the swells that hit our shores are large/ children who drown do so while swimming - improper or no supervision is the main cause of Maori children drowning - multi-cultural NZ - tourists and information - what role the government plays in water safety? Attitudes and knowledge surrounding water safety: - /

School of Māori, Social and Cultural Studies in Education  How did one initial teacher educator develop engaging flexible and online resources for students.

in Education DEANZ Conference Rachel Martin April- May 2014  Monolingual interface does not reflect our current bilingual population (note the previous picture) of New Zealand  Need to be linked to ngā āhuatanga Māori customs, culture and language  Link to the context, rohe (regional area)  e Wānanga environment  A true bilingual interface feature is already in the pipeline as a future Moodle/


% of the population is from other countries.  85% of New Zealand’s inhabitations is growing concerns for the governments of both countries.  New Zealand has increased birth rates as well as aging population Society and Culture Today  New Zealand and Australia blen both European and indigenous elements in their cultures.  English is the major language that is spoken in New Zealand and Australia.  They use an Australian English called strine/


.  The largest groups include Samoan, Cook Islands M ā ori, Tongan, Niuean, Fijian, Tokelauan and Tuvaluan (Statistics New Zealand, 2007).  Thus, Pasifika peoples are a multi-ethnic group with a mix of cultural diversities, including traditions, histories, languages, values, and so on. Pasifika Perspectives Adaptability  Participates in host culture and performs when appropriate in response to any given situation  Strategically adapts to appropriate Samoan or/

Life in New Zealand Integrating Skills. What has been mentioned in Reading ? Please kick them out. 1.geography 2.history 3.language 4.sports and spare.

(famous) Sports and spare time What can be written in a description (New Zealand) Population ______ million, ______ (14%) Language________ (majority); Maori language (Maoritanga) official language Culture of natives 1.Common meeting place: ________ 2.Wedding, burial or conference :/. Their tribal groupings are derived from the people of each canoe, settling in New Zealand in the early times. Maori village & Maori culture This is not just an entertainment showcase, but a strong message of spiritual unity/

The New Zealand Film Industry. Demonstrate understanding of a specific media industry Level3Credits4AssessmentExternal AchievementAchievement with MeritAchievement.

due to digital –An increasing emphasis on Post Production How is the industry controlled? –Boom & Bust –Cultural vs Commercial External / Governmental –NZ Film Commission Large Budget Screen Production Grant SPIF Elevator What is a New Zealand Film? Made in New Zealand Made by New Zealanders Made about New Zealand or New Zealanders Costa Botes – New Zealand Filmmaker (Forgotten Silver, Making of Lord of the Rings, Saving Grace Why study the NZ film industry/

New Zealand. Facts and Statistics Location: Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia Capital: Wellington Population: 3,993,817.

, sweet potatoes and meat roasted lamb served with mint sauce base. Roast Hogget Culture New Zealand culture is derived from European roots, and more recently U.S., but have evolved distinctive features of the New Zealand environment, indigenous culture of the Maori, and the influence of neighbors. The vigor and originality of the arts in New Zealand films, opera, music, painting, theater, dance and arts - are achieving international recognition/

SMST216-08B Lecture 2 (Week 30) Part I: The History of Television A Short History of Television in New Zealand Geoff Lealand.

of Television Timeline http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/bl_television _timeline.htm History of Television in New Zealand http://corporate.tvnz.co.nz/tvnz_detail/0,22406,111544- 247-252,00.html TVNZondemand.co.nz/and Wellington) From 2005, some funding available from New Zealand On Air to regional TV Funding Agencies (1) New Zealand On Air (under Ministry of Culture and Heritage) est. 1989, with responsibilities for social and cultural objectives of broadcasting (radio + TV). Directly funded/

NEW ZEALAND International Expedition 2009 27 December 2009 – 10 January 2010.

Preparation – Must be Physically fit and have a high level of endurance – Be comfortable and somewhat experienced in off road cycling – Be willing to adapt to remote locations and new cultures 2009 INTERNATIONAL EXPEDITION NEW ZEALAND ODYSSEY THUMNAIL ITINERARY Day 1: Arrive Vancouver – Sat 26 Dec 09 Day 2: Prep Briefing – Sun 27 Dec 09 Day 3: Depart Canada – Monday 28 Dec 09 Day/

2013 GSA SYMPOSIUM: Optimal Aging and Evidence-based Research in Indigenous Populations Wednesday, 11/20 to Sunday, 11/24 Sheraton New Orleans New Orleans.

, K., Connolly, M., Keeling, S., Loughlin, H. Jatrana, S., & Kerse, N. (in review). Cultural and social factors and Quality of life of Māori in advanced age: Te Puāwaitanga o Ngā Tapuwae Kia ora Tonu. Life and Living in Advanced Age: a Cohort Study in New Zealand (LiLACS NZ). New Zealand Medical Journal Kēpa, M; Kēpa, C.A; McPherson, B; Kameta, H/

THREATS TO (HETERO)SEXUAL HEALTH IN AOTEAROA/NEW ZEALAND: PROFESSIONAL PERSPECTIVES Introduction/context Sexual health is ‘under threat’ in Aotearoa/New.

’ll be alright (Sexual Health Service Dr) –do not engage in ‘sensible’ (sexual) health promoting behaviours Binge drinking culture as a risk our culture’s a pretty interesting thing as well, things like the whole alcohol culture in New Zealand, binge drinking, just getting totally smashed, drug culture, alcohol and drugs, they affect STIs (Sexuality Educator) References 1.STI Surveillance Team. (2005). Sexually Transmitted Infections in/

Kia ora Welcome to New Zealand Key Selling Points Spectacular natural land Energising, involvement, invigoration Excellent tourism infrastructure Safe,

vineyards Immerse yourself in Kiwi culture Sail on the America’s Cup course Visit a marae Take in a show Get the feel for history in a local museum New Zealand in the World International Airlines 24 international airlines fly into New Zealand (AKL, WLG, CHC) regularly Domestic Airlines Well serviced domestically by Air New Zealand, Qantas, Origin Pacific and regional airlines New Zealand offers an extensive range of/

Political and Legal Challenges of a Pacific Parliament: A Paper presented by Vergil Narokobi and Phillipa Webb at Law and Culture Conference: Compatibility.

Culture Conference: Compatibility or Conflict, 9-11 September 2013 USP Campus, Port Vila.   This paper is part of a larger project that we are working on, providing an account of the inaugural Pacific Parliamentary and Political Leaders Forum held in Wellington, New Zealand/  Debates in the Pacific Parliamentary and Political Leaders Forum held in New Zealand were challenging   For example The New Zealand Parliament follows the Westminster tradition of parliamentary practice and procedure   Included /

Education New Zealand. What we will cover How Education New Zealand was formed What guides us The start of our purpose and strategy development.

study to residence for international university students Increase New Zealanders’ skills and knowledge to operate effectively across cultures. The Objectives Our legislative functions Deliver strategies, programmes, and activities for promoting, together with providers and other government agencies, New Zealand education overseas Promote New Zealand as an educational destination for international students Promote the provision of New Zealand education and training services overseas Manage, in collaboration/

Community Attitudes Towards Immigrants and Immigration in New Zealand Wendy Searle Labour and Immigration Research Centre Department of Labour.

for any society to be made up of people from different races, religions and cultures” More specific question in New Settlers Programme survey. “The diversity immigration adds to New Zealand culture is a good thing” Multicultural ideology New Settlers Programme Survey AIIM and ISMP Surveys QuestionYear% Agree The diversity immigration adds to New Zealand is a good thing 200359% 200659% QuestionYear% Agree It is a good thing for/

Introduction to Maori history and culture

most important story writers to write at this time Challenges facing Maori Maori people have more problems with alcohol, drugs, violence and imprisonment than other groups in New Zealand They have more health problems and die earlier They have higher unemployment and lower success at school However, the culture and language is growing and is an extremely important part of New Zealand culture and life today

Maori Food Culture.

, exterior, Maripi (aha) and Taiaha The Maori of New Zealand In the 17th century, Captain Cook from Great Britain “discovered” New Zealand, which changed Maori ways of life forever. There are still Maori in New Zealand today, still holding on to their culture They make up about 15% of the population Food Culture of the Maori The Maori of New Zealand, before European contact, were semi-agriculturalists. They got some/

AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand. Destination Aotearoa, New Zealand Did you know… o A kiwi is not a fruit – it is New Zealand’s native flightless.

City.Auckland City Ranked among the world’s top five cities to live and work in. The largest and most culturally diverse of New Zealands cities, with a population of more than 1.4 million people – 27% born in other countries. Large Polynesian/ in winter (June to August). Rangitoto Island Destination Auckland: City of Sails AUT University: the University for the changing world New Zealand’s newest University – but our history in industry- relevant education is over 110 years old. Ranked in the top 500 /

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