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Financial Reporting Hot Topics: Year- End Take Aways Moderator: Heidi Roth Panelists: Chris Dubrowski Bill Harlow Bill Wagner Financial Reporting Hot Topics:

LLC. All rights reserved. Critical Accounting Policies “ MD&A disclosures related to critical accounting policies should supplement and enhance the description of the critical accounting policies in the notes to your consolidated financial statements, and are not intended to be a duplication of the footnote/ ASC Topic 275 (SOP 94-6) and is a higher threshold than material but less than catastrophic. 25 © 2010 KPMG LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership and the U.S. member firm of the KPMG network of /

Topic: Information Security Risk Management Framework: China Aerospace Systems Engineering Corporation (Case Study) Supervisor: Dr. Raymond Choo Student:

Topic/for Standardization) Australia ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) European / agency, Internet banking Mobile device attacking: steal Email account, mobile banking information, unauthorised charging fee (premium SMS/and preparation: Achieve the support: senior management team, related department (human, physical, financial and timing support)/. D. Gallagher, “Guide for applying the risk management framework to federal information system: a security life cycle approach”, NIST Special /

CSE3180 Lecture 8 Extended Topics / 1 CSE3180 Extended Topics and Applications.

Client provides SQL developers with  WebSphere Studio (mainframe operational data to customer Web site)  WebSphere Portal (access to mainframe payroll, policy, accounting, claims data)  WebSphere Business Integrator Lecture 8 Extended Topics / 83 Data Federation  Oracle : Real Application Clusters (9i and 10g)  Shared disk approach - ‘unified view’  Transaction processing applications  current trends in storage networks  ‘grid’ computing with ‘blade’ servers (attachable software) Lecture 8 Extended/

Overview of Digital Libraries: From Requirements to Theory to System to Projects JCDL 2003 – Houston, TX, USA Tutorial – May 27, 2003 Edward A. Fox

ensure reliable and extensible access to and usability of the resulting network of learning environments and resources/ harvest within set S1 record S2 OAI Tools Related resources, e.g., XML, Unicode Servers and/search / fall-back, fusing results Access: IPR, payment, security, scenarios Topical Outline - Architectures Distributed, centralized Modular, componentized Bus (InfoBus), hierarchical, /a clear process Group and individual accountability ETD project participants Academic administrators Faculty/

Information Extraction, Social Network Analysis Structured Topic Models & Influence Mapping Andrew McCallum Information Extraction.

relations - events Data Mining Spider Actionable knowledge Leveraging Text in Social Network Analysis Joint inference among detailed steps Structured Topic Models Goals Quickly understand and analyze contents of large volume of text + other data –browse topics –navigate connections –discover & see patterns Assess data source to/0220 software 0.0176maker 0.0136 brands 0.0142 federal 0.0179 digital 0.0173car 0.0134 account 0.0120 regulators0.0146 systems 0.0169share 0.0128 industry 0.0106 debt 0.0142 business /

JOBTALKS Creating Your Networking Resume or Curriculum Vita Networking Tool Indiana University Kelley School of Business C. Randall Powell, Ph.D Contents.

Future goals Indicators of potential Team work Socialization  Completing 6 accounting- and 4 finance-related plus 4 language courses.  Job related topics studied include cost accounting, capital budgeting, electronic auditing, advanced taxation, and investment /., Town, state, country, Zip Code, Area Code+Tele. #, Email Address Reference Format Able to help Inexperience aid Network contacts Names influence Career Planning Strategies Offers: advice on content samples of resumes examples of resume structure/

2010 Fee-For-Service Agreement for DHHS Networks PRESENTED BY: Michelle Naples – Delinquency and Court Services Dennis Buesing – DHHS Contract Administrator.

if any) used topics/subject addressed as part of the training reference materials used as part of training Provider Network staff will contact/FFS Agreement yearly revisions 11/3/0942 Insurance Requirements Audit and Accounting Requirements Maintaining Financial Records General Information on Allowable Costs Audit /to transport participants, or for any other reason related to the provision of Covered Services shall have Automobile Insurance providing the same liability limits as required of the Network/

Network Security Instructor: Professor Stephen Osborne.

To understand cyber crimes in relation to computer network penetration, one must first understand the concept of computer networks. At its most basic level, a computer network is two or more computers connected together to allow communications between two users. When considering computer network penetration, it is important to/ consisting of as many slides that you deem necessary. I have provided the necessary topics below that should be incorporated into the program. I believe that these areas would /

CIS 454 LOCAL AREA NETWORKS Dr N Ganesan Room SFT 605/ SHC 346 Ext. 3-2928.

Choose a main area and divide into sub-topics Assign each sub-topic to a member of the group Topics: Overriding Rule Avoid material discussed in the class For example, do not choose a topic such as LAN architecture as it would be discussed in some detail during the course of the lecture Anchor Areas Windows NT related networking areas Windows NT in the Internet –WWW Features/

Topic Models Conditioned on Arbitrary Features with Dirichlet-multinomial Regression David Mimno Andrew McCallum.

Topic models :: ?? Down-stream What type of model accounts for arbitrary, correlated inputs? Naïve Bayes :: MaxEnt HMM :: Linear-chain CRF Topic models :: THIS PAPER Conditional models take real valued features, which can be used to /neighbor, boosting, nearest neighbors, adaboost Topic parameters for feature “Loopy Belief Propagation (MWJ, 1999)” 2.04bayesian networks, bayesian network, belief networks 1.42temporal, relations, relation, spatio temporal, temporal relations 1.26local, global, local minima/

Statistical Models of (Social) Networks Andrew McCallum Computer Science Department University of Massachusetts Amherst Joint work with Xuerui Wang, Natasha.

TransWestern Division Outline Social Network Analysis with (Language) Attributes –Roles and Topics (Author-Recipient-Topic Model) –Groups and Topics (Group-Topic Model) Demo: Rexa, a Web portal for researchers  Groups and Topics Input: –Observed relations between people –Attributes on those relations (text, or categorical) Output: –Attributes clustered into “topics” –Groups of people---varying depending on topic Discovering Groups from Observed Set of Relations Admiration relations among six high school/

© Neville & Provost 2001-2008 Predictive modeling with social networks Jennifer Neville & Foster Provost Tutorial AAAI 2008 Tutorial at ACM SIGKDD 2008.

wide-range of potential applications for network mining 2.different approaches to network learning and inference – from simple to complex 3.Various issues involved with each approach 4.when each approach is likely to perform well 5.potential difficulties for learning accurate network models 6.various methodological issues associated with analyzing network models © Neville & Provost 2001-2008 Related network-analysis topics Identifying groups in social networks Predicting links Entity resolution Finding/

WIRELESS MESH NETWORKS Ian F. AKYILDIZ* and Xudong WANG** * Georgia Institute of Technology BWN (Broadband Wireless Networking) Lab & ** TeraNovi Technologies.

. 46 This has been researched as a QoS routing topic. But in WMNs with advanced PHY technologies, this is/account. In order to improve the performance of this protocol layer, parameters in other protocol layers are taken into account. Thus, information in one layer must be passed to another layer. Thus, information in one layer must be passed to/such as QoS, interference, network topology, etc, which are all related to a interference, network topology, etc, which are all related to a routing protocol routing /

April 8, 2014 Please join us for coffee talk & networking time until our meeting officially starts at 9:00 am.

events in education while networking with other professionals. Coffee Talk: Optional Networking Time New Format: Note-taking Guide  3 Guiding Questions for Each Topic Curriculum Updates & Program Hot Topics Region 4 Laptop/Mic Table Instructions Introductions Point to Point Collaboration with Dickinson ISD Site Region 4 ESC, Lindy Avila, Education Specialist Dickinson ISD, Debbie Hamilton, Education Specialist & Ann Snyder State & Federal Accountability Update: Richard Blair, Senior/

Greenmount Primary School Our Curriculum Our aim is to provide a creative, exciting and engaging curriculum which will enable our children to gain the.

looked at books and pictures I have listened to stories, eye witness accounts I have looked at pictures, photographs, artefacts/ dance skills and dances related to class topics Traditional Maypole dances Developing dance skills and dances related to class topics Traditional Maypole dances Gymnastics Travelling/to learn Health and Wellbeing about people who look after them, their family networks, who to go to if they are worried and how to attract their attention, ways that pupils can help these people to/

Exploring Topics and Key Hackers in Chinese Hacker Communities Zhen Fang and Xinyi Zhao Apr.8, 2016.

Phishing, Bank Stealing Trojan Horse, ATM skimmers, PoS skimmers, Pocket skimmers Information: Account password (e-commerce, online games, entertainment, etc.), ID card information, credit /i9.hexunimg.cn/2012-07-24/143928693.pdf 1.Underground Economy Related research –The amount of virtual assets traded on Chinese underground market/ other evidences on hacker topics. 4.Social Network Involved –The social structure and network pattern of different hackers is still important and needs to be studied in the /

Federal government- related fraud issues: Prevention and detection Jesse Morton KPMGs Federal Advisory Practice, Director, Fraud Risk Management May 18,

to fraud —Fraud risk assessments —Government-related fraud statistics —Government-related fraud “hot topics” —Fraud investigation techniques and tools Introducti on to fraud 4 © 2016 KPMG LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership and the U.S. member firm of the KPMG network/the suitability of existing controls, prioritize residual risks, and document a fraud risk profile. Source: U.S. Government Accountability Office, A Framework for Managing Fraud Risks in Federal Programs, Jul. 28, 2015. 7 © 2016 KPMG /

© 2016 KPMG LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership and the U.S. member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG.

network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. Employee Share-based Payments - Existing Guidance  Accounting for income taxes upon settlement of an award –Net operating loss carryforwards related to/ for an email update on accounting and financial reporting topics us-kpmgweeklyreview@kpmg.comus-kpmgweeklyreview@kpmg.com  Subscribe to KPMG’s Accounting Research Online for in-depth technical/

2010 Annual Business and Professions Study Report to Public Relations Institute of Australia © 2010 Beaton Research and Consulting Pty Ltd 1.

- overall performance 64 © 2010 Beaton Research and Consulting Pty Ltd Question:Taking all of your experiences with PRIA into account, how would you rate its overall performance over the past 12 months? Note:Significance testing is performed on mean scores/ I find that the topics for events often relate for social media/B2C etc. I would like to see more promotion, B2B aimed topics & internal communications if possible. Also, I hate networking as it terrifies me, it would be great to have more events that /

INF523: Assurance in Cyberspace Applied to Information Security Course Introduction Prof. Clifford Neuman Lecture 1 13 Jan 2016 OHE 120.

, and verify) 99 TCSEC summary Security Policy 100 TCSEC summary Accountability 101 TCSEC summary Documentation 102 TCSEC summary Assurance 103 Orange Book / security vulnerabilities –BP.05.03 Gather data related to the properties of the vulnerabilities –BP.05/etc.) Data FlowAny transfer of data from one element to another (via network, pipe, RPC, etc.) Trust BoundaryBorder between “trusted/ –Better to try to design RM, then look for threats To isolation, completeness, verifiability 221 Topics Covered in/

FIVE HOT TOPICS IN CAMPUS TECHNOLOGY: Presentation for the Deans Council Jillian Bracken, Anna Hobby, and Bryan Schlein The Florida State University.

to dominate their campuses. Topic 1: Blogging Benefits and Concerns Blogs in Education (http://awd.cl.uh.edu/blog/) discusses the possibilities for beneficial use of blogs for both students and instructors:http://awd.cl.uh.edu/blog/ Options for instructors using blogs: –Content-related blog as professional practice –Networking/ about the amount of emails that are being sent out to students that may be taking up space not only in the email accounts of students but also on university servers. There are two/

Our Secret Data Mart: This and other misadventures in my ten years as a business analyst Presentation to the NEODWSIG 3/23/2006 by Michael Mina.

to identify an open account) be attached? –To closed_date? –To open_status? –To table A? –To table B? Answer: To something else entirely –This is an example of what I call topical metadata, the topic being "open customer account." Note: the term "topical metadata" is used frequently in the context of the semantic web, and rarely, if ever, in the context of relational/ Seek opportunities to achieve, and to understand the impact of those achievements Develop a career portfolio Network effectively "As/

Nicholas C. Romano, Jr. IS Research an International Perspective 21 Maggio 2010 Università degli Studi di Verona IS Research Topics Past, Present, Future.

IS Commerce, Bus. Admin. Financial & Cost & Mgt Accounting Micro Econ Audit Marketing Bus. Law Individual & Organizational /networks that make Information Systems possible. System that uses information technology to capture, transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate, and display information. a related group of steps or activities that use people, information, and other resources, to/Maggio 2010 Università degli Studi di Verona Papers by Research Topic (Count and Percentage) Adapted From Galliers and Whitley 2007 /

How to Leverage Social Media for Public Relations Success

Networking Connect Interact Ex. Facebook, MySpace Business Networking Ex. Linkedin Community Building Collaborate Collect Ex. Ning (social networking communities) Key terms to/ pitch people, spend the time to get to know their style and the topics they write about. Make sure /account or a Facebook Fan Page, it’s a good time to think about starting them. In addition to helping promote your content, maintaining a presence on these sites is extremely beneficial to helping manage your business‟ public relations/

Dr. Hsinchun Chen Director, Artificial Intelligence Lab

macro), international relations (trade, geopolitics), finance (international/banking/stock), accounting (market /Topic extraction, named entity recognition, sentiment/affect analysis, multilingual language models, social network/ 6 𝐼𝑛𝑑𝑣𝑂𝑤 𝑛 𝑖,𝑡 + 𝑑 7 𝐿𝑜𝑔𝐴𝑛𝑎𝑙𝑦𝐶𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑟 𝑖,𝑡 + 𝑑 8 𝐿𝑜𝑔𝐴𝑛𝑎𝑙𝑦𝑆 𝐷 𝑖,𝑡 + 𝑒 𝑖,𝑡 Experiment Two: Firm-Level Evaluation Research Testbed: January 1986 to May 2008, 1,134,321 Wall Street Journal news articles Merged with CRSP, Compustat, and IBES Stock prices lower than $5 at the end of a month/

A User-Services-Driven Approach To Computer and Network Security A SIGUCCS Tutorial November 6th, 1-4:30 Monterey, California Joe St Sauver, Ph.D.

network traffic, videotaping your keystrokes) -- guessing (many users are stunningly unimaginative) -- brute force/exhaustive attacks -- being voluntarily shared with others -- being forgotten -- never being changed… 93 And Regular Passwords Really Arent Free Gartner estimates that up to 30% of calls to a typical helpdesk are password related/those accounts. (And what do you do when you have to change one of them to something/Active-X!) 126 While Were On The Topic of Browsers, What About Anti-Phishing /

Network Systems Administration - Linux CISN 300 Orientation.

flash drive, or RW-DVD’s to store your work for the class. CISN 300 5 Course Description: This course covers the administration of a server in a client/server network. Topics include designing a basic network, installing and configuring a network operating system, managing network security with user and group accounts, creating directory structures and network shares, setting up and managing network printers, backing up servers, monitoring and/

Introduction to Information Systems Security CISS 300 Orientation Summer 2010.

will be required to have an email account. If you do not have an email account, the college provides free email accounts for all current students. To activate your account, go to https://imail.losrios.edu/ and follow the directions provided. https://imail.losrios.edu/ I will not tolerate rude and demeaning comments or emails to anyone in this class. Please keep your comments and emails topic-related. If I/

Welcome to Hungary, Welcome to Budapest.

Electrical Engineering Foundational Technical Studies Laboratory 1 The topics of the measurements: 1. measurement: Getting to know the instruments 2. measurement: Basic measurements / Mathematical Statistics Operation Research Accounting Controlling E-Law Project Management Finance Data Security Network and Database Technologies Data /to design, arrange, operate and control transportation and transport-logistics processes, to fulfil the related official and management tasks, as well as the works related to/

FAIR-FS Purpose & Getting Started with the PMRN

account refer to the SSO Support Page on how to contact your district/organization’s help desk. Present Slide. Fly-in 1 “Select your organization.” FAIR-FS Train-the-Trainer July 2014 Single Sign-On & PMRN Key Terms As it relates to the PMRN Authentication is the process of identifying an individual Authorization is the process of granting or denying access to a network resource As it relates to/Principal’s Role FAIR-FS Train-the-Trainer July 2014 Topics Survey 8 Principal Sign In (SSO) PMRN Registration /

Brief Introductions to:. twitter Social Media Forums Allows us to:  Leverage existing networks  Create and share information  Build and maintain.

of networking with others in positions related to real estate.  Appraisers  Mortgage brokers  Bankers  Home Inspectors  Attorneys  Title companies  Contractors  Companies  Business to Business Contacts  Be Expert in Market Place: All of these occupations relate to real /only have 140 characters, think carefully about how you choose to spend them…  3. Personalize your Twitter account, but keep it professional. Make sure to think business and include all your relevant contact details in /

To: Students 1. Must be punctual (15 minutes rule)

to start negotiations on building a standard-gauge network. This would initially involve two lines: from Bangkok to the Lao border, and a longer line from Bangkok along the peninsula to the Malay border. Topics/. Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) This arises when freight rate is related to floating currency such as YEN. YEN Appreciation Surcharge=YAS If the rate/ A non-physical asset. Examples of financial assets include bank accounts and shares in a publicly-traded company. Financial assets are distinguished/

Configuring Juniper Networks Routers

with VPLS encapsulation Configure interface encapsulation ... jeff@host> help topic vpls site Configuring the VPLS Site Name and Site Identifier When/4. Getting Help on Configuration Syntax The help apropos command provides configuration-related hierarchy jeff@host# help apropos bfd | match ospf | match set/ backup routers for management network Configure system services for remote access User accounts System time Loopback and transient interfaces Remaining configuration needed to place the router into /

From Earth to Solaria and Back The evolution of social interactions in the Internet era Fabio Sabatini Sapienza University of Rome Department of Economics.

’s accumulation. Since human relations need care to be preserved, we introduce a positive SC’s depreciation rate η to account for their possible cooling over/account, entrepreneurial networks) new forms, such as social enterprises  JEOD is an international, online, open-access, multidisciplinary journal, published in English  Articles will be subject to double-blind peer review  Now accepting submissions for the inaugural issue What is JEOD? Topics Covered Theoretical and empirical research on topics/

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, marketing, etc. (Screen out engineering, IT and MIS.)  Approves access to sensitive resources such as network dial-in, high-value transactions, financial accounts, employee records, medical records, and proprietary data  Has budgetary responsibility/ approves / types of content. To create an “Editorial Mix” :  Choose a set of topics that are both related to your mission and interesting to lots of people  Post long written content to your blog and link to it.  Encourage followers to comment.  Don’t/

Hyper-Active Directories: Adding Intelligence & Automation to Network Directories with Amber Paul Gardner-Stephen, Tim Seeley, Murray Rogers Computing.

, we can get Amber to do it for us! Automate AD accounts, group policies etc... Example 1: Account Provision Describe Rules:  topic(TOPIC,LOCATION), enrolment(STUDENT,TOPIC), _eq(LOCATION,”this department”) -> interesting_enrolment(STUDENT,TOPIC).  interesting_enrolment(STUDENT,_) -> account_entitlement(STUDENT).  interesting_enrolment(STUDENT,TOPIC), topic_quota(STUDENT,TOPIC,QUOTA) -> student_quota(STUDENT,$+QUOTA). Example 1: Account Provision Hook into the network: –associate topic(T,L) with “ldap/

 Strategies & best practices in implementing social media in public relations courses Karen Freberg, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Communication.

related to the week’s discussion for the week  Were to provide at least two comments to each weekly post by the other students  Wide range of assignments and activities during course Course structure  Undergraduates and graduate students Sample of Topics covered:  Intro to Social media, ethics and legal implications, Privacy, social networking/ as Card.ly widget (http://card.ly/), Twitter feed (if you have a Twitter Account), or a LiveFeedJit Feed (www.live.feedjit.com ). – or embed a video introduction/

Accounts and Ethenogenic Approach Dr Ayaz Afsar. Introduction The rationale of much of this lecture is located in the interpretive, ethnographic paradigm.

eliciting, analysing and authenticating accounts; third, I will provide an introduction to handling qualitative accounts and their related fields of network analysis and discourse analysis; fourth, I will provide an introduction to handling quantitative and qualitative accounts; finally, I will / the rather artificial boundaries which the items themselves imply. It aims to collect as much data as possible relevant to a particular topic regardless of where it occurs in the interview material. The method is /

Towards FP7. Ermo Central Office/ Strategic Planning & International Relations Advisor Research & Innovation Policy.

Councils Support for the networking of national Ethics Councils. This support will encourage further cooperation and consultation between the national Ethics Councils and the European Commission on the most topical issues in research ethics/ work, business case, costs and benefits connected to improvement of work environment (including accidents at work, occupational diseases, related absenteeism), and the development of management and accounting tools integrating the occupational health and safety dimension/

H i C N Households in Conflict Network How to Measure Conflict in Micro-Level Surveys work in progress for the BMZ/WDR Tilman Brück DIW Berlin, Humboldt-University.

Households in Conflict Network 4 Motivation Why bother? –either study “conflict” as a topic in its own right –or control for “conflict” in the analysis to avoid bias  either way, data is needed to account for conflict To measure or to identify? –/ you were leaving your previous home?” (LSMS Azerbaijan 1995) –shocks, access to services and markets, investments, land access and use, social relations and networks –beware of shifting definitions and compositions of households in times of conflict and /

ITU-T overview Global standards by consensus

Interoperability testing Research area: Signaling protocols for IP-based networks, NGN, M2M, IoT, Cloud Computing, Smart /to subscribe to the mailing list: An account is needed… Members: use a TIES account (members-only) For creating/managing TIES accounts, see http://itu.int/TIES/ Non-members: create or use a Guest account For instruction on creating a Guest account/AVA) (newly launched 25 February 2014): studies topics related to audiovisual media accessibility and aims at developing draft Recommendations/

Misc Topics Amol Deshpande CMSC424. Topics Today  Database system architectures  Client-server  Parallel and Distributed Systems  Object Oriented,

Misc Topics Amol Deshpande CMSC424 Topics Today  Database system architectures  Client-server  Parallel and Distributed Systems  Object Oriented, Object Relational  XML  OLAP  Data Warehouses  Information Retrieval Database System Architectures Centralized single-user Client-Server Architectures  Connected over a network typically  Back-end: manages the database  Front-end(s): Forms, report-writes, sqlplus  How they talk to each other ?  ODBC: –Interface standard for talking to the server in/

FASB Accounting Standards Codification TM Thomas Hoey Director of FASB Codification Project August 27, 2008 ACPEN Network Compilation & Review Update.

only and does not include all Topics, Subtopics, Sections and Subsections. Lessees Lessors Example Lessees Lessors Lessees © 2008 Financial Accounting Standards Board 10 What Is the Codification Timeline? Released on January 15 to begin verification One-year verification period –Content not yet authoritative –Constituents will have the option to use (free of charge) to research accounting issues and provide content-related feedback –Will be updated during the/

© Neville & Provost 2001-2008 Mining social network data Jennifer Neville & Foster Provost Tutorial AAAI 2008.

05) Movies –Box-office receipts of movies made by the same studio (Jensen & Neville ‘02) Web –Topics of hyperlinked web pages (Chakrabarti et al ‘98, Taskar et al ‘02) Marketing –Product/service adoption /To date network modeling techniques have focused on 1.exploiting links among unlabeled entities (i.e., collective inference) 2.exploiting links between unlabeled and labeled for inference (e.g., identifiers) Can we take into account links between unlabeled and labeled during learning? –Large body of related/

Topic Models for Semantic Memory and Information Extraction Mark Steyvers Department of Cognitive Sciences University of California, Irvine Joint work.


Network Management Research Classification Network Management Research Classification Aiko Pras, University of Twente Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville,

networks, services) Which aspects should be managed (e.g., security, accounting) How it should be managed (e.g., distributed, centralized) How to implement it (e.g., which protocols?) Which techniques should be used (e.g., simulation) –Second-level topics specialize the first-level topics 4 First-Level Topics 1.Network/Employ the taxonomy in next management-related conferences (e.g., NOMS, IM, DSOM,…)  Use the taxonomy in research efforts (including IRTF activities) to classify/characterize them  Collect /

FASB and IASB Convergence Efforts. © 2015 KPMG LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership and the U.S. member firm of the KPMG network of independent.

transaction price Apply that guidance to separate and/or initially measure the contract Apply guidance in ASC Topic 606 to separate and/or initially measure the contract Apply that other guidance Does that Codification Topic/Subtopic have separation and/or / when the reassessment relates to whether a lease term or purchase option is reasonably certain to be exercised Lessor Accounting © 2015 KPMG LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership and the U.S. member firm of the KPMG network of independent member /

1 ©H EALTH C APITAL C ONSULTANTS Controlling Healthcare Costs through Accountable Care Organizations By: Robert James Cimasi, MHA, ASA, FRICS, MCBA, AVA,

; Medicare Shared Savings Program: Accountable Care Organizations" Vol 76 No 67 Reg. (April 7, 2011). Provision/ Topic Proposed RuleFinal Rule Utilization of Electronic/Related to Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Healthcare Innovation Zones (HIZs),” Association of American Medical Colleges, October 5, 2010, https://www.aamc.org/download/151426/data/aamc_comment_on_legal_issues_related_to_accountable_care_organi.pdf (Accessed 09/14/2011); “Toolkit”, Accountable Care Organization Learning Network/

Topic Models for Social Network Analysis and Bibliometrics

Social Network Analysis with Topic Models Role Discovery (Author-Recipient-Topic Model, ART) Group Discovery (Group-Topic Model, GT) Enhanced Topic Models Correlations among Topics (Pachinko Allocation, PAM) Time Localized Topics (Topics-over-Time Model, TOT) Markov Dependencies in Topics (Topical N-Grams Model, TNG) Bibliometric Impact Measures enabled by Topics Multi-Conditional Mixtures Summary Assigning topics to documents 4/19/2017 Assigning topics to documents Build a 200 topic n-gram topic model/

Social Networking. boyd, d. m., & Ellison, N. B. (2007). Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship. Definition of SNS: “web-based services.

and profile picture information, and age information” All about me: Disclosure in online social networking profiles: The case of FACEBOOK More findings “males expressed more information about their political and religious views than did females” “disclosing one’s relationship status was related to higher levels of disclosure of various topics, including: personal information, photo and update information, photo album and profile picture information, age/

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