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1 Green Office Official Presentation. Managed Print Service Maximum conservation of resources ReduceReuseRecycle.

cartridge were used instead of a greenOFFICE remanufactured cartridge, over a one year period 90 trees Managed Print Service ReduceReuseRecycle Maximum conservation of resources Reduced document carbon footprint Paper Paper recycling partner Devices & printer cartridges Recycling of end of life printer cartridge and printers Maximum conservation of resources Trash today Green jobs for persons with disabilities tomorrow Housing the community the next day Improved environmental performance/

Exploring Careers in Natural Resources. Next Generation Science/Common Core Standards Addressed! HS ‐ ETS1 ‐ 2. Design a solution to a complex real ‐

that account for a range of constraints, including cost, safety, reliability, and aesthetics, as well as possible social, cultural, and environmental impacts. Learning Objectives Identify basic career information related to environmental science. Describe several environmental science careers. Identify leaders in the conservation movement. Terms Career Cartographer Conservation Environment Entrepreneur Job Meteorologist Careers in Natural Resources Do you like to work with animals? Do you like to work/

Part One: Tourism Overview

level positions in each year. Travel industry provides a disproportionate number of jobs for the traditionally disadvantaged. Source: Travel Industry Association of America (TIA)/and economic philosophy of the government and people of that region 5. Optimize visitor satisfaction Chapter 16: Tourism Planning, Development, and Social Consideration Part Four: Tourism Supply, Demand Policy, Planning, and Development Learning Objectives Recognize the world-wide importance of natural resource conservation and/

Stewardship and Service: A Maryland Park Ranger’s Life Erik Ledbetter Seasonal Park Ranger Seneca Creek State Park.

of Regional Water Quality Seneca Creek State Park: Natural Resources Wildlife Habitat Wildlife Habitat Seneca Creek State Park: Natural Resources Agricultural and pasture land Agricultural and pasture land A Maryland Park Ranger’s Job A Maryland Ranger devotes professional responsibility for stewardship and protection of Maryland’s natural and historic resources. In carrying out that duty, a Ranger incorporates education, enforcement, management, conservation, or some combination of these skills in regular/

Illinois Conservation Corps. In June of 2011, Governor Pat Quinn announced the Illinois Conservation Corps, a statewide effort managed by the Illinois.

of 2011, Governor Pat Quinn announced the Illinois Conservation Corps, a statewide effort managed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, designed to put young people to work this summer. The Illinois Jobs and Training Program has two parts: the Illinois Youth Recreation Corps and the Illinois Conservation Corps. Additionally, IDNR’s Office of Community Outreach coordinated the Urban Collegiate Conservation Internship Program. Overview Illinois Youth Recreation Corps/

The Big Issues: Ethics, Economics, and Policy

Should we conserve resources for future generations? Is is OK to destroy a forest to create jobs for people? Are humans justified in driving other species to extinction? Is it OK for some communities to be exposed to excess pollution? Environmental ethics pertains to humans and the environment (cont’d) Sustainable development = we must meet our current needs without compromising the availability of natural resources or/


to maintain the diversity of ecosystems, species and wild genetic resources; and to protect the world’s great natural areas for their intrinsic, inspirational and recreational values. A protected area system provides safeguards for: Natural and modified ecosystems that are essential to maintain life-support services, conserve wild species and areas of particularly high species diversity, protect intrinsic and inspirational values, and support scientific research; Culturally important landscapes (including/

National Association of State Conservation Agencies District Official Training Mike Brown National Association of State Conservation Agencies.

Partnership  NRCS  NACD  NASCA  NCDEA  NARCDC National Association of State Conservation Agencies Cooperators National Association of State Conservation Agencies Alabama Soil and Water Conservation Committee Administrative Overview of the Conservation Districts National Association of State Conservation Agencies The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is a federal agency with the goal of conserving natural resources on private land. NRCS primarily works through a voluntarily incentive/

The Great Depression and the New Deal 1933-1939 The country needs and…demands bold, persistent experimentation. It is common sense to take a method and.

returned US to gold standard for international trade only= gold coins= collectors items Job Creation FDR uses “fireside chats” to encourage & inform the citizens. FDR /conserve natural resources & human resources Helped conserve natural resources & human resources 2. Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA)- $3 Billion to states for public works– put adults to work! CCC Created in April 1933. Within 4 months, 1300 CCC camps were in operation. 300,000 men in 1933 between ages 18 and 25 Signed up for 6 months and/

Water and the Environment – Wilna Kloppers Department: Water Affairs & Forestry IWRM Projects 1.Groundwater & Climate Change – Swartruggens 2.Olifants.

agricultural lands Vision: Job creation, eradication of poverty and the conservation of the environment for current & future generations Mission: An integrated community initiative to clear alien invasive plants in Ebenhaeser, thereby serving as a vehicle to create job opportunities and alleviate poverty. Project Objectives Determine the nature & extent of alien invasive plants in and around Ebenhaeser. Determine their effects on the environment, water resources and infrastructure. Clear alien invasive/

Unit 3 Economic Activity Broken up in three sections

’t be helped—it is inevitable. Nevertheless, we continue to use natural resources because of the trade-off—we need the raw materials and we need the jobs they provide. Natural resources keep the economy strong. In responding to the challenges of this trade-off, people have become more concerned with protecting and conserving resources. How do we use resources in a sustainable way – Systems Thinking. What`s so different/

The Great Depression and the New Deal, 1933–1939

help parents by sending home most of their pay Both human and natural resources conserved CCC Workers in Alaska, 1939 These Tlingit carvers in Alaska’s southeastern panhandle were part of a CCC project to restore totem poles. Here they stand with a pole carved in the likeness of Abraham Lincoln. p748 Creating Jobs for the Jobless Critics of CCC: Minor complaints of “militarizing the/

Big Ideas for Small Town Economic Development: Building on Your Assets Mikki Sager The Conservation Fund P.O. Box 271 Chapel Hill, NC 27514 919-967-2223.

in the US by sea level rise Purpose: –Leverage resources and tools of conservation and economic development – “make lemonade” Albemarle-Pamlico Conservation & Communities Collaborative Planning / outreach effort led by Elizabeth City State University; initial funding from NC Rural Center Project Goals: –Encourage job creation and business development that will reduce carbon footprint –Create jobs and small businesses that support ecological and community adaptation to sea level rise Regional Green Economy/

You Can Make A Difference! Challenging Careers in the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

to do their part to preserve and protect the natural resources. What Careers Does NRCS Offer? NRCS offers career opportunities for college graduates and others who want to work in conservation and natural resources Agronomy Biology Business Cartography Communications Careers in/ SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call (202) 720-5964 (voice and TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.” For current job listings and other important information: www.usajobs.opm.gov On this website you can check /

By Michelle Alexander The New Press, New York, 2010

and actively fought for their proposals.” (p. 41). “Competing images of the poor as ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’ became central components of the debate. Ultimately, the racialized nature of this imagery became a crucial resource for conservatives, who succeeded in using law and/ food stamps, forced to ‘check the box’ indicating a felony conviction on employment applications for nearly every job, and denied licenses for a wide range of professions, people whose only crime is drug addiction or possession of /


as professional in-service. The title “Game Warden” was changed to “Conservation Officer” in 1967, to better reflect the diversity and focus of the job. The primary role of the conservation officer is to protect the state’s natural resources by enforcing state and federal regulations. Minnesota Conservation Officer From 1940 to 1950 Traditional hunting, fishing and trapping enforcement. However game management activities such as sounding lakes, supervising water/


Priority Preservation Areas, Rural Legacy Areas, and other PlanMaryland Natural and Water Resource areas Planning.Maryland.gov DRAFT O VERALL S TABILITY * OF R ESOURCE L ANDS, 2012 O VERALL S TABILITY * OF R ESOURCE L ANDS, 2012 *Fragmentation, Vulnerability and Threat are considered together to estimate land use stability through zoning, preservation and land use tools, in light of development threat and conservation goals. Implementation of Septic Growth Tier/

BuildingGreen.com Green Specifications Incorporating LEED into Specs Sheila Moenart and Anna Jieun Jeong Practicum advised by Bahar Armaghani Spring 2007.

SECTION 02700 - SITE PAVING Recommendations Minimize impervious surfaces. Select durable paving systems. Use vegetated swales to pretreat runoff from driveways and parking areas (reduces pollution, protects natural habitats). Balance cut-and-fill, avoid importing and exporting soil products (conserves energy, reduces transportation impacts). Select recycled materials (conserves resources, diverts materials from landfill). RELATED LEED® CREDITS Sustainable Sites – LEED-NC Credit 6; LEED-CI Credit 1 (Option B/

National Association of State Conservation Agencies District Official Training Mike Brown National Association of State Conservation Agencies.

Agencies Cooperators National Association of State Conservation Agencies DNREC Administrative Overview of the Conservation Districts National Association of State Conservation Agencies The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is a federal agency with the goal of conserving natural resources on private land. NRCS primarily works through a voluntary incentive based program for privately owned lands, and also with other private and public resources and units of government. Many Districts have/

TO AMERICA AND COLONIES APUSH WEEK 1. Period 1 1491-1607 1.1 Native Americans – Maize-Mexico, American Southwest – Major breakthrough that allowed permanent.

, 442 nd Japanese unit Civil liberties suppressed – AA not getting jobs in factories – Mex Am – Zoot Suit riots – Japanese AM/Conservatives defend their traditional values and family – Great Silent majority – Election of Nixon – Emergence of the New right 8.3.II Migrants Internal Migrants – White Flight, growth of suburbs, Levittown International Migrants – Immigration Act of 1965 – ended quota system – Post Vietnam War immigrants, Fleeing Cubans 8.3.II Natural Resources and Environment Natural Resources and/

Health Consequences of Environmental Degradation and Social Injustice Martin Donohoe, M.D., F.A.C.P.

- nutrition 3¢ - nutrition 2¢ - housing 2¢ - housing 2¢ - natural resources 2¢ - natural resources 0.4¢ - job training 0.4¢ - job training 12¢ - other 12¢ - other The Military and Pollution World’s single largest polluter World’s single largest polluter 6-10% of global/ Nicaragua, El Salvador, Grenada, Libya, Panama, Afghanistan, Sudan, Yugoslavia, and Iraq The US: Rogue Nation Conservative estimate = 8 million killed Conservative estimate = 8 million killed US invasions/bombings often largely at behest of /

Evo Devo Universe? A Speculative Framework for Thinking about Unpredictable and Predictable Aspects of Universal Change SFI Business Network Santa Fe Institute.

simulation science. The Hypothesis: (Predictable and conservative) development is always different from but works with (unpredictable and creative) evolutionary processes. Both seem fundamental/ are far better protected in longer-term. Natural resources keep decreasing in cost (Julian Simon) and increase in sustainability (regs, recycling). Human/, OD Flextime, jobsharing, sabbaticals keep increasing. More abstract and ‘high-touch’ service jobs available every year (‘getting paid to sing to babies.’) /

© 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. CHAPTER 7 The Use and Restoration of Ecosystems.

conservation when harvesting living resources Consider the concepts and limitations of MSY Consider the social and economic factors causing overuse and degradation Establish and enforce protective public policies Natural resources can be sustainably used Sometimes exploitation and/goods and services Human activities have severely impacted these ecosystems Commercial shipping, resource extraction, nutrient runoff from land, fishing, species invasion, greenhouse gas emissions Marine fisheries provide jobs for /

First Day – 9/4/13 Supplies: Planner, Pencil, Ruler & Science Notebook Independent: In your student planner find the date and record the topic (Notebook.

can use it as a resource today. Independent: Learning Target I can explain and demonstrate my knowledge of things related to the causes and affects of earthquakes. Independent: /and their contribution. Independent: Cool Jobs in Science – Jamie Hyneman Independent: Read – Harnessing the Power of Nature and Energy Star pgs. 143 - 147 Independent: Update glossary…New words… Update glossary Machine, incline plane, slope, load, load distance, effort force, effort distance, compound machine, Law of Conservation/

1 TOWARDS A GREEN ECONOMY Workshop 5 July 2011 Programme “Sustainable Economic Development and Employment Promotion (EEP)

the domination of nature conservation, the realization of innovation and investment policies of recreation and tourism”). This option envisages to reduce raw materials, water and energy intensity of tourism product, to use of alternative energy sources (primarily solar) transition to waste-free close-cycle manufacturing. The result of this model in Crimea will be:  reduction and the subsequent closure of chemical plants;  introduction of resource-and energy-efficient/

Presentation to the Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications Michael R. Peevey, President California Public Utilities Commission August.

and utility tariffs. Inspect and audit power plant operation, natural gas and electric utility infrastructure, passenger carriers, household goods movers, freight railroads, and rail transit systems. Consumer Complaint Resolution  Assist consumers in informally resolving billing and service disputes with utilities. Promotes efficient use of staff resources/ of California residents; and 13 sewer utilities. Water Supply and Conservation  Water Action Plan 2010 Update Adopted Water Conservation is the best, /

STRENGHTENING SOCIAL DIALOGUE IN THE TOURISM INDUSTRY Challenges facing the Tourism Industry Mr. Josef Bugeja – Secretary for the Hospitality and Food.

heritage 2 Striking balance between development from tourism itself and conserving the natural and cultural heritage. Damage from over-use by tourists. Appropriate designation of protected areas. Strengthening the relationship between protected areas and local tourism interests. Adopting visitor management plans to ensure that tourism does not damage natural and cultural resources. Challenge 5: Conserving and giving value to natural and cultural heritage 3 Pursuing ways of increasing contributions to/

Oregon Forest Futures May 6, 2005 Charting a Course to Prosperity and Vitality.

Create new knowledge and technologies: Create new knowledge and technologies: Sciences and products for sustainability Sciences and products for sustainability Enhance lifelong learning and extended education Enhance lifelong learning and extended education Develop incentives for sustainable production and conservationAND Develop incentives for sustainable production and conservationAND Address Demand -- Consumption Ethics Intelligent consumption and production of renewable natural resources is key to/

Environmental Economics, Politics, and Worldviews Chapter 17.

profits and workers with jobs. Economists disagree over the importance of natural capital and the sustainability of economic growth Ecological economists believe that: –There are no substitutes for many vital natural resources such as air, water, and biodiversity, or for nature’s free ecological services such as climate control, pest control, and nutrient recycling. –Economic systems are subsystems of the biosphere that depend heavily on the earth’s irreplaceable natural resources and/

Copyright © 2006 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Benjamin Cummings PowerPoint ® Slides prepared by Jay Withgott and Heidi Marcum Copyright © 2008.

deforestation & and environmental degradation he witnessed throughout N America. with President Roosevelt at Yosemite National Park, (opened 1872 ) Copyright © 2008 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Benjamin Cummings The conservation ethic: “ Use natural resources wisely (sustainably/ / Life Expectancy Family Life Community Life Material Well-being Political Stability/Security Climate Geography Job Security Freedom Gender Equality Copyright © 2008 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Benjamin Cummings/

GEOG 101: Day 21 Environmental Ethics and Economics: Values and Choices (read Chapter 21 – very important!)

sacred locations, assuring the public that environmental impacts would be minimal and that the mine would create jobs and stimulate economic growth?  Also: why, in contrast with Europe and other parts of the world, is beauty valued so little in / of the Commission for the Conservation of Natural Resources (established 1909) 21-22 The land ethic and deep ecology enlarged the boundaries of the ethical community Aldo Leopold – “The Land Ethic” in 1949  humans should view themselves and “the land” as members /

WORLD HISTORY Teacher: Ron Coleman Grade: 10. California Standards 10.1 Students relate the moral and ethical principles in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy,

large estates and allowed nationalization, or government takeover, of natural resources. Economic nationalism - refers to the emphasis on home control of the economy. Latin American countries were determined to develop their own industries so they would not have to buy so many products from other countries. Womens’ Rights - The Mexican Constitution of 1917 only gave suffrage to men, women doing the same job as/

The Progress ive Movement Progressives believed that new ways had to be discovered to bring about greater justice, equality, and security to American society.

Conservation & Natural Resources Roosevelt and Civil/ Rights Urban Problems (overcrowding) –Housing, Transportation, Crime (police), Water & Sanitation, Fire, Hospitals & other social services Social Problems –Assimilation (New immigrants) working conditions, wages, living conditions, Racism, Political Machines, Political Corruption PROGRESSIVE ERA Economic Wheel BAD Slow Slow Less Jobs Less Jobs Less Opportunity Less Opportunity GOOD GOOD Fast Fast More Jobs More Jobs/

World War II and Restructuring the Post- War World Pre-AP Unit #14.

were advancing steadily from the east, forcing German armies out of Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. Mile by mile, Germany lost the lands it had once dominated and the natural resources it had once plundered. Allied armies were also on the move in the west. In/job in Hollywood as a movie actor. Never a big star, Reagan appeared in many “B” or low-budget films. His most famous starring role was in Knute Rockne, a film based on the life of Notre Dame’s legendary football coach. The growing conservative/

Ch. 2 & 4: Using and Conserving Natural Resources.

resource and the jobs associated with it  Is natural scenery or a job more important? 2. Aesthetic Benefits  Def: feature that adds beauty and creates psychological benefits  Ex. Streams: leave them be or dam/widen/alter them?  Tourism provides money and jobs when people travel to see aesthetic things. Is this a compromise? 3. Maintaining Habitats  Habitats are lost through urban development, but some species adapt (songbirds).  Resources help conserve/

Business Ecosystems Training U.S. Understanding and Managing the Links between Ecosystem Services and Business Facilitator Notes May 2013.

projects. Our successes are measured in reduced carbon emissions, energy conservation, material diversion and reuse, water conservation, job creation, cost savings and new revenue created. Slide 4: 1 minute Tell participants that the / services. Governments in several countries have developed subsidies and tax incentives to encourage resource conservation. For example, payment for watershed protection: conserving natural forests in watersheds and reducing pollutant loads in run-off from upland areas/

1 Social Class in the U.S. Chapter 11. 2 Introduction Our culture encourages the attitude that poverty and wealth are the consequence of individual effort.

Americans. By 2000, poverty had declined to around 12% again, but under the conservative policies of President Bush poverty is on the rise again. In 2004 the government/ is that poor people do not have the same access to jobs, loans, good schools, and other vital resources for upward mobility. He says it is “blaming the victim”/, and this, combined with the nature of poverty, is the main factor behind the homeless problem. Housing costs have skyrocketed since the 1970s, and this, combined with the nature of/

Part 600 – National Planning Procedures Handbook The conservation planning process remains the same, however there are many subtle changes to update the.

during the planning process. Planning to address issues with the natural resources and their interrelationships is complex. A conservation practice with a positive effect on one resource may have a negative effect on another. Therefore, planners must be aware of and consider the effects of recommended actions on all resources even when the assistance provided only addresses individual resource concerns.  Added D. Purpose, E. Effects, F. Network Diagrams/

Leadership Resources and Consulting © Leadership Resources & Consulting Learning to Use Your Behavioral Style Leadership Resources and Consulting.

team graph and determine the natural team characteristics. 10.Use models to apply DISC in the workplace. © Leadership Resources & Consulting ObjectivesObjectives Once upon a time, there were four people named EVERYBODY, SOMEBODY, NOBODY, and ANYBODY. When there was an important job to /.  Draw up an “Action Plan” with scheduled dates and milestones. Don’t over promise as to results, be conservative.  Take your time, but be persistent. Don’t be abrupt and rapid.  If you disagree, prove it with data, /

The Great Depression and the New Deal The country needs and…demands bold, persistent experimentation. It is common sense to take a method and.

returned US to gold standard for international trade only= gold coins= collectors items Job Creation FDR uses “fireside chats” to encourage & inform the citizens. FDR /conserve natural resources & human resources Helped conserve natural resources & human resources 2. Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA)- $3 Billion to states for public works– put adults to work! CCC Created in April 1933. Within 4 months, 1300 CCC camps were in operation. 300,000 men in 1933 between ages 18 and 25 Signed up for 6 months and/


. These contracts provide financial assistance to help plan and implement conservation practices that address natural resource concerns and for opportunities to improve soil, water, plant, animal, air and related resources on agricultural land and non-industrial private forestland. See more... The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) website. Module 6. Supporting tools and policies Legislation and regulation Reforms in laws and regulation—and the way they are interconnected—will be called for/

Retirement and Disability Andrew Burr, Ph.D. Ronald Seatter, Ph.D., C. Psych Seatter Health www.seatterhealth.ca October 1, 2010.

, 2002) Consistent with materialistic values (Burroughs & Rindfleisch, 2002) 2. Transcendence Concern for the welfare of others and the natural world Concern for the welfare of others and the natural world Consistent with community values (Burroughs & Rindfleisch, 2002) Consistent with community values (Burroughs & Rindfleisch, 2002) Four Higher Order Values 3. Conservation Self-restriction, (security, conformity, tradition), preservation of status quo Self-restriction, (security, conformity, tradition/

Bureau of Labor Statistics Green Jobs Initiative Understanding the Green Economy in Arizona April 26, 2011 Don Haughton.

emissions 4.Reducing or eliminating the creation of, or release of, pollutants or toxic compounds 5.Reducing or eliminating the creation of waste materials or wastewater 6.Conserving natural resources 23 Measuring green technologies and practices jobs Green Technologies and Practices (GTP) survey Sample establishments in all industries (except private households) Present a list of green activities for respondents to evaluate whether or not they are/


natural resources and market potential and access to neighbor countries which consider community’s interest and local values are identified and formulated;  The management outlines of conservation forest and protected forest are identified and formulated;  Shifting of country border pole is avoided;  The developing direction and/ trade which has contemporary market sections, the existing natural resources can not be exploited optimally, job opportunity is limited, it requires good customs control support/

Copyright © 2006 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Benjamin Cummings PowerPoint ® Slides prepared by Jay Withgott and Heidi Marcum Copyright © 2008.

-Federal agencies have shifted policies and enforcement -Away from preservation and conservation -Toward recreation and resource extraction Copyright © 2008 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Pearson Benjamin Cummings Nonfederal entities also protect land* Each U.S. state and Canadian province has agencies that manage resources -So do counties and municipalities Land trusts = local or regional organizations that purchase land to protect it -The Nature Conservancy is the world’s largest land/

The Future is Green! What are green jobs? Continuing Education… Lorraine Faulds Training & Development Director I SC Employment Security Commission.

, compliance, conservation, and awareness  Natural and sustainable product manufacturing Two General Areas: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Energy Efficiency: It’s not just about putting on a sweater and turning off the lights!  Green new construction  Building Retrofitting/Weatherization  Mass Transit  Smart Grid Renewable Energy: Lots of up-front investment (i.e. manufacturing); we currently get only 2.4% of our energy from renewable resources; President Obama/


natural resources, maintaining or enhancing air or water quality, or preserving the historical, architectural, archaeological, or cultural aspects of real property. 2. Creation, Conveyance, Acceptance, Duration (a) Except as otherwise provided in this Act, a conservation easement/to lead to underreagulate and underprotecting the environment based on a belief that conservation easements are doing the job Need to think further about what this mode of property says about property and society in general. /


tolerance B limit free speech C increase U.S. literacy rates D restrict conservative political influence • Created in 1949 as a mutual-defense alliance • Initially /food consumption, life expectancy, availability of health care, ways natural resources are used, level of technology, and others. The best title for the diagram above is /act also established — A legal consequences for discrimination B exceptions for job-related discrimination C an official definition of housing discrimination D criminal penalties/


As a major tourism destination in West Java, Pangandaran faces both opportunities and threats from tourism. Continuous degradation of natural resources and cultural values are the cost it has to pay. Supported by UNWTO and MTCE; local community of Pangandaran and local government of Ciamis have initiated tourism planning which combine environmental consideration and biodiversity conservation to tourism development. Local community groups have started adaptation initiatives by developing/

RURALLAND RESOURCES RURAL LAND RESOURCES CONTENTS PART 4- Glaciation case study – Lake District PART 2- Karst case study –Yorkshire Dales PART 1- Caring.

To conserve wildlife (biodiversity) To maintain and enhance landscape quality & character To protect the historic environment & natural resources To promote public access & understanding of the countryside RURALLAND RESOURCES RURAL LAND RESOURCES These /to Lulworth? RURALLAND RESOURCES RURAL LAND RESOURCES What attracts visitors to Lulworth ? RURALLAND RESOURCES RURAL LAND RESOURCES Economic advantages and disadvantages of tourism Advantages Employment opportunities i.e. job creation Tourist spending boosts/

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