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CAPITAL: Bucharest CAPITAL: Bucharest. This name was adopted in 1862, after the formation of the national state by the union of the two Romanian Principalities.

It is located 1,050 km north of the Mediterranean Sea. FORM OF GOVERNMENT FORM OF GOVERNMENT NATIONAL DAY December 1 was adopted as National Day in 1990, being the day of celebration of the Great Assembly of Alba Iulia which voted for the union of Transylvania with Romania/1938 POARTA SÃRUTULUI Creation years: 1937-1938 COLOANA FÃRÃ SFÂRSIT 1937 COLOANA FÃRÃ SFÂRSIT 1937 SPORTS The first sports associations in Romania were established in the mid-19th century. One of the first was the so-called "Society for /

GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Department of Youth Affairs Harnessing Youth Power for Rural Development.

profiling of youth clubs and indicative village database is currently under process  Gigantic exercise  12000 volunteers/ 60 days covering apprx 3 lac villages villages  Online data will be available by October 2010 of 2.5 lac youth/ modulators and peers group educatorsTo act as group modulators and peers group educators National Youth Corps (NYC) National Youth Corps (NYC) Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Department of Youth Affairs Harnessing Youth Power For Rural Development Eligibility Class 10 /

Arthritis Arthritis and rheumatic diseases are leading causes of pain and disability. Among adults in the United States ≥18 yr, 22.2% (49.9 million)

test in the same individual with CP may vary considerably from day to day because of fluctuations in muscle tone. 43 Cerebral Palsy Exercise / will learn to use hyperactive stretch reflexes and primitive reflexes to better execute sport-specific tasks. 50 Cerebral Palsy Exercise Prescription/Special Considerations (cont.) During growth/genetic factors. 146 Metabolic Syndrome (cont.) Age-adjusted prevalence data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2003–2006 indicates that 34% of /

Planning the New PE National Curriculum – with confidence and creativity Carol Gronow Cambridgeshire Adviser for PE and Sport 18 th June 2014.

wider school curriculum. Structure  Schools are free to choose how they organise their school day, as long as the content of the national curriculum programmes of study is taught to all pupils. Inclusion Setting suitable challenges 4.1 / External audit  Focus on outcomes Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities Engage in competitive sports and activities Lead healthy active lives Are physically active for sustained periods of time Progression and assessment  Robust planning/

Protein and Amino Acids in Sports Nutrition Advanced Level 1.

protein intake for all adult age and gender groups ranged from 55 to 101 g/day – Adequate intake does not necessarily = optimal for health or performance USDA National Agricultural Library Food and Nutrition Information Center. Available at: http://fnic.nal.usda./ Cynober L. J Nutr. 2007;137:1646S-1649S. Chromiak JA and Antonio J. Nutrition. 2002;18(7-8):657-661. 42 Sports Nutrition Claims for AAs and Derivatives (2 of 4)  Beta-alanine – Forms the dipeptide carnosine when bonded to histidine Buffers muscle/

Starter – Active Sports What is the aim of the Active sports programme? What are the three separate programmes of Active Sports? Who funds Active Sports?

Provide a structure through which young people can progress to careers in sport and PE Work with other schools & are involved in national initiatives (e.g. Step into Sport) Activity Draw an organisational chart that shows the relationships between PDM’s/ at a Sports College – 2 days a week off timetable – 4-6 secondary schools) School Sports Co-ordinator (SSCo) (Experienced teacher – 2/3 days a week off timetable – Up to 5 primary schools) Primary Link Teacher (PLT) (Experienced teacher – 12 days per year /

SPORT & CULTURE AUSTRALIA. You are required to : 1. describe characteristics of Australia (young nation; sparsely populated; colonial influence and immigration);

% watched England win; BUT 90% watched Melbourne Cup in 2004! Ashes in 2005, 12.5% watched England win; BUT 90% watched Melbourne Cup in 2004! Sport = front page news – national sporting success related to population! Sport = front page news – national sporting success related to population! Sydney 2000 Olympics – success / victories : cricket, hockey, netball, rugby league and union and cycling, rowing and swimming. Sydney 2000 Olympics – success/

2005 National Surfing Survey Conducted on behalf of Surfing New Zealand.

Surfed Where Surfed What typically dictates where surfed Knowledge rather than convenience tended to determine where surfed (day by day). Sport Research Group2005 National Surfing Survey37 Surfing conditions Surfing conditions Information sources - Most used source The internet was the dominant source of information about surf conditions. Sport Research Group2005 National Surfing Survey38 Surfing conditions Surfing conditions Information sources - Most or second most used source Respondents tended/

RECONSTRUCTION AND THE SOUTH Presidential Reconstruction –after John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, the national mood hardened.

trolley –bicycling, golf, and tennis gained popularity –cities provided the concentrations of population necessary to maintain spectator sports such as boxing, baseball, football, and basketball Christianity’s Conscience and the Social Gospel –the traditional conservative/-Hartley Act, outlawing “closed shops” and authorizing the president to order an eighty-day cooling off period in strikes that threatened the national interest At Home and Work –the wartime trend toward earlier marriages and larger families/

ANNUAL CONFERENCE Rocky Hill Marriott March 27-28, 2008 TOPICS: 1.CIAC Mission Statement 2.CIAC Membership Classes 2008 - 2009 3.CIAC 2006-2007 Sports.

.Competitive Spirit Squads 95,177 10.Competitive Spirit Squads 3,74310.Golf 66,283 7. NATIONAL FEDERATION SPORTS PARTICIPATION SURVEY FOR 2007 Athletics Participation Survey Totals Boys GirlsBoys Girls Year Participants Participants TotalYear Participants/February meeting. 15.BROADCASTING CIAC ATHLETIC EVENTS LETTER OF AGREEMENT This letter of agreement, dated the 6th day of February 2008, by and between the Connecticut Association of Schools/Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (“CIAC”), Meredith/

Help, I’m Getting Older! Medical Concerns for the Aging Athlete Gregory R. Czarnecki, D.O. Internal & Sports Medicine Hartford Healthcare Medical Group.

20 minutes per day 3 days per week. 2. 30 minutes per day 3 days per week. 3. 20 minutes per day 5 days per week. 4. 30 minutes per day 5 days per week. 5. 30 minutes per day most days of the week. /National Academies Press. Dietary Reference Intakes for Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Fluoride Dietary Reference Intakes for Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Fluoride Edelson R, Burks RT, Bloebaum RD. Short-term effects of knee washout for osteoarthritis. American Journal of Sports/

©2008, SIA. All rights reserved. 2 2 SnowSports Industries America (SIA) | SIA is the national not-for-profit, North American member-owned trade association.

report is published annually by SnowSports Industries America (SIA) before the start of each snow sport season. Special thanks to National Ski Areas Association, National Sporting Goods Association, Leisure Trends Group, and the National Climate Data Center for providing research material for this Report. The information contained in this Report/ Racks$94.41$97.1483.26$93.04$86.99 Helmets$80.40$81.6871.26$70.47$67.64 Technical Day Packs$62.29$61.7587.55$87.23$53.01 Luggage$57.08$58.2758.18$63.94$42.77 Wax$/

Unit | Six Olympics and Sports. Unit | Six Unit Goals: What You Should Learn to Do 1. Understand a sports event poster 2. Invite someone to see a sports.

tonight: You were true role models. You have shown us the unifying power of sport. The Olympic spirit lives in the warm embrace of competitive rivals from nations in conflict. Keep that spirit alive when you return home.competitive These were truly /Olympiad.assemble Thank you! 4 Exercises Back 3 Unit | Six (Para. 1) Tonight, we come to the end of 16 glorious days which we will cherish forever. Analysis: which introduces a relative clause. Note in translation, the sentence is cut into two separate parts./


specific backup procedures with regards to the day-to-day backup process and there was no evidence with regards to the periodic restoration of backups, including the offsite backup. Short term and long term plans have been implemented to address the above issues. 25 SP: STRATEGIC & EXECUTIVE SUPPORT Process to update White Paper and develop National Sports Plan commenced. 2008-2012 SRSA Strategic Plan/

Sports Shemitahs April, 2015. What are Jewish People known For? Intelligence… Who is the symbol of intelligence? A Jewish guy born in Ulm, Germany…

25 September 1938… Munich Accords “Peace in our time…” Neville Chamberlain on October 5, 1938 10 Tishrei 5699 Yom Kippur… The Day of Atonement Kristallnacht November 9, 1938 15 Cheshvan 5699 The unofficial start to the Holocaust In 1940, Greenberg was voted to the/victory. Mike Epstein Played 7 (SEVEN) full seasons (more than 100 games) Inducted as a member of the United States National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 2004 Through 2010, he was sixth all-time in career home runs (behind Mike Lieberthal) among /

111 NWS SOO-NASA SPoRT Workshop 11-13, July, 2006 Earth Science Division National Aeronautics and Space Administration Advancements in Lightning- Severe.

Hazardous Weather Outlook issued at 3:55 AM on July 1; the D.C. areas was included in the Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 outlooks; SPC placed the D.C. area in a Slight Risk of Severe Weather on July 3; /ARMOR)  GOES-N Science Test, November 2006  GOES R nowcasting experiment- NY area 57 NWS SOO-NASA SPoRT Workshop 11-13, July, 2006 Earth Science Division National Aeronautics and Space Administration  Shared interest to improve forecasts by infusing new technology and applying emerging research techniques  /

The History of Sport.  Development of Sport in the UK  The current state of the Sports Industry in the UK  Contemporary issues in sport in the UK.

day on Saturdays. The other ½ reserved for sporting pursuits. Hence the reason for 3pm kick-offs for Football Matches on Saturdays.  This tradition still continues in Universities with Wednesday afternoons being reserved solely for sporting activities  The upper and middle classes saw the need for a national/-1944 there was an acknowledgement for the need of a healthy nation  During WW1 & WW2 all sporting activities on a national and international scale were stopped and all energies went into training /

Athletes Advertising Empire. cultural communiqués from consumtopia about a leisure nation.

directions, at once: – Celebrity – Identity – Globalization – Nationalism – Gender – Cultural similarity and difference II. Intellectual Precursors This work moves comfortably from previous sports/media- related research, notably: – Sports Exports/Media Re- Import (Holden 2002) and its relationship to/has declined across all industries, on average, 17.9 hours or roughly 3.58 hours per day, given a 5 day work week. -- Japan in Figures, 2004 Statistic Bureau Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs,/

JD Sports Proposed Partnership. Summary of Contents Partnership Goals Cycling Demographics and Sponsorship Benefit Customer/Employee VIP Race Programs.

other International events through team growth plan Televised Cycling Series * *A series is airing nationally on Fox Sports Net and is produced by representatives of JD Sports. The goal is to expose American cycling through the Board with the USCF and /documented historical values) 3rd reference of Team in name Blank, Blank presented by Your brand Cycling Team 2 Race day Hosting opportunities Logo and Brand on all Team clothing, vehicles and media collateral Team members available for Corporate functions and/

Applied Sport Development PAFC Football in the Community Trust Jobs in the charitable sector of professional football Dwain Morgan – 26-2-2016.

and evaluate relevant courses Liaising with colleagues, line manager and other educational professionals To understand fully the national standards for each qualification Regular communication with coaching staff in terms of student progress Administration Promotion and marketing/programmes and other such events within Plymouth. Manage causal staff on a day to day basis Delivery of multisport and Premier League 4 Sport programmes Develop and lead on NEETS and employment programmes Assist manager in /

Sports in Society: Issues and Controversies Chapter 9 Social Class: Do Money and Power Matter in Sports?

. Unless you are relatively wealthy, you sit close to the rafters. Global inequalities and sports  People in the U.S. have (on average) $60/day to live; in 39 less-developed nations, people have 58¢ per day to live. Nearly 50% of the world’s population live on less than $2/day.  Example: In 2008 Tiger Woods made as much money as 200,000 people/

Leisure, Sport and Tourism: Politics, Policy and Planning A.J. Veal Chapter 14 Policy and Planning in Particular Sectors.

30 minutes, most days. NB. Taking account only of health-qualifying activity will not cater for all demand Sport: institutional: examples Sport organisationsGovernmentCommerce International International Federations of Sport International multi-sport organisations (Olympics, Paralympics, C’wealth Games etc.) World Anti-Doping Agency Professional sports organisations European UnionMulti-national leisure clothing, media corporations, sport management agencies, sponsors. National National governing bodies of/

Welcome ‘National Paralympic Day’ takes place on Monday 7 September 2015 and this year, it also officially marks the ‘1 year to go’ milestone ahead of.

Games. Contact XXX for more information. #spiritofgold @ParalympicsNewZealand Monday 7th of September 2015 is National Paralympic Day and officially marks “1 year to go” until the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. On that day, we will be wearing GOLD and asking for a gold coin donation to support kiwi Para-Sport. Paralympics New Zealand is giving away two prizes, one to the organisation that raises/

Benefits at. Who are we? Sport Wales is the national organisation responsible for developing and promoting sport and physical activity in Wales. We aim.

the Sport Wales National Centre or at Plas Menai National Watersports Centre is available to all staff at a discounted rate, as are meals and drinks, available at either of these locations. Health and Well-being benefits Employee Assistance Programme A free, confidential service via PPC, offering expert advice, valuable information, specialist counselling and support. Telephone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days/


, 2014. Professional management, administration and execution as provided by Big Easy Motor Sports personnel and appointed vendors. Big Easy Motor Sports Is possible with Fans- Local, National, and International We plan to add to what makes New Orleans unique in/ New Orleans has to offer Numerous activities and several attractions A destination that offers an extraordinary experience every day of the year 2012 RECORD Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne announced 2012 shattered previous tourism records, including pre-/

Unit 10 Sports, Holidays and Festivals In Britain The society and culture of the major English- speaking countries an introduction Lecturer: Wangchanghong.

connected to the rolling away of the rock from Jesus Christs tomb when he was resurrected. British settlers brought this custom to the New World. Sports, Holidays and Festivals National Holidays The UK does not have a “national day”. One of Britain’s most impressive and colorful festivals happens on the second Saturday in June when the Queen’s birthday is officially celebrated by/

Palau Women and Sports Commission 2011 Highlights and Activities Logo – Toluk is made out of turtle shell used as money offering for customary obligations.

–UAK & STUN Policy Review on “Transforming our Communities to Prevent NCDs-Non- Communicable Disease” Palau National Olympic Month – Celebration of Olympic Day and Walk for Life on June 25, 2011Palau National Olympic Month – Celebration of Olympic Day and Walk for Life on June 25, 2011 Olympic Day – Walk for Life Sports Medicine Workshop July 2011 Members volunteered time and presence in officiating games, coaching and assisting/

W ORKSHOP ON EU Economic and Social Dimensions of Sport Yeveran 24th October 2011 Armando M. M. Raimundo Example of exercise programs in Portugal applied.

were used for 4 consecutive days and were considered valid records of physical activity performed at least three days, including 2 weekdays and 1 day of end- to-week, with at least 10 hours per day of registration Results 1.The young/political decision in terms of continuity programs; 3 - For the central decision in the development of exercise programs (national policy for sport and physical activity) is important to conduct large studies that will permit the characterization and determination of the needs /

Satisfaction with the quality of the sporting experience survey (SQSE 2) Results for: Boxing June 2010.

, on how many days in a four week (28 day) period do you participate in, or train for your sport? Frequency of participation 5 times a week (20 days)4 times a week (16 days) 2-3 days a month (2-3 days) Number of participants/pool members (61) 82 Individual affiliation % Yes % No % Don’t know All Q. Are you an affiliated member of your sport’s National Governing Body, Amateur Boxing Association of England? Number of participants at each level: All respondents (502), General participants (308), Affiliated club/

Sports Leaders UK Effective Use of Sports Leaders Rob Watson Partnership Officer 07725 100932.

of nationally recognised high quality awards achieved by learners. Contribute towards the development of school performance measures by supporting the learning of Key Stage 2. Playmakers can help deliver physical literacy sessions supporting young pupils at the school to undertake activities that involve running, jumping, throwing and catching. Playmakers can help to organise and deliver competitive events such as school sports days and/

SPORT EVENT. SPORT EVENT ?? Single event Multi Event.

have grown up with another New York Yankees dynasty. TOP 10 SPORTING EVENTS 10. The Grand National, England Stamina and speed make the Grand National’s steeplechase the world’s most renowned horse race. First held in 1839, the three-day meet is held in Britain’s Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool. The Grand National pits as many as 40 horses against each other on a/

The Case for NCAA D-II Wrestling 2007/08 Prepared by the National Wrestling Coaches Association.

Manheim, PA Six full time staff advocating on behalf of wrestling every day Six full time staff advocating on behalf of wrestling every day NWCA and Intermat Website Memberships over 8,000 NWCA and Intermat Website /through proven sport science and sport nutrition practices 38 State Associations, National Preps and all collegiate governing bodies license the Optimal Performance Calculator Program to help wrestlers maximize their performance through proven sport science and sport nutrition practices/

Sports As a Reflection of Society

played in 1995 in Oklahoma. Alternative Sports for Females Play days and sports days prevented the commercialized abuses of men’s athletics. In 1923, the Women’s Division of the National Amateur Athletic Federation opposed international competition, favored play days for girls and women, and advocated for “a sport for every girl, and every girl in a sport.” Expanded Opportunities in Sports The Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women/


the organizer country (Ivory Coast). 68th CISM General Assembly and Congress Jakarta / Indonesia-May 2013 A Beautiful Football Day Characterized by the Spirit of Friendship and Fair Play It should be noted that the 2012 CAMFOOT held in excellent /Ouattara, President of the Republic of Ivory Coast, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense Forces, by the highest award for military sports "Grand Cordon of the OSMA." 68th CISM General Assembly and Congress Jakarta/ Indonesia– May 2013 /

North East Regional Fencing

and officiating. Engage with the membership of the fencing community. North East Regional Fencing Whole Sport Plan Summary Document 2007 4. Where we are now England Fencing is the National Governing Body for Fencing of which the North East Region is a part, with responsibility/Tomorrow’s Achievers and promote the TA in the North East by running courses, summer camps and workshops days. In order to increase local opportunities for pre cadet, cadet and junior competitors and provide a richer experience for club /

Changing Philosophies for Sport, Fitness, and Physical Education

reliance. Yet also strongly linked with National Defense (i.e., military preparedness). Muscular Christianity Emerged as Puritanism slowly lost its grip on the young nation. Reflects a mutual understanding between Sport and religion. Ralph Waldo Emerson:/ Education Through Physical Challenges Youth were challenged through outdoor activities: Mountain climbing, sailing expeditions lasting 4 days. Ergo: The Outward Bound Movement This orientation formed the basis for the experiential- and adventure education/

Strengthening the Sport and Recreation Connection ARPA Conference Lake Louise, 2011.

to the 2012 National Sport Policy and other national dailogues Provincial-Terr. dialogues (build on ARPA, BCRPA and RANS experiences) Provincial-Terr. dialogues (build on ARPA, BCRPA and RANS experiences) Communicate at the local level through sport forums, sport strategy, sport alliances Communicate at the local level through sport forums, sport strategy, sport alliances 2. Supporting Physical Literacy Program Development & Education Integrate within pre-school and day-care recreational programs/


an coordinators. 3. VALUES 3.1 ´EGUNEZ EGUN´ SERVICE (DAY BY DAY) Spinnfield has created a revolutionary and innovative procedure called ´ EGUNEZ EGUN´ (day by day). This service by using its main tool called ´SIM´ (sport is more) is based on integral management system. 3.2 NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS OF COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT (intercultural and sports) Spinnfield is able to generate programs, activities and projects of/

Lesson 9.2 – Ticket Sales Strategies Copyright © 2011 by Sports Career Consulting, LLC.

of-Season Play Day on the field LESSON 9.2 Ticket Promotion & Sales Copyright © 2011 by Sports Career Consulting, LLC Season Ticket Benefits The Brooklyn Cyclones make an effort to personalize season ticketholder benefits Membership to Cyclones Nation, where ticketholders /as FSE (Full Season Equivalent) LESSON 9.2 Ticket Promotion & Sales Copyright © 2011 by Sports Career Consulting, LLC Lets say the Washington Nationals sold 400 new quarter season packages, 800 new half season packages and 2,000 new full /

About Us Active Healthy Kids Canada is a national charitable organization established in 1994 that works to power the movement to get kids moving ™ Provides.

is an evidence-informed communications and advocacy piece designed to provide insight into Canada’s “state of the nation” each year on how, as a country, we are being responsible in providing physical activity opportunities for /Physical Activity Levels – Organized Sport and Physical Activity Participation Active Play & Leisure Benchmark 2013 Grade INC Active Play & Leisure Benchmark % of children and youth who engage in unstructured/unorganized play for several hours a day Physical Activity Levels – Active/

Youth Sports Policy in Latvia

ages 14-16 have participated in seminars Almost all Latvia’s 33 regions and large cities have held Regional Olympic Days, involving young volunteers as organizers and aides; Latvian Youth Olympiad in Ventspils (10–13 My, 2007) attracted /out precisely defined action plans corresponding to priority action directions for all bodies involved in the implementation of the National Sport Development Programme 2006-2012 Work out and adopt the Physical Education Law, in order to straighten physical education system/

School & Physical Education

sport every week: At least 2hrs high quality curriculum PE An additional 2+ hours beyond the school day PESSCL strategy Eight strands: Specialist Sports Colleges set up School Sports Partnerships & SSCos Professional Development Step Into Sport/definitions in the book) Extra-curricular Cross-curricular PESSCL Specialist Sports College School Sports Coordinator (SSCo) PESSYP National Governing Body (NGB) Infrastructure School Sport Partnership (SSP) Whole-school approach Economic well-being Recreational /

DYCE PE PRESS Mar 2014 Mar 2014 15 of our S2 pupils competed in this year’s Giant Aberdeen’s Sports Village on Friday 7 th March. Pupils.

has developed as a symbolic celebration of both unity and diversity, binding the 70 nations and territories of the Commonwealth with the message of peace and harmony through sports. We were given a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to select a pupil to/those pupils who trained extremely hard to prepare for this inter-school event and ran their hearts out on the day! Sport your Trainers for Commonwealth Day, Monday 10 th March 2014. The Queen’s Baton Relay will cover more than 190,000km. Posters were /

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Ethics. Profit Difference between the revenues earned by a business and the costs of operating the business Difference.

salaries and additional veterans and severance pay 7 games of regular season cancelled in process 7 games of regular season cancelled in process Pro Sports Lockouts and Strikes National Basketball Association 1998 National Basketball Association 1998 Lasted 204 days Lasted 204 days Loss of 32 games Loss of 32 games Reinforced a widespread impression of athletes and owners as greedy and overpaid Dubbed the dispute/

School Workforce Reform

changed overnight, the Agreement marks a turning point in carving out some guaranteed PPA time during the normal school day.” Implementation of the National Agreement is being overseen by WAMG – the Workforce Agreement Monitoring Group – consisting of representatives of all the / helpers will take the children to the college for two hours — an hour swimming and an hour of sport. The sports college will provide facilities and tuition free of charge Target Benefits All teachers will receive their PPA time at /

Take Part. Get Set For Life.™ National Federation of State High School Associations 2011-12 Swimming and Diving Rules Changes Major Editorial Changes Points.

against high school students during open facility or skill development during the 185 day school term.  Visit the NCHSAA website often/daily Take Part. Get Set For Life.™ National Federation of State High School Associations REMINDERS:  Noise makers are prohibited/ needs, as well as those individuals with unique and extenuating circumstances. The accommodations should not fundamentally alter the sport, allow an otherwise illegal piece of equipment, create risk to the athlete/others or place opponents at a /

Peacemaking through Sports CEAP National Convention 2011 Building a Culture of Peace: Shaping the Vision, Living the Dream Marivic R. Gustilo, Ph.D.

.bp.blogspot.com/_tg4aWhcsJJ8/TRoktDv_OQI/AAAAAAAABCs/Un xKKXkt2ec/s1600/Runners.Modern.Olympics-Deirdre+Macbeth2010.jpg http://listverse.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/image-17.jpeg PRESENT DAY REALITIES Sports has been a source of individual, team, and national pride and honor. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ot4nEdy31dY/TI2qgfPJfPI/A AAAAAAADRY/S_ig0JBmc_Q/s1600/UP_Pep_Squad_U AAP-cheerdance_champion.jpg http://www.skamid.com/wp- content/uploads/

Benefits at. Who are we? Sport Wales is the national organisation responsible for developing and promoting sport and physical activity in Wales. We aim.

made through salary sacrifice to offer tax relief. Discounted accommodation and meals Accommodation at the Sport Wales National Centre or at Plas Menai National Watersports Centre is available to staff at a discounted rate, as are meals and drinks,/ PPC, offering expert advice, valuable information, specialist counselling and support. Telephone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and an online information service offers user-friendly factsheets, useful links and programmes designed to help/

Concussions: What You Need to Know

lbs Athletes are changing…… University of Alabama’s 1966 undefeated National Championship team: Only 19 players heavier than 200 lbs Heaviest /Position The brain may be more susceptible Greatest risk of 2nd concussion during 7-10 days 3 X more likely to have 2nd concussion in same season What are we watching/Light aerobic exercise Walking, Swimming, Stationary Bike, HR<70% Maximum Increase heart rate 3. Sport-specific Exercise Skating or Running Drills. No head impact activities Add Movement 4. Non-contact /


. The kings soldiers wore it on their tunics to avoid confusion in battle St. Georges Day is on 23 April. It is Englands national day The national flower of England is the rose. London is the capital city of England. SCOTLAND Scotland / leisure activity Many of the worlds famous sports began in Britain, including cricket, football, lawn tennis, golf and rugby Englands national sport is cricket although to many people football (soccer) is seen as their national sport Cricket is played on village greens and /

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