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CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY SESSION I. ChaptersName of the Chapter Chp No. 1Corporate Social Responsibility : The Global Context Chp No. 2Business.

all the Polls or Multiple Choice Question. Corporate Social Responsibility: The Global Context Case Study: TATA 26/11 Globalization and its Impact Sustainable Development Role of Business in Sustainable Development Millennium Development Goals and United /in developing countries. CSR agenda challenges, different from developed world. 7 CSR – CASE STUDY 26 -11 / TERROR STRIKES MUMBAI Eight of the attacks occurred in South Mumbai: 1.At Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, 2.The Oberoi Trident, 3.The Taj Mahal Palace /

Information (&) Warfare Countering Threats to National Security Pratap Reddy IPS, Additional Director General, Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services,

infecting computers controlling PLC of Siemens made ICS in Iranian Nuclear Reactors Used USB drives for propagation 4 26/11 – The Mumbai Attack Seizures included, Mobile Handsets and GPS Trackers No of SIM Cards Used and also a Satellite Phone /!? Need to institutionalize collaboration between law Enforcement, Military and all security & intelligence agencies to thwart the cyber terrorism. Contd., Implementation of crisis management plan by all depts and ministries and critical agencies in both private / /

Emerging Technologies and Evolving Security Challenges in the Coming Decades Yair Sharan, Aharon Hauptman Interdisciplinary Center for Technology Analysis.

called to ban Google Earth because it helped planning the terror attacks that killed more than 170 people in Mumbai ( Times Online, December 9, 2008) FP7 Project FESTOS/security and reliability Security in Futures – Security in Change, Turku 3/6/2010 11 ICT threats If all products have RFIDs, robbers might use RFID readers to select / possibilities of abuse… Security in Futures – Security in Change, Turku 3/6/2010 26 Converging Technologies: NBIC Info, bio, nano complement each other and have begun to join/

Important issues and themes at national and international level DR.SHAILENDRA DEOLANKAR INDIA AND WORLD 2013-14 1 DR.SHAILENDRA DEOLANKAR:IMP ISSUES2013-14.

developmental role. Security role is essential  Suggestion: constituting South Asian Keeping Force 26 DR.SHAILENDRA DEOLANKAR:IMP ISSUES2013-14 New Politics in India: Emerging Trends in Politics/ all variations of hostage crisis and situation.  The proposed national counter terrorism centre would help to deal hostage crisis. The centre will facilitate streamlining /any theft of a nuclear weapon could lead to a nuclear 9/11 type attack on Mumbai or New York.  Since 2001 the US has provided hundred million/

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three days of terrorism. The 26 November 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks were a series of attacks by terrorists in Mumbai, India. 25 are injured and 2 killed. Evolution of the article 21 hours later – 4,780 words with many links – 942 edits from 93 named authors and 149 anonymous – Kensplanet had made 57 edits – organized into 6 major sections with 5 sub-sections 11 months later, October/

1 Role of Safety & Security in Sustainable Development.

products…” Sustainable Development Agriculture & Fertilisers Safety & Security Safety Practices in Industry Security of Industrial Set ups Security during Transportation Conclusion 15 Attack on Establishments Security in Sustainable Development World Trade Tower, NY – September 11 Mumbai Terror Attack, India – November 26Attack on establishments has raised fear. Security during Transportation and units handling Hazardous chemicals are of prime concern” Sustainable Development Agriculture & Fertilisers/

January 2009 In the wake of Operation Cast Lead Overview and Trends Antisemitism.

of Jews and Israelis and the support of terror  The threat of Global Jihad, Hizballah and/or local Muslim terror attacks (Mumbai) against Jewish communities increased, motivated by the/-12-2008 Holocaust memorial defaced with swastikas in San Francisco 12-11-2008 Chabad synagogue in Miami torched 22-04-2008 Brooklyn Teen/ relations, Equador, Nicaragua) and increase Hizballah ’ s threat on Jewish communities in other countries Pop: 26 m. Jews: 15,000 Muslims: 92,000 Caracas – 27 December – “ Hitler was right /

Pakistan. Independent Pakistan and Government Since Then.

Mumbai Bombings, Nov 26, 2008 163 people die from terrorist bombings A Kashmir Connection? Lashkar, Regional History and Islamist Militarism Taj Mahal Hotel Kashmir Today Insurgency and Terrorism, State and Proxies Hindu Kashmiri Panditas terrorized/ without trials BBC, 2009 Most Recent and Widely Known Pakistani Taliban Attack The banned Islamist group, which has intimate links to the Afghan Taliban/Urdu under the pen name “Gul Makai” since the age of 11. As the Taliban were driven out of the Swat valley in /

 Both developed and developing nations of the world are faced with social, economic, and cultural problems brought about by inequities.  Some groups.

use of terrorist activities.  Terrorism is the use of violence and threats to intimidate and coerce for political reasons.  Major causes of terrorism are political and religious extremism/26-29 th 2008, the city was rocked by 10 bombings and shooting.  The attack was carried out by Islamic terrorists with ties to Pakistan.  The causalities include at least 308 wounded and 164 people were killed.  There have been several attacks in Mumbai dating back to 1993 the destruction of a mosque.  On September 11/

Federal Air Marshal Service Preventative Radiological Nuclear Detection: Threat and Mission FEDERAL AIR MARSHAL SERVICE TRAINING CENTER ATLANTIC CITY,

of covertly pursuing nuclear weapons capabilities. In the post-9/11 world, the potential for catastrophic nuclear terrorism is also a serious threat. A number of efforts by/could have told you that there was no specific threat, however…  Lashkar-e-Tayyiba attacks in Mumbai India  Al Qaeda has a stated mission “to kill Americans and their allies, / gram quantities though indications were samples were from a much larger stockpile 26 Case Study: Goiania, Brazil 1987 When a hospital changed locations, a/

LM/37 LINGUE E LETTERATURE EUROAMERICANE Curriculum: Culture e letterature dei paesi di lingua inglese L-LIN/10 LETTERATURE DEI PAESI di LINGUA INGLESE.

to take refuge in Afhganistan from which he attacked India. At his death in 1530 he controlled/ group breaks into Jemubhais home looking for weapons, terrorizing them all. Through Sai we experience Indian postcolonial /mid-1980s, it breathes the atmosphere of post-9/11 novel. PESSIMISM Desai takes a sceptical view of /opportunity to express his rage and frustration. BIJU, 26-7, 28-31, 413-5 For Biju, /tells the story of how a penniless waiter in Mumbai becomes the biggest quiz show winner in history. It/

AIBA Quarterly Meeting The Challenges of Terrorist Financing in 2014 and Beyond September 9, 2014 Dennis M. Lormel President & CEO DML Associates, LLC.

9, 2014 Dangerous Trifecta Corruption Transnational Crime Terrorism 6 Hybrid Criminal / Terror Entities Transnational criminal organizations and terrorist groups /attacks Served as a private secretary to Osama bin Laden Current Noteworthy Litigation 18 9/11 Highjackers 9/11/11 ▫ Fort Hood shooting (Nidal Hasan) ▫ Time Square bombing attempt (Faisal Shahzad) ▫ New York subway bombing plot (Najibullah Zazi) ▫ Khalid Ali M. Aldawsari ▫ Mumbai/ are driven by opportunity 26 AIBA Quarterly Meeting Dennis /

Plunder of India. India now is witnessing not mere corruption, but national plunder. --Brahma Challeny, The Hindu, Dec 6, 2010.

the country without any regard to eligibility. Rahul was partying while Mumbai was in flames during 26/11. India, Republic of Scams India, a banana republic? What is/ newspaper reports insurgency. What is country losing? Terrorism Transfer of loot to tax havens and to countries harboring terror groups. For e.g, transfer of Swan / and insurgents. The shoddy bullet vests could not protect our police during Mumbai terrorist attack. The wheeling dealing (cut to politicians) with every military procurement left /

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to access reporting templates! UNCLASSIFIED The Changing Face of Terrorism Abdulhakim Mujahid MohammedGianluca Casseri Anders Breivik Jared LoughnerArid Uka /Mumbai, India 173 killed, 308 wounded 10 attackers, several teams Attacked multiple lightly secured public facilities Stormed hotels, took hostages, and set fires Used small arms, rockets and IEDs 9 of the 10 attackers were killed Soft Target Attacks 26 February 1993 (1 st attempt) 6 Deaths, 1041 injured $1 Billion in Damage Sheik Rahman in a 12’ X 11/

Graham Butler – Chairman Bitek Group of Companies © 2016 Cyber-laundering: dirty money digitally laundered- Tackling the illegal trade in the Digital world.

© 2013 Tackling the illegal trade in the Digital world PROTOCOLS (11)APPLICATIONS (85) IAXAstrix PBX, Freeswitch, Kiax, Moziax, Yate BitTorrent/2011 Microsoft LI patent granted 2012 Mumbai Terror Attack VoIP phones purchased in PK Calls/attacks on URLs Graham Butler – President and CEO Bitek © 2013 The Internet – Cybercrime toolkit (not just the dark web) Tackling the illegal trade in the Digital world 25 Graham Butler – President and CEO Bitek © 2013 You know Sir, you can do this just as easily online! 26/


to take refuge in Afhganistan from which he attacked India. At his death in 1530 he controlled/ group breaks into Jemubhais home looking for weapons, terrorizing them all. Through Sai we experience Indian postcolonial /mid-1980s, it breathes the atmosphere of post-9/11 novel. PESSIMISM Desai takes a sceptical view of / opportunity to express his rage and frustration. BIJU, 26-7, 28-31, 413-5  For Biju,/tells the story of how a penniless waiter in Mumbai becomes the biggest quiz show winner in history. It/

Joint Industry Outreach Seminar in Malaysia (Nov. 17, 2011) Overview of Japans Export Control System Nobuo TANAKA Security Export Control Policy Division.

attacks WMD-related activities 4 Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway March 1995) 9/11 attacks (September 2001) Bali bombings (October 2002, October 2005) Madrid train bombings (March 2004) London bombings (July 2005) 2008 Mumbai attacks/Terrorism Joint Industry Outreach Seminar in Malaysia (Nov. 17, 2011) 8 2010 NCTC Report on Terrorism Joint Industry Outreach Seminar in Malaysia (Nov. 17, 2011) Terrorist activities (reported in 2010) - Number of incidents: 11/ of end-user 26 Joint Industry Outreach Seminar/

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. Terrorism, Afghanistan, Pakistan: The November 2008 attacks in Mumbai only served to highlight the latest phase of global terrorism, We look forward to working together with the U.S. to end cross-border terrorism in/Democratic values. Regional stability. Democratisation in Afghanistan – important in regional stabilisation Terrorism, Afghanistan, Pakistan Mention 26/11 attacks. Looking for US support in ending cross-border terrorism in South Asia. Effect on peace process with Pakistan. India revving up/

Kanishka Project Presentation 8 November 2012 902-494-6444 A Pleasant Day on the Water? On-water security gaps and public perception.

personnel from HMS Cornwall by Iranian Republican Guard Corps Naval motor gunboats in the Straits of Hormuz on 15 March 2007; 11 terror attacks in Mumbai on 26-29 November 2008; Terror attack against Mehran Naval Air Station at Karachi on 22 May 2011; and Taliban attack against Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul on 28 June 2011. Analysis of Swarming Time Dispersion 300 BC1900 AD Massed or ‘Cloud’ Swarms/

YEAR IN REVIEW 2008-2009. Final Campaign Map.

dollar business in Mexico Mexico is the main route for the trade. Cartels use fear and terror tactics to protect their business. AFTERMATH OF MORELIA GRENADE ATTACKS IN 2008 The War Is a turf war between two sides –Gulf Cartel and Sinaloa / to reduce level of violence and allow the U.S. an exit strategy. Mumbai 11.26.08 India Multiple hotel bombings First major Warning was received Just like warning before September 11 th. Group in Pakistan responsible –Deccan Mujahideen –Lashkar-e-Taiba Swat Valley Located/

Topic : Total Electronic Security Solutions Author: Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd. Date : 29 th January 2006.

Security Systems Ltd. 11 of 42 MAJOR CUSTOMERS OF MAJOR CUSTOMERS OF ZICOM Shri Siddhivinayak Temple Trust – Mumbai Shri Swaminarayan Temple Trust – Mumbai Mantralayam - Hyderabad BARC/Image Total Electronic Security Solution by Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd. 26 of 42 Traffic Management Controlling the incoming vehicles Directing Managing parking/and minimize to great extend the probability of attacks and threats from unknown quarters such terrorism. Zicom states that the above solutions based/

Police As Protectors Of Human Rights

157 Districts 635 Sub divisions 1481 Circles 2452 Police station 12248 Police out - posts 6980 26/11 mumbai attack 26 November 2008 , the unforgettable day in the history of India and an unimaginable day for mumbaikars. The day when the financial capital was/ ATS), Major Unnikrishnan were killed by the terrorist. Our policeman can still be seen holding a wooden stick to fight against terrorism whereas the terrorist are high-tech. They use Ak 47, satellites phone and we still don’t have high-tech instruments/

Www.smithsdetection.com © 2009 by Smiths Detection: Proprietary Data Smiths Detection Investor Day Wiesbaden, 27 January 2009 Opportunities to create value.

2009 by Smiths Detection: Proprietary Data | 11 COMPETENCE CENTRES: Manufacturing /R&D Wiesbaden:/attack Liquid explosives increase complexity of threat scenario Illegal trafficking of nuclear radiation material Training & information for terrorists broadly available Terrorism/Value © 2009 by Smiths Detection: Proprietary Data | 26 Manufacturing focused on centres of excellence… Manufacturing focused / 2003 Indonesia 2004 Madrid 2007 Glasgow 2008 Mumbai 2001 New York2005 London 2002 Bali2006 liquids Security/

December 21 - 27, 2008 “If the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of.

began shelling Indian positions. Since then India has suffered several terror attacks. Interestingly there have been 3 major wars between Israel and surrounding/between the two countries has risen dramatically since the terrorist attacks in Mumbai a month ago, which left more than 170 people / Russia, China, and beyond. Greece has been in turmoil for 11 days. The mood seems to have turned "pre-insurrectionary" in/with power and great glory. BIBLE QUOTE (Luke 21:25,26) As we reach the end of 2008 we stand on /

1 Presentation On SAFMA – SAWM – SAMC (30 June 2011)

media watchdog in eight countries of the region to monitor attacks on the press and audit media, was formed in 2006/ in South Asia 10.Religious Revivalism in South Asia 11.WTO and South Asia 12.The Media in South / agriculturists, writers, educationists and experts closure through Punjab-Punjab and Mumbai-Karachi exchanges during the period 2004 - 2010. INDO-PAK PEACE /, which was straining to cope with double challenge of terrorism and floods. 26 Central Secretariat: Free Media Foundation (FMF) has developed/

Presented By: Dr. P. Sekhar Chairman & Managing Director, Micro Technologies (India) Ltd.

attack, CIKR can cut-off or disrupt functioning of govt. & business alike; 2.In the event of direct attack/ / 08; 11.Professional Sports League & Federation – 33. NATIONAL MONUMENTS & WORSHIP PLACES 1.Ancient Monuments – 3,650; 2.Major Religious Monuments – 12; 3.Worship Places – 26,38,515; /OF INDIAN SECURITY MARKET 1.The continuous threat of terrorism, development of India’s infrastructure, and the eventual / blanket for the country’s commercial capital – Mumbai. According to the preliminary report, the cost/

STRIMA 2010 Annual Conference “Foreign Exposures” September 2010 Jean Demchak Global Public Entity & Education Practice Leader, Marsh.

11 Developing Concerns Kidnappings are common: – Significant income stratification – Internal political conflict – Corrupt government Al Qaeda’s Global Network of Networks – Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia Terrorism (e.g., Mumbai/IES Abroad. All rights reserved. 25 DEFENSE BASE ACT 26 State Government and University as a Global Business The /Related Death of a Student, October 2009 H1N1, May 2009 Mumbai Attacks, November 2008 Delhi Bombings, September 2008 Bacterial Meningitis Cases, /

F/SUPT HERBERT B CEZAR D i r e c t o r Fire National Training Institute (FNTI)

-9/11 in the Philippines” 2005 Valentine’s Day Bombings “Mini-9/11 in the/Mumbai, India eight coordinated explosions during the evening rush hour 190+ killed and hundreds injured. July 10, 2006 Sao Paulo, Brazil bomb Injures exploded inside a subway train More than 10 injured July 5, 2006 Yakhroma, Russia bomb exploded at a Muslim prayer house no casualties reported June 26, 2006 Suicide Attack/ Typhoon Volcanic Eruption Earthquake Flood Erosion TERRORISM Sabotage Technical or Financial Fraud Coup d/

ADSI https://store.theartofservice.com/itil-2011-foundation-complete-certification-kit-fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html.

course.html Scott Adsit 1 Robert Scott Adsit (born November 26, 1965) is an American actor, writer and improvisational /an Iowa-class battleship had a broadside of 12short tons (11.0tonnes), the weight of shells that she could theoretically /and Kashmir to carry out a 2011 Mumbai bombings|coordinated attack on the city of Mumbai, killing 19 people and injuring 130 /bomb - Surgically implanted 1 In May 2012 American counter-terrorism officials leaked their acquisition of documents describing the preparation /

TOPIC FIVE Introduction to Information Security, IT Crimes and Cybercrimes 1.

the use of information technology such as harassment, defamation, pornography, cyber terrorism, industrial espionage and some regulatory offences”. 8 Continue  So one may/ Cyber crimes  According to Mumbai Police department; Hacking Phishing Denial of service attack Spoofing Cyber-stalking Virus dissemination 11 Continue Software piracy Cyber-defamation /the security system so as to facilitate the commission of other crimes. 26 Continue ◦ Pornography, cyber-obscenity and cyber- stalking  Pornography is /

IT Summit 2008 Cyber security – An intellectual challenge 18 October , New Delhi Tracking the cybercriminal & collection of legally admissible.

Defamation Cyber stalking (section 509 IPC) Phising Cyber terrorism Combating cyber crimes Technological measures-Public key cryptography, Digital/SA v Essar Industries 2006(33) PTC 469 11 Sources of Evidence Existing Files Deleted Files Logs/search & arrest. International initiatives Representatives from the 26 Council of Europe members, the United States, /attacks 8% had no awareness of cyber laws False arrest concerns Recommended Law Enforcement initiatives Mumbai Cyber lab is a joint initiative of Mumbai/

AIBA Compliance Seminar Terrorist Financing June 13, 2013 Dennis M. Lormel President & CEO DML Associates, LLC.

financing Transnational criminal organizations Drug cartels Proliferation and weapons of mass destruction 11 AIBA Compliance Seminar Dennis M. Lormel | June 13, 2013 Intersection/in the Arabian Peninsula al Shabaab Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) (Mumbai style attack) ▫ Iran and Iranian proxies ▫ Hizballah ▫ Hamas The internet/ controls and enforcement Creates opportunity for money laundering and the financing of terror Countermeasures 26 Understanding Geographic Risk Geographic ▫ Global ▫ Regional ▫ Country specific ▫/

1 July 2009 July 2009 Adrian Cowell www.rexiter.com Rexiter Capital Management Limited Asia ex-Japan – A Perspective.

2002 Seoul World Cup Stadium … and Pyongyang, DPRK 11 Asia Market Capitalisation by Index (Price, USD)30-/Contentious Nuclear Treaty with the United States (civilian nuclear co-operation)/Terrorism   Congress led coalition won the ’09 election winning 206/12 years hard labour … and now virtual cyber attacks? Version 2007 vs 2009 26 Asian Politics Generally Positively Inclined China and Hong Kong/India BSc, Chemistry, St Xavier’s College, Mumbai Jamshed was an investment analyst at Tata Investment Corporation/

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Taught in the Qur’an Sura 8:12 ~ I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and/11, 2004) (151 killed) List of Muslim terrorist attacks since 1993 Australian Embassy, Jakarta bombing (Sept. 9, 2004) (9 killed) London subway bombings (July 7, 2005) (53 killed) Sharm el Sheikh resort, Egypt bombing (July 23, 2005) (64 killed) Delhi, India bombings (Sept. 13, 2008) (130 killed) List of Muslim terrorist attacks since 1993 Mumbai, India bombings (Nov. 26/

Water Conflicts 1 Stefanie Kaiser, seecon international gmbh.

.info Types of Conflicts (3/4) 9 2. Types of Water Conflicts Terrorism: where water resources, or water systems, are either targets or tools of/in anti-education attack. Reuters. 17 April 17 2012. URL: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/17/us-afghanistan-women-idUSBRE83G0PZ20120417 [Accessed: 11.03.2013] /Peace. Rethinking Middle East Water. Mumbai: Strategic Foresight Group. URL: http://www.strategicforesight.com/Highlights%20The%20Blue%20Peace.pdf [Accessed: 26.02.2013] http://www.strategicforesight./



Half Yearly Press Briefing

Delhi Police 2011 – Focus Areas Tackling street crimes Anti-Terrorism Measures Safety of Women & Senior Citizens People-friendly &/ (03.06.11) 3 accused arrested Blind contract killing of Somnath Suvarna at Bindapur (12.06.11) Contract killer from Mumbai & paramour arrested/20.06.11) Solved in a week, 4 accused arrested One crore eighteen lakh rupees recovered Double murder of Gurgaon (26.6.11) and/of robbers 9 cases of robbery solved Had also attacked picket staff in Najafgarh Umesh Bajaj gang of snatchers/

Biotech 2008: A Global Transformation

Portland United States London United Kingdom Shanghai China Dubai UAE Tokyo Japan Mumbai India Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Burrill Funds Under Management -($ millions) Burrill/ Issues Climate change Energy needs/alternative fuels Poverty Security/terrorism Philosophical - ideological conflict (religious conflict) ……yet we/Pain reliever Heart attack Heart attack/stroke; fatal skin reactions 2007 2005 1999 Vioxx Heart attack/stroke 2004 / 10 819 4.55% 2006 19 13 920 8.26% 2007 28 11 18 2,041 2.00% Total 100 62 5,846/

1 August, 2015. 2 International Outlook With a Chinese Perspective.

fifth anniversary of the Macau handover, etc L u Chen Presenter 11 Ada has a strong financial background with experience in corporate financing /circumstances Jiang has covered a series of momentous breaking news, including terrorist attacks on Mumbai, India; Thailand’s political turmoil; Afghan presidential election; post-election/Kerry Exclusive Interview 17 Special Report LIVE Programming Tunisian hotel terror attacks kill scores of tourists June 26, 2015 Fifa bribery scandal May, 2015 Taiwan water /

Multicultural Communication Skills Geert Hofstede defined “Culture is the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one group.

Madhya Pradesh in 1984 at Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant, Bhopal, caused the death of thousand of people due the poisonous gas. Terrorism attack on the Taj Hotel at Mumbai, 2009. Attack on Taj- 26/11 Bhopal Gas Tragedy- Madhya Pradesh Attack – 9/11 Pesticide found in cold drinks Pesticide found in Cold Drinks- Bird Flu hits Asian Market Smoldering crisis- This may be defined as “ any/

Cardiac Risk Factor Management in the Older South Asian Female Dr. Aashish Contractor Head of Dept: Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation Asian Heart.

Aashish Contractor Head of Dept: Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai, India e-mail: acontractor@ahirc.com Outline Reasons for higher CHD prevalence/community in the United States as a result of 9/11 (and the "war on terror"), in the community were cited as causes for disease, heart attacks. Also, for some participants, loneliness, isolation, etc/by Race/Ethnicity and Sex White BlackMexican Asian/Pac.S. Asian Male 25.8% 26.1%24.1% 24.3%26.8% Female 21.6% 20.8%12.3% 7.1% 1.8% /

Major Luke R. Donohue Chief, Office of Defense Cooperation Bangladesh 13 Oct 2011.

to mil cooperation existing between DOD and AFD. 4.The Mumbai attacks of 2008 forced the USG to reexamine South Asia security/focused on shaping the BG security forces to effectively counter-terrorism, conduct HA/DR, increase border security, and further /principles of respect for law, human rights, and civilian supremacy. 11 SECURITY ASSISTANCE CONCEPT TO TCP Vision: DOD Dhaka, in coordination/s Bazar - 91 o 58’23.966” E 21 o 26’52.565” THREE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS 1.Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, /

Government 2.0 – Leveraging Web 2.0 For Your Organization Dolly Oberoi Samir Morankar Anne Y. Tsang April 28, 2009.

Learning 2.0 has its basis in social learning theory 9 Paradigm Shift in Learning 10 Learning Theories 11 Behaviorism Also called Learning Perspective Operates on the principle that all behavior is caused by an external stimulus Assumes/posts, etc. ‘Real-time updates’ application - Mumbai 2008 terror attack updates 24 Twitter – Application in Government 25 Twitter Demo—Its Easy! Create an account Find people/accounts to follow Send and receive tweets 26 Facebook Facebook is a free social networking website /


and Story in pictures will help children retell stories with appropriate use of story language. (Book Primer pgs 11-12, The Little Red Hen). Classic tales are beautifully illustrated in a play form so that the / BOOK 8 Women of the earthcontribution of women towards the betterment of environment India’s heroes dutiful, bravery, selflessness, giving ( 26/11 Mumbai terror attack) THE TEXT The text, both prose and poetry by renowned writers and poets, covers diverse themes like adventure, humour, nature,/

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2000 Millennium, Y2K, Florida Recount 2001 September 11th Terrorist Attach 2003 Gulf War 2004 Asia tsunami 2005 Death of Pope Jon Paul II Hurricane Katrina 2008 Election of Barack Obama, Mumbai Terror Attacks, Financial Crisis 2009 Death of Michael Jackson 2010 Haiti Earthquake 2011 Steve Jobs Passed Away 2012 Reelection of Barack Obama 2013 Sigma Financial 30th Anniversary Top 30 Innovation Past 30/

Indian Military and Bureaucracy Namita Wahi, Harvard Law School Oct 2010.

Liberation of Goa, Daman and Diu, 1961 External Defence Sino Indian conflict, 1962 Indo Pak conflict, 1965 Indo Pak conflict, 1971 (Creation of Bangladesh) Siachen conflict, 1984 Kargil conflict, 1999 Mumbai terror attack, 2008, “26/11” (“Operation Black Tornado”) Internal Security Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 ◦ Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland,Tripura Operation Bluestar, 1984 Armed Forces (Jammu and Kashmir) Special Powers/

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