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BISG Planning & Product Management Division Print Security in a Mobile Environment Presented by United Business Technologies Steve Moss, Major Account.

: Print email body, email attachments, pdf, txt, tiff, and jpg files from their mobile devices Scan documents to their mobile devices Print photos from their photo album on their mobile devices Provide email support – email option to send out files from mobile device (whether they were scanned in, or already on mobile device) 27. BISG Planning & Product Management Division DPSM – Customer Scenarios Where will DPSM fit? SMB offices Corporate offices 28/

GroupWise.AdvisorEvents.com GroupWise and PDA’s Solving the PDA Puzzle Erno de Korte Manager/consultantClarify.

your PC and Palm OS or Pocket PC/Windows CE (including Pocket PC Phone Edition) device. Synchronize your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks with the personal information management, contact management, and groupware applications. Cradle based All platforms, except BlackBerry Puma IntelliSync www.notifycorp.com NotifyLink is ideal for mobile professionals who need real time “Over-the-Air” Synchronization and “Push Notification” of their email/

Mobile OS and Mobile Service Architectures Prabhaker Mateti CEG4361.

be small, light, compact and easy to use –The heaviest part of mobile devices are batteries –Power consumption of the mobile devices needs to be minimal –Considerable improvements have been achieved in the size and longevity of batteries, increased battery life is mainly achieved by reducing the power demands of the device (power management)‏ power saving capabilities -> power-source profiling data storage -> access speed and capacity/

Mobile Internet Wireless Network Architectures and Applications

can cancel previous push query status of push query status/capabilities of device Sridhar Iyer IIT Bombay Push Proxy Gateway WAP stack (communication with mobile device) TCP/IP stack (communication with Internet push initiator) Proxy layer does control information parsing content transformation session management client capabilities store and forward prioritization address resolution management function Sridhar Iyer IIT Bombay Over the Air (OTA) Protocol Extends WSP/

Chapter 11 Ubiquitous Communication

Controlling Network Access: Firewalls, NATs and VPNs Group Communication: Transmissions for Multiple Receivers Internetworking Heterogeneous Networks Separating Management and Control from Usage Ubiquitous versus Localised Access Global Use: Low-cost Access Networks for Rural Use Ubiquitous computing: smart devices, environments and interaction Network Access Control: Mobile Phone Different networks use a range of access control techniques to: handle network resource allocation problems allow/

Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) VoWLAN Integrated Voice and Data Solution Making Enterprise Mobility Inside the Four Walls a Reality.

of calendar, contacts, tasks Microsoft ActiveSync Voice recognition Integrated document editing Text messaging Security - 2 Factor Authentication, VPN Client built in Remote device managementdevice info., provisioning, kiosking Motorola API services framework DESCRIPTION VoWLAN enterprise multi-services Smartphone supporting instant communications, mobile office applications and enterprise telephony services MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other/

10.1 Schiller Mobile Communications Chapter 10: Support for Mobility File systems Data bases WWW and Mobility WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), i-mode.

to run across different platforms – Provide higher level abstractions of services Example functions – Messaging – Distributed object management – Directory services – Location services – User-defined and composite data types – Remote procedure calls (RPC) – Alternate communication abstractions 10.81 Middleware Fundamentals 81 Wireless and Mobile Applications (1) “Resource-poor” mobile devices – Limited memory and buffer space (typically no disk) – Small screen – Low processing capabilities – Limited battery/

Chapter 4: Wireless Internet

point of connection to the fixed network can be changed Security authentication of all messages related to Mobile IP management Terminology Mobile Node (MN): system (node) that can change the point of connection to the network without / Wide Web, newsgroups, and Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Goals deliver Internet content and enhanced services to mobile devices and users (mobile phones, PDAs) independence from wireless network standards open for everyone to participate, protocol specifications will be proposed/

Protecting the Confidentiality and Integrity of Corporate and Client Data When in the Hands of a Mobile Workforce Mobile Protection for Trustmark Insurance.

McAfee Verdasys Websense RSA (EMC) CA Technologies Market Leaders or Visionaries Security Information Event Mgmt - SIEM HP/ArcSight Q1 Labs RSA (RMC) Symantec NitroSecurity (McAfee) LogLogic Novell Mobile Device Management - MDM Good Technology Sybase AirWatch MobileIron Mobile Data Protection - MDP McAfee Sophos* CheckPoint Software Technologies Symantec *Trustmark uses Utimaco SafeGuard Enterprise, which was purchased by Sophos Selecting the Best Products  For everything except MDM/

Orange Labs Mobile cloud computing workshop Möller Centre Cambridge 6 January 2010 Workshop output document Date 13 January 2010 DRAFT.

interplay between the cloud and the device  Myriad issues around data management and data provenance and security Resolving such issues will mean the difference between compelling user propositions and corporate embarrassment. Finally the workshop focused in on the question of mobility; “How does cloud computing change when you are mobile?” By looking at the characteristics of the mobile device workshop participants highlighted the importance of the/

Advanced Topics in Telecommunications 1: Nokia Mobile Internet Technical Architecture End-to-End Solutions Page 1 Seminar 11 End-to-End Solutions MITA.

server, provisioning of key parameters, out-of-the-box functionality ✶ Continuous provisioning ✶ Repetitive actions by trusted management server, SyncML device management protocol is used Device Management Architecture Advanced Topics in Telecommunications 1: Nokia Mobile Internet Technical Architecture End-to-End Solutions Page 81 Device Management Future ✶ Short-term: mobile devices will include more functional and richer applications ✶ Average consumer needs the correct operation “out-of-the-box/

Updates on Two Topics: The Security of Cloud Computing, and The Security of Mobile Internet Devices Joe St Sauver, Ph.D. Security Programs Manager, Internet2.

a greater iPhone market share in higher ed than anything else) Both RIM and Apple offer guidance for configuring and centrally managing their mobile Internet devices in an enterprise context. If you’re interested in what it would take to centrally manage these devices and you haven’t already seen these documents, I’d urge you to see: -- na.blackberry.com/eng/ataglance/security/it_policy/

© 2007 by Wind River Systems, Inc. All content except logos and trademarks made available under the EPL v1.0 Eclipse Device Software Development Platform.

mobile Java applications. Create a project Create a code Compile Package Run in emulator Signing Transfer to real Device (only Nokia) Provide User and developer documentation 18 © 2007 by Wind River Systems, Inc. All content except logos and trademarks made available under the EPL v1.0 MTJ Development Environment 19 Eclipse Platform IDE Extensible Framework Layer Runtime Management Framework Deployment Framework Build Framework Device Management/

Mobile Communications Chapter 7: Wireless LANs

database connection, surveillance, real-time factory management Hospitals reliable, high-bandwidth network, medical images, remote monitoring Home high-bandwidth interconnect of devices (TV, CD, PC, ...) Networked vehicles trucks, aircraft etc. interconnect, platooning, intelligent roads WATM components WMT (Wireless Mobile ATM Terminal) RAS (Radio Access System) EMAS-E (End-user Mobility-supporting ATM Switch - Edge) EMAS-N (End-user Mobility-supporting ATM Switch - Network) M-NNI/

Mobile Communications Chapter 7: Wireless LANs

learning, teaching Industry database connection, surveillance, real-time factory management Hospitals reliable, high-bandwidth network, medical images, remote monitoring Home high-bandwidth interconnect of devices (TV, CD, PC, ...) Networked vehicles trucks, aircraft etc. interconnect, platooning, intelligent roads Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Schiller, http://www.jochenschiller.de/ MC SS05 7.71 WATM components WMT (Wireless Mobile ATM Terminal) RAS (Radio Access System) EMAS-E/

Www.idc.com Paths to Opportunities with Windows Small Business Server 2003: Enabling Mobility, Featuring Windows Mobile Business practices, based on the.

-off revenue breakdown: Deployment characteristics  40-seat SBS 2003 deployment and installation of 10 mobile devices, plus ongoing maintenance and support for the SBS 2003 installation and mobile devices. Partner observations  Device activation fees are a small percentage of one-off revenues.  The real benefit for this partner is the mobile devices’ impact on managed service revenue.  The partner charges for support by seat, so implementing these 10/

Mobile integration, simplified.. Introduction to Teamstudio.

impact on business process design, few custom apps Few business apps BES meets most needs 3 Custom apps Pre-2010 era Teamstudio® Proprietary and Confidential Mobile Device Management: Level 1  Pre-2010, mobile device management (MDM) was a lot simpler.  Only one important enterprise OS platform – the Blackberry platform  RIM offered the Blackberry Enterprise Server as the MDM solution: Secure Robust Easy-to-implement  Much /

CON 7280 Building Performant Mobile Apps with Amazing UI’s Using Oracle Mobile Application Framework This is a Title Slide with Picture slide ideal for.

the layout gallery. Simplify Enterprise Mobility Build Your Own Apps Oracle’s Mobile Apps Mobile Security APP ORACLE MOBILE Platform ORACLE’S MOBILE STRATEGY Oracle Mobile Solution Accelerate development of high quality apps for myriad of mobile devices Mobilize new and existing Enterprise Applications Secure mobile devices and manage security Mobile Apps Mobile Suite Mobile Services Mobile Security Oracle Mobile Application Framework Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Oracle Mobile Security Build cross-platform/

Pervasive Computing and Communication zProliferation of devices ySystem support for multitude of smart (mobile) devices that attach and detach from a distribution.

(network and server) resources zSample Parameters yNetwork link status, Data server capacity (Remote disk bandwidth, Processor capacity), device constraints (battery power, memory limitations) Case Study: Power Management zPower Optimization in battery operated mobile devices is a crucial research challenge zDevices operate in dynamic distributed environments zPower Management strategies need to be aware of global system state and exploit it. NETWORK CARD DISPLAY CPU Display NIC/

Created by Ivette Doss Mobile Testing ONLINE PART 1 1 Copyright Portnov Computer School 2012.

is software platform for mobile devices based on the Linux Operating System that developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). The Android History starts at October 22nd, 2008, when the T-Mobile G1 launched in the United States. Copyright Portnov Computer School 2012 12 Architecture of Android 2 Applications Home Contacts Browser Phone Application Framework Package Manager Telephony Manager Content Providers Location System/

IBM Mobile Enterprise Launch David Lee Heyman WW Mobile Business Agility Tiger Team.

Hypervisor Edition Advanced connectivity to cloud and back-end systems  IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices Complete end-to-end Mobile Device Management (MDM) End to end solution for mobile development, device management, and connectivity14 Comprehensive solution for mobile delivery IBM Mobile Foundation V5.0 14 ING Direct creates a “bank branch in your pocket”  New customer experience with mobile as the channel  Creates new revenue generation opportunity  Simplify consumer experiences  Re/

Building Effective Enterprise Mobile Applications Nick Randolph Development Manager AutumnCare Microsoft MVP -.NET CF CLI309.

notification Schedule device management behavior Create custom notification events Networking Support Sockets Synchronous and asynchronous Multiple protocols Streams Built on top of sockets HTTP request and response Use stream model Requires no user knowledge of HTTP Common Language Runtime.NET Compact Framework Web Services HTTP Req/Resp, Network Stream Sockets Applications Data Access – SQL Server Direct SQL Server Access Local SQL Mobile Access/

Page 1 Ph.D. Dissertation Defense On Peer-to-Peer Data Management in Pervasive Computing Environments Filip Perich May 3, 2004.

Signal strength RADAR, IEEE 802.11a/b/g Communications (transport, routing, link, physical) Data Management Transaction Management Application Specific Logic (API, UI, transcoding, logic ) Security + Privacy System Management DiscoveryLocation Page 24 data management challenges Wireless data management Wireless networks Limited bandwidth Prone to frequent failure Asymmetric channels Mobile devices Limited computing resources Limited battery power Communications (transport, routing, link, physical) Data/

January 2011 Advanced Mobile for Infor EAM Customer Profiles.

requirements, and this adaptable platform provides Infor customers with a solution far more flexible than other point-to- point mobile products. Unique mobile business requirements supported through Advanced Mobile range from; mobile GIS with maps, mobile device management, location based services, mobile application integration with multiple backend systems (other than just Infor products), touch screen functionality, and RFID to name a few. > Infor Customer: Washington Gas > Industry: Utility/

Labor and Industries Mobility Implementation. 1975198019851990199520002005 Technology Shifts Mainframe Windows Desktop Internet.

capabilities. Some MDM solutions also provide MAM capabilities. Management Provisioning Identification De-provisioning DEVICE Results Mobile device provisioning and management processes will need to change to treat cellular devices as mobile devices. Management MANAGEMENT User Support Results Relied heavily on the Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP). The MADPs provided varying levels app framework capabilities. Development DEVICE Data Sync Interface Design Hardware Features Cross-Platform Results/

Antique Bank Smart Systems™ Mobile -Desktop Device Considerations.

existing systems and provides familiar operation for end users. Antique Bank Smart Systems™ Windows Mobile 6.1 provides integrated support for Systems Center Mobile Device Manager (SCMDM), allowing enterprise IT Managers to securely provision, configure, and deploy application software, device settings, and policies for populations of (MID) devices from the convenience of their management consoles. Developers can access a comprehensive software toolkit through the our Developer Library to/

Mobile Security Overview. Mobile is everywhere: Mobile is about transacting 1 96% year to year increase in mobile cyber Monday sales between 2012 and.

Security Posture Network and Data Management and Security Application Management and Security Device Management and Security How do I handle BYOD and ensure compliance for new devices? How do I protect the corporation from data leakage and intrusions? How do I secure, control and service applications?  Multiple device platforms and variants  Managed devices (B2E)  Data separation and protection  Threat protection  Identity management and mobile entitlements  Policy management and enforcement  Secure/

© 2011 Open Mobile Alliance Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Used with the permission of the Open Mobile Alliance Ltd. under the terms as stated in this document.

interface:Defined in the OMA DM Enabler. It provides a formal interface over which Servers may send device management commands to Clients and Clients may return status and alerts to Servers © 2011 Open Mobile Alliance Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Used with the permission of the Open Mobile Alliance Ltd. under the terms as stated in this document. OMA-TP-2011-0048Slide #10 [OMA-Template/

Mobile Policy. Overview Security Risks with Mobile Devices Guidelines for Managing the Security of Mobile Devices in the Enterprise Threats of Mobile.

the types of resources in the organization that may be accessed via mobile devices. Defines the types of mobile devices that are permitted to access organization’s resources. Defines the degree of access of different classes of mobile devices, ◦ organization issued devices vs. personally owned devices. Defines the requirements for mobile device management technologies ◦ the administration of centralized mobile device management servers ◦ the updating of policies in the servers, etc. Services Provided by/

Selected Topics – CPIT 490 Mobile Application Development 25-Aug-15.

an emulator that you can use to test your apps Most emulators are configurable to match a variety of mobile devices Various screen sizes, memory limitations, tablets, etc. In practice, emulators quite limited IDE - integrated development / stack information, spoof incoming calls and SMS messages, and other features. The Android Debug Bridge (ADB): provides various device management capabilities. JDWP debugger: allows you to step through code, view variable values, and pause execution of an application. /

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Schiller, SS057.1 Mobile Communications Chapter 7: Wireless LANs  Characteristics  IEEE 802.11.

 uses IR diodes, diffuse light, multiple reflections (walls, furniture etc.) Advantages  simple, cheap, available in many mobile devices  no licenses needed  simple shielding possible Disadvantages  interference by sunlight, heat sources etc.  many things shield or/ change networks by changing access points  scanning, i.e. active search for a network MIB - Management Information Base  managing, read, write Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Schiller, http://www.jochenschiller.de/MC SS057.27 Synchronization using/

Healthcare Mobile Information Flow Victor Camlek VP Market Intelligence Thomson Reuters Healthcare & Science March 2011.

will this continue to mean for STM Publishers and their customers? Healthcare: Converging Mobile Markets Mobile Solutions for Interactive Data Management Telemedicine mHealth Mobile Devices Mobile Content 3 mHealth Definition mHealth –The practice of medical and public health supported by mobile devices –Sub-segment of e-Health –The use of mobile devices in collecting community and clinical health data; delivery of healthcare information to practitioners, researchers, and patients; and, real/

Characteristics of Mobile Computing Prabhaker Mateti CEG436: Mobile Computing1.

the size and longevity of batteries, increased battery life is mainly achieved by reducing the power demands of the device (power management)‏ power saving capabilities -> power-source profiling data storage -> access speed and capacity backlighting power consumption per pixel CEG436: Mobile Computing33 Mobile System requirements Mobile devices need to be able to use a wide range of computer networks –Bluetooth –WLAN ( 802.11x or HiperLAN)‏ –2/

Mobile Communications Chapter 7: Wireless LANs  Characteristics  IEEE 802.11  PHY  MAC  Roaming .11a, b, g, h, i …  HIPERLAN  Standards overview.

Advantages  simple, cheap, available in many mobile devices  no licenses needed  simple shielding possible /management Hospitals  reliable, high-bandwidth network, medical images, remote monitoring Home  high-bandwidth interconnect of devices (TV, CD, PC,...) Networked vehicles  trucks, aircraft etc. interconnect, platooning, intelligent roads WATM components WMT (Wireless Mobile ATM Terminal) RAS (Radio Access System) EMAS-E (End-user Mobility-supporting ATM Switch - Edge) EMAS-N (End-user Mobility/

1 그리드 테스팅 제안서 Introduction of TestOne Mobile -The functional testing solution for APP of Smartphone - 2013. 10. 28.

progress and test results which provides intuitive management, maintenance of testing project Controller Manager Gateway 2. TestOne Mobile – Configuration summary 4 그리드 테스팅 제안서 Introduction of TestOne Mobile Device  Supports USB and WI-FI connection  Supports testing without jail-breaking and rooting  Supports most of current version of Android and iOS Worker  Device management via one WI-FI network  Managing device list  Data interlocking between device and Master Master  Merging data from Workers/

Wireless Devices https://store.theartofservice.com/the-wireless-devices-toolkit.html.

source software|open source sync server that provides Personal information manager|PIM (address book and calendar) synchronization, and device management for wireless devices, leveraging standard protocols such as SyncML https://store.theartofservice.com/the-wireless-devices-toolkit.html RACH 1 A random-access channel (RACH) is a communication mechanism used by mobile phones and other wireless devices on a Time Division Multiple Access|TDMA- based network https/

Mobility and Future Internet Networking Lab. Department of Computer Engineering Kyung Hee University Networking Lab. Department of Computer Engineering.

2012 Overview of Lightweight Mobility Management Architecture Location Update Home Registration Global IPv6-based Core Network (Location-basedCommunication) 6LoWPAN (Device ID-based Communication) ID/Locator Mapping Agent (ILMA) Device ID Naming Server (DINS) Device Name Lookup … Edge Router Edge Router 6LoWPAN Gateway (Location) 6LoWPAN Mobile Node (ID) SignalingControlNetwork Static Mapping Table Device Name Device ID Device’s ILMA Dynamic Mapping Table Device ID Device Locator Dynamic Mapping Table/

Open Mobile Alliance Application Layer Interoperability in a Converged World IMOBICON Mark Cataldo Chairman, Open Mobile Alliance Technical Plenary August.

. OMA Deliverables and Value OMA develops specifications and encourages interoperability at the application level Broadcast Service, Digital Rights Management, Mobile Location Services, Games Services, Device Management Scope of OMA specifications reaches beyond mobile market Applicable to IP based networks both fixed and mobile Consumer Electronics devices Traditional PC and telephone environments OMA avoids duplication, divergence and fragmentation OMA has an extensive network of liaison relationships/

The iphone Projection keyboard MyVuPortable projectors Andriod The iPad Mobile Computing 1.

– App store is the only authorized distribution channel – Apple / hardware dependent Types of Mobile OS Windows Mobile – Market share(2010): 4.2% – License : Proprietary – Company: Microsoft. – CPU Architecture: ARM – Programmed in: C++ – Application store: Windows Marketplace for Mobile – Package manager: Windows Mobile Device Center/ ActiveSync – Other: multi-touch, Windows CE 69 Windows Mobile Pros – Strong user reach #2 in US market with 30% of smartphone traffic – Manufacturer/


700 MHz expected soon oCan still transition to lower powers ■ Support significantly lower power consumption levels oSame concept can apply to other devices ■ FPGAs, ASICs, CCMs, DSPs VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE & STATE UNIVERSITY MOBILE & PORTABLE RADIO RESEARCH GROUP MPRG 87 Power Management: Common Interface oDesign of common interface will have to wait until conceptual framework is finalized ■ Will rely on ACPI to determine appropriate/

A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC, 8th Edition Chapter 20 Mobile Devices and Client-side Virtualization.

obtained from many sources –No assurance of quality –Market is not always convenient for developers –Many variations of Android exist, creating incompatibilities A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC, 8th Edition 9 © Cengage Learning 2014 Comparing Mobile Device Hardware to Laptops A smart phone is a cell phone with added capabilities –Ability to send/receive Short Message Service (SMS) text or Multimedia Messaging/

ISMS for Mobile Devices Page 1 ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) for Mobile Devices Why apply ISMS to Mobile Devices? Overview.

Computing T21: Security Incident T22: Synchronization – ActiveSync T23: Synchronization Configuration T24: Synchronization - HotSync T25: Test Data Password Protected T26: Training for Mobile Social Media Usage (Alphabetical Order) ISMS for Mobile Devices Page 18 Security Planning and Management Not always a 1-1 relationship between risks and countermeasures Security controls must be planned, implemented, tested, & monitored to ensure they protect data 1 SOP covers many/

Open Mobile Alliance https://store.theartofservice.com/the-open-mobile-alliance-toolkit.html.

, including installation, uninstallation, activation and deactivation of software components over the air. https://store.theartofservice.com/the-open-mobile-alliance-toolkit.html Mobile device management - Device Management specifications 1 * The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) specified a platform-independent device management protocol called OMA Device Management. The specification meets the common definitions of an open standard, meaning the specification is freely available and implementable. It is supported/

The Mobile Opportunity Beatrice Mulzer Vice President, SMB Nation

Implementation Activation fees Service Hardware Software 5 Devices: Implementation Plus Managed Services SBS 2003 Installation + Device Set-Up 15 Device Implementation + Managed Services Source: IDC Interview with Microsoft Partners Sample Revenue Breakdown From Actual Partner Deployments Get Smart  Complete Mobility Training online  Use Windows Mobile yourself  Check out the IDC SBS-WM Whitepaper  Learn how to deploy Windows Mobile devices w/SBS 2003 using the deployment whitepaper – available online/

Bring Your Own Device https://store.theartofservice.com/the-bring-your-own-device-toolkit.html.

used by the end user https://store.theartofservice.com/the-bring-your-own-device-toolkit.html Microsoft-Novell agreement - Products 1 ** ZENworks Mobile Management secures and manages mobile devices, both corporate-issued and personal (Bring your own device|BYOD) https://store.theartofservice.com/the-bring-your-own-device-toolkit.html KACE Networks - Mobile device management 1 As personal mobile devices as smart- phones and tablets are getting used in enterprise environments, including allowing/

May 30 th – 31 st, 2006 Sheraton Ottawa. Mobile Security Windows Mobile 5 Rick Claus IT Pro Advisor Microsoft Canada

/FIPS 140-2) support Certificate-based authentication SecurID and VPN Windows Mobile 5.0 + Messaging & Security Feature Pack (MSFP) builds on the familiar Outlook Mobile with new features that enhance mobile messaging usability and device management for the enterprise. Device And Server Requirements WinMobile Device Requirements Requires a Windows Mobile 5 device MSFP will not work on devices with versions prior to Magneto MSFP features will not need PC sync/

Cellular Networks and Mobile Computing COMS 6998-7, Spring 2014 Instructor: Li Erran Li

Android SDK – Programming: Objective-C and android programming System Support for Mobile App Optimization (lecture 4,5) – Mobile device power models, energy profiling and ebug debugging – Core OS topics: virtualization, storage and OS support for power and context management Interaction with Cellular Networks (lecture 6,7,8) – Basics of 3G/LTE cellular networks – Mobile application cellular radio resource usage profiling – Measurement-based cellular network and/

Aldo Zanoni - Director of Customer Service Omni Mobile – A New Era of Novell GroupWise Mobile Connectivity.

/Administrator deploys the client application on the mobile device User/Administrator deploys the client application on the mobile device Place mobile device in cradle Place mobile device in cradle Download the Omni Mobile client application from the WebAccess website or copy the application to the mobile device from a desktop. Omni Mobile uses the native connectivity software to communicate with the handheld device. (This process can be managed by ZENworks for Handhelds.) Download the/

Delivering a Standard Mobile Operating Environment Don Kerr : Business Solutions Marketing – Windows Mobile Rick Anderson : Mobility Solution Sales.

an integral part of any enterprise IT infrastructure MDM is a complex product for businesses to deploy Microsoft can help SIs become MDM- certified Mobile Device Manager SI Certification Requirements * If available Internal deployment of Mobile Device Manager Evidence of Mobility practice Creation of Mobile Device Manager Partner Solution Plan MDM 400-level training Next Steps Deploy SCMDM inside your organisation MDM evaluation: 120 trial version –http://technet.microsoft.com/

May 30 th – 31 st, 2007 Chateau Laurier Ottawa. Helping to Secure Data while on the Run Greg Milligan Mobility Solutions Manager Microsoft Canada Co.

Ottawa Helping to Secure Data while on the Run Greg Milligan Mobility Solutions Manager Microsoft Canada Co. Greg.Milligan@microsoft.com Agenda Microsoft Mobile Vision Threats Windows Mobile 5 Security Features Device Management Security Recommendations Windows Mobile 6 Enhancements 3 rd Party Security Extensions Access Control Firewall Unmanaged PC (Home PC, Kiosk, etc) Managed PC Mobile & Traditional Devices TeamWorkspaces E-Mail Web & Video Conferencing Documents & Files Calendaring InstantMessaging LOB/

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