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Aim: How were the original 13 colonies organized?.

Negatives of tobacco –Reliance on one cash crop- “slave to the market” –Slaves to the market!! –Really bad on soil –Increased tensions with natives as they /Virginia Company, not king) to settle northern part of Virginia territory(NY Harbor/Staten Island!)  Storm blew them off course, and they were running out of/” Philadelphia- “City of Brotherly Love” Quaker Haven Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) “Holy Experiment” “Holy Experiment” Charter of Liberties 1701-/

Association of Syringe Source and Syringe Sharing in New York City Results from National HIV Behavioral Surveillance among Injection Drug Users Samuel.

≤ Some High School45% ≥ High School Grad55% Self-Reported HIV Prevalence by Borough Queens 16% Brooklyn 19% Manhattan 22% Bronx 24% Staten Island No Data New York City Overall 22% Sharing-Related HIV Risk Factors (n=500) Sharing Risks in Past Year % Receptive Sharing (/ obtain syringes from SEPs Obtaining syringes from friends & street sources and inconsistent sources associated with increased sharing Recommendations Target SEP in areas with low use Market SEP to encourage ongoing use Acknowledgements NYC /

George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, Dwight D. Eisenhower Men Who Transformed the Nation Militarily and Politically Part I General George Washington GENERALS.

came in mid-summer 1776. British General William Howe landed 32,000 troops on Staten Island. Washington was ordered by Congress to defend New York City. The Continental Army/ was a mediocre student. During his time at West Point Grant had few close friends. JULIA DENT/GRANT Grant’s first military assignment after graduating from West Point was / would have deprived American units further south the power of helping him. OPERATION MARKET GARDEN SEPTEMBER 17- 25, 1944 WINNING THE WAR Fortunately for the Allies, /


Rapid HIV Tests  Rapid – 15 minutes  Safe, easy application  Operator friendly  Non–invasive whole blood sample – the standard  True IgG Control- / Team NamePositionYears Experience Lawrence SiebertChairman, President24 Richard LarkinCFO25 Avi PelossofSales, Marketing & Bus. Dev.19 Les StutzmanMarketing25 Javan EsfandiariR&D18 Rick BruceOperations28/ Diagnostics; Abbott Laboratories Dr. Peter AndersenTB Diagnostics; Staten Serum Institut Dr. Mariano LevinChagas & Other Neglected Diseases Allen MoorePublic Policy/

By: Isabelle Fesale, Karrah Peters Frangelina, Naa-Akomaah, Kunsung, and SeyeNaa-Akomaah.

- Also sold vegetables which were hardly found in New York City - Sold a variety of organic chesses - Owners were very friendly and even gave out free samples -The prices were high but the products were in very good quality and shipped from various/ how clean each farmers market, grocery store, and corner store was. These are the results. Average Income throughout the Five Boroughs This is the average income for people who live in these boroughs Manhattan is the highest, then Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn /

Class Sixteen: Final Review Classes One to Fourteen.

might investigate some of the state laws that are designed to be corporate-friendly. Next you must find out who can carry out the incorporation. Review / Regulation Regulation of Accountants Sarbanes Oxley Rules - Disclosure rules require accountants to reveal market risk information for derivative investments. - Such rules also require a description of the/County, the borough of Brooklyn is in Kings County and the borough of Staten Island is in Richmond County. Bronx and Queens are both a borough and/

Obesity Prevention in New York City: Improving Health through System, Infrastructure, and Environmental Change Strategies Gretchen Van Wye, PhD, MA Deputy.

in poverty 1.8 million on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Bronx Manhattan Queens Brooklyn Staten Island Obesity Has Been Increasing in Adults Self reported obesity, NYC, 1994-2010 57% / and now call the same huge sizes Medium or Large …Heavily Marketed... Healthy Eating 16 Promote environmental changes that increase access to healthy foods/ manage the national salt monitoring system Support the achievement of baby-friendly hospital status among NYC hospitals Goal: Reduce by 5% the percentage/

How Consumers Act and React / Consumer Behavior.  How consumers really shop 12 seconds at a product category 85% picked up only one brand within a category.

React / Consumer Behavior  Influences on Consumer Behavior Surroundings: Advertising, sales promotion, friends, family, salespeople, store, price, past experience, etc. Outside Influences  / Information (Government publishing offices responsible for Census, etc.) Company Stock Reports Market Guides  MediaMark Research (MRI) demographic & psychographic info on light, medium/Jr., two sons of Sam Newhouse, who took over failing Staten Island Advance 1922 and built what became the nations largest newspaper/

The New Guidelines on Social Responsibility Standard ISO 26000 as per October 2007 Einar Flydal senior adviser, Telenor R&I, chair of Norwegian committee.

engine and electricity: Axellerated growth with regard to technological, organisational and market complexity The development of laws and regulations often lag behind In practice,/bedrift NORAD Næringslivets hovedorganisasjon, NHO Peterson AS Roll-Royce Marine Statens Institutt for forbruksforskning, SIFO StatoilHydro Storebrand Utenriksdepartementet, UD UNIL Veritas /the “greenest” policy: 1) selling a higher proportion of environmentally friendly products, OR 2) selling less consumption of the product (i.e/

Question 2: John Lewis Gaddis, in The Landscape of History, described the concepts of continuity and contingency. How does he define these terms and what.

prudent risk Mid-Atlantic Campaign, American Revolution 02 July 1776 – Howe brothers garrison Staten Island 22-25 August 1776 – Howe turns Putnam’s left flank; Battle of /Vietnamese catfish farming). Not all governments at all times have subscribed to classical free market economic theories – 18 th century governments believed in “mercantilism” economic theory based on/My Lai Jus Post Bellum – Comparative low cost, and low risk to friendly human life may increase the likelihood of the use of force by groups /

Making Sense of Cents: A Debtor Education Program: Portugal Contact:: Prof. Karen Gross New York Law School 57 Worth Street New York, NY 10013 F :212-431-2154.

fresh starts meaningful. Debtor education empowers consumer debtors to re-enter the consumer finance market after bankruptcy. –Credit is not just a luxury and privilege for the chosen/chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy petition in the EDNY (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island) can volunteer to take a three-hour long personal / for decision (unimportant to important) 3.Valence of the feelings of family and friends (displeased to pleased) Attitude Question Questions for each of the 4 Scenarios: 4/

WHY NEW YORK CITY FOR BUSINESS?. New York City … 1)Is the center of international business in the United States 2)Is located in the Northeast, the wealthiest.

Paterson New York’s five boroughs are Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island New York’s nickname is “The Big Apple”, which now stands for / for the Russian-American businesses cooperation 2.Russian businesses find the most friendly entrepreneurial and social environment in the United States 3.The largest and/#Russian 19. RULIST™ Russian American Yellow Pages. Why advertise at the ethnic market? “The US Ethnic Profile according to the Census 2000 Data”. (2010). Retrieved/

© 2009 IBM Corporation Breaking through HPC Virtualization Barriers with KVM HPC Linux for Wall Street Keynote Panel Discussion April 8, 2013.

HPC Linux for Wall Street Keynote Panel Discussion April 8, 2013 2 © 2013 IBM Corporation 2 KVM Panel Discussion Jean Staten Healy Director, Worldwide Linux and Open Virtualization IBM Gil Tene CTO and Co-Founder Azul Systems Moiz Kohari Vice President, /-IOV High-Performance Adapters and Linux VFIO 12 HPC-Friendly Developments in KVM and Linux 13 © 2013 IBM Corporation 13 London Stock Exchange  The London Stock Exchange is at the heart of the global financial market and is home to some of the largest, most/

Credit Reporting Systems Around the Globe Policy Seminar Inter-American Development Bank Washington, D.C. May 9, 2001 Margaret Miller, Senior Economist.

Empirical Evidence of the Importance of Credit Registries for Credit Markets Jappelli & Pagano (1999) –relationship between registries characteristics (age, type of data) and credit / GNP Barron & Staten (2000) –greater availability of information reduces default rates, / Emerging elements of “good practice” Consumer Attention Borrowers should have access to their own data Consumer-friendly procedures in place to challenge erroneous information in reasonable time frame Record who has accessed data as/


were also shockingly high in the City’s other boroughs: 16.5% in Staten Island, 15.3% in the Bronx, 12.2% in Queens and 11/to seek suggestions for program design to address Latina teen suicide 13 QUALITATIVE MARKETING RESEARCH FINDINGS Huge communication gap between Latina adolescents and parents driven by acculturation / of the program in the Bronx.. Strengthened family communications and relationships with mothers, friends and others. Sixty six percent (66%) of the girls improved academic performance Forty/

1 On Non-Coherence John Law Centre for Science Studies Lancaster University.

closed or kept in operation by the ‘away posting’ of one member of the family. Visits to family, friends or social venues virtually came to a standstill.’ 48 Farming FMD: social isolation, fear Space: network of social / pinboard Globalisation Government strategies and policies The market Isolation on the farm Veterinary Care Burning Silence on the farm Walking 67 Eight kinds of space & time Globalinternational trading movements Statenation progressive Marketlocal networks cyclic Farm social relations /

The Butter Fly Effect... August 2014 – CBTG “flaps it’s wings” - I asked for your feedback... and boy did you give it September 2014 – Hertz CEO Mark Frisora.

Partnership Managed by Atlanta Account Manager, James Orluck – your new best friend CBTG Agencies Supported Locally by Hertz Local Account Executives (LAEs) – you/ Nick Cappellucci LAE (NJ) Tracy Daughtry LAE (DE) Zach Davis LAE (NY – Long Island, Queens, Staten Island & Brooklyn) Adam Neid LAE (CT – Hartford & West; Downstate NY, Bronx & Manhattan) Jason /sales - what else should be working on? What are you hearing from the RAC market? –National –Avis TRIVIA – What is the year one commission for new HBR /

Addiction Is A Disease, Not A Choice, And Should Be Treated As Such Presenters: Genie L. Bailey, MD, DABAM, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry.

Office of Drug Control Policy Frank Vocci, PhD, President of Friends Research Institute Disclosure Statements CLAAD’s funders include members of the pharmaceutical/Major drivers of recent heroin use increases & related deaths – Increased accessibility – Lower market price – High purity State Efforts To Reduce Supply Yield Progress Policy measures – State/ FL between 2010 and 2012 – 29% decrease in overdose deaths in Staten Island between 2011 to 2013 – 11% decrease in hospitalizations for overdoses in/

Is There a Brooklyn College Style? Assignment 2: March 4, 2014.

I find him convincing and sure of his choice of clothing. BROOKLYN COLLEGE STYLE Fashion Marketing Adam Molero Adam described his style to me as being a classical mash up of / travels 2 hours on the MTA a day just to come to Brooklyn College from Staten Island everyday. Sejiro is not looking to make any impression on anyone. He feels/I have my own style. HOW WERE CHOICES MADE? Pauline, my 22 year old Parisian friend, adopts a very classic style where the black color is very present because it represents her/

Steven Banks, Commissioner May 19, 2015

Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens Housing Courts, with the roll out in Staten Island to come shortly. Program Accountability and Integrity The Brooklyn D.A. / Assistance for families with children currently in shelter who exit to live with relatives or friends. Progress To Date (Households) Major Initiatives: Rental Assistance to Prevent and Alleviate Homelessness / are increased to the Section 8 range that landlords will accept in the current market. $578,000 in total funds and $173,000 in FY’15 and $/

O VERVIEW Classroom Rules/Expectations. W ELCOME TO R OOM 424 Come experience the very pinnacle of “Out-of-the- Way” with the luxurious Room 424, conveniently.

when I’m not mad. No, I do not like Jersey Shore. Those idiots where from Staten Island, anyway. The only true Jersey Girl was the boring one that never got in trouble. /good reason to have it unless you were using the bathroom break to talk to your friends. P ROPERLY D EALING W ITH F IRE D RILLS In case of fire, calmly/ is on industry certification, to give you an edge after you graduate in the job market. The following classes have testing at these times: Digital Design: Dreamweaver testing, starting as/

What’s New, What’s Next? TIG Conference January 17, 2014.

Support Consulting for new innovations Support for replicating / adapting new tools Marketing and Community Partnership Support Sample media materials Public library outreach and trainings Language/Mobile Platform Released in 2013 Simple user interface Ability to create mobile friendly versions of current content Up to three channels of content Coming /in New York City to provide assistance in under-resourced locations (Staten Island & upstate) Advocate Site Design Refreshes New Custom Designs MassProBono/

Buy Lasix Online Canada where to buy lasix online lasix iv push nursing 120 mg lasix daily price of lasix tablet lasix renogram purchase furosemide furosemide.

of industry pricing practices, sparked by such factors as hepatitis C drugs that hit the market at $1,000-a-pill; six-figure-a-year cancer treatments with marginal survival improvements/til signering okning og har fatt noen blant de nesten alle generose bonuser i hoved staten for a oppna sine kinfolk cheap furosemide 40 mg lasix for heart failure lasix renal/ germs will certainly get hold of your friends and relations telling them enough bother and want them how to post a total amount/

Joelle Tuerlinckx (born 1958) is a Belgian visual artist. She works in a variety of mediums including sculpture, film, collage and drawing. In her installation.

paper maché, knitted wool 20 x 20 x 35 cm She didn’t have friends, children, sex, religion, marriage, success, a salary or a fear of death/ see branding very much in the art market, and I find this very limiting…The art market shouldn’t be dictating how people work/Galerie, Cologne, Germany “Rosemarie Trockel,” Galerie Karlheinz Meyer, Karlsruhe, Germamy “Rosemarie Trockel, Papierarbeiten,” Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen [traveled to: Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany] 1991 “Rosemarie Trockel,” Institute/

Henry David Thoreau, Wanderer:

when he was a student at Harvard and when he lived with the Emerson’s on Staten Island. Work: Surveyor, worker in parent’s pencil factory, teacher, and writer Noted for/ Second event came 16 days later with the death of the son of his friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson. http://www.walden.org/Institute/images/tho0299a.jpg http://www/ (sometimes beef), and beans. A great proportion of the beans raised in Massachusetts find their market here. On expeditions it is only hard bread and pork, often raw, slice upon slice,/

Notre Dame Class Communications The Class of 1984 Loop Mark Rolfes 84.

– Have the capability to maintain a supplemental list of addresses (spouses, friends of Class of 1984, etc.) So What is The Loop? Part /including the alumni affinity groups, professional, academic, spiritual and service programs, communications, marketing, finance and technology. She will report to Chuck. ND Controversies Vagina Monologues –/ – Ahead of us is # 1 Princeton, Sweet Briar College, Colgate, Wagner College in Staten Island, Mt. Holyoke and Scripps. At # 11 is Elon College, which last year was/

3rd Annual North Texas Health Forum Reducing Infant Mortality in Tarrant County: Its Time for Action April 8 - 9, 2010 Tamara Wrenn, MA, CCE, CIMT Senior.

Policy & Systems Change Achievements 6. Harlem Hospital Recently Designated as a “Baby Friendly” Hospital (Aug 2008) 7. Passed Mental Health Parity Legislation Timothy’s Law /health and infant mortality. Action steps  Develop the message.  Develop a social marketing strategy.  Get the message out. Work the media using mass media campaigns /?  New York City’s five boroughs; New York, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island  Why?  The catalyst:  Decrease in Healthy Start funding  Rise in infant/

SAS 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Beginning in SAS Frank DiIorio CodeCrafters, Inc. Chapel Hill NC.

DiIorio CodeCrafters, Inc. Chapel Hill NC Off-Topic: Staten Island and Hilton Head: Separated at Birth??? Today/ heres what it might look like: The Big Picture, Take 2: Platforms, Products, Solutions Powerful, user-friendly, and cutting-edge. But … predefined functionality. Consider whats at the heart of it all (next slide)/" Base SAS is, arguably, the most versatile, and has a strong presence in the job market Building blocks: DATA step, PROCs, ODS, macro Vast power, vast potential for confusion, so take/

Design And Planning https://store.theartofservice.com/the-design-and-planning-toolkit.html.

management, technical support provides a number of specialist functions: research and evaluation, market intelligence (particularly for design and planning and capacity management), proof of concept /, vol https://store.theartofservice.com/the-design-and-planning-toolkit.html Staten Island Greenbelt - Parkway 1 Having pointed out that a method for/html Venu Thottempudi - Career 1 Entertainments banner and the other two friends were involved in design and planning https://store.theartofservice.com/the-design/

NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON History Geography Sights Culture and Sport VY_32_INOVACE_15-03.

, East and Harlem Rivers environmentally friendly city: public transport modern ecological buildings and skyscrapers 5 areas: Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island (Richmond) Long Island, Liberty/, Ellis, Roosevelt Islands more than 8 mill. inhabitants S IGHTS OF N.Y. Manhattan ‘Heavenly Land’ oldest, most important part, tallest build., expensive shops, schools, financial and cultural centre, streets and avenues Wall Street: 1792 open-air money market/

The Great Industrialists and their Tactics. Andrew Carnegie  Scottish immigrant-”rags to riches” story  became a giant in the steel industry  1873-

 used Bessemer converter to make steel efficiently and cheaply  #1 steel producer in the world- owned 80% of the steel market  donated $400 million to worthy causes; gave away 90% of his wealth John D. Rockefeller  Started Standard oil company/wealth in shipping and railroads  By age 16 he was operating his own ferrying business between Staten Island and Manhattan  Ruthless in business, very few friends; perceived as vulgar, mean-spirited, made life miserable for those around him, including his family /

Pier Village – Phase 3 RAB Financing August 28, 2012

a certain percentage of the retail space in the Project to Family Friendly Tenants Conditions that must be met by the Redeveloper before the City/ simultaneously closing a construction financing and funding equity the existence of market conditions that will allow the RABs to be sold Financial Benefit Excess/ real estate Some of the more notable current projects include: Stapleton Waterfront Development (Stapleton, Staten Island) Liberty Harbor (Jersey City, NJ) Liberty National Golf Course (Jersey City, NJ/

1 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute National Institute of Diabetes and.

70 leading researchers, public health experts, nutritionists and dietitians, youth marketing experts, and community center representatives from around the country.  Online/Port Chester, Rochester (2 sites), Rockville Centre, Rome, Saranac Lake, Saratoga Springs, Spring Valley, Staten Island (5 sites), Syracuse (2 sites), Westfield, Wheatley Heights NCAsheville (2 sites), Ayden, Badin,/site  Media Partners 46 We Can! on the Web  Become a friend of We Can! on MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/nihwecan)  View/

BINGO REVIEW Pick up BINGO Card, fill out, take out ALL C-notes.

is NOT a benefit of the railroads A.Westward expansion B.Credit Mobilier Scandal C. new markets for industries D.City growth [Default] [MC Any] [MC All] This picture is / [MC Any] [MC All] The Spoils System A.Gave jobs to loyal party workers or friends. B.Fired those who did not complete their jobs correctly. C.Was created by James Garfield /The immigration processing center for those living on the WEST coast was called A.Ellis Island B.Staten Island C.St. Helena D.Angel Island [Default] [MC Any] [MC All] The/

Great Leap ‘Forward’ wishful thinking, poor incentives, hungry Table 1.3: How to cripple an agricultural economy: Statistics during China’s “Great Leap.

our standards," [Defense Department gang detective Scott] Barfield said. "A friend of mine is a recruiter," he said. "They are being told less/E.g.: Acquire-a-company problem –Betting game (Groucho Marx theorem) –Coin auction –Insurance market failure –movie “cold opening” How to overcome? –Measure –Exclude (insurance) –Screening or /diagnoses after rule changes in “Second Career” program for air traffic controllers (Staten and Umbeck, 1982) Disorder Pre-Second Career Program Change incidence Post-Second/

Research Ethics ……..a gist of the basic scientific etiquettes.

published. Outsourcing clinical trials The price of bringing a new drug to market is about $1 million per day Much of that cost is devoted/ethical decision making? 1.Mentor, advisor 2. Fellow graduate students 3. Family 4. Friends not in graduate school 5. Other faculty 6. Religious beliefs 7. Discussions in courses/348. Secret Human Experiments Willowbrook Study (Early 1960s) – Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, NY conducted research on vulnerable, mentally retarded children to better understand the /

Myth #1: Most students know their major and career goals when they enter college.

way from his earlier academic pursuits. He majored in education at Richmond College on Staten Island, New York. After graduating, Simmons briefly taught elementary school in New /the greatest basketball players of all time, he became one of the most effectively marketed athletes of his generation and was instrumental in popularizing the NBA (National Basketball /other students in the majors you’re interested in.  Talk to family, friends, and relatives who work in the career fields you are considering. Ask /

Thimerosal and Aspartame as cofactors in the Autism Epidemic Kenneth Stoller, MD, FAAP President, International Hyperbaric Medical Assoc. Medical Director,

studies it claims support aspartame’s safety 1975 Searle withdraws aspartame from the market pending results of an FDA inquiry. The inquiry board doesn’t convene/The authors all had ties to a for-profit Danish vaccine manufacturer, the Statens Serum Instit (SSI). This significant conflict of interest was not disclosed or /regarding the effects of aspartame/methanol/formaldehyde poisoning. Ajinomoto hired the Governor’s best friend, Walter “Butch” Maki and his affiliates, former Governor Jerry Apodaca, and /

New York & New Jersey Broadway & Boardwalk Chapter 6.

with doorman before walking out of hotel  Tours most popular choice  Ferry to Staten Island, Ellis Island & Statue Copyright © 2007 by Nelson, a division of Thomson Canada/© 2007 by Nelson, a division of Thomson Canada Limited 10 Manhattan Times Square  Family friendly Broadway  #2 theatre district in the world  Get “rush” tickets and see a/ New York City  Typically expensive and small  Hotel market is business travellers  Weekend packages often available for leisure travellers Atlantic City  Packages /

Research Ethics ……..a gist of the basic scientific etiquettes.

published. Outsourcing clinical trials The price of bringing a new drug to market is about $1 million per day Much of that cost is devoted/348. Secret Human Experiments Willowbrook Study (Early 1960s) – Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, NY conducted research on vulnerable, mentally retarded children to conduct research on / ethical decision making? 1.Mentor, advisor 2. Fellow graduate students 3. Family 4. Friends not in graduate school 5. Other faculty 6. Religious beliefs 7. Discussions in courses/

The Progressive Era, 1900 – 1917 Chapter 21. Copyright © Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.Maps/Figs/Tables, 21–2 Map 21.1: Woman Suffrage.

child labor, but the Supreme Court soon found it unconstitutional. Child Worker Staten Island Historical Society Anti-Saloon League and Women’s Christian Temperance Union Diversions/targeted unregulated and often dangerous nostrums. Hamlin’s Wizard Oil, a pain remedy marketed by traveling shows and musical groups, contained alcohol, ammonia, chloroform, and /Maps/Figs/Tables, 21–40 Theodore Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot The two friends and allies in the conservation cause aboard the steamboat Mississippi on a/

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