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Conference Presentations

in their careers Heinrich Hertz, J. Robert Oppenheimer Chien-Shiung Wu Rise above those obstacles to make successful presentations Marie Curie Michael Faraday on presenting “[Lectures] depend entirely for their value on the manner in which they are given. It/ others with something? For example, target the body to experts, but make the prediction and summary to everybody. Timeline showing presenter reaching multiple audiences by beginning at surface of the topic, diving into a subject, and then surfacing to/

Porto, March 21st, 2006 Introduction to the 7th Framework Programme (FP7)

frontier research by individual teams competing at European level Support to Training Mobility Careers development Through reinforced Marie Curie actions In order to strengthen the human resources for European research Enhance research and innovation capacity by /the EIF and the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) Community Financial Instruments for SMEs Introduction to FP7 FP7 - Timeline 5. Next steps in FP7 development 2006  23-24 April - European Council Spring Summit will discuss research as part/

Chapter 13: Mass Society and Democracy

. Belief in the Newtonian Universe- everything ran in a machine- like, orderly fashion through knowable laws- atoms Marie Curie- discovered radium; atoms were worlds in themselves, not just hard material bodies Albert Einstein- theory of relativity; / Feminism Literacy Ministerial responsibility Chapter 13 :Vocabulary Activity Duma Urbanization Psychoanalysis Pogroms Modernism impressionism Chapter 13 : Timeline Activity 42 All deal with objects that can be seen only with a microscope. People realized that /

Conference Presentations Dr. Steve Wallace. Introduction Teach at NCTU, NTHU and ITRI technical writing teacher and editor- Watched rejection Written.

their careers – Heinrich Hertz, – J. Robert Oppenheimer – Chien-Shiung Wu Rise above those obstacles to make successful presentations – Marie Curie Michael Faraday on presenting “[Lectures] depend entirely for their value on the manner in which they are given. It is not/ with something? For example, target the body to experts, but make the prediction and summary to everybody. Timeline showing presenter reaching multiple audiences by beginning at surface of the topic, diving into a subject, and then surfacing/

Joint Support Office Ukraine Kiev, 2 December 2011 HORIZON 2020 – The new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014 - 2020 Proposal of the European.

support to research and innovation infrastructures, standard setting –Networking and coordination Training and mobility grant – for Marie Curie Actions –For single beneficiaries, funding bodies or transnational consortia for training, mobility and career development of researchers/commercial procurement –Public procurement of innovative solutions 2 Dezember 2011Manfred Horvat38 Horizon 2020 Next steps, timeline From 30/11: Parliament and Council negotiations on the basis of the Commission proposals Ongoing:/

Development of the Atom The Greeks History of the Atom Not the history of atom, but the idea of the atom In 400 B.C the Greeks tried to understand matter.

electrons, or neutrons Solid and INDESTRUCTABLE Democritus “To understand the very large, we must understand the very small.” Timeline 20001000300 AD American Independence (1776) Issac Newton (1642 - 1727) 400 BC Greeks (Democritus ~450 BC) Discontinuous/ Becquerel - discovered "uranic rays" and radioactivity 1896 Marie (Marya Sklodowska) and Pierre Curie - discovered that radiation is a property of the atom, and not due to chemical reaction. (Marie named this property radioactivity.) 1897 Joseph J. Thomson/

By Bekah Clark and Laura Trafidlo. t 1803- John Dalton In 1803, John Dalton proposed an “atomic theory” with round, solid atoms based upon measurable.

. Later in that same year, he studied “canal rays” and found they were associated with the proton H+. 1898- Marie Curie In 1898, Marie Curie (with the assistance of her husband Pierre) discovered the radioactive elements polonium and radium. She also studied uranium and thorium./superstri ngtheory.com/basics /basic4.html)http://www.superstri ngtheory.com/basics /basic4.html Atomic Structure Timeline (http://watertown.k1 2.wi.us/HS/Staff/Bue scher/atomtime.asp)http://watertown.k1 2.wi.us/HS/Staff//

TAH4 Philadelphia locations to consider Please note that the slides that follow represent a combination of projects. Some animation and graphic features.

Francis Hopkinson, John Audubon, Robert Fulton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Robert Frost, Thomas Edison, Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie… Founded in 1743 by Benjamin Franklin; members have included Thomas Jefferson, Francis Hopkinson, John Audubon, Robert Fulton, Charles Darwin, Albert/the United States 203 years!! Website has great photo gallery by decades and a timeline of events. Website has great photo gallery by decades and a timeline of events. Once owned by Edwin Booth. ‘Hemp-House’: still using the /

Status of the Design Study Richard Catherall EN-STI-RBS.

EN-STI-RBS Outline Introduction Project Breakdown Structure Target Area Upgrade: a change in the PBS ITN Call3 (Marie Curie Fellowship) Progress on drawings Fluka simulations : a step forward Timeline Project Breakdown Structure  Three tier structure used for PBS and drawings  L – Layout  T- target/Identified the urgent need to upgrade the target area. Will have an impact on the current PBS ITN Call3 (Marie Curie Fellowship) 5.0 Target Design (EN/STI)WP HolderFellows – 5.1.1 Target Material T. Stora1 – /

Research and Innovation Research and Innovation Synergies between Horizon 2020 and the Europen Structural and Investment Funds. Magda De Carli Unit B5.

projects (tassi del 70% o 100%)  SME instrument  ERC grants  Marie-Curie fellowships  Fast track to innovation - pilot 2.Coordination & support actions 3.Programme Co-fund  Marie-Curie co-fund  ERA-NET  Pre-commercial procurement/procurement of innovation 4.Prizes (/mainstream R&I actions: cumulative Important:  H2020 must be a stand alone proposal to have a chance for funding  Timeline is important!  Teaming: cumulative or sequential ESIF can be used for costs not Eligible under Teaming, e.g. /

The Progressive Movement

is founded 1889 Eiffel Tower opens for visitors 1896 William McKinley is elected president Timeline of Events 1898 1899 1900 Marie Curie discovers radium Boer War is South Africa begins 1900 William McKinley is reelected Timeline of Events 1901 McKinley is assassinated, Theodore Roosevelt becomes president Commonwealth of Australia is created Timeline of Events 1904 Theodore Roosevelt is elected president Ida Tarbell writes The History/

GEOCHRONOLOGY HONOURS 2008 Lecture 01 Introduction to Radioactive Decay and Dating of Geological Materials.

Earth based on cooling underestimated the age of the Earth –Lot’s of scientists died of cancer Radioactivity  In 1903 Marie and Pierre Curie and Henri Becquerel shared the Nobel Prize for Physics for the discovery of radioactivity  By now scientists including JJ Thompson / been laid down at the same rate, and so current rates of geological change could not be used to provide accurate timelines of the history of Earth.  Holmess persistence finally began to pay off in 1921, when the speakers at the yearly/

2-1 Nuclear Forensics Summer School Production and prevalence of radioisotopes Terms and definition overview Production of isotopes §Formation of elements.

of nucleons, mesons, neutrinos (and antineutrinos), photons, electrons (and positrons) The ratio of baryons to photons was ~ 10-9. 2-14 Timeline 10 -2 s (T~10 11 K) §T(K)=1.5E10t 1/2, t in seconds density of the Universe dropped to ~/plates wrapped in black paper §Plates revealed an image of the uranium crystals when developed 1898 Isolation of radium and polonium §Marie and Pierre Curie isolated from U ore 1899 Radiation into alpha, beta, and gamma components, based on penetration of objects and ability to /

An Age of Modernity, Anxiety, and Imperialism, 1894 - 1914 Chapter 24.

Consciousness: Intellectual and Cultural Developments  Developments in the Sciences: the Emergence of a New Physics  Challenging classical physics  Marie Curie (1867 – 1934) and Pierre Curie (1859 – 1906): radiation and atoms  Max Planck (1858 – 1947): quantum theory  The work of Albert /London Conference Map 24.3 p757 MAP 24.3 The Balkans in 1913 p757 CHRONOLOGY European Diplomacy p758 Chapter Timeline Discussion Questions  How did the “new view” of science change thinking about the universe?  What /

Richard Catherall EN-STI CERN, 3 rd November 2011 ISOLDE Technical Report for the ISCC.

Ventilation Demi water Electrical syst.s (dismantling + installation works ) (REX perturbations) Start Isolde shutdown dec 2012 Timeline: E. Siesling Shutdown 2011/2012 NovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruaryMarch 20 /11- 26/04 P-beam stop 20 /11 – 2/12/MathieuMarie Curie VUONG Nhat-Tan Technical Student STADLER Alexander Fellow SEIFFERT Christoph Post Doc BABCOCK CarlaMarie Curie MONTANO JacoboMarie Curie KRONBERGER MatthiasAssociate (1 st Dec) CIMMINO SerenaMarie Curie (1 st Dec) CZAPSKI Michal Adam Marie Curie /

Global Studies Regents Review Mr. Giesler Global Studies.

Meiji Restoration Sino-Japanese War Zaibatsu Russo-Japanese War Japan and Meiji Restoration Tokugawa Isolation Timeline 1500s Europeans traders arrive 1600s, Tokugawa shoguns take control Brought stability Banned contact with the/Exploded because: Technology made life healthier, safer, and easier Fewer children died Life expectancy increased New Scientific Theories Marie Curie – experimented with radioactivity, energy released by certain substances Discovered radium and polonium – had a huge effect on/

Research Employment and Career Management Structure BRIEFING SESSION.

HOS or nominee or Director of Research Centre or nominee, Research Accounts and submit to HR for contract renewal Process timelines for a contract to be issued or renewed i.e. for a researcher starting on the 1 st of the month/for existing projects For awards with designated fixed salaries e.g. Marie Curie, IRCHSS, IRCSET etc, payments will continue to be according to the award guidelines or awards with designated fixed salaries e.g. Marie Curie, IRCHSS, IRCSET etc, payments will continue to be according to/


countries Surface detector array + air fluorescence detectors Auger-South: 3000 km 2 Fluorescence eye Particle detector array Auger timeline July 1991 the idea of Giant Array Project Mar 1999 groundbreaking Nov 2007 first major results Jun 2008 southern observatory/ ● Attempt to extend the manpower of NZ13. Step in this direction: since January 2009 a student from FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Networks will work part-time ● Final decision will be reached about the possibility of using LumiCal sensors in/

Building a Europe of Knowledge Towards the Seventh Framework Programme 2007-2013 Medical and Public Health Research DG Research European Commission Brussels.

 Advanced Investigator scheme Cooperation Ideas People Capacities Marie Curie Actions Overall scope: Human resource development in R&D in Europe   Initial training of researchers  Marie Curie Networks   Life-long training and career /e.g. Management)   Training and career development actions   Frontier research actions   Coordination and support actions FP7 Timeline  April 2005  Commission’s proposal  April 2005  Commission’s proposal  April 2006  Approval Financial Perspective 2007-/

Patenting Human Genes and Genetic Tests: Recent Developments National Advisory Council on Human Genome Research May 17, 2010 Jorge L. Contreras Washington.

Linkage Consortium established 1990: Mary-Claire King (Berkeley) linkage analysis paper locating BRCA1 on long arm of chromosome 17 1990: Mary-Claire King (Berkeley) linkage/ Stratton BRCA2 paper appears in Nature; Myriad releases sequence to GenBank Myriad Patent Timeline Oct 1991: Univ. UT grants Myriad exclusive license to BRCA1 Oct 1991:/Myriad’s European patents on BRCA1 granted 2002: Institut Curie and other oppose Myriad patents 2002: Institut Curie and other oppose Myriad patents Feb. 2004: Cancer Res/

History of Radiological Science March 04, 2014 What is Radiation? Propagation of energy through matter or space in the form of –Particles (e -, β ±,

pin in New York City Therapy: 1896- Emil H. Grubb é in Chicago History of Radiation in Medicine Radiotherapy Timeline 18951965 1980 1950 2000 100-400 keV X-rays Rotational Therapy Radium Brachytherapy Co-60 Teletherapy Low Energy LINAC Betatron / Konard Röntgen 1896 Natural radioactivity Antoine-Henri Becquerel 1897 Electron Joseph John Thomson 1898 Radium-226 Pierre & Marie Curie 1903 Bragg peak William Henry Bragg 1905 Photoelectric effect Albert Einstein 1906 Characteristic x-ray Charles G. Barkla 1911/

Date: in 12 pts Eastern Partnership Platform 4 Working Group 4 of the EaP Civil Society Forum Brussels, 14 June 2013 Marta Touykova, DG Education and Culture.

in excellent joint Masters & Doctorate courses Date: in 12 pts Erasmus Mundus in EaP countries Date: in 12 pts Marie Curie Since 2007, 6.4 M€ to EaP countries, 168 researchers and 104 researcher organisations funded Very active participation of Ukraine/ with Asia, Latin America and Africa Mobility limited to HEI staff to achieve projects’ objectives Date: in 12 pts Timeline Date: in 12 pts Creative Europe Creative Europe Culture Strand - New priorities Capacity-building Support cultural operators to develop /

From Situated and Autonomic Communications to to Pervasive Computing and Communications a research initiative in future and emerging communication paradigms.

-active initiative in FP7 not restricted in scope as for a single research project An example: SAC timeline n 22 July 2003: First brainstorming meeting –“New Communication Paradigms for 2020” n 3-4 March 2004/ Iberica, Thomson Research n Telecom Operators: Telecom Italia, Telekom Austria, British Telecom n Universities: Basel, Athens, Lancaster, Oslo, Pierre et Marie Curie, Liege, London (Imperial College, LSE), Budapest, Berlin, Basel, Aachen, Ulster, Kassel, Trento, Bruxelles (ULB), Modena e Reggio Emilia/

KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Process for joint programmes at KTH To be presented and discussed in Nov/Dec 2014.

funding  Apply for financial support via Erasmus+, STINT, …  If successful - alert your team! Application opens NOW! Timeline Springneeds analysis, contact partners & stakeholders, secure sustainability Autumnmake preparatory visits (funding via UHR) work with the checklists Jan-Febpresent at/you are invited to participate in an EJD (or another Marie Curie application), or write your own application, please contact Danielle Edvardsson at KTH/UF/IR for consultations. Danielle Edvardsson daniedv@kth./

Recruiting Research Students John Kirby Graduate School Faculty of Medical Sciences Prof. Kirby is the Faculty’s postgraduate tutor he has recruited and.

But be aware that not all funding bodies will support applications from non UK or EU nationals –For example, EU Marie Curie PhD fellows training in the UK must be citizens of any country in the EU but the UK! Make sure you/ solution for all parties Induction Barry Hirst is currently touring the faculty explaining this process –Project approval Defines project goals, timelines, supervisory team, assessors Crucial for assessors to approve projects which have not already been peer-reviewed (eg: overseas or /

S.A. Torchinsky1 En Route to SKA Astrophysics with E-LOFAR, Hamburg 15-19 Sept 2008 En route to the Square Kilometre Array Steve Torchinsky Nançay Radioastronomy.

Readiness Review SKA-mid+low Concept design for SKA-hi Phase 1 construction and commissioning SKA timeline FP7: PrepSKA [Path2SKA] [AAVS] http://www.skatelescope.org FP6: SKADS S.A. Torchinsky28/South Africa, Canada, USA, China –International SKA Program Development Office in Manchester –Governance –Technology development Path2SKA (EU FP7 Marie-Curie) –Sky simulations to telescope simulations for virtual observations –Led by Steve Rawlings, Oxford Aperture-Array Verification System (under discussion/

International Cooperation: Role of the ISN Commission on Acute Renal Failure and History of Disaster Relief Task Force San Francisco Hilton October 12,

Francisco San Francisco A fitting setting! A fitting setting! Slide 3 Slide 4 San Francisco Bay Area Earthquake Timelines Slide 5 Earthquakes can kill more people in a few days than die in the course of some major/European Union. Slide 14 Slide 15 Key Time Points (cont.) 1990 - Meetings at Metropole Hotel (Salon Marie Curie) in Brussels, Iran earthquake. 1990 - Meetings at Metropole Hotel (Salon Marie Curie) in Brussels, Iran earthquake. 1991 - Baxter commitment to fund DRTF. Banff Meeting. 1991 - Baxter /

Nuclear History Lecture 1b Terry A. Ring

Nuclear History Lecture 1b Terry A. Ring http://www.onlineeducation.net/resources/nuclear-history-timeline http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_nuclear_weapons_development Pre 1940’s During the 1930s three totalitarian, /, the British Army is using a mobile x-ray unit to locate bullets and shrapnel in wounded soldiers in the Sudan. 1898 - Marie Curie discovers the radioactive elements radium and polonium. 1905 - Albert Einstein develops theory about the relationship of mass and energy. 1911 - Georg /

Horizon 2020 and Innovation Oliver ROHDE, DLR. Political Architecture: Europe 2020 Strategy.

, Materials, Biotechnology, Manufacturing and Processing, and Space Access to risk finance Innovation in SME ERC FET Marie-Skłodowska- Curie Research Infrastructures JRC EIT Health, demographic change and wellbeing … Bioeconomy Energy Transport Climate action, Environment … /: thematically open, broad focus (Priority II und III) Impact criterion given a higher weighting in evaluations Timeline: „Time to grant“ contract negotiations with successful projects M1M6 M11 M14 publication of the call evaluation and/

American Imperialism and World War I From Isolationism to Internationalism.

– First Pan-American conference held  1893 – Sugar planters, aided by U.S. Marines overthrow Hawaii’s Queen Liluokalani  1895 – Venezuela boundary dispute with Britain – Guglielmo Marconi invents the radio Timeline of Events  1896 – William McKinley becomes President defeating William Jennings Bryan  1898 – Marie Curie discovers radium – U.S.S. Maine explodes and sinks – War with Spain – Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines, and Hawaii acquired/

Time Line Project EDUC 7100-2 Evolution of Educational Technology Linda Rosemond.

paper. http://www.xerox.com/about-xerox/history-timeline/1930-decade/enus.html http://www.xerox.com/about-xerox/history-timeline/1930-decade/enus.html  4) Dewey publishes //a/Armstrong.htm http://inventors.about.com/od/astartinventors/a/Armstrong.htm  3) Mary Phelps Jacob invents the bra. http://inventors.about.com/od/bstartinventions/a/brassiere.htm /org/wiki/Dick_and_Jane  6) Irene and Frederic Joliot-Curie create the first man-made radioactive substance by bombarding aluminum with alpha particles that /

History of the Atomic Model Chapter 4. Sir William Crookes (1879) Invented the cathode ray tube and investigated electrical charges in gases. Postulated.

the atom! If the nucleus were the size of a marble, the atom would be as big as a football stadium! Timeline So Far 1803 – Dalton’s Atomic Theory 1879 – Crookes postulates a negatively charged particle  electron. 1896 – Bequerel discovers / energy light (no charge), penetrates a lot of material New Radiation - ??? – penetrates even more Irene Joliot-Curie (1897-1956) Daughter of Marie & Pierre Curie Continued work of Bothe and Becker (1932) Aimed Bothe’s new beam at paraffin Aimed Bothe’s new beam at/

Edinburgh Speech Science and Technology. Overview ● What are Early Stage Training Programmes? ● EdSST – the state of play.

long-term fellows, five short-term fellows ● Collaboration between University of Edinburgh (lead partner) and Queen Margaret University College Marie Curie Early Stage Training ● Aims to – stimulate European Mobility – foster cooperation between partners in consortium of host institutions –/ research project at CSTR and/or SSRC ● 4-12 months duration ● 3-7 Fellows ● Flyer for distribution Project Timeline ● Start: January 1, 2006 ● Call for Long-Term Fellows: January 2006, closed March 31, 2006 for start/

Ch. 19 -- Nuclear Chemistry. Discovery of Radioactivity Radioactivity was first observed in ______by.

of Radioactivity http://www.radiation-scott.org/timeline/table.htm Radioactivity was first observed in ______by the French scientist Henri Becquerel. He discovered that Uranium salts would “fog up” a photographic plate. In 1898, Marie Curie and her husband Pierre coined the term /1934 at the age of 66. Her husband died in 1906 after getting hit by a horse and buggy. Marie Curie 1896 Polonium Radium cancer Nuclear Reactions Nuclear reactions involve the _________ instead of the ___________ as in a regular /

History of the Atom Activity. Objectives: – Today I will be able to: Explore the nature of science by completing an activity Research a scientist to understand.

and cultures Lesson Sequence Evaluate: Warm – Up Explore/ Explain: History of the Atom Research Engage: Construction of Timeline Elaborate: Gallery Walk Evaluate: Exit Ticket Warm - Up Complete the half sheet on atomic changes Use the word /Henri Becquerel (1896) Worked with x – rays and photographic film Discovered some substances spontaneously decay, releasing energy Marie Curie (1898) Worked with Uranium and Thorium Coined the term “radioactivity” Later discovered Polonium and Radium Hans Geiger /

Conference Presentations Dr. Steve Wallace. Bad conference presentations You’ve seen poor conference presentations. The speaker: Sits Reads Speaks in.

“shooting sparrows in the dark” 7 to describe the likelihood of producing nuclear energy with alpha particles striking nitrogen nuclei. Timeline showing presenter reaching multiple audiences by beginning at surface of the topic, diving into a subject, and then surfacing to /that one left every lecture with the feeling that a completely new and wonderful world had been revealed. ” Eve Curie on her mother Marie Curie “On Monday and Wednesday, my mother was nervous from the time she got up. At five o’clock /


1.Uncuttable Model 2. --- 3. The Dalton Sphere Model 4. The Plumb Pudding Model The Planetary Model 5. The Quantum Model The Timeline of DiscoveryThe Intermediate Atomic Models Brainstorm about this era? THE PHILOSOPHICAL ERA (CIRCA 500~300BCE) A time when logic ruled the land… THE / model o He wanted to use radiation to prove Thompson’s model o With the help from Marie Curie, he shot alpha particles (+) at an ultra-thin piece of gold foil, with a Geiger counter on the other side Ernest /

How to access EU Horizon 2020 funding EU funding & collaboration for health 8,9 th February 2016, Cardiff. Stephen Alexander Legal & Financial NCP H2020UK.

to FP7, Innovate UK (TSB), Interreg, ERDF and other programmes Need to understand the participation process and stages, timelines, the financial deal, contractual responsibilities etc. There are consequences of getting it wrong… So, you need to have/ hours or Standard annual productive hours SME OWNERS COSTS For SME owners without a salary, unit-costs based on Marie Curie living allowance reference rates(€55,800, 1720 productive hours, 25% indirect costs – reimbursement significantly lower than FP7)/

Nuclear Energy Chapter 16 Physical Science. Introduction to Nuclear Energy.

Radioisotopes Fertilizers & Pesticides Food Preservation Water Resources Medicine –Diagnosis –Therapy –Sterilization of equipment Environmental Tracers Timeline 1890’s –1895 November 8 - Wilhelm Roentgen discovers X-Rays –1897 Becquerel and Marie Curie discover radioactivityradioactivity –1895 - 1899 Ernest Rutherford discovers alpha and beta radiationalpha and beta radiation –1898 Marie and Pierre Curie isolated the two new chemical elements polonium and radium 1900-1919 1905 Albert Einstein relates/

Accessing Funding and other innovation support Alison Orr Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Manager Enterprise Europe Network in Yorkshire/ Targeting Innovation.

Frontier research by the best individual teams Future and Emerging Technologies Collaborative research to open new fields of innovation Marie Curie actions Opportunities for training and career development Research infrastructures (including e-infrastructure – Participant Portal) Ensuring access to /.com/ - R&D tab http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/en/find-your-area Horizon 2020 Timeline Adoption by the Council: December 2013 Adoption of work programme and publication of first calls for proposals:/

Welcome to Nuclear Chem It’s a bizarre-o world, where things are one thing, then they change into another. Leave your normalcy in the hall! Welcome to.

until you have just 0.03125 g left in you? (disregard the significant figures here) 2.00 g NOW Start your timeline, and watch the calculator buttons. Go slowly. The doctor wants to inject you with some radioactive Iodine-131 to measure your /characters in our class, notable Earnest Rutherford (gold foil), James Chadwick (discovered the neutron), and the husband and wife team of Marie and Pierre Curie. 1919: Rutherford “bombs” some nitrogen atoms with alpha particles. 14 7 N + 4242 He 17 8 O +H1 Nitrogen /

Chemistry SM-1131 Week 1 Lesson 1 Chapter 9 Dr. Jesse Reich Assistant Professor of Chemistry Massachusetts Maritime Academy Fall 2008.

+ 2 LiCl (aq) 2Li + SO 4 + Ca + 2Cl  CaSO 4 + 2 Li + 2 Cl Ca + SO 4  CaSO 4 Timeline A Nagging Concern Rutherford’s Model Positive Protons and Oppositely Charged Electrons What should happen? Collapse! Niels Bohr Oct. 7, 1885, Denmark – Nov. 18, 1962/ millimeter of lead to stop a proton. Bothe and Becker assumed the neutral radiation was high-energy gamma rays. Marie Curies daughter, Irene Joliot-Curie, and Irenes husband, Frederic, put a block of paraffin wax in front of the beryllium rays. They observed /

Introduction to Chemistry Mrs. Cramer Michigan Center High School.

1947 American Car Manufacturer All through my life, the new sights of Nature made me rejoice like a child. Marie Curie, 1867-1934 Polish-Born French Chemist Problems call forth our courage and our wisdom; indeed, they create our /chemistry: household goods, weapons, soap, wine, basic medicine Fire Water Earth Air ~ ~ The Hellenic Market FireWater Earth Air ~ ~ Timeline 20001000300 AD American Independence (1776) Issac Newton (1642 - 1727) 400 BC Greeks (Democratus ~450 BC) Discontinuous theory of matter /

Leaders in Antifungal R&D EU Grant Funding An SME perspective Dr Mike Birch.

Leaders in Antifungal R&D FP7:1 FINSYSB: Pathogenomics and Systems Biology of Fungal Infections: An Integrated Approach FP7: Marie Curie Action. Training Network 2008-20113.65M Euro 11 Partners 10 Academic 1 SME Coordinator Prof Al Brown University of /accepted as fundable, project goes through a negotiation phase. Projects can fail here, often through failure to adhere to timelines Don’t ignore EC deadlines ●Previously deadlines have been flexible ●This is changing Leaders in Antifungal R&D IP Issues/

Status and Future Perspective of the HIE-ISOLDE Project CERN, November 19-20, 2012

cost estimate for operating the facility at 15 kW once LINAC4 and PS Booster are online. NuPECC Long Range Plan 2010 Timeline for RIB Facilities 7 Superconducting LINAC installed in Three Phases 8 3 stages installation 1.2 MeV/u 3 MeV/u/-0121) The Belgian Big Science program of the FWO (Research Foundation Flanders) and the Research Council K.U. Leuven The CATHI Marie Curie Initial Training Network: EU-FP7- PEOPLE-2010-ITN Project number 264330. The Spanish Programme “Industry for Science” from CDTI 27 HIE/

ENGR 101/HUM 200: Technology & Society November 1, 2005.

Timeline of the Nuclear Age: Pre-1940s 1895: Wilhelm Roentgen discovers x-rays. The world immediately appreciates their medical potential. Within five years, for example, the British Army is using a mobile x-ray unit to locate bullets and shrapnel in wounded soldiers in the Sudan.1895 1898: Marie Curie/ are taken in Iran.November 1979 December 1979: The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan.December 1979 Timeline: 1980s October 1980: The West Valley Demonstration Project Act of 1980 directs DOE to construct/

Review for Final Exam ILS300 Fall 2009 1. There are two basic types of reading: Unengaged reading = done because we have to, i.e., school or work Engaged.

The Growing Nation: Pam Conrad’s PRAIRIE SONGS Civil War Era: Andrea Pinkney’s SILENT THUNDER 25 TIMELINE OF HISTORICAL NOVELS, cont. TIMELINE OF HISTORICAL NOVELS, still cont. Industrial Age : Katherine Paterson’s BREAD & ROSES, TOO Immigration: /a person’s life. Some of the most typical biographies in children’s literature are: 27 SCIENTISTS & INVENTORS: Marie Curie POLITICAL LEADERS: George Washington POP CULTURE & TRULY TALENTED: Miley Cyrus, John Lennon SPORTS PERSONALITIES: Jackie Robinson EXPLORERS /

Marzano to “Gogh” Breaking Down Strategies to Make You More Successful in the Classroom.

@nwmissouri.edu 660-562-1995 www.nwmissouri.edu/rpdc MARY POPPINS AND BEHAVIORAL INFLUENCE Mary Poppins #1 Question Time What are words you would use to describe how /said the following quotes find these vocabulary works, circle them, write a definition make a timeline of events Examples (adaptations) from The Case Against Homework: Read pages 62-66 in / Get out a piece of paper and write the teacher a note…. Dear Ms. Curie, Sally has worked hard for one hour on this assignment and cannot complete it. /

6/8/2016 1 Why Study Radiation? Uses for Radiation Click on the fallout shelter sign for a complete list of radiation uses in medicine, industry and technology.

salts emitted penetrating rays similar to X-rays Radioactivity which could fog photographic plates. Two years after this Pierre and Marie Curie discovered other elements: Polonium and Radium which had this property. The emission was known as Radioactivity. 6/8/2016 6/picture to look at the history of nuclear energy. More History can be found at http://timeline.aps.or g/APS/Timeline/ http://timeline.aps.or g/APS/Timeline/ 6/8/2016 61 Nuclear Energy Outlook Presently: 30 Countries 438 Nuclear Power Plants in /

Preparing an FP7 proposal

Consortium Building Proposal Writing Management the way to Success Follow the rules – NCP guidance Partnership Exploitation/management General Timeline From idea to contract -20 -12 -11 -10 -8 -6 -3 -1 Project idea – /of Knowledge Research Potential Science in Society Activities of International Co-operation Coherent Development of Policies People – Marie Curie Initial Training of Researchers Lifelong Learning and Career Development Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways The International Dimension /

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