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“But You have to Remember P. J. Daniell of Sheffield” or Percy Daniell and the British Probability Tradition(s) John Aldrich University of Southampton.

mathematician to appear. With de Moivre and Bayes he is often the only British mathematician/study of Higher Mathematics in the British Empire is now practically concentrated at Cambridge” The Times Trinity College: biggest and best Mathematics Tripos Part I The first class students wranglers were placed in order of their marks Senior Wrangler, Second Wrangler, Third Wrangler, etc. The order was published Students labelled for life/Wiener used Daniell as a referee for jobs. Daniell & Wiener They probably met/

Studying Maths beyond GCSE

for jobs and are filling in the personal statement on your UCAS form Why Study Maths? It’s Required! You must have A level Maths if you wish to study : /What Careers can Maths lead to? Natural and Life Sciences Describing the world requires mathematical language. The range of careers in this area is expanding greatly. Many/mainland UK. Maths teacher Numeracy coordinator Special needs teacher Head teacher Research mathematician Why Study Further Maths? What is Further Mathematics? Further Mathematics is an AS//

What happens to all that maths? Peter K Dunn Department of Mathematics and Computing University of Southern Queensland.

.au/Jobs/Graduate_programs.html Jobs for mathematicians here and overseas: http://www.austms.org.au/Jobs/Job_listings.html Jobs for mathematicians here and overseas: http://www.austms.org.au/Jobs/Job_listings.html http://www.austms.org.au/Jobs/Job_listings.html 175 maths graduates in Australia (2001), only some with statistics. 175 maths graduates in Australia (2001), only some with statistics. Thomas reports Jan Thomas reported on state of mathematics/

March 24, 2009 Complexity in everyday life 1 (Computational) Complexity: In every day life? Madhu Sudan MIT.

it. … You get whatever you wish … if you just wish for it. Mathematicians replaced by computers. Mathematicians replaced by computers. If P≠NP … If P≠NP … … Consistent with current/job should I take? Should I insult my boss today? Or tomorrow? Should I insult my boss today? Or tomorrow? Sequence of simple steps that add up … Sequence of simple steps that add up … Eventually we find out if we did the right thing! Eventually we find out if we did the right thing! Life = (Non-deterministic) computation. Life/

Research In the Post-Genomics Era Martina McGloughlin, Biotechnology Program and Life Sciences Informatics Program UC Davis.

Laboratory Protocols & Standards/Controls Mathematicians –Analysis & Correlation of Data –Validation methodologies Computer/Specialist who Understands Laboratory Techniques Recent Informatics Job Description DUTIES: The role of this position is to provide scientific bioinformatics/, the center will include scientists specializing in gene studies from a multitude of disciplines, including human and animal medicine, engineering, /Pharmaceutical s LION Ag Lumicyte Micronics Nanogen NEN Life Science Pro d u c t s /

Unit 6 Groundless Beliefs. Teaching procedures: Ⅰ Warm-up questions Ⅱ Background Ⅲ Word study Ⅳ General understanding of the text Ⅴ Detailed study of.

1642] commonly known as Galileo, was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher who played a major role in the / justified the action of the Government. 首相证明政府 的行动是正当的。 They found it hard to justify their son’s giving up a secure well-paid job. 他们难以理解儿子竟放弃了收入颇丰的稳定的工作。 2. /of thinking. Ⅴ Detailed study of the Text 1 . In future we are going to follow the practice----until it becomes a habit----of/people may hold correct opinions. 31. In adult life , as we have often observed, a bitter /

By Ken Journigan Olympic High Astronomy-Renaissance The History of Astronomy The History of Astronomy.

fill of ambrosia, food of the gods. (studying the star sure makes me happy) Quoted in C B Boyer, A History of Mathematics (New York 1968) Ptolemy Ptolemy’s full Latin name was Claudius Ptolemaeus (fl. AD 87-150, Alexandria), He was an ancient astronomer, geographer, and mathematician who considered the Earth the center of the universe (the "Ptolemaic system"). Virtually nothing is known about his life/

Knower(s) Natural Sciences Language Sense Perception Emotion Reason Mathematics Human Sciences History Arts Ethics Ways of Knowing Areas of Knowledge TaK.

of the great events of my life, as dazzling as first love. I had not imagined that there was anything so delicious in the world” Bertrand Russell When he recalled his first study of Geometry TaK – Areas of Knowledge: An Overview Why do we do Mathematics? TaK – Areas of/. TaK – Areas of Knowledge: An Overview “A mathematician is cautious in the presence of the obvious” Kip TaK – Areas of Knowledge: An Overview Some key points: Mathematics, which can be defined as the ‘science of rigorous proof’, begins /

Chapter 1 Introduction. 2 Chapter 1 Objectives Know the difference between computer organization and computer architecture. Understand units of measure.

Representation 131 Our job becomes one of reducing error, or at least being aware of the possible magnitude of error in our /You will fully understand why modulo 2 arithmetic is so handy after you study digital circuits in Chapter 3. 0 + 0 = 00 + 1 /Introduction In the latter part of the nineteenth century, George Boole incensed philosophers and mathematicians alike when he suggested that /doesn’t tell us much about the actual expected life of the disk. Design life is usually more realistic. 7.4 Magnetic Disk/

The HE Curriculum Theme Neil Challis Mike Robinson Mike Thomlinson More Maths Grads HE Curriculum Team Sheffield Hallam Department of Engineering and Mathematics.

perspectives on the difficulties of studying maths General comments Personal and social issues General/mathematician needs 16 Student experience: more on transition Transition to university life remains - and will remain - difficult for some Problems continue beyond the school-university transition into later years Beware of bridging a gap (eliminate it) Beware of/of things → happier → more enjoyment → work harder → succeed → leave with positive memory → more likely to forgive us our trespasses… Increased job/

Chapter 1 and 2.

specialize in work other than farming. A division of labor emerged, in which different people performed different jobs. Some became skilled workers, called artisans. They/ developed. Mathematicians understood the concepts of abstract and negative numbers, zero, and infinity. Aryabhata, a mathematician born in the late A.D. 400s, was one of the first/ancient cultures. You will learn the history of China’s great dynasties. You will also study its philosophies, life, and culture and discover its greatest /

UNIT 4 NOTES A TIME OF REVOLUTIONS AND REASON. Scientific Revolution (1400 ’ s -1700 ’ s)

Studied “invisible” world of bacteria, protozoa, and animal and plant cells Blaise Pascal 1623-1662 French mathematician/of Glorious Revolution in his Two Treatises of Government Locke ’ s State of Natural Man People in original state of nature –Happy –Natural rights to life/of loss of goods Shifted Economic Power Western Europe’s major trade routes shifted –From Mediterranean/Baltic to Atlantic Western Europe’s population increased –Partly because of additional food Middle class grew –Urban centers –New jobs/

SSWH2 The student will identify the major achievements of Chinese and Indian societies from 1100 BCE to 500 CE.

example. 8 True to the Buddhist principle of respect for all life, Asoka stopped eating most meats and /of the world. Gupta mathematicians devised the system of writing numbers that we use today. Indian mathematicians also originated the concept of zero and developed the decimal system of/ Compare and contrast Study the teaching of Buddha, the ten commandment, and the teaching of Confucius. Choose three/In theory, it opened up government jobs to the masses China Mandate of Heaven: -Royal authority came from /

The Role of Science Academies in Science Education and Teaching Science and Mathematics in a Delightful Manner - Prof. Dr. M. Shamsher Ali.

the celebrated theoretical physicist of all times pointed out that God is the greatest mathematician. The humans have discovered through the discovery of force laws and the way numbers work in nature that without the use of mathematics, life forms would find it /can have a very early scientific exposure to the concept of bio-diversity, merely from a study of the life forms that the village pond contains. This study needs only a little bit of imagination of a teacher, and learning science can then become fun /

Department of Psychology  Institute for Simulation and Training University of Central Florida Orlando, FL 32826 Human Factors Origins P.A. Hancock Presentation.

, where he has been since 1966. He is the principal investigator of the University of Texas Human Factors Research Project. This group studies individual and team performance, human error, and the influence of culture on behavior in aviation and medicine. Helmreich received all his degrees at Yale. He is a member of the Space Life Sciences Committee for NASA’s University Space Research Association. He was/

STEM of GOLF. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics—known as STEM—are as important to the game of golf as tees, clubs, balls and a good swing.

study in school? „„ Career Corner Write the letters S-T-E-M. Summarize the science, technology, engineering or math concepts in this part of the supplement. S = T = E = M = STEM Follow Up Gather a newspaper—one per team and the Lesson 6 Worksheet and a calculator. The Price is Right: Calculating percent is a skill needed in all walks of life/how James Hubbell feels about his job? How do we know that James/4. Design a Course: Engineers, technicians, mathematicians and scientists combine skills to be even more /

Ways and means of increasing interest in Science Education in Asia Prof. Dr. M. Shamsher Ali President, Bangladesh Academy of Sciences and Vice-Chancellor,

of sternoplys diaphana actually exists in nature. No wonder Dirac, the celebrated theoretical physicist of all times pointed out that God is the greatest mathematician. The humans have discovered through the discovery of force laws and the way numbers work in nature that without the use of mathematics, life/ must remember the saying “The battle of Waterloo was won in the playground of Eton”. 8. Conclusion: Science and mathematics are the essential tools for the study of nature. While utmost care should be /

Algebra: The Language of Science by James Nickel, B.A., B.Th., B.Miss., M.A. Copyright  2008 www.biblicalchristianworldview.net.

’s phrase), of inert ideas. Copyright  2008 www.biblicalchristianworldview.net Analysis of Rationale 1.Utility in daily life. 2.Value of mental discipline. 3.Learning of higher, nobler truths. 4.Preparation for college and professional life. Copyright  /of science, science is the study of what God in Christ has made, and what God in Christ has made is an unveiling of His glory. Copyright  2008 www.biblicalchristianworldview.net What History Teaches It is beyond dispute that, in history, mathematicians/

Leonhard Euler Elif Nur Esen 200822018 Leonhard Euler Leonhard Euler was born on April 15, 1707 in Basel, Switzerland. He was the son of Paul Euler and.

mathematical books on my own and to study them as diligently as I could; /of Basel, but after he failed to get this job, he went to St. Petersburg. Euler was appointed to the mathematical-physical division of the Academy instead of the physiology position that Nicolaus Bernoulli’s death had left vacant. This was at the requests of Daniel Bernoulli, an applied mathematician/of his entire works at this point of his life. On September 18, 1783, Euler died of a brain hemorrhage. When Euler died, the mathematician/

Understanding Science Mrs. Miller. Unit Goal: Use the scientific process with all of it’s levels and steps to identify, analize, and solve problems. Daily.

: - Earth Science - Life Science - Physical Science 2. Write down the essential question 3. Divide your page as instructed 4. Complete Who Studies What? Activity Who Studies What? There are dozens of different kinds of scientists, all asking of questions about the way the world works. If you follow a scientist around for a while, you would notice what kinds of things she or he studies. Your job is to/


factors Lack of tact Lack of courtesy, ill-mannered Lack of vitality Lack of maturity Sloppy application form No interest in company or industry Cynical Intolerant, strong prejudices 7 TRADITIONAL JOB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS How would you describe yourself? An engineer, a mathematician, and a/ late afternoon lab every day for the rest of your life. Overtime pay? What overtime pay? Managers, not engineers, rule the world. 9 What do you really want to do in life? What are your long range career objectives? How/

The State of K-12 Student Achievement in Mathematics, 2006 Why new Mathematics Standards? Florida, Math Matters! Mary Jane Tappen, Deputy Chancellor, K-12.

and the expectations of postsecondary institutions. College Ready = Career Ready ADP research found a common core of knowledge & skills in math and English that are necessary for success in postsecondary education and in “good jobs”. ACT Study Ready for College/ number of high school graduates that become engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and the problem solvers of the future What is the goal for Florida’s standards? The “Thinkers” group agreed that the goal for the “Doers” is the development of “World/

Women In Science Order of Presentation: Amanda Hanson Alex Barger Ashley Petrillo Catherine Ndungh.

and co-workers.”(Gale 2009) LIFE Oldest of four children of Max Noether and Ida Amalia Kaufmann Noether Max Noether was an eminent mathematics professor at University of Erlangen in Germany. Worked on the theory of algebraic functions Noether’s brother Flitz was a mathematician and Alfred earned a doctorate in chemistry EDUCATION Received traditional education given to German girls Studied languages and was certified to teach/

The History of Management Thought

, courtesy of the University of Western Ontario Other Views of Managerial Work Rosemary Stewart examined the "demands," "constraints," and "choices“of a managers job. John Kotters studies of general managers and his finding of certain "demands" or regularities in all general managers jobs that resemble/Wiener http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/Mathematicians/Wiener_Norbert.html What are Cybernetics? http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/CYBSWHAT.html Death of the Slide Rule http://www.xnumber.com/xnumber/hp.htm /

Criminology Today Chapters 7 and part of 8.

events in the life course – marriage and job stability – seemed to be especially important in reducing the frequency of offending in later life. The delinquency is/in offending Desistance – the cessation of criminal activity or the termination of a period of involvement in offending behavior. Farrington found that the study’s persistent offenders suffered from “/also known as the Unabomber, is an American mathematician and social critic who carried out a campaign of bombings. He was born in Chicago, Illinois,/

Quotes Some words of wisdom.

– one to sit on and one to think with. How well you succeed in life depends on which one you use. Herbert V. Prochnow If you dont learn from your/ös A mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into theorems. are the three pillars of learning. Benjamin Disraeli Seeing much, suffering much, and studying much are the three pillars of learning. I/My job is to challenge students to think so that when they need to think, it wont be such a challenge. H.S. Wall I wonder if mathematics isnt rather a state of mind/

Where is Knowledge? John Stachel Center for Einstein Studies, Boston University 11 th Conference on Frontiers of the Foundations of Physics Paris, 6-9.

a better job. (/studying the processes of/of mathematicians grew up without knowing half of their science and, of course, in total ignorance of any other sciences. On teaching mathematics Palais de Découverte, 7 March 1997 I even got the impression that scholastic mathematicians (who have little knowledge of physics) believe in the principal difference of/of the human mind to comprehend the totality of nature. He has spent his professional life within the discipline of mathematical physics, a narrow area of/

Enlightenment (Age of Reason) The 18 th century philosophical movement of intellectuals who were greatly impressed with the achievements of the Scientific.

results first. As a result of this squabble, British mathematicians ignored the fruitful developments in mathematics on the continent /philosophes believed in the ideal of progress. They wished to apply sciences emphasis on reason to the study of peoples moral and social life. The philosophes believed that/life of wandering, trying and failing at many jobs. He was continually attracted to music. For years, Rousseau was undecided between careers in literature or music. Shortly after leaving Geneva, at the age of/

Section I: The Renaissance Begins (Pages 314-321) This section is about: This section is about: How an acceptance of non- religious values and the study.

be spent preparing for eternal life – it was to be spent living life to it ’ s potential. This started with people again studying the Romans and Greeks. This started with people again studying the Romans and Greeks. People were no longer told money and wealth were evil. People were no longer told money and wealth were evil. Leaders supported freedom of individuals, praised curiosity, and/

UNIT 4 NOTES A TIME OF REVOLUTIONS AND REASON. Scientific Revolution (1400 ’ s -1700 ’ s)

observation Astronomy Galileo –1564-1642 –Italian astronomer/physicist –Studied in Florence –Demonstrated law of gravity –Improved telescope, confirming Copernicus Kepler –1571-1630 –German astronomer and mathematician –Found that planets follow elliptical, not circular, orbit/ In 1690 published philosophical justification of Glorious Revolution in his Two Treatises of Government Locke ’ s State of Natural Man People in original state of nature –Happy –Natural rights to life, liberty, and property Locke /

Hypatia of Alexandria: Sifting the Myths Fenny Smith Part of Women in Mathematics: The Bicentenary of Ada Lovelace BSHM/Gresham College, Thursday 29 October.

sources Michael Deakin, Hypatia of Alexandria, Mathematician and Martyr (2007) Maria Dzielska, Hypatia of Alexandria (tr. F. Lyra, 1996) Edward J. Watts, City and School in late antique Athens and Alexandria (2006) Wilbur Knorr, Textual Studies in Ancient and Medieval Geometry/a cultural training They made friends for life Many were Christian They became bishops, government officials, estate owners with a high interest in culture......i.e. good solid members of the establishment Hypatia’s teaching This /

SPAdes: Saint Petersburg Genome Assembler Pavel Pevzner Department of Computer Science and Engineering University of California at San Diego Laboratory.

al., PNAS 2011) Tracing tumor evolution (Navin et al., Nature 2011) Studying tumor heterogeneity (Dalerba et al., Nature Biotech. 2011) Characterizing single cell transcriptome/ Nature Biotech. 2011) Analyzing uncultivated single cell organisms and revealing the “dark matter of life” (Yoon et al., Science, Yousseff et al., AIM 2011, Chitsaz et al.,/ one of the top mathematicians in the world, first job was a high-school teacher Ruben Abagyan, Professor at UCSD and owner of MolSoft, knowledge of Russian math/

CS 115 Lecture 2 Fundamentals of computer science, computers and programming Taken from notes by Dr. Neil Moore.

astronomy lab at Harvard. What is computer science? Computer science is the study of: What can be computed using step-by-step procedures. How best to / described at the start! Let’s try a few examples. Euclid, Greek mathematician Sculpture: J. Durham Photo: Mark A. Wilson Location: Oxford Wikipedia “Euclid/2014 film: The Imitation Game is about his life That was his name for the “Turing Test”: how can/for the compiler, but once your friend has done their job, you don’t need them any more – you have /

ANCIENT GREECE Famous Greeks. Essential Standards 6.H.2 Understand the political, economic and/or social significance of historical events, issues, individuals.

of the most influential Historical Figures (Greeks) Important Greeks Archimedes of Syracuse was an Ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. Although few details of his life are known, he is regarded as one of/12Alexander the Great Important Greeks Ancient Greek philosophers were masters of the problems of Ancient Greece Philosophers studied reason, values, knowledge, existence, etc The 3 most famous philosophers of Ancient Greece were… ① Socrates ② Plato ③ Aristotle Ancient/

Lewinter & WidulskiThe Saga of Mathematics1 Ones and Zeros Chapter 12.

loom operator adjusted the loom settings by hand before each glide of the shuttle, a tedious and time-consuming job. Lewinter & WidulskiThe Saga of Mathematics10 Jacquard’s Loom  Jacquard’s loom emphasized three concepts /of the poet, Lord Byron.  Her mother encouraged her to study mathematics and music.  She was a bright mathematician who was introduced to Charles Babbage in 1833. Lewinter & WidulskiThe Saga of Mathematics18 Lady Augusta Ada (1815 - 1852)  Ada Byron was fascinated by a demonstration of/

P. J. Daniell of King Edward’s and Beyond talk for BSHM Christmas meeting 2006 at King Edward’s School Birmingham (Finished paper by February hopefully!)

a $1000 travelling fellowship from Rice “studied under Born and Hilbert” published a paper on relativity with Ludwig Föppl (one of Hilbert’s physics PhDs) “On the Kinematics of the Born Rigid Body” Rice Institute /of a happy family life. Stewart 1947 I have very fond memories of him. He was charming, delightful, low key, modest. Arthur Porter phone conversation 20th October 2006 Pure and applied mathematics Stewart: “Daniell was highly accomplished as a pure mathematician as well as an applied mathematician/

Gupta Empire.

equals and had few basic rights. Life in Gupta India Social structure Legal codes Gender Laws of Manu Most people in ancient India belonged to specific caste Castes determined jobs, interaction with others Number grew, developed/study of stars and planets Metalworking Pioneers of metallurgy, the science of working with metals Knew processes for mixing metals to produce alloys, mixtures of two or more metals Metalworkers made their strongest products out of iron. Mathematics The most skilled mathematicians of/

Adulthood and Aging Module 6, Chapter 2.

your major be? Work force… What type of job will you do? Leaving adolescence = making decisions Where will /late adulthood. Nonverbal intelligence (playing games, puzzle, quilting, etc.) Mathematicians/scientists do best work in 20’s or 30’s. Crystallized /studies. Tend to mellow with age. Less extreme emotions, more enduring ones. Translation… less drama! Most regrets focus on what the person did not do, as opposed to mistakes made while perusing a goal. Message here? Dying and Death Death is a part of life/

1 Programming with the Mathematical and the Physical Uday S. Reddy School of Computer Science The University of Birmingham.

42 ] 38 What is a mathematical entity? Mathematicians themselves have not produced a definition of the idea. We can try to generalize from the kinds of things mathematicians study: –numbers, sets, functions, predicates. –Geometric/within an available space of states. They might also involve transformation or reconfiguration. Objects might have a limited life span (get created and /. The problem was that category theory didn’t do its job. – The mathematics was inadequate to reflect the intuitions. [/

19 th Century continued… 19 th Century continued… Manet was a reluctant father of Impressionism. His followers, including Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Auguste.

family, children and job, his refusal to accept easy glory and easy gain are the best-known aspects of Gauguins fascinating life and personality. This /study nature, to sympathize with what is direct, serious and heartfelt in earlier art, and to infuse their works with literary symbolism, bright colors, and strict attention to detail. The founders of the Brotherhood were the painters Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, English mathematician and writer, author of/

Q.1) 다음 글의 흐름으로 보아, 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 자연스럽지 못한 것은 ? (99 년 수능, 34 번 ) It is often believed that the function of school is ① to produce knowledgeable people.

of Habitat for Humanity Internationals campaign ④ to build houses for homeless people. He worked along with volunteers for the program, which is ⑤ named after him--the Jimmy Carter Work Project 2001. (Chap. 5. 동사의 시제 참고 : 년도, ago, last, yesterday, 등 명백한 과거표시어가 있는 경우 동사의 시제는 과거 ) Q.3) (A), (B), (C) 의 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 짝지은 것은 ? (2003 년 수능, 30 번 ) The jobs/mathematician you don’t need an expensive laboratory. The typical equipment of a mathematician ① is/ achievement in adult life. In fact, people/studies/

In this INTERACTVE session we will EXPLORE the recent INNOVATIONS and DEVELOPMENTS on the NRICH website designed to HELP the DEVELOPMENT OF EAS. We will.

and that it why I study it. 11111111 Continually doing /job Teaching Major Development – stemNRICH KS 3&4 Because maths is everywhere. Because curriculum silos are artificial. Because the modern world is STEM. Because students might want to do different things in life/mathematicians often experience none of these whilst at school. Where are we now: Main decisions for next phase of research Are there meaningful and identifiable profiles of student experience and views of mathematics? How do social aspects of/

First Age of Empires, Classical Greece, Ancient Rome and Early Christianity Pre-AP Unit #3 – Chapters 4-6.

Even this small population could not expect the land to support a life of luxury. A desire for more living space, grassland for raising /would work for the interests of the ordinary people. Once in power, for example, tyrants often set up building programs to provide jobs and housing for their supporters/ Archimedes – Scientist and mathematician of the Hellenistic era who studied at Alexandria. Archimedes accurately estimated the value of pi – the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter/

By: Cesar Ledesma. Why Vanguard? It is a Christian school I need to study theology My first major is mathematics My second major is human biology and.

, medical or doctorates. What does my major allow for? What one of my majors allows would be a Bachelor of Science, because I want to study human biology and science. The GPA needed to graduate for my majors is/mathematician $75,185 for a Scientist (pediatrician) Greatest Salary: $133,223 for a mathematician $ 180,754 for a Scientist (pediatrician) The job placements that VU offers are medical, pastoral, arts/design, engineering, and more. Tuition Rate = In-state = $22,986 Out-of-state = $22,986 Much of/

Graduate Study in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at NJIT Why go to graduate school? Why study applied mathematics? What is applied mathematics? Graduate.

of professions. Why study applied mathematics? Applied mathematics bridges disciplines: math, physics, engineering, biology, computer science, and others. Education in applied mathematics includes exposure to various mathematical techniques, develops precise ways of thinking, and an ability to find creative solutions to real-life problems. What do applied mathematicians/ to succeed in today’s demanding job market. What do we do? We span of wide variety of research areas: Applied Probability and Statistics/

CS157B Lecture 1 Prof. Sin-Min Lee Department of Computer Science San Jose State University.

of his studies, he chose to fly in the Royal Air Force. ©Silberschatz, Korth and Sudarshan2.60Database System Concepts Codd first came to the United States in 1948, at the age of 25. He found work with IBM as a programming mathematician/, he earned a doctorate from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. A disappointing job rating from his supervisor in Poughkeepsie, N./life changed in 1983, when he suffered a serious injury from a fall. After his recovery, he retired from IBM and quit his beloved hobby of/

DAY 2 Dr. Deborah Brady Exit Slip Feedback Exit SlipResponse Examples of good assessments/others’ assessments/specifically one on.

job that much, but you might have a great life at home that makes you happy. On the other hand, you might have an impressive career that gives you a lot of/of the entire class Turn and Talk https://www.teachingchannel.or g/videos/quality-evidence-rubric- student-assessment https://www.teachingchannel.or g/videos/quality-evidence-rubric- student-assessment Mathematicians/ of Learning (summative) Embedded in the teaching and learning process and is ongoing Typically occurs at the end of a unit of study /

Great contributors in THINKING Part 1 UHS 2122. “Verily! In the the creation of the heavens and earth, and in the alteration of night and da, there indeed.

a kind of logical and critical thinking. F Gerard of Cremona and Roberts of Chester translated the algebra of Al Khawarizmi into Latin. Mathematicians and universities/, friends and others. Intrinsic motivation Collins dan Amabile (1999): “Studies of personalities of highly creative people have described them as being totally absorbed in and/ Niemeyer is developing one of his most ambitious projects. Douglas Eby (2005): Being creative throughout our mature second halves of life can be nurtured by staying/

1 st chapter Rashedul Hasan. 1 st Chapter. What Computer is What Computer is -How does a Computer works -How does a Computer works -Characteristics of.

once started on a job, it carry out the job normally without human assistance /certain judgments in our day-to-day life whereas computer can not make such judgments/of contemporary parts. Leibnitz (1646-1716) was a German mathematician and built the first calculator to do multiplication and division. It was not reliable due to accuracy of contemporary parts. History of/study the structure of viruses such as that causing AIDS Biomedical research – atomic nuclear and plasma analysis – to study the structure of/


changes in the job market.” —Tom Mortenson, The Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education (AOL-AP, 060206) “The Importance of Sex: Forget China/Public health” emphasis Childhood Obesity Mind-boggling (15 years?) social-moral-technological impact of life sciences (“the Singularity”?) H5N1/WMDs/Environmental degradation Risk assessment (private, public) / people are those who are good at plan B.” —James Yorke, mathematician, on chaos theory in The New Scientist He who has the quickest /

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