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Deloitte Copyright © 2015 Deloitte LLC. All rights reserved. Analytics in Healthcare Virginia Chamber of Commerce Healthcare Conference 2016 Rajeev Ronanki,

business needs through connectivity and sensing Digital Medicine Personalized sensing and remote monitoring of physiological metrics leveraging new digital paradigms Additive Manufacturing 3D scanning, digital design, and 3D printing digitize the creation / Delivered Artificial Intelligence Robotics Augmented Reality Personalized Medicine Additive Manufacturing iDAvatars – Virtual avatar, Sophie, uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to remotely monitor patients Who Care is Delivered/

Microsoft NHS regional road-show introductions

(Carelink) MOSS solutions – Intranet, Information Governance & E-Forms N3 Hosting – web, application, spine aggregation Sophy Tayler Senior Account Manager D2i Building Collaborative Solutions People * Knowledge * Technology Steve Prokopiu Practice Manager IM Group /Microsoft is continually assessing its broad technology platform for ways in which industries like health can best leverage its capabilities for breakthrough innovation. In some cases, this translates into tailored solutions like Microsoft /

The Missing Risk Premium: Why Low Volatility Investing Works Eric Falkenstein 2013 Copyright 2013 Eric G Falkenstein1.

decreasing marginal returns, generates many mathematically consistent results that seem highly plausible Standard Theory is Intuitive 8Copyright 2013 Eric G Falkenstein Leveraged Firms B vs. BBB rated Bonds Out-of-the-money options vs. at-the-money options S and C corps vs/1%-13.5%-34.2%-41.0% Penny Stocks: Eraker and Ready (2009) 40Copyright 2013 Eric G Falkenstein Call Options Sophie Ni (2007) Should amplify the equity risk premium the greater the out-of-the-money 41Copyright 2013 Eric G Falkenstein IPO /

T210X DAY 3 JANUARY 13, 2014 TEACHERS!!. OPENING REFLECTION What are the characteristics of quality teaching, specifically in urban schools? Why?

problem with connecting theory and practice, recruiting high-quality candidates, not held accountable Focus on teachers as the leverage point. If system is failing, why blame primarily the front- line workers? Hard to collaborate with difficult /BarrettErin Carroll Christopher McCoyEddy PerezAnna Rafalovich Andrew HodgesYvette DubinskyJoanna Wood Carla MikeChristina GraysonArjun Gupta Rachel ForanMarie-Sophie GuntramEllen Viser Carolina Brito Boston (G06)Chicago (214)Los Angeles (106) John DubinskyErin /

Action Week Lisbon.

on this particular set of objectives. Data Analytics Session Leaders for the week: Peter Livaudais, Parstream Matti Aksela, Comptel Sophie Nachman, Orange Paul Morrissey Data Analytics Use Cases Objectives Add to our 51 data analytics use cases -- especially in /Foundations Objectives Create commonality and rigor across all APIs around Dynamic content Easy for TMF and non-TMF developers to leverage and extend published APIs Why? Dynamic Content is required in many contexts APIs must be easy and obvious to/


adequately capitalised established entities –R 37 m new commitments RHLF will use its venture capital investments to leverage additional debt funding from banks –Leveraged R 9.3 m (25%) Financial sustainability and access to financial services –No clients in distress /buy bricks, tiles, door and window frames and pay for labour. The front elevation of the Nyalungas’ house with Mrs Sophie Nyalunga in the foreground. She states that they will go back to the RHLF retailer lender for another loan for fencing./

Design Verification for SoC 晶片系統之設計驗證 熊博安 國立中正大學資訊工程學系 嵌入式系統實驗室

inherently reusable These supplement, not replace, traditional simulation tests Design and verification engineer knowledge is leveraged Both design observability and design controllability can be improved Assertions enable formal verification 47 Assertions Assertions can/ Compression System for a Space Application, Using an IP Based Approach, ” Jean Marie Garigue, Emmanuel Liegeon, Sophie Di Santo, Louis Baguena, IP Based Design Conference, 2000. VisorVoice Product 95 ALCATEL Image Compression System Design/

International Relations Unit 4 Notes. “A New Age” 1913-1921 WWI, or The Great War, had enormous physiological and economic consequences for people and.

and cost The Great War (Con’t) Started after the death of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie in June of 1914 Though truly an isolated event, it was magnified due to alliances and treaties that engulfed all/and oppressed peoples across the world Lofty Yet Unachievable Goals Wilson mainly depended upon himself during the peace negotiations Overestimated the leverage the U.S. would have in dealing with the Allied counterparts Took a tour throughout Europe, with crowds cheering his/

Portfolio Management https://store.theartofservice.com/the-portfolio-management-toolkit.html.

right resources to the right projects at the right time, organizations can ensure individual resources are fully leveraged and requirements are clearly understood. EPPM software also allows an organization to establish complete project capacity at/theartofservice.com/the-portfolio-management-toolkit.html Trading room - Portfolio management 1 Bloomberg, Decalog, Apollo, Triple A, Sophis Value, SimCorp, are the main actors of this market. https://store.theartofservice.com/the-portfolio-management-toolkit.html/

1 Introduction Participation Update Chapter 12: The Strategy of International Business Chapter 13: The Organization of International Business Globalization.

Andres Echeverri (Colombia) Joseph Cornwell (Trinidad & Tobago) Vikram Bajaj (UK) Harpreet Kang (India) PCTE (Tanzania) Group 2: Sophie Wang (China) Rafael Alvarez (USA) Berre Simonse (Netherlands) Akash Mathran (India) Divya Yadav (India) Paper 2 Paper (India) /cost economies by dispersing individual value creation activities – Earn a greater return by leveraging any valuable skills developed in foreign operations 15 Leveraging Products & Competencies A company can increase its growth rate by taking goods /

Partnerships for Early Childhood Curriculum Development: Readiness through Integrative Science and Engineering (RISE) Christine McWayne, Ph.D. Eliot-Pearson.

Liu, Tong Shen, Qiaer Jin, Sharanya Misra Sharma, Lindsay Rosen, Mojdeh Karkjanehchi, Anna Zhou, Monica Brown Ramos, Sophie Savelkouls, plus 20 undergraduates This project made possible by funding from: National Science Foundation (Grant #1221065) Brady Education / diverse backgrounds, who often miss important learning opportunities through which their interests and experiences can serve as leverage for improving their school readiness, transition to school, and future learning success. In the case of/

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the early stages of the restructuring process (or even before, in the case of investors) Next Steps: Leveraging Cross-Border Insolvency with Global Credit Risk Management Tools Surveys/opinions are highly complex and analytical; they are also/ Liability Issues for Directors and/or Lenders Johan Jol (ABN AMRO Bank, The Netherlands) Borja García-Alamán (Garrigues, Spain) Sophie Vermeille (DLA Piper, Droit & Croissance / Rules for Growth, France) Stefan Sax (Clifford Chance, Germany) Katrina Buckley (Allen & /

659.1 SAN Life in a rectangle/ by Sujit Sanyal. New Delhi: Fingerprint, Y 2012. 260p. ; 19 cm x 13 cm ISBN : 978-81-7234-398-9 Price : Rs. 395.00 Keywords:

consumer concepts; market musing Acc. No : 11281 Recommonded By : Kallol Das; Mini Mathur; Falguni Vasavada Oza 658.827 KAH Global brand power : leveraging branding for long-term gowth/ by Barbara E. Kahn. Philadelphia: Wharton School, Y 2013. 125p. ; ind. : 22 cm x 14 cm/; Falguni Vasavada Oza S 658.80019 NEU Neuromarketing in action : how to talk and sell to the brain/ by Pratik M Georges, Anne-Sophie, Bayle-Tourtoulou and Michel Badoc. London: Kogan Page, Y 2014. ix, 270p. ; ref., ind. : 23 cm x 16 cm /

3 es ETG Aide et Action International 2008 – 2009 : Souvenez-vous / Remember Bilan des 2es ETG / 2 nd ETG Review 7500 Parties prenantes 7500 Stakeholders.

and well-known international organization where my opinion and points of view matter. » Témoignages de participants/Participants’ testimonies Sophie Pihan « Cette année de débats nous permettra d’aller au bout des choses mais également de prendre en/é qu’il sous-tend. Apart from the objective of raising financial resources, Aide et Action International shall strive to leverage sponsorship and use it as a springboard to further its social mission and the citizens’ movement for education. Sponsorship shall/

Recognising Community Engagement in London Application Workshop.

How? Who? Where? Output Community What Who? How many? Business What? Who? Value to the business Leverage Impact Community Beneficiaries Organisation The wider community Business Changes within the business Focusing on impact Be explicit about what/, UBS Bob Fry – Managing Director, Aukett Swanke The preliminary judging panel Carolyn Housman – Director, Heart of the City Sophie Hulm – CR Manager, City of London Jon Lloyd – Director, Corporate Citizenship Poorvi Patel – London Operations Director, Business /

Health and Social Impact Assessment of the South East Queensland Regional Plan NSW HIA Colloquium Sydney, 9 December 2006 Kate Copeland, Director, Statewide.

of Urban Management Department of Communities Local Government Community/Social Planners Andrea Young Kate Copeland Shannon McKiernan Sophie Dwyer Shannon Rutherford Lisa Pollard Jacinta Sartori Nusch Herman Wil Brown Catherine Boorman John Brown The / of social and health data to support planning Greater capacity to integrate health and social considerations Improved leverage for social infrastructure funding & co-ordination Greater capacity for multi-disciplinary planning Greater capacity to integrate /

Economic Importance of Santa Fe’s Arts & Cultural Industries Research supported by : McCune Charitable Foundation The Burnett Foundation The Azalea Foundation.

accessibility, research facilities). Boulder OR Aspen? UNM Bureau for Business & Economic Research 3.Looking Outward – National and Global Leverage national & global prestige to establish Santa Fe as a Center for Creativity. Create a long term strategy to establish SF’s/, who provided computational expertise; and Tony Sylvester, who brought a keen knowledge of the data to the project; Sophie Hammett and Billy Ullibarri, who conducted the many interviews that are a basis of this study. Most importantly, the/

School of Systems and Enterprises Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

, Special Journal Edition on J.G. Miller, Founding Editor (G.A. Swanson, Ed.) 23(3): 301-321. Wilkinson, Sophie, Plants to Bugs: Buzz Off!, Chemical and Engineering News, June 30, 2001. Woese, Carl. 2000. Interpreting the universal phylogenetic/April 20, 2007) Through a very insightful book, Peter Miller turns to Nature to explain crowd behavior. Leveraging upon numerous scientific studies, Peter elaborates the principles through which even insects with low individual intelligence perform extraordinary feats/

Educate to Innovate A SusChem programme for building skills capacity for a sustainable European chemical sector Susan Fleet - Britest Limited Professor.

to enrich current academic course material through inclusion of industrially focused innovation case studies  willingness to share experiences and contribute to the programme Motivation Academia  Leveraging  Visibility / Exposure with leading industrial companies  Access to new ideas / concepts  Access to emerging innovation themes  Opportunity to help shape the/09 00 47 E nicolas.dupuy@univ-lorraine.frnicolas.dupuy@univ-lorraine.fr SusChem: Sophie Wilmet T +32 (0) 2 676 7362 E swi@cefic.beswi@cefic.be

UNCLASSIFIED Marine Corps System Command OIF Support Urgent UNS Process & Equipment Support 8-9 Sept 2004 Marine Corps System Command Unit Operation CenterCombat.

Radio (Coalition Effort) Baseline COC………. Enroute Care System Dragon Eye UAV…………….. Provisional Mortar Ballistic Computer SOPHIE Thermal Imagers…... UNCLASSIFIED OIF II Equipment Vehicle Armor Side Body Armor Ceramic Plates “L” Shape /Lessons LearnedApply Lessons Learned from Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), through Operational Forces Feedback, Assessments and Analysis. Leverage increasing digitization in staffing Requirements MCSC LNO TeamsContinue to provide MCSC LNO Teams (MarFor, MEF…) Utilize inherent/

A. Sim, CRD, L B N L 1 SC 2008 Uniform Grid Storage Access Scientific Data management Research Group Computational Research Division Lawrence Berkeley.

(StoRM) INFN/CNAF - ICTP/EGRID advantages ofhigh performing parallel file systems in Grid.Its designed to leverage the advantages of high performing parallel file systems in Grid. driver mechanismDifferent file systems supported through a /James Letts, Terrence Martin, Abhishek Singh Rana, Frank Wuerthwein DPMDPM CERN : Lana Abadie, Jean-Philippe Baud, Akos Frohner, Sophie Lemaitre, Maarten Litmaath, Remi Mollon, David Smith LAL-Orsay : Gilbert Grosdidier StoRMStoRM CNAF : Luca DellAgnello, Luca Magnoni, /

NCAR Science Day April 17, 2015 Shawn Strande High-end Services Section.

address production computing and future architecture changes NCAR’s community applications are in need of refactoring to leverage current and future architectures NWSC-2 Context Procurement Approach 6 Yellowstone’s Data-Centric Architecture Data Transfer Gateway/2 is a “data-driven” procurement. Metrics tell us how Yellowstone is being used 10 Shout out to Sophie Yang, our SIParCS intern from Rutgers who helped in developing custom queries for Yellowstone job statistics! Science Requirements Advisory/

THE BEST OF THE BEST MEDIA KIT March 2015. AT A GLANCE In AM740, I’ve created an old-fashioned full-service throwback. We offer listeners an alternative.

the station’s lobby studio. Featured stars have included Judy Collins, Dan Hill, Murray McLauchlan, Michael Burgess, John McDermott, Sophie Milman, Harry Connick Jr., and Bryan Adams. MISSION STATEMENT 89% OF LISTENERS ARE ZOOMERS! #1 A45+ COMPOSITION OF ALL/2015), Dec. 1, 2014 to March 1, 2015, Full Coverage, Mo-Su 5a-1a, Adults 2+ Print Digital LEVERAGE THE FULL POWER OF ZOOMERMEDIA BEYOND THE DIAL OPPORTUNITES TelevisionRadio Events ZoomerMedia’s brands enable advertisers to reach this coveted group in /


management of consortia Minimizes Financial ImpactUnderstand and align on cost structure Opportunity to Share Best PracticesManaging IP to maintain incentives for commercialization or publication Leverages broad SME PoolAverage (or sum) of group’s desires may not fit anyone’s requirements “Blue Sky” Challenges  Brainstorming Session  /.  Speakers:  Douglas Mans, GlaxoSmithKline  Spencer Dreher, Merck  Donna Blackmond, The Scripps Research Institute  Sophie Vallon, Corning  Mike Grady, DuPont

National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) Jason Patnosh, Associate Vice President/National Director, Community HealthCorps

education. Lead partners: Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center (an FQHC), Long Island University School of Nursing, and Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education. Identification and Pipeline Programs Central Valley Health Network (Sacramento, CA) Hold an annual/ from matching resources). Community HealthCorps members provided 689,870 hours of service valued at $14.4 million and leveraged over $1.9 million in educational scholarships for the members…this is 145% return on investment in dollars /

Microsoft NHS regional road-show introductions Tim Gee, Healthcare Business Manager, Microsoft UK

ioko (Carelink) MOSS solutions – Intranet, Information Governance & E-Forms N3 Hosting – web, application, spine aggregation Sophy Tayler Senior Account Manager D2i Building Collaborative Solutions People * Knowledge * Technology Steve Prokopiu Practice Manager IM Group Business /Achieve operational efficiency in line with Local IM&T plans 16 NHS Organisations Committed “I want to really leverage what I can get from the Enterprise Agreement [that Microsoft has with the NHS] and the Premier Support/

1 Introduction Midterm Grades Executive Summary Due Today Chapter 8: Regional Economic Integration Case Study: Hyundai and Kia The “Trade Game” Chapter.

Assignments Tier I $12,500 – Sojung (& Sojung’s Friend) – Douglas Tier I $26,500* – Luis – Shadia Tier II $27,500* – Sophie – Philipp – Preben – Davey Tier II (somewhere between $0 and $45K) – Keith – Helena – Andres – Rafael Tier II $26,500 – / potential winning and blocking coalitions and then devising plans for building supportive coalitions and breaking or forestalling opposing ones. Leveraging linkages – linking and de-linking issues or sets of negotiations in order to create and claim value. Playing /

Routes to Success: A Roadmap for New RUSA Members.

of history. 12 MARS Emerging Technologies in Reference Section Serves reference and information service providers who leverage emerging technologies to deliver the highest quality services to users. We advocate for, promote and strengthen/Medal   The Listen List   Notable Books List   Outstanding Reference Sources List   The Reading List   Sophie Brody Medal All book lovers welcome! Hosted by RUSA & CODES at Midwinter Conference 18 Signature Event: Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in /

ITR3 lecture 2: XML Thomas Krichel 2002-10-16. Structure URIs (we will come back to them in lecture 3) XML Sofix xml example.

are used it allows the identifiers to be reused in many different contexts, thus permitting new applications or protocols to leverage a pre-existing, large, and widely-used set of resource identifiers. transcribability The URI syntax was designed with global /more powerful replacements. Example application: sofix Sofix is an XML based cataloging format for classical music CDs. It is named after Sophie C. Rigny. It is a creation of Thomas Krichel. Used for teaching purposes only. Key concepts in Sofix Item: /

Jenny Benois-Pineau, LaBRI – Université de Bordeaux – CNRS UMR 5800/ University Bordeaux1 H. Boujut, V. Buso, L. Letoupin, R. Megret, S. Karaman, V. Dovgalecs,

semi-supervised multi-modal framework Combining co-training, temporal accumulation and late-fusion produce the best results, by leveraging non annotated data Time-aware cotraining Late-fusion baseline Illustration of correct detection rate on IDOL2 database 19 /based on low-level visual features. Vision Researchearch, vol. 47, no. 19, pages 2483–2498, Sep 2007. [2] Sophie Marat, Tien Ho Phuoc, Lionel Granjon, Nathalie Guyader, Denis Pellerin & Anne Guérin-Dugué. Modelling spatio- temporal saliency to/

Challenge to End Malnutrition Strategic Fundraising Plan for a Five Year ACF International Campaign Presentation to ACF-F Conseil d’Administration 8 October.

2010, Madrid prepared by Valérie Daher, ACF France Carmen Gayo, ACF Spain Geoffrey M. Glick, ACF USA Sophie Noonan, ACF UK Natalie Ryan, ACF Canada Elaine Ryan, ACF International Charlie Michaud, CCS 1.Why an International Campaign/ 10% UK, 10% Canada Key Success Factors Securing the endorsement of international and national opinion leaders A compelling brand that leverages a strong PR concept (so that we can minimize marketing costs and maximize exposure) An innovative viral strategy Full ACF network /

1 Financial Operations and Systems Update Presentation Presented by Mark Preston, Director 14 May 2009 Darlington Centre.

end process to ensure a seamless user experience and improved process efficiency and effectiveness. We need to leverage utilisation and front end interaction with our core financial and reporting systems (PeopleSoft, Hyperion, Spendvision)./–School of Letters, Arts & Media (SLAM) –School of Language & Culture (SLAC) –School of Philosophical & Historical Inquiry (SOPHI) 2) Faculties of Architecture, Engineering and Information Technology –All schools 3) Faculties of Health –All Schools 4) Faculties of Science/

1 George Mason School of Law Contracts II Paternalism F.H. Buckley

 Choices Are Freely Made  Non-satiation  Completeness or comparability 9 No black holes Comparability: No incommensurabilities 10  Sophie’s Choice  You are a member of a hospital’s ethics committee. You have to choose between allocating a kidney to/ to akrasia Jon Elster, Ulysses and the Sirens (1984) 61 Examples of self-binding  Marriage  Home purchases  Leverage 62 The Counter-arguments  Is there such a thing as excessive self-control? Prohibition The addict and the teetotaler 63 Aristotle/

STORYTELLING WORKSHOP 1.24.2014. Why We’re Here Ensure a cohesive presentation of the Penn State brand Empower each campus and unit to operate creatively.

understanding of: The Penn State brand positioning and strategy How to use storytelling to bring the brand to life How to leverage different types of content to tell these stories The importance of a social strategy to support storytelling efforts 3 BRAND STRATEGY / to see? How do you achieve the net impact in a 140-character, Twitter world? 12345 19 Google Chrome – Dear Sophie 20 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4vkVHijdQk It Begins With A Blank Canvas BUILDING A HIGH-IMPACT STORY, CREATING THE ”NARRATIVE/

PG Funding and Management Strategies Overview 3rd meeting Thursday, 22 February 2007 Paris La Défense.

Wim Leendertse will suggest an action plan for the analyses on the 3rd meeting –Structure of report (Nov 2006) – Bernd Quakernack, Sophie Pochard, Wim Leendertse. –Write the report (Feb 2007) – Kristín H. Sigurbjörnsdóttir will introduce the CEDR’s /analysis of the possibilities of a financial procurement strategy to increase the efficiency of funding sources and to achieve leverage effects; –analyse and summarise the results produced by the consultants; –monitor changing prospects for community funding for/

Sarah Callaghan: British Atmospheric Data Center Sylvia Murphy: NOAA/CIRES CISL Seminar, August 29 th, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder.

, Sylvia Murphy, Charlotte Pascoe, Hans Ramthun, Paul Slavin, Lois Steenman-Clark, Frank Toussaint, Allyn Treshansky,and Sophie Valcke and many other colleagues from the The Global Organisation for Earth System Science Portals, Earth System Curator and the/Future Work Finalize display of CMIP5 model metadata Explore more sustainable technologies for the CIM-to- display conversion Leverage Curator metadata capabilities in other projects (e.g. a shared data analysis and visualization workspace, the National/

Eric Falkenstein. Tests are of any theory the framework allows There are an infinite number of theories allowed Framework is untestable.

11.4% 8.2%4.5% AnnStdev13.1%11.6%17.4%26.2%33.9% Beta0.57 1.041.441.78 Sophie Ni (2007) Return from Bid-Ask midpoint to expiration -36%?? Moskowitz, and Vissing-Jorgensen (2002) Penman, Richardson, and Tuna/a proxy for disagreement Highly correlated with beta Equity Beta Volatility Equity options Distressed stock returns Analyst Disagreement Trading Volume IPOs Leverage and stock returns Lotteries Horse racing Equity Over time Across Countries BBB to B bond returns Futures Currencies Private Investments /

GOVST First meeting, 08 – 10 June 2009, Toulouse, France Marine Ecosystem Analysis and Prediction Task Team (MEAP-TT) P. Brasseur (CNRS/LEGI, FR) and N.

and biogeochemistry ?  IGST recommanded not to make this area a too high priority (GODAE not the relevant political leverage to move these issues forward) GOVST First meeting, 08 – 10 June 2009, Toulouse, France GODAE-IMBER working/Brasseur, Nicolas Gruber, Rosa Barciela, Keith Brander, Maeva Doron, Abdelali El Moussaoui, Alistair J. Hobday, Martin Huret, Anne-Sophie Kremeur, Patrick Lehodey, Cyril Moulin, Ragu Murtugudde, Inna Senina, Einar Svendsen, Richard Matear (Oceanography, accepted). GOVST First /

Southeast Texas Health System Presented by Shannon Calhoun Executive Director.

of such services than the individual providers can offer alone.(1997) Mission Statement Corporate Organization OrganizationsProductsServices OS Technology Nurse Social Networking SOPHIE SETHS’ Operated Provider Health Information Exchange OS Technology Health Information Exchange Rural Health Network Development Grant Planning funds to leverage HIE efforts in order to collect, aggregate and analyze data Data Collection, aggregation & analysis Shannon Calhoun scalhoun.sths@att.net/

© 2007 IBM Corporation Search Engine Marketing COE July 2007 Search engine optimization: Organic search authoring basics Content Quality Council: Schema.

links referenced that point to the page? Next slide Previous slide TO TOC © 2007 IBM Corporation SEM COE 17 Leverage keyword placement to increase relevance Next slide Previous slide TO TOC 1 2 3 © 2007 IBM Corporation SEM COE 18/ Clement David Rittenhouse ITM Marco PereiraXXDave ManzoNedim AruzJason Clement David Rittenhouse AG Maria HenselXJason Clement Addam Berger Europe Sophie DavidsonXXMichael HarpMikhail Basman AP Rowan WattsXXVicky Argyrakis Effective 7/16/07 Next slide Previous slide TO TOC TO /

Multi-Country Evaluation for UNICEF: Increasing access and equity in early childhood education in six CEE/CIS countries Education for Change September.

around marginalised groups  Legislation and policy:  Frameworks and ELDS in place System changes continued….  Budget:  Rising, leveraging external capital funding (GPE)  Budgetary responsibility often decentralised  Management and coordination:  Examples of strong political will and high/Prof. Emeritus, UEL Dr. Anise Waljee – Independent consultant Laetitia Antonowicz – E f C Associate, consultant Sophie Tanner – formerly E f C Research and Project Manager 2014 CEE/CIS and Baltic States: Multi-Country/

#GetSetBolt Campaign Report. OBJECTIVE The objective was to create buzz around the launch of Bolt, by making use of the social media influencers.

132,933 Impressions: 46.6 Million * 18 th Jan – 22 nd Jan, 2015 QUALITY OF Entries received Celebrities like Sophie Choudry, Gul Panag, Hoezay, Suresh Menon participated in the campaign by supported their favourite influencer learnings Wins: Since the entry mechanism/, we received a decent amount of tweets. We received qualitative tweets in the form of well-crafted Tweets Successfully leveraged the ‘Get-Set-Bolt’ message by creating necessary buzz amongst the TG that led people to engage with the brand/

Youth Innovation Fund Youth-to-Youth Community Aug. 2, 2006 Youth to Youth Community.

* Integration in Bank operations * Support from CMU Selection Committee: composed by Senior Staff The YIF’s Goals Leverage Local resources Achieve maximum impact with minimal resources Promote partnerships with key development players Meet the demand for youth /25 in internship programs for 2 days a week for 3 months “Clicking Towards a Better Future in Morocco” Sophie Muller & Imane Ikkez Criteria Selection Degree of Innovation Alignment with country strategy Sustainability (support from NGO/other partners,/

Routes to Success: A Roadmap for New RUSA Members DRAFT, 11-17-11.

of history. 12 MARS MARS Emerging Technologies in Reference Section Serves reference and information service providers who leverage emerging technologies to deliver the highest quality services to users. We advocate for, promote and strengthen user/ The Dartmouth Medal  The Listen List  Notable Books List  Outstanding Reference Sources List  The Reading List  Sophie Brody Medal All book lovers welcome! Hosted by RUSA & CODES at Midwinter Conference 18 Signature Event: Literary Tastes Author Event/

RAPA | 2016 Spring Meeting April 12, 2016. Agenda  1:00PM – 3:00PM Welcome and Introductions [Greg LaRochelle, Chair]  Organization Update[Greg LaRochelle]

and its use for Reinsurance Administration functions ii.Develop a risk assessment tool for RAPA members to leverage iii.Assess & develop a risk based audit plan iv.Identify and catalogue industry leading reinsurance auditing practices/ USAA Isabelle Calderon, Genre Anthea Cote, Munich Re Laura D’andrea, Prudential Amalia Figueiras, Prudential Nancy Forry, Ohio National Sophie Lajeunesse, Munich Re Shawn Murphy, Swiss Re Ricky Peterson, Munich Re Kelly Priest, Logiq 3 John Whitaker Deliverables & Milestones/

Kickoff Meeting for 2009 DOE Network Research Projects, 28-29 September 2009 StorNet: Co-Scheduling Network and Storage with TeraPaths and SRM Dantong.

4 Kickoff Meeting for 2009 DOE Network Research Projects, 28-29 September 2009 Approach and Architecture Leverage existing technologiesLeverage existing technologies TeraPaths on top of OSCARS (network concatenation) Storage Resource Managers (SRMs)/Lana Abadie, Paolo Badino, Olof Barring, Jean-Philippe Baud, Tony Cass, Flavia Donno, Akos Frohner, Birger Koblitz, Sophie Lemaitre, Maarten Litmaath, Remi Mollon, Giuseppe Lo Presti, David Smith, Paolo Tedesco Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, DESY, Hamburg, /

2016 Career Advisers’ Seminar Friday 15 April 2016 RMIT Storey Hall.

can … deal with complexity navigate change comfortable with uncertainty appreciate diversity demonstrate maturity show leadership leverage relationships express empathy influence decision-making communicate value problem-solve under pressure value team-work overcome / commercial coaches and experienced entrepreneurs, innovators and design thinkers 2015 Fastrack Award-Winning Team Ben (Advertising), Sophie (HR), Jake (Entrepreneurship) Where some of our amazing Fastrack grads have ended up Aimee Marks 2007/

Redmond Protocols Plugfest 2016 Joe Yong Hybrid cloud solutions with Stretch Database Sr. Program Manager

Cheng Jeswanibns51ra806fd5/22/2005 Nikhat Lindellmci12hh906fj6/07/2005 Whitney Langutb76b916gi6/18/2014 Lorenzo Oldspx61hi9306fj7/1/2014 Sophie Cookol43bi506gd7/12/2014 Aida Durhamtx83hal916fi7/29/2014 Jaclyn Wadenb95re926gi8/10/2014 Adrienne Battlevc61ira536fe8/23/2014 /data Technical assistance available Business incentives may be available for some Review current applications for new capabilities leveraging Stretch Database, especially with temporal tables Stuck? Questions? We want to help! Contact us /

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