Ppt on leadership development

Comprehensive Student Leadership Program Model: An Introduction, Applications & Critique Paige Haber University of San Diego Leadership Educators Institute.

identified, defined & assessed Intentional design that utilizes past research, theories, and models Commitment / requirements Credentials Themes, tracks, phases Strategies Diverse delivery methods Learning Models:  Experiential Learning  Leadership Identity Development  Training, Education & Development (TED)  Individual level  Group level Cocurricular Elements Curricular Elements Strategies used should be in line with mission, outcomes & purposes of the program scope Individual Focus  Relational/

The Greenleaf Seminar Servant Leadership: Growing into the Future

on six key areas of effective organizational leadership: Display authenticity, value people, develop people, build community, provide leadership, share leadership Servant Leadership Compared with Other Ideas Theories proposed since Greenleaf (1970) Transforming/Transformational Leadership… Theory Z… Leader-Member Exchange (LMX)… Ethical Leadership…Level 5 Leadership…Authentic Leadership… Adaptive Leadership…Spiritual Leadership…Empowering Leadership… Self-Sacrificing Leadership… What is unique to servant/

Sustainable Leadership

Training days 5. Diversity Long-term strategies Restructuring Student voice Continuous improvement Teaching and learning 5. Diversity Principle 6: Resourcefulness Sustainable leadership develops and does not deplete material and human resources. It renews people’s energy. Sustainable leadership is prudent and resourceful leadership that wastes neither its money nor its people. Two theories of energy Energy Entropy Restraint Energy Exchange Renewal 6. Resourcefulness Four/

Columbus County Leadership Academy Summer 2009

facilitate learning for their students Standard 5: Teachers reflect on their practice NC Standards for School Executives Standard 1: Strategic Leadership Standard 2: Instructional Leadership Standard 3: Cultural Leadership Standard 4: Human Resource Leadership Standard 5: Managerial Leadership Standard 6: External Development Leadership Standard 7: Micro-Political Leadership Time: 9:35-9:40 am (5 minutes) The seven Executive Standards (Strategic, Instructional, Cultural, Human Resource, Managerial, External/

Leadership Module name: Leadership Vincent Hodder Module authors:

a job & carry it through Skeptical & independent, have high standards of competence & performance for themselves & others Example: Tom Hanks Example: Rudy Giuliani ENTJ Frank, decisive, assume leadership readily Quickly see illogical & inefficient procedures & policies, develop & implement comprehensive systems to solve organizational problems Enjoy long-term planning & goal setting Usually well informed, well read, enjoy expanding their knowledge & passing it on to others/

On Leadership… …a personal perspective Pramath Raj Sinha May 29, 2010.

followership 3.Breakthrough performance is always contextual—without opportunities there can be no leaders 4.Everyone has leadership potential 5.Leadership development is about matching opportunities to potential leaders 6.Leadership is exercised through personal impact 7.Leader-to-leader conversations are at the heart of leadership development Leading self is required before leading others and organisation Leading self is the core Feedback Coaching Feedback Coaching/

MENA Regional Office & Center for Leadership Excellence Youth Leadership Programs About the Institute of International Education  Celebrating 90 years.

a global, intercultural basis  Build the capacity of schools and universities to offer leadership development programs to their students  Help schools and universities mainstream leadership principles at every academic level and throughout the curriculum MENA Regional Office & Center for Leadership Excellence Youth Leadership Programs Why should we as educators care about leadership? “Leadership is communicating people’s worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to/

Developing a Leadership Culture. What would you say your Sunday School is trained to accomplish? What would you like your Sunday School to accomplish.

Response and feedback loops Response and feedback loops Weekly Meeting?  The goal of leadership development is highly trained leaders Many churches provide NO training for Sunday School, even on an annual basis (PowerUP churches report/Banquets Banquets Entertainment Entertainment HomeworkHomework How frequent are you meeting with your leaders? Develop an annual leadership development outline with calendar dates. What would you say your Sunday School is trained to do? How frequent are you/

Commissioning Development Programme Building choice of high quality support for commissioners Commissioning Support Services: The Design of Checkpoint.

level review of the potential market players Governance arrangements confirmed to enable design process Commissioning Support value proposition confirmed Decision on arrangements for April 2013 – host or outsource CSS leadership and business development team in place Organisational architecture confirmed Planning completed and design principles agreed Value proposition completed HR and OD plan in place Staff consultation commences Assets, estates & supporting infrastructure confirmed/

Chapter 13 Leadership in Schools

Define and communicate goals Monitor and provide constructive feedback on teaching Promote and emphasize professional development. However, such leadership will not lead to high student achievement (effectiveness) unless there is also a / K. Hoy © 2003, 2008, 2011 Servant Leadership Servant leadership is behavior that nurtures individual development in the organization through listening, empathy, stewardship, and an awareness to develop followers who think ethically and foster sound interpersonal relations /

Putting the Leader in Teacher Leaders

and assessment practices; use of time, space, technologies; community values; and teachers professional development. Teacher Leadership can be nurtured (pg. 32-33) - The quality of relationships between teacher leaders and/leadership roles. (Harris & Muijs 2003) Source: Gray, C., & Bishop, Q. (2009). Leadership Development. Schools and Districts Seeking High Performance need Strong Leaders. Journal of the National Staff Development Council, 30(1), 29. Definition of teacher leadership #4 Teacher leadership/

The Restricted Reality of Teacher Leadership: A South African Survey University of KwaZulu-Natal Callie Grant, Karen Gardner, Farhana Kajee, Ronnie Moodley.

(2007) Concurs with existing research (Ntuzela (2008), Rajagopaul (2007), Singh (2007) CONTEXT AND CULTURE OTHER BARRIERS: OTHER BARRIERS: Lack of professional development – 32% satisfied Lack of professional development – 32% satisfied Colleagues – 19% no resistance Colleagues – 19% no resistance Conclusion Teacher leadership Teacher leadership Leading in zones Leading in zones School Management Team School Management Team Teachers themselves Teachers themselves Context and culture Context and/

Situational Leadership & Teamwork

connections between training and the work of the leader/facilitator. Focus on just-in-time and in-context learning. Build-in transfer of learning strategies. Developing Leadership Independent Learning Apprenticeship Learning Group Learning Institutional Learning Spiritual Formation Leadership Development 3. Supporting Leaders Authorizing leaders to begin service Providing the information and resources leaders need Gathering information and evaluating the work of leaders Expressing and/

International Center for Leadership in Education Tim Ott DeSoto Public School District Common Core Standards and Assessment Orientation November 2, 2010.

will be considered in every step of the process – Accessibility and Accommodations committee will be formed to advise Partnership 89 Session Overview Tools for Planning and Successful Implementation Classroom Instruction Leadership Professional Development Implementing CCS  Rigor  Relevance  Relationships  All Students Rigor/Relevance Framework Assimilation of knowledge Acquisition Thinking Continuum Level of challenge of the learning for the student 94 Knowledge Taxonomy 94/

1 Improving School Leadership - Guidelines for Country Background Reports - Education and Training Policy Division Directorate of Education.

the principal characteristics of effective professional development programmes for school leaders? l Professional development requirements and opportunities (Q6.7 & Q6.8) l Research evidence on effective school leadership development programmes (Q6.9) 16 Improving School Leadership - 1st Workshop - 5 July 2006 Preparation and professional development of school leaders 4 r What are promising policies and innovations in school leadership preparation and development ? l Policy initiatives underway or planned/

Breaking Ranks in the Middle™

Middle: Strategies for Leading Middle Level Reform Drivers of Adaptive Change Engaging people’s moral purpose Understanding the change process Building capacity Developing cultures for learning Developing cultures for evaluation Focusing on leadership for change Fostering coherence-making Cultivating tri-level development Michael Fullan, 2005 Breaking Ranks in the Middle: Strategies for Leading Middle Level Reform Making Adaptive Changes Adaptive challenges demand a response/

1 Confidential | Copyright © 2009 The TriZetto Group, Inc. Boy Scouting Youth Leadership Training Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops.

your team, ethics and values of a leader, and a more in-depth review of vision. (About an hour…) 3 Introduction to this Course ►Leadership in Boy Scouting  Leadership is a vital part of the Scouting program.  Opportunities to develop leadership skills are a key part of Scouting – every bit as important as rank!  Key activities of youth leaders… ►Organizing the troop ►Planning and/

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops

planning method to insure that all of your planned activities will contribute to the overall goals of the Troop Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops Annual Program Key Activity Areas Advancement Recruiting and Retention Outdoor Program Service Faith Leadership Development Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops After you get through the basics in planning, spend time thinking through some “what do we do if/


by service users only Names changed to “Order Import Log” and “Receipt Import Log” - seen by all users Functions Cross Reference WARFIGHTER SUPPORT STEWARDSHIP EXCELLENCE WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT WARFIGHTER-FOCUSED, GLOBALLY RESPONSIVE, FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE SUPPLY CHAIN LEADERSHIP 47 FunctionsBefore 5.0Release 5.0 Sent Order ReportUnder “Orders”Moved to “Reports” Pending Receipts ReceiptsUnder “Receipts”No change Adjust ReceiptsUnder “Receipts’No change Import ReceiptsUnder/

T LEADERSHIP SUCCESSION A CONTINGENCY PLAN FOR THE SMALL COMMUNITY CHURCH This project addresses the need of a contingency plan for leadership.

the congregation to take part in the functions of the church. Leaders recognize that they must take a proactive approach in creating the capacity for leadership development. Yet there is a resistance to creating the capacity for new leadership Leadership Succession is often the Unspoken Subject Agenda Food Bank The Community Golf Tournament In the Elephant and the Boardroom, the authors state their findings/

Leadership Development at the University of Nottingham University of Nottingham Leadership & Management Framework.

School, Dean, Director of a Professional Service, Assistant PVC, PVC Required During your first 12-24 months it is expected that you will: Engage in ongoing leadership development, e.g. working with a coach  360 appraisal  Develop your senior team Self-assess your capabilities against the critical success factors for leaders at level 7 and discuss at your PDPR  International assignment (PVC’s/

Goal Directed Leadership An application strategy for Scoutmasters to develop effective youth leaders Jeff Mc Houl Assistant Council Commissioner.

Troop Committee for discussion introduce the PLGA model to the Leaders of the Troopintroduce the PLGA model to the Leaders of the Troop Goal Directed Leadership Scoutmaster Responsibilities: conduct initial leadership development counseling session with each youth leaderconduct initial leadership development counseling session with each youth leader guide youth leaders as needed in formulation of individual goalsguide youth leaders as needed in formulation of individual/

Www.bradford.ac.uk/management ‘An investigation of the impact of leadership and team working on staff morale and wellbeing, and team performance, among.

 Relationships with other teams  External agencies/interfaces with other services. Recommendations for Practice & Project Achievements Recommendations for Practice  Case studies - useful source of reference and for development  Team and leadership development in situ – scales offer framework for development, & regular review (individual, team, organisational)  Findings suggest need for a stronger focus: on Quality, Valuing Different Perspectives; Supporting a Developmental Culture, & Clarity of Roles/

WEB CONFERENCE TO SUPPORT BOARD LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY Please standby, the web conference will begin shortly! We invite you to use the chat feature.

yourself and your team This web conference is hosted on behalf of REGISTER ONLINE ICP 2011 World Convention August 15 – 18, 2011 www.icp2011.ca WEB CONFERENCE TO SUPPORT BOARD LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY  The web conference will start in one minute.  Please use the ‘chat’ function to enter the names of those individuals at your site.  The ‘chat’ function is used to/

Southern Regional Education Board Learning- Centered Leadership Program Preparing Highly Qualified School Leaders Illinois Benchmarking Report November.

performance criteria for competent, proficient and advanced performance  Go to scale with implementing the standards: criteria for program approval, hiring and evaluation, professional development Southern Regional Education Board Learning- Centered Leadership Program Recruitment and Selection Illinois and Pacesetter States  AlabamaPromising Progress  DelawareSome Progress  GeorgiaPromising Progress  LouisianaPromising Progress  MarylandSome Progress  IllinoisNo Action Southern Regional Education/

Partnerships, Alliances, and Coordination Techniques Fundamentals of Collaborative Leadership February 2008 Facilitated By: The National Child Care Information.

guide. Retrieved April 14, 2008, from www.collaborativeleadership.org/pages/curriculum/manual_sections/CC_participants_guide.pdf www.collaborativeleadership.org/pages/curriculum/manual_sections/CC_participants_guide.pdf Collaborative Leadership. (2004f). Collaborative leadership: Developing People: Facilitator’s guide. Retrieved March 14, 2008, from www.collaborativeleadership.org/pages/curriculum/manual_sections/CC_facilitator_guide.pdf www.collaborativeleadership.org/pages/curriculum/manual_sections/

Leadership in a changing world July 2004 ‘’e-maginative learning’’ 6 th July 2005 Transformational Leadership in Schools: the journey from good to great.

implementation Major improvements in the physical environment Ceiling projectors in every classroom with team approach to developing and sharing resources Leadership in a changing world July 2004 Our third Sigmoid Curve – September 1998 to August 2004/support implementation Immediate significant improvement in behaviour Joint residentials to share schemes of work and develop team culture Introduction of regular assemblies Leadership in a changing world July 2004 School Improvement at ISCCeb Phase 1 - Year 11/

1 The Public Sector Collaborative Leadership Programme Leading towards a Post Graduate Certificate in Collaborative Leadership Working together to make.

members, executives and senior managers, to equip them to become effective, skilled and knowledgeable collaborative leaders in public purpose collaboration activities, including through the Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Leadership; Skills and knowledge development for senior managers who wish to become recognised Shared Service Practitioners SS(PRAC)™ or qualified Shared Service Architects (SSA)™ and gain professional recognition through the Postgraduate Certificate in Shared/

Leadership Development: A “New Science” A Leadership Development Framework to Prepare Community Clinic Leaders for the Future Conceptualized for: The Community.

willing to apply compassion, inspiration and support for others to change Be skilled at coping with constant change Be skilled at managing inherent conflict Know how to collaborate Constituency enables leadership Leadership Development: A “ New Science ” A Context of Theory and Practice for CCI November 2003 Prepared for: Community Clinics Initiative Policy Link Report Overall recommendations about engaging leaders of color: Leaders of/

1 Creating Safer Space – Leadership Module The Methodist Church Creating Safer Space Leadership Module Safeguarding Children, Young People & Vulnerable.

else to make a referral acting in an emergency passing on a concern knowing who to go to in agencies and developing links seeking advice/support from DSO and... 65 Creating Safer Space – Leadership Module The Methodist Church Protect: referral A leadership role: making a referral telephone referral be clear it is a safeguarding concern always confirm in writing ensure follow up be/

DEVELOPING LEADERS AT DUKE MEDICINE” FEAGIN LEADERSHIP FORUM 2014 MAY 16 TH, 2014 Victor J Dzau, MD CEO, Duke University Health System Chancellor for.

–A. Seimens: CEO, FHI 360 –S. Williams: Manager, Sensus –B. Wilson: CEO, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NC –L. Winner: Executive Director, Z Smith Reynolds Foundation Health Leadership Development We are defining a Health Leadership Development core curriculum, from which we can create multiple learning experiences from customized training to degree programs with an initial focus on clinician leaders StrategyLeadership Financial Decision Making Finance/

Leadership styles, skills and activities

Customer as ‘bag” relations To nurture customer To be “cool” climate To be honest To know hard facts knowledge +provide adequate information To pay personnel Win-win-situation +to reward+develop Leadership activities Activities of successful and effective leaders What do managers do? What do successful leaders/managers do? What do effective managers/leaders do? Success – those who are promoted rapidly in/

Harpreet Singh B.Venkatesh Kumar

Assessment and Strategic Planning : inputs from stakeholders on felt needs and critical gaps + networking with stakeholders and mutual learning Components of HE leadership Programme Leadership Development Template Stakeholder inputs expressed in conclaves would shape leadership development template. Template would be used for development of customized programmes and modules for different levels of leaders (mentioned earlier) and also for leaders in different academic programmes/fields. Delivery Methods/



Contingency Approach or Situational Approach

of ability (from Huc and Buc2007: 718) From: Bass & Avolio (1994) Improving organisational effectiveness through transformational leadership. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Yukl (1999) Tips for transformational leadership Develop a challenging and attractive vision, together with the employees. Tie the vision to a strategy for its achievement. Develop the vision, specify and translate it to actions. Express confidence, decisiveness and optimism about the vision and/


. An in-the-clear address permits door-to-door delivery by commercial carrier, particularly to overseas points. Address Guidance from USAF WARFIGHTER FOCUSED, GLOBALLY RESPONSIVE SUPPLY CHAIN LEADERSHIP 5 WARFIGHTER SUPPORT ENHANCEMENT STEWARDSHIP EXCELLENCE WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT 5 14. CCP. The shipper may determine a shipment will be routed to a CCP, explained in Para C.3, instead of directly to a POE/

Principal Leadership in Highly Successful Middle Grades Schools

: committees, cadres, vertical teams, advisory teams, school improvement teams, task-forces Ensure effective/efficient day-to-day operations Establish teacher leadership as nucleus for continuous improvement NSLMLS Develop People & Relationships Principals foster the development of individuals and relationships: Share responsibility for leadership Small groups and whole faculty study and discuss current research and best practices in middle level schools Use interdisciplinary teams to create/

Effective Leadership for Early Childhood Systems Change: The art and practice of adaptive leadership Facilitated by Ellen Kagen, Georgetown University.

Source: NCCC, 2002 - modified from James Mason, Ph.D., NCCC Senior Consultant Internal Cultural Factors That Influence Diversity © 2010 NATIONAL TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE CENTER FOR CHILDREN’S MENTAL HEALTH, GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY Leadership Development for System Change Georgetown University 26 Cultural Factors That Influence Diversity Institutional Biases Community Economics Intergroup Relations Natural Networks of Support Community History Race relations Political Climate Workforce Diversity Community/

National Certified Leader

make us feel committed. They develop better group morale by giving a sense of past victories and providing a stimulus for present success. They measure both individual and group progress. They sharpen our leadership skills. Section A, Part 2/ project, while others require ongoing efforts. Determine when activities should happen, and plan your year-long calendar. 4. Develop Action Plans Identify specific steps to achieving the goals, projects, or activities. Place the steps in chronological order. Delegate/

The School Leadership Role

all leaders the expertise they need Empowering successful leaders: harnessing the expertise of great leaders to drive improvement Shaping future leadership: changing how leaders work to respond to new demands and influencing policy and advising government 7 Leadership Development The National College offers leadership development activities for school leaders at all stages of their career At the moment this is broadly grouped as follows: Middle/

Session: Leadership Training in BIPA LEADERSHIP FOR THE TRANSFORMATIONAL GOVERNMENT By: Ishaq Mohammed Ameen, Executive Director – Leadership Programs,

U.K. Higher Education Admission Center (HEAC) Heeks, R. The Concept of Transformational Govt. LEADERSHIP FOR THE TRANSFORMATIONAL GOVERNMENT BIPA leadership development programs have gone through the following milestones: 200 8 200 9 201 0 201 1 201/ process between a number of actors within the network which includes training, building trust, leadership development, collaboration, etc… LEADERSHIP FOR THE TRANSFORMATIONAL GOVERNMENT Conclusions There are a number of government entities which need to interact/

Alliance for Children and Families ‘Leadership Deficit’ Presented by: Undraye P. Howard, M.A. 1.

play a role in dealing with the leadership deficitBoth Recruitment and Retention Development strategies play a role in dealing with the leadership deficit 7 Alliance’s Recruitment Strategies in Addressing the Leadership Deficit (internal/external) Continuous investment in our leadersContinuous investment in our leaders Executive Leadership InstituteExecutive Leadership Institute Leadership Development WorkshopsLeadership Development Workshops University Collaboration (Bellevue University)University/

National Urban League Young Professionals 2012 Whitney M Young Leadership Development Conference Project Lead, Learn, Grow & Empower Energize Your Volunteers!!

New Volunteers & Supporters to Your Organization National Urban League Young Professionals 2012 Whitney M Young Leadership Development Conference Project Lead, Learn, Grow & Empower OUTLINE Defining Volunteer Defining Volunteerism Volunteers Add Value / Offer a variety of exciting and challenging experiences. National Urban League Young Professionals 2012 Whitney M Young Leadership Development Conference Project Lead, Learn, Grow & Empower Engaging Generation Y Youth groups, schools through service-learning/

Building Effective Leadership Skills Creating Your Own Leadership Legacy 2007 CANE Spring Meeting Dan Hogan Vice President, Personal and Small Business.

day” – “Average is defined as the best of the worst, or the worst of the best” Building Effective Leadership Skills | Creating your own leadership legacy 8 Develop and Communicate a Clear, Winning Vision Leadership Profile: Martin Luther King, Jr. Building Effective Leadership Skills | Creating your own leadership legacy 9 A clear, compelling, winning vision is the cornerstone of building organizational success  Establish and articulate a clear/


stressful times Impact on climate Negative Strongly positive Positive The Leader’s Modus Operandi When the style works best SIX LEADERSHIP STYLE   Six Leadership Styles   Democratic Pacesetting Coaching The Leader’s Modus Operandi Forges consensus through participation Sets high standards for performance Develops people for the future Approach What do you think? Do as I do - now Try this Underlying emotional intelligence Competencies/

Leadership & Reducing Restrictive Practice

focus group exercise involving many parties, providers, purchasers service users, discussing what they want from leaders. Only recently started discussing leadership in social care. NHS leadership Academy ( a decade of leadership development) Towards a New Model of Leadership for the NHS, snippets: “the overall goal – offer a view of what good leadership in healthcare ‘looks like”. Research review organised into 3 elements which “contain sets of/

Summer Leadership Institute

- Ticket Out Homework: Complete and reflect on the High Effect Indicators Planning sheet. Student learning needs and faculty and leadership development needs will vary from school to school and from district to district. However, contemporary research reveals a core of instructional and leadership strategies that have a higher probability than most of positively impacting student learning in significant ways. The indicators below link/

1 Dean Fink Sustainable Leadership Sustainable Leadership Welcome to.

staying stuck in the past or wallowing in nostalgic memories of it ? MORAL DILEMMAS 60 Principle 6: Resourcefulness Sustainable leadership develops and does not deplete material and human resources. It renews people’s energy. Sustainable leadership is prudent and resourceful leadership that wastes neither its money nor its people. Sustainable leadership develops and does not deplete material and human resources. It renews people’s energy. Sustainable/

Leadership in Changing Times Bud Nicola, MD, MHSA and Susan Allan, MD, JD, MPH.

ship. Good leaders need to become masters of themselves before they can attempt to be masters of anything else.” http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/wired-success/201310/why-leadership-development-fails-produce-good-leaders “Leadership development initiatives need to focus on the following core areas to really make a difference …” Self-awareness. Emotional self-mastery. A deep understanding of the dynamics of human behavior/

Motivation and Leadership

guide other people’s behavior. To be effective, leaders must have a vision for the future, develop strategies for achieving that vision, and motivate employees to implement them. They also must develop a leadership style. Bell Ringer What are some styles of leadership? Framework for Classifying Leadership Studies Leadership studies can be classified to by whether they take a universal or contingent approach. The universal approach/

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