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your foot in the door. 6 Write a Winning Resume Reverse Chronological Resume Reverse Chronological Resume –Lists work experience and skills in reverse chronological order. Functional Resume Functional Resume –Lists work experience and skills sorted by skill area or job function. –Focuses on skills that are specific to the type of position being sought. 7 Write a Winning Resume Most employers will only spend 8/

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improve the chances of making a good match, many employers require prospective hires to take a battery of tests to assess job-related skills and suitability for the task. Test Tips The questions on the assessments are non-threatening. Its always best to answer the/about your duties in the future. Back to What to Ask Why All the Questions? The questions may seem irrelevant to your job skills, but hiring a new employee is expensive and time consuming. The cost of employee turnover has been estimated at $2,300 /

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-set. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Job Outlook 2009 Survey, the top ten personal qualities/skills being sought are: Communication skills Strong work ethic Teamwork skills (works well with others) Initiative Analytical skills Computer skills Flexibility/adaptability Interpersonal skills (relates well to others) Problem-solving skills Technical skills Experience = Skills The skills your student develops in college can transfer to the needs of a particular employer/

Quality assurance in professional education and training

; quality programs are certified by a label/logo which acts as an important marketing device to potential employers; quality programs allow for transferability of competences beyond a specific company/job; Quality in skills systems applies to... Qualifications / Certification; Competency Standards; Curriculum and Courses; Training Providers; Delivery; Intermediary services (employment services); Assessment and accountability. In effect, all aspects of the professional education and/

Review of Key Reports on TVET, Skills Development, Work and Jobs: Lessons for Africa? Kenneth King, 26.02.13, Dk. Copenhagen.

News (NN) claims such an approach. See the next issue NN 48 on “2012: THE YEAR OF GLOBAL REPORTS ON TVET, SKILLS & JOBS” –outline distributed to participants See: www.norrag.org for this and all other special issues.www.norrag.org Followups There is a /background paper useful for this meeting by KK on A Review of Key Reports on TVET, Skills Development, Work and Jobs A soft copy can be provided by Anne Sorensen for comments by participants. And can be discussed directly with Kenneth/

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and procedures Regulations and legislation Instructional methods Technical and operational Mathematical Health and safety standards and procedures Administrative Procedures Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Job Evaluation System, PDQ Training Completing the PDQ Section 5: Factor 2, Interpersonal Skills General Description Captures information regarding the individuals and groups that your position interacts with, how frequently those interactions occur and the types of communication/

SKILL SHORTAGES IN THE UK ISSUES, PROBLEMS AND WAYS FORWARD Ewart Keep Deputy Director, ESRC Centre on Skills, Knowledge & Organisational Performance,

HE to meet the target. Sectors like engineering, that still need substantial numbers of young people to train as apprentices and technicians, and to fill intermediate level skill jobs, are faced with the prospect of big skill shortages. Employers complain the target is dangerous. RE-ENTER THE DRAGON: THE RETURN OF ‘MANPOWER PLANNING’ (BIGGER, BOLDER AND MORE POINTLESS THAN EVER) ‘Manpower planning’ was/

Have you ever had to go to a job interview? How did it feel? Were you nervous about what questions they might ask? Did it feel like you were being put.

team or in a leadership role- it could be for school, work, sports, clubs, church, etc. Job-specific skills: Do you have skills that are specific to this field or job? After preparing for your interview, let’s talk about first impressions. Make sure you arrive on time./weaknesses? Play up your strengths, and don’t hesitate to mention anything that would make you suited to this job. You can refer to your list of skills you made for help. Many people have a hard time with finding a weakness to talk about in an/

Creating a Great Resume

, then consider listing such details in a separate section with its own heading rather than use in a profile. For example, if your technical skills are your strongest qualification for a job, consider a separate section called “Technical Skills.” Table of Contents The EDUCATION Section List degrees or certifications, in reverse chronological order, current or most recent first, then list your major along/

© JIST Works Job Seeker’s Workbook. © JIST Works Table of Contents Section 1: Getting Started Section 2: Your Job Is Out There Section 3: Making a Good.

through activities other than employment. Chronological Organized by dates. Is used my many people. Is clear and easy to read. Shows growth in skills and responsibility. Show job growth and advancements in job titles. Show gaps in employment. Highlights frequent job changes. Shows lack of related experience and career changes. Points out career setbacks. People with steady work record. People with experience that relates/

Job Skills But who will pay me for anything? I don’t know how to do anything?

machines Making appointments Running office machine (fax machine, computers, photocopy, printing) Proofreading Clerk duties Sorting, delivering mail Greeting clients Directing clients Public speaking Keeping records Public relations Researcher Supervisory skills (in a job, club, organization, Family Man) Beautician Hair cutting Styling Shampooing hair Giving permanents and body waves Cosmetics consulting Facials Manicures/ pedicures Scalp treatment Hair coloring Hair lightening Appointment scheduling Money/

Jobs for the Future  Harvard Graduate School of Education Institute November, 2013 Columbus, Ohio THE PATHWAYS TO PROSPERITY STATE NETWORK: DOCUMENTS.

of articulation and alignment within education and industry at many points Uncertain demand picture (for jobs and skills) due to ACA PROJECTED JOB GROWTH: SUB-BA POSITIONS PIPELINE PROGRAMS RN to BSN MLT to Med Tech Research Administrator/Health Science Academy Course Sequence Health Science 2... Continuation of career exploration Development of specific health care and job- related skills Topics include growth and development, nutritional analysis, vital signs, and basic anatomy and physiology West Aurora /

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running a business Other Information . . . (Cont’d) Guidelines: (if you want to add) - Give any additional information that you feel will help to match your experience, attainments, skills and abilities to this particular job position – continue on a separate sheet of paper if required - Support your answers with solid examples - How you turnaround a difficult situation - Your adaptation to a new environment/

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make the difference between a good or poor interview and may ultimately result in whether or not you get the job Interviewing Skills - Preparation 6) Be prepared to ask questions of the interviewer Indicate your level of interest General rule – ask/top performer in this position? Don’t ask about salary, benefits or time off until after a job offer has been made Interviewing Skills - Preparation 7) Professional References Use professional references unless asked to provide personal references by the employer/

CV & Interview Preparation. The purpose of this presentation is to; Gain an understanding into job hunting in this competitive environment. Gain an understanding.

Preparation Types of CV Functional CV; Focuses on Skills Functional CV; Focuses on Skills Combination CV; Skills and Jobs Combination CV; Skills and Jobs Chronological CV; Job History in Chronological CV; Job History in reverse order reverse order CV & Interview/ attracted to position. Why you are attracted to position. Highlight experience, skills relevant to job. Highlight experience, skills relevant to job. Include information about training, personal traits. Include information about training, personal/

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culture and personality; Demonstrate how your values align with the company’s values and goals Demonstrate Your Soft Skills Many of your soft-skills can be demonstrated within your job search! Use your customer service skills while networking Show your attention to detail on your job application and your resume Display your initiative by sharing a helpful article on Linked-In Show your caring/positive/

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colleges have when the goal is to better align their career and technical education degrees and certificates with in-demand jobs and skills. >But, just how do we go about this? Often Educators Encounter Difficulty in Finding Data They Need to/ Burning Glass Technologies 10 Two Separate Strategies Were Used to Assess Demand >The first was to start with searching for jobs that utilize skills of “quality assurance and control”. This definition of “quality” courses seems closest to those of concern to college; /

Job Interview 面試的準備與面試技巧

understand yourself ? Do you have an answer for the following questions ? What are the strengths in my working experience, educational background and skills directly related to this job ? What qualification and skills I have will impress the interviewer ? What qualification and skills I have can demonstrate my future potentials ? Preparation To simulate an interview Prepare and memorize the answer for possible questions asked in/

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of Pay-for-Knowledge Programs  Stair-step model »Steps represent jobs from a particular job family that differ in complexity »Focus on skill/knowledge depth  Skill blocks model »Jobs in same job family, employees progress to increasingly complex jobs, but skills do not build on each other. »Focus on horizontal and vertical skillsJob-point accrual model »Focus on skills/knowledge that bear directly om companies attainment of co petitive advantage/

Self-evaluation of skills requirements: Female graduates in the Jordan.

been mainly acquired through the attendance of academic courses in University. The non formally accredited skills ( communication, interpersonal, leadership, problem solving skills) though have been mainly acquired through experiences in previous jobs.  Despite the fact that the respondents state that they have mainly acquired only the formally accredited skills of ICT and English language on average each individual graduate regards the university courses as/


/ Distribution Staffing RESEARCH QUESTION #1 What were the top IT job skills in Careerlink postings over the past year? TOP IT JOB SKILLS GENERAL SKILLS Microsoft Office Windows Desktop Access Project Apple Mac OS X Adobe Acrobat/JOB SKILLS BY INDUSTRY: IT TOP IT JOB SKILLS BY INDUSTRY: MANUFACTURING & DISTRIBUTION RESEARCH QUESTION #3 How do IT job skills vary by company size? TOP IT JOB SKILLS BY COMPANY SIZE: UP TO 200 EMPLOYEES TOP IT JOB SKILLS BY COMPANY SIZE: 200-2,000 EMPLOYEES TOP IT JOB SKILLS/

1 Job Search Workshop (a Multi-Church Skill-Building Event) Dual Session Version Job Search Workshops for MetroWest is a ministry that assists faith-based.

I offer? ) What do I care about in the workplace? Where would I best fit? JOB (Career) #1 Exercise – Transferable Skills Transfer of knowledge & skills Transfer of how achieved success ….based on experiences #4 Exercise- Search Plan Target industries? Target companies/) competency, chemistry & character Lead with your Elevator Pitch (a confident short introduction LINKED TO THE JOB POSTING ) –Highlight your skills and career history –Include why you are making a change –Explain what you hope to attain for/

Portland Community College Lessons Learned from Seven Years of WorkKeys Skills Integration at Central New Mexico Community College June 2, 2009 David.

success and exit competencies. Tests are nationally validated. Tests are nationally recognized. Tests allow comparison between schools. Test results directly related to job requirements. There is a direct correlation between job skill requirements and curriculum. Tests objectively validate students’ skills vis-à-vis job requirements. Tests allow objective, data driven decisions for both faculty and administration. Tests allow analysis of student success rates among faculty. Tests/

Human Relations: Interpersonal Job-Oriented Skills, 10 th edition Andrew J. DuBrin © 2009 Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458. All rights reserved.

be enthusiastic. Smooth out rough spots in your background (such as credit history). DuBrin: Human Relations: Interpersonal Job-Oriented Skills, 10 th ed© 2009 Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458. All rights reserved TEN QUALIFICATIONS /personality. Keep growing through continuous learning and self-development. Document your accomplishments. DuBrin: Human Relations: Interpersonal Job-Oriented Skills, 10 th ed© 2009 Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458. All rights reserved MORE CAREER/

 This workshop will teach participants the process of job search  How to assess skill sets (e.g. examples of aptitude tests)  Participants will learn.

.army.mil or www.cool.navy.milwww.cool.navy.mil Identify and list all of your skills gained through: education, military service, previous jobs, hobbies, interests, participation in professional organizations and community activities.  Your Resume should be / of human resource director or identified person in announcement,  Should be brief, identify job applying for title,  Identify a few bullets of skills based on job announcement job duties,  Video: How to write a Cover Letter  http://www.youtube.com//

Job Searching 101: Skills Employers Look For January 12, 2008 Presenter: Donna Brice, Director.

.gov/projectgate/http://www.doleta.gov/projectgate/ United States Armed Forces – Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy, http://www.defenselink.mil/http://www.defenselink.mil/ Computer Skills Everyone needs basic computer skills to function in todays job market. With technology changing so rapidly, the ability to quickly learn new information is critical to your success. "It is very critical to be computer literate/

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close of letter Display initiative Copyright ©2011 by Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Pearson [imprint] Professionalism: Skills for Workplace Success, 2/e Lydia E. Anderson Sandra B. Bolt TAILORING YOUR RÉSUMÉ AND COVER LETTER Carefully review job announcement Identify key job skills, and highlight company needs Include key qualifications in both cover letter and résumé In the cover letter: –Mention the target/

KeyTrain SKILLS FOR SURVIVAL IN THE NEW WORKFORCE sm Performance Results – Compelling Data Documenting Learning Outcomes.

academic readiness for college and workforce is now similar Providing a Common Language for Measuring Foundational Skills WorkKeys – a Seamless System 1 Job Profiling: Determines the level of skill necessary to learn a job 2 Skill Assessments Skill Assessments: Measures an individual’s skill level 3 Education / Training: Efficiently closes skill gaps WorkKeys ® Skill Areas Reading for Information* Applied Mathematics* Locating Information* Applied Technology Teamwork Observation Listening Writing Business/

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Meeting # 2 Objectives Understand the difference between a Competency and a KSA (knowledge, skill, ability) Be able to generate or choose appropriate competencies for the job under review Be able to accurately rate competencies on level of importance What is a / answer these questions: What level of the KSA do we need? Are we looking for a Knowledge, Skill, or Ability? What are the specific, job-related details of the KSA we are trying to describe? What is a Specific KSA statement? Intermediate… What/

Essential Skills and the Ontario Skills Passport edu

Numerical Estimation and Scheduling, Budgeting or Accounting 7 Thinking Skills Job Task Planning and Organizing, Decision Making, Problem Solving, /job, your Essential Skills go with you and help you adapt to your new situation. Review There are 14 Essential Skills in the OSP. Essential Skills have skill levels. Essential Skills Profiles. Essential Skills are the foundation for learning other skills, like technical skills and job/workplace specific skills. Essential Skills are also called transferable skills/

Conducting a Summer Job search. Why do you want a job? Are you using the job to get money to pay for school? Are you using the job to get career related.

to track employer and student progress throughout co-op program. Conducted Career Counselling Training to students to prepare for co-op positions by providing instruction on resume writing, job search techniques, and interview skills development. Volunteer Experience REFERENCES Employer Relations Coordinator (Co-op), University of Windsor: Centre for Career Education Windsor Ontario (2007 – Present) Outcomes: Liaised with and Coordinated co-op interviews/

Chapter 12 Employability Skills

long-term plans?” “Give me examples of how you have used the skills required by this position in the past.” Chapter 12 Leaving a Job Most people will change jobs and even careers many times during their working lives. To prepare for new/your direct responsibility. Help other people grow by teaching them. Share information that will help others be better at their job. Practice good communication skills. Be willing to accept change. Be assertive. Be willing to accept input from others. Be honest. Chapter 12/


and body. Extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness are major factors in most cultures. PERSONALITY FACTORS, TRAITS, AND JOB PERFORMANCE A particular trait may give use a bias toward certain actions, such as being conscientious. Extraversion is/smarts and good intuition. Practical Intelligence, continued Practical intelligence implies that experience is helpful in developing intellectual skills and judgment. At younger age, raw intellectual ability is strongest. Judgment and wisdom are likely to be/

A 10-year Outlook for the Canadian Labour Market (COPS 2009 Reference Projection) Part 1: Labour Demand: the Jobs of the Future January 5, 2010 Policy.

Mean Emp. Age4542394135 Med. Ret. Age6261 63 Age Gap1719222028 Retirements by Skill Level, 2009-2018 …leading to job openings arising from retirements even in low-skilled occupations Sources: Statistics Canada and HRSDC, Policy Research Directorate, 2009 Reference /supply, constraining growth.  Recession impacts more low- than high-skilled jobs. However, this time high-skilled occupations were more affected than in the past, while low-skilled occupations were less impacted.  The recent recession will have /

1 ربيع الثاني 1431Johali1 HUMAN COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR P HARMACY T ECHNICIANS HuCOMPT 20102012 Eisa Ali Johali بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Ideal COMPT Environment.

ask questionsEncourage patients to ask questions –When your patients are comfortable asking you questions, you know you have rapport (empathetic connect /link/relation) and are doing a good job communicating 1 ربيع الثاني 1431Johali57 Basic Skills: Be AssertiveEmpathy Persuasive Common COMPT Styles:Common COMPT Styles: –Aggressive: Active is direct attack; & Passive is indirect –Assertiveness ( Compassion; empathy /sympathy; Self- confident; Self-assured; kindness; creative ) PT/

Fall 2002Transition Services Preparation & Trainig Self Expression: Self Expression: How Do My Interests Help Me Choose a Job? How do My Clothes, My Attitude,

the activity, and put it in long-term context Now have students use critical thinking and synthesis/evaluation skills. Ask students to evaluate which jobs they like best and synthesize the five criteria or categories of information to explain why, in conjunction with/ Services Preparation & Trainig Day 5: Reading and Technology cont. B. Instructional Strategies/steps to develop target behaviors/skills Use your “job” as a model to do guided group practice/review—ask how, what “key words” should be used to find/


) Monitor-evaluator (big thinker who sees options) Team member roles, concluded Team worker (cooperative, sensitive, and diplomatic) Implementer (disciplined and efficient) Completer-finisher (anxious to get job done) Specialist (dedicated, has rare knowledge and skill) All roles can have downside, and members will sometimes engage in self-oriented roles. SELF-ORIENTED TEAM ROLES Focuses on own needs rather than those of group/

Career Awareness Why do people have jobs or careers?

Facet 4: Perspective Critical and insightful points of view After visiting job sites, students will write letters to individuals at sites asking about their interests, motivations, and skills in making their career choice, and the factors that have helped /person from their visits they would like to contact to learn about their interests, motivations, skills, and career path in acquiring their current job. Have the class develop potential wordings for and introduction, questions, and conclusion. Have each/

Job Analysis Lecture #2.

collecting relevant, work-related information related to the nature of a specific jobJob analysis includes information about: Tasks Job skills or KSAOs Physical setting and job demands Performance behaviors Management 412 | Job Analysis Fall 2008 Management 412 | Job Analysis Job Analysis: Purpose Describe the job as it is Focus on “standard” or “adequate” level of job performance Designed to support HR functions Level of analysis Focus is on describing/

SHRM Survey Findings: Job Analysis Activities In collaboration with and commissioned by ACT December 11, 2014.

-profit (80%) Nonprofit organizations were more likely than publicly owned for-profit and privately owned for-profit organizations to identify the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies required for a job/role for professional nonmanagement job levels. Job Levels Used for Job Analysis Activities Job Analysis Activities ©SHRM 201420 Note: Only statistically significant differences are shown. Executive level 2,500 to 24,999 employees (70%)>100 to/

The 21 st Century JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES FOR Employee and Career Advising www.hr.arizona.edu.

use different approaches. However, here are some definitive steps you can take to improve your chance for success. Scan the environmental Self assess Improve your job skills Identify job leads Create amazing cover letters and resumes Sharpen your interview skills. The University of Arizona – Human Resources Employee and Career Advising 4 CONDUCT AN ENVIRONMENTAL SCAN What companies and industries are hiring and which are/


. Helping others grow and develop. Positive political skills. Customer service skills. Enhancing ethical behavior. Stress management and personal productivity. Job search and career management skills. DEVELOPING INTERPERSONAL SKILLS ON THE JOB This course emphasizes the learning of interpersonal skills. Opportunities exist also in the workplace for developing interpersonal skills. Dual opportunity for learning soft skills is similar to learning of hard skills. You study written material, then apply the/

It’s Time For A Career Makeover North Coast Calvary Chapel Career Transition Program Presented by: Marissa E. Marsala Re-Vitalize YOUR Job Search By REINVENTING.

People Search or Company Search Networking with friends, family or neighbors (includes informally networking at parties and family functions If available, ask for new “On-the-Job “ experience opportunities (specific assignments that give you skills and skills) Join professional organizations, associations and targeted LinkedIn groups Volunteer Closing Comments: (Cont’d) Make sure that the activities you engage in produce results. Resume Building/Refinement/

JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES AND TECHNIQUES. “N ETWORKING ” I NTRODUCTIONS SHARE the following 1. Your Name 2. Something about your work that you’re excited.

in your group Note similar key words among the varied descriptions Identify the top 5 – 10 words found most often among the job descriptions K ILLER R ESUMES : Show you have job skills for the job Show you deliver results Show you can solve problems Show you can communicate effectively Show your capacity for leadership Remember, it’s about getting the interview! A CHIEVEMENT/

Global Skills Award Managing your Career Careers and Employability Service Nicola Urquhart Careers Adviser.

or occasion Career choice is a process Why is choosing a career so difficult? ALL JOBS which match your goals, needs & values & require your skills, qualities & qualifications in the desired location where there are prospects for the future /for, Civil Service Fast Stream, NHS Graduate Management Scheme for example Opportunity to ask recruiters questions Break Global Skills Award Where are the jobs ? Careers and Employability Service What do postgraduates do? (p.3) “The vast majority of postgraduates enter/

Landing a Job And Holding on To It. Applying for a Job Applying for a job can seem to be a monumental task. In fact, some authorities say that a worker.

suggestions you came up with to make something easier or more efficient Resume—You on Paper  Transferable skillsSkills that you can transfer from one job or career to another without much training.  Examples—writing clearly, listening, organizing tasks, training, /334) 298-3626 Letter of Application A letter of application (for a specific job opening) or cover letter (for any job opening that fits your skill set) introduces you to the employer and often highlights information on an accompanying resum/

Chapter 4 analyzing work and designing jobs

, skill variety, and task identity. 4-27 Test Your Knowledge Adding more tasks to an existing job is called ____________, while adding more decision- making authority to jobs is called _________. Job extension; job rotation Job rotation; job enrichment Job enlargement; job enrichment Job enlargement; job rotation Adding more tasks to an existing job is called ____________, while adding more decision-making authority to jobs is called _________. Job extension; job rotation Job rotation; job enrichment Job/

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an unusual CV. - These are difficult to compose and tend to detract from the key purpose of the CV (the range of skills that relate to the job). Your creative skills can be assessed via your portfolio. 0 Its the content, practical skills, and work experience that employers are particularly interested in, plus evidence of what you have created: listings of exhibitions etc. 0/

Preparing for Summer Work

post graduate course then you will need to present yourself positively and professionally on paper. 30 seconds to make an impression! You’re here! The Recruitment Process – Employer Job and Person Specification: Qualifications; Skills; Experience; Expertise Short listing of Applications: Application Forms, CVs, Supplementary Information CLEAR MATCH Interview UNCLEAR MATCH Letter of Refusal The Application Process – Employee 1. Analyse the vacancy 2/

Career Development Workshop Final Year

purpose of a CV from your point of view to get the interview, not the job to demonstrate in the CV that you have the skills, experience and motivation from the employers’ point of view to weed out unsuitable candidates /out main organisations in the sector history and market trends types of products and services being sold customer types language and terminology job roles and associated skills major company websites – “about us” pages books, newspapers, magazines – “bluffers’ guides” blogs e.g. search “blog/

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