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2005 Intelligent Indoor Coverage Solutions Enabling your business with Spotwave.

1900Mhz variants Supporting CDMA, GSM or IDEN voice & data technologies 25 SpotCell Enterprise The only intelligent out-of-the-box solution for large office and industrial environments Typical coverage 50,000 sq ft (up to 80,000 sq/ & Facilities Spotwave enables voice and data 32 Executive Homes Manufacturing Facilities Retail Shopping Centers Sports Facilities Office Towers Campus Complexes Home Office Manufacturing Facilities Retail Store Corporate Boxes Single FloorMulti-level SpotCell Scalability /

The Systems Modeling & Information Technology Laboratory 1 Intelligent Preventive Maintenance Scheduling In Semiconductor Manufacturing Fabs Preventive.

: including a Model Description Language model-data independence tightly integrated with OSL (2) OSL (Optimization Solutions and Library) providing stand-alone solver for LP, MIP,QP or SLP including about 70 user callable functions; The Systems Modeling & Information Technology Laboratory 35 Intelligent Preventive Maintenance Scheduling In Semiconductor Manufacturing Fabs Case Study Consider PM tasks from PM1 to PM11; Planning horizon 7 days Tool/

M achinery & A utomation system C enter (MAC.) “ Hi-Tech Solution for Success” Providing Hands-on Training, Consulting and Industrial Services. Providing.

Services. Providing Hands-on Training, Consulting and Industrial Services. 26 Intelligence Automation Intelligence Automation M achinery & A utomation system C enter (MAC.) “ Hi-Tech Solution for Success” Providing Hands-on Training, Consulting and Industrial Services. /electronic and computer based systems to operate and control processed found in manufacturing. M achinery & A utomation system C enter (MAC.) “ Hi-Tech Solution for Success” Providing Hands-on Training, Consulting and Industrial Services./


Educate ©2015 Continental Automated Buildings Association. All rights reserved. SOLUTIONS OFFERINGS: HOW WILL BIG DATA BECOME PART OF THE INTELLIGENT BUILDING? 30 Big Data Solutions and the Convergence of Facilities, Business, and Energy Management / 32 Vancouver Coastal Health Authority ©2015 Continental Automated Buildings Association. All rights reserved. SENECA MANUFACTURING FACILITY: SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Showcases Schneider Electric’s Building Analytics service to diagnose system inefficiencies, save/

IMS 2020 Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Sustainable manufacturing Dimitris Kiritsis.

account constrains coming from the 4 pillars of sustainability – to develop solutions for the design, operational and organizational activities related to products, processes and services in the manufacturing sector 5 IMS 2020 Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Supporting Global Research for IMS2020 Vision 6 IMS 2020 Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Supporting Global Research for IMS2020 Vision Sustainable Manufacturing is defined in the last draft of the IMS MTP initiative as/

09/06 Title: Batching & Filling – An introduction to the Market & Proposed Strategy Manufacturing Areas: Making & Packing Date: July 2007 Presented by.

Performance) Robust Use Industry Standards Also generate Business Intelligence Lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership OEM SI OWNER manufacturer or CONTRACT manufacturer End Users – Environment, Business Drivers, Requirements Optimize the Manufacturing Supply Chain 07/07 13 Critically Important End/ 9 Benefits for Mettler Toledo Delivers a comprehensive portfolio of batch & filling tools and solutions to the channel Defends existing customer and distributor base from attack by competitors Allows the channel/

© Negnevitsky, Pearson Education, 2005 1 Lecture 1 Introduction to knowledge-base intelligent systems Intelligent machines, or what machines can do Intelligent.

rely on elementary reasoning steps to find complete solutions and could use weak knowledge about domain. Probably the most important development in the seventies was the realisation that the domain for intelligent machines had to be sufficiently restricted. Previously,/a similar survey reported over 2500 developed expert systems (Durkin, 1994). The new growing area was business and manufacturing, which accounted for about 60% of the applications. Expert system technology had clearly matured. A 1986 survey /

Company Overview. November 24, 20142 This is ITT High-tech engineering and manufacturing company $11 billion in revenues 40,000 employees Delivering extraordinary.

to and from municipal water stations Pump systems designed for farms, manufacturers, homeowners and commercial building owners Flood-control pumps for municipalities Intelligent systems to achieve maximum pump energy efficiency Water Transport and Treatment / with the current priorities of the U.S. military and its allies for information-based, networked solutions. Meeting The Need for Global Security Tactical communications systems Night vision technologies Counter improvised explosive device technology/

Artificial Intelligence Driver Assistant Device (AI-DAD ™)

sound in the Driver’s cabinet based on the car engine acceleration Generates artificial sound in the car’s engine cabinet base on the car speed and / or location Technologies solutions Elinistech Designs and manufactures artificial intelligent devices for electric cars using advance digital signal processing and Bluetooth speaker phone to overcome these problems 5 Fast to market, customisable and interoperability tested... Artificial/

Sfinorman.nosfinorman.no1 WP1 – Robust and Adaptive Manufacturing Systems WP2 - Advanced Process Control and Intelligent Maintenance WP3 - Hybrid Manufacturing.

methods for self-adjusting, -calibrating and -reconfigurable processes: strategies and methods based on symbolic data mining and optimization. Solutions imitating biological reflexes T3:Fault diagnosis and prognosis system for preventive maintenance of production equipment T4:3D-object measurement and / Framework of IFDPS becomes a part of a course (TPK 4155 Applied Computational Intelligence in Intelligent Manufacturing) The RFID application demo for Production System becomes a practice study for a course/

1 Training on 11i.10 enhancements for Infosys 5 th January 2005 Oracle Process Manufacturing.

Genealogy Inquiry, Report and Business Intelligence Ensure Regulatory Compliance Audit Trail, Strong Security, Electronic Recordkeeping with Electronic Signatures for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Oracle Process Manufacturing – MRP The Planning Process / Composite Results MSDS Test Results Samples Disposition Workflow Update Item Lot Status/Grade Oracle Process Quality Solution Achieve product consistency Stability studies, lot expiration handling, batch control Enforce proactive quality assurance Specification/

NOTIFIER® Fire Alarm & Emergency Communication

: • High Rise Buildings • College/University Campus • Hospitals • Airports • Hotels • Shopping Malls • Sports Arenas • Manufacturing Facilities NOTIFIER Annual Distributor Conference October 14-17, 2007 ONYX® Series Features Feature NFS-320 NFS2-640 NFS2-3030 Signaling Line/ MESSAGE… at the right TIME… to the right AUDIENCE Network Solutions Backbone of a robust Emergency Communications System NOTI-FIRE-NET Unites multiple NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm control panels as one LAN or WAN Connect using/

Demand more from the energy you use. Intelligent Energy Management Solutions For Foundry and Metalcasting Facilities.

Demand more from the energy you use. Intelligent Energy Management Solutions For Foundry and Metalcasting Facilities ABOUT POWERIT SOLUTIONS The Company Manufacturer of automated hardware and software system providing energy solutions Offices in WA, CT, NC and CA and two locations in Sweden Operating in the US since 2002 Powerit’s technology is installed in over 1000 locations worldwide WHO WE /

Nurture Marketing Thomas J. Barczak InSource Solutions

check….) Makes your reader smarter Curiosity and Involvement Action Plan Series of personalized letters Orchestrated through Sage SalesLogix Supported by Metaphors Supported by Meaningful Gifts InSource Solutions Nurture Action Plan #1 Goal To become the manufacturing intelligence executives opinion leader on achieving operational synergy and efficiency Nurture Action Plan #1 Overview Target: Operations and Plant Management Purpose: Identify, Individualize and Interact with Management/


and Technology challenges. Project Information like Service providers, project description, name, project duration, deal size, challenges, solutions, benefits, functionalities, technology stack and competitive advantages. SALES INTELLIGENCE™ - 9th to 12th 9. Product Intelligence: Product Intelligence consists of information about a product like product design, development, manufacturing, product development lifecycle, process and analysis. It compares the product functionalities and features to improve the/

MANUFACTURING CLUSTER IN THE TAMPERE REGION. The centre of the Finnish manufacturing industry There are wide bases of businesses operating in manufacturing.

TAMPERE ADULT EDUCATION CENTRE TAKK Automotive Concrete building products Metalwork Refrigeration Electricity and automation ICT Industrial maintenance Logistics TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND Intelligent manufacturing Ecologic solutions for machines and vehicles Intelligent machines Additive manufacturing Assistive engineering The business environment In Tampere everything works World class research and university-industry collaboration High level of technology, system integration and industrial/

ICT619 Intelligent Systems Unit Coordinator: Shamim Khan Room 2.065 ECL Building (North Wing) Phone: 9360 2801

than optimal solutions  Fuzzy systems handle imprecise information by assigning degrees of truth ICT619 S2-0522 Fuzzy Systems (cont’d)  FS allow us to express knowledge in vague linguistic terms  Flexibility and power of fuzzy systems now well recognised  Some applications of fuzzy systems:  Control of manufacturing processes  appliances such as air conditioners and video cameras  In combination with other intelligent system methodologies/

Timothy Cronin Cronin Business Solutions

: Aerospace and Defense Contract Manufacturing Engineering and Construction Internet and Media Government entities Manufacturing Oil and Gas Professional Services Software Development Speaker’s Organization Cronin Business Solutions is an Oracle Partner that/. Accordingly, companies were forced to develop custom reports Custom Project Acctg. Reporting OEPM Solution Oracle Project Intelligence enables companies to reduce reliance on customized reports However, PJI currently provides limited flexibility 3rd/

The Roadmap for Design and Design for Manufacturing Andrew B

of survival for the worldwide semiconductor industry Example Focus Areas: Explicit manufacturability and cost/value optimization Restricted layout Intelligent mask data prep “Analog” (not binary) rules (Many layout and design optimizations) Disclaimer: Not a complete listing Foundation of the (“DFM”) Solution Bidirectional design-manufacturing data pipe Fundamental drivers: cost, value Pass functional intent to manufacturing flow Example: RET for predictable timing slack, leakage, yield RETs/


Issue Classical Focus Six Sigma Focus Analytical Perspective point estimate variability Management cost & time quality & time Manufacturability trial & error robust design Variable Search one-factor-at-a-time design of experiments Process Adjustment tweaking /are not accused, but rather, that they are able to investigate processes and be “part of the solution.” Client, Enterprise & Competitive Intelligence for Product, Process & Systems Innovation & Design Dr. Rick L. Edgeman, University of Idaho Lesson/

Manufacturing Update Joseph A. Phelan, CPIM Senior Director of Manufacturing R&D, QAD QAD Explore 2012.

HHHHHH Configured Attributes HHHHHH Quality Extensions HHHHHH Planning/Scheduling Workbenches HHHHHH Business Intelligence (BI) HHHHHH BPM HHHHHH 25 Manufacturing Update – Product Direction Future Plans and Direction 26 User Experience (UX) -Mobility -Portability -Flexibility -Productivity -Simplicity Future Plans and Direction Manufacturing Update 27 Mixed mode manufacturing -Single solution redesign -Consolidated/streamlined processes Planning/scheduling -GRC (lean MRP) -Level loading, constraint/

Oracle Warehouse Management

with the rest of the e-business suite. Seamless Integration Planning Purchasing Manufacturing Fulfillment Oracle Warehouse Mgmt Solution Enables you to… Support Lower Cost of Ownership Increase Warehouse Efficiency Integrate WMS/institutional targets Fact: Provide performance-based metrics Exception: Continuously evaluate performance Manage By… Mfg & Inventory Intelligence: Timely, Accurate, Relevant Flexible Time Periods Flexible Comparisons Daily updates on key performance indicators Actionable /

GE Fanuc is a part of 11 GE Businesses Growing Globally

GE Fanuc’s Solutions for Automation and Intelligent Production Management GE Fanuc is a part of 11 GE Businesses Growing Globally Infrastructure Healthcare Transportation NBC Energy Commercial Finance Consumer Finance GE has a diverse set of 11 businesses that help us stay profitable in any economic cycle. Operations in over 100 countries Manufacturing facilities in 32 countries Research centers in Germany, India, China and/

QlikView for Life Science Industry Presentation 12/2010 Visual Data Group True Business Intelligence TM NHHS Healthcare Consulting.

manage equipment and instrumentation assets, maintain validated systems, and improve compliance Manufacturing & Distribution Addressing these challenges requires the right tool Business Intelligence Operational BI Reporting Predictive Modeling How would you write a report to/from JD Edwards World quickly and easily Comply with the internally used consolidation rules Conduct detailed analyses Solution Deployed QlikView to over 40 users : Financial Analysis Sales Analysis Supply Chain Analysis for Inventory /

Page 1 SureShot Strategies Inc. Thought leader in providing innovative solutions.

Data Warehouse Architecture using Oracle Business Intelligence strategy for various companies such as a leading Airlines, Solar Power, Natural Gas, Energy/Utility, High Tech & Manufacturer etc. Managed several OBIEE implementation projects/Bus (ESB) Business Integration (B2B) Fusion Web Services Management for SOA Governance Security & Identity Management Portal Solution (Composite Applications) Integrated Development Environment (JDeveloper & ADF) Data Hubs (Master Data Management) SOA/Enterprise /

Operational Excellence Scalable Software for Real-Time Visual Intelligence Oliver Gruner, Strategic Account Manager o: 508-543-8600 x 249 m: 508-740-3351.

and is positioned to move the industry forward with its creativeness and innovation. 4 Key Markets Operational Excellence 5 Business Systems ControlSystems Manufacturing Intelligence SCADA HMI / Visualization ICONICS ICONICS Functional Stack Functional Stack Visual Intelligence Solutions Connecting People to Machine and Business Systems ICONICS Integration Manufacturing Intelligence BizViz Suite HMI / SCADA GENESIS32 Suite Connectivity OPC, SNMP, Database, ERP Web Services Large quantities of data Raw data/

Copyright © 2009 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intelligent Performance April 15th, 2009 Basarim 09 National HPC Conference Ankara, Turkey Stephan.

Management with Intel® Cluster Checker Simplify Deployment with registered applications Simplify Manufacturing with defined recipes and Intel® Cluster Checker to validate Simplify /Solutions Dedicated, renowned expertise Large scale clusters for test and optimization Broad SW tools portfolio Terascale Research Leading performance, performance/watt Defined HPC application platform Platform building blocks Manufacturing Process Copyright © 2009 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. HPC @ Intel Intelligent/

Providing Intelligent Solutions Globally CORPORATE PROFILE.

 GIPL  GESCL  GSPC  Ahmedabad Stock Exchange  Inweka  Sahajanand Laser  MRK system  AIA Engineering India GlobalTech’s Clients www.TheGT.com GlobalTech Providing Intelligent Solutions Globally 13 Client Interaction Approach  Defining the right capabilities in products that our customers need  Designing manufacturable products through careful innovations  Delivering products into market on time to leverage technology  This is possible only because we have close interaction/

Solutions Road Show 2014 March’ 2014 | India. Solutions Road Show 2014 March’ 2014 | India Bhaskar Raman Enterprise Technologist Storage Solutions Dell.

data. Industry’s lowest TCO over 5 year period 2 Centralize/simplify with peer storage architecture Enterprise-class intelligence, automation and reliability for remote offices. EqualLogic™ deploy in under 20 MIN 3 1 Based on testing / 5.0 with VMware API for Array Integration. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability.” G10000075 29 Solutions Road Show 2014 March’ 2014 | India Confidential XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI, VMware View Automated Tiered Storage moves /


of a part of a Flexible Manufacturing System. There are a number of tanks which are supplied with fluid. The incoming fluid flow rates are d 1, d 2, d 3..etc. The servers are intelligent. It means that they drop the/Parts According to the Demand Rate INTCONTMANSYST 20 Conclusions The idea to use switching server (hybrid dynamical) approach to the solution of FMS Scheduling problems opens high horizons. Realizing overlapping production, this approach may give significant economical effects. Determining the /

CS 416 Artificial Intelligence Lecture 21 Making Complex Decisions Chapter 17 Lecture 21 Making Complex Decisions Chapter 17.

assignment of strategies to players Game theoretic solutions What’s a solution to a game? All players select /manufacturer chooses between CD and DVD format for next game platformAcme: Hardware manufacturer chooses between CD and DVD format for next game platform Best: Software manufacturer chooses between CD and DVD format for next titleBest: Software manufacturer/The Essence of Artificial Intelligence” by Alison CawseyExample modified from “The Essence of Artificial Intelligence” by Alison Cawsey Initialize/

344-571 ปัญญาประดิษฐ์ (Artificial Intelligence) ผศ. ดร. วิภาดา เวทย์ประสิทธิ์ ภาควิชาวิทยาการคอมพิวเตอร์ คณะวิทยาศาสตร์ มหาวิทยาลัยสงขลานครินทร์ ห้องทำงาน.

Chess Mathematics :Logic, Geometry Expert Tasks Engineering :Design, Fault finding, Manufacturing planning Scientific analysis Medical diagnosis Financial analysis Artificial Intelligence Fields Artificial IntelligenceChapter 118 Robotics Shakey the Robot Developed in 1969 by the/n. Computer Science. A program that uses available information, heuristics, and inference to suggest solutions to problems in a particular discipline. Artificial IntelligenceChapter 153 Expert System Expert systems Methods and /

© 2005 Prentice Hall, Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems, 7th Edition, Turban, Aronson, and Liang 2-1 Chapter 2 Decision-Making Systems,

, is that of a high level of variance in a manufactured product (symptom) and the need to recalibrate the manufacturing equipment (problem). © 2005 Prentice Hall, Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems, 7th Edition, Turban, Aronson, and Liang 2-24/and acceptance –Criteria and constraints 29 The Principle of Choice What criteria to use? Best solution? Good enough solution? Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems, Efraim Turban and Jay E. Aronson, 6th edition, Copyright 2001, Prentice Hall/

E-Business Suite Manufacturing Applications Strategy, Update, and Roadmap Ramchand Raman Vice President, Applications Development.

CTO MTS Integrate Planning and Execution Collaboration with Suppliers, Contractors Integrate with Distribution, Transportation Integrated Intelligence Mixed Mode Manufacturing For Flexibility Customer Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Insert/ and mitigation for Period Close bottlenecks View and search Receiving/Inventory/WIP transactions and accounting distributions Solution Summary In-Memory Cost Management Built and optimized for Oracle Engineered Systems 40 | © 2012 /

1 Collaborative Expedition Workshop #35: Design Workshop to Frame National Dialogue on Intelligent Information Use in Manufacturing and Implications for.

information see: http://componenttechnology.org. Intelligent Manufacturing? http://componenttechnology.org 5 6 7 Introduction Workshop Series Sponsors: –The General Services Administrations Office of Intergovernmental Solutions. –Architecture and Infrastructure Committee of the/ Face-to-Face & Virtual Workshops 1. What are the Potentials and Realities for National Dialogue Around Intelligent Manufacturing? (continued) –e. What are the implications of "outsourcing" production, then pilot production, then /

STANSYS SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SRT-46, #7-1-621/113(67/3RT) Beside Nagarjuna jr.college Near Community Hall, S.R.Nagar, Hyderabad - 500038 Mobile : +91-

HR Executive, Recruiter SAP MM Engineering degree. Those who have worked in Logistics, Procurement, Manufacturing or Supply Chain. MRP Controller, Mechanical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Production Supervisor, Manager/Executive Plant/ we can update knowledge through mails. ABBREVATIONS:- 1. BASIS - “BUSINESS APPLICATION SOFTWARE INTEGRATED SOLUTION” 2. ABAP - “ADVANCED BUSINESS APPLICATION PROGRAMMING” 3. BI - “BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE” 4. BO - “BUSINESS OBJECTS” 5. BW - “BUSINESS INFORMATION WAREHOUSE” 6. /

Manufuture Platform Belgium Brussels, 15 June 2006 Manufacturing research in Belgium Hendrik Van Brussel K.U.Leuven, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

- and precision engineering Robots and intelligent machines Noise and vibration engineering Automotive engineering Space technology Production Engineering, Machine Design and Automation 9 Non conventional manufacturing processes (e.g. Electro-discharge/WTCM-CRIF WTCM-CRIF AgoriaWTCM-CRIF Multisector federation of the technological industry Objective supplier of technology solutions in innovation projects Collective knowledge centre of the technological industry Production Engineering, Machine Design and /

2014 Leadership Member Program BISA Leadership Member participation offers manufacturers, and product and solutions provider companies opportunities to.

, and analytics that enable executives to understand industry trends and make better informed business decisions. Value Proposition Product Manufacturers & Solutions Providers By creating multiple venues for high-value executive connections, brand visibility, thought-leadership and sharing of business intelligence, BISA enables manufacturers and product and solutions providers that target the depository institution channel: To develop executive decision-maker relationships and gain insights that drive their/

Bud Shaw  Solution Consultant  Innowave

Tools More, Deeper Industry Solutions  More Globalization More /Intelligence Know More. Know More Faster. FY 11 planned Oracle BI “Insight to Action”: Oracle BI Apps JD Edwards EnterpriseOne JD Edwards EnterpriseOne July 2009 Oracle BI “Insight to Action”: Oracle BI Apps JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Available Financials analytics OBIA inside JD Edwards EnterpriseOne In Progress Supply Chain (Inventory) and Order Management analytics Future Procurement and Spend analytics Projects analytics Manufacturing/

Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC)

& Technology – Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute National Center for Manufacturing Sciences National Council for Advanced Manufacturing Putman Media Walt Boyes – Spitzer and Boyes Jim Porter – President Sustainable Operations Solutions - Chief Engineer and Vice President/ not tasks Explicit management of risk and uncertainty Distributed business and operating intelligence through integrated information Distributed intelligent manufacturing and innovation Let’s raise the level of abstraction Let’s define/

Introduction to IMS International Dan Nagy, Managing Director

) Habel Dokumentenmanagement (HU) EU Project TERRIFIC LOTAR International IMS ACTIVITIES Bring together separate activities underway in aerospace and automotive sectors for a unified digital archiving solution. POTENTIAL PARTICIPANTS 700+ million USD in research Text Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Global collaborations promote global solutions AND local benefits Much required research is non-competitive and cross-platform, so it is easily shared. Shared resources provide cost-effective/

CFC IERP Presentation 戴偉 David Tai 01/11/2012 整合輔導 精進管理 實現投資效益 持續改善投資效益 Pre -Sale Demand clarifying & Solution Planning Valued Sales Maintenances Post-enhance.

Offshore Business Entity Report Consolidated Balance Sheet Income Statement Equity Statement Cash Flow Statement Mainland Manufacturing Production Plant Enterprise Financial Data 10 Cashflow Gap 11 Capital Center Centralized Infrastructure - Security / Manage ment Execution V-Point Reporting solution (User defined ) Reporting solution (User defined ) Exception Management Internal control warning management Business risk management BI Intelligence Bank (KPI) BI Intelligence Bank (KPI) BSC Execution and /

Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory Department of Industrial Engineering Sharif University of Technology Session # 14.

University of Technology Session # 14  Computer-Aided Process Planning (CAPP)  CAPP integration with CAD  Computer-Aided Process Planning based on CAD software solutions  Mapping the Extracted Manufacturing Features to Process Planning  Intelligent Feature Recognition Methodology (IFRM) Implementation Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory, Department of Industrial Engineering, Sharif University of Technology Automation (21541), Session # 14 2  Process planning primitives  Process planning is concerned/

Document Solutions Document Solutions Confidential Property of FileMark Corporation Document Solutions Document Solutions SMARTi Document Processing Solutions.

records Course schedule records Admission file management Financial aid records Transcript archive Employee records Manufacturing & Distribution Accounts payable Accounts receivable Bills of lading and proof of delivery Shipping manifests Pick/ designer Optional SMART output transformation – dynamic data reformatting Optional intelligent print spooler option for legacy systems SMARTi COLD Features Document Solutions Document Solutions Confidential Property of FileMark Corporation SMARTi COLD Add-on for /

Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management City University of Hong Kong Dr. Ricky Yeung, Lab. Manager, Jan., 2001 Dr. Ricky Yeung.

the deployment of the solution times the capacity to get access to other departments’ information. The greater these levels, the bigger the value of an organisation‘s business intelligence. Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management/). Towards Information Embassy. Information Merchandising zone: Selling data to new types of customers via Intelligent Extranets Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management City University of Hong Kong Dr. Ricky Yeung, Lab. Manager,/

Process Analytical Technology Solution Presentation for Actionable Information.

Masters in Statistics)  Statistical software developers (Masters in Statistics) Microsoft SAS  Data Analysts and Business Intelligence solution designers and developers (MBAs and Masters in Statistics)  Data Managers (MCAs)  Information Technology managers / Actionable Information 23-Jan-0722 Guidance for Industry PAT — A Framework for Innovative Pharmaceutical Development, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance Encourages the right approach … measurement, data integration, statistical modelling & process/

商業智慧實務 Practices of Business Intelligence

/ inputs Management  Decision Making Decision making: selecting the best solution from two or more alternatives Source: Turban et al. (2011), Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems Mintzbergs 10 Managerial Roles Interpersonal 1. Figurehead 2. Leader 3/system specific to an organizational function (marketing, finance, accounting, manufacturing, planning, SCM, etc.) Source: Turban et al. (2011), Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems DSS as a Specific Application In a narrow sense DSS/

Virtual techdays INDIA │ 18-20 august 2010 ENTERPRISE BI IN MANUFACTURING Jatin Sheth │ Platform Strategy Advisor, Microsoft India.

techdays INDIA │ 18-20 august 2010 BI Benefits – Business And Technical virtual techdays INDIA │ 18-20 august 2010 BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE IN MANUFACTURING  Global competition  Growth imperative  Innovation mandate  Cycle time, quality, cost  Complex value chain  Outsourcing  /on top of enterprise standards virtual techdays INDIA │ 18-20 august 2010 USEFUL LINKS  Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions  http://www.microsoft.com/bi http://www.microsoft.com/bi  Microsoft BI Product Capabilities  /

商業智慧 Business Intelligence

/ inputs Management  Decision Making Decision making: selecting the best solution from two or more alternatives Source: Turban et al. (2011), Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems Mintzbergs 10 Managerial Roles Interpersonal 1. Figurehead 2. Leader 3/system specific to an organizational function (marketing, finance, accounting, manufacturing, planning, SCM, etc.) Source: Turban et al. (2011), Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems DSS as a Specific Application In a narrow sense DSS/

Manufacturing Execution System

single source. Other benefits from successful MES implementation might include: https://store.theartofservice.com/the-manufacturing-execution-system-toolkit.html Wonderware - Solutions Key offerings include: Human Machine Interface (HMI); Historian; Wonderware System Platform; Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES); Batch Management; Mobile Solutions; Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI); Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA); and Enterprise Application Integration.[http://iom.invensys.com/

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