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A lightweight mutual authentication protocol for RFID networks 2005 IEEE Authors : Zongwei Luo, Terry Chan, Jenny S. Li Date : 2006/3/21 Presented by Hung.

mutual authentication protocol for RFID networks 2005 IEEE Authors : Zongwei Luo, Terry Chan, Jenny S. Li Date : 2006/3/21 Presented by Hung Fei Yau Outline Introduction Current solutions approach Security scheme requirement Proposed lightweight mutual authentication protocol Conclusion Introduction Two key elements: (1) RFID tag, or transponder, carries object- identifying data. (2) RFID reader, or transceiver, reads and writes tag data. Privacy/

IPv6/IPSec Chip for Home & Mobile Networks Hyun Seok Choi Yong Jun Lim SAMSUNG Electronics.

AP Requirements for Ubiquitous Network Always on Connection –Borderless interconnections between information appliances (IPv6) Mobile Communication –Seamless portability of contents (Mobile IPv6) “A rapid adoption of IPv6/MIPv6 is desired for Home/Mobile Multimedia Network Environment” Global IPv6 Summit in AP Why Hardware Home appliances or Sensing devices –Everything is connected to the network –There is no CPU/OS Mobile Devices and Network Security –Resources are limited/

1 Management Information Systems (1) Hardware Processing (2) Interfacing (3) Storing (4) Software System (5) Application (6) Communication (7) Internet.

(7) Internet (8) Ethics (14) Research (13) Information (9) Programming (10) Management (11) Database (12) Development Network MIS 125 ei -17.07.2006 Privacy 55 Virus 56 Embedding Abc : chapter Security 57 Piracy 58 Censorship 59 Encryption 60 Recovery Intelligence 48 Multimedia/ MIS – Transformation 31.10.2006 HARD SOFT GROUP WARE 18 MIS-Mining 13.11.2006 SITUATION Goals Business modeling and data mining / Dorian Pyle.tAmsterdam ; Boston : Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, c2003. HF5548.2.P94 2003 (adapted) HF5548/

Securing Databases in the Cloud Steven C. Markey, MSIS, PMP, CISSP, CIPP, CISM, CISA, STS-EV, CCSK, CompTIA Cloud Essentials Principal, nControl, LLC Adjunct.

Provisioning » Air Gapping – Siloed Virtual Networks (VLANs) Securing Databases in the Cloud Securing Relational Cloud-Based DB Solutions – IaaS /BCP / DRP Planning Parse Out Non-Protected Health Information (PHI) Securing Databases in the Cloud Case Study: MySQL &/and / or SimpleDB Legal Concerns – Lack of Bargaining Power – Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Data Security & Privacy Concerns – Geographic Jurisdiction Business Continuity / Availability – DataCom Circuits Variable Costs – Data Transfer Securing/

VIVOTEK SD81x1 Product Announcement 12x Zoom Indoor Network Speed Dome PMD Ray / Rita 2010.06.18.

Bandwidth Saving Selling Points  Activity Adaptive Streaming Choose a low frame rate during normal monitoring and a high frame rate during event-triggered recording 2. Easy & Flexible to use – /Coverage 3. Enhanced Security  Local Storage Camera images are continuously recorded on the SD/SDHC card, the chance of data loss due to network disconnection is greatly /Network Capability Flexible Installation The Best Choice Among Indoor Speed Domes! Product Information Package Content Physical Description Installation Q & A The/

Introduction to Networks Networking Concepts IST-200 VWCC 1.

Controllers/ Directory Servers Locate, store, & secure information about network Allows computers, users, groups, & resources to be combined into domains Domain access allows single login to all allowed resources 1 Fax Servers Manage network fax traffic Receive incoming telephone faxes Distribute to network users Collect outgoing network faxes Send outgoing telephone faxes 1 File and Print Servers File storage & File retrieval Access to network printers Applications run locally Store/

Senior Design – Spring 2009 Richard Gory Focus: Networking & Web.

-effective and reliable system to consolidate company data  Implement Local Area Network (LAN)  Deploy Virtual Servers (Windows Server 2008)  Data backup to Network Attached Storage (NAS) device  Develop Web Site User Profile  Network Administrator / Web presence  Budgetary constraints  Lax system security  No disaster recovery plan  Agency personnel has limited systems experience Conclusion  Agency faced numerous Information Technology challenges  Agency greatly benefits from using virtualization/

Ministry of Interior e-government projects. MINEFI/DGE/STSI march 20052 Internal projects internal e-administration in information system of Ministry.

internal e-administration in information system of Ministry of Interior e.g public agent smart card MINEFI/DGE/STSI march 20053 Institutional projects e-government between Ministry of Interior and institutional partners (Europe, /align insured rights To provide reliable evidence of entitlement to receive health care & social services in EU  card authentication  secure network applications Netc@rds consortium  6 member States - Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Finland + Czech Republic, Slovak /

Chapter 14 Security, Privacy, & Ethical Issues in IS & the Internet.

Corporations Biometrics: The measurement of a living trait, physical or behavioral, for the purpose of protecting important data & information systems (fingerprints, eyeprints, etc.) Computer Crime Prevention Chapter 14IS for Management11 Preventing Viruses 4 Antivirus Programs –Program(s)/employees to ensure they only use the Internet for business 4 Hire Internet security specialists to perform audits of all Internet and network activities Chapter 14IS for Management13 Privacy 4 Privacy & the Feds 4 Privacy/

ARP Poisoning Rushad Shaikh CSCI 5931 Web Security Spring 2004.

Rushad Shaikh CSCI 5931 Web Security Spring 2004 ARP Poisoning Attacks Topics/ –Static Mapping Table to store information Updating of tables –Dynamic Mapping ARP –Logical Address to Physical Address RARP –Physical Address to Logical Address ARP ARP request –Computer A asks the network, "Who has this IP address/?“ ARP(2) ARP reply –Computer B tells Computer A, "I have that IP. My Physical Address is [whatever it is].“ Cache Table A short-term memory of all the IP addresses and/

1 Bill Rose, President WJR Consulting, Inc. Entertainment Networks Two World Views Entertainment Networks Two World Views.

Operate Them © 2009 WJR Consulting Inc. 6 FACT Reliable and High Quality A/V Entertainment in the Entertainment in the Living Room is a Given © /Network Separate From But Connected To the PC/IT Network © 2009 WJR Consulting Inc. 13  Personal Content flows everywhere  Commercial Content restricted to SECURE AV network Secure Content Sharing Share Store Control View Digitally Connected Commercial Content Separate But Connected Personal Content © 2009 WJR Consulting Inc. 14 For More Information/

Aware the Effect of Social Network For 1 Malaysia’s Safety Towards A Healthy Virtual Socialization.

have at least 1 social network account and growing from time to time Do you use one of the social network? What can you do on social network? Add friends? Update profile? Post comments? Tag pictures? Chatting? Create account? IS IT SAFE? HAVE YOU EVER WONDERING? w What it’s consequences? What should we do? our pictures? How secure our personal information? BEWARE! DON’T BE/

WHAT IS. Stands for Personal Area Network WANWide Area Network (large geographical area) LAN Local Area Network (building or campus) PAN Personal Area.

WHAT IS Stands for Personal Area Network WANWide Area Network (large geographical area) LAN Local Area Network (building or campus) PAN Personal Area Network (one person) 5 displays 3 keyboards 2 speakers 2 microphones 3 / LESS THAN ONE NANOAMP HUMAN BODY- NATURAL CONDUCTOR MINIMAL INTERFERENCE The PAN could: Pass data between electronic devices Exchange information among devices Automate and secure transactions it will already know your calling card number. When you pick up a pay phone… When you receive a/

Cyber Situation Awareness from a Cyber Security Perspective Sushil Jajodia, Massimiliano Albanese George Mason University Peng Liu Pennsylvania State University.

CVE Stochastic Attack Models Generalized Dependency Graphs Generalized Dependency Graphs Graph Processing and Indexing Dependency Analysis NSDMiner Scenario Analysis & Visualization Network Hardening Unexplained Activities Model Adversarial modeling Heavy Iron Order Processing Server (F) Mobile App Server (C) DB Server (G) Local DB Server (D) 0.7 0.3 1 1 No information about the impact on missions of different courses of actions fdfd/

Network Security, CS6262 Richard G. Personal Information Masquerading, Profiling, Snooping.

Network Security, CS6262 Richard Bailey—richard@magichappyplace.com G. Stepanov—gstepanov@gatech.edu Personal Information Masquerading, Profiling, Snooping Agenda 1. Motivation & Goals 2. What we accomplished 3. How we did /the secure session key and a timestamp) Future Work Complete the automation process Implement proof of concept that does fully secure communication from the client Summary / Q&A Wireless is convenient but should not be trusted We step into sessions allowing us to steal information about /

Joseph Vimal Arulappan Rebecca Xiaoyan Fan Vardan Hovsepyan Daniel Torroba Aguiar Robin Ghosh Wireless Apartment Area Networks 21 Mar 07 Mid-term presentation.

to 540 Mbps2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wireless Local Area Network Wi-Fi Solution Capacities  Bandwidth  Coverage Solution Definition Financial/Coverage Obstacles  DECT and cellphones  Remote control  AM radio  FM radio  Microwave ovens  Fluorescent lamps Domestic Appliances Frequencies  Confidentiality Information is accesible for / Security requirements  IPSec (IP Security)  WEP (Wire Equivalent Protocol)  WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)  WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2)  Kerberos ... Wireless Security /

International Conference Security in Pervasive Computing(SPC’06) MMC Lab. 임동혁.

range of the base station  Invulnerable and powerful base station  No location awareness, no network topology  SNEP  Block cipher  Authentication, confidentiality, RNG  No forward security  TinySec  Node to node communication security  Early stage malicious message detection / forgery  at most 2 -t+log(2w+1)  Attack can query O C   Attack is successful  Attacker gets any information on d other than |d|  Probability distribution: Uniform over {0,1} |d|  E is random oracle  Input to E/

Security Systems BU Communication SystemsDCN ST/SEU-CO 1 DCN MPCC IO ASM ClientPC 09.12.2004 Installing the Application Software Modules on the Client.

coming when there is a Network card installed ! Security Systems BU Communication SystemsDCN ST/SEU-CO 16 DCN MPCC IO ASM ClientPC 09.12.2004 Multi PC Configuration program Step – 1 Default setting of the Client-PC Security Systems BU Communication SystemsDCN ST//this link. If you need more information about working with the A.S.M. please click on this link. Security Systems BU Communication SystemsDCN ST/SEU-CO 34 DCN MPCC IO ASM ClientPC 09.12.2004 Important information about MPC Settings are stored in the/

Www.Mohammad.Ehdaie.com Introduction to Ad-hoc & Sensor Networks Security In The Name of God ISC Student Branch in KNTU 4 th Workshop Ad-hoc & Sensor Networks.

 Calculation of Their Parameters  An Improvement April 14-15, 2011 Intro. to Ad-hoc & Sensor Networks Security 7 Sensor Network: Definition  A Collection of Sensors  Gathering and Sending Information  Self-Organized  Similar to Ad-hoc Network  Monitoring  Sending Alarms  On-Demand Querying Information April 14-15, 2011 Intro. to Ad-hoc & Sensor Networks Security 8 Sensor Node  Micro Controller  Radio Transceiver  Battery  Sensor  Temperature  Motion  Pollution  … April 14-15/

Secure Programming Lai Zit Seng November 2012. A Simple Program int main() { char name[100]; printf("What is your name? "); gets(name); printf("Hello,

resources Source: http://www.dwheeler.com/secure-programs/secure-programming.pdfhttp://www.dwheeler.com/secure-programs/secure-programming.pdf A Program Multi Facets of Information Security Access control Telecommunications & network security Software development security Cryptography Information security governance & risk management Security architecture & design Business continuity & disaster recovery Operation s security Physical security Legal, regulations, investigations & compliance Resources https/

Federal Intrusion Detection Network (FIDNet) Concept Overview Darwyn Banks, Program Manager “Protecting the Critical Infrastructure: Issues & Solutions”

Inc. CyberSafe Corp. DataLynx Inc. Internet Security Systems Inc. Network Associates Inc. Network Flight Recorder Inc. Network ICE ODS Networks Inc. PentaSafe Inc. PRC Securant Technologies Inc. Security Dynamics Technologies Inc. TASC Inc. Trident Data Systems Tripwire Security Systems Inc. WetStone Technologies Inc. *Compiled by Information Security Magazine, September 1999 URL: http://www.infosecuritymag.com/sept99/prod_roundup.htm What is FIDNet? Example Network Security Mgmt (cont’d) Copyright, Cisco/

Network Security Policy

IN NETWORK SECURITY Network Security Policy Saad Haj Bakry, PhD, CEng, FIEE Saad Haj Bakry, PhD, CEng, FIEE Network Security Policy Objectives / Contents Network Security Profile Policy Development Framework Policy Development Process Internet Security Sources Saad Haj Bakry, PhD, CEng, FIEE Network Security Profile Network Security Policy Network Security Profile T P O Technology Organization People Environment Sources of Challenges and Protection Measures Target of Protection Information Information/

Research Trends in MANETs at CIIT, Islamabad Mohammad Mahboob Yasin, PhD COMSATS Institute of Information Technology.

Information Technology Securing End-to-End Communication Establishing a key between source & destination nodes Find number of disjoint paths ‘n’ Generate ‘n’ shares of a symmetric key Send a share on each disjoint path Assemble at destination ‘n’-1 nodes are compromised? Securing/do too often Loads the network & distorts the results –View Call Data Record (CDR) Very brief calls --- assume failed Network availability not visible Proposed –Monitor RA channel –Follow a call and monitor signal strength –Monitor /

Security “Tidbits” Neil Daswani. Overview The FLI Model Infiltrations: – Viruses / Worms – Lessons Learned Firewalls & Attacks – What is a firewall? –

viewing HTML email on IE 5.1 or earlier Nimda (2001) Lessons Learned: – Install latest web server and browser patches (or upgrade version altogether) – Don’t use MIME auto-execution – Disable JavaScript – Reject using/protect entire network – Simple filtering is efficient – Widely available Disadvantages – Hard to configure & test – Reduces router performance – Can’t enforce some policies (i.e., user-level) Proxies Security vs. Caching Proxies SOCKS: proxy construction toolkit Trusted Information Systems /

Yuji Ukai, Senior Software Engineer Ryan Permeh, Founding Software Engineer Ryoji Kanai, Software Engineer Retina Network Security Scanner Development.

Yuji Ukai, Senior Software Engineer Ryan Permeh, Founding Software Engineer Ryoji Kanai, Software Engineer Retina Network Security Scanner Development Core Team PacSec 2006 Conference The fourth annual PacSec conference November 27-30 2006,/ UDP Unreachable Port ICMP Echo Request ICMP Timestamp Request ICMP Information Request ICMP Netmask Request X remote ICMP based OS fingerprinting techniques Ofir Arkin and Fyodor Yarochikin http://www.sys-security.com/ 22 ICMPv6 OS 検出技術 - テストパケットと実験対象 ICMPv6 Echo Request/

Hosted by Network Analysis Tools: Make the Right Decision or Risk Your ROI Laura Chappell Sr. Protocol Analyst, Founder Protocol Analysis Institute, Inc.

error (disconnection, misconfiguration) 5.Force a security breach (port scan, OS fingerprinting operation, SYN flood) 6.Move a trace file from one analyzer to another (ProConvert needed?) to compare results Hosted by For more information Laura explains how to use her ROI calculator in this webcast: Calculating the cost of network downtime Calculating the cost of network downtime Or, you can Download the calculator/

KBC Networks 2010 www.kbcnetworks.com fibre optic wireless broadcast network transmission ThruLink Welcome.

– Cost per camera Limited flexibility – Expansion and moves would require new lines Use leased lines to provide connectivity? KBC Networks 2010 www.kbcnetworks.com fibre optic wireless broadcast network transmission Scenario Use the public broadband network Optimising provided bandwidth Security – Private data in a public network Prevent blocking by ISP KBC Networks 2010 www.kbcnetworks.com fibre optic wireless broadcast network transmission Scenario Mobile/vehicle based systems Optimising/

Center for Cyber Security Analysts: Carly Rasiewicz David Culley.

abuses Desired Outputs  Build technical capacity  Increase cyber security  Partner with other organizations to bolster capacity of SOHR and CVD Option 1  Work with the Cyber Crime Awareness Society  Technical Solution  Hacker training  Tracing skills  Responsive in nature Option 2  Get involved with a human rights TAN  Arabic Network for Human Rights Information  Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network  Gulf Centre for Human Rights  International Media/

Security System based on Real-time Embedded System ECE7220 Real-Time Embedded Computing Graduate Student Project Presenter: Guanlong Zhou

information. Error Commands. Security System based on Real-time Embedded System Database structure Guanlong Zhou Table1: Users Information Sheet USRIDLastLoginTimeLastLogoutTimeStatusOther 100100000000000000050John 100200000003000000001Mike …………… SYSIDOnlineNumStartUpTimeStatusOther 13000000050Engineering building Table2: System Information Sheet Security/attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. Although the means to carry out, motives for, and targets of a DoS attack /

TitleEfficient Timing Channel Protection for On-Chip Networks Yao Wang and G. Edward Suh Cornell University.

1 … VM A VM B TitleEfficient Timing Channel Protection for On-Chip Networks One-Way Information Leak Protection  Usually only one-way information protection is needed Multi-level security (MLS) model  One-way protection is the key for efficient timing / Input link 0 1 2 3 Low-security Domain High-security Domain TitleEfficient Timing Channel Protection for On-Chip Networks  Static limit control mechanism Counter & Control logic  Apply to both input and output arbiter Implementation: Avoid DoS NOCS 201213/

Professor Michael J. Losacco CIS 1110 – Using Computers Computer Security Chapter 10.

File Size & Creation Date Removes or Quarantines Viruses Creates Rescue/Recovery Disk Chapter10 14/44 Internet & Network Attacks Prevention Firewall Security System Consists of Hardware and / or Software Monitors Communication Ports Informs You of Attempted Intrusion Chapter10 15/44 Internet & Network Attacks Prevention Intrusion Detection Software Analyzes Network Traffic Assesses System Vulnerabilities Identifies Intrusions & Suspicious Behavior Honeypot Vulnerable Computer Set Up to Entice Intruder to/

CISCO NETWORKING ACADEMY Chabot College ELEC 99.08 IP Routing Protocol Highlights.

NETWORKING ACADEMY Static Routes - Why? Security –RIP may reveal too much of your network /networks on which the router will send and receive route updates (also called advertisements). –Network are specified by major network numbers, not subnets. Example - here the network is CISCO NETWORKING/information originate command: hay(config)#router rip hay(config-router)#default-information originate hay(config)#router rip hay(config-router)#redistribute static –ip default-network/

Introduction of Information Security Research Division Dowon Hong, Ph. D. Cryptography Research Team 2005. 11. 16.

of Network Security Research Group(1) Next Generation Security System Tech. Security Gateway System Secure Router System Security Management System Harmful Contents Detection and Filtering Tech. Proprietary Joint Workshop 9 R&D Themes of Network Security Research Group(2) Network Security Tech. for P2P Overlay Networks over Wired/Wireless IPV6 Infrastructures Authentication and Authorization Tech. for Home Networks Proprietary Joint Workshop 10 Research Areas of Information Security Infrastructure Group/

1 Chapter 6 Home Networks & Appliances. 2 Introduction Network Appliance (NA) Dedicated-function consumer device containing a networked processor aka.

complexity more maintenance Security issues Connect to neighbors wireless network 4. Security requirements Most home users do not have skill or understanding to provide own security NAs need / understanding of technology Interface extension of older users Compare to PAN and Home! 18 2 Key Problems 1. Appliance Addressing & Access Different/location 2. Notification followed by Excitation Stimulus (service) known e.g. dryer informs service the door closed & service tells dryer to start 3. Notification followed /

Filtering in Firewall By Fantastic 5. Agenda What is Firewall? Types Of Firewall Pros and Cons Of Different Firewalls What Firewall can do? What Firewall.

and Cons Of Different Firewalls What Firewall can do? What Firewall can not do? Q & A What is Firewall? Isolates organization’s internal network from larger Internet, allowing some packets to pass, blocking others. Types Of Firewall Packet Filtering Firewall Operate at network/Pros Improved security When network packets are readdressed, information about protected network is hidden Cons No application Level Security Dynamic Packet Filtering Monitor state of active connection Record session information such /

1 Information Security ( 資訊安全 ) 2 What is Security? Security meaning: What kind of thing that should be protected? Protection mechanism: (Security Policy)

Communication Blocking Despiteous attacking Human careless 7 Ways to prevent Technologies: –Targets identification –Message encryption –Virus scan –Routing Trace –Firewall Management (Security policy) 8 Text book cryptography and network security by Atul Kahate[McGraw-Hill] Powerpoint Files: –ftp://im1.im.tku.edu.tw Prof_Lee information securityftp://im1.im.tku.edu.tw Related book: 9 Course Evaluation Midterm test (40%) Presentation (40%) Course participation –Homework (10/



Resilient Network Coding in the Presence of Eavesdropping Byzantine Adversaries Michael Langberg Sidharth Jaggi Open University of Israel ISIT 2007 Tsinghua.

[SK08][JLKKHM07],[SKK08]  “Optimal” rates (Secrecy) C-Z I (Security) C-2Z O  Poly-time  Distributed  End-to-end  Packet-based  Topology unknown a priori  Information-theoretically secure, private Privacy at rate C-Z I ([CY02],…) Z I random symbols C-Z I rate Network coding + one-time pad Optimal Z I eavesdropped links Security at rate C-2Z O (…,[SKK08]) Optimal rate R = C/

Welcome to C-Bay, Inc. Tony Nguyen Director Information Technology.

, Inc. Tony Nguyen Director Information Technology Welcome to C-Bay2 / then decide Spend resources wisely Learn from our mistakes Build highly available, scalable, reliable, and secure systems. Welcome to C-Bay4 Core Values Be honest Keep our commitments For our customers For/ Server outages No formal security policy Ad hoc security Welcome to C-Bay7 Apprenticeship Program Tasks: Setup a Security Policy Analyze our network outages Help us setup Network Monitoring Raise Security Awareness Develop an Emergency /

Department Of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur Networked RFID System (NRS) for Remote Services Presented By: Piyush Keshri (Y5303) Biplab Deka (Y5147)

a USB interface to connect to Reader. ATNGW100 Network Gateway Kit, manufactured by Atmel.  Its main features are:  140MHz AT32AP7000 processor with Atmel’s AVR32 RISC architecture.  32MB of SDRAM and 16MB of flash.  Two Ethernet ports. / User Side  Information of the User  Key Features for the User  Salient Features of NRS  Future Work Outline 21 Department Of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur  Integrating a Serial RFID Reader.  Improving System Security. Networked RFID ReaderServer  Deployment/

Cosc 513Presentation, Fall 20001 Network Security Student: Jianping He Student ID: 105592 Instructor: ProfessorAnvari Fall 2000.

513Presentation, Fall 20004 Objectives of Network security Confidentiality Ensure that an unauthorized individual does not gain access to data. Integrity Ensure that data are not altered by unauthorized individuals. Availability Ensure that authorized users are not denied access to the date or resource of the network cosc 513Presentation, Fall 20005 Pattern of Attack to Network Interruption the flow of information is blocked entirely Interception In/

CONFIDENTIAL Copyright 2011 Sony Network Entertainment Mike Aragon VP & GM Video / Music Operations Mike Aragon VP & GM Video / Music Operations Caroline.

Network Software Engineering Jacob Shen, VP Network Software Engineering Ron Cushey, VP Corporate Finance, Control & Admin Ron Cushey, VP Corporate Finance, Control & Admin Erna Adelson Sr. Director Information Systems Erna Adelson Sr. Director Information Systems Fumi Kanagawa EVP Planning, Finance & Legal Fumi Kanagawa EVP Planning, Finance & Legal Nainan Shah, SVP 3 rd Party Services Nainan Shah, SVP 3 rd Party Services Brett Whalin Chief Security/

Network Security: Firewalls MIS 5973 – Infrastructures Summer 2002 – Kelly S. Nix.

Network Security: Firewalls MIS 5973 – Infrastructures Summer 2002 – Kelly S. Nix The only safe computer is a dead computer... The Threats Denial-of-Service Unauthorized Access Execution of Unauthorized Commands Breaches of Confidentiality Destructive Behavior Who Are These Guys? activists club initiates competitors consultants crackers for hire crackers customers cyber-gangs deranged people drug cartels economic rivals extortionists foreign agents and spies Fraudsters global/

Anti-spam activities in Korea Billy MH Cheon / Korea Network Information Center.

Center 5 Anti-spam Activities Personal Data Protection Center Ministry of Information & Communication (www.mic.go.kr) Related Private Sector Korea Information Security Agency (www.kisa.or.kr) Spam Mail Complaint Center Cyber 118 Korea Network Information Center 6 Anti-spam Activities  Enactment of Regulations against Spam –Enforcement Regulations on Information & Communication Network Use Promotion and Information Security Obligation to insert [Advertisement] in Korean in the subject line of all/

Copyright (c) 2005 Japan Network Information Center NIR Fee Revision ~ seeking for long term solution ~ Toshiyuki Hosaka Japan Network Information Center.

solution anyway Unforeseeable, unstable –For both NIRs and APNIC NIR fee is higher than direct APNIC member but We’re not complaining to this. 4 Copyright (c) 2005 Japan Network Information Center Basic Concept Simple fee structure Based on /structure –Abolish one time per allocation fee Keep current revenue level (for APNIC) from NIRs –To secure APNIC finance 5 Copyright (c) 2005 Japan Network Information Center Current/Future structure JPNIC 25% Other NIRs (or Confederations) 75% (From APNIC Annual Report/

Prof. Wenguo Wang Network Information Security Prof. Wenguo Wang Tel. 3980465 College of Computer Science QUFU NORMAL UNIVERSITY.

Network Information Security Prof. Wenguo Wang Tel. 3980465 College of Computer Science QUFU NORMAL UNIVERSITY Chapter 19 – Malicious Software What is the concept of defense: The parrying of a blow. What is its characteristic feature: Awaiting the blow. What is the concept of defense: The parrying of a blow. What is its characteristic feature: Awaiting the blow. — On War, Carl Von Clausewitz Viruses and/DDoS) attacks form a significant security threat  making networked systems unavailable  by flooding with/

Philadelphia, PA | May 20-22 2014 National Homeland Security Conference Awards.

Philadelphia, PA | May 20-22 Public/Private Partnership 2014 National Homeland Security Conference Security Managers Information Network of Ohio, and Columbus Division of Police Philadelphia, PA | May 20-22 2014 National Homeland Security Conference: Public Awareness Campaign Award Philadelphia, PA | May 20-22 Public Awareness Campaign 2014 National Homeland Security Conference Alex Pellom 2014 National Homeland Security Public Awareness Campaign Award Philadelphia, PA | May 20-22 2014 National/

Cyber Security & Critical Controls Chris Few Industry Enabling Services CESG February 2011 © Crown Copyright. All rights reserved.

Policing of connections to shared academic networks Criterion for selecting suppliers accessing academic data Demonstrating commitment to cyber security Incorporation into ESISS penetration testing improves / CESG & industry partners Cyber Security Industry Standards Products Systems Services People Education & Training Organisations Certify Supply Consumers Information risk owning organisations In the public/and industry on the topic of cyber security? February 2011 © Crown Copyright. All rights reserved.

Calendar of Events Slide: 1 Calendar-ISSA.ppt Information Systems Security Organization Sacramento Valley Chapter Calendar of Events Updated May 11, 2005.

monitor technical contracts. Counterpane, Inc.Lance Wolrab TBD SRCCC – overview, mission, vision and relation to Homeland Security. Sacramento Region Citizens Corps Council (SRCCC) Bob Crawford (President) Albert Rivas (VP) Dr. Randy Vaughn (Coordinator) Lt. Paul Tassone (SSD) Sgt Mark Atkins (SSD) TBD Legislative Data Center Lee Vigue (Information Security Officer) TBD Wireless Network Security TBD Dean Hipwell (CISSP) TBD Ned Allison (CISSP) Calendar of Events - Updated/

INFSY540 Information Resources in Management Lesson 11 ECommerce.

) Business to Consumer (B2C) E-Commerce Applications Slide 23 Retail and Wholesale E-tailing: electronic retailing Cybermalls Wholesale e-commerce: B2B Slide/ 34 Network Selection Cost Availability Reliability Security Redundancy Electronic Payment Systems Slide 36 Payment Security Authentication Digital certificate Certificate authority (CA) Encryption Secure Sockets / E-Commerce Slide 46 Developing an Effective Web Presence Obtain information Learn about products or services Buy products or services Check /

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