Ppt on indian union budget 2013-14

The Economy of Local Content Development in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects Presentation at the 2013 eNigeria Conference Tope S. Aladenusi Partner &

with regional and central government departments and agencies, business, trade unions and local community groups, which can enhance the value of people/ of the total services exports from India. In 2011-12, Indian IT products earned an export revenue of around $1.5 billion/ whereas annual import of ICT equates half of our 2013 national budget figure. High cost of production due to lack of/ internally generated from ICT. Local Content Development - Prospects 14 “I see a big jump” An ICT Ministry that/


Indian growth rate to finally converge to Chinese by 2013-14? Sectoral Composition of GDP 13 Increasing Role of Services in Indian Growth In 2000s, services contributing nearly two thirds of GDP growth 14/16.917.419.317.716.9 Customs 18.512.925.720.717.0 Union Excise duties Other Taxes 62.7100./ improving since 2004-05, but the levels remain high by international/ past Indian standards Mounting off-budget liabilities: oil bonds, securities to FCI, arrears of fertilizer subsidies and losses/

Japanese Politics and Public Policy: an Introduction [Faculty Seminar at East West Center, May 29, 2013] Yves Tiberghien, UBC

military Through the Diet, parties control the budget, appointments of prefectural governors 1918: First party/ faction leaders) Limited to 20 ministers (now 14-17), all civilians. PM has right to dismiss/ Setsuko, Amagasa Keisuke) Alliance with Seikatsu Club Consumers’ Cooperative Union (22 Million members) - common focus on labeling demand. / reviewed) End to MSDF Mission in Indian Ocean Focus on East Asian Community –/in July. Part of a trend in 2013 toward economic nationalism with strong entropic forces./

Empowering Rural India with Financial and Social Inclusion

Indian economy. The rural market (rural villages + small towns with <25,000 population) has today become the largest consumption market for FMCG and consumer durables. Rural India is ready to drive Consumption Growth Higher Government Spending Continuous Bumper Harvest Rising MSPs Rural Budget/Services 40% increase in government spending in 2013 over 2012. Education is becoming a / from Banks BANK OF BARODA UNION BANK OF INDIA Vakrangee Softwares/12 IDBI bank 13 Indian Bank 14 Indian Overseas Bank 15 /

Advance Premium Tax Credits and Cost-Sharing Reductions: A Primer for Assistors Deborah Bachrach and Jocelyn Guyer Manatt Health Solutions October 2013.

2013/ for Adults (Figure illustrates 2013 thresholds for single adults in/federal poverty level. 2013 Monthly Federal Poverty / 16, January 24, 2013, pp. 5182-5183./ PLAN MAX APTC 14 Let’s See /(2013)Expected Family Contribution Percentage of poverty line Annual dollar amount (2013 / the plan costs $14,000 ($15,000 /Adults (Figure illustrates 2013 thresholds for single /g., one American Indian (AI) member /for American Indian/Alaska Native /Indian Health Service, an Indian Tribe, Tribal Organization, or Urban Indian/

Indian General Anti-Avoidance Rules An Overview Dinesh Kanabar 7 July 2012.

that in the later decision of the Supreme Court in Union of India v. Azadi Bachao Andolan [2003] 263/ a Swiss entity. All rights reserved. 14 GAAR – Around the world 1981 1988 /widen tax base 2006 2008 2011 2013 GAAR Indian GAAR 15 © 2010 KPMG, an Indian Partnership and a member firm of/ the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity. All rights reserved. Finance Minister in Budget/


of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries  IOTC = Indian Ocean Tuna Commission  CCSBT = Convention for the/Union, represented by the Commission, plays an active role in six tuna organisations and 11 non-tuna organisations (European Union member states also represent themselves) - it is crucial that Africa/ African Union/minute of 7 August 2013 which was provided to/;  Historical catches; and  Annual overall budget determined by the RFMO.  The latest estimates/developing countries. 14 AVAILABLE ENFORCEMENT /

GLOBAL ECONOMIC TREND AND INDIAN ECONOMY. INDIAN ECONOMY Economy of India भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था Bhāratiya Arthavyavasthā Mumbai, Maharashtra is the financial.

1][2] MumbaiMaharashtra [1][2] Currency Indian rupee (INR) () = 100 Paise Indian rupeePaise 1 USD = 67.78 (5 / [4] [4] GDP by sector Agriculture: 17% Industry: 26% Services: 57% (2013-14) [5][6] Agriculture Industry Services [5][6] Inflation (CPI) InflationCPI CPI: 5.41/] Main import partners China 12.7% (2014) [20] European Union 10.5% Saudi Arabia 7.1% United Arab Emirates 5.9%/23] Public finances Public debt 64.9% of GDP (2014) [25] [25] Budget deficit 3.9% of GDP (2015–16) [26] [26] Revenues 28.1 trillion/


participate 28 West African Economic and Monetary Union 8Within WAEMU, YD is fully implemented All/where monopolies dominate.  Stimulate competition amongst carriers. GLOBAL AIRPORT DEVELOPMENT 2013 14 3. Better Infrastructure  Pavements and Terminals.  Major airlines are/ 2013 29 Known as the Green Island in Arabic, Pemba Island lies in the Indian / Subsidies through government budgets.  Specialized Infrastructure Fund.  ECAs.  PPP. REQUIREMENTSCont’d GLOBAL AIRPORT DEVELOPMENT 2013 37 Financing thru /

CUTS, 14 Nov 2011, 1600-1730 Dr. Bhaskar Balakrishnan.

CUTS, 14 Nov / and groups Trade unions and labour Religious groups Cultural groups Youth and students Women Intergovernmental organizations Informal groups of states Non-Governmental organizations Transnational coalitions 1 2 Nehru laid foundations of Indian foreign policy Non-alignment/ restrict ability to compete. EUs 7 th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development -2007-2013 with a budget of over 50 billion. Supports cooperation in 10 major sectors. Support to "frontier research" /


expenditure under MDM up to 31-12-2012.  Monitoring & Evaluation.  Proposal for 2013-14.  Allocation of Food grains for 2013-14  Per Unit Cooking Cost.  Budget Provision for the year 2013-14.  Proposal for MME of Rs 30 Lakhs. Dadra and Nagar Haveli – liberated on 2 nd August- 1954 from Portugal and merged with the Indian Union on the 11 th August -1961. Total Village Panchayats:- 11 Municipal Council/

BASICS OF MANAGEMENT Labour Welfare Schemes By:- Harjinder Pal Singh Lect. Mech. Dated:04-04-2013 Govt. Polytechnic College Batala.

04-04-2013 Govt. / Programme has been started with special emphasis on trade unions methods and philosophy. 18 Labour Welfare Schemes LABOUR WELFARE/ undertakings, provision of indoor and outdoor games has been 14 Labour Welfare Schemes LABOUR WELFARE PRACTICES IN INDIA B) /itself. Right from the initial construction stage of the plant, budget provisions for amenities like sports, club, reading rooms, games and/and Warehousing Board Committee of 1961; by the Indian Labour Conference in its 20 th Session in 1962/


comparative years may not include equivalent number of full weekends; 14 films in 2012 YTD with grosses >$20m compared to 10 /Current Year Releases Columbia Think Like A Man Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Michael Ealy, Taraji Henson, Tim Story (D) Resident Evil/Hotel Transylvania and Disney’s 2013 tentpole Oz, The Great and Powerful Larger budget third-party work (e/production ventures, and distribution sales operations  Pursuing Indian regional channel opportunities Pursuing Sony United collaboration  Working/

Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley had told IESM team that the BJP’s poll promises to soldiers were just electioneering tactics and ‘never meant to be.

Union/ +917304400500 The Simple Truth about One Rank One Pension (OROP) Do 125 crore Indians know OROP really “implies that uniform pension be paid to the Armed Forces Personnel/ by parliament. 5.The annual increment of.85% will increase the annual load on budget. Let us look at this aspect with care in the next slide. Is OROP / under the Incidental and Miscellaneous head(s) and the expenditure incurred in FY 2012-13, 2013-14, and 2014-15. Defence Minister has stated that OROP will be implemented soon. So, /

By CA Nilay N. Sanghavi 1. 1. What is Union budget? 2. Meaning of budget. 3. History of budget in India. 4. Why budget is tabled on the last day of February.

budget is announced to disclose the governments future expenditures intended to strengthen the nations economy and consolidate economic stability through tax proposals. 5  The first Union budget/ and two consecutive years shortfall in monsoon by 14%  Foreign exchange reserves has touched to the/ Court Act, 1992, or f) cases covered under Indian Penal Code, the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act,/IRDA. 65  New introduction as per Companies Act,2013.  Benefits- a) quarterly payment of service tax/

UNION BUDGET 2014-15 AN ANALYSIS Mr. Sunil Kumar Partner.

UNION BUDGET 2014-15 AN ANALYSIS Mr. Sunil Kumar Partner Contents Economic Indicators Key Policy Announcements Tax Policy Statement Direct Tax proposals Indirect Tax Proposals Unresolved Tax Issues. 2 Economic Indicators Macro Economic Indicators 2013-14 Below 5% GDP growth Inflation CPI 9/ schemes where the sum assured does not exceed Rs. 50, 000 per life insured. Services provided by Indian tour operators to foreign tourists in relation to a tour wholly conducted outside India exempted. CENVAT credit for /

State of the State Budget 2012-13 Governor’s January Proposal Presented by Angela Su, CTA NODD School Finance January 2012

CertifCommunity Day SchoolsROC/Ps American Indian ECECCommunity-Based Eng TutoringSanctions AP/effective Jan 1, 2012. –Must meet before budget adoption & identify program to be closed Fiscal / 2008-09 to 2012-13 2013-14 (back to prior level) /14 – $2.3 billion to not repay deferral – $2.6 billion real program cut (6% RL reduction or $387/ADA – cost of about 3 weeks instruction) $200 million University of California $200 million California State University How Do We Fix our Education Funding Problem? Our Union/

Mary Dupont Director of Financial Empowerment June 2013 ® www.standbymede.org.

2013 ® www.standbymede.org FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT SERVICE PACKAGE Goal: Increase financial capability and personal economic security.  Personal Financial Coaching and Education: budgeting, debt, financial goal setting, savings, and personal money management  Financial Services: work with credit unions/ Handy TubeAllen Foods Wilmington University Indian River School District Child Care Businesses/and Delaware Valley 50+: Wilmington Senior Center Staff: 14 coaches, 3 managers, 5 contractors, 1 community /

(c) SAMI Consulting 2013. Demographics – societal forces West to East – political and economic forces Environment and resources – limits and impacts Technology.

180,000 incidents in 2010. Beijing in 2012 spent $111 billion on its domestic security budget, which covers the police, state security, militia, courts and jails. This is now /be grown from stem cells. (c) SAMI Consulting 2013 Source: http://metro.co.uk/2012/03/14/with-1bn-hungry-and-1bn-obese-what-is-the-future-of-the/ company in India “Chief Values officer” in some Indian companies (c) SAMI Consulting 2013 In the 20 th Century, the British Empire and the Soviet Union shrank, the EU grew in size and scope; /


23/12 and 01/01/14: $2,000,000 P LAN C HANGES AND C OMPLIANCE FOR 2012 & 2013 20 “Essential health benefits” /employer-sponsored coverage, but does not apply to Federally recognized Indian tribal governments and tribally chartered corporations wholly owned by such / with the exchanges. E MPLOYER C ONSIDERATIONS 89 Budget Impact: Possible expansion of eligibility and benefits Possible /P LANS ARE A FFECTED ? 93 GHPs sponsored by employers, unions, employee organizations with 2 or more employees  NOTE: The/

Community Meeting ANNUAL BUDGET Fiscal YEAR 2013 1 The primary goal of the Cleveland Municipal School District is to become a premier school district in.

6 million Our Staffing Our Staffing - FY 2013 All Funds Teachers (classroom)………………………………………………………………. 2,591 Teachers (non-classroom) (e./14 *Projected 15 *Projected General Fund Expenditures 16 17 18 *Projected 19 $13.1 million has been reduced from salaries and benefits to balance the budget. Possible future solutions include: – Union Negotiations – Revenue Adjustments – Second Semester Reductions 20 General Fund Budget/

ILC 2013 Agenda Item V on Sustainable Development, Decent Work and Green Jobs. Background notes in preparation of the ILC 2013 Discussion on Agenda item.

lying islands (Atolls) in the Pacific & Indian Ocean; 1.1Key environmental challenges in A / (carbon tax) could raise employment globally by 14 million in a period of 5 years, -/that are less important for poor household budgets; Social safety nets need to be/and activities targeting all social partners, including trade union leadership, union advisers and workers at the shop floor, and/ procurement; 6.3Sector based approach Example Recycling - 2013 3Rs Hanoi Declaration (cont.) gradually improve the working/

Engineering Ethics Prof.Dr. Canan Özgen November 12, 2013 Computer Engineering Department, METU.

2013/ 1999 07/06/16 Ethics?* Engineering Ethics, C. Özgen 14 " To a large extent, ethical behavior, which is simply finding/ Case: Challenger (cont’d)  The political climate:  NASA budget was determined by Congress who was unhappy with the delays of the / in the space- Christa McAuliffe before the upcoming state-of-the-union address. 42 Engineering Ethics, C. Özgen 07/06/16 2nd/zgen 88 3rd Case: The Disaster at Bhopal (cont’ d)  Indian government is also blamed not to put some safety standards.  Local/

ILC 2013 Agenda Item V on Sustainable Development, Decent Work and Green Jobs. Background notes in preparation of the ILC 2013 Discussion on Agenda item.

lying islands (Atolls) in the Pacific & Indian Ocean; 1.1Key environmental challenges in A / (carbon tax) could raise employment globally by 14 million in a period of 5 years, -/that are less important for poor household budgets; Social safety nets need to be/and activities targeting all social partners, including trade union leadership, union advisers and workers at the shop floor, and/ procurement; 6.3Sector based approach Example Recycling - 2013 3Rs Hanoi Declaration (cont.) gradually improve the working/

Massachusetts AmeriCorps Programs FY14-15 Request for Proposals -- C ONCEPT P APER S TAGE -- Technical Assistance Session September 2013.

Indian Tribes Partnerships or consortiums of the above Timeline August 19, 2013 AmeriCorps Concept Paper RFP Released August 29 and Technical Assistance Sessions September 4, 2013/ members = 20 MSY 76 quarter-time members = 20.14 MSY 10 full-time, 5 part-time, and 29 /, petitions, boycotts, or strikes Promoting or deterring union organizing Impairing existing contracts for services or collective bargaining/ Provisions, and MSA Addendum to the Provisions Budget – Operating Grant Maximum CNCS funding request $13/

CFDA #14.877. THE BASICS Due Date: May 30, 2012, received by Grants.gov no later than 11:59:59 p.m. eastern time Applications must be RECEIVED and VALIDATED.

14/ PHA Plan - Required HUD-52752 Certification of Consistency with Indian Housing Plan – Required HUD-52755 – Sample Contract Administrator Partnership/output of “Policy Priority-Job Creation/Employment- Partnerships with local unions to establish apprenticeship programs and/or job opportunities” Putting Your /cure any deficiency. What’s NOT Required? NO BUDGET NO RATING FACTORS NO NARRATIVES REQUIRED Funding Categories /start and end date – Estimate it - Jan 1 2013-Dec 31 2014 is fine. If you are a renewal/

1 P N Mogre Secretary General Indian Merchants’ Chamber 8 th HKTDC “World SME Expo & Conference’ 10 th to 12 th December, 2008 Seminar on ‘Exploring the.

E. Dr. Abdul Kalam and flagged off by Hon’ble Union Finance Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram. On the occasion of/projected to grow at 7.7% p.a. till 2013-14 with Minor ports growing at a faster rate of 8/international travel is expected to receive a further boost with more budget airlines/lower air-fares, open sky policies and expected improvements/Investment Forum May 6, 7 & 8, 2009 Nehru Centre, Mumbai Organizer: Indian Merchants’ Chamber 37 Highlights: Trade & Investment Forum: Trade & Investment Opportunities /

Dr. Dinesh T. Bhosale March 21, 2013. Corn to Six-Week Peak on Dwindling Supplies Source: Reuters (dated 19/03/2013) March 19 - Chicago Board of Trade.

is always a competing demand on raw materials from different user industries," said Union Commerce & Industry Minister Anand Sharma in a written reply in the Lok Sabha/ will play an important role in determining the extent of maize production in 2013-14. Temperature, rainfall and moisture are factors that determine the condition of the / R&D, Which Almost No Indian Company Is Doing Private Sector % 24% 67% 78%80% 73% 67% 71% Source: European Commission, CII ICAR budgets also ignore animal science Source: /

ASPIRE Home Finance Corporation Limited (AHFCL)

To enable home ownership amongst lower and middle income Indian families by providing hassle free housing loan assistance towards/Sankhe has more than three decades of rich experience in Banking (Union Bank of India for 8 years), Legal, Secretarial and Finance / setting and implementing business strategy across functions, planning and budgeting, identification and evaluation of new business opportunities and managing / Profit and Loss Statement In Rs. Crs. FY’2013-14 FY’2014-15 Interest Income 0.00 10.30 /

AUC- HRST STI Programme AMCOST V 12-15 th November 2012 Brazzaville, Congo African Union Commission Department of HRST Science and Technology Division.

by formulating the much needed legislations and advocating for adequate budgets in their debates, particularly the push beyond the 1% / Africa. A broader validation workshop will be convened in 2013. The thematic workshop will deepening the dialogue among the /two in the field of Science: African Union Research Grants (with a financing envelop of €14.7 million to launch two calls of research/ S&T New Delhi, 1-2 March 2012. Indian and African Ministries and relevant institutions forged an enhanced long/

Church Pension Group Info Session Frank Armstrong, Chief Actuary September 21, 2013 House of Bishops Fall Meeting.

State-Based Exchange Partnership Exchange Federal Exchange Marketplace Structure 14 Three Types of Exchanges under ACA 16 states and D/eligibility up to 138% FPL January 2014. SOURCE: Congressional Budget Office, February 2013. Total may not equal 100% due to rounding 25 Million/ partners in civil union. Due to recent DOMA ruling, no imputed income on /household income Taxpayers with income below filing threshold Members of Indian tribes Hardships Individuals who experience short coverage gaps (three /

DENVER FIRE DEPARTMENT peak performance 2.0 review March 17, 2014

of unnecessary fire alarms and each property must provide the budget to make corrections/ upgrades. Fire Prevention – Division 2 /union members get up to speed on Denver’s requirements. No complaints about the program for almost 2 years. Adopt fire code language to support implementation of new revenue-generating programs This was completed in 2013/- 22,730 (3.7%) ·  Two or more races - 11,255 (1.8%) ·  American Indian alone - 3,825 (0.6%) ·  Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone - 765 (0.1/

ABC Global Research Global Research - Commodities Perspectives on the bullion market April 2013 James Steel Analyst HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. +1 212 525.

outperformed other asset classes so far to 2013 Gold outperformed most assets in early 2012 /Statistics China gold import from Hong Kong 14 Gold and US federal debt Declines in/been positive for gold prices The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office forecasts increases in the debt- to-GDP/rise in Indian demand this year Source: Bloomberg, HSBC, World Gold Council Indian gold jewelry / Producer cartels OPEC Government banks Arab Spring European Union Anglo-Saxon model Capital mobility Transparency Public debt /

TITLE SLIDE Title Slide Title slide Budget Director Presentation for Citizens Budget Commission January 21, 2010 Robert L. Megna.

Budget Deficits ($ Billions)* *Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) estimates -5- Recovery Will Take Years NYS Adjusted Gross Income ($ Billions) Will Not Return to Pre- crisis Levels Until 2013/Budget additional $1B agency savings, brings total to $2.5B New actions: Further across-the-board cut: $500M Save $250M from negotiated workforce actions  Non-union/Cigarette Tax  Reduce cigarette use by 14 percent  Prevent 100,000 kids /of unstamped products to Indian reservations DTF will promulgate /

Nico Cloete 14 October 2015 UWC Institute of Post-School Studies.

African Union publication output grew by 43% compared to the world average of 18% (Source: Scopus). 5.If the African Union were /commissioner, 2013) – Africa must produce ten’s of thousands of PhDs – as long as they stay in SA. 9. Naledi Pandor DST Budget speech, / was first a black South African, then coloured SA, then Indian and then a non-national. Network of 50 participating academics and/with a improved and published data manual collecting the 2011to 2013/14 data, which will be available by June 2015 The /

The Society for Pediatric Radiology Regional Societies Founding Societies President and Treasurer’s Report 1 May 2012 – 30 April 2013.

 Others need approaching: Swiss, Dutch, Italian societies  Asia  Indian Society of Paediatric Radiology  Others: need approaching, often working groups / (Alexandra Monteiro) and WHOs Regina Ungerer  Desmond Tutu Foundation  Clinton Foundation  The Union the Society for Pediatric Radiology Regional Societies Founding Societies TB Network: Activity  Group expertise /2013-14 (1)  Mostly forward estimates  Best guesses based on last year and policies/plans  Can be modified: quarterly/bi-annual budget/

MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES IN THE GREATER Montreal area : a buoyant sector of activity November 2013.

the functional independence of motorized wheelchair users (October 2013). Carré Technologies Official launching of the intelligent shirt/acquisition of Biosyntech’s platform on biomaterials, the Indian-based multinational has initiated the commercialisation of BST-CarGel/the successful conclusion of negotiations with the European Union of the  surrounding the Comprehensive Economic and Trade/ research funds along with long term commitment Increased budget for the College Technology Transfer Centers (CCTT) CCTT/

Tick tock! It’s...budget time! “… the federal government is turning up its nose at the dream fiscal plan unveiled Tuesday by the Canadian Centre for Policy.

annually in the run-up to the spring budget.” http://www.policyalternatives.ca/afb2013 The centres / growth has slowed, program spending between 2006 and 2013 grew to $252 billion from $188 billion. / Vertical Co-ordinative Line Departments Transport Canada Indian Affairs and Northern Dev. Can. Human / The Star, Mon Sep 14 2009 The Star, Mon Sep 14 2009 Tired of endless studies/ Listeriosis Outbreak Bob Kingston, President of the Agriculture Union Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), scientist Luc Pomerleau/

2010 Legislative Session Update State Budget and Legislative Bills.

Center for Library Automation (FCLA – SUS) to implement a Union Search as directed to do in a contract of January 2002./ the budget, full-time personnel, and contracted services associated with the cost of its current computing services; budget adjustments /priced individually. Requires instructional materials adopted after 2012-2013 for students in grades 9-12 to also be/ Jacksonville 8.Indian River State College 9.Miami Dade College 10/ College 13.Santa Fe College 14.Seminole State College of Florida /

California Health Benefit Exchange Board Meeting Enrollment Assistance Program Thien Lam Deputy Director, Eligibility & Enrollment June 20, 2013.

e.g., American Indian Tribes or Tribal /Union 9.Health/. Provide adequate budget and staffing resources/2013 IPA Certified Enrollment Entity Application Release (Tentative)July 9, 2013 Navigator Program 2 nd Stakeholder WebinarEarly-August Proposed Navigator Regulations for Board Approval and ActionAugust 22, 2013 Notice Navigator RegulationsAugust 23, 2013 File Navigator Regulations with Office of Administrative LawAugust 30, 2013 Navigator Regulations Effective (Tentative)September 9, 2013 14/

GovTech South Africa 2013 Innovation & Excellence Joe Flynn

2013 Innovation & Excellence Joe Flynn Accenture – Innovation Successes in the Public Service Agenda Schiphol Airport Amsterdam No-Q story Indian/ Unemployment Green infrastructure and energy Need for austerity Governments facing severe budget constraints Higher deficits Changing demographics Rising middle classes City-based economies / identification, tax number, social security, health services and elections. The European Union data privacy act has been successful in creating an environment where trust and /

McGraw-Hill/Irwin Copyright © 2013 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. International Corporate Finance Chapter 31.

2013 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. International Corporate Finance Chapter 31 31-1 Key Concepts and Skills  Understand how exchange rates are quoted and what they mean  Know the difference between spot and forward rates  Understand purchasing power parity and interest rate parity and the implications for changes in exchange rates  Understand the basics of international capital budgeting/ Monetary Union which was/000 Indian Rupees/ = $6,250 31-14 Types of Transactions  Spot/

01/07/2014Sandile Nene1 PRESENTATION TO THE PCCS ON COMMUNICATIONS, TELECOMMUNICATION AND POSTAL SECTOR 2014/15 Budget Analysis of the Department of Telecommunications.

ITES by 2010. Economic growth: In 2009, the Indian IT-ITES industry contributed an estimated US$70 billion /to address negative audit findings 2012/13 and 2013/14 FY 01/07/2014Sandile Nene6 Issues for /budget is to increase, however, there is still no allocation for the SAPO’s subsidy for Funding Services Obligation (USO). The subsidy is used to fund costs for universal services to all citizens. The Committee should ensure that universal postal services in accordance with the Universal Postal Union/

Article 17 – Artistes and Sportsmen August 2013 Prashant Bhojwani.

2013 Prashant Bhojwani Article 17 – Artistes and SportsmenPage 2 Why gaining importance ► Various non-Indian films such as Zero Dark 30, Slumdog Millionaire, A Mighty Heart being shot in India ► Concerts by non-resident entertainers happening in India – Metallica, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry etc ► Various international sporting events happening in India such as ICC World Cup, Indian/ – Artistes and SportsmenPage 14 Sponsorship income Agassi v/ under section 115BBA (vide Union Budget 2012) ► Erstwhile provisions /

APES Review 2013. Producers: Basic Source of All Food Most producers capture sunlight to produce carbohydrates by photosynthesis:

2013/Union Carbide pesticide plant in an underground storage tank released a large quantity of highly toxic methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas. –15,000-22,000 people died –Indian /1/5 th of the world’s population Figure 24-13 Fig. 24-14, p. 586 Eco-Economies Principles for shifting to more environmentall y sustainable /difficulty dealing with long-term, interrelated environmental problems. –In passing laws, developing budgets, and formulating regulations, elected and appointed officials must deal with pressures from./


OF THE INDIAN OCEAN Presented /SADC) and the African Union (AU) to end the political crisis and to achieve the presidential and legislative democratic elections in late 2013. 10.. Bilateral Economic Relations/aegis of the Ministry of Labor, the MFA and the Ministry of Finance and Budget. ENAM stands as the most prestigious and elitist Malagasy school, due to its / assume it to be 700 or 800 years old. (circ. 14 m in 1898, and 21m in 2013) ...... Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage /

Asheville, North Carolina May 2013 United Way and the Affordable Care Act: What You Need to Know as Consumers, Advocates, and Social Entrepreneurs United.

Chambers of commerce Partners of the Small Business Administration Unions Licensed insurance agents and brokers Other entities capable of/ health insurance August 28, 2015 9 Open Enrollment 2013/2014: THIS is our moment. The 2014 Enrollment/Adults, Ages 18-64) 14 53 % 47 % Race/Ethnicity Percent of Uninsured Uninsured Rate /21% Hispanic32% Asian/Pacific Islander5%18% American Indian/Alaska Native 1%27% Two or More Races2/ calculus shows that Medicaid is good for state budgets and economies Kids can’t learn if they’/

Welcome! Purdue Caduceus Club October 14, 2013. Why MU-COM?  Marian University’s new medical school offers a unique opportunity to start a career in.

14, 2013/designation (eco and energy)  Exceptional technology infrastructure $7 million technology budget Computer-based testing Lecture-capture system (CANVAS)  Top-level simulation / Osteopathic Hospital Suburban Health System (8 hospitals) Lutheran and Parkview (Fort Wayne) Union (Terra Haute) Deaconess, St. Mary’s (Evansville)  Access to over 10/ in US 2012” by Money Magazine  Sports opportunities Fever, Pacers, Colts, Indians, Indy 500, BMW Golf Championship, NCAA, and more  Arts and cultural /

Prof. Y. Sano School of Economics Introduction to Japanese Business History of Japanese Economic Development December 12 th / 19 th 2013 1.

12 th / 19 th 2013 1 Scene of Echigoya in /No control over money exchange rate (caused big outflow of Japanese gold) 14 Silk : top export item (60-85%) Cotton : top import / work.) Used various imported cotton for best mix (mainly Indian and American). Rise of Japanese merchant fleet. Government support/Damage was over 3 times of Japan’s budget. Bank system got impact Financial crisis in/ reform(70%:from big landlords to peasants) Trade union authorized New educational system launched War compensation to Asian/

Health Consequences of Environmental Degradation and Social Injustice Martin Donohoe, M.D., F.A.C.P.

water and soil contamination Infamous Industrial Disasters Bhopal Bhopal U.S. has refused Indian government extradition request for Warren Anderson U.S. has refused Indian government extradition request for Warren Anderson Union Carbide settled with Indian government for $470 million in 1989 (victims received $1,500/death, $500/injury) Union Carbide settled with Indian government for $470 million in 1989 (victims received $1,500/death, $500/

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