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Government Implications on Retail. The recent announcement by the Indian government with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail, especially allowing.

their own retail shop in the country. At present, foreign direct investment (FDI) in pure retailing is not permitted under Indian law. Government of India has allowed FDI in retail of specific brand of products. Following this, foreign companies in /decides to allow foreign players to enter the retail. Government policy for Retail sector in India There has been vigorous opposition to foreign direct investment (FDI) in retailing from small traders who fear that foreign retailing companies would take away /

India: A Growth Story - Sitesh Mukherjee May 2012.

liquid market) Commencement of dis-investment in PSUs Trade liberalization -- tariff and customs duties reduction Reducing direct tax rates Economy opened up to foreign investment Investment in India 4 FDI in India  Phase 1 (1948-1969): FDI in protected industries (such a fertilisers and machine tools)  Phase 2 (1969 – 1991): FERA1973 restricting equity to 40% and 74% for technology intensive; export intensive and core/

MAKE IN INDIA – TURNING VISION INTO REALITY An initiative designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, protect intellectual property, and build.

- 100%  Defence - 49%  Insurance and pension funds - 49% Liberalized Foreign Direct Investment Regime India today is one of the most open economies of the world  100% FDI permitted in Telecom Sector  100% FDI permitted in Asset Reconstruction Companies  100% FDI in single-brand retail Make in India - impact on FDI (Oct - Jul) FDI inflows in India – top sectors (2014-15)  Delhi – Mumbai industrial corridor  Amritsar – Kolkata industrial corridor/


(2013) June 2015 GDP Rate at 7% Investment Gateways in India Securities Mutual Funds Venture Capital Fund Real Estate FDI FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT Reserve Bank of India regulates FDI in India. FDI can be brought in via three routes: – Automatic Route / and mandatorily convertible debentures and fully, compulsorily and mandatorily convertible preference shares against FDI. WHY INVEST IN INDIA Stable financial system Strong external liquidity position High degree of political stability High savings/

April 14, 2010 New Delhi Doing Business with India Policy Framework & Opportunities Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion Ministry of Commerce and.

reserved (only 21 items) for small scale sector* will require Industrial licence. *Investment in plant and machinery upto Rupees 50 million (US$ 1.123 million) FDI Policy & Procedure Automatic Route– No prior approval route. RBI, India’s Central Bank, is to be informed within 30 days of receiving remittances and also within 30 days issue of shares to non-residents. FIPB Route/

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pay fee as per number of channels capacity. Uplinking of news and current affairs channel Foreign Equity holding including FDI/FII/NRI investments should not exceed 26% of the Paid Up equity of the applicant company, should meet /Taiwan US$25 million Australia US$14 million Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers 18 Smuggling of decoders from other countries into India Decoders from India taken to other countries Hacking of smart cards software Hacking/tapping of pre-broadcast signals Manufacture of decoders/

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/trademark agreement in the same field;  Sectors where specific investment limits have been prescribed. Investing in India Regulations 1 Foreign investments have to be authorized by public bodies, either through the automatic route or not. For new companies, automatic route applies to all kind of FDI with exception to:  production activities requiring industrial license;  ventures in sectors where the foreign investor already/

Foreign Investment in India & Compounding Some Issues for consideration By Neeta Behramfram RBI, New Delhi.

These generally follow the changes made in the FDI policy or the procedural changes to be brought in. FDI Policy Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India is governed by the FDI Policy announced by the Government of India and the provisions of FEMA) 1999. Consolidated policy/remittances post expiry of approval date Not Compoundable ODI investment routed back to India as FDI – Round tripping Prohibited sector Unwinding the transactions in cases where such transactions are not permissible under FEMA, 1999 before/


that it is the need of the hour to launch a retail sector co-operative movement in India and has decided to set up Foundation for Development Initiatives (FDI). Considering the current threat to our Retail Sector by Foreign Direct Investments, WAL Mart and / that it is the need of the hour to launch a retail sector co-operative movement in India and has decided to set up Foundation for Development Initiatives (FDI). FDI FDI is going to set up with authorized share capital of Rs. 5000/- Cr. (500,00,00/

Indian Economy : A Comparative Overview with China

followed a socialist inspired approach- strict govt. control over -private sector participation, foreign trade and FDI (Approach-import substituting rather than export promoting) . ii) India’s low average growth rate ( 3%) from 1947-80 was referred as ‘Hindu rate /license Raj in investment, industrial and import licensing-ended many public monopolies, introduced automatic approvals of FDI in many sectors. Agriculture India ranks second world wide in farm output. In 2007, accounted for 17% in GDP employing 60/

Foreign Investment In INDIA. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) What is FDI Why we need FDI Process of the Inflow of FDI Benefits Types Advantages.

Foreign Investment In INDIA Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) What is FDI Why we need FDI Process of the Inflow of FDI Benefits Types Advantages and disadvantages FII Diff between FII and FDI Modes of FDI 1) By Direction * Inward *Outward 2) By Target * Mergers and Acquisitions * Horizontal FDI * Vertical FDI (a) Backward Vertical FDI (b) Forward Vertical FDI 3 ) By Motive * Resource-Seeking * Market-Seeking * Efficiency-Seeking Factors Affecting FDI Financial incentives (Funds/

1 Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion Ministry of Commerce & Industry Government of India Investing in India.

2004 Most preferred destination for services - AT Kearney’s 2005 Global Services Location Index As per FICCI FDI Survey 2005: 70 percent of the foreign companies, who participated in survey, are making profits in their Indian operations 11 India’s Competitive Strengths - Human Capital India’s competitive edge - its highly-skilled manpower and entrepreneurial expertise Ranks 3 rd in availability of scientist and/

FDI v/s FII (India and China) Presented By : Sakshi Chawla Apurva Jain Rahul Ojha Siddharth Jain Varun Chopra Amit Vasishth (MBA-IB,Sec-C)

company. Economies, which includes China, South Korea, Singapore and the Philippines also known as “Asian Tigers”. FDI in India and China China’s Investment Regime According to the Chinese law, the foreign investors can choose a variety of/3) encouraged. India’s Investment Regime In India, FDI is governed with the number of laws which includes the Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999 (FEMA) for all FDI and the Stock Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Trends in FDI The flow of FDI has increased, especially/

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Presented By : Ghanshyam Gupta

, gold, diamonds, copper, zinc. Gambling and Betting Lottery Business Atomic Energy Agriculture (with certain exceptions) and Plantations (Other than Tea plantations Luthra & Luthra Law Offices22 FDI IN INDIA: FACTS AND FIGURES Luthra & Luthra Law Offices23 FDI IN INDIA: FACTS AND FIGURES Conclusion The size of the domestic market is positively related to foreign direct investment. The greater the market, the more customers and the/

© LawQuest 2012. All Rights are Reserved. 1 An Overview on Doing Business in India An Overview - Foreign Direct Investment in India by Poorvi Chothani,

www.lawquestinternational.com May 23, 2012 © LawQuest 2012. All Rights are Reserved. 2 An Overview on Doing Business in India FDI Inflows into India FDI equity inflows in the period US$ 28,403 million between April 2011 and February 2012; The cumulative amount of FDI equity inflows from April 2000 to Feb 2012 stood at US$ 162,307 million Financial and non-financial 21% of/

China in India’s economic Strategy Rajeev Anantaram Senior Associate Editor, Business Standard.

led to the vertical specialization theory China benefitted from similar unbundling from Hong Kong and China. No diversion of FDI from other Asian countries even though China attracted huge flows. Some studies show Asian countries benefitted from FDI flows to China. Individual determinants of FDI more important. India & China: Complement or Compete? Regional Production Systems: Imports are higher end of the technology spectrum where/

Invest India Policies & Opportunities

- to sort out any operational difficulty and facilitate implementation; Last meeting with French investors on 6.10.2003 ‘FDI In India- Policies and Procedures’ Also available in Spanish, German, French & Italian. An Empowered Sub-Committee of the /the State governments has been set up to review the extant procedures and dismantle administrative barriers. 31/03/2017 India: FDI Outlook Rated as the best BPO destination; AT KEARNEY Best technology licensing regime - UNCTAD’s Global Competitiveness Report/

India – Africa Trade and Investment Relationship CII Conclave

.0 7.0 ALGERIA 2.2 5.0 TOTAL 36.5 84.4 Source: Commerce Ministry, India *LDC AFRICA - FDI INFLOWS Source: World Investment Report 2012, African Economic Outlook 2012 FDI inflows to Africa declined for the third consecutive year after peaking in 2008. In 2011, while FDI inflows increased by 14% in East & South East Asia and 16% in Latin America & Caribbean, it/


small retailers. They are facilating the passage of entry to global retailers, who at present owing to restriction in FDI are not allowed to operate in India. A typical example of this in present is the Bharti-Wal-Mart deal. This deal has undoubtedly led /15,000 currently employed personnel would land up losing their jobs. 22 FDI Policy in India Prior to 1997 there was no clear Policy regarding FDI in to retail trade. Certain approvals were given for FDI in to Retail Trade. After 1997 the Govt. has taken a /

Creating Winning Conditions: Michael Holden | Canada West Foundation | May 2011 What governments can do to advance economic relations with China and India.

| May 2011 Both China and India are emerging as major sources of FDI into Canada. FDI into Canada (2010): China: Total FDI: $14.1 billion 7 th -largest source of FDI into Canada India: Total FDI: $6.6 billion 11 th -largest source of FDI into Canada FDI into Canada (2010): China: Total FDI: $14.1 billion 7 th -largest source of FDI into Canada India: Total FDI: $6.6 billion 11 th/

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terms or serving policy, they must visit to globaljurix (dot) com where one of them can find complete information in concerning of FDI. Mainly FDI comes in India for serving retail sector that declared by finance minister recently. The fdi in retail sector india comes with 51% for multi-brand investments and 100% for single-brand investments. The globaljurix (dot) com defines about how to/

FDI REGULATIONS FOR NRI’S WITH EMPHASIS ON THE REAL ESTATE SECTOR Mr. Madhurendra Nath Jha, Senior Partner Paras Kuhad & Associates.

of the Income Tax Act, 1961 exempting the entire income from specified housing projects from income tax invites FDI and NRIs to rush to India. Section 80-IB (10) exempts an industrial undertakings entire income from developing and building housing projects approved /-looking economic policies adopted by the successive governments during the past 15 years. The FDI regime is here to stay. FDI has the potential to change the face of India if pursued in the right earnest. Cont.. 4. Booming middle class - The /


brand retail trading, stood at US$ 66.69 million, according to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP). FDI in Multi Brand Retailing Indias multi-brand retail sector, is estimated to be worth $28 billion (Rs 125,000 crore) according to a Boston / food prices, said Kaushik Basu, chief economic adviser in the finance ministry, who sits on the panel. India currently allows 51 per cent FDI in single-brand retail and 100 per cent in wholesale cash-and-carry operations. In a landmark decision, the/

Ease of Doing Business with India Afaq Hussain Bureau of Research on Industry and Economic Fundamentals (BRIEF) New Delhi, India 1.

Zealand Pay Taxes1561201774919124UAE Trade Across Borders12698123155100137Singapore Enforce Contracts186351181446148Singapore Resolve Insolvency13753556539125Finland 5 FDI inflow to India Source: UNCTAD, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry / POPULATION BASE IN THE WORLD BIGGEST POOL OF SKILLED AND CHEAP LABOUR DESTINATION OF LARGE FDI & MULTINATIONALS STRATEGIC LOCATION FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS 11 India Modi-fied: Fixing the Flight  Amendment to Land Acquisition bill  The new law/

China & India: What’s in it for Africa? Nicolas Pinaud OECD Development Centre ABCDE World Bank Tokyo 29-30 May 2006.

& Africa. The Asian Drivers as Markets for African Exports. 2 Foreign Direct Investment. 3 Conclusions: Issues & Challenges. Identifying Conduits. 22 Identifying conduits Super Cycle Raw Materials China / India Growth Africas terms of trade + Africas growth FDI in SSA Global interest rates SSA exports redirection twds the Asian Drivers + - + + + + + + + + Direct demand 23 Foreign Direct Investment Low degree of direct competition for projects  Textiles/

The Challenge Grow at 10% for 3 decades Ease of doing business Making India a part of the global supply chain Young India – skilling the nation and creating.

% Insurance and pension funds - 49% Liberalized Foreign Direct Investment Regime India today is one of the most open economies of the world 100% FDI permitted in Telecom Sector 100% FDI permitted in Asset Reconstruction Companies 100% FDI in single-brand retail 100% FDI in Pharmaceuticals sector Make in India - impact on FDI (Oct - Apr) FDI inflows in India – top sectors (2014-15) Engagement figures Over 12500 investor queries addressed/

China & India: What’s in it for Africa? Javier Santiso Chief Development Economist & Deputy Director OECD Development Centre OECD Breakfast Series Washington.

& Africa. The Asian Drivers as Markets for African Exports. 2 Foreign Direct Investment. 3 Conclusions: Issues & Challenges. Identifying Conduits. 24 Identifying conduits Super Cycle Raw Materials China / India Growth Africas terms of trade + Africas growth FDI in SSA Global interest rates SSA exports redirection twds the Asian Drivers + - + + + + + + + + Direct demand 25 Foreign Direct Investment Low degree of direct competition for projects  Textiles/

Public Meeting TSIA EU-India Phase 2 Report By: Paul Wijmenga & Koen Berden Brussels, 6 th of November 2008.

– strong combination; -Issues related to technical regulations – NTBs – if addressed lead to large two-way gains as costs of doing business/trade drop; -Very small negative employment effects in India – efficiency – but: excluding FDI factor; -Environmentally: no significant projected primary impacts – secondary: products produced are polluting. KB 2. Selected sectors – Textiles & clothing -Overall effects expected to be modest – regional effects may be/

Make in India A Doorway to Business Opportunities R.Kuppanna, General Manager, Kuwait India Int’l Exchange Co. Customers’ Trust – Kuwait India’s Pre-eminence.

by 2020 for greater employability in manufacturing sector. Customers’ Trust – Kuwait India’s Pre-eminence Make in India E&Y Survey Customers’ Trust – Kuwait India’s Pre-eminence Make in India FDI in India: V-shaped Recovery  Two-year decline in FDI inflows reversed in 2014  No. of Projects up 37% ( 496 in 2013; 680 in 2014)  FDI Capital (US $ b) up 32% ( 18.9 in 2013; 25/

Www.deepanilassociates.com.  Foreign Investment in India-Legal Provisions…………..3  Types of Foreign Investment…………………………………..4  Capital Account Transactions…………………………………5.

under Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS)  Foreign Venture Capital Investments  Other Foreign Investments  Immovable Properties in India www.deepanilassociates.com 9 10 Section I of Master Circular- Foreign Investment in India dated 2 nd July, 2012. Undertaken in accordance with FDI Policy formulated and announced by Government of India- Consolidated FDI Policy dated 10 th April, 2012. FEMA Regulations- Foreign Exchange Management (Transfer or issue of/

FDI Flows into Developing Countries: Impact of Location and Gov policy.

rights, low level of corruption, etc. )  A success story of a mid-size African underdeveloped country Paraguay and Bolivia  Restriction of foreign ownership to 40 and 50 percent respectively  Discourage FDI inflow India’s poor performance and potentials  Restrictive regime (ownership restriction)  High import tariffs  Exit barriers for firms  Stringent Labor Laws  Poor Quality Infrastructure  Centralized Decision-making process  A limited scale/

Page 1 Notes on FDI By Saul Estrin. Page 2 Outline of Presentation  Context on FDI to Emerging Markets odefinitions oscale  The Determinants of FDI.

,minerals,timber  cost of resources and assets, e.g. labour, skills, technology.  input costs e.g. transport, communication; Page 12 Overview of Research Project  Study of FDI in Egypt, India, South Africa and Vietnam  Surveys of FDI subsidiaries – 600+ firms  12 cases (four per country)  Summarise comparative findings from survey and case results Page 13 Our Countries  Very different in size, history, institutions/

Nita Rudra, University of Pittsburgh Siddharth Joshi, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore Good for the Goose, Bad for the Flock? FDI in Developing.

Pittsburgh Siddharth Joshi, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore Good for the Goose, Bad for the Flock? FDI in Developing Countries (with special focus on India) 2 Puzzle: Limited research on how FDI affects the poor?  Political economy has yet to uncover the many complexities of FDI  Existing literature: FDI affects growth, inequality, labor rights, wages, and employment.  But these can improve without impacting quality of/

INDIA CALLING OPPORTUNITIES IN TELECOM & ITES SECTOR DOING BUSINESS IN INDIA By N K GOYAL President, Communications and Manufacturing Association of India,

Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company Foreign companies can also to set up wholly-owned subsidiary in sectors where 100% foreign direct investment is permitted under the FDI policy. Foreign Company Foreign Companies can set up their operations in India through Liaison Office/Representative Office Project Office Branch Office Such offices can undertake any permitted activities. Companies have to register themselves with Registrar of/

Why is Mexico your best trade partner? 1.Mexico’s favorable economic performance 2.Mexico’s competitive advantages 3.FDI Confidence 4.Mexico as a strategic.

During the first half of 2011, Mexico attracted 10.6 billion USD of FDI. FDI Confidence FDI, Confidence Index 2010 Mexico was ranked 8 th in terms of FDI confidence index by AT Kearney.  A rise of 11 places, compared to 2009. Source: FDI Investing Index, AT Kearney China United States India Brazil Germany Poland Australia Mexico Canada United Kingdom United Arab Emirates Vietnam France Hong/


DEPENDS ON BIZ MODEL MEDIUMHIGH 5PROCEDURAL SIMPLICITY YES 6REPATRIATION OF POST TAX INCOME FREE FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT (FDI) 1.Reserve Bank of India, Apex Bank of India regulates FDI in India. 2.FDI is allowed under automatic route in almost all sectors except a few of national interest. 3.FDI can be brought in via three routes: i. Automatic Route (Without RBI Approval) ii. Approval Route (RBI/

Master Circular dated July 01, 2011 issued by RBI vis-à-vis Consolidated FDI Policy Circular 1 of 2011 dated March 31, 2011 Master Circular – Foreign Direct.

of shares from NRI to NR or NR to NRI requires the prior approval of the Reserve Bank of India. Not contemplated in FDI Policy. 2. Para 2 of Part II of Master Circular: Foreign investments under Portfolio Investment Scheme: FIIs/No. 2. Acquisition of shares under Scheme of Merger/Demerger/Amalgamation of companies in India (under FDI Policy) Acquisition of shares under Scheme of Merger / Amalgamation of companies in India (Under Master Circular) Response: Section 391-394 of Companies Act refers to as /

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etc with investment chapter (market access +protection) India received 30824 mln USD (2012-13) India: FDI and Gender Agriculture and food access: mechanisation in threshing, …. Services: Employment + Access Receives highest share of FDI: 58% of total (Apr 00 to July 09/4% of urban female employment, Accounts for 38.9% of unorganised female casual non-agr workers India receives 12% of total FDI inflows in construction, is already rel.ly open, Mechanisation has already replaced labour Women are evicted first/

1 BANGKOK 2011 “FDI Trends, Opportunities, and Implications” FDI in LDCs, Landlocked Economies and Economies in Transition in the Asia and the Pacific.

much faster than in the rest of the world 20 Source: fDi Intelligence FDI Forecasting Model Global sector forecast Greenfield FDI projects, 2010-2015 Forecast growth in GFDI projects (sectors with above average growth) 21 FDI opportunities 1.5% of FDI firms globally are currently considering FDI in the 16 countries (similar to share of global FDI projects): India, UK, and US are main source countries currently considering/

An Economic Partnership Seminar Feb 18th, 2015

planned centre of SABIC. The SEZ offers single point clearances, 100% FDI approvals for most projects and several duty and tax incentives/exemptions for all units operating out of SEZ INDIA-USA India is United State’s 10th largest supplier of goods imports and 18th /largest goods exports market. US is the third largest source of FDI into India. The cumulative US FDI in India is estimated at US% 50 billion. The Indian FDI in USA is put at US$ 25 billion. A recent study of 68 Indian /

Is Turkey lagging behind the legendary countries of FDI? Kalman Kalotay, UNCTAD Conference on Turkey Where the Opportunities Abound: On the Way to Success.

more than Turkey and Turkey more than the Czech Republic: What the UNCTAD Inward FDI Performance Index tells us What is the UNCTAD Inward FDI Performance Index What is the UNCTAD Inward FDI Performance Index Turkey versus Brazil, China, India and the Russian Federation (the global leaders) Turkey versus Brazil, China, India and the Russian Federation (the global leaders) Turkey versus the Czech Republic, Estonia/

INSURANCE AND BANKING FDI and Indian Government policy related to Insurance 5/25/20151.

potential to become one of the biggest insurance markets in the region India is among the most promising emerging insurance markets in the world 5/25/201512 FDI IN INSURANCE India is the third most attractive foreign direct investment destination in the /Indian Economy For Insurance Sector The present increase in FDI would benefit Indian economy There are vast opportunities in Indian market both for domestic and foreign players The insurance sector in India is slated to grow to beyond Seventy Billion Dollars/

Latin American Economic Outlook 2008 Rio de Janeiro, March 2008 Javier Santiso Director, OECD Development Centre China and India: Angel or Devils for Latin.

Revision 3, 2007. Note: Does not include NTB data. Source: Latinobarómetro survey. Santiago de Chile, 2007. However FDI flows to China have not diverted inward flows for other emerging markets Source: OECD Development Centre, 2008; based on UNCTAD./ of this economy. This is good news for Latin America given its growth trade connexion with China. Chinas and Indias trade with Latin America (US$ millions) 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 19921993199419951996 1997 19981999 200020012002200320042005 Source: OECD /

1 Opportunities and Challenges for India in an Emerging Globalising Economy Dr. N.C.PAHARIYA Associate Professor Department of Economics University of.

Rato 16 Oct.07 2. "China is the most preferred investment location, followed by India, the US and then the Russian Federation and Brazil," it said. Indias ranking in inward FDI performance index has also improved to 113 in 2006 from 121 in 2005.” UNCTAD: / at Ports and Airports in India 15 Rigid and outdated labour laws and bureaucratic hurdles Low FDI inflow Rigid and outdated labour laws and bureaucratic hurdles Low FDI inflow In 2004 China got FDI of $54.937 billion while India only $5.335 billion and/

How Do India and China Grow? Thorvaldur Gylfason.

the development strategies and trajectories of the two economic giants of Asia One obvious difference One obvious difference India is a democracy India is a democracy China, though, is not China, though, is not Many other differences, and similarities/7,63,2 The bottom line Determinants of growth: IndiaChina Exports (% of GDP, 1960-2003) 714 Investment (% of GDP, 1960-2003) 2032 FDI (gross, % of GDP, 1982-2003) 0.33.2 Secondary education (%, 1998-2001) 4864 Inflation (%, 1961-2003) 7,63,2 Manufacturing/

MAKE IN INDIA Welcome. Why India ??? 1st among the world’s most attractive investment destinations Source: E&Y 2015 India attractiveness survey Jumped.

destinations polled globally Source: Foreign Policy Magazine - Baseline Profitability Index – 2015 7 th most valued national brand in the world Source: Brand Finance 48% increase in FDI inflows Source: Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, GoI Why India ??? GDP and Growth: GDP (2014) US $ 2.0 trillion; GDP growth rate 7.3% [2015]; In the current Fiscal year – 2015-16 the growth is/

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. However, there is no denial to the fact that there are some sectors, entry to which requires prior approval from the govt. company registration india, logo registrationcompany registration indialogo registration FDI Advantages: 1) FDI helps in bringing foreign exchange to the country. trademark registration indiatrademark registration india 2) FDI has made it possible to give employment to millions of unemployed across the country. 3) Since/

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, during the August 1991 to March 2007 period, in the telecommunication sector amounted to USD 3,892 million. It is the third largest sector to attract FDI in India in the post-liberalisation era. FDI calculation takes into account radio paging, cellular mobile and basic telephone services in the telecommunication sector. Maxis Communications acquired a 74 percent stake in Aircel for USD 1/

Science, Technology, Innovation and IP in India – new directions and prospects Department of Economics Discussion Paper Series Number 660 June 2013 Christine.

links from San Francisco Bay Area to Bangalore - Can this be replicated for any other sectors such as green technology? Total FDI entering India over the period from April 2000 to October 2012 was US$275bn Annual inflows for 2012-13 were US$36.8bn of which//3 was related to NRIs and 2/3 to foreign equity Compared with FDI of US$2-3bn in the late 1990s it appears India has begun to shake off its reputation for shunning FDI Recent policy changes on foreign ownership will help: in 2012 Indian government relaxed/

FDI(Foreign Direct Investment)

of an existing business in that country. FDI inflows by Region and Economy Sector-wise FDI inflows in India Top country Investors in India Forecast of FDI In India Advantages of FDI Increase investment level and thereby income & / unethical trade practices Sometimes result in minimizing / eliminating competition and create monopolies or oligopolistic structures 100% FDI permitted in India Engineering & Manufacturing sectors Roads & Highways, Ports and Harbors Industrial model towns/industrial parks Hotels & /

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