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1 ABE 223 ABE Principles – Machine systems ABE 223 ABE Principles – Machine systems Pumps and Actuators Tony Grift Dept. of Agricultural & Biological Engineering.

ABE 223 ABE Principles – Machine systems Pumps and Actuators Tony Grift Dept. of Agricultural & Biological Engineering University of Illinois 2 Agenda Units, Pumps, Pressure Relief Valve Cylinders Double acting/ Single acting Single /Pumps and Motors External Gear Internal Gear Vane Axial Piston Radial Piston 51 External Gear Fixed Displacement 52 Video 8: Power units (3:26) Power supply unit Converts Mechanical energy into hydraulic energy Hydraulic Fluid is conditioned (cooled, cleaned) Components Drive /

Hydraulic control systems Subject: Control Engineering Guided by: S.P. Joshi Sir Group 13 NameEnrollment number Nikunj Rana130080119026 Aashal Shah130080119027.

control systems Subject: Control Engineering Guided by: S.P. Joshi Sir Group 13 NameEnrollment number Nikunj Rana130080119026 Aashal Shah130080119027 Kavan Shah130080119028 Ravin Shah130080119029 COMPONENTS OF HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS: COMPONENTS OF HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS: The major components are: /of the double acting cylinder when pressurized oil goes to the double acting cylinder. This movement of the piston is feedback to the feedback link. Thus an output motion of the cylinder is produced corresponding to the /

Hydraulic Pumps • Hydraulic Pump Types

hydraulic pump, dynamic pumps are rarely used for hydraulic applications because they cannot create flow against the pressures found in hydraulic systems. The two main types of prime movers used in fluid power systems are electric motors or internal combustion engines/as the flow rate decreases. When pressure reaches a certain value, the compensator spring force equals the hydraulic piston force. As pressure continues to increase, the compensator spring is compressed until concentricity on the compensator /

Hydraulics hy·drau·lics [h drólliks ] noun study of fluids:  the study of water or other fluids at rest or in motion, especially with respect to engineering.

especially with respect to engineering applications Objectives Behavior of liquids & theory of operation Basic hydraulic system components Advantages & disadvantages of hydraulics Electrohydraulic systems including speed gears & steering gears Introduction/Uses Hydraulics used in many applications:/ (B-end) Piston/cylinder used if desired motion is linear Hydraulic pressure moves piston & ram Load is connected to ram (rudder, planes, masts, periscopes) Cylinder Piston RAM Seal Hydraulic Fluid Supply/Return /

Introduction to Hydraulics ClassAct SRS enabled. In this presentation you will: identify the fundamental parts of a hydraulic system and safety issues.

B)Only engineer B C)Both engineer A and B D)Neither engineer A or B Introduction to Hydraulics Compression of Fluids Two cylinders are shown. One cylinder contains a gas and the other contains a liquid. If a downward force is applied to the piston in the gas cylinder, the piston will move down and compress the gas. Hydraulic cylinders use liquid, which is incompressible. Closed/

ME8843 The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering ME 8843 Advanced Mechatronics Instructor: Professor Charles Ume Introduction to Hydraulic.

the fluid and to the surfaces of its container.“ –Force determined by pressure –Speed determined by flow rate ME8843 The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering Hydraulic Systems Move large loads by controlling high-pressure fluid in distribution lines and pistons with mechanical or electromechanical valves 1000psi – 3000psi Closed systems, always recirculating same fluid ME8843 The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical/

Engine Design Ben Rossiter. Introduction For this section we will be considering the engine as two parts; The lower part comprises of the cylinder block.

doesn’t restrict the flow! Timing the Engine Engine timing can also have an effect upon the induction and exhaust; “ When the throttle is nearly closed, the induction stroke of the piston is not only sucking in air, but / Camshaft Locations Cam Followers - Tappets Basic mechanical cam follower. Hydraulic cam follower. Zero valve clearance (lash). Cam follower Cam lobe Rocker arm Push rod Hydraulic cam follower Next > Solid follower. Hydraulic follower. Roller follower. Cup type follower. Cam Follower Types /

1 TSM363 Fluid Power Systems Pumps and Actuators Tony Grift Dept. of Agricultural & Biological Engineering University of Illinois.

:58) cont. Example: ratio of cap and rod end side area is 2:1. Linear Power: 21 Hydraulic Cylinder 22 Cylinder construction 23 1.Tie rod ( keeps cylinder assembly together ) 2.Rod end head( mounting point ) 3.Rod end port ( fluid entrance/exit point ) 4.Piston seals ( dynamic, seals cap end from rod end pressure) 5.Cap end head ( mounting point) 6/

Dillon Watring Felipe Gomez Ruth Quant Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ibrahim Tansel FIU Department of Mechanical Engineering, Miami, FL.

x 3ft (no bigger) Create one unit encompassing all aspects Hydraulic Piston Directional Flow Valve (mechanical or electrical) Hydraulic Motor Generator SolidWorks Designs – System Housing Unit Case Unit Cover SolidWorks Design – Hydraulic Piston Piston Cylinder Cylinder Cap Piston Rod Plunger SolidWorks Design – Directional Control Valve Electrical, mechanical, or pilot valve operators Hydraulic Lines Two Options: Steel Tubing Hydraulic Hosing Selected J524 (WIP) Seamless Low Carbon, Annealed Steel Tubing/


engine that extracts energy from a fluid flow and converts it into useful work Eg: steam turbine, gas turbine, hydraulic turbine Hydraulic Turbines transfer the kinetic energy and potential energy of water into a rotation . We can generate electricity by coupling to electric generator Axial Flow Radial Flow Tangential Flow Mixed Flow CLASSIFICATION OF HYDRAULIC/ elevation. Eg: Centrifugal pump RECIPROCATING PUMP During the motion of piston from left to right a partial vacuum created inside the cylinder./

Positive Displacement Devices Displacement Formulae Characteristics

rev ηtp : Pump torque efficiency – a decimal Power to Drive the Pump The hydraulic power is QpΔP/60 or QpΔP/1714 for SI and English units (note/ decides) Small diesel apps such as skid loaders can operate directly from engine crankshaft and will have engine speed. (2000-3000 rpm). Larger diesel apps – pump splitter with/ Pumps Reciprocating Pumps Gear – Internal, External Lobe Vane Screw Reciprocating Pumps Piston Plunger Diaphragm Rotary vs. Reciprocating Pumps Rotary pumps transfer liquid through the action/

Hydraulics and Pneumatics Didik Sugiyanto Lecture-1.

pipe B, the shaft will retract. Obviously some method of retrieving fluid from the non-pressurised side of the piston must be incorporated. Cylinder movement is controlled by a three position changeover valve. To extend the cylinder, port A/ universal lack of standardisation of units used for measurement in industry, and every engineer will tell tales of gauges indicating, say, velocity in furlongs per fortnight. Hydraulics and pneumatic systems suffer particularly from this characteristic, and it is by no/


which help for assembly and removal of the connecting rod, and are tightened to their required torque using hydraulic jack. Construction of Con-Rod Normally connecting rods are forge- manufactured and the material used is typically/ directly .............. or, as in some other designs, to ............ . It connects the crankshaft to the piston (in _____ piston engines) or to the crosshead (in _____ engines). It has two motions: ________ (reciprocating, up-and-down) & ___________ motion. The primary function /

A Hard Chrome Alternatives for Hydraulic Components Program established to assist United States Air Force Airborne Accessories Directorate Avionics and.

Orders Reviewed 100% complete –697 Engineering Drawings Reviewed 57.7% complete –276 Chrome plated parts and 203 potentially chrome plated parts have been identified. A Hard Chrome Alternatives for Hydraulic Components Phase 2 - Material, Rig/Qualification will omit following tests from qualification: –Proof Pressure and Leakage –Vibration –Slam Test –Piston Rod Column –Burst A Hard Chrome Alternatives for Hydraulic Components Phase 2 - Material, Rig, and Flight Testing –C-130 Rudder Booster Assembly –/

Topic: Hydraulic Actuators

Model If the surface area of piston “B” is 10 times the surface area of piston “A”, then the force applied to piston “A” is multiplied 10 times as the force exerted on piston “B”. PSI is equal throughout the system. Working Model Working Model Cont… The hydraulic pump is driven by an electric motor or a combustion engine. The hydraulic pump (2) sucks oil from the/

2005/2006 I. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems1 Dr. György Paál.

and Pneumatic Systems53 Hydraulic Systems Accumulators: 2005/2006 I. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems54 Hydraulic Systems Accumulators: 2005/2006 I. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems55 Hydraulic Systems Accumulators with bladder: 2005/2006 I. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems56 Hydraulic Systems Accumulators with membrane: 2005/2006 I. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems57 Hydraulic Systems Accumulators with piston: 2005/2006 I. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems58 Hydraulic Systems Typical hydraulic system: 2005/2006/

Lesson 11: Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

. Dyed red for identification Types Of Hydraulic Fluid Synthetic Fluid Non-petroleum base hydraulic fluid for use in high performance piston engine and turbine powered aircraft. Most commonly used fluid of this type is Skydrol Colored light purple. Basic Hydraulic Systems Open Hydraulic System Basic Hydraulic Systems Closed Hydraulic Systems Basic Hydraulic Systems More modern brake system Basic Hydraulic Systems Power-pack Hydraulic System Basic Hydraulic Systems System Components Reservoirs Pumps Selector/

About ALA Industries A source for Yuken Kogyo products and hydraulic power unit, custom manifold assembly, and hydraulic system design Founded in 1993.

Engineering Products Ltd., the UK ’ s largest distributor of power transmission products A partner of Yuken Kogyo Co. Ltd., and the sales, marketing, service and support of Yuken products for the Americas since 1998 Who is Yuken Kogyo Co. Ltd.? The Largest manufacturer of Industrial Hydraulics in Japan A continual developer of hydraulic/ options available Hydraulic Pilot Operated Valves Sizes: D07, D08, D10 Rating: 291 GPM and 3630 PSI Options: Pilot Choke Valves (Slow Shift) Pilot Pistons for Fast Shift/

1 Georgia Institute of Technology | Milwaukee School of Engineering | North Carolina A&T State University | Purdue University University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

20 Nm Light-weight Safer Off-the-shelf components Hydraulic AFO ca 2012 IMU IMU based mode recognition Functional energy efficiency analysis 6 Setup for Pneumatic AFO Power: Engine or CO 2 Electronics: Sensors and driving electronics /  Progress  Completed dynamic model of thermocompressor  Constructed single stage prototype  Novel take on Stirling cycle device  Piston controlled directly by brushless DC motor and reciprocating lead screw  Developed method of achieving high rates of heat transfer in/

Syllabus : IC Engines UNIT-III : COMPRESSION IGNITION (CI) ENGINES (5) Fuel supply system, types of fuel pump, injector and distribution system, combustion.

delay period in of fuel accumulated during long delay period in CI engines amounts to a direct blow on piston CI engines amounts to a direct blow on piston producing diesel knock producing diesel knock Whereas in SI engines, it is the auto-ignition of end gas due to its /BE OUT OF ALIGNMENT WITH ALL THE DELIVERY PORTS BUT ANY TWO CHARGING PORTS CO INSIDE WITH ANY TWO METERING PORT IN THE HYDRAULIC HEAD. FUEL AT METERING PRESSURE IS THUS ABLE TO FLOW IN TO THE CENTRAL PASSAGE IN THE ROTOR.TO FORCE THE PUMPING/

November 29, 2005 Auto-Calibration and Control Applied to Electro-Hydraulic Valves A Ph.D. Thesis Proposal Presented to the Faculty of the George Woodruff.

Standard Retract  High Side Regeneration  Low Side Regeneration  DISADVANTAGES  Nonlinear system  Complex control Piston motion High Pressure Valve motion Low Pressure November 29, 20057 INTRODUCTION  POPPET ADVANTAGES  Excellent sealing/ Opdenbosch, P. and Sadegh, N., (2005), Control of electro- hydraulic poppet valves via online learning and estimation, in Proc: ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, IMECE (Accepted) November 29, 200553 PRESENTATION OUTLINE  /

1 TOYOTA Hybrid Technology. 2 Contents What is the Hybrid Vehicle? THS II (TOYOTA Hybrid System) Engine Hybrid Transaxle Inverter Assembly HV Battery.

to weight reduction 223g (Corolla)  194g (Prius) Piston skirt portion is reduced to friction reduction New resin coat to friction reduction Engine Engine Proper –Piston Lightweight and low friction Corolla Prius 43 Engine Piston Ring Cross sectionTensionThicknessOthers Top Ring Inner Bevel Type 4.2 /Control When wheel slipping is detected, the HV ECU controls the MG2 motive force and applies the hydraulic brake force MG2 Traction Control Brake Force Inverter Speed Sensor High Speed Skid Control ECU HV ECU /

According to Operating Cycles.

common in double acting engines and large slow speed single acting engines. Comparison between Trunks Piston Versus Cross Head Engine. Most medium and small size engines use trunk pistons. Resulting side thrust causes the piston to press against the /of Diesel Engines over other prime movers such as gasoline engines, gas turbines, steam engines, steam turbines and hydraulic turbines. However, Diesel engines also have certain disadvantages, which can be listed as following: 1. Cost: Diesel engines, because /

Exponential Tracking Control of Hydraulic Proportional Directional Valve and Cylinder via Integrator Backstepping J. Chen†, W. E. Dixon‡, J. R. Wagner†,

M. Dawson† †Departments of Mechanical and Electrical/Computer Engineering Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634 ‡Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831 Presentation Outline Literature Review Hydraulic System Model Differentiable Approximation for Fluid Dynamics Control Objective /assumed to satisfy the following inequalities Control Objective The control objective is to force the piston position of a hydraulic cylinder to track a time varying reference trajectory. It is assumed that all system /

© 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved Automotive Technology, Fifth Edition James Halderman HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS 128.

to the upper radiator tank. The thermo valve uses a wax element–type valve to control the flow of engine coolant through the case-mounted cooler/warmer. The thermo valve improves the ATF warm-up times and maintains ATF /James Halderman © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved Figure 128-10 A servo uses hydraulic pressure to move a piston, which applies a band. 128 HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS Automotive Technology, Fifth Edition James Halderman © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. /

Application of Environment Spatial Information System CHAPTER 3 FLUID-FLOW CONCEPTS AND BASIC EQUATIONS Minkasheva Alena Thermal Fluid Engineering Lab.

Engineering Kangwon National University The statics of fluids is almost an exact science, unit gravity force (or density) being the only quantity that must be determined experimentally. On the other hand, the nature of flow of a real fluid is very complex. By an analysis based on mechanics, thermodynamics, and orderly experimentation, large hydraulic/–Example of a process is the expansion of air in a cylinder as the piston moves out and heat is transferred through the walls. Normally, the process causes some/

BIRLA VISHVAKARMA MAHAVIDYALAYA 1. Subject : Fluid Power Engineering [2151903] Branch : Mechanical Engineering-(SFI) Division:- 7 Enrollment no:- 1.RAVIRAJ.

market are Scissor car jacks, House jacks, Hydraulic jacks, Pneumatic jacks and Strand jacks that are extensively used in Construction, Industrial, Automobile and Engineering segments. In most of the powerful jacks, hydraulic power is used to provide more lift /into two types: Bottle Hydraulic Jack and Floor Hydraulic Jack. Bottle are portable in design; in these the piston is in a vertical position and it supports a bearing pad which touches the object being lifted. Bottle Hydraulic are most appropriate for/

MAE 442 Mechanical Engineering Department N.C. State University PERFORMANCE SHOCKS Adam Shifflett  Heath Spivey  Scott Tedrick.

Engineering Department N.C. State University PERFORMANCE SHOCKS Adam Shifflett  Heath Spivey  Scott Tedrick Shocks provide resistance by forcing incompressible hydraulic fluid through valves or a series of high quality valve washers in the piston / Tag - $68,000 Picture from http://www.roehrigengineering.com/ Vehicle Dynamics Rig Used for tuning vehicle suspensions Hydraulic actuators simulate: –Road excitation –Downforce –Cornering –Braking Loads Advantages: –Operates in a controlled environment –Cost /

Remove all sharp edges created by machining Combustion chamber

offset of rocker arms Check rocker shafts for correct direction Engine assembly Valve adjustment Non-hydraulic valve trains Piston at TDC, compression Adjust valves that are closed & rotate engine Adjustable hydraulic valve trains Zero lash plus pre-load Collapse lifter and set clearance Non-adjustable hydraulic valve trains Torque to specs Engine assembly Pre-oiling Push rod engine Install lifters Rotate oil pump with speed handle Crank driven/

ALRDC Seminar New and Novel Artificial Lift Technologies ConocoPhillips, Houston, Texas May 14, 2014 Type R Hydraulic Piston Pump Alex Hageman Applications.

Artificial Lift Technologies, Houston, Texas 2 General Background Hydraulic Piston Pump High pressure fluid is used to drive a piston up and down. Fluid is controlled by an Engine Valve Assembly (EVA) that redirects the power fluid to drive the engine piston. Pump piston is used to pull in formation fluid and push up to surface. Current Piston Pump Design Hydraulic Piston Pumps stroke 70 – 80 SPM (Strokes Per Minute/

Graham Spencer Festo Didactic12.09.20151 Basic Principles of Hydraulics Symbols Page 19.

shaft speed for constant flow rate. Either direction of rotation. Speed variable for constant flow. Electric Motor Engine M M Drive units Page 22 Graham Spencer Festo Didactic12.09.20154 Symbols Semi rotary actuator Limited rotary movement/ end)=Piston area x stroke length Volume of cylinder (rod end)=(Piston area - Rod area) x stroke length Hydraulic Formula Page 37 Graham Spencer Festo Didactic12.09.201537 Hydraulic Formula Work done=Force xdistance moved Force on a piston= Pressure xarea of piston So,/

Development of Performance Based Tsunami Engineering (PBTE) University of Hawaii at Manoa H. Ronald Riggs Ian N. Robertson University of Hawaii at Manoa.

NameAffiliationExpertise Michael BriggsU.S. Army Eng. Res. and Dev. Center Coastal and hydraulics engineering John HooperMagnusson Klemencic Associates Structural engineer Dennis J. HwangReinwald OConnor & Playdon Geophysics and legal coastal management Orville T./ bore.  Monitor loading on structural elements and simple structural systems  Monitor debris damming effects piston absorber laser altimeter Shipping Container high speed camera Fluid-Structure Simulation  Use Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes/

1 TOYOTA Hybrid Technology. 2 Contents What is the Hybrid Vehicle? THS II (TOYOTA Hybrid System) Engine Hybrid Transaxle Inverter Assembly HV Battery.

TOYOTA Hybrid System) Brake System –ECB (Electrically Controlled Brake) –Hydraulic brake pressure is controlled by electrical signal and cooperate regenerative brake Skid Control ECU Vehicle Condition Driver’s Demand/ weight reduction 223g (Corolla)  194g (Prius) Piston skirt portion is reduced to friction reduction New resin coat to friction reduction Engine Engine Proper –Piston Lightweight and low friction Corolla Prius 43 Engine Piston Ring Cross sectionTensionThicknessOthers Top Ring Inner Bevel Type 4.2/

S.NOTITLE………(WORK LEARNT) 1Tools, guages,and different devices and equipments used in automobile workshop 2Identification of basic components of engine.

various systems of the vehicle such as …. Engine control module …..transmission control module …… body control module not only these tools some tools such as torque wrench, hydraulic presses,feeler gauge, valve spring compressor, piston ring compressor, oil can, steel rule, /are removed check the clutch pedal if necessary replace the clutch cable Gear box At low speed engine speed a reciprocating piston engine does not develop suficent torque to move the vehicle forward Therefore gear box is necessary to /

Brake Systems.

the extra braking power. Two Basic Types of Power-assist Units Vacuum assist – uses engine vacuum or sometimes an external vacuum pump. Hydraulic assist – uses hydraulic pressure from a power steering pump. Friction Kinetic friction (moving) Service Brakes Is caused /How the Master Cylinder Works The master cylinder pushrod is connected to a piston. Hydraulic fluid is in front of the piston. When the pedal is pressed, the piston is pushed forward. The fluid transmits force throughout the system. Brake Lines/

In this presentation you will: identify applications of hydraulics

throughout the aircraft by transmission lines. Engine power Hydraulic pump Actuating cylinder Landing gear Hydraulic power is converted to mechanical power by means of an actuating cylinder or hydraulic motor. Next > Question 1 Which aircraft system is NOT powered by hydraulics? A) Landing gear B) Propulsion C) Wing position D) Flaps Example: A Vehicle Braking System Piston Pads Caliper Rotor Piston inside caliper Brake caliper Brake pedal/

Assignment#01: Literature Survey on Sensors and Actuators ECE5320 Mechatronics Assignment#01: Literature Survey on Sensors and Actuators Topic: Hydraulic.

Survey on Sensors and Actuators ECE5320 Mechatronics Assignment#01: Literature Survey on Sensors and Actuators Topic: Hydraulic Cylinders Prepared by: Cordel Johns Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering Utah State University T: (435)797-; F: (435)797-3054 (ECE Dept.) 3/10/is dependent on the volume of the cylinder, and the volume of hydraulic fluid the rest of the system can output The volume of a cylinder is the area of the piston * the length of the stroke There are 231 cubic inches/gallon /

Hydraulic Systems Muhajir Ab. Rahim School of Mechatronic Engineering.

with strainer in pump inlet line, filter in return Pump The purpose of pump is to cause fluid flow The motor or engine that drives a pump is called a prime mover The most common type of pump is the external gear pump Positive-displacement / line, which we call linear motion. Rotary actuator (hydraulic motor) is used to convert hydraulic energy into rotating motion about an axis. Quiz A hydraulic system is said to have a mechanical advantage of 40. If the input piston, with a 12 inch radius, has a force of/

LoneStar Fire Specialties Pump Theory. Section Outline  Types of water pressure  Define terms related to basic principles of hydraulics  Properties.

of water pressure  Define terms related to basic principles of hydraulics  Properties of water  Positive displacement pumps  Centrifugal pumps Pump Theory What are we talking about? In order to be a competent engineer, it is important for us to understand the properties of /500 GPM lines are shut down too quickly. Pump Theory Positive displacement pumps There are three kinds of PD pumps: Piston Rotary gear Rotary vane We will discuss all three but will focus on the rotary vane since it is most common/

Lesson 4: Reciprocating Engine Design and Construction.

of the valves is controlled by the valve- operating mechanism. Reciprocating Engine Design and Construction Valve-Operating Mechanism Intake valves open just before the piston reaches top dead center, and exhaust valves remain open after top dead/then to the valve tip. Opening the valve at the proper time. Reciprocating Engine Design and Construction Tappet Assembly Reciprocating Engine Design and Construction Hydraulic Valve Tappets Designed to automatically keep the valve clearance at zero. Ball check /

ENGR-36_Lec-10_FBDs_2D_3D_Systems.pptx 1 Bruce Mayer, PE Engineering-36: Engineering Mechanics - Statics Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed.

the Cylinder Wall on the O-Ring F Or BMayer@ChabotCollege.edu ENGR-36_Lec-10_FBDs_2D_3D_Systems.pptx 35 Bruce Mayer, PE Engineering-36: Engineering Mechanics - Statics Example – Cont. 9.81kN  Load-5 = The Air Pressure on Top of the Piston  Load-6 = The Hydraulic Fluid Pressure on the Bottom of the Cylinder WRWR WPWP F Or P air P fluid BMayer@ChabotCollege.edu ENGR-36_Lec/

A New Approach to Flow Network Analysis of an Engine Lubrication System Produced By:Ali Reza Hosseinian Master : Eng. Yousefi Rad Department of Mechanical.

train system. For in order to improve performance in the modified engine, hydraulic lifter is utilized. Anti-drain valve and piston cooling jet A new element added in the modified engine is an antidrain valve with a low hydraulic loss. This is used to avoid oil draining from hydraulic lifter gallery due to the gravity when engine is stopped. Analysis of results 1- Validation of Simulation Results/

Hydraulic Hybrid Team Team: Kevin Alexander- Market and Test skid Phillip Bacon- Accumulators Tyler Degen- Accumulators Brandon Diegel- Pump/Motor Nick.

vehicle emissions Reduce vehicle maintenance costs Courtesy of ourworldtravels.com Design a hydraulic hybrid vehicle that will: Objectives and Constraints Courtesy of ITDP Objectives / GVW  Typical of Class 4 vehicle Initial design will focus on front engine layout Simplistic control system to minimize cost Major Components Functions as both a /the amount of fluid pumped per revolution Torque=Pressure*Displacement Bent Axis Piston Pump Swash Plate Pump Major Components Bent Axis Variable Displacement Pump /


higher pressure, with difficult fluids and longer continuous duty cycles. Piston pumps make up one half of a hydrostatic transmission. Reservoir The hydraulic fluid reservoir holds excess hydraulic fluid to accommodate volume changes from: cylinder extension and contraction/accumulator to cover losses in the system when peak power is used. Design engineers are always pressured to reduce the size of hydraulic reservoirs, while equipment operators always appreciate larger reservoirs. Reservoirs can also help /

© 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved Automotive Technology, Fifth Edition James Halderman ELECTRIC AND HYDRAULIC POWER STEERING SYSTEMS 118.

Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved Figure 118-13 Forces acting on the rack piston of an integral power steering gear. 118 POWER-ASSISTED STEERING OPERATION AND SERVICE/RACK REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION 15 While using a tall safety stand to support the engine cradle, the retaining bolts are installed. 118 POWER-ASSISTED STEERING OPERATION AND /. All Rights Reserved POWER STEERING RACK REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION 17 After the hydraulic lines and retaining bolts have been installed, the power steering pump reservoir /

BASIC DIESEL ENGINE TECHNOLOGY TRI-CO. YOUNG FARMERS DECEMBER 4, 2001 Original Power Point created By Joey Wells Modified by Georgia Agricultural Education.


H & P Formulas Engineering II – August 2016. The parts and values of concern…. D 1 = diameter of cylinder (in) D 2 = diameter of piston rod (in) P 1 =

Engineering II – August 2016 The parts and values of concern…. D 1 = diameter of cylinder (in) D 2 = diameter of piston rod (in) P 1 = pressure on face of piston (PSI) P 2 = pressure on rod side of (PSI) Q 1 = fluid flow face side (gal/min) Q 2 = fluid flow rod side (gal/min) F 1 = force of extending piston/(ft/s) =.3208 X Pump Flow Rate (GPM) / *Cylinder Area (in 2 ) At what speed would a hydraulic piston with a 4 inch bore cylinder extend with an oil flow rate of 12 GPM? (round answer to two decimal place;/

Fluid Power Hydraulic Cylinders

common Cylinder Mounting Cylinder Mounting Cylinder Ratings Ratings include size specifications and pressure capability Size specifications - piston diameter (bore) - rod diameter - stroke length Pressure capability - pressure rating established by manufacturer /increasingly popular due to simplicity Cylinder Installation and Troubleshooting Cylinder application design » hydraulic engineers Installation » hydraulic technician Proper installation and maintenance is crucial to all components to achieve max/

Electrical and Mechanical Aspects of Dam Safety

Check engine for oil, fuel, and antifreeze leakage Check engine for/Hydraulic Power Unit Hydraulic Operated Machinery Key components Hydraulic Cylinders or Motors Hydraulic Lines Hydraulic Pump Control Valves Hydraulic Fluid Service Gate Bonnet, Cylinder and Piston Rod Hydraulic Power Unit Typically two pumps for redundency Service Gate Bonnet, Cylinder and Piston Rod Hydraulic Operated Machinery Things to Check: Hydraulic leaks Valves that stick Pumps that vibrate or run hot Electric motors Hydraulic piston/

ECE5320 Mechatronics Assignment#01: Literature Survey on Sensors and Actuators Topic: Hydraulic Pump: Positive Displacement -Actuator Prepared by: Logan.

Reference list Pumpschool.com http://www.pumpschool.com/index.htm Hydraulics and Pneumatics: Serving Fluid Power and Motion Control Engineers Worldwide. http://hydraulicspneumatics.com/200/FPE/IndexPage.aspx Hydraulic Supermarket.com http://www.hydraulicsupermarket.com/technical9.html 4/13/use a piston and valve system to move the fluid. They create a vacuum when the piston is pulled back, thus drawing in liquid. When the piston starts to move forward it creates a pressure in side the piston chamber, closing/

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