Ppt on hiv/aids in hindi

A Global Health Perspective Population: 39.5 million.

000 live births 19.3% of children are underweight and 31.1% are stunted in some districts AIDS in Tanzania HIV Prevalence (15-49 years) : 7.7% Number of People living with HIV/AIDS: 1.2m – 2.3m Number of People receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART): 20,000/Arusha is also the Hindi name for the rising sun. Arushas clock tower is supposedly situated at the midpoint between Cairo and Cape Town, therefore representing the halfway point between the two termini of the old British Empire in Africa. The clock tower/

INDIA GEOGRAPHY AND DEMOGRAPHICS Rachel Hemrick. QUICK FACTS  Capital City: New Delhi  National Independence: August 15, 1947  Population:1,241,491,960.

 7 th century  Worship Shiva as peacock LANGUAGES HINDI  487 million speakers  4 th century AD  First Printed Book:  John Gilchrists Grammar of the Hindoostanee Language  Published in 1796. MAJOR DISEASE  HIGH Risk  Malaria  Leptospirosis (water)  Hepatitis A and E  HIV/AIDS  1 hospital bed/1000 people HIV/AIDS  1.5 million people  2011 AIDS report  50% decline in last 10 years  3 rd Largest population suffering  Factors/

Presentation to National Program Coordination Committee

same is being incorporated in teachers training. Elaborated teachers training programme is underway for which training modules have been developed in Hindi. Trained teachers will /expansion of DOTS plus services in phased manner in 7 more DOTS Plus sites in 2011-12 Intensified TB HIV package under TB HIV coordination program: Initiated in 5 high prevalence districts-/ 7 Innovations/PPP 8 IEC-BCC Activities 38.60 9 Financial aid to medical institution Grand Total 799.76 National Leprosy Eradication Programme /

FDA Experience with End of Phase IIa Meetings: An Attempt to Improve Drug Development Decisions Bob Powell, Pharm.D. Office of Clinical Pharmacology FDA.

/ Pharmacometrics Drug-disease modeling Dosage regimens Drug interactions Simulations Case Study: HIV Phase 2a Meeting Key Questions for ‘Drug X’ Is the target AUC/very serious about leveraging Clin Pharm to: –Aid selection of dosage regimens for Phases 2b & 3 –Reduce attrition in Phase 3 –Design better Phase 3 studies /Swahili MONGOLIAN TURKISH RUSSIAN VIETNAMESE FARSI ARABIC NORWEGIAN GREEK ITALIAN SWEDISH KOREAN HINDI CANTONESE MANDARIN Japanese German PORTUGESE SPANISH ENGLISH UNITED NATIONS WORLD BANK /

NHRIs and Human Rights Education and Training

postal stationery. Publications, Films and Website It brings out a monthly newsletter in English and Hindi. It brings out Annual Journal and Annual Reports in English and Hindi, a year calendar and number of other publication every year. In 2005, coinciding with the first phase of World Programme for Human Rights Education/to empower women. Thematic areas specific to India include food security, right to education, right to health, conditions in places of custody, HIV AIDS and right to development. Thank you

Writing for the Radio Mangesh Karandikar, Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Mumbai WRITING FOR RADIO.

in India Experiments began in 1915. Broadcasting began in India with the formation of a private radio service in Madras in 1924. The Indian Broadcasting Company - Indian State Broadcasting Corporation. Renamed as All India Radio in 1936. AIR was officially renamed to Akashwani in 1957. This name was given by Late Pandit Narendra Sharma a noted lyricist and renowned Hindi/ thats the theme of the International Conference on HIV/AIDS, which opened yesterday in Bangkok, Thailand. But local community groups say /

Presentation on SABC Draft Editorial Policies 10 October 2003.

more on addressing disability issues and health issues such as HIV/Aids. Some submissions suggested that all educational programmes be in English and some submissions argued against a multi-lingual approach in educational programmes, saying that each language should have a/ be stated in the policy. However, there was also the submission that the policy allow for each religion to be treated equally. Analysis of submissions Religion “We appreciate to see programmes of all religions such as Hindi, Islam etc/

If the World were 100 People. GENDER 50 would be female 50 would be male.

FIRST LANGUAGE 12 would speak Chinese 5 would speak Spanish 5 would speak English 3 would speak Arabic 3 would be Hindi 3 would speak Bengali 3 would speak Portuguesse 2 would speak Russian 2 would speak Japanese 62 would speak other languages / undernourished 1 would be starving INFECTIOUS DISEASE <1 would have HIV/AIDS <1 would have tuberculosis POVERTY 48 would live on less than 1.6 Euros (2 USD) 1 in every 2 children would live in poverty ELECTRICITY 78 would have electricity 22 would not TECHNOLOGY 75/

If The World Had 100 People Mr. Aldrich Global Citizenship Mr. Aldrich Global Citizenship.

or atheists. Our languages NOTE: It is possible for one person to speak more than one language. Our languages 4 speak Hindi or Urdu. Our languages 4 speak Russian. Our languages 3 speak Arabic. Our languages 17 speak Mandarin. Our languages 4 speak/water to drink. 13 Problems ILLITERACY 13 of the adults cannot read or write. 1320 Problems HIV/AIDS 1 person has HIV/AIDS. 132013 Problems HOUSING At least 20 people live in bad houses or have no house. 1320131 Problems Can we do anything to help these people/


labour administration and inspection Expanded social protection; Different transfer schemes, social protection (security) floor, OSH/CoW, HIV/AIDS Eliminating child labour, creating opportunities for young people; Child labour, youth employment Improved management of labour migration; /and up to 2002. * Meeting of Experts meeting convened in Bangkok October 2003 and adopted 2004 by Governing Body * Translated into at least Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, Bangla and Chinese *Still relevant – complements materials of /

Welcomes you to Analysts’ Meet 10 th September, 2014 GUJARAT STATE FERTILISERS & CHEMICALS LIMITED.

EXTENSION ACTIVITY  Krishijivan–Agricultural magazine for farming community More than 65,000 subscribers in Gujarati edition (monthly) More than 8,000 subscribers in Hindi edition (quarterly)  Farm Youth Training Programs organized regularly.  Soil and /in villages, Medical camps, health awareness programmes, HIV/AIDS awareness programmes in house as well as through support to NGOs working for it. In – House Programmes: HIV/AIDS awareness for Truck Drivers and Contract Workers. Orientation to freshers in/

Bangladesh Under Siege: A geographical examination of a country at the mercy of amplifying natural forces Teacher: Brian McCabe.

rice, and tea). ► The country’s primary religion is Islam, with Hindi, Buddhists, and Christians following in that order. ► The people have a reputation of being wonderfully kind, resourceful,/, inhibiting aid. Tropical Cyclones ► About 80 tropical cyclones (TC) of significance form in the world’s oceans, yearly. ► 6.5% form in the Indian Ocean ► Frequency of TC in the Bay/► On top is a dead baby floating in the slums polluted river and below is a man using heroine. ► HIV is on the rise- currently 5% of /

1 Global Education? International Studies? Where do we as Teacher Educators start? DeLacy Derin Ganley, Ph.D. Anita P. Quintanar, Ph.D. CCTC Fall 2008.

funding priorities under Title VI 1.Chinese 2.Japanese 3.Arabic 4.Hindi-Urdu 5.Portuguese 6.Russian Motivation: National Security, Superiority, Autonomy (Dymerski, 2007) 8 (In the United States of America) International Studies bolstered by recent conflicts…/a two-way conversation  The (Personal) Security Imperative Global Warming and HIV/AIDS epidemic has no respect for political boarders Global Warming and HIV/AIDS epidemic has no respect for political boarders The Citizenship Imperative The Citizenship /

PERIPHERAL VILLAGES CONSIDERED FOR DEVELOPMENT Health care Education Community care (Infrastructure & Model Steel villages) Empowerment Welfare, Sports.

Cancer Detection camp – 1000 beneficiaries “EYEDENTIFICATION” CAMP Thru Sankar Foundation in Model Steel Villages Sensitization Camps on HIV / AIDS Street plays Sensitization on AIDS along the NH-5 corridor De-addiction Camp -Holding hands to root/in tribal area -300 desk / benches in ZP schools, -Manufacture of 1744 Desk/Benches in progress, -Free distribution of Hindi Books in ZP Schools, -Training for ZP School teachers in PC awareness, -Teaching Excellence Workshops for 160 teachers in nearby schools in/

Cultural Competence and Risk Communication

? Who is the target audience? Understand Audience Beliefs and Bias Gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender Those in poverty Racial/ethnic minorities Religious/Spiritual minorities Persons with disabilities Patients with HIV/AIDS Children Older adults Cultural minorities (e.g., Amish, Appalachian) Military culture Migrant workers/homeless//0.53% Korean 1,430 0.43% Russian 1,410 0.43% Gujarathi 1,299 0.39% Arabic 1,279 0.39% Hindi 1,154 0.35% Ukrainian 1,015 0.30% Urdu 985 0.30% Tagalog 714 0.21% Greek 600 0.18% /

Www.tarshi.net Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues.

socio-economic backgrounds o General sex information, contraception, homosexuality, sexual abuse, relationship issues, HIV and AIDS etc Outreach/Publicity o Only for women vs. Especially for women o Newspapers, magazines/in English and Hindi o On seven topics: o Female Anatomy o Male Anatomy o Sexual Expression o Conception, Contraception and Abortion o Sexual and Gender Identities o HIV and STIs o Violence and Abuse www.tarshi.net Setting Up an IVRS o Identify software provider o Budget o Past experience in/

LEISHMANIASIS Aswad H. Al.Obeidy FICMS, FICMS GE&Hep Kirkuk General Hospital.

in AIDS A broad spectrum of severity and manifestations, with a chronic, subacute, or acute onset An incubation period of weeks, months, or sometimes years The term kala-azar typically is reserved for advanced, life-threatening disease kala-azar means black [kala] fever [azar] in Hindi/effects are common and include arthralgias, myalgias, raised hepatic transaminases, pancreatitis, especially in patients co-infected with HIV, and ECG changes Amphotericin B deoxycholate given once daily or on alternate days /

Malamaal Learning about life through PLAY! A SANJOG initiative.

Groupe Developpement. Launched in Kolkata in July 2006, in Delhi in December 2006, and in Mumbai in May 2007, in Nepal in 2009,in Pakistan in 2010, in Bangladesh in 2011 amongst more than 500 NGOs from South Asia. Available in English, Hindi and Bengali, Telugu,/ and buy through banks, shops and post- office. The HIV / AIDS questions reinforce the information on transmission, prevention, treatment and rights of people living with HIV. Negative behaviours on crimes and substance abuse are reprimanded – /

தேர்வுச் சீர்திருத்தமும் தொடர் முழுமை மதிப்பீடும் Exam. Refom & CCE பேராசிரியர் பி.இரத்தினசபாபதி

are applied in various aspects of life in various aspects of life in human relationships, learning about rights & responsibilities in human relationships, learning about rights & responsibilities in health issues: in health issues: Mental Health-Stresses HIV-AIDS /STD / Feedback on learning to teacher and parents Feedback on learning to teacher and parents SCHOLASTIC - A SUBJECTSSKILLS SUMMATIVE Hindi English Social Science Science Mathematics Add. Subject  Analysis  Problem Solving  Use of I.T.  /

East Africa. The region is home to the Serengeti Plain, as well as Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, and the Great Rift Valley. This region includes, Burundi,

from local Bantu languages, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, Hindi, and English. It has tens of millions of speakers in East Africa and other areas as well. Languages of East Africa Poor nutrition, famine, overpopulation, and the inability to treat common diseases are persistent issues for people in East Africa. AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), a disease caused by the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) has reached epidemic proportions/


Child addicts  Children needing medical help  Missing children  Abused children  Mentally ill children  Child labourers  HIV/AIDS infected children  Differently-abled children  Child marriages Information calls: handled by Contact Centre staff Calls requiring intervention handed /Act Manual  Child Protection Manual  National Initiative on Missing Children- White Paper JJ A CT JJ Manuals in Hindi C HILD P ROTECTION P OLICY (CPP)  How CHILDLINE network safegaurds the rights of children and ensures /

Implementation of Training Vision Plan

)- MA (Hindi Lit.), Senior Scale RAS- 1998- over 11 yrs. Experience of Devt. Administration Mr. B. D. Agrawal, Accounts Officer M. Com., Officer of RacS (1977 batch)- over 33 years experience in Accounts Service and over 7 years experience as DDO in State Secretariat/ a pilot, for training and research focusing on Women ERs. Proposal for HIV-AIDS awareness training for MGNREGA workers sanctioned by NACO for Rs. 12.00 lacs in 2 pilot districts – Ajmer and Udaipur Sakshar Bharat Mission- literacy campaign for/

Prawit Durgan.  Hot and dry  Max temperature- 104 degrees F (July and August)  Lowest temperature- 57.2 degrees F (January and February)

Official Language- Arabic  Other- Urdu, Persian, Hindi, French, Balochi, Tamil  Public schools funded by government  50% of students in Dubai, and 40% in Abu Dhabi go to private schools.  98.8/in the Middle East, and Northern Africa.  14.4 billion dollars in exports  Allies- Fight terrorism and extremism  U.A.E provided 100 million dollars to help aid/time sentence in jail  Foreigners receive deportation, deportation sometimes temporary  Foreigners infected with a disease such as HIV, Hepatitis will/

Contents  Who Are We  What We Do  What We Wish to Achieve  Make Our Dreams Come True.

in 1984 by Rashmi Misra Started in IIT by volunteers teaching basic Hindi & Maths to slum children Who Are We Grass root level development programs in/in a One room temporary “Jhuggi” Illiteracy Lack of Health Care  Children were not inoculated against prevalent diseases like Polio, Tetanus and Smallpox.  The family cannot afford treatment for common illnesses like Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/ Women’s Association  American Express  Accenture  Charities Aid Foundation  Kamla Charitable Trust  Mrs. & Mr. /

 Jiwan Uthan seva samiti (JUSS) is a unregistered NGO working, voluntarily for the whole humanity through spreading awareness and training programmes.

community Development,  How make presentations Sustainable Agriculture  Disaster management Livelihood  Right to Information Health, child right Etc  HIV/ AIDS  Self Help Group  Training ASHA/  Short note taking /preparing for Exams We visualize a developed community based on / to their IQ. They are thought four subjects mainly Hindi, English, math and science. COMPETITIONS Apart from the mental development, students are involved in other activities for their holistic development. The other activities/


also an onward member of Indo-China Society and a member of the Parliamentary Forum on HIV/AIDS.Vijay Darda Mr. Darda Mr. Darda was also elected in 2003 in Nagpur as a member of Regional Direct Taxes Advisory Committee (RDTAC) and member of Committee /and Ministry of Culture. He became also a member of Indo-Japan Parliamentary Forum in February 2005. Three months later, on May 2005, Mr. Darda became a member of Hindi Salahakar Samity linked to the Ministry of Company Affairs.Vijay Darda Vijay Darda Contact /

Scooby Snacks  Question 1 : What is the population of South Asia and what percentage of the worlds population live here?  Answer 1 :  Question 2: What.

:  Islamic empire with a diverse ancestry.  Mongolia, Turkey, and Persia.  British Empire in India:  European invaders came by sea.  British raj: The Hindi word for empire. India: Independence & Modernity  Mohandas K. Gandhi:  India’s fight for/ Lanka:  Speak languages of the Dravidian family. Quality of Life  Health:  Life expectancy lower than developed countries.  HIV & AIDS: 2 nd highest rates in the world.  Scarcity of clean drinking water.  Food:  Poor nutrition is a problem.  1/3 rd of /

0 0 Open Source Mobile Phone Platform for Community Health.

Background  di ⋅ ma ⋅ gi: [Hindi] adj. related to the mind, smart  Founded in 2002 at Harvard and MIT Media Lab / C ARE Community Health Worker Clinic / Supervisor Ministry of Health / HQ  Data collection  Job Aid  Checklists  Reminders  Case management  Feedback  Supervisor reports  Alerts, reminders and follow-up/Identify household  Basic household survey  Identify deceased persons  Identify pregnant patients  Identify HIV patients  Identify sick patients  Child health 11 C OMM C ARE HQ: C /

IF THE WORLD WERE A VILLAGE… …of 100 people: Source: “If the World were a Village”, by David J. Smith & Shelagh Armstrong, 1990; statistics updated 2005.

83 people have access to a source of safe water either in their homes or within a short distance  17 people do not have access to a safe source of water LANGUAGES  3 would speak Russian  9 would speak Hindi  7 would speak Spanish  9 would speak English / the house somewhere, then you would be among the richest 8  Of the energy in this village, 20 people consume 80% and 80 people share the remaining 20%  1 would have HIV/AIDS  6 people would possess 59% of the wealth (all from the United States) /

Sharvari Karandikar Ph.D.

in Hindi, a local Indian language, and were audio-taped. For the purpose of analysis, each interview was transcribed and translated back into English. Each interview was written in/in a brothel room and pays rent of $1 a day Study Respondent 2 Manisha Trafficked to sex work at the age of 13 Married at the age of 18 and has 6 children HIV/ difficult to approach government offices including public hospitals for medical aid. Gender oppression and Kamathipuras globalized surroundings Among the respondents female/

YouthLIFE: Life Skills through New Technology Supported by John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

of the current YouthLIFE digital curriculum to Hindi Introduction of the YouthLIFE curriculum to more schools in more states The Content ModulesSessions Life Skills /Understanding Life Skills, Self Esteem & Identity Growing Up Understanding Self, Goal Setting, Good and Bad touch, Child Abuse, Body image, Role Models, Mapping the future, Social & Emotional Changes Healthy Habits Personal Hygiene, Nutrition- Balanced diet & Food labeling, HIV and AIDS/

Global Geography (Geog 10). Geography games

world average 1.6 billion ¼ people in the World India vs. China - Population India is projected to overtake China as the world’s most populous country by 2040 High growth rate 1.7% HIV/AIDS a major wild card India Population: 1/nuclear weapons. Jammu and Kashmir Languages Hindi, Bengali and 13 other (official) languages, including Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese, Kashmiri, Sindhi, and Sanskrit. Hindustani is widely spoken in the north, and English is, for/

SUMMERY PROJECT OUTLINE(SPROUT) PROJECT title :ILO convention relating to women and its social security system TENTATIVE DURATION; 6 months Starting date.

DURATION; 6 months Starting date 8 march 2011 as international women day Geographical coverage: NWREU JAIPUR PROJECT LANGUAGE ; HINDI AND English EXECUTING ORGANISATION OR UNIT HMS PREPARATION DATE ;6.Aug 2010 AUTHOR ; MS VEENA SANEY (EXECUTIVE MEMBER /competition programmes to spread awareness. By holding roadside drama shows specially in front of or industrial ares. 3. Rallys for the ratification of these rights. 4. AWARENESS on HIV AIDS through training & roadside shows & TV Shows, mass demonstration for/

Stylistic Classification of the English Vocabulary

: e.g. musicomedy, cinemactress, avigation, artilect, satisficing, Denglish, Japlish, Chinglish (Chinese), Konglish (Korean), Russlish, Hinglish (Hindi), Spanglish, Polglish (Polish), Dunglish (Dutch), Singlish (Singaporean English) and Swenglish (Swedish), not to mention Franglais. Motel, brunch/letters of a series of words, each pronounced separately: HIV Acronym - a word group created in a similar way to an initialism but which is pronounced as a word: AIDS, UNESCO TGIF, "Thank God Its Friday”, MYOB, /

World Regional Geography April 21, 2010 Reading: Marston Chapter 10 pages 472-503, 506-508 Goode’s World Atlas pages 189-199, 201-213 (East, Southeast,

South Asia 1,5342471.70+53% RegionIMRTFR % Pop <15 % Pop >65 Life Expectancy MaleFemale South Asia 572.9335646365 Region HIV/AIDS % % Urban GNI PPP (US$) South Asia 0.2529%2,770 2 nd largest regional population – fastest growing 50 cities/ Culture & Ethnicity Language 1,600 different languages Four Major Families Indo-European India: Hindi Pakistan: Punjabi Bangladesh: Bengali Munda Tribal tongue spoken in remote peninsular hill regions Dravidian Southern India, Sri Lanka Tibeto-Burmese Scattered across the/

United Arab Emirates By: Jake Williams, Chase Ryan, Elias Wong, Athos Oaks, Noah Weiker, Michael Heaton, Logan Ashcraft, Joel Brenenstall, Rachel Day.

Zayed Al Nahyan. The freedoms they have are about the same as our’s. They have freedom of speech. Plus if you have HIV or aids you will be kicked out of the country. allies and enemies there friends and allies with iraq. they hate each other but still / UAE Emirati: 16.6% Other Arabs: 23% South Asian: 42.3% Other Asian: 12.1% Other: 6% Languages Spoken in the UAE Arabic: 100% English: 92.7% Hindi-Urdu: 99.7% Other: 47.6% There are many Languages spoken, these are the most common. Most people know at least /

1 EFA Global Monitoring Report 2002 Education for All: Is the World on Track?

for EFA agenda: contribution of basic education to sustainable livelihoods, reduction of child mortality, improvement in maternal health, fight against HIV/AIDS and sustainable environment. …/… 7 Capturing the whole picture (2)  Solely measuring quantitative /…/… 14 Lessons from 2002 Report (2)  Summary report available in six UN languages for promotion and use in variety of contexts  Supporting translation into local languages (Hindi, Urdu, Nepali and Vietnamese underway)  Website recently put on /

The Pursuit of Ethics Success 100 Mr. David Rude, instructor.

to expand, and at the time of her death it was operating 610 missions in 123 countries, including hospices and homes for people with HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis, soup kitchens, childrens and family counseling programs, orphanages, and/ schools. What most made Teresa a hero? a.Big smile. b.Won the Nobel Peace Prize. c. Able to speak fluently in English, Albanian, Serbo- Croat, Bengali, and Hindi/

Computerlinguistik II / Sprachtechnologie Vorlesung im SS 2011 (M-GSW-10) Prof. Dr. Udo Hahn Lehrstuhl für Computerlinguistik Institut für Germanistische.

Annotation tools –Evaluation tools –Language Resources –Multimedia –Multimodality –NLP Development Aid –Spoken Language –Written Language http://registry.dfki.de 94 Annotated Language /.org –Arabic –Mandarin-Chinese –Hindi –.... 153 WordNet SynSets and Glosses Nouns S: (n) jump, leap (a sudden and decisive increase) "a jump in attendance" direct hyponym | full /particular group. “ NF kappa B, CD28, IL-3, GTP-bound p21ras, HIV-1 tat, protein kinase C, (…) 177 General Shortcomings Category descriptions, at best/

Interpersonal Violence Among WOC Unique characteristics that are involved when working among women of color and DV African American women Native American.

HIV/AIDS and substance abuse Statistics Among API communities… 20% of 54 undocumented Filipina women reported having experienced some form of domestic violence, including physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, either in their country of origin or in the United States. In/services: interpretation and translation services are offered to clients through its volunteer base and professionals. Languages include Hindi, Bangla, Farsi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. ReWAs /

2010 Spring Final Exam Review  Ditto that, Kickboy! I’m ready to kick a _ _ on this final exam!.

Event in Rwanda in 1994:  Massive genocide of Tutsis by the Hutus  107. Southern Africa’s most serious issue:  HIV/ AIDs  108. Europeans interest in bringing slaves from Africa to the New World:  Slaves provided labor for European plantations in the/  113. Period of Muslim rule in India, beginning in the 1500s:  Mughal Empire  114. Rainiest period in South Asia:  Summer, during the monsoons  115. Official language of India & dominant religion of India:  Hindi/ Hinduism  116. Mountains where Mt/

1 Goa PEARL OF THE ORIENT For updated information, please visit www.ibef.org AUGUST 2012.

West, Maharashtra to the North and Karnataka to the South and the East. → Languages spoken are Konkani, Marathi, Portuguese, Hindi and English. ParametersGoa CapitalPanaji Geographical area (sq km)3,702 Administrative districts (No)2 Population density (persons per sq km)*/and formulations. It had revenues of US$ 1.5 billion in 2011-12. It has a plant in the Verna Industrial Estate. Among other formulations, the Goa plants manufacture anti-HIV/AIDS drugs that have earned Cipla a strong presence across the /

Chapter 4 Geography Textbook. Lesson 1 Global Cultures ESSENTIAL QUESTION How do the characteristics and distribution of human populations affect human.

roots. Seemingly diverse languages may belong to the same language family. For example, English, Spanish, Russian, and Hindi (spoken in India) are all members of the Indo-European language family. The world language families map shows the global / moving to more parts of the Earth, carrying deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS. environmental degradation. Globalization has resulted in increased consumption of goods, as well as an increase in the extraction and use of raw materials. Cultural contact among different /

Chapter 4 Geography Textbook. Lesson 1 Global Cultures ESSENTIAL QUESTION How do the characteristics and distribution of human populations affect human.

roots. Seemingly diverse languages may belong to the same language family. For example, English, Spanish, Russian, and Hindi (spoken in India) are all members of the Indo-European language family. The world language families map shows the global / moving to more parts of the Earth, carrying deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS. environmental degradation. Globalization has resulted in increased consumption of goods, as well as an increase in the extraction and use of raw materials. Cultural contact among different /

South Asia. subcontinent summer monsoon winter monsoon.

foothold. In India, 18 languages are officially recognized, but hundreds of distinct languages. Complexity results partly from region’s history of multiple invasions from outside. Variants of Hindi are/ U.K. and eventually by NATO. Based in rural areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Taliban are now aided by widespread distrust of government in Kabul, which is seen as corrupt. Singhalese /-job accidents, exposure to HIV, extreme pressure to support families on tiny wages, and loss of camaraderie with/

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