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MADAME TUSSAUDS London. Madame Tussauds is a world famous waxworks museum, which is situated in London. The museum has its branches in a number of major.

in the 21st century Madame Tussauds London unveiled a series of special displays. Now Madame Tussaud’s wax museum is one of the major tourist attractions in London. Here you can meet great characters of history and art. Here actors, film stars, pop-singers / up close and personal to some of the biggest names in Indian cinema: ledgend Shah Rukh Khan, Princess Aishwarya Rai. In the Bollywood area you can get up close and personal to some of the biggest names in Indian cinema: ledgend Shah Rukh Khan, Princess /

The Traces of Indian Music and Dance From Vedic Times and It’s Connection to Modern Generations Group 2 Sheree Javed Milana Zirkiyeva Ronnie Fann Dinisha.

brought dance and music to the western world During the 20 th century, Indian cinema gained popularity as it narrated stories from the Vedic times History of Film Cultural influence and globalization Popular culture and embrace societies around the world 19132001 Connection of TV shows to the Vedic Times Important for every member of the family within the home to believe in the Hindu Gods. There/

The History of Hollywood The world capital of filmed entertainment Los Angeles has been a lot of things over the past 100 years. First, it was a little.

the first studio appeared in Hollywood (a part of Los Angeles) The first sound film was shot in 1929 in Hollywood The Indian Woman’s Husband The Birth of the Nation Intolerance The Broken Shoots The Black Pirate/of eyesight and hearing enjoy watching films in cinemas. In our country “Titanik Cinema” in Ekaterinburg has been testing the new technology that let people sense themselves as if they are in the film, see volumetric picture and feel it. This technology is the third turning moment in the history of/

A Brief History of Early Film & Cinema HIST 3323: American Indian History.

A Brief History of Early Film & Cinema HIST 3323: American Indian History Main Points  Historical Antecedents  Early Films & Technologies  Films and Urbanization, Industrialization & Immigration  Popular Culture & Mass Entertainment  Modern Movie Industry, 1930s – 1950s Historical Background  Plays, theater, dance, opera, sports and spectator /

India INDIA….land of diversities I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of.

, lively festivals, vibrant costumes and rich traditions. It lives and express itself in every aspect of the life of Its people. Travel & tourism Nature has exhausted its palette to paint the rich canvas of India. Its mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and rich landscape are natures creative expression. India Cinema Indian cinema has come a long way from the shaky flickering images and grating noises and sounds/

CONTEMPORARY CINEMA: IRANIAN CINEMA. At turn of century, Iran relatively isolated from West Muzaff ar ‑ ed Din Shah visited France in 1900, saw motion.

films that avoided social & political themes Led to establishment of “Filmfarsi” –Soap operas, low comedy & sexual innuendo –Music with or without narrative justification –Mostly copied from Indian movies Young couple romping over hills, holding hands, whirling /economic realities, little hope for serious Iranian cinema Some intellectuals encouraged film critics to make movies –Some of the worst Iranian films –Example is Dr. Houshang Kavoosi PhD in film theory & history Coined the term “Filmfarsi” 1956, /

History of Advertising History of Advertising. History … Advertising – as old as mankind Cave painting / graphics.

History of Advertising History of Advertising History/by Tata 1945 – Advertising Agencies Association of India – AAAI 1946 –Tom & Bay, Pune 1948 – ABC – Audit Bureau of Circulation The 1950’s … 1951 - Society of Indian Advertisers 1952 - Society of Advertising Practitioners Late 1950 - Creative Artists/ 1993 - 1 st Advertising School MICA Mudra Inst. Of Com., Ahmedabad As of Today … Advertising films & Cinema Slides – as old as Cinema & Theatres Advertising on the Internet & Web sites 2004 - 1/

What is National CinemaWhat is National Cinema  Film made within a country or nation*  Film made reflecting a nations identity.  National Cinema films.

innovative.Birthplace of Surrealism and Auteur Film. India- Bollywood- Instantly recognisable globally. Song, dance,exagerrated emotion performed in indian language,following similar narratives. National Cinema Worldwide German National Cinema in the /Landscapes Irish National CinemaIrish National Cinema  How Irish receive it- Important for culture and personal history; nostalgic, identifying with theme, humour, vocabulary and locations.  How the world receives it-A depiction of Irish life. Characters, /

The United States of America Today

and has room for 20000 visitors. Moreover you can find a theater with 5600 seats a forum with 1000 seats, a cinema and a big bowling alley in this building. More than 600 events take place at Madison Square Garden yearly. The event/1)A litlle bit history Seattle was founded in 1851 by white settlers in the northwest of State of Washington, USA. The city was named for the helpful Indian headman of the Suquamis- and Duwamish-Indians, Chief Seattle(1786 – 1866). In 1861 the University of Washington was founded /

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic made up of fifty states, one federal district, and several.

force in the Western world and around the globe. History Native Americans and European settlers The indigenous peoples of the North American territory that now constitutes the United /of the Cherokees began a cycle of Indian Wars with the fledgling U.S. government that stretched to the end of the next century. In 1777, the Congress adopted the Articles of/is frequently cited in critics polls as the greatest film of all time. The products of American cinema and other mass media now appear in nearly every /

Cambridge ICGSE History Depth Study: The USA,

Indian trail leading into the wagon road, the macadam pike, the concrete skyway, transcontinental planes, history, the billion dollar speed up. And in the bumpy air over the desert ranges toward Las Vegas sickens and vomits into the carton container the steak and mushrooms he ate in New York.” The son of/ laughter, while Douglas Fairbanks thrilled them in daring adventure films. The cinema quickly discovered the selling power of sex. The first cinema stars to be sold on sex appeal were Theda Bara and Clara /

1 LUBLIN Participation of Lublin citizens in culture Sociological Research Report Written by: Mariusz Gwozda.

precisely described the districts’ needs selected in the first place lack of cinemas (19%), pubs, restaurants and cafes (10,3%) as well /of Lublin’s cultural landscape. Participation of Lublin citizens in culture (Sociological Research Report), Department of Sociology of Culture and Education MCSU, Lublin 2009. 22 According to the materials gathered, exactly half of the respondents (50,4%) declared knowledge of multicultural and religious history of the city. This group mostly consists of „connoisseurs of/

‘Wisconsin Indians 101’ J P Leary, UW-Green Bay. A BRIEF History... Lurie (1969) referred to Wisconsin as “A Natural Laboratory for North American Indian.

Wisconsin 1874. A BRIEF History... Contemporary Wisconsin Indians National Population Data There are over 560 federally recognized tribes American Indians represent 1.6% of the population nationwide in 2000 American Indians represent 1.7% of the population nationwide in /Over 3, 000 employees. Ho-Chunk Nation Jon Greendeer, President Elected June 2011 Masu Ska Ho-Chunk Cinema Tomah, WI Menominee Nation Omaeqnomenewak Reservation established by treaty in 1854 Experienced termination (1954) and restoration (/

India’s Capital City. INTRODUCTION New Delhi, the capital and the third largest city of India is a fusion of the ancient and the modern. Standing along.

human diversity, deep in history, monuments, museums, galleries, gardens and exotic shows. Comprising of two contrasting yet harmonious parts, the Old Delhi and New Delhi, the city is a travel hub of Northern India. The city /Indian goods the variety is almost mind-boggling. In fact as far as shopping is concerned, Delhi could well be termed the world within a city. SMOKING Smoking is banned in public places, public transport and government offices, inside cinema halls and theatres located in the state of/

Collecting in Ethnomusicology of South Asia Laura Ring University of Chicago Library South Asia Cooperative Collection Development Workshop October 23,

905352 STARDUST New Music-related Serials from LC-Islamabad AF-2001287382 AVAZ Retrospective Collecting National Bibliography of Indian Literature Gifts Travel to South Asia/Acquisitions Trips Serendipitous purchases Targeting specific studios, publishers, institutes / Archive Records : “How do we listen to history? How can we ‘write’ history with sound?” Catalog Record Acquisitions Trips Cinema Songbooks Acquisitions Trips Cinema Songbooks 688 cinema songbooks purchased from Chor Bazaar, Mumbai 1930s-1960s /

These revisions notes will provide you with an overview of contemporary film production, distribution and consumption in relation to UK audiences, three.

18 and over R18: To be shown in specially licensed cinemas.  There are various us different official ways of categorising British film. The British Film Institute divides films into the/Like Beckham’ and ‘Notting Hill’. Additionally there is the complexity of funding to consider. The History Boys was distributed by 20 th Century Fox, who spent £/England of films like The Queen, Notting Hill or Pride and Prejudice. Instead the 1970’s skin head movement, its uneasy relationship with West Indian culture/

Images of The American Indian in Hollywood Film and Impact Upon Identity Martin Aucoin, Department of Anthropology, Dept. of RTVF, and Honors College Faculty.

of Anthropology, Dept. of RTVF, and Honors College Faculty Mentor: Diane Verrill, Dept. of Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences, & Honors College For nearly a century, images of the American Indian have pervaded Hollywood Cinema. Many different images of the Indian have/ the question “Who am I?” (O’Nell 1994). Thus, the history of the Indian in film has been analyzed as has the history of the Indian’s perception of himself. Study has been done on how American Society projected itself onto /

1 Lecture 11: Ethnic L.A. on the Ground and in the Cinema Professor Michael Green Real Women Have Curves (2002) Directed by Patricia Cardoso.

273,914 –Asian:1,165,096 –Pacific Islander: 24,489 –Black: 910,077 –American Indian: 27,187 –Multirace:132,378 5 Projected Ethnic Make-up in 2050 Year 2000 Total Population/L.A. in the Cinema Lesson 11: Part II Stand and Deliver (1988) Directed by Ramón Menéndez Underreprentation The representation of race and ethnicity in / the camera. However, it is proportionate to the lack of opportunities faced by non-whites and immigrants over the history of L.A. Underreprentation (continued) Consider just the movies in/

Proposal to WG 2.5 for WoCo9 (2006) James C. T. Pool Center for Advanced Computing Research California Institute of Technology WG 2.5 Meeting Washington,

and prehistoric Native American culture of the Southwest. Professor Hall’s Cinema Museum –40-year collection devoted to preserving the history of cinema technology and Arizona film history JCTP: Slide 35 8/10/2015 Outdoor activities 450 miles of scenic trails for hiking, backpacking/miles –A unique experience Canyon de Chelly National Monument: 309 miles –At the base of sheer red cliffs and in canyon wall caves are ruins of Indian villages built between AD 350 and 1300 JCTP: Slide 39 8/10/2015 Proximity /


continued presence hybrid communities existed. Colonialism History of colonialism Colonialism has a long history, which starts with the pre / the British made several attempts to push Indians out of the northern part of the Fort where the local communities had/of experience. Also, though the sense of coherence and familiarity of the old towns was no longer there, the creation of public places – for example, public parks, theatres and, from the twentieth century, cinema halls – provided exciting new forms of/

Brief History of Mass Media Chapter 5. Evolution of Mass Media over nearly 170 years The age of Print The pre-Cinema Period 1839-1895 Arrival of Cinema.

History of Mass Media Chapter 5 Evolution of Mass Media over nearly 170 years The age of Print The pre-Cinema Period 1839-1895 Arrival of Cinema 1895 Arrival of Radio 1901 Arrival of TV 1926 Arrival of Internet 1990 The Age of Print Find out and write down the meanings of the terms Broadsheet Tabloid Supplement Why are they called so? Broadsheet Compare the old broadsheet with new broadsheet in terms of/

Guidelines in the acute management of Ischemia stroke 0-3 hrs.

of a stroke Every 3.3 mins., someone dies of a stroke Atleast 50,00,000 Indians are Stroke survivors Atleast 50,00,000 Indians/ projection in Cinema theatres & other gatherings. Slide projection in Cinema theatres & other/History of GU or GI bleeding within three (3) weeks 3. History of GU or GI bleeding within three (3) weeks 4. History of CPR, extensive trauma, or surgery within 2 weeks 4. History of CPR, extensive trauma, or surgery within 2 weeks 5. History of stroke within two (2) weeks 5. History of/

Presentation on impact of mass media on culture SHREYAS DANI F Y B com.

of Indian popular music and its patterns of dissemination and consumption. Impact of television :- It is nearly impossible to establish the precise number of people with access to a television set in “the poor world ”, as James Murdoch, chief executive of /mean the system of beliefs, ideas and the corresponding values which are dominant in a particular society at a particular moment of its history. Differences between culture and the dominant social paradigm. :- Culture, exactly because of its greater scope/

History of the English Language. Why is English so inconsistent? Through Through Though Though Bough Bough Ought Ought Cough Cough Rough Rough.

, due to the USAs dominance of cinema, television, popular music, trade and technology (including the Internet). But there are many other varieties of English around the world, including for example Australian English, New Zealand English, Canadian English, South African English, Indian English and Caribbean English. Bibliography http://www.englishclub.com/english-language-history.htm http://www.englishclub.com/english-language-history.htm http://www.englishclub.com/

News - Entertainment - Spirituality WELCOME. NEED OF ‘BHAARAT TODAY’ There are about 1248 registered television channels in our country. Hundreds of channels.

their oratory skills ‘Sutradhaarulu’ – Portrayal of legends who stood as torchbearers to protect our culture ‘Ee charitra-ye-siraatho …’ – Presentation of true picture of distorted history or Indian culture ‘Master Key’ – Special program to/– Occasional initiative to create mass movement for protection and promotion of Dharma Spirituality CONTENT ‘Coffee with cinema’ – Exciting morning program presenting exclusive highlights of cinema life ‘Discount Bazaar’ – Consumer-oriented program with latest info/

Bhakti in Bollywood. Hindi Cinema – One of India’s most popular arts, and greatest exports More films than any other industry Twice as many tickets as.

another Cultural Matrix Like other cultures, India’s arts have their own distinctive history…. Film scholarship has rarely taken Bollywood seriously. Arguably this holds for Indian commentators as much as Westerm ones. More recently scholars (such as those referenced in this chapter) have tried to analyse the origins of Hindi cinema’s distinctive character, its representational strategies, and its implication in India’s national/

History of the English Language: Why is our language so inconsistent ?

, due to the USAs dominance of cinema, television, popular music, trade and technology (including the Internet). But there are many other varieties of English around the world, including for example Australian English, New Zealand English, Canadian English, South African English, Indian English and Caribbean English. Bibliography http://www.englishclub.com/english-language-history.htm http://www.englishclub.com/english-language-history.htm http://www.englishclub.com/

FILM HISTORY EUROPEAN & ASIAN POST-WAR CINEMA. BRITISH POSTWAR FILMS, 1947  1. Movement away from the semi- documentaries of the war  2. Dominated by.

FILM HISTORY EUROPEAN & ASIAN POST-WAR CINEMA BRITISH POSTWAR FILMS, 1947  1. Movement away from the semi- documentaries of the war  2. Dominated by Ealing comedies a. Lower & middle class milieu b. Location shooting c. / are long and melodramatic, with numerous songs performed by the cast.  3. Indian filmmaking includes other types, esp. the films of Satyajit Ray (the "Apu" trilogy, etc.) Asian Film, con’t.  4. The Japanese cinema of Akira Kurosawa influenced by the U.S. & then influenced U.S. films. /

Vypracovala: Mgr. Silvie Reitharová New York. General information New York is one of the largest cities in the world and the largest city in the USA New.

bit from the history The oldest part of the city is the island of Manhattan The oldest part of the city is the island of Manhattan The area was first populated by Indians The area was first populated by Indians The first Europeans/ intersection of Broadway and the Seventh Avenue The intersection of Broadway and the Seventh Avenue Is the theatrical centre of the city, surrounded by playhouses, cinemas, night clubs, hotels and shops Is the theatrical centre of the city, surrounded by playhouses, cinemas, night/

Clil Project: History of the cinema History of the poetry.

ahead when does the history of cinema begin? Back to text From the later part of 11th century until the 19th century From the later part of 17th century to the present day In 1860, the mechanisms for the production of two-dimensional drawings in motion/, from the Indian Vedas (1700-1200 BC) and Zoroasters Gathas (1200-900 BC) to the Odyssey (800-675 BC), appear to have been composed in poetic form to aid memorization and oral transmission. Poetry appears among the earliest records of most literate cultures/

Genre  Action-Adventure  Comedy  Contemporary Crime  Costume Drama (no coverage)  Exploitation Cinema (no coverage)  Film Noir  Melodrama  The.

the type appeals to its audiences experience of reality; much more immediately, it appeals to previous experience of the type itself: it creates its own field of reference.”— Robert Warshow Genre History of Genre Criticism:  Iconography originates in the “profilmic arrangements” of “sign events”; it is “not produced by specifically filmic codes but was taken up and transformed by cinema from cultural codes already in circulation”  Buscombe/

Defining the Caribbean.  A large, continuous segment of a surface of the earth  An area of significant uniformity of content  An area or division of.

by indigenous people of a common/similar ethnic group  European exploration, settlement and resulting genocide against the indigenes  African slavery and Indian indentureship  Colonialism  Development of the plantation economy and society  History of varied legacies of Britain, France, /dying out (for example storytelling has been replaced by books, television, cinema and internet).  Cultural retention – deliberate practice of keeping traditions alive by a specific ethnic group when there is a concern/


.00  Seminars: Fortnightly, 1.5 hours.  Lecture topics cover the history of colonial India, the emergence of Indian nationalism, Gandhi’s early career, leadership of the Indian Nationalist movement, and his complex relationships with other leaders and political groups in India.  The module provides an introduction to an important aspect of modern Indian history. Gandhi had his own vision of an alternative society that was based on mutual respect, a/

Hills Community Centenary of ANZAC Committee.

history of the A.I.F. it became clear that the right selection and training of officers was the problem vital beyond any other in the creation of the Australian Army. Given officers and non-commissioned officers of the right type and of sufficient training, the rank and file of/were not accounted for by the end of the month, he must send the two armoured cruisers Minotaur and Hampshire to escort the Australasian Expeditionary Force across that part of the Indian Ocean…..” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki//

Culture and Communication in the Age of Globalization Introduction to Culture and Communication Studies.

) in the Japanese cinemas and since 2008 have earned more profits. Culture and Communication in the age of Globalization What is happening in the age of cultural globalization? Not cultural homogenization and uniformization, but cultural diversification, hybridization, and intermingling ‘Mongrelization’ Salman Rushdie: Loss of purity Contamination vs. Purity Is ‘contamination’ a negative term and ‘purity’ a positive term? Our cultural history is history of ‘contamination’ Culture and/

Assessing Quantitative Reasoning in Student Writing: A QuIRKy Experience Nathan D. Grawe Carleton College With support from the US Department of Education’s.

, Chemistry, Cinema and Media Studies (2), Economics (6), Educational Studies, English (5), Environmental Studies, Geology (2), History (3), Linguistics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Music, Philosophy and Cognitive Studies, Physics, Political Science (9), Psychology (2), Russian Studies, and Sociology (3). Evolving Assessment Tools: The QuIRK Rubric Summative assessment? Certainly not of students, but we hope of our program Certainly not of students, but we hope of our/

Dr Rob Aitken, Senior College Principal. York’s Colleges What Colleges are Why we have Colleges What you can get out of your College experience.

é Rouge (French) Caesars at the Minster (Italian) La Tasca (Spanish tapas) Bobo Lobos (Latin American) Akhbars(Indian) Kapadokya (Turkish) Wagamama (Japanese) Red Chilli (Chinese) Pubs and Bars Key social meeting place for many people Some/of media including the Internet. Topics could range from art and literature to cinema and contemporary social and political developments. Languages for All What our students say… Languages for All Department of Language and Linguistic Science Emma Mathysse (Year 1 History/

W E L C O M E T O J A I P U R. JAIPUR: THE CITY OF PINK DREAMS Great OFFER 3N/4D =Rs.4000p.p. MAP Curtsey: www.davtours.com.

is a major business centre with all requisites of a metropolitan city Continued FACTS ABOUT JAIPUR HISTORY The city is remarkable among pre-modern Indian cities for the width and regularity of its streets which are laid out into six sectors/ Vidyadhar ka Bagh in Goner. Other places of interest include Chand Baori (stepwell), Chokhi Dhani (a village resort), Kathputhli slum a Jaipur slum, Raj Mandir Cinema (a beautiful cinema hall). PICTURES OF JAIPUR CUSTOMS OF JAIPUR Jaipur being a traditional place, most /

 Bollywood is Hindi film music and dance; considered an important expression of Indian pop culture and social history  Bollywood has been around and.

of Indian pop culture and social history  Bollywood has been around and evolving since the 1930s  First Indian sound film was Alam Ara; “Ornament of the World” (March 1931); a love story between a prince and a gypsy girl  The language of Bollywood songs is usually a mix of/Mera juta hai jaapaani” (“My shoes, they’re Japanese”)  Sang for legendary actor, Raj Kapoor, the “Charlie Chaplin of Indian cinema”  Melody composed by Shankar Jaikishan – a duo known for their “immortal” film songs in the 50s/60s  /

New Arrivals Check Out Book(s) to Enhance Your Knowledge KEIC Always at Your Service 778.534709 HAR A century of model animation : from mliŠs to aardman/

Keywords: animation; cinematography; history; criticism; model animation Acc. No : 11231 Recommonded By : Subhash Tendle New Arrivals Check Out Book(s) to Enhance Your Knowledge KEIC Always at Your Service 686.2240222 JAS Encyclopaedia of typefaces/ by Jaspert, Berry/ Tendle New Arrivals Check Out Book(s) to Enhance Your Knowledge KEIC Always at Your Service 791.430905409041 LIG Light of Asia Indian silent cinema 1912-1934/ edited by Suresh Chabria. New Delhi: Niyogi Books, Y 2013. 340p. ; app., ind. :/

Anuradha Maheshwari March 07, 2009 © Institute of Intellectual property studies IIPS 1.

works  Artistic work  Dramatic & Choreographic work  Films & Multimedia Products  Computer Programmes  Section 13 of Indian Copyright Right Act states that Copyright subsist in  Original literary, dramatic, musical & artistic works  Cinematographic films /2002- cartoons as original artistic works  Drama- life history of prominent personalities-Phoolan Devi vs Shekhar Kapoor, 1995  Music- devotional songs, version recordings etc  Cinema- Films, advertisements- Star India vs Leo Burnett,2003 /

Lesson 13: Documentary Professor Aaron Baker Nanook of the North (Robert Flaherty, 1922) Nanook of the North (Robert Flaherty, 1922)

of the North (Robert Flaherty, 1922) Nanook of the North (Robert Flaherty, 1922) Previous Lecture Film Authorship French Ideas of Auteurism -Film as Art -Director Unifies Film/Communicates Personality (World View) -Uses Style and Theme -Film Can Be Commercial and Meaningful Mira Nair Global Auteur Her Themes: -Diasporic Indian/Cost of Low Price (2005) Part II: History of Documentary 10 Documentary Popular from Origins of Cinema 1890s Lumiere Brothers Actualities Travelogues/ “Scenics” Flaherty, Nanook of the/

Bilingual and Multilingual Communities

of an area - the common language). used for informal conversation, jokes, street and market, the telephone, and any other domains (e.g. letter writing, cinema/interrelated histories of cultural dominance and exploitation, economic power, wealth, and political power. situational language use assumes symbolic and personal meanings selection of code/ later called residential schools run, under the Department of Indian Affairs. Children were away 10 months of the year, and all instruction was in English /

Foundations of Comparative Politics by Kenneth Newton and Jan van Deth All slides © Kenneth Newton and Jan van Deth 2005 BRIEFINGS.

of their huge variety, most constitutions fall into four main parts: –Preamble –Fundamental rights (Bill of Rights) –Institutions and offices of government –Amendment Briefing 3.1 continued Preamble The preamble tends to be a declaration about nationhood and history/Cinemas); music (Decca, Deutsche, MCA, Polygram, Grammophon, Universal Music, which has the largest catalogue of recorded music in the world); the production and distribution of/ parts of Brazil, Jordan, Mozambique and the Indian states of Kerala,/

Introduction. Chapter 8 From Raga to Bollywood: Developments and Intercultural Crossings in Indian Music.

: the Hindustani raga tradition and the modern history of Indian/Western intercultural musical encounters. Key words: Barhat –refers to the note-by-note expansion of the melodic range of a raga during performance. Also applies to cultural growth and the experience of musicians. Gharana – “musical families” that have preserved and developed schools of raga performance in India, often throughout generations. Indian Music in Context India has a diverse/

CULTURE. Literature: history The earliest - canonical Hindu sacred writings, the Veda in Sanskrit Later additions - prose commentaries, the Brāhma ṇ as.

-the natyadharmi, or stylized drama Folk theatre the jatra of Bengal, the nautanki, ramlila, and raslila of North India, the bhavai of Gujarat, the tamasha of Maharashtra, the terukkuttu of Tamil Nadu, the yakshagana of Karnataka, the putliwalas (“puppeteers”) of Rajasthan Next class Test: Literature. Music. Theatre. Lecture: Culture: Painting. Architecture. Cinema. Presentations: Indian Temples Bollywood Discussion: The impact of India on the British culture Credit Regular tests, final test/

E-learning ?. e-learning ? Components of elearning from Enhance Content of learning LMS (Learning Management System) Networking / Offline.

FIFO method issue of material Custom Module History of Courses - Customized Content Development[E-learning] Industry – Service Telecom Digital Media Exchange (DMX) Introduction to Digital Media Exchange Digital Cinema Digital Ecosystem Digital / USA: A guide for Indian students Sales & Marketing HP Brio Selling Skills Major Accounts Sales Contract Process Merchandising Trade Relations Art of Selling Selling high end reprographic systems Target Achievement History of Courses - Customized Content Development/

Of Terrorist Attacks. Group Members: Maitreyee Karambelkar- 9409 Priyanka Ketkar- 9410 Tejal Shringarpure- 9424.

longest uninterrupted on-air broadcast in its 50 year history. Situational Shows BBC Radio 4 – John Buchans / cinema and a lane behind the Times of India building There was /of the Indian media, a product of domestic factors which could be deterred by good governance, alertness of police forces and removal of the backwardness of minority communities 26/11 shattered such perception of the media Changing approach of Indian Media towards terrorism The Indian media created a strong public opinion in favour of/

TEL 319 World Media Systems. The two main questions of this course: What makes countries and their media different? What makes them different along the.

… First transatlantic cable 1858 (successful 1866) Major impact: the “wire” news agency History of Telecommunications THE CONTENT/SOCIAL REVOLUTION - From Quipu-s to print –Letters: some written/stymied by the under- development of the electronics industry (self-reliance) –Paradoxically, India has one of the most lively cinema industries in the world (Bollywood)/ it to the periphery consumers (Indian cotton export) As the center grows richer, the periphery grows poorer (Indian poverty) WST theory applies both/


Noble was made famous because he invented dynamite in 1867 HISTORY Which spectacular Indian temple was built for the love of a woman? THE TAJ-MAHAL HISTORY WHO DISCOVERED PENICILLIN? The Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming in 1928Alexander Fleming HISTORY Remember the movie Gladiator? In which colossal theater did gladiators fight wild animals? THE COLOSSEUM HISTORY WHO INVENTED CINEMA? - the Lumière brothers - Jackes Cousteau - Jean Renoir Usually/

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