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lugging home 30 reading response journals every week to comment on, have students keep their journals in a shared Google Doc. You can give your comments while students continue to write in their journals! Intermediate Application #6. Translate Letters/Parents Example: http://bit.ly/g2Jl5Ghttp://bit.ly/g2Jl5G Translate letters home to parents by using the translate feature in Google Docs. Intermediate Application #7. Track Student Homework (and Share with Parents) Example: http://bit.ly/geNsQxhttp://bit.ly//

You can save your Office documents directly to Google Docs or directly open your online documents in Microsoft Office programs for reading and writing.

Office 2003,2007 are supported). You can then log-in to either Google Docs or your Google Apps Account or both. Once logged-in, you can browse through the list of your existing Google Docs documents from within Microsoft Office as if you were browsing files stored /viewer so san I still view this presentation? Ans : Sure. Just forward this email (with the attachment) to your Google Docs address. You’ll soon get an email back containing the link of your uploaded presentation that can be viewed in the mobile /

Google Docs: Collaboration. History of Google Docs Writely was a web-based, collaborative word processor created by the software company Upstartle and.

Sam Schillace, Steve Newman, and Claudia Carpenter. On March 9, 2006, Google announced that is had acquired Upstartle. (Mazzon, 2006). On July 2009, Google launched Google Docs. (Glotzbach, 2009). Google Docs serves as a collaborative tool for editing documents in real time. Documents can/ be shared, opened, and edited by multiple users. Sidebar chat function allows editors to discuss edits. Google Docs can be a useful collaborative tool that allows sharing and editing in a more simple and flexible way as/

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altering any source code in Blackboard content items. Creating a New Document The first step of creating a new document in Google Docs is opening your Web browser and navigating to https://docs.google.com https://docs.google.com After you have navigated to the site, Google will prompt you for your username and password. This is the step where you would either create an account or/

Using the Google Docs word processor Skills: familiarity with Google Docs, creating and sharing text document on the Internet Concepts: stand-alone applications.

.0 License. Where does this topic fit? Internet concepts – Applications – Technology – Implications Internet skills – Application development – Content creation – User skills Watch this video Google Docs in Plain EnglishGoogle Docs in Plain English (2:51) Google Docs http://docs.google.com Google Docs home page – your Google drive Commands Create a new document A blank word processing document A word processing program Using the word processing program Sharing Networked versus stand/

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with hospitals without access. These benefits correlated with how frequently UpToDate was used. Next up Pt Ed/Self-care sites The Amazing ‘Google’ Point of Care Databases EBM/Guidelines Teaching/Ed support Drug info Misc EBM sites- a lecture in itself! Center for Evidence-/find it on itunes Google it or find it on itunes “Evidence based drug therapy made practical and fun” “Evidence based drug therapy made practical and fun” A PharmD and Fam Doc in Vancouver do it A PharmD and Fam Doc in Vancouver do it /

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to grade, edit, comment. Student Folders Handing in homework only requires students to drag the file/document from their Google Docs list to the appropriate folder. Students do have one more small step... Since the folder is shared, the file /org | (435) 590-8149 Direct Link: http://goo.gl/mRpokhttp://goo.gl/mRpok or http://sedcclint.comhttp://sedcclint.com - Google Docs tag Clint Stephens Southwest Educational Development Center clint@sedck12.orgclint@sedck12.org | (435) 590-8149 Direct Link: http://goo.gl/

Connecting the Docs: Integrating Information from Multiple Documents Presentation to ASIS&T PNC Annual Meeting Mark Wasson Senior Architect, Research Scientist.

al. (2003). Columbias Newsblaster: New Features and Future Directions. 2003 Human Language Technology-North American Association for Computational Linguistics Conference. May 14, 2004Connecting the Docs - Mark Wasson45 References and Related Materials GoogleGoogle, http://www.google.com –Google News, http://news.google.com Insightful –Insightful, http://www.insightful.com –Insightful InFact, http://www.insightful.com/products/infact/ Inxight –Inxight, http://www.inxight.com –Inxight classification, http/

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editing simple.  Share and collaborate in real time Safely store and organize your work  Control who can see your documents Google Docs - Creating Create basic documents from scratch or start from a template. Includes basic tools like making bullet lists, sorting /you exactly who changed what, and when. Anyone logged into a presentation can automatically follow along with the presenter. Google Docs - Publishing Publish your work as a web page. You can publish your documents online with one click, as normal/

The World of Google by Tyler Leipprandt and Neil Kohler Different Ways You Can Use Google Programs in Your Classroom.

can share with anyone you choose you can work with anyone on a file even if you are in different locations Great in-depth site on Google Docs http://www.scribd.com/doc/88518869/Google-Docs-for-Teachers-2012 Google Docs When Would I Use It In My Class? 1.Student writing pieces 2.Collaborative parent notes 3.Peer editing 4.Partner projects 5.Any word processing/

Using the Google Docs word processor Skills: getting a Google account, creating a text document and sharing it on the Internet Concepts: stand-alone applications.

Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Where does this topic fit? Internet concepts – Applications – Technology – Implications Internet skills – Application development – Content creation – User skills Watch this video Google Docs http://docs.google.com Google Docs home page Commands Sharing Create a new document A blank document inside the browser Word processing commands Enter and edit your document Save the document locally Networked versus stand/

Frequently, presenters must deliver material of a technical nature to an audience unfamiliar with the topic or vocabulary. The material may be complex.

/not-available.html synthesis.stanford.edu/Docs/myr5/cicee synthesis.stanford.edu/Docs/myr5/cicee/bridge-gap.html synthesis.stanford.edu/Docs/myr5/cicee/cicee-main.html synthesis.stanford.edu/Docs/myr5/cicee/comp-integ-analysis.html Where we are? Spidering Web Graph Some nice mathematical tools Many others funny algorithmic for crawling issues… Now, a glimpse on a Google: (thanks to Jungoo Cho, 3rd/

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% of corporate employees use email, 79% use word processing and 71% use spreadsheets. On contrast only 24% use web conferencing tools and just 20% use document- sharing web sites like Google Docs. [7] Business View - Objectives "The problem is people work on teams whose members arent in the same location, so the opportunity is to build better Web-based tools to do/

Google Documents Presentation Presenter: Ron Brunet Date: Friday, June 8, 2012 Place: Canterbury Woods.

Brunet Date: Friday, June 8, 2012 Place: Canterbury Woods To Follow along on Google Documents click here An overview of Google Docs What is Google Docs? Google Docs is a suite of products that lets you create different kinds of online documents,/ and format text documents, and collaborate with other people in real time. Heres what you can do with Google documents: Convert most file types to Google Docs format. Add flair and format your documents, with options such as paint format, margins, spacing, and fonts/

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-ICRAF Google Apps Google Docs Google Sites Google Docs Why Google Docs? 1. write, edit, revise, publish 2. centralized 3. timely 4. history 5. familiar layouts 6. authentic 7. world audience Google Docs in Your Classroom 1. Individual writing assignments 2. Collaborative writing projects 3. Turn emails/attachments into Google docs 4. Share rubrics with students Tips 1. Habit 2. Require 3. Share 4. File management Google Docs Login http://docs.google.com/a/cgxchange.org GOOGLE DOCS/

Google Drive Basics Bronze Level – Optional. Contents Creating Documents / Spreadsheets Sharing Documents Permissions / Access Rights Folders.

material as a full cohort across classes, allowing for differentiated results from the entire course on one document.” Jon Woods, Economics How do you use Google docs in your teaching? On the BTEC Media courses we use google docs for: Student presentation collaboration (Some) report writing by students which are shared with their tutor to give FB on Production of questionnaires to share with/

Introduction to Information Retrieval and Anatomy of Google.

it is highly relevant to the document. Vector Space Example Terms: artificial intelligence information retrieval mock kenrick Doc 1: 1 0 1 0 Doc 2: 1 0 1 Doc 3: 0.3 0.6 0 0.01 0.99 0.85 Query 0.5 0.9 0/We want to get high precision, even at expense of recall. –The use of hypertextual information can help improve search and other application. –Google makes use of both link structure and anchor text. System Features PageRank: Use Link Structure –Created maps containing 518 million of hyperlinks –Considered /

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for EDU: Portfolios Source: Dr. Helen C Barrett -- http://electronicportfolios.com/google/ Creating a Google Doc You can also upload from Word, PowerPoint, PDF, or Excel Learn More: http://support.google.com/docs/ ?hl=en http://support.google.com/docs/ ?hl=en Let’s take a look Sharing a Google Doc Google Docs in Higher Ed  Shared notes and folders http://www.tinyurl.com/keeta-ipads (viewable; not editable) http://tinyurl/

Google Docs Basics UCFSD Google Docs Training On a PC Use Firefox for Google Docs Presentations.

handout provided. As we do this, we will compare Microsoft Office Word Ribbons with Google Docs. 1. When you create a new file first give it a name— Using Google Docs so Google will start saving for you automatically. 2. You will learn how to edit, /Upper Right corner of the chart and it will have the extension.png Presentations Creating --A New Presentation 1.Works very much like Google Docs (creating, naming first, auto saving & sharing) 2.Click--> Create New icon & choose Presentation 3.Next, you can pick/

Google Drive. Google Docs Google Drive is the new home for Google Docs Create and share your work online and access your documents from anywhere Manage.

explore… o Slides (Presentations) o Sheets (Spreadsheets) o Forms o Drawings Word Processing Exercise #1 Instructions 1. Create the title “Google Docs” in 24pt Comic Sans font at the top of the document 2. Type your first and last name in 18pt Verdana font below/the title and your name 4. Create a table that is 2 Columns and 4 Rows 5. Enter information and pictures about Google Drive, Google Docs or Word Processing into the cells of this table. 6. Below the table create the subtitle “Pause Before You Post” 7/

How do you Google? Collaborating with Google tools Della Shorman, Unit of Online Learning CO Department of Education.

http://www.google.com Google Documents http://www.google.com Google Docs http://documents.google.com Share working documents Create a Google account with an active Email address Log in Google docs http://documents.google.com Create: Documents Spreadsheets Presentations Forms Google docs http://documents.google.com Documents Choose New Document Copy/Paste from another word doc Or Compose the document in Google Google docs - Documents http://documents.google.com Google docs http://documents.google.com Share/

Google Apps in the Classroom Rita Zeinstejer Google Teacher Academy New York, November 2008.

Classroom Why Google apps…? students can use Google Apps to: collaborate with classmates using Google Sites make a presentation with Google Docs keep organized using Google Calendar Why Google apps…? Teachers can use Google Apps to: have easy access to their colleagues using Google Talk sign up for computerlab or library time using a Google Calendar collect assingments online using Gmail or Google docs Messaging apps Gmail calendar Collaboration apps docs video sites/

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students to go back and see how their projects have evolved and who made the revisions Teachers & Google DocsGoogle Docs allows teachers to both publish announcements about up coming assignments and monitor student progress on assignments Through an /fellow teachers Maintain, update and share lesson plans Track and organize cumulative project data Educators & Why They Use Google Docs… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYPjJK6L ZdM&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYPjJK6L ZdM&feature/

Todays Topics What is Google Drive? o Access o Storage Similarities and differences Getting Started Is Google Docs going away? Extras Links.

Extras Links Hit The Gas! Image source Drive Is Staying Connected Store and access your files, folders, and Google Docs from anywhere Automatic syncing when editing from your computer, the Web, or mobile device Share exactly what you /ods,.csv,.tsv,.txt,.tab o Presentations -.ppt,.pps,.pptx o Drawings -.wmf o Images -.jpg,.gif,.png,.pdf Is Google Docs Going Away? NO Is Google Docs Going Away? Google "DOCS" has always been the name of one TOOL, but it was becoming associated with the whole suite. Kind of like/

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makes editing simple. Share and collaborate in real time Safely store and organize your work Control who can see your documents Google Docs - Creating Create basic documents from scratch or start from a template. Includes basic tools like making bullet lists, sorting/you exactly who changed what, and when. Anyone logged into a presentation can automatically follow along with the presenter. Google Docs - Publishing Publish your work as a web page. You can publish your documents online with one click, as /

Grading with Rubrics in Google Classroom 1. Install the “Goobric for Students” Chrome extension: goo.gl/bSv7fF 2. Join our Classroom: 5xona9m 3. Complete.

concise feedback on their work, allowing them to improve and teachers to adapt instruction. 2.Google Docs is a consistent, reliable platform that encourages revision, collaboration, and feedback. 3.Goobric uses an interface that moves me from one student/ *this is a one-time-only step 5. Launch the Doctopus Add-On 6. Ingest a Google Classroom assignment 7. Attach a Goobric 8. Open a student assignment Doc 9. Launch the Goobric interface 10. Start grading assignments View/read the student’s assignment in this/

COLL131: Employ Google Applications Now! April 17, 2009.

LOIs & Apps (Collaborate on Text) Lists of Special Projects To Dos Project Management Presentations (Easy to Design; Easy to Publish on the Web) A2J Usability Survey – Used the Form Tool Google Docs Demo Implementation Plan Prepare Your StaffDo the switch over a weekend On Monday – walk staff through the tools, focusing primarily on GMail Implementation Plan Do NOT train on all apps/

Matrices, Digraphs, Markov Chains & Their Use by Google Leslie Hogben Iowa State University and American Institute of Mathematics Leslie Hogben Iowa State.

transition matrix, we can determine the stationary vector:  Stationary vector for our 6-node sample web: How does Google use this stationary vector?  Query requests term 1 or term 2  Inverted file storage is accessed  Term 1  doc 3, doc 2, doc 6  Term 2  doc 1, doc 3  Relevancy set is {1, 2, 3, 6}  Query requests term 1 or term 2  Inverted file storage/

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rules so you can search Set up sharing by folder Use Mail Contact Groups - setup early Google Drive – Upload Settings Convert to Google Docs format or not? Settings to ask every time – in DRIVE: Commenting Collaborators can insert comments /creates documents (doing merges), stores a copy in a folder (optional), and emails them out. Option of Google doc or PDF Shares merged Google doc as either view-only or editor Use for form letters, progress reports, certificates, personalized assignment updates, etc. /

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software in case something goes wrong, such as an outside server going down? Florida State University College of Law Research Center Google Docs www.docs.google.com Florida State University College of Law Research Center Google Docs Florida State University College of Law Research Center Google Docs – Files Florida State University College of Law Research Center Uploading and Converting Florida State University College of Law Research Center Create/

Google Apps for Education : A Resource for CCSS and STEM Pam Oien Ed. Tech. Lead Teacher FCUSD.

●Create a File and Folder Structure to organize yourself! ●Right Click on a Folder and Select Share 6 Create a Google Doc ●Select Folder in which to add the Doc ●Select New - Google Docs ○Naming your Doc ○Navigating the tools and entering text ■ Very familiar ○Sharing a Doc ○Revision History ○Tools-Research ○Comments (and notifications) 7 Downloading and Uploading Files ●Downloading Files ●Uploading Files ○Use Settings to/

Agenda Google docs setup Weekly listing report to your sellers Prelisting Idea to seal the deal Buyer Idea for immediate status Seller idea for continued.

edit the same file at the same time so you always have the latest version. Anytime, anywhere access to your work Google Docs is securely powered by the web, giving you the flexibility to be productive from your desk, on the road, at /when updated (FREE) Email The Report if needed using Cutepdf.com Sharing The Document Sharing Continued Buyer Lead Google Doc For Your Office Buyer Lead Google Doc With Lender Relationship Expectations Expectations plural of ex·pec·ta·tion (Noun) 1. A strong belief that /


gadget or subcategory OR Scroll down and click on “More gadgets” Step 5 cont: “More gadgets” Scroll down and pick a gadget STEP 6: Create, Share, or Upload google DOCS (e.g., into google Sites ) google Docs allows multiple users to collaboratively create and edit word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms online. You can access your files from any computer with an Internet connection and/

Keep Everything, Share Anything Google Drive. What is Google Drive? Google Drive according to Google is “One safe place for all your stuff”. It is a cloud.

your stuff”. It is a cloud based drive to create, store and edit your documents, spreadsheets and more. It includes: Google Docs Google Sheets Google Slides Google Keep Google Forms Google Drawings Google App Scripts Google Fusion Tables Quickoffice Features of Google Drive “Everything you need, everywhere you go” -Google 15 GB of online (cloud) storage with a free account Everything is in one convenient place Powerful and free online editing/

Google Apps in the Classroom Google Teacher Academy New York November 18, 2008 Rita Zeinstejer Rosario, Argentina.

images” save your chat scripts Additional Apps Google Docs Goggle Video Google Sites Google Chrome iGoogle Google Earth Google Mobile: Google Skyline Google Groups Google Maps Google Street View Google News Google Alerts Google Reader Google Search Google SketchUp Google Scholar Google Patents Google Friends Connect Knol Picasa Google Calendar …..more Additional Apps Google News Timeline Goggle Similar Images Google Swirl Google Goggles Google Fastflip Google Living Stories App Inventor Body Browser Why/

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sedck12.org (435) 590-8149 Direct Link: http://goo.gl/mRpokhttp://goo.gl/mRpok or http://sedcclint.comhttp://sedcclint.com Google Docs tag Clint Stephens Southwest Educational Development Center clint@sedck12.org clint@sedck12.org (435) 590-8149 Direct Link: http:///goo.gl/mRpokhttp://goo.gl/mRpok or http://sedcclint.comhttp://sedcclint.com Google Docs tag Why Paperless? Saves supplies costs Students can work from anywhere they have a browser, hand in anytime, don’t/

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Keep your own documents “handy” for access from any Internet computer How does Google Docs work? Google Docs Bare Bones Get Documents In Edit Documents (shared editing, if desired) “Get Documents Out” to use (publish, save,/ pdf, xls, txt Presentations pdf Organization in Google Docs Other features E-mail documents to your Google Docs (Upload—scroll down to see unique e-mail address for your Google Docs) Post docs to a blog (RSS feeds of your public Google Docs) Some Numbers… 10 people can edit a /

Google Docs An Overview for Educators. Google Docs Google Docs is a free, web-based word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tool that allows you.

and edit documents from anywhere and collaborate with multiple people at the same time. Anywhere access & collaboration Google Docs is different: Documents are saved online and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection Collaboration:/whom, and when. “ Teachers are able to individually assess student participation and content using the revision tab on Google Docs to see how editing is proceeding and to encourage students as they work.” - Technology coordinator, Lafayette, CA Collaboration/

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for your grade level to share resources. #4 (CT): Share Exemplars Sharing exemplars will help each other with grading. ●consistency ●reflection ●lead future conversations Collaborating Using Google Docs - Student #1 (S): Improve the Writing Process Use Google Docs to: ●Have students work collaboratively from anywhere (student) ●Give each other ongoing and simultaneous feedback (student and teacher) ●Use revision history to hold students accountable for/

Advanced Website Training: June, 2010 Insert Images as Your Background Using Google Docs for Document Hosting Custom Contact Forms on Your Website.

your viewers may loose interest in the page. Using Google Docs Google Docs, http://docs.google.com is one of the many free resources available to you with your Gmail account.http://docs.google.com Google Docs serves as a respository for documents with the capability/ name you have selected and then click “start upload.” 6.) Confirm upload is complete and then click “back to Google Docs. Upload Documents Continued… 7.) You should now see the document that you have uploaded under “All Items.” Sharing Documents/


created folder and select “Share…” **In the pop up window, be SURE to select “can edit”, then type your gmail address. GOOGLE DOC SETUP STEP 1 Next, you will need to create a new document. Open your newly created folder by double clicking on it. Then/, click “New” in the upper, left corner and select “New Google Docs.” IMPORTANT!!! It is absolutely crucial that every new document you make for this project be created WITHIN the folder that you have /

Google Docs An introduction to Google Docs. Session Objectives Participants will become familiar with the various applications available within Google.

the top of the window and paste that link to the course wiki next to your teams name. This Weeks Activity Work with your team to create a “Document” within Google Docs. Each team member should make a contribution to the document. *see the additional slides for more information about the document This weeks Team Facilitator should post the link to the/

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= a user cannot use even basic functions of the application Google Docs (October 2011) Assistive TechnologyGrade High Contrast - OS XC High Contrast - /Google Accessibility on Campus NC State University’s Google Apps Accessibility Usage Guidelines – http://google.ncsu.edu/accessibility/google-apps- accessibility http://google.ncsu.edu/accessibility/google-apps- accessibility Download Google Doc to Microsoft Office Bookmarklet – http://go.ncsu.edu/download-google-doc http://go.ncsu.edu/download-google-doc/

Its About Process: Streamline Teaching Processes with Google Apps Daniel Rezac, GTA, CO 09 Technology Instructor Fremont Middle School

. *Sample Story Star Sample*Sample Analogy Graphic Organizer- Sample *Sample Mr. Rezacs Technology Mainpage (Parking Lot with Wallwisher)(Parking Lot with Wallwisher) More Important Links: Google for Educators Google Teacher Academy Google for Educators Discussion Group Google Docs Template Gallery References: *Buehl, d. (2001). Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning. Barksdale, DE: International Reading Association. Images Resources: Apps logo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/adriarichards/3285777403/

Enhancing Inquiry with Google Collaborative Docs & SMS Session 2 of 4 Get Going with Google Research Apps.

enhance understanding? Instruction Framing The Session Take a tour of Google Docs Think about its application in the inquiry process Use a Google collaborative doc to record findings Demo sample queries in Google SMS Use a Google collaborative doc to record findings Take Tour of Google Docs Take a tour of Google Docs by clicking on the link to the right! Google SMS SMS is a mobile tool used to find information/

All Things Google Barb Meier MITS. Google Agenda Gmail Google Calendar Google Docs Google Forms Other Google Tools Scribe Image Ripper Alerts iGoogle.

Equations (Insert) Table of Contents (Insert) Translate Document (Tools) Auto Correct (Tools – Preferences) Google Docs Copying a Document Collaborating and Sharing a Document Real Time collaboration Add Comments to a Document Revision History /Google Tools Google Scribe Google Image Ripper Not owned by Google Created to look through Google Images Google Alerts iGoogle Page Personalized Homepage Go to Google Search Once iGoogle is created start adding gadgetsiGoogle iGoogle Page Google Calendar Google Docs/

Google Docs & Google Calendar A CYC Electives Module 10-20-10.

Word), spreadsheets (such as Excel), and slide presentations (such as Powerpoint). – Allow others to edit your documents. Why Google Docs Store files that you may need to access from various computers. Store files you want to be sure not to lose, /or printing. Share files that someone else needs to edit. Create and Share Document on Google Docs http://docs.google.com - sign in with your Google account. http://docs.google.com Click on Create New. Click on Document. In this document type My favorite thing /

Google Apps – 1 Year Later Resnet Symposium 2009 10,000 Lakes, Infinite Ideas Chester Andrews OBERLIN COLLEGE 28 June 2009.

Implementation Plans, Rollout to Incoming Class Open Migration of Students, Faculty, and Staff, Training, Individual Assistance Additional Google Apps planning Google Apps Rollout CAA/OC/Resnet096 Existing Environment (2007) CAA/OC/Resnet097 IronMail Spam Filter Mail Server Clam AV (anti/ modifications Submitted final mark-up to Google in March 2008 Final agreement in May 2008 CAA/OC/Resnet0921 Plan of Action 1. All Client Services staff to OCMail for testing & doc Assign specific browsers & e-mail clients/

How to use the “WBMS Detention” Google Doc Google Docs are great because multiple people can access modify them at the same time – unlike the J: drive.

account. Click the square that applies to you. Using your school email address, set up an account. You can sign in to Google Docs / Calendar using any email address. Set up your account just like any other account. You will get an email verification. Click on/ upper toolbar and click “Documents.” You should see your email address here. This is the screen that shows you all of the Google Docs that you have been invited to view. To view the Detention document, just click on the words “WBMS Detention.” To add a/

Mashup Functionality included in Google Spreadsheets Mashups created by combining Google Spreadsheets with other applications Online word processing with.

Spreadsheet of Financial Results Mashup produces chart PlotKit Mashup Example Edit Spreadsheet of Financial Results Mashup produces updated chart Google Maps Mashup Example Google Spreadsheet  Google Maps Mashup Example Google Spreadsheet  Google Map Amazon.com Mashup Query Results Posted to Google Spreadsheet Google Docs Docs Functions Google Doc as Content File Changes to Google Docs by any collaborator are reflected in the WebCT Content File. Collaborate and Publish Blogger http://www.blogger.com/

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