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Unit 3 – Case Studies Biodiversity Under Threat. Madagascar Key Characteristics-> Total of 8 plant,4 bird and 5 primate families that are all endemic.

plant /in wind turbines to completely replace fossil fuels. India Vs. China India’s need for energy has increased in the last 20 years due to economic growth, reliance on industry, lack of energy efficiency. Widespread cases of power being stolen are common. Power shortages and blackouts have been a problem in India/in India. Between 2000-05’ an Indian oil company invested $3.5bn in overseas oil exploration whilst china invested $40bn In the short to medium term India will have to rely on imported oil and gas/


addition. t To become strong partner in capacity addition by 15% of global refining needs. t To build Eco-friendly power plants & refineries using latest technology t To develop better infrastructure by captive port facility & development of unique Oman-India pipeline for oil & gas transportation. t To develop world’s No. 1 energy & petrochemical complex. t To help India becoming strong oil hub and capital hub/

Contents of the Presentation What is Energy/Power System of Pakistan? What is Energy Mix of Pakistan? What are Economic Challenges of Pakistan? What can.

in order to power generation facility of 100 MW by gas. [2] Energy Sources Nuclear Power:  Nuclear power is been produced by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. This source is currently running 3 power plants producing power by nuclear energy. 1 st power plant is named as “Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP)”, which started providing electricity in/about 50 percent of economic production without manufacturing because industries were situated in India. So, to feed 30 million people, we started dependency on /

AIT Ram M. Shrestha Asian Institute of Technology Thailand 25 th March 2004 25 th March 2004 Energy Use and Clean Development Mechanism Opportunities in.

ovens, blast furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces – Steel plant in India, producing 1.6 million ton steel has submitted CDM project for recovery of BOF gas (80 NM3 per ton of steel with calorific value 2000 kcal/NM3) – will result in 94.84 GWh of electricity and resultant emission reduction of 87895 tCO 2. (15 MWh coal power plant) Power recovery from blast furnace offgases (primary steel) AIT/

Energy Use and Clean Development Mechanism Opportunities in Asia.

ovens, blast furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces – Steel plant in India, producing 1.6 million ton steel has submitted CDM project for recovery of BOF gas (80 NM3 per ton of steel with calorific value 2000 kcal/NM3) – will result in 94.84 GWh of electricity and resultant emission reduction of 87895 tCO 2. (15 MWh coal power plant) Power recovery from blast furnace offgases (primary steel) Types/


power plants Bagasse based Cogeneration In Sugar Industry Coal based Cogeneration Plant in Process Industry Municipal solid waste based power plants Waste heat recovery based power plants Energy Audit & Performance Improvement of power plants Solar power plants Captive Power Plants (CPP) & Independent Power Plants (IPP) Coal based CPP Low CV fuels Tail gas fired Blast furnace gas fired CO fired plants Biomass fired plants Waste Heat Recovery Mini & Macro Hydro Power Plants Canal based Mini Hydro Power plant/


&M and Life Extension (LE) of old existing power plants. The funds in the form of loan assistance at concessional interest rates are being provided by the Government through Power Finance Corporation (PFC) for R&M worksThe Government of India has now accorded high priority to R&M and Life Extension (LE) of old existing power plants. The funds in the form of loan assistance at concessional interest/

Natural Gas: An Overview. Ready Reckoner  4 MMSCMD (or 1 MMTPA LNG) is required to feed a 1000 MW modern power station for 1 year  Crude oil at $100.

Gas Reserves 2007 BCM Onshore 270 Offshore 785 (incl. RIL KG Basin) TOTAL1055 (R/P ratio: 33 years) Major reserves claimed in/India (TAPI) Afghanistan: 14 Pakistan: 38 India: 38 90 $12.30 per MMBtu? Oman-India sub-sea pipeline 63Well-head price? Pipeline tariff $1.30 per MMBtu LNG terminals LocationCompanyCapacity (MMTPA) Comments DahejPetronet LNG6.5 (12.5 by 2010/11) Rasgas contracts HaziraShell/TOTAL2.5Spot LNG purchases. Merchant sales DhabolRatnagiri Gas Power/ to existing plants. Drivers: fuel economics and /

EMC Ltd. Spanning power Globally Since 1953.

a Italy based company named Tecnolines Srl. specialised in executing EHV Transmission Line projects on turnkey basis Recent Key Development Commissioned 5MW Solar Power Plant in Naini, Allahabad (India). Successful entry into 765kV GIS Substation Segment. /power plants in its bid to switch to cleaner sources of fuel. Shift to renewable energy and the increasing importance of Shale Gas as an energy substitute will demand an increase in new lines from new power plants. ~$160bn of investments are expected in/

S.C. Bhattacharya Ram M. Shrestha H.L. Pham Asian Regional Research Programme in Energy, Environment and Climate (ARRPEEC) Asian Institute of Technology,

to be about 18%, 44%, 18%, 27%, 31%, 17% of the projected total energy consumption in 2010 in China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand, respectively. Biomass resource potential assessment (cont’d.) Table 2/gas mode) Grid electricity 14.5 Biomass fired power plant Grid electricity -23.5 Wood/Rice husk fired power plant Furnace oil fired power plant 9.8 Coal fired power plant 4.86.2 to16.9 Oil fired combine cycle power plant -28.1-59 Furnace oil fired power plant -7.1 Gas turbine power plant/

KEY MESSAGES Huge opportunity in an evolving sector

,300 Kms) Successful Delhi distribution First Pumped Storage Unit in India First to introduce SCADA and Fibre Optic ground wire communication First Flue Gas De-Sulphurisation plant First to commission GIS mechanism First 500 MW thermal unit in India First Hydro Electric power plant in India GENERATION: CREATING EXCELLENCE IN MUMBAI Reliability Unique islanding system ensures uninterrupted power to Mumbai during grid disturbance Plant availability of 94.52% (thermal) and 92.72 (Hydro/


power generation. –Committed supply for power plant life cycle. –Utilization of cold energy from LNG to enhance efficiency by 3 to 4% –Natural gas is the most viable source to meet the power demand Energy Mart 2004 12 POWER GENERATION CAPACITY ADDITION(MW) Capacity (MW) Fuel Supply – Major constrain for power capacity addition Power capacity addition target achieved at About 50% level in/UNLOADING ARMS-DAHEJ Energy Mart 2004 23 Gas Transportation System in India Major cross country grid Local state grid /

Open-Access Intercity Natural Gas Pipeline Grid as a Platform for China’s Energy Market Economy Presented at 2007 Sino-Asian Oil & Gas Pipeline Projects.

.pdf 6. India is serving Inward demand and rural demand by a 12 000 km pipeline grid 17  through India’s industrial corridor from coastal LNG terminals conveniently located in the main region of India’s traditional oil & gas wells, and/ demand growth. (cont.d)  Natural-gas fired power plants reduce the business-cycle capital-risk of forecast error and underutilized-capacity because they are efficient at small scale and enable capacity to be increased in small increments. 54 16. Evaluate energy-related/

Long-term Power Options for India: Modelling and Policy Analysis P.R. Shukla.

Demand - Supply Disequilibrium u High Reliance on Domestic Coal u Restricted Primary Energy Market u Cautious Reform and Restructuring Indian Power Sector Overview Power Capacity in India (GW) Power Generation Capacity CoalOilGasHydroNuclearRenewables GW 0 20 40 60 80 100 197019751980198519901995 Plant Ownership and Performance Plant Load Factor : 1996 (Thermal Power Plants) 60.3 71 71.2 64.4 0 20 40 60 80 SEB’sCENTRALPRIVATEOTHERS  Ownership affects Performance  SEB/


 quality EMISSIONS LAB ■ BRC Gas Equipment has developed within its facilities an advanced and complete emission/power test laboratory with three benches (emission, power and engine) equipped with a sophisticated modal analysis analyzer, in order to be able to provide /WMTM Brazil BRC Pakistan UNDER PROGRESS Rohan BRC (India) 4* OUR MARKETS BRC worldwide  after*market  OEM worldwide  OEM vehicles  BRC Group  MTE MTE This department is settled in a plant 35 km far from BRC headquarter. The production /

Energy Conservation Awareness Workshop For Students of Final Year Engineering (An Exclusive Program for Engineering Colleges in Gujarat) Organized.

. CONTROL CASE STUDIES ANNEXURE- 1 Energy Conservation Act ANNEXURE- 2 BEE Star Labeling, ANNEXURE- 3 Tips for Industries 1 ENERGY IN INDIA ENERGY IN INDIA Non Commercial Energy Sources Renewable Sources of Energy Non Renewable Sources of Energy COMMERCIAL ENERGY SOURCES Coal and Lignite * Natural Gas * Oil * Nuclear Energy * Hydro Electricity * Non Renewable Sources of Energy Non Commercial Energy Sources Fire Wood Agricultural Waste Dung/

G.K.Pandey, Advisor, Ministry of Environment & Forests, (Govt. of India) S.K.Tyagi,Scientist, & B.Sengupta,Member Secretary Central Pollution Control Board,

.Tyagi,Scientist, & B.Sengupta,Member Secretary Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi (INDIA) Paper presented at BAQ 2006 at Yogykarta,Indonesia MANAGEMENT OF THERMAL POWER PLANTS IN INDIA Coal, oil, gas and hydroelectric potential constitute the conventional sources of electricity generation. Total installed capacity of electricity generation in India is approx. 98,668 MW. India ranked third in the world with 7 percent coal reserves of the total world reserves/

Natural Resources OF OUR WORLD. MAJOR CONCEPTS Natural Resources are materials found in the environment that are useful to humans. Natural Resources are.

India, and the United States are large producers of coal. China, India, and the United States are large producers of coal. Back to Resource Chart Natural Gas Natural gas can be used as a fuel supplied to homes where it is used for such purposes as cooking in natural gas-powered ranges and ovens, natural gas/Even if a suitable site is found, hydroelectric projects can adversely affect neighboring ecosystems. Power plants can often change the environments of rivers downstream, and man-made dams can reduce fish/


/ 500 MW / 200 MW coal and gas based plants  Featured amongst the Great Places to work in India for last six years consecutively Ranked 6 th in the Aon Hewitt Best Employers in India 2011. FY07FY11 2011 Planning for accelerated growth Today ~39674 MW Today ~39674 MW Coal Gas Nuclear Hydro Renewables 2032 ~ 128000 MW 2032 ~ 128000 MW ELECTRICITY GENERATION SCENARIO India: Installed Power generation capacity Status as of Oct/

FINANCING BIOMASS-TO-POWER AND ADVANCED BIOFUELS. EUCI Renewable Biomass For Affordable Power Generation Conference Financing Biomass Workshop Minneapolis,

by approximately 14% in 2009. It is significantly more prevalent than solar and geothermal power projects. 3.Of the current U.S. biomass-to-power capacity, wood-fired power projects represent nearly 60% of that capacity, while municipal solid waste (about 89 plants), landfill gas (approximately 300 plants), animal waste (a large number include anaerobic digestion- to-power plants) and agricultural refuse (several cornstalks/sunflower shells- to- power plants) make-up/

Presentation Title A holistic view of energy efficiency improvement in power generation. New technology, renovation & modernization and process improvement.

main constraint of IGCC technology is cost (+35%), more land requirement and higher auxiliary consumption for producing syn gas. India first IGCC power plant is coming up at Vijayawada, foundation for which has been laid. The 125 MW plant will be built in the premises of Vijayawada Thermal Power Plant (VTPS). BHEL and APGENCO has jointly funded this project. The main constraint of IGCC technology is cost (+35/

Concerns with Indian Power Sector Socio-environmental problems due to over reliance on Coal Power Plants Washington September, 2011 Shankar Sharma Power.

 US - $345 billion a year in hidden expenses (Harvard University research)  not borne by miners or utilities, including health problems in mining communities and pollution around power plants  Critically Polluted Areas in India have coal power plants  Sulphur dioxide, high ash content,/& Solar driers Solar street lights Solar water pumps Small size wind mills Bio-mass plants (eg. Gobar gas plants) Mini & micro hydel plants Hybrid of solar, wind and bio-mass Major advantages of Renewable energy sources - /

Deductions Under Section(s) 80IA, 80IB, 80IC & 80JJA All India Chartered Accountants’ Society 6 th Annual Workshop on Direct Taxes 9 th July, 2010 Presented.

services or generation of power referred to in Clause ii & iv of s/s 4:  Should not be formed by splitting up, or reconstruction  Should not be formed by the transfer of a used plant and machinery except where the used plant and machinery does not exceed 20% of total value of plant and machinery. User of P & M used outside India subject to fulfillment of/

Challenges in implementation of Underground Coal Gasification Project.

over 50 years of research on UCG, field tests and several commercial projects, including an electric power plant in Angren, Uzbekistan that is still in operation today after 47 years.  The U.S. carried out over 30 pilots between 1975/.  At present, multiple commercial projects are in various stages of development in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand and China to produce power, liquid fuels, and synthetic natural gas. Development of a Generalized Simulation Model Factors to/


integration strategy Lack of extensive research on existing plants 1.To estimate the CO 2 emission reduction potential using MEA system for coal fired power plants in Thailand, Vietnam, India and Bangladesh.Thailand, Vietnam, India and Bangladesh. 2.To study net emission/bypassing 15% flue gas with 20% power drop (wrt. gross plant size) and 1.7 times increase in COE Case ‘b’ can capture 184 tCO 2 / hr (80%) without bypass and with one third reduction in output with more than twice increase in COE Compared to/

Engineering Chemistry (revised edition) ISBN: 978-81-265-4475-2 Copyright©2014 Wiley India Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

India Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved Uses of Coal 1.As a primary fuel: Coal is used to produce steam through heat and combustion, which is again used for running turbines to generate electricity in power plants. 2.As a secondary fuel: The product of burning coal in/ (revised edition) ISBN: 978-81-265-4475-2 Copyright©2014 Wiley India Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved Compressed Natural Gas This gaseous fuel is compressed natural gas (CNG) which mainly contains methane. It is obtained by applying high pressure/

Towards a People Centric Energy Policy & A case for reduced need for conventional Power Plants ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Power plants Coastal areas are targeted for ease of import and sea water More coal fields are being opened More of forests are getting destroyed More of tribals being displaced Global warming and Climate Change : What is India’s commitment ? Coal power Efficiency Implications on Global warming ? “Emissions have been, and continue to be driven, by economic growth; yet stabilization of greenhouse-gas concentrations in the/

Presented by Ankush kumar. BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED:- BHEL is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in the energy-related.

Supplied over 2,25,000 MVA transformer capacity and other equipment operating in Transmission & Distribution network up to 400 kV (AC & DC). BHEL is the 12th largest company in the world in Power Plant Equipments manufacturing and the largest in India. Products :- Heat recovery Steam Generator Gas Generator Hydro Generator Steam turbine Gas turbine Hydro Turbines Switch Gear Boiler drum Water wall panel Wind mill Steam turbine:- The modern/


GAS  NATURAL GAS IS FASTEST GROWING ENERGY SOURCE  CONSUMPTION WILL INCREASE ANNUALY 2.45% FROM 95 TRILLION cubic feet IN 2003 TO 182 TRILLION cubic feet IN 2030  WORLD NATURAL GAS RESERVES ARE AROUND 6112 TRILLION cubic feet  WORLD NATURAL GAS/even earlier break-even. WIND POWER PLANT PLF IN INDIA The highest capacity utilization factor of 39% has been achieved in a commercial project at Jogimatti in Karnataka. Another commercial project of 2.76 MW capacity, installed in Rajasthan, has indicated a /


coverage of Energy Technologies including Oil & Gas, Power, Renewable Energy and Clean Development Methods. Specialized IPR courses such as Patents, Copy Rights, Trade Marks, Doman Name Registration and its Management of IPRs. Extensive Engineering Technology project combined with legal case methodology * Subject to approval from Bar Council of India Integrated B.Tech (Computer Science), LL.B with specialization in Cyber Laws * www.upes.ac/

3 rd India International DRI Summit 2016 P Chattopadhyay Chief Operating Officer(Sponge Division) 19 th August, 2016.

power  Trained and stable workforce A zero debt company Earning profits for the past 23 years & consistently paying dividends Most eco friendly – a benchmark among coal based DRI plants in India. First DRI company to earn CDM benefits. Certified in ISO-9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 TPM – 1st DRI plant in/, O2 & coal feed and quality For the first time, we installed A Multi Gas analyzer at kiln’s inlet side 14 3 rd India International DRI Summit 2016 © copy right 2016 Coal issue : Briquetting of coal fines /

© ABB Group The ABB Solution for the E&P Industry Organization:- ONGC Limited, India Project :- Enterprise Wide SCADA System for the Production and Drilling.

ONGC Assets Spread In India Group Gathering Stations (GGS) Group Gathering Stations (GGS) Gas Collecting Station (GCS) Gas Collecting Station (GCS) Central Tank Farm (CTF) Central Tank Farm (CTF) Central Processing Facility (CPF) Central Processing Facility (CPF) Early Production System (EPS) Early Production System (EPS) Gas Compressor Plant (GCP) Gas Compressor Plant (GCP) Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Water Injection Plant (WIP) Water Injection Plant (WIP) The Asset/

Emissions Inventory: India & China Assessments P.R. Shukla.

2Age profile specific livestock emissions (from IPCC) 2Methane coefficients for paddy are Indianised 2Coal mines are categorized in four levels (as per IPCC) for Methane estimates 2For MSW, IPCC co-efficient is used. While /Gas Manure Management MSW Agriculture residue Waste Water Percentage Medinipur (Rural) Delhi (Urban ) Emissions from Large Point Sources LPS Location Map LPS: CO 2 Emissions Million Tons LPS: SO 2 Emissions Thousand Tons A B C D E F CO 2 from Power Plants ç50 LPS emit 40% of all India/


(pyrolyzed, but the oil requires further upgrading before a refinery can use it as a feedstock. Natural gas hydrates in marine sediment are a mixture of methane and H2O frozen into solid crystalline state at water depths of approximately/in the earth that are accessed by drilling; geothermal reservoirs located near the earths surface; the shallow ground near the Earths surface that maintains a relatively constant temperature of 50°-60° F. Map showing Geothermal Provinces of India How a Geothermal Power Plant/

1 Renewable Energy Experiences Food for thought minus the RE statistics to be found at mnes.nic.in, powermin.nic.in, www.cea.nic.in and www.recindia.com.

recirculated to rural economy, Rs/US$44,000,000920,000 Permanent jobs created in biomass supply business500 A good example of income generation Biomass Power Plant, Karnataka, India 14 Do not market photovoltaic (PV) systems under the label green house gas mitigation. Smart appraisers will only tell you that you have increased greenhouse gas emissions, because for the same life cycle cost investment, any effort to/

Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Infrastructure Solutions December 2009.

ISO9001:2000 certification 125 years of experience Only contractor involved in construction of all three LNG terminals in India Singapores LRT / MRT Changi Airport Terminal Extension Nuclear > 3 million engineering manhours Worlds largest Wheat base Bioethanol Plant Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, and Infrastructure Solutions August 2009 Oil & Gas Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, and Infrastructure Solutions August 2009 Gas Processing Natural Gas Pipeline in Tuas and Jurong Area, Singapore Total E&P Tambora/


has to its credit, the first in India and third in the world - Nuclear Containment Structure in PSC at RAPP Kota, Rajasthan. Since then partnered 9 Nuclear Power Plants across the Country Kaiga unit 3 & 4 – 450MWe, Karnataka INDIA’S FIRST 500 MWe FAST BREEDER REACTOR AT KALPAKKAM, TAMIL NADU, DEVELOPED INDIGINEOUSLY Hydro Power Plant Gammon India Limited is associated with Construction of Hydro Power Project structures since 1986 Constructed : 21/

Your Partner in Sustainable Water Management Solutions

Integration, Erection, Testing, Commissioning, Project Management in Water Systems, Pumping Stations, Water Treatment Plants, Substations, Irrigation, Hydro & Thermal Power Plants Flowmore Introduction Started manufacturing of pumps in 1946 Leader in large and special application pumps Wide product portfolio in standard & custom-engineered pumps Flowmore has had a licensee-association with the world renowned Fairbanks Morse Pump Corporation , Kansas, USA Having India’s largest test bed capacity to cater/


Land70.0 overall 28.8 open forest (a) Fast growing bamboo/tree species (under National Mission for Greener India) (b) Forest residues, lantana, etc., that can be sustainably harvested/collected (i) Cooking/Heating fuel/Producer gas, which would be feedstock for Engines (electricity + transportation), Stoves/Heaters. BIO RESOURCES AVAILABILITY BIOMASS PROCESSING TO BIOENERGY KEY FACTORS CONSTRAINING BIO ENERGY GROWTH Low Feed-in Tariffs/Procurement Prices : electricity tariffs for Biomass/Biogas Power Plants /

Disclaimer I am not an expert in UCG Talk uses public sources with added interpretation/opinion by author Contains more detail than can be covered here.

recent approaches developed in FSU Laurus Energy is developing commercial projects, based on εUCGTM technology, in Canada with projects in Alberta and Nova Scotia. UCG gas from coal deposits in vicinity of two coal- fired power plants in Nova Scotia, can/Chinchilla Project India India has fourth-largest coal reserves in world UCG will be used to tap those India coal reserves that are difficult to extract by conventional technologies. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) and Gas Authority of India Ltd./

Renovation, Modernization and Life Extension service of Power Plant

a single source Technical Assistance After DPR elaboration, the project Consultant will assist the customer /owner in preparing as follows: Preparation of Specification for EPC Contractor selection; Bid documents and evaluation; Preparation of/ Vemagiri Power Generation Limited, GMR Group (India) Vemagiri, AP India 388 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Thermal Performance Test on Combined Cycle Power Plant Vemagiri, India, 2009 RRVUVN Kali Sindh Thermal Power Project Kali Sindh & Chhabra India 2 /

Presentation on National Power Training Institute (NPTI)

& Distribution - Generators - Renewable Energy - Gas Turbines - Project Management etc. Governing Systems Power Station Auxiliary equipments Transnational Training 41 Established institutes all over the country NPTI is the only institute of its kind in the world with such a wide geographical spread and covering such wide gamut of academic and training programs in Power Sector. NPTI Institutes are strategically located near large Power Plants in order to facilitate the/


on norms  O&M Cost - %age of current capital cost  Plant Operating Parameters on norms 11 Need To Optimise Return & Depreciation It is/in view the requirement of resources for the power sector, Govt. of India had increased rates of depreciation in March, 1994. These rates of depreciation were uniformly applicable to all power utilities including generating companies, SEBs, IPPs, licensees etc. 27 In/ of the station. Heat Rate norms for existing gas stations may be specified considering above factors and for/


/lignite fired power plants as well as gas based simple & combined cycle power plants with unit sizes ranging upto 800 MW which is the largest size single unit of supercritical technology currently under implementation in India.  DESEIN is also a service provider for operation & maintenance of power plants in India & abroad for the past three decades. It has provided such services for many power plants in the past and at present 8 complete power plants and/

Everest Kanto Cylinders Ltd.

steels, CrMo steels, Special steels High-pressure gas cylinders for oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium, air etc., designed to withstand rough handling Key end - user sectors include: Healthcare, beverage, firefighting, steel, metal, power etc. 3,00,000 2,50,000 -/and maintains an impressive portfolio of highly regarded manufacturing certifications, some of which are listed in the following table: Plant Approvals All Plants ISO 9000:2008 India IS 7285 (Part 1): 2004, IS 7285 (Part 2): 2004, IS 15490/

ABOUT US  DOES is a Pvt. Ltd Co., incorporated in the year 2000.  DOES is based in Mumbai – Western India, having its  workshop & Yard facilities at.

equipments & carbon steel and stainless steel piping. Electrical and Instrumentation work Fatty Acid Plant, Bharuch OUR EXPERIENCE TRACK RECORD OUR EXPERIENCE TRACK RECORD Sr. No Client Brief /in Oil and Gas, Power, Chemical and Petro- Chemical Sectors.  It also offers commissioning and field support.  The company has over 200 Engineers working at three different work stations  Coimbatore, India  Mumbai, India.  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. EXPERIENCE RECORD EXPERIENCE RECORD The Company track record in/

2nd Coal Conference By: B.M.VERMA Advisor- Essar Power (M.P.) Limited Ex- Chairman Jharkhand State Electricity Board Ex- Chairman & Managing Director Uttarakhand.

thus having a serious impact on coal production Total coal bearing area in India (sq km) 17,300 Total no. of coal blocks in India 602 No. of blocks identified in No-Go 203 Spread over in area (sq km) 3,039 Annual Production Potential (MT) 660 Reasons/per annum 135 GW in ten years 13.5 GW per annum One Power Plant (1.1 GW)/mth Maximum added till now is 4,600 MW (One in four months) ( China adds one per week !! ) FUEL SUPPLY: OPTIONS FOR FUTURE Coal Conventional Gasification Natural Gas Hydro Nuclear PHWR /

Presentation on India’s Strategy Towards Energy Development and Energy Security By R.V. SHAHI Secretary, Ministry of Power Government of India December.

and rivers. Promote R&D to make in-situ gasification commercially viable. Massive exploration efforts for Oil, Gas and Coal. Access to hydrocarbon reserves overseas and gas pipelines to India. Contd.. Enhancing Supply Options contd.. Full /bound introduction of MYT. Merchant Power Plants Development of Merchant power plants with highly competitive tariff- a new electricity market development initiative. To fill the demand supply gap. Facilitated by Open access in transmission and distribution. Full market /

Climate change issues in Oil & Gas Sector

in gas processing plant Power factor improvement at oil installations Reduction in gas pipe leaks Fuel switch from fossil fuels to other cleaner fuels like natural gas Captive power generation by utilizing natural gas Oil tank head vapor recovery system Potential GHG abatement projects in Downstream Oil & Gas Sector Potential GHG abatement projects in Downstream Oil & Gas Sector 1. Energy efficiency Improvement measures in/today, has resulted in better rate Has been more popular in India so far Combination /

Madhya Pradesh: Means Business

graduates add to workforce each year Availability of coal and natural gas (G.A.I.L pipeline) along with support from Government to make investment in Thermal Power Plants lucrative Over 144 BCM of coal bed methane reserves available 12 /Works Contract Tax Property Tax Other Local taxes Automotive Proving Grounds - Pithampur Advantage MP World is looking at India India- The Emerging Power The global automotive parts industry has undergone a sea change over the past decade. Consolidation and restructuring have/

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