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AP TEST REVIEW PART THREE 18th Century through Napoleon Brianaaaaa, HabESHH, Danicaaaaa.

agriculture, and commerce. BUT: did nothing to end feudalism, and practiced class discrimination by appointing mostly junkers and the gentry to government posts. Enlightened Despotism /for the 1st time since 1614. –This legislative call set in motion a chain of events that eventually led to the decapitation of the king. The French Revolution /) This phase began with the execution of Robespierre on July, 27, 1794 (The 9th of Thermidor). With his death, the reign of terror ended & bourgeois moderates took /

AP TEST REVIEW PART THREE 18th Century through Napoleon.

for estate owners Urban migration Agricultural inventions Enclosure Acts Corn Laws Conflict between the middle and upper classes and continued exploitation of the lower classes Commercial Revolution The commercial revolution/of learning & civilization. They especially liked nature. THE FRENCH REVOLUTION Immediate Cause: French financial crisis-- national bankruptcy –The gov’t could not / with the execution of Robespierre on July, 27, 1794 (The 9th of Thermidor). With his death, the reign of terror ended &/

AP TEST REVIEW PART THREE 18th Century through Napoleon.

for estate owners Urban migration Agricultural inventions Enclosure Acts Corn Laws Conflict between the middle and upper classes and continued exploitation of the lower classes Commercial Revolution The commercial revolution/of learning & civilization. They especially liked nature. THE FRENCH REVOLUTION Immediate Cause: French financial crisis-- national bankruptcy –The gov’t could not / with the execution of Robespierre on July, 27, 1794 (The 9th of Thermidor). With his death, the reign of terror ended &/

AP TEST REVIEW PART THREE 18th Century through Napoleon.

for estate owners Urban migration Agricultural inventions Enclosure Acts Corn Laws Conflict between the middle and upper classes and continued exploitation of the lower classes Commercial Revolution The commercial revolution/of learning & civilization. They especially liked nature. THE FRENCH REVOLUTION Immediate Cause: French financial crisis-- national bankruptcy –The gov’t could not / with the execution of Robespierre on July, 27, 1794 (The 9th of Thermidor). With his death, the reign of terror ended &/

AP TEST REVIEW PART THREE France through Napoleon.

began with the execution of Robespierre on July, 27, 1794 (The 9th of Thermidor). With his death, the reign of terror ended & /class to political, economic, and social power was established. The introduction of the Napoleonic code to central and E. Europe stimulated a taste for freedom that later led to revolution. The Congress of Vienna Purposes included: –division of the spoils of war –production of a settlement to return Europe, as closely as possible to the way it was before the French revolution/

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can be dated from the 9th century BC. https://store./Revolution 1 After the Belgian revolution, the bourgeoisie in Brussels began to use French more and more. Numerous French and Walloon immigrants moved to Brussels, and for the first time in mass numbers the Flemish people began switching to French/French by recent immigrants did little to help the prestige of French relative to Dutch. After World War II, the Flemish economy underwent significant growth. Flanders developed a prosperous middle class/

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at; Chester Training College 1902-1904 (Teacher Training – Govt Certificate 1st Class 1905) Employed by London County Council 1904-1906 - Latimer and Popham/French Divisions and the 10th (Irish) Division from Gallipoli. Other French and British forces landed-during the year, and in the summer of 1916 Russian and Italian forces joined them. In August, 1916, a Greek Revolution/, who was killed in Action, in France, on Sunday, May 9th, 1915. “For his Country’s sake” Copy of Letter received from his comrades at/

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the.

French Revolution follow the Brinton’s Anatomy of a Revolution? Throughout our study of the French Revolution and subsequent revolutions, we will examine a variety of events and continually relate them back to the anatomy of the revolution Brinton’s Phase 1: The Old Order Causes of the French Revolution Weak leadership Class/ and humane Became famous during the French Revolution for quick beheadings Maximillien Robespierre becomes the /“coup d’etat” on November 9th, 1799 and overthrows the weak directory/

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1 On Karl Marx: Hal Draper, Karl Marxs Theory of Revolution, Volume 1: State and Bureaucracy. New York: Monthly Review/etymology of bureaucracy derives from the French word for office (bureau) and the Ancient Greek for word power (kratos).[http://www./Ancient Bureaucracy 1 Ancient Egypt also had a hereditary class of scribes that administered the civil service bureaucracy https/sleeps in the Emperors bedchamber. Usually a eunuch, during the 9th–10th centuries, the holders of this office often functioned as /

‘From the idea of Europe to the EU ‘Magna Charta’: a modular curriculum on the Education to Citizenship’

the Pope became an independent state in central Italy. In the late 9th century and 10th century, northern and western Europe felt the burgeoning power / the middle classes had been deeply influenced by the ideals of democracy of the French revolution, the Industrial Revolution brought important economical and social changes, the lower classes started to /East should prompt Europeans not to sit back and take lasting peace for granted. Sweden Finland Cyprus Malta Slovenia Hungary Slovakia Czech Republic Poland/

Imperialism and The United States, 1890-1914 Introduction…

civilization Welcome Back! Bell Ringer… Bell Ringer… Bring Textbooks to class tomorrow! Bring Textbooks to class tomorrow! 5 reasons the US began to imperialize? 5 reasons /9th and 10th Cavalry and the 24th and 25th Infantry. Joined the Rough Riders for the battle of San Juan and Kettle Hills Joined the Rough Riders for/revolution was staged with the help of the French Canal agent Philippe Bunau-Varilla Knowing that Panama was unhappy under Columbian rule, a revolution was staged with the help of the French/

1 Central and Eastern European Economies David Chelly ESC Dijon American students February-May 2005.

specialisation 6 The course’s outline (continuation) 5. (9th of March) The shift of the Central and Eastern /Eastern Europe leading to individual presentations (20 % - Lecture 10) –Team works during classes: cases, text analysis and comments (10 % - Lecture 10) –Final examination:/Eastern Europe You are a consultant with the French Center for External Trade (CFCE). Your task is /the detriment of the services sector. Like dominos, several revolutions brought about the downfall of the Communist regime, and /

Launching the New Ship of State Chapter 10. w Central government to be distrusted, watched, and curbed.

1791 w First 10 Amendments w Safeguards to most basic American principles 9th Amendment w Rights not mentioned are protected also w Reassure states 10th / Florida Citizen Genet (cont.) w Became embarrassment to French and Jeffersonians w Washington tells him to leave French Revolution takes a new turn and he cannot go back/off debt w Primarily agrarian w No special privileges for special classes (manufacturing) w Want government run by educated (not property class) Believe in masses if educated w Keep slaves/

AP Review 2010 This review is based on the outline provided by College Board of the major topics in U.S. history.

French Colonization of Canada The French encounters with the Eastern Woodland Indians in Canada were relatively friendly because the French courier du bois needed the Indians for the fur trade and because New France was sparsely populated. The French/and cattle frontiers, and as Indian fighters (notably the 9th and 10th cavalry). Chinese immigrants were used as a / to criticize the excesses of the industrial revolution (Thorsten Veblen’s Theory of the Leisure Class, and Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward) /


think that the rights listed might be the only ones protected, the 9th amendment was inserted which stated that specifying certain rights “shall not be/ money and financial support The new government would flourish, and the propertied classes would get richer Prosperity would trickle down to the masses *fiscal =/French Revolution started in 1789 (just weeks after Washington’s first inauguration) It would take 26 years for Europe to get back to normal after this French Revolution was really a World Revolution/


the Church, during the Great Schism – and political power use until the French Revolution. Charles University (1347) The first university in Central Europe -opened in /by the regent Bardas of emperor Michael III, followed by the University of Salerno (9th century)*, [growing out of a Benedictine monastery], University of Bologna (1088) in/for goods such as clothing. A new class of landless labourers, products of enclosure, provided the basis for cottage industry, a stepping stone to the Industrial Revolution/

Georgia U.S. History End-Of- Course Test Study Guide.

weekly grades in your social studies classes (past and present) to answer/Revolution was the growing belief among the colonists that their rights as Englishmen were being violated. This belief originated in the lingering effects of the French and Indian War. French and Indian War The French and Indian War resulted from a long simmering rivalry between Great Britain and France and their competition for territory in North America. The French/ bails, fines, and punishments 9th Amendment: Declares that rights not/

Continuity and Change Dardan, Deanna, Rea, Maheen, Kristin

first signs of the Greek city-states in the 9th century BC. 1,400 BC - Destruction of/ridden farmers; laborers forced into bondage over debt, and the middle classes who were excluded from government. 530 BC – Pythagoras - Greek philosopher/French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821) - The French Revolution - (1789–1799) was a period of radical social and political upheaval in French and European history. The absolute monarchy that had ruled France for centuries collapsed in three years. French/

The Age of Napoleon and the Triumph of Romanticism

a nation for imperial expansion. French Revolution from different perspectives The French Revolution ended with Napoleon’s Consulate. For the members of the Third Estate, it had achieved its goals Hereditary privilege was abolished Obstacles to the careers of professionals and merchants had been removed The peasants were satisfied with the land they had acquired and the termination of their feudal duties. The propertied class( politically influential/

Chapter 1 - Introduction

this system? Why did it almost cost us the revolution? The Articles of Confederation What was the role of /? Was this ship bound for France? Why did the captain think he could seize a ship headed from a French port? The Legal Issues / complicated. United States v. Barona, 56 F.3d 1087 (9th Cir. 1995) The majority looked to good faith compliance with / or a regulatory interest in forestalling danger to the community.’’ The class of persons subject to confinement must be commensurately narrow and the duration/

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9th and 10th grade Humanities program, are later examined in upper-level electives which range from traditional philosophy to investigations of the moral implications of issues such as globalization, environmental challenges, economic, social and cultural disparities, and the communications revolution/IB-English HL 1-4 Calculus AB IB-French B SL 1-4 Calculus BC Chemistry /intradistrict MARCH                Student Registration for Classes Incoming Freshman Aragon Guidance Staff will visit the feeder /

1916-1929 Unit 5 The Road to World War I through The Roaring 20’s.

for Punitive Expedition World Class Pistol Shot Poncho Villa Has his first run in with Mexican authorities in his early teens for supposedly killing the man who attacked his sister Becomes involved in Mexican Revolution Forms a group known as Villistas that roam Northern Mexico and become powerful part of Mexican Revolution Columbus, New Mexico Before March 9th/ offensive, during which Pershing commanded more than one million American and French soldiers. The United States by the summer of 1918 was sending /

What do you remember about the enlightenment? Agenda 1. Drill 2. Enlightenment Intro Video 3. Survey 4. Maybe Gallery Walk if there is time.

argued for balance of powers, or branches, in government? Agenda 1. Drill 2. Finish Walk Around 3. Go over walk around  Montesquieu 5th 11:33 –12:08 6th 12:12 – 12:47 7th 12:51 – 1:26 8th 1:30 – 2:05 9th 2/ Social Class System – poorest people paid all the taxes  Economic Problems – poor govt. decisions and bad harvests caused starvation for the poor  Enlightenment Ideas – they let common people realize that they had choices about their govt.  American Revolution – The Inspiration The French Estates The/

The History of Codebreaking, Part I: The Pre-Computing Era (Preview Edition) Jason Hale.

of Cryptography Al-Kindi: 9th Century Muslim Arab Scientist, was responsible for the first known recorded explanation/turned anti-clockwise one twenty-sixth of a revolution each time a keyboard key was pressed. /for profit) on how to break the Enigma code (2 years before NAZIs assumed power) Was betrayed by his French Spy Master to the Germans and arrested by the Gestapo in March 1943 Poisoned himself with cyanide procured by his daughter Untended, unmarked grave outside of Berlin Average, middle-class/

BR-main Before Reading 1. Listen and Answer 2. History of English 3. Winston Churchill 4. Julius Caesar 5. Viking 6. Norman 7. William Caxton 8. Otto Jespersen.

very different from modern English and only a few words can be easily recognized. In the 9th and 10th centuries, when Vikings invaded England, Old Norse words, e.g. sky, /with about 10,000 “borrowed” French words. Article10_S Around 1476 William Caxton set up a printing press in England and started a communications revolution. Printing brought into English the wealth/ the teacher’s office, the boy tried to invent a plausible excuse for his absence from class. 2)give (a name, reason, etc. that doesn’t exist or/

The Bill of Rights The promise of a Bill of Rights allowed many Americans to accept the new Constitution as their formal system of government Therefore,

nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” “To institute new government…” 9th Amendment – Protection of rights not specifically enumerated in the Bill of/that empowered both the federal government and the wealthy classes of society. Hamilton’s first goal was to /the present instance I see the necessity of yielding for this time….for the sake of the union, and to save us/was carried out against enemies of the Revolution. The Jeffersonians 5) The French Revolution eventually grew into a global conflict among /

A.P. U.S. History Notes: Chapter 10: “Launching of the New Ship of State” ~ 1789 – 1800 ~

be a state controlled item (9th Amendment). The Constitution should be interpreted literally and strictly. Hamilton Battles Jefferson for a Bank End result: / Federalists. However, the French Revolution greatly affected America. At first, people were overjoyed, since the first stages of the revolution were not unlike America’/classes and a weaker central government that would preserve the sovereignty of the states, and were mostly pro-French. Jefferson was rich and even owned slaves, but he sympathized for/

Chapter 27: “Expansionism” but what we really mean is empire!

Mahan Josiah Strong Mark Hanna Gold Strikes Increase in farm prices Middle Class Wilson Gorman Tariff Teller Amendment Roosevelt’s Corollary Bryan Anti- Imperialism Aquinaldo/Journalism: Olivetti Affair McKinley Pres..McKinley Pres.. Delome LetterDelome Letter Feb 9th, 1898: The MaineFeb 9th, 1898: The Maine Pulitzer; No “prize” as a journalist /a Panamanian revolution Pays off ($40 mill) the French consortium that had failed 10 years earlier Congress recognizes Panama 3 days BEFORE they ask for it. Congress/

Chapter 23 World War I The student will understand the general causes of WWI, and the events and causes that led to U.S. entry into the war. AL COS 11.

respond, they accepted all demands. mobilization: readying troops for war. (GRE) Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary/ are the poisonous gases. This class includes chlorine, phosgene and diphosgene/ Rammed by Light Cruiser BIRMINGHAM, off the Orkneys, 9th August, 1914. U18: Rammed by Minesweeping Trawler 96/ Irish Sea, 26th September, 1917. UC35: Sunk by French Patrol Vessel AILLY, off Sardinian Coast, 16th May, 1918/the war against Germany during WWI. Russian Revolution: With the collapse of the Russian /

The Reichstag in session 1930

Revolution The new government led by Chancellor Prince Max of Baden approached the allies for/Revolution Workers and soldiers soviets were set up in many towns and cities and demanded an end to the war. A key stumbling block was the continued presence of the Kaiser – the allies would negotiate only with a new government. On the 9th/g. religion, regions, social class Proportional Representation A voting system in/ harmful for international finance”. Close links between the German, British, French and American/

Unit 7 Learning about English

from modern English and only a few words can be easily recognized. In the 9th and 10th centuries, when Vikings invaded England, Old Norse words, e.g./ ____________ Para 14 __________________ – French influence Greek and Latin The Vikings Old Norse The Norman Conquest The American revolution Post-reading tasks --- identifying/for centuries great respecters of the liberties of each individual…”? Give reasons. Remember to --- SEE YOU! review the text bring your listening book for class next week get prepared for/

Anglo-Saxon History and Old English Language and Literature

enamel jewel (9th century) thought to have belonged to King Alfred and is possibly the handle to a pointer used for following manuscript /French, which became the language of the Royal Court, and the ruling and business classes. For a period there was a kind of linguistic class division, where the lower classes spoke English and the upper classes spoke French/arising from two principal factors: firstly, the Industrial Revolution and technology created a need for new words; secondly, the British Empire at its/


, reorganisation, hypercorrection Causes for language variation 1. SOCIAL FACTORS LINKED TO LANGUAGE USERS, such as region, social class or group , education,/ to invade part of Britain and in the 9th century King Alfred, king of the West-Saxon/.g. Latin and French) A world language is necessary for mutual intelligibility in a/for English Languages change for EXTERNAL and INTERNAL reasons. The former are major historical, political and cultural events like the Norman invasion in 1066, the Industrial Revolution/

Supplementary ReadingAfter ReadingDetailed ReadingGlobal Reading Detailed Reading Before Reading Unit 7 The glorious messiness of English B R _ main Listening.

English and only a few words can be easily recognized. In the 9th and 10th centuries, when Vikings invaded England, Old Norse words, /to “the water in the kettle”. … French for the nobles, Latin for the churches and English for the common people. Unit 7 The glorious messiness/ the boy tried to invent a plausible excuse for his absence from class. D R _ word _ invent 1 invent/based goods and services. Ignoring geography and borders, the information revolution is redefining our world. In less than 20 years, /

8 th Grade Course Selection Carl Sandburg Middle School.

school expectations, as well as descriptions of all available 9th grade courses. Please understand that students are not guaranteed / and liberty. They evaluate the impact of the Industrial Revolution on economic, social, and political institutions. Students will / to prepare various types of presentations. This class will produce school videos for broadcast on the new morning announcements “live / and Model Maker. WORLD LANGUAGES Courses are offered in French and Spanish. A student should maintain a “C” /

Fin de Siècle Leading to War “end of the century” and the Balkan Powder Keg Kevin Lu Period 5 Legend: Bold means important term/ fact = interesting tidbit.

-> key diplomacy (Chambers 822) -Form web of alliances for security, isolate France through Triple Alliance (1882) with Austria-/ urbanized, revolutionary spirit (lasting impact of the French Revolution). Life is no longer centered around religion. / class → unrestrained, seek to “live life to the fullest” -period of decadence and degeneration after the Industrial Revolution /.”. Web. 16 Feb. 2013. Chambers, Mortimer. The Western Experience. 9th ed. New York: Knopf; [distributed by Random House, 1974. Print/

World War I. Causes  Militarism (Wilson): military, reporting directly to a king, not to elected civilian governments, controlled Germany, Austria, Russia.

an autocracy of autocracies.  Russia was defeated; the Revolution replaced the autocratic czar (temporarily) with limited representative government/Handley-Read Trench Warfare "Humanity - Stretcher- Bearer Post, 9th Field Ambulance" - Gilbert Rogers (Official War Artist) After/ Alexandra’s increasingly incompetent rule roused hostility in all classes of Russians, resulting in the murder of Alexandras favorite/units and using them as reinforcements for British Empire and French units. Pershing ordered the use /

Chapter 10 “Launching of the New Ship of State”. America in 1790 American population was 90% rural All but 5% of the people lived east of the Appalachian.

bank should be a state controlled item (9th Amendment). The Constitution should be interpreted /for farmers no national bank Federalists Leaders Alexander Hamilton John Adams Regions strongest in northern towns and coastal south Beliefs rule by wealthy, educated people strong national government loose construction of the Constitution limits on states rights laws to help businesspeople high tariffs to protect manufacturers in the United States powerful national bank pro-British French Revolution A revolution/

法律英语教案 An Unwritten Constitution  I. Suggested Teaching Plan  Objectives  Students will be able to:  1. understand the main idea (the function of each.

have worked well.  caste  one of the fixed social classes, which cannot be changed, into which people are born in/ control of it  Air France gobbled up its main French rivals, Air Inter and UTA.  stock IN A/every country touched by the automotive revolution,  - the railroad and automobile: rewrite the law books and show little respect for what family a legal system / of the circuit, sizable number of judges in the 9th Circuit)  - the end of the line for most cases. Paragraph 15  Level 3: The Supreme/

OUR LOGO BUDAPEST CSEPEL ISLAND The school is located next to the river Danube. It was opened in 1986 on Csepel island. The students have opportunity.

of his lifework was planning the regulation of the river Tisza, for which he got the commission in 1845. He put his whole /French, Russian) and we learn vocational subjects, too. Organisational structure 9th grade: 4 classes – a, b, c, d 10th grade: 4 classes – a, b, c, d 11th grade: 4 classes – a, b, c, d 12th grade: 4 classes – a, b, c, d 13th grade: 2 classes – a, b 2 classes on the 9th/ events we commemorate on (e.g.: Hungarian revolutions, holocaust etc.) Summary The school’s community is good. There/


1774, are now digitised. The vocabulary upto the time of the French Revolution is accessible to detailed study. Also the extensive Buddhist Tripitaka with / p. (complete) INPUT: CHRISTIAN LINDER The classical collection of ancient songs (-9th to -6th cent) famously translated by Ezra Pound, who worked on the /entries Example sentences: Over 70 000 examples analysed Syntactic analysis: Over 600 function classes for words Synonym groups: Over 2200 groups hierarchically defined Synonym distinctions: 1078 groups /

Computer Trivia Click Start to begin then click continue Start.

Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator (a primitive computer). On the 9th of September, 1947, when the machine was experiencing problems, /in San Jose, California, on September 3, 1995, by French-born Iranian computer programmer Pierre Omidyar as part of a larger/Linux and the Open Source Revolution, Torvalds is quoted as saying, "I think I was named equally for Linus the Peanuts cartoon character/ Current Score Incorrect Read-only memory (ROM) is a class of storage media used in computers and other electronic devices/

Main Characteristics of Anthropology Ancient Middle America.

Ed. “Food Production” A Biocultural Revolution Understanding Physical Anthropology and Archaeology, 9th Ed., p. 333. Time line for Ch. 14 Food Production. Neolithic /land and property – infant cranial deformation –... Multiple Cultural Worlds people live in multiple cultural worlds class race ethnicity gender age institutions “units of analysis” may include: –one person (e.g.,/of Arc Burned at the stake by an ecclesiastical court For leading the French Armey by divine guidance During the Hundred Years’ War /

Mr. Giesler Global 1. Africa What I know about Africa What I want to learn About Africa What I learned about Africa.

Civilizations: Stone Age Cultures Do Now : Describe the Neolithic Revolution Similar to the first civilizations that we have already learned /  The Kingdom of Ghana is generally given the dates 9th to the 13th century CE by historians.  It marks/ Muslim Arabs, but specifically targeted towards the ruling class. Africa What I know about Africa What I / struggling for independence Morocco and Tunisia Algeria home to large French settler population, was more important to the French French government concluded/

Classical Era. Classicism Defined The period of the ancient Greeks and Romans A standard (enduring) Genre of music Time period The period of the ancient.

Era Written for middle class Non-sophisticated Listener Simple and Melodic Themes Large Room Movements have beginning, middle, end Easier to play Written for middle class Non-sophisticated / Fate versus hope 9th Finale Ode To Joy Supreme architect Tied all movements into a theme 5 th Fate versus hope 9th Finale Ode To /for A place to live A Salary Clothes Rank in Society Depends on the patron. Servant to aristocratic patronage. Ruminate on... patronage and Haydn Mozart Beethoven why the French Revolution/

Journals Entries. September 5th 1 st thru 3 rd Periods: Elaborate on the time period that you want to learn about this year and why? 4 th : Elaborate.

for the establishment for the thirteen English colonies? 6 th : No journal! Work on note cards for tours! 7 th : According to cognitive theory, why do young children think differently than teens? October 9th/ 5 th : Elaborate on the main causes of the French and Indian War? 6 th : Elaborate on characteristics that / seem effective in the years immediately following the Revolution? 6 th : Elaborate who you think is/ I feel like celebrating there will be no journals for any classes! This is my “Day” to you! Ms/

Why Russia?. 2 PERSPECTIVES ON COMMUNISM Communism as a global systemic phenomenon – a product of, and a challenge to, global capitalism Communism as.

revolutions, triggered off by the American War of Independence and the Great French Revolution of 1789-93 1848: After an unsuccessful wave of democratic revolutions/was up for massive upheavals, violent struggles for power, attempts at radical change Russia Russia is 1,200 years old It has existed in 6 historical forms:  Kiev Rus (9th-13th / West The pressures for change The reforms of Alexander II Development of capitalism vs. Political modernization Capitalism was creating new classes, new issues, /

RI#2 Historical Globalization To what extent did early globalization affect peoples of the world?

New Ideas, New Technologies, and Historical Globalization – 9th-13th century innovations to develop technologies – Made travel, trade, /water – Difficult to defend -Ouendat VS French conflict for 20 years – Social changes – Catholic/ and claims made – Many claims remain unsettled The Quiet Revolution in Quebec Key Terms (Ch. 7) Indian Act- First/ beliefs of the colonizers ensured that Indigenous people were always second-class Racism as government policy – Blacks barred from voting Apartheid – /

By Ben Nead, Chris Wiedeman, Emily Rumney, Jack Martin, Max Russakoff, and Patrick Schmit INDUSTRIALIZATION AND THE WORLD ECONOMY.

Revolution Increased supply of Domestic Goods Increased demand for Commodities Steam Engine/class supplied these investments By 1920, %25 of railroad mileage was outside Europe and US. Connected coastal ports to inland cities. Most (3/4) went to North America and Australia Less “developed” than Africa and Asia Natives suffered because of development. THE SCRAMBLE FOR/self-government, Western democracy French “civilizing mission” Americans/." A History of Western Society. 9th ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins/


themselves from the church and the belief in the Bible’s inerrancy. Finally, there were poor conditions for the working class. The Industrial Revolution led to the distance between the haves and have-nots growing rapidly, and many people (especially /French aristocracy. Best of times, worst of times – theme of duality and opposites. Great Expectations Published in 1861 is about an orphan named Pip who is helping out a convict. Dickens was pretty prolific for a while, it declined around 1865. On June 9th/

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