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Environment Safety & Health (ESH)

movement. It will be the responsibility of the contractor in cooperation with the POC to ensure that any excavation or drilling does not go through into an occupied area. The area below drilling or excavation shall be cleared and/or barricaded to prevent/ the job site. Kettles, lead pots and/or ovens shall be under constant contractor attendance while in operation and require a “Hot Work” permit from the company Fire Department. High Voltage Stay clear of High Voltage (i.e.,  600 Volts) locations - unless/

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company (LM Aero) - Marietta Contractor Briefing Environment Safety & Health (ESH)

.  It will be the responsibility of the contractor in cooperation with the POC to ensure that any excavation or drilling does not go through into an occupied area. The area below drilling or excavation shall be cleared and/or barricaded to prevent/at the job site.  Kettles, lead pots and/or ovens shall be under constant contractor attendance while in operation and require a “Hot Work” permit from the company Fire Department.  High Voltage  Stay clear of High Voltage (i.e.,  600 Volts) locations -/

  2005 Grant W. Howard Company 1 Grant W. Howard 13214 Wallace Road Manchester, MI 48158 (734) 428-0529 Profitability, Longevity and.

Howard Company 22 The Path to Success - Service 5. Closed-loop Backorder Process - Service 6. Keep it Working - Maintenance: –Get out of the “Yellow Sticky World” –Watch for Suppressed with Activity –POERA, WTERA, ICAMU 7. Measure and Monitor: –Drill in, /“Getting Results” - Top 10 10. Controlled Replenishment and Stocking Policy   2005 Grant W. Howard Company 55 Spend your days reacting to the fires... you may be efficient, but will you be effective? Where are Your Systems, Procedures, and Objectives /

Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company- Station 70 2009 Safety / Line of Duty Death.

20 minutes in, it takes 20 minutes to get out. How much air are you carrying? 20-30 minutes working time. Use 60 minute Cylinders… 20-30 minutes working time. Use 60 minute Cylinders… Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company Fire Tactics & /Doffing Drills Basic Donning and Doffing Drills 2 Minute Drill 2 Minute Drill MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!! CALL EARLY! – MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY CALL EARLY! – MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY Firefighters should call a MAYDAY in the following situations Firefighters should call a MAYDAY in /

Point of No Return Second Quarter SCBA Manipulative Drill Instructions: Second Quarter SCBA Manipulative Drill Instructions:

make modifications to any of these stations provided that the alternatives sufficiently represent continuous moderately strenuous fire-ground activities. Company Officers may make modifications to any of these stations provided that the alternatives sufficiently represent continuous moderately strenuous fire-ground activities. Your diligence in taking this drill and air management seriously is greatly appreciated. Your diligence in taking this drill and air management seriously is greatly appreciated.

 2005 Grant W. Howard Company 1 Grant W. Howard 13214 Wallace Road Manchester, MI 48158 (734) 428-0529 “Best Practices” Inventory Management.

Incentive and/or RC Considerations - Profits and Service n “What to Replenishment” –Line Buy (Make Target/Review Cycle) –Fill In/Emergency Buy –Transfers –Do Nothing n “How Much to Replenish” –Up to Line Point/Remaining Cycle (Cycle Coverage - /–Line Buy vs Emergency Buy –Availability (Sales, GM, Fires) 5. Vendor Performance and Negotiations 6. T&E and/or GMROI - Monitor, Drill Down, Find Areas of Improvement Back to Basics  2005 Grant W. Howard Company 26 Profitability GM & Expenses (Freight, CtoC, CtoP) 7/

2009 FIRE CODE AMENDMENTS WAC 51-54 For Fire TAG Review OCTOBER 27, 2011.

, prior notification of emergency drills shall be given to the fire code official. 405.7 Initiation. Emergency drills shall be initiated in accordance with Sections 405.7.1 through 405.7.3.405.7.1405.7.3 405.7.1 Fire evacuation drills. Where a fire alarm system is provided, emergency evacuation drills shall be initiated by activating the fire alarm system. The fire alarm monitoring company shall be notified prior/

Firefighter Survival Welcome. State Fire/Rescue Training2.

knowledge of response area.  Pre-fire planning  Company inspection  Changes in building/occupancy Lack of knowledge of response area.  Pre-fire planning  Company inspection  Changes in building/occupancy Reasons firefighters get into trouble Firefighter Survival State Fire/Rescue Training51 Dynamic Situation  Type of/by an instructor. If the instructor has time he/she can have the student(s) perform the drill but the student(s) need to rig their own rope and anchor. Rope Escape Via Window Firefighter/

In Search of Excellence/ Excellence Attribute #1: A Bias For Action

-1980: R.A.F./Ready. Aim. Fire. 1980-2000: R.F.A./Ready. Fire! Aim. 2000-20??: F.F.F./Fire! Fire! Fire! —for months.” —Bloomberg by Bloomberg “/—WSJ, “Wildcat Producer Sparks Oil Boom in Montana” Source: The Hunters, by John Masters, Canadian O & G wildcatter … only find oil if you drill ... Source: The Hunters, by John / and error” Source: Wall Street Journal, cornerstone of effective approach to “rebalancing” company portfolios in the face of changing and uncertain global economic conditions (11.08.10) 78 /

Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Association Gilmanton, New Hampshire Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar 2-hr Water Supply Drill October 21, 2012 Summary.

Purpose The purpose of the seminar and drill was to review the basics of rural water supply operations and to practice water supply operations in a non-hydranted setting. The drill also allowed mutual aid companies to work together in a real- life training situation. Copyright/ manifold. Fill Site Operations Copyright 2012 - GBW Associates, LLC - Gilmanton, New Hampshire - October 2012 A dry fire hydrant was used to access the lake water. Fill Site Operations Copyright 2012 - GBW Associates, LLC - Gilmanton,/

Aggregate Production Planning

Company Policies Demand Forecasts Financial Constraints Aggregate Production Planning Size of Workforce Units or dollars subcontracted, backordered, or lost Production per month (in units or $) Inventory Levels Strategies for Meeting Demand 1. Use inventory to absorb fluctuations in demand (level production) 2. Hire and fire/: Row Current Allowable Allowable RHS Increase Decrease STAMPING 400.0000 INFINITY 100.0000 DRILLING 400.0000 INFINITY 3000.000 ASSEMBLY 500.0000 INFINITY 500.0000 FINISHING 450.0000/


you walk by and check the tag and gauge. Check the Gauge In Case of Fire In case of a fire, there is a logical sequence to follow. Many people become rattled/ protection (asbestos on clutch parts) Clothing and jewelry catching on rotating equipment (grinders, drill presses, polishers) Using an air chisel without ear, eye, or gloves for protection / shops require employees to prove that they have a valid drivers license. The company you work for will not allow you to operate a vehicle on public streets/


platoon will become the base-of-fire element for the company and may deploy the last squad to add suppressive fires. The platoon continues to suppress/fix the enemy with direct/indirect fire and responds to orders from the company commander. PL PSG Battle Drill 1: Platoon Attack Figure 1-2 (Determine COA) 4. Attack. a. If the squad(s) in contact together with the machine guns/


Discarded their “gaudy” uniforms for Union blue Mustered out in July 1861 2nd Fire Zouaves & Brooklyn Fire Zouaves became the 73rd NYVI Colonel Abram Duryeé Wealthy New/the regiments of the Army of the Potomac” GEN George Sykes Considered the best drilled unit in the Federal Army 1508 mustered / 211 KIA / 14% 5 members obtained full/Irish Brigade Organized by COL Michael Cochran Replaced the troop of cavalry with a new Company “K” known as “Irish Zouaves” Uniform consisted of short Zouave jacket, vest/

Closing with the Enemy Company Team Maneuver 1.


Profitability, Longevity and Growth. 2 Grant Howard Grant W. Howard Company.

to Confirm Results and to Drill Down and Find Areas of Improvement. –Drill in, Rifle Approach - Don’t/Fire Prevention... 44 The World is Changing! YesterdayTodayTomorrow Buyers/Inv. ControlInventory/Asset Managers??? Turns DominatedCustomer Service Oriented If you can’t Inaccurate DataData/Information Managers handle today, Four Glass WallsCommunications & Team how will you Learned from “Bill”Education & Understanding handle Pencil and PaperTechnology and Efficiency tomorrow? If your company is stuck in/

LONG Tom Peters’ X25* Enthusiasm. Energy. Empathy. Execution. Excellence. Always. XAlways.ROCHE.ATHENS.11 January 2007 *In Search of Excellence 1982-2007.

. Try it. Try it. Try it. Try it. drill. you only find oil if you drill wells. “ This is so simple it sounds stupid, but/Fire. **ready. Fire. Aim. (Or, circa 2006: fire. Fire. Fire.) “Linearist”: think! Plan! (r.a.f.*) “Non-linearist”: Try it! Screw it up! Fix it! Try it again! (r.f.a.**) *Ready. Aim. Fire. **ready. Fire. Aim. (Or, circa 2006: fire. Fire. Fire/It’s never over: While there may be an excellent service activity in your company, the “relationship” belongs to You! Hence the “aftersales” “moments /

XVIII Corps & Fort Bragg Blended Training Model for Company and below size formations 2011 Maneuver Conference “21 st Century Training for the Maneuver.

Fire (RG 77) Movement to Contact Live Fire (RG 77) Collective Urban Assault Training (RG 74) Collective Urban Assault Training (RG 74) Virtual Battle Space 2 FIST Certification (VBS2-Fires) Virtual Battle Space 2 FIST Certification (VBS2-Fires) Maneuver and Battle Drill/8B) OBJ Day Attack (OP 13) IN CO conducts a deliberate attack on OP13. Movement to the OBJ is conducted utilizing echelonment of fires with available fire support assets. Companies prepare fire plans to utilize appropriate assets based off /

Energy and Hazardous Waste. Coal Ch 19: 531-536 We use a variety of energy sources We use energy in our homes, machinery, and vehicles and to provide.

mining -Contributes to climate change In remote oil-drilling areas, natural gas is flared (burned off) -In Alaska, gas captured during oil drilling is being reinjected into the / crop residues Specifically grown crops (fast- growing willow trees, bamboo) Co-firing combines biomass and coal Gasification turn biomass to steam Pyrolysis produces a liquid / recyclable, or reusable products An example of industrial ecology Interface, a carpet tile company, cut its waste 80%, fossil fuel use 45%, and water use 70% /

Managing the Mayday John “Skip” Coleman, Deputy Chief

Keep the operation going Keep working companies in their area of assignment. Continue to work on the fire and ventilate. Others can be redirected to assist in the rescue effort (RIT support)./ What Command Should Expect From Crews Expect mutinies. This will be perhaps the hardest scene a fire chief or IC faces. The want and need to help is natural! To control mutinies You must do three things… Expect them. Practice how to react to them. Control them. Training Drills Drills/

Features & Benefits Fire the online internet virus destroyer PRODUCT.

1998 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey A recent survey asked companies what kinds of cybermischief had cost them money. The Shot Fire the online internet virus destroyer Developed in Assembly, Visual Basic, C, C++ and Visual C++ languages. so/ screen without going through the drill down menu. Fire the online internet virus destroyer Drill down and interactive help information. so what ? A complete set of information on how to handle the application. Fire the online internet virus destroyer /

University of Maryland Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute.

Regional Training Center at LaPlata, which is the most recent regional center constructed, completed in 2003. In addition, the new North East Regional Training Center will include a number of updated props and features, including improved / 3,619 1,506 STUDENT HOURS BY PROGRAM Field Programs Section Special Programs Section Company Drills Seminars STUDENTS BY DISCIPLINE Fire EMS ALS Rescue Management Hazardous Materials Specialty Company Drills Seminars 860,272 721,492 94,643 32,014 12,122 31,147 7/

Cleveland Clinic Fire Marshal

entered for any purpose the following protocol will be followed: The following information will need to be available: Company, Requester, Workers, Reason to Enter, CC Project Manager, Project, Specific Area, How many tiles?, and /removal procedures are strictly followed as required. Fire Drills The CC Fire Marshal conducts ILSM fire drills at the Midtown campus, and conducts spot check drills at Off Campus job sites in order to test worker training. Fire drills are required monthly, quarterly, and annually /

Trading and Marketing in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries.

the end-user by offering our exceptional supply and service. Mission “ As a resourceful company, Company aspires to become one of the leading regional Oilfield suppliers providing effective solutions to its valued customers.” OUR CLIENTS Company’s clients include multi-national, regional and national Oil and Gas companies in Pakistan. Exploration and drilling companies, refineries, petrochemicals plants, pipeline, projects, supplier, stockiest, and EPC contractors are our regular/

Disclaimer I am not an expert in UCG Talk uses public sources with added interpretation/opinion by author Contains more detail than can be covered here.

companies are conducting technical and economic studies of UCG on a small scale are planning a trial soon South Africa Eskom, A coal-fired utility, is investigating UCG at its Majuba 4,100 MW power plant Ergo Exergy provides technology to build and operate a UCG pilot which was ignited in 2007 Project will be expanded in/ increases resource per hole Resource Considerations Inclined seam method can recover more gas per drill hole based on length of linkage Potential to gasify larger tonnage of coal geometry /

BP and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Table of Contents Oil Spill Incident Key Players History of BP Green Campaign Safety Record Drilling Operations Timeline.

the British ones that were fired. Rebrands itself as British Petroleum in 1954. BP’s controversial image plays large part in political rhetoric, gives way to/in central London in a move to force the company to become greener. Safety switches at the pumps were stolen. APRIL MAYJUNE JULY AUGUST Timeline: August / September BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2008 APRIL MAYJUNE JULY AUGUST 25 August BPs poor reputation, following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, forces it to pull out of a bid to drill in/

Parker Drilling Company – Calik Enerji Company

and Camp (Sakhalin Island) Operations and Management Contract. Currently rigging up on Sakhalin Island TotalFinaElf, 2000 to present Provision of Drilling Rig and Camp in Khariaga (Nenets). Currently Drilling Tyumen Oil Company (TNK), 2001 to present Joint venture formed to operate and manage TNK-owned drilling rigs, mobile equipment, and support services. Currently negotiating Y2003 work scope Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan – Major Activity Russia Karachaganak Tengiz/

Randall Snelling Chief Physical Environment Officer, DNVHC Inc

our extensive local presence, consolidated experience and acknowledged competence in the field of risk management we are an ideal partner for companies in the food production industry. As the first company in 40 years, DNV was approved by the US /drills) if all elements of the fire plan are exercised. Business occupancies shall conduct at least one unannounced fire drill annually per shift. SR.6a Fire drills must be thoroughly documented and evaluate the organization’s knowledge to the items listed in/

Battle Hard! The Red Zone Fight Centurion OPD Battle Hard! AGENDA References Pretest Review Definitions Introduction NTC Trends Success in the Red Zone.

technique, and rate of movement for the situation –Control “set-move” drills –Secure their flanks and rear Battle Hard! SUCCESS IN THE RED ZONE To be successful in the Red Zone, Companies must be able to: –See the Enemy –Act on contact –Kill the enemy with direct fires –Maneuver –Force the enemy to fight in multiple directions –Use terrain to acquire, kill, move, and survive –Maintain/

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: The Fire That Changed America Essential Question: Who should be held accountable for the deaths of 145 women and men?

, it would have required non-wood surfaces. Sprinklers New York Law: In 1911, sprinklers were still not required in New York City buildings. Triangle Shirtwaist Company Compliance: The Asch building contained no sprinkler system. Fire Drills New York Law: Fire drills were not required to be conducted. Triangle Shirtwaist Company Compliance: The Triangle Shirtwaist Company never conducted a fire drill. Documents to consider Ladies Garment Worker, April 1911, monthly publication for/

Community Awareness & its Involvement in Disaster Management

extending necessary assistance, etc. 8. PROVIDING relevant information to relevant persons / agencies. i.e. police, doctors, fire brigade, statutory agencies and news media etc. 9. WELFARE assistance to causalities. 10. PRESERVATION of information, records 11/ Transportation ( Companies with 500 or more employees surveyed ) The survey showed that major industries have a plan in place, but fewer are training employees on their plans and even less are actually holding drills. Entertainment Construction/

TSX.V: PRB Focused on Creating Significant Shareholder Value in 2011.

%-owned Tamarack Project represents northern extension of the primary VMS horizon and northeastern extent of the “Ring of Fire” ultramafic horizon Discovery of high-grade A-Zone VMS deposit in 2005, drilling returns up to 7.8m of 3.1% Cu Victory Project First Company to fly EM/MAG survey over volcanic package associated with the McFauld’s Belt Acquired all of the priority/

ZYX COMPANY HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY The XYZ Company is committed to a proactive health and safety program aimed at protecting our staff, our property,

, adequate dimensions. 14.Tag out and lockout: adequate, used and condition of tags and lockout devices. FIRE PREVENTION AND CONTROL: 1.Fire detection and alarm systems: installation, adequate coverage and service testing. 2.Sprinkler systems: clearance for type of/well, the phone list will include company contacts. The phone lists are to be posted in all facilities beside telephones and in vehicles. The emergency response plan is to be practiced through active drills and/or discussions at safety meetings/

Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness Programs and Templates Rick Nelson, MPA, CHPA-L, CPP Board Certified in Security Management Safety and Security.

in Security Management Safety and Security Manager SHARING LESSONS LEARNED Presented on: Friday January 30, 2015 Fire and Emergency Prep…Drills Step 1 – Create Pre-Drill Plan and Distribute Step 2 – Conduct Drill Step 3 – Conduct Post-Drill Critique Step 4 – Score Drill/ be substantial. Instantly send urgent messages to all staff everywhere Methods Automatic enrolment of all company email addresses “Opt-in” choices for automated landline/cell phone calls, text messages, pagers and additional email addresses /

Valley Center Fire Protection District Proposed Fire Department Services Delivery Options February 20, 2014.

Entry level and Promotional Testing  Manages the Driver Operator Program  Manages Respiratory Protection, Fit Testing and SCBA Program  Conducts and evaluates multi-company drills for the Training Division.  Manages the Operations structural and wildland pre-fire plan program  Trains and instructs employees in modern firefighting principles, practices, and procedures.  Enters and retrieves statistical information from the Computer Aided Dispatch system  Manages apparatus, equipment and/

ERDMP27.09.2012. Now CPCL is a group company of IndianOil with following share holding. IOCL 51.89 % NIOC 15.40 % FI & others 32.71 % CPCL (erstwhile.

EMERGENCY CONTROL OFF-SITE EMERGENCY CONTROL 10 FIRE PREVENTION  Rules and regulations for prevention of fire in place for compliance by employees and outsiders entering/in place 17 MOCK DRILLS  Departmental : Monthly Mock Drill;  On-site Emergency Preparedness Plan is in place.  Onsite Emergency Control Room located in Administration Building Equipped with all communication systems, Documents, Contact details etc  On-site Mock Drill: In presence of officials of Tamilnadu Factory Inspectorate- Once in/

Re-imagine500 vREI.500.0204.2005. South Korea just became … in 2004 … earth’s #1 ship builder, edging out Japan. Wow! Congrats! But China (where else!)

! “Blockbuster mergers tend to be duds for stockholders of the acquiring company. In seven of the nine mergers valued at more than $50 billion, the/ others—those whose contributions we wholeheartedly acknowledge will literally follow us into machine gun fire! *Follow Tom’s patented VFCJ strategy! VFCJ = Volunteer For Crappy Jobs. /“Everything!” FOCUS [2 things/120 days] CLARITY [10 words, max] INTENSITY [2-Minute Drill] ENTHUSIASM HUMOR [a game] OPTIMISM [If it kills you] VISIBILITY REPITITION [3/day] EXTREME/

Officer / NCO School of Instruction Basic Drill Procedures Formation of companies in battalion Moving off in open column - wheeling Taking the open order.

QUESTIONS? Discussion Taking the open order While in Battalion From the Drill Manual S.72. When the Battalion takes Open Order. “Rear Ranks take Open Order.” At this command--the flank men on the right of the rear ranks of each company step briskly back to mark the ground on/the right foot at the present. The rear rank steps to the right at the make ready “Make Ready” “Present” “Fire” After the firing is done the front rank steps back with the right foot to the left while the rear rank closes to the right /

2.2: Industrial Age 1870 - 1900 b b Introduction b b Oil Drill b b Steel Production b b Incandescent Light Bulb b b Electrical Distribution System b b.

American industry b Problems in the work place will be addressed by the creation of labor unions & the federal government Bessemer & Drake b b Oil Drill: Invented by Edwin Drake. b b Effects: Drilling for oil becomes more / Rent high in company town b Workers on strike b Strikebreakers hired by Pullman (Pinkertons) b Violence erupted Debs jailedDebs jailed Strikers fired & BlacklistedStrikers fired & Blacklisted Government & Business b b Gov’t. supports business b b Injunction: Court order (in this case)/

NON--CONVENTIONAL SOURCES OF ENERGY Course notes for Bachelor in Environmental Engineering.

Gasifier System Description Reactor Reactor of the gasification system is a cylindrical structure. The inside of this is insulated with fire bricks lining. Grate A Grate is provided at the bottom of gasifier for material support and ash removal. Grate agitator/ from oil prospecting data in sedimentary basins. If we drill far enough, we will find either oil or hot water. A failure for oil companies is a success for us! Like oil, geothermal water does not exist in a “reservoir” in a free state. GEOTHERMAL/


fire. Conduct regular fire evacuation drills and test emergency equipment; to conduct regular fire safety training Mackenzie-Transoceanic Limited will also ensure that the appropriate policies and procedures are established, documented, implemented and maintained as well as reviewed from time to time. The company will ensure that the action plans, fire precautions and evacuation procedures are in place and employees made to understand their importance in participation in the fire/

HANBO Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd. ( T)

. HANBO has extensive experiences in the industry and guarantees our valuable customer’s satisfaction corresponding with their requirement. CONTENTS HANBO Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd. (1054377-T) Insulation / HVAC / Fire Proofing / Refractory / Painting CONTENTS 1. Company Introductions 2. Main Business /Engine Generator 250KVA 2 Air Compressor 5HP/50L Tin Snip 13“/V19 250 Rechargeable Drill DD1442P 120 Air Rivet Gun NNW300 6 Electric Drill 50HZ 12 Grinder 4“/50HZ 10 High Speed Cutter 14“/50HZ Welding M/C/


MT Power : 4407360 MWHr MCFL is an ISO 14001: 2004 & OHSAS 18001:1999 certified Company MARKET 70% production marketed to the farmers of Karnataka and balance to the neighbouring states. /Liquid and vapour lines. Decommissioning and inspection once in 5 years by third party as per SMPV Rules Off-site Mock Drill Date:30.05.2007, Time: 10:00/functional. Coordinate and establish contact with all agencies like Police, Home Guards, Fire, RTO and Health depts. Ensure actions have been taken to contain emergency./

Tom Peters’ Re-Imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age REI.Master.20September2005.Part #2.

Barletta. ‘No offense, but doesn’t that sound like the Special Olympics?’ ” —Fast Company/03.04 “In Dove Ads, Normal Is the New Beautiful” —Headline, Advertising Age “Dove’s Campaign /Kotler Doctrine: 1965-1980: R.A.F. (Ready.Aim.Fire.) 1980-1995: R.F.A. (Ready.Fire!Aim.) 1995-????: F.F.F. (Fire!Fire!Fire!) “We have a ‘strategic’ plan. It’s called doing/Then they leverage the power they’ve gained in other markets to enforce their standard.” Seth Godin, Zooming YOU HAVE TO DRILL! “ This is so simple it sounds /

APELL Bahía Blanca Fourteen -Years Experience in Technological Risk Management Lessons from APELL implementation on the ground APELL Bahía Blanca Fourteen.

Bahía Blanca Results Event Physical effect outcome Fire Thermal radiation Jet fire Immediate and retarded pool fire /Fireball Explosion Overpressure and projectiles Unconfined vapor/ Low credibility “ Industry and governments don’t care about our concerns”. “Companies don’t understand all the risks to people and the environment” “Industry /VIDEO APELL BAHIA BLANCA TGS Drill Video. Challengers …… Finally, it is important to highlight that in Argentina like in others countries in Latin America, there is no/

Hollow Sphere Dual Gradient Drilling System

Drilling Problems Rotating BOP’s Compressor/N2 Cost Solid/Liquid/Gas Separation Corrosion Hydraulic Calculations Vibration Cuttings Lifting Fluid Influx Fire/Company MEI Sell Technology to Service Company MEI/Partner Commercialize System TT01-43 Spreading Pore Pressure/Frac Curves Apart Surface Seafloor Fracture Increased Frac Pressure pressure Depth Flow Drilling/ collapse TT01-43 Operator Candidates for Maurer DGD System (Discoveries in water depths greater than 2000 ft) AGIP Amerada Hess Anadarko BHP/

Chapter 2 Safety in Welding

personal responsibility Welding has a number of potential safety hazards Most large welding companies have mandated safety classes Burn Classification Burns are one of the most /water or ice, ointments, sprays, etc. If the victim is on fire, smother the fire with a blanket, rug or jacket Cover the burn with a thick /drilling Sharp metal shavings should be avoided Metal Cutting Machines Before operating any power tool for the first time, read the manufacturers instructions Welders use shears and punches in/

Fire Protection and Prevention

the architect, interior designer, urban planner, building contractor, electrical and structural engineers, fire detection system manufacturers, building safety engineer, and local fire marshal. Fire Drills Fire drills, conducted at frequent intervals, demonstrate management’s concern and sincere interest in all fire prevention activities. The drills should serve as a reminder to employees and supervisors that all fire prevention practices are important. Prepare an emergency manual to outline procedures and/

Sugar Grove Fire Department For United Airlines

Once out - STAY OUT! Point 6 Plan to use a neighbors phone to dial 911. Exit Drills In The Home Practice Makes Perfect Conducting Your Fire Escape Drill 1.       Everyone is in his/her bedroom (doors closed). 2.       Test your smoke detector to sound the alarm. 3.       /Parents and consumers using the Internet to buy toys should remember: • Some toys sold on the Internet may be manufactured by companies that do not comply with U.S. toy regulations. • Toys sold on auction sites like www.ebay.com may have /

Chemical Security Engagement Program Chemical Security for Industry and the Chemical Supply Chain Dubai, UAE 15-16 January 2014.

Control, Chemical Compatibility, Natural Hazards Design and Construction Environmental Control, Fire Control, Materials of Construction Inspection, Testing, Maintenance Emergency Planning /example in New Mexico some construction companies will place global positioning satellite (GPS) devices in construction equipment in order to track them in case/ First priority: Make sure what you have will work. Performance testing Drills, tabletop exercises Also a priority: Make the facility inherently safer. Minimize /

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