Ppt on event planning and management

Aug. 1999 Arie Shoshani Particle Physics Data Grid Request Management working group.

Index Service consults Matchmaker + Resource Planner for estimation passes entire “logical file request” to Request Manager Aug. 1999 Arie Shoshani Functionality of modules (2) Request Manager accepts “logical file request” and notifies Application module “ready to process files” consults Matchmaker + Resource Planner to generate “request plan” accepts “get next events (files)” requests from Client module coordinates multi-application requests to share files issues “cache file/

Platinum Sponsor :. Agenda Calendar & Key Upcoming Dates Brand Manager Contact STP Overview Media & Promo Plans Rules Breakdown Q&A The Draft.

Platinum Sponsor : Agenda Calendar & Key Upcoming Dates Brand Manager Contact STP Overview Media & Promo Plans Rules Breakdown Q&A The Draft CALENDAR – IMMEDIATE ACTIONS Deadline to contact Brand Managers re: product shipping and background Friday, October 12, 2007, 5pm Deadline to submit/ are still present after that time Final Event: “Sell” Your Product at Kellogg “Mega Mart” TG Friday, November 9, 2006, 5:00 - 7:30 pm BRAND MANAGER CONTACT Need to contact your brand manager by Friday, October 12 th at 5PM/

Business Plan Preparation: Killer Slide Presentation Business Plan Preparation Frank Moyes Leeds College of Business University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado.

create Business Plan Preparation: Killer Slide Presentation Sustainable Competitive Advantage  How are you different than your competitors  Perceptual maps  Barriers to entry that you can create  Resources and capabilities Business Plan Preparation: /50% Go To Market Strategy Business Plan Preparation: Killer Slide Presentation Management  Key officers  Backgrounds  Accomplishments  Who is missing?  Interim management Financial Summary Business Plan Preparation: Killer Slide Presentation Revenue /

PR, Social Media & Events Workshop. WorkshopsProposed Date Introduction workshop / The Food & Drink Sector 31 st October PR, Social Media & Events14 th.

/ Product & Market Testing 20 th February Managing a small business – HR & people management 6 th March Approaching your customer27 th March Packaging & Labelling24 th April Investment, Grants, Funding & Business Growth 15 th May Creating Development Plans5 th June Workshop Programme Workshop Outline Attending events The event calendar Events – Benefits and Barriers Lesson Learned Planning for success Social Media PR Types of event – Where do you start? Business to/

KHHC Summer Internship Jenn Wong ’09 Special Events Intern/Volunteer Coordinator Chinese-American Planning Council New York, NY.

KHHC Summer Internship Jenn Wong ’09 Special Events Intern/Volunteer Coordinator Chinese-American Planning Council New York, NY CPC 2008 Walkathon “Honoring the Seniors” Special Events Intern Worked with Special Events Coordinator, Director of Operations, & HR Coordinator with walkathon coordination Conducted phone banking, mass mailings, database management, filing, running errands Organized recruitment of volunteer manpower Generated press releases and graphic designs for flyers/promotion materials for /

Marketing Management Basic Concepts.

through creating, offering, & exchanging products of value with others. Marketing Management is the process of planning & executing the conception, pricing, promotion & distribution of ideas, goods,/ forum Use viral marketing Nonpersonal channels Media Atmospheres (Environment/Ambience) Events “Cliques” Small groups whose members interact frequently, are similar &/parity method: To achieve SOV parity with competition. Cont. Objective –and-task method: Establish market-share goal Determine % of market that /

SimGuard Demonstrations. 2 Incident Management Solutions. “Incident” – An incident is any mishap which distracts or negatively affects pre-scheduled activity.

plan Audit your training Real Time Sensors fusion Decision support algorithms Quick orientation Common language React fast Focus on what’s important Debriefing Re-run scenario Present the actual response Present the desired response Detailed event/ responsibility). Advanced incident management tool at corporate level. Reduction of revenue loss due to business outage. Reduction of manpower turn-over. Reduction of qualification and training time. Auditing of emergency plans based on realistic scenarios/

EM : LU 4 EVENT PLANNING. OUTCOMES Define Event Planning Explain/Apply: ◦Event PlanningEvent Programming (difference 2 programme of events?) Event Elements.

; Process) Catering Styles (Dietary Requirements) Beverages Services LONGEST PROCESS Practical Skills to acquire: ◦Event Environment ◦Timelines ◦Critical Paths ◦Logical Sequencing ◦Reverse Planning ◦Production Schedules DEFINE EVENT PLANNING A Continuous process By which events are designed And Various Actions are Shaped To in the end: Achieve event Success Manual Pg 59 Explain & Apply Definition EVENT ELEMENTS Manual Pg 60 – Class Exercise LOGICAL SEQUENCING? Critical Path Scheduling The Timeline Reverse/


of International (World AIDS Day, World TB Day) & National Health Calendar events ( STI week, Mental Health Awareness Month etc) as part of prevention/protocols for referrals & feedback 17 8.CONSTRAINTS Human Resources : Inability to recruit and/or retain/ high turnover of health care professionals (professional nurses, medical practitioners,/Training of nurses in PHC & management of clinical conditions Facilitation of licensing of nurses trained in PHC DCS implementing risk mitigation plan for HIV & AIDS as /

Marianne L. Hamilton Media Expert Got You Covered: Media Management 101.

Media Management /: Marianne L. Hamilton Media Expert Your Press Releases MUST Include: “5 Ws and an H” Marianne L. Hamilton Media Expert Contact info – upper corner/easy/Hamilton Media Expert How Do YOU Get Air-Time??? Marianne L. Hamilton Media Expert Plan ahead (faster than print, but scheduling key Similar tools (press releases, photos) / TV Be Selective… Marianne L. Hamilton Media Expert Partner: live broadcasts/special events (esp. weekends) Involve reporter in your activity TV is visual medium…your /

Sustainable Project Management Michael Horner Sofia 2005.

Sofia 2005 Who are we? Who are you? Managers of Cities Managers of Regions Project Managers Experts Opportunities –Health Spa Who am I? Geneva Conference Project Manager Manager Modeler –Flight Simulator Experience –Tools and Methods What is the basic problem? Opportunity Project / Project Plan (World Bank) 1.Project Name 2.Management Team 3.Description of the Problem 4.Technical Description 5.Benefits 6.Schedule of events 7.Financial Provision The Basic Questions 1.Why? The story 2.Who? The Management team /

Risk Management A Key Project Management Knowledge Area An Essential Part of the Project Plan © Edward B. Farkas, CHS, CPM, MIEEE, PMP.

real or potential impacts Project Risk Management Process Risk Control Risk Management Plan Should document the procedures that will be used to manage risk throughout the project Reference: PMBOK, 1996. Ch.11 Risk & Issues Log (for control) Risk Management Process & the Project Plan Document risks in project plan Use communication sub-plan to manage expectations May require WBS or RBS elaboration Budget for risk events May imply adding mitigation tasks/

Safe roads, Reliable journeys, Informed travellers Traffic Data To-Be Business and As-Is Technology Map Version 1.0.

Providers Spot Speed, Bearing Locns, Weather State of the Network Incident Management Network Management Info Services Incident Detection (Reactive) Unplanned Events, Planned Events, Roadworks “Reviewing” HA Business Managers Business Intelligence Planning Reviewing Safe roads, Reliable journeys, Informed travellers Infrastructure Collaboration Operational Management Corporate Management Service Management Customer Delivery ChannelsSuppliers / Partners / OGDs Delivery Interfaces Survey Teams TAME Traffic/

Agenda Welcome By Paul Gill Introductions Of Attendees Recent Events – Paul Gill IHS Response To NASA Concerns –Open Discussion NASA Response To IHS Concerns.

Of Attendees Recent Events – Paul Gill/ –Hardcopy Orders Return to Flight System Transition from Virginia Beach to Denver –Timely Notification of Planned/Unplanned System Activities –Migration of Data From VB To Denver –Link Changes –Server Maintenance –/contractor Management of Authorized Users Please review the NTSP Office process to manage : –ID & registration of authorized users –Authorized access only –Copyright control –Unauthorized copy & distribution –Actual needs NTSP Office POCs Identify and//

Unscheduled Care Learning event Escalation Workstream Michael Bloomfield/Debbie Burns 19 March 2015.

event Escalation Workstream Michael Bloomfield/Debbie Burns 19 March 2015 Key Issues Regional Unscheduled Care Escalation Plan updated Trusts reviewed/revised local Escalation Plans Trust tests of local escalation plans Effectiveness of ED dashboard reviewed NIAS role to manage GP calls to ED Escalation – What Worked Well? Commitment of staff Early, senior intervention Command/control co-ordination Senior manager/ of information on bed status Communication with patients and families Early discharge planning

1 Project Management C53PM Session 4 Russell Taylor Staff Work-base – 1 st Floor

Management & Contingency Planning Business Department 3 Risk The possibility of loss, injury, disadvantage or destruction. Risk components –An event (unwanted change) –A probability of occurrence of that event –Impact of that event (amount at stake) Calculate Risk – = ∫ (event/ contingencies –Contingency planning Business Department 17 Risk Response Plan 1.Avoidance –Choose alternative course of action 2.Mitigation –Reduce probability or consequence of risk 3.Acceptance –Acknowledge and advise 4.Transfer/

Stick or Twist? The Teacher to Manager Dilemma. Introduction The importance of CONSCIOUS career choices for teachers Why moving to management shouldn’t.

(dealing with ‘difficult’ people, student complaints, mediation, coaching) Project Management (planning, budgets, development, CPD etc.) Networking/Public Speaking (industry events, visitors, stakeholders etc.) Transitioning from a peer to a manager (appraisals, observations, communicating in difficult situations) Change Management (from start to finish and everything in between!) Career progression wheel Teachers Academic Manager Material Development ‘Intern’ with other departments Sabbaticals/UPL Client/

Introduction & Up-date 20 th August 2012. Contents • The Background • The Teams • The Facilities • Location & Layout • The Planning • Communications •

summer - passed a key risk phase •Sport complex and Gym due for completion end of December 2012 •Main ECC instructional areas doe for completion July 2013. •Currently on schedule – weather permitting •Now: Fixtures & Fittings & Landcaping The Planning The Teams ASH ECC Project Team Tim Messick, Ton Ravensbergen, Rick Spradling, Hans Carmiggelt, Lesley Murphy, Project Managers (External) ECC Design Team Tim Messick, Fereshteh Dastani/

© UC Regents 2009 - 2010 a continuity planning tool for higher education A Continuity Tool for Higher Education Kuali Ready Functional Council Sept. 15,

for higher education Putting in place NOW the things that will enable us to Continuity Planning is … continue serving our constituents and maintain our viability following a catastrophic event (of any size or type). © UC Regents 2009 - 2010 a continuity planning tool for higher education Emergency Management: Continuity Management: Goal – secure life, health & property Goal – continue operating source: SXC.hu / Michael Cossey source: Sarvodaya.org © UC/


Training Plan Checklist Training Plan Checklist  EXAMPLES  2981 RCACC 05/06 2981 RCACC 05/06  3069 RCACC 04/05 3069 RCACC 04/05  2551 RCACC 04/05 2551 RCACC 04/05 backEXIT FTXs & Events  /and parents  ACFT SPREADSHEET ACFT SPREADSHEET  TRAINING MANAGEMENT GUIDE TRAINING MANAGEMENT GUIDE backEXIT  MASTER LESSON PLAN POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS MASTER LESSON PLAN POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS  These files are the MS Power Point files from the master lesson plans. To view the complete Master Lesson Plan/

EXERSWIM STRATEGIC ANALYSIS & MARKETING PLAN Prepared for-Master Spas Presented by: Adam Fox Nick Harter Abi Peterman Julie Graber Brandi Grimm Curtis.

Lack of product launch plan Management style 5 Management Organization Strategy Resources INTERNAL FACTORS FOR SUCCESS Rivalry Suppliers Buyers Potential Entrants Substitutes EXTERNAL FACTORS FOR SUCCESS 7 Management OrganizationStrategy Resources Rivalry Suppliers Buyers/ 13 Goals and Objectives  Professionals of the industry to use product  Flood the market with the Exerswim name PRIMARY MARKET: COMPETITIVE SWIMMING 14 Promotion  Provide sponsorship to competitive events Booth at 10 events-$500 each /

IRC PROJECT Event Planning Group Ashley Eakin Lauren Gosswiller Ashley Appling Samantha La Mar.

IRC PROJECT Event Planning Group Ashley Eakin Lauren Gosswiller Ashley Appling Samantha La Mar Objective Expose others to the International Rescue Committee Share knowledge about refugees Help others to understand the life of a refugee and where they come from. The Lost Boys Event Night Identity Opened our eyes to refugees Broadened our horizons Where a person comes from shapes their “self” Culture Shock Civic/

ERM David L. Olson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Desheng Wu, University of Reykjavik, University of Toronto Enterprise Risk Management Not just insurance,

; Product portfolio; Policies Business process execution Planning; Technology; Resources People Leadership; Skills; Accountability/Event identification – risks/opportunities Risk assessment - analysis Risk response – based on risk tolerance & appetite Control activities Information & communication – to responsible people Monitoring Finland May 2010 Risk Management/and variance Efficient investment opportunities Finland May 2010 Simulation studies involving the Sharpe ratio Opdyke – Journal of Asset Management/

Chapter 9 Strategy Review, Evaluation, & Control

can be put into effect if certain key events do not occur as expected Copyright 2007 Prentice Hall Strategy Review, Evaluation, & Control Auditing Financial audits determine correspondence between assertions based on strategic plan & established criteria Environmental audits insure sound and safe practices Copyright 2007 Prentice Hall Strategy Review, Evaluation, & Control 21st Century Challenges in Strategic Management Process is more an “art” than “science” Should/

Copyright 2007 Prentice Hall Ch 9 -1 Chapter 9 Strategy Review, Evaluation, & Control Strategic Management: Concepts & Cases 11 th Edition Fred David.

Ch 9 -14 Balanced Scorecard Area of ObjectivesMeasure or TargetTime ExpectationPrimary Responsibility Customers 1 2 Managers/Employees 1 2 Operations/Processes 1 2 Community/Social Responsibility 1 2 Business Ethics/Natural Environment/events do not occur as expected Contingency Planning Copyright 2007 Prentice Hall Ch 9 -17 Strategy Review, Evaluation, & Control Financial audits determine correspondence between assertions based on strategic plan & established criteria Environmental audits ensure sound and /


Training needs -Who needs it -Training types -Timing of training Descriptions/expectations -Required BUDGET: $___________ Event Approval -Submit risk management -Approval Confirmed Event Publicity -posters/flyers -Event signage -Website/emails -Approval confirmed Communication re Event to: -Student Life -Secuirty -Police -Other Event Insurance -required? Listed as additional insurer BUDGET: $______________ Emergency Plan -Communication ( cell phones ) -People need 1 st AID/CPR -1 st Aid Kit -Ambulance/

Management Session 3 Management Session 3 An Organisation’s Internal & External Environment.

are working under pressure   3.Make it a priority to attend company & industry events   4.Specifically encourage others to express opposing ideas & arguments   5.Ask/, is critical for managers concerned for future of their organisation.  These factors must be taken into account in strategic & business planning. Sep-156 External / of conducting its business Competitors Customers/clients Suppliers The employment market Government and regulators The Organisation Sep-1512 Task Environment – 5 elements: 1. /

Annual Conference 2011 Welcome Graham Maxfield General Manager 09:00 – 09:30 Minster 1 Red badges.

to the benefits provided by their association with Lawson Software and to encourage information exchange between its members” LUA Membership GAM3/ Including 1. Consultants trained in Stepwise (%) 2. Project Managers PMP certified (%) 3. Project Managers Preparing for Certification (%) 4. Engagement Quality Reviews Conducted 5/ to form M3 User Groups  Feedback to EU Commission on VAT changes LUA future events  13 Sept, Planning FIG, Radisson, Man Airport  ?? Sept, Social Networking FIG  10 Nov, Benelux/

FEMA 17 Mistakes in Emergency Plans & How to Avoid Them.

Manager CEM, CPP, CBCP, CHCM, CHSP, CHS-V, CHEP CSHM, CFC, CIPS, CSSM, CSC, CAS, TFCT3, CERT, CMC Housekeeping Emergency Exits Copy of Presentation Survey Cell Devices      Expert Consultant Landmark Legal Cases Expected Settlements: $1 Billion Each “Failure to Plan/ 90 minutes DOT & EPA Threats 10,000 Sudden Cardiac Events American Red Cross Threats 1 Million Calls to 911 Every /Know You Must Have a HazCom Plan Plan Must be Trained At Least Once to All Employees AND when any new Chemicals Are Introduced/

The Next Wave Education: Brown (Geology) Duke (Coastal Management) UCLA (Surfonomics) Lived: Southern CA Oregon Rhode Island North Carolina Surfrider.

Management/http://www.30.surfrider.org The protection of the ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network What - Where - How /Strategy – Activism storytelling Fundraising – National Strategy – Regional Model 2015 Priorities Regional plan (e.g. Texas) Long term goals (3-5 years) Clear conservation outcomes/& cultivation Grants – In-house research Membership $ – See Marketing & Engagement strategy New events: Fundraiser, donor surf trip Revenue New staff / HR Tech Support Governance Board re-org/

1 Creating a Lead Generation Plan for your MSP. 2 Richard Tubb Providing expert advice to help your IT company grow #MSPLeadGen.

Management visit - weekly 9 Conclusion » Marketing is a system, NOT an event » Rate yourself through a Scorecard to encourage consistency » Don’t let lack of technique prevent you from getting started » Don’t try to do too much, too soon » Start small – create positive habits 10 Questions? 11 How to stay in touch with me »Sign up to my free newsletter - »news and/

Business Operations Research Events. Existing business/organization Research business - Which generational group do they currently serve? Develop a plan.

Events Existing business/organization Research business - Which generational group do they currently serve? Develop a plan to reach an underserved generational group - Marketing mix  4 P’s - Human resources strategy(ies) Student(s) interact with a local business and/ Trouble in school Telephone *handout Participant Consultant in a single-unit or independent operation Judge Owner/Manager ParticipantJudge BOR Business Services BMOR Buying & Merchandising FOR Finance HTOR Hospitality & Tourism SEOR Sports &/

Time Management Learning Enrichment Center. What is Time Management? Time… What about it? What does it mean to you? How many definitions of time can you.

and control Helps you avoid time conflicts Helps you avoid guilt Helps you evaluate your progress Helps you to see the “big picture” Helps you improve your study Just a few quick numbers 16810,800604,8001,44086,400 Time Management Myths My life is completely controlled by external events/ your goals in order of priority Plan ahead according to your priorities 1. Make a long range timetable 2. Remember your day-to-day personal maintenance Avoid over planning Time Eaters Phone Friends Food TV Procrastinating/


MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY NGĀ KAIWHAKATŪPATO WHAKARARU TAIAO Recent Events 1 April 2004 –Revisions to the legislation –First Gazette Notice No 35 June 2004 Gazette Notice –Transfer of Timber Treatment Chemicals Introduced Staged Implementation ENVIRONMENTAL RISK MANAGEMENT/ 2006 –Implementation Plan ENVIRONMENTAL RISK MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY NGĀ KAIWHAKATŪPATO WHAKARARU TAIAO Staged Implementation Identification, documentation and signage Emergency Management Packaging ENVIRONMENTAL RISK MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY NGĀ /

RISK MANAGEMENT How not to lose sleep over Club risks June 2015.

not to lose sleep over Club risks June 2015 What is Risk Management? Figuring out what can go wrong before it happens Making a plan to avoid or handle it Why Risk Management? It makes life easier Fewer nasty surprises It makes the Club run more smoothly /What to Do About Them - 2 Make a Plan for each one – List all the actions – Assign responsibility & date for each Follow up on the progress of the plan Communicate the plan to members Review the risks each year Relax and enjoy your Club! We will post Myra’s/

Chapter 5 Lesson 4 Page 156 Managing Stress. What Is Stress? You cannot get rid of stress completely, but you can learn to deal with it effectively. stress.

that prevents you from doing what you need to do, or stress that causes discomfort What Are Stressors? Common events like being late for class or playing a solo during a concert are examples of stressors. stressors Sources of/response. Avoiding Stress You can avoid some stressful situations by planning ahead and managing your time. You can deal with unavoidable stress by being prepared for situations like taking a test. Strategies for Managing Stress Eat nutritious foods. Stay physically active. Get enough /

Sofia Event Center 14-15 May 2014 Aleksandar Totović ERP Consulting Director, NPS Serbia Deploying Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 ’ON’ Windows Azure.

Event Center 14-15 May 2014 Aleksandar Totović ERP Consulting Director, NPS Serbia Deploying Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 ’ON’ Windows Azure Agenda What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV What is Windows Azure? How to sign-up? Preparing for NAV Deploying Network Topologies Deploying NAV on Windows Azure Administration Tools Management & User Experience Why? Enterprise Resource Planning/... Questions??? Share your feedback for this particular session and for the overall conference experience at http://aka.ms/intouch/

Premiere Event Planning About Us Founded in 1964 by Bitsy Loughlin Specialize in weddings and black-tie eventsweddings Voted Best of Austin® 10 years.

Premiere Event Planning About Us Founded in 1964 by Bitsy Loughlin Specialize in weddings and black-tie eventsweddings Voted Best of Austin® 10 years in a row Located on Avenue G in historic Hyde Park Our Team Bitsy Loughlin, Founder Virginia Northcutt, President Sarah Jane Petit, Catering Manager Jerry Justin, Event Manager Mitzi Wallace, Event Planner Ricardo Esteban, Event Planner Eve Silverman, Associate Event Planner Planning Process Meet Client Choose Date/

Hazard, Risk, & Disaster Management. Reading Smith Chapters 1-5.

and vapours People getting sick –Leukemia cases Residents discover history of property 1990s City gets Heath Consultants to do risk assessment –soil and/ virtually no money pre- Sept 11 Disaster Management Pre-Disaster Protection Post-Disaster Recovery Pre-Disaster/planning inadequate hazardous materials equipment, training, planning Adjustment to Hazard Modify the loss burden Modify hazard events Modify human vulnerability Modify the loss burden Insurance Disaster relief Emergency aid Modify hazard events/

© 2012 LAIC Aktiengesellschaft Airports & Airlines Management Air Navigation Service Providers BI Overview Business Intelligence © 2012 LAIC Aktiengesellschaft.

under the next planning:  PRESENTATION OF LAIC BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE  ‘LIVE’ PRESENTATION RUNNING ON OBIEE PLATFORM  REMINDER AND TAKE AWAYS /Management Data o Monitoring  (Watch – Detect Problem – Take Actions – Check Improvements)  Dashboards  KPIs & Scorecards – Measures VS Goals  Alerting & Proactive Notification – Triggers / Events/ Operational Efficiency Business Management Proactive Decision Support Airport/ANSPs Management Advanced Analytics Strategy/Scenario Planning © 2012 LAIC /

Business Manager Network Meeting Friday 8 th March 2013.

Professor, School of Child & Youth Care, University of Victoria, BC, Canada Resi-Rocks Event – 16 th May – MCG Breakfast Session “New Directions in Policy & Planning: An International Perspective” – 17 th May – Oaks on Market – 7:45 – / Effective from 18 March 2013 – Acknowledgment and publicity guidelines – Records Management Guide Legal Ownership of Records (clause 6.7-6.9) – Privacy – Risk Management Attestation – Service Agreement Working Group – Work Plan Centre Update & Open Forum Next Network Meeting/



Sofia Event Center 21-22 November 2013 Hybrid Cloud Damien Caro Technical Evangelist

failure Create a recovery plan System Center Virtual Machine Manager Site B Create recovery plan Orchestrates recovery of services in the event of an outage AD SQL Exch SQL Server Azure SQL DB Application SQL Server On-Premises Azure SQL DB Application IaaS SQL Server Application Azure SQL DB Application Public Cloud Scale-out via multiple copies of data Hybrid PaaS and IaaS Database sync/

Hurstville Library & Information Services Strategic Plan 2006 – 2010 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10.

of workforce, loss of corporate knowledge  Increasing focus on succession planning & professional development  Ongoing change management, business process review Catalysts for Change: Resources  Continuing rapid/ u Enhance & promote the Library’s program of activities, cultural events & exhibitions u Marketing Strategic Focus Themes 2. Vision & innovation u/relevant, innovative library technology services  Develop and implement Technology Strategic Plan  Satisfaction / climate surveys  Utilisation rates/

DO YOU WANT TROPHIES? Jen Hendrickson Brand Manager, DRM DECA Images

Manager, DRM DECA Images Jennifer_hendrickson@deca.org www.shopdeca.org INCORPORATE IN THE CLASSROOM Lesson Plan Book (DSLPB) –Twelve lessons with rubric –One from each Business Administration instructional area –Work is done for you! INCORPORATE IN THE CLASSROOM Flash Cards—Vocabulary (DSVFC) –100 different terms common to all events/model to develop your own samples with current events and performance indicators INCORPORATE IN THE CLASSROOM Sample Written Event Winners –Important to get several years, /

Safety Through Partnership An Integrated Approach to Safety Management.

Lessons Learned Proactive Communication Customer Contact Plan (MFA) Survey Scores Safety Coordinator Meetings Safety Scorecard Standard Work (IRB) Cost of Poor Safety Metrics FOA Elimination (Found on Arrival damage) Centralized Data (Documentum) Supplier Management Injury Review Board BBS Redesign FOD/Wildlife Management Corrective Action Model Performance Focused 2008 Strategy 9 Safety and Quality Management System (SQMS) 10 Threat & Error Management Policies Procedures Mngt / Safety Culture Tools/

Achieving Goals. 1. Set goals 2. Create action plans 3. Manage your goals.

actions Milestones for celebration Sample Action Plan Format Goal statement: WHAT? (Action Steps) WHO? (Person responsible for action) RESOURCES? (Needed) WHEN? (Deadline for completion) HOW WILL WE KNOW? (How we will know the action step is accomplished) Manage Your Goals Delegate Reprioritise Review goals frequently Be flexible Visualise the results Reward yourself Conclusion Remember to celebrate your success and give recognition for achievements

Www.geta.co.in Career Options after 10th For Students of 10 th Standard at Noble Public School, Chirala on 26 Aug 2013 by Murali Valiveti, Managing Director,

Plan in 11 th Standard  Review every few years 4 Career Options after 10th, a counseling seminar by Murali Valiveti www.geta.co.in Opportunities are aplenty BSFI - Banking, Insurance FMCG – Consumer Goods Manufacturing Retailing, Health Care IT, Software Education & Training Government, NGOs… 5 Career Options after 10th, a counseling seminar by Murali Valiveti www.geta.co.in Arts & Humanities Stream Event Management/

Crisis Management Malta April 8, 2008 Andy Jarosz, BSc MBA Director, Head of Crisis Management.

, University of Oxford, p. 3. Trading Days After the Event 255075100125150175200225250 Effective Crisis Response Ineffective Crisis Responses After initial reflex (10/: diffuse management systems Now  Focus on company  Assess duty of care within organisation  Offence if “far below” what is reasonable  Proven senior management failure /  Internal safety audits Crisis Plan  Minimum basic plan template  Know who will do what  24 hour contact number for agency  Annual exercise and review Peace of mind /

Salem Winter Island Master Plan The Cecil Group FXM Associates Susan St. Pierre Bio Engineering PAL Winter Island Park Public Meeting #2 Salem, Massachusetts.

use Provide space for events Accommodate boat launch use Environmentally sensitive approach Enhance historic buildings Provide accessibility to all areas Provide adequate sitting/viewing areas Establish an organized park setting Create a safe park environment Financially sustainable Provide year round interest Year round management Provide education Enhance connection to water Flexible open space Phased approach Salem Winter Island Master Plan The Cecil Group/

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