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1 Proposed CAETS 2015 Convocation INAE, New Delhi – Oct 2015 “Pathways to Sustainability: Energy, Mobility and Health Care Technologies” Venue : Ashok.

for high efficiency.  CO 2 capture and sequestration (CCS) (though progress on this has been halted in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis). Energy Engineering CAETS INAE 4 Suggested focus Areas : Suggested focus Areas :  Urban Mobility Trends and Futures. / flavour of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Jainism and Chistianity. Languages Languages  22 officially recognised languages.  Hindi is official language.  English is an associate official language. CAETS INAE 12 Venue – CAETS 2015 Convocation/


all the books as also the numerous periodicals on health, Yoga, Sadhana and self-culture (in Hindi as well as in English) are printed. The headquarters ofthe Society seeks to present in itseli a model for an all-round institution of many-sided activities for the branch centres/ of Sakti. Another great aspect of the Sakti philosophy is the emphasis placed by it on Yoga by which the higher energies in us can be awakened and brought into play to help the world and to enable us to realise the Supreme. It /


is said to be hit by a spearing street. This feared occurrence was felt in all cultures. It was called kuthu ( punch in Tamil), shoola( spear in Hindi) and as a poison arrow in Chinese. The perpendicular road channelises a great amount of energy within the plot. It serves as a conduit for energy, which may be good or bad depending on the location it strikes on/

How to Be a Tech Futurist: Predicting, Managing, and Creating in a World of Accelerating Change UAT Tech Forum 2005 John Smart, President, ASF Slides:

in todays stoplights) will cut the worlds energy demand for lighting in half over the next 20 years. Lighting is approximately 20% of energy demand. Expect such MEST efficiencies in energy technology to be multiplied dramatically in coming years. Technology is becoming more energy- effective in/Windows In 2005, India is seeing a grassroots movement to get schools to teach English in first grade (vs. fourth grade). Three to six is a developmental window for effortless language acquisition. Mandarin or Hindi /

© 2013 IBM Corporation IBM Research ‘Big Bets’ in Sustainable Technologies: Smarter Water Management April 2013 Sherif El-Rafei, Business Development Executive,

model to adjust the pressure dynamically so that only the required flow will be supplied yielding cost reduction in energy and water achieved. Find “optimal” location of leak(s) to explain difference between actual measurements and/Thank You Merci Grazie Gracias Obrigado Danke Japanese English French Russian German Italian Spanish Portuguese Arabic Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Hindi Tamil Thai Greek Ευχαριστώ Mulţumesc Romanian Dziekuje Polish شكرا Teşekkür ederim Turkish © 2013 IBM Corporation 32 /

MERCADOS ENERGY MARKETS INTERNATIONAL Finding new paths for the energy market Consultancy Support to the HERC Consumer Aspects – Preliminary Findings of.

Separate questionnaire prepared for industrial consumers ● Questionnaires translated into local language (Hindi) ● Two days training programme conducted for field investigators 17 th March/with the procedure for new connection ● Overall non transparent process in releasing new connection is a major concern Key Findings: Industrial Consumers/ of framework for sustained action: replication of consumer satisfaction survey Mercados – Energy Markets International C/ Orense, 34, 8th floor 28020 – Madrid, Spain/

Sponsorship Proposal. Scientific Foresight is a movement to build the scientific knowledge temperament and promote innovation in Bihar with International.

Alternate energy sources, Bio-fuels, Solar energy, Hydro Energy etc. Continued…. 22nd December 2008 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM -Higher education prospects and processes in India and abroad. 10:45 PM - 01:15 PM - Technologies for Agrisciences, Agrielectronics, Technology in /inside / back inside advertisement in the souvenir(one each) (anyone, on first come first serve basis). (More than 4000 souvenir to be printed for all the participants. Media Partners One each from print media (Hindi & English) electronic media/


: Mumbai New Delhi Kolkata State of Orissa Mumbai Chennai India Facts Climate: Mainly Tropical Languages used: Hindi, English When doing business in India, English is the language of International commerce. Main Religions: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, / are responsible in implementing their own polices and projects. Electric Power & Equipment The Renewable Energy Sector includes small hydro projects up to 25 MGW, biomass and wind energy. India is forth largest producer of wind energy in the world./

I.I.T. KANPUR DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS. Department founded in 1960 when Institute started.

. Lakhs approx) Including those running currently 322 Publications in Journals Web of Science data only 314 Books authored including Hindi & English textbooks (MHRD) 5 Ph.D. Degrees (’99-’04)25 M.Sc. Degrees (’99-’04)127 6-year Performance CME Condensed Matter Experiment 10 CMT Condensed Matter Theory 10 HEP High Energy Physics Theory 8 LP Lasers & Quantum Optics 4 NPE Nuclear Physics/

Investissements en Inde : Quelles opportunités et contraintes ?

Bangladesh, Myanmar & Sri Lanka. Hindi and English are the official languages; 18 main languages recognized by the Constitution; - Biggest parliamentary democracy in the world: sovereign, socialist /in terms of million units per square meter. A large number of SMEs involved in this sector (French company Velcan Energy in the Biomass power plant sector & small hydropower plants sector). Civil Nuclear Energy: Opportunities in many technical fields : laser & accoustic microscopes, spectrometers, etc. for use in/

Broaden your borders Updated market trends and opportunities for publishers in China, India, and Brazil Society for Scholarly Publishing 1 June 2012.

High-end equipment manufacturing – aerospace and telecom Advanced materials – rare earths and high-end semiconductors Clean energy vehicles Energy conservation and environmental protection Sales analysis Online/trial usage Local Ed board members Author data Member information Submission /overview 1 June 2012 Kaufman Wills Fusting & Co 24 India at-a-glance 7th largest country 2nd in population Hindi/English Diverse religious culture 10/31/2011 Kaufman-Wills Group, LLC British rule mid-1800s Gandhi-led/

Linguistic Networks Applications in NLP and CL Monojit Choudhury Microsoft Research India light color red blue blood sky heavy weight.

, document clustering) – Evolutionary Models (NER, multi-document summarization) 18 Application of CNT in Linguistics - II Language Evolution – How did sound systems evolve? – Development of syntax/) English (6M, BNC) Finnish (11M, LCC) French (3M, LCC) German ( 40M, Wortschatz ) Hindi (2M, DJ) Hungarian (18M, LCC) Icelandic (14M,LCC) Italian (9M, LCC) Norwegian (16M, LCC/its passage through a prism. Energy efficient light fixtures including solar lights, night lights, energy star lighting, ceiling lighting, /

EE-CS R and D in India U. B. Desai SPANN Lab Department of Electrical Engineering IIT-Bombay Powai, Mumbai 400076 Indiahttp://ee.iitb.ac.in/~spann.

and Japan As per July 2005 July 18, 2004 4 R n D Organizations in India Academic Institutions Industry ISRO (Space Research Centers) Department of Atomic Energy DRDO Defense Research Centers July 18, 2004 5 Academic Organizations NITs (National Institute/, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali to to Hindi (IIIT-Hyd) Domain specific search engines (e.g. Cricket) (IIIT-Hyd) July 18, 2004 19 Graph Partitioning Graph Drawing Algorithms Complexity Theory in the Algebraic Model Parallel algorithms Enumerative Combinatorics/

Holistic Health Management Happiness be unto all, Perfect health be unto all. May all see good in everyone, May all be free from suffering. May Almighty.

as well Keep Smiling : Make this a habit Sleep : Ensure adequate sleep. Did you know? Our body receives energy from Food - 10% Sleep - 20% Chakras - 70% Adopt this in your daily routine Start the day with ‘Atma Bodh’ (Self Realization) –Treat each day as a new life –/ from colon Yogic Exercises Yoga has potential to cure chronic and grave diseases. The Hindi literal meaning of Yoga is to ‘UNITE’ i.e the body, mind & soul need to work in harmony to ‘UNITE’ one’s vital force with that of Almighty. Regulation &/

Bangalore City Metro Rail for Public Transport and CDM Energy Economy & Environmental Consultants Bangalore INDIA.

Rail for Public Transport and CDM Energy Economy & Environmental Consultants Bangalore INDIA/degree C to lowest minimum of 14 degree C n Language u Regional Language: Kannada u English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil are widely spoken and understood Bangalore - Transport n The major private transport for / Taxis also form a part of public transport system Bangalore - Emissions n The Average pollution levels recorded in the city are Sulphur Dioxide (SO 2 ): 8 Microgram/Metre³ Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM): 362 /

Local Culture in a Global World Why Does Culture Count? Eleanor E. Fink Senior Cultural Heritage Specialist Global Development Gateway World Bank.

l Whether they live on the plains or in the valleys, whether they live in slums or isolated villages, whether they speak Hindi, Swahili, or Uzbek, people have one thing in common: They do not want charity. They / Child Development - Latin America... l Macroeconomics and Economic Growth Economic Growth, Adjustment Lending… l Energy Energy Efficiency Global Development Gateway cont. l Energy Energy Efficiency l Gender and Development Gender and Human Development, Gender and Social Issues, Gender, Governance,/

1 Comparison of Patent Prosecution in USPTO, EPO, JPO and IPO Miku H. Mehta Partner Sughrue Mion, PLLC Washington, D.C. Mountain View San DiegoTokyo.

Method of Agriculture/HorticultureOOOX Atomic EnergyΔΔΔX Public Order/MoralityOXXX Novelty - US 35 USC §102 (a) known/ used by others in this country, or patented or described in a printed publication in this or a foreign country,/Specification (Hindi or English – no grace period for translation) “fully and particularly” describes the invention must provide industrial applicability preamble “ The following specification particularly describes the nature of this invention and the manner in which /

2 Founded in 1872 QS rank 5th in political science and international relations 13,000 students 46% international students coming from 150 countries 30%

Year undergraduate degree 2 years in France & 1 year abroad 8 World Region Focuses 25 Languages taught ▪ English and French are languages of instructions ▪ Opportunity to learn Korean, Hungarian, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese, etc. DUAL/ Master in Public Affairs Specialisations in Cultural Policy, New Technology & Public Policy, Economic & Regulatory Policy, Energy & Sustainability, Health, Management of Public Affairs, Social Policy Master in Advanced Global Studies Specialisations in International /

Christian Apologetics Is there a God?. What is Apologetics? A: systematic argumentative discourse in defense (as of a doctrine) B: is a field of Christian.

Newton, Aristotle 2 nd law of Thermodynamics The second law states that all energy or heat is in a constant state of entropy Atheist have to believe that the precise order in the universe is the product of random force Do Typhoons cause construction or /, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. Rom 1:20 esv “Ito ay sapagkat ang hindi nakikitang mga bagay patungkol sa Diyos, simula pa sa paglikha ng sanlibutan,/


000 2. Spanish (44) 329,000,000 3. English (112) 328,000,000 4. Arabic (57) 221,000,000 5. Hindi (20) 182,000,000 6. Bengali (10) 181,000,000 7. Portuguese (37) 178,000,000 8. Russian (33) /). “China and Brazil Leading Energy Infrastructure Investments in Latin America”. Retrieved March 12, 2011, from OilPrice.com: http://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/China-and-Brazil-Leading- Energy-Infrastructure-Investments-in-Latin-America.html Grant, W. (2009, September 17). “China in Huge Venezuela Oil Deal”. BBC/

Modern Dance History Modern dance is an art form that developed in the 20th Century It was created in reaction to ballet and to deliberately reject the.

tasting; jewels for seeing; and kisses of the palm for touching. The men sitting around her in the publicity photo are Indian immigrants living in the then flourishing Coney Island Hindi community. A wealthy patron… St. Denis was quickly discovered by Mrs. Orlando Rouland. With the /to know it completely. “There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, /

: the emperor penguins ’ adaptation is huddling; they group together. It is useful especially during storms. In these conditions, temperatures can drop.

of 200. : Through this huddling behaviour, the penguins reduce their energy loss to about half of the energy loss of penguins isolating themselves by standing. : Male Emperor penguins like to huddle together in a tight group to conserve heat. Emperor penguins do not build/distance. : The word ‘ cheetah ’ comes from a Hindi word ‘ chita ’, which means a speckled or spotted one. It is the fastest animal on Africa. : While all the other big cats in Africa are able to retract their claws. Cheetahs cannot retract/

Business Opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and RAK FTZ Presented by JOYCE CHOUKRI MARKETING OFFICER RAK FREE TRADE ZONE.

880 km² Languages: Arabic (official language), English. Hindi and Urdu are spoken by a large portion of the emigrated population (Indian – about 1,3 millions in 2001 -, Pakistani, Bengali). The United Arab Emirates / Competitive labor costs. Sectors with opportunities:  Construction services  Materials and supplies  Defense – Aerospace  Energy – Alternative Energy  Professional services  Select tourism products/services including high-end hotel brands  Healthcare and education services and products/

© 2007 IBM Corporation IBM SOA Architect Summit Keynote Presentation: Driving the Value of SOA in an Enterprise Architecture Bill Hassell Director, Worldwide.

Architect Summit 9 SOA and Austin Energy “This one is business-driven," /in an SOA? How does my infrastructure support SOA? Enterprise Architecture Transition Plan EA Governance Business Architecture  Processes  Information  People IT Architecture  Applications  Information  Technology SOA on your terms and our expertise IBM SOA Architect Summit 33 Thank You Merci Grazie Gracias Obrigado Danke Japanese French Russian German Italian Spanish Portuguese Arabic Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Hindi/

1 IT Services in Developing Nations Mark Tegtmeyer Stephanie Schmitt Aarti Dinesh Vijay Gummadi.

privatization process and restructuring of public enterprises Language Hindi is the national language and primary tongue of 30% of the people; there are 14 other official languages Proficiency in English: The “Times of India” sells more/ Markets.Communication services.Consumer package goods.Discrete manufacturing.Energy.Healthcare.High technology.Hospitality and Leisure.Insurance.Life sciences.Media and Entertainment.Retail.Transportation services 57 Infosys in News. Infosys ranks No. 10 on the BusinessWeek/

© 2008 IBM Corporation IBM T. J. Watson Research Center Slide 1 Enabling Accurate Node Control in Randomized Duty Cycling Networks Kang-Won Lee*, Vasileios.

Policy Based Security Management Calo, IBM Energy Efficient Security Architectures and Infrastructures Paterson, Royal Holloway Energy Efficient Security Architectures and Infrastructures Paterson, Royal Holloway Trust and Risk Management in Dynamic Coalition Environments McDermid, York Trust and Risk Management in Dynamic Coalition Environments McDermid, York Theoretical /French Russian German Italian Spanish Brazilian Portuguese Arabic Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Hindi Tamil Thai Korean 감사합니다


ENERGY LOT OF OPTIONS OFFERS CONVENIEN CE ADDS VALUE AND SATISFACTIO N NO STRESS OF PLANNING OPEN 24*7 CONTROL TO MAKE OWN CHOICES PAYMENT CHOICES Which are the popular Online travel sites in India? Online Travel Audience in India Jumps 32 Percent in Past Year Source: comScore Media Metrix Top Sites in/ Watches news Chanel both English and Hindi Reads TOI, ET, mint and India today Profile targeting Access to computer internet and mobile English speaking working in MNC Active credit/debit card users 60/

Gandhian Study Center Be the change you wish to see in the World!

for pre- primary children, Maha vidhyalaya which teaches music, classical dance, Library and Reading Room with about 5000 books in Gujarati, Hindi and English, mainly those related to Gandhian ideals and Gita-Ramayan Examination centre and the Khadi Mandir for the production /ane satya” The next half a day was devoted to the campus visit which included visiting the Library, Museum, Solar Energy system, Biogas plant etc. The day 2, the students started their day by following the routines of the Vidyapith, i/

"India-The Emerging Opportunity" The Way Forward for Chinese Manufacturers in to the Indian Security & Fire Systems Market GB Singh Publisher & Editor.

. Languages Spoken: Multilingual society with 14 principal languages. 38% speak Hindi. English is the preferred business language Economy: After registering a growth of over 9% in 2010-11, it has slowed to about 5%. But still India / in India slowed down by 33% in 2012 as compared to 2011* New Policy Initiatives: Government initiatives in specific sectors such as Telecom, Ports, Airports, Railways, Roads, Energy and Construction Development have improved competitiveness of the Indian economy. Nuclear Energy /

Economic Development Ch. 9 Part 1 Warm Up The idea that once a culture locates in another area, the original customs and traditions eventually die out.

rise against the bougeousis Total government control of all prices in a society Government determined careers Equal pay for all workers Socialism Government controls basic items in an economy (transportation, agriculture, energy) Individuals control other businesses Higher taxes but more government /total Warm Up What do the languages of English, Spanish and Hindi have in common? A. they are all part of a major religious system B. they are all spoke in the same countries C. all three derive from the Afro-/

Surviving (and Perhaps Thriving) as a Scientist in the Constantly Evolving Global Pharmaceutical Industry ( This talk will focus on Regulatory Pharmaceutical.

Information, Operations & Systems Managers – Language Proficiencies: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Marathi, Nigerian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Teluga, Urdu, / your resume 60 Interview Preparation Employer’s goal in the interview is to confirm you are capable of performing the position and to determine the following about you: – Energy level/Enthusiasm Passion for position – People skills /

China and India: The Great Debate Lesson!. Geography Area: 9,572,900 sq km = 3rd-largest country in the world Development shaped (formé) by its geography.

16 of the worlds 20 most polluted cities are in China, which is also blamed for some of the air pollution in Japan and Korea. China is the worlds second biggest individual emitter of energy- related CO2 - but as a developing nation, it/ one of the worlds biggest countries. India is South Asias largest country It is also one of the most diverse. Apart from Hindi and English > 16 official languages. Major religions include Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. Ruled by the British from/

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efeitos where to buy viagra incanada apa khasiat viagra viagra for women meaning in hindi viagra purchase in atlanta georgia les effets negatif du viagra what happens if i take more than one viagra in a day going to india viagra does federal blue cross cover viagra / nedir viagra aufkleber can i crush a viagra and slip it to my husband is it bad to take viagra with energy drinks female viagra tablets india ms viagra effect viagra opinie lekarzy can mail order viagra cause high liver enzymes will cialis /

If the World were a Village… …of 100 people: Source: “Who lives in the Global Village?”, by Donella Meadows, 1990; statistics updated 2005.

6 would be Buddhist 5 would be Animists 6 would be believe in other religions 15 would be without religion (or athiest) 15 would speak Chinese (Mandarin) 7 would speak English 6 would speak Hindi 6 would speak Spanish 5 would speak Russian 4 would speak Arabic/of the wealth (all from the United States) 74 people would own 39%, and 20 people would share the remaining 2% Of the energy in this village, 20 people consume 80% and 80 people share the remaining 20% 33 have no clean, safe drinking water 39 have no /

Introduction to Islam in Britain Introduction to Islam in Britain.

of reasons: a) not enough workers, thus not enough time and energy spent on tackling Islam. b) a general growing confidence of Islam worldwide, since the overthrow of the Shah in Iran in 1979. c) the perception that Muslims care for each other, particularly / make contacts with Muslim students, obtain credibility, and gain access. Learn Arabic, and brush up on Urdu, Bengali, or Hindi, to not only communicate, but be able to refer to the Quran directly during discussions. This helps to show them that we /

Science, Technology, Innovation and IP in India – new directions and prospects Department of Economics Discussion Paper Series Number 660 June 2013 Christine.

g. plastic shell Nano car Jugaad – Hindi word for improvisation Alternative/appropriate technology – from 1970s - LDCs need technology and design to fit resource base that uses less capital and energy, more small scale and labour intensive IPR/ between regulatory bodies, R&D Institutes (including universities), firms, NGOs and some international actors Centres of excellence in 10 different locations across India Sources: CSIR-NISTADS 2012a Next slide: CSIR-NISTADS 2012b Nanotechnology R&D outputs /

Music, Drama & Dance in traditional Indian Life India on the map. Elly, Emerson & Katrina.

of art are connected to each other in India. Different types of Music found in India north and south India developed their own musical traditions music closely linked to religion and spirituality (believed to give energy and develop courage and drive away evil)/particularly the Hindi, Marathi and Bengali theatres. The tradition of folk theatre is alive in nearly all the regions of the country. In addition, there is a large tradition of puppet theatre in rural India. Different types of dance found in India 1./

Software technology and service in India 李芳瑩 B94705056 蔡侑勳 B94705010 陳志銘 B94705021.

: Hindi and English Currency: Rupee (Rs) (Rs45.63 per US$) GDP per capita: US$539 (2003) Bangalore City Since local entrepreneurs and the technology giant Texas Instruments discovered its potential as a high-tech city in the/business sectors (information systems and communications; engineering; materials; services; energy; consumer products; and chemicals) TCS is the largest export company of software services and technology in India NASSCOM National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM)/

M 2. ETHICAL DILEMMA Either doing what is morally right results in a bad outcome or bad effects. Or doing what is morally wrong results in good or at.

Energy, Community welfare, Education Moser Baer (India) Ltd. Livelihoods and Training, Education, Environment Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd.Community Welfare, Healthcare, Education Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd.Environment, Community Welfare, Water Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd.Community welfare, Children, Healthcare EXCERCISE Work out scope in/Jamsheed School: Lets Share Learning with Fun 5. Kerala Public School, Mango: Hindi Vyanjan Mein Hulchul 6. Jusco School Kadma: Green Warriors 7. Kerala Public/

This document has been prepared by IDBI Bank Limited (“Company”/ “Issuer”). The information contained in this document has not been independently verified.

Award 2014 in demat account opening under PSU-Bank Category by NSDL at its 29 th DP Conference.  Awarded the third prize in Rajbhasha Shield (Year 2012- 13) organised by RBI in Region ‘B’ category for excellent performance in Hindi Implementation. World/awarded LEED INDIA “GOLD” Rating by Indian Green Building Council. Bank is one of the key players in funding green energy projects in India and going forward, Bank is exploring possibility of issuing Green Bonds. 37 38 Improving profitability parameters/

Economy of South Asia General Objective: This course focuses on introducing the economic situation and development in South Asia, which is an important.

Little: India’s Economic Reforms(1991-2001), Clarendon Press, Oxford,1996. 5 Edited by Arif A Waqif: South Asian Cooperation in Industry, Energy and Technology, Sage Publications, New Dehil /Newbury Park/ London, 1987. 6 Edited by Kalyan Banerji, Tavjani Vakil:India Joining / cultural diversity, as is evidenced by the enormous number of different languages spoken throughout the country. Although Hindi (spoken in the north) and English (the language of politics and commerce) are used officially, more than 1,/

Introduction to Islam in the West/Britain – June 2011 Introduction to Islam in the West/Britain – June 2011.

of reasons:  a) not enough workers, thus not enough time and energy spent on tackling Islam.  b) a general growing confidence of Islam worldwide, since the overthrow of the Shah in Iran in 1979.  c) the perception that Muslims care for each other, particularly / Muslim students, obtain credibility, and gain access to them.  Learn Arabic, and brush up on Urdu, Bengali, or Hindi, to not only communicate, but be able to refer to the Quran directly during discussions. This helps to show them that we /

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FOOD & BEVERAGE SECTOR IN INDIA -- Shirinda Pradeepti Pulluru.

Snack foods BeveragesWine and Beers (non molasses), fruit juices, ethnic, flavored, health and energy drinks DairyEthnic Indian and Western like Cheese, yogurt, milk – plain & flavoured, desserts Poultry and MeatCured, RTE, Semi processed and intermediate products – egg powder, albumin etc MarineRTE, frozen, processed, fish paste and oil Opportunities in Food and Beverage sector Source: Technopak, FICCI and MOFPI, India Attitude towards Italian food/

RADIO. Radio in India Experiments began in 1915. Broadcasting began in India with the formation of a private radio service in Madras in 1924. The Indian.

State Broadcasting Corporation. Renamed as All India Radio in 1936. AIR was officially renamed to Akashwani in 1957. This name was given by Late Pandit Narendra Sharma a noted lyricist and renowned Hindi poet. Radio in India Government controlled – Indira Gandhi stated “AIR is/and allow it to become slower and deeper. Remember that each breath brings oxygen into your body. It also brings energy to your body. As you release each breath, allow yourself to let go both mentally and physically. Let your /

If the World Were a Village What if the world’s population was represented in a village of just one hundred people?

1 is from Oceania Language There are almost 6000 language in the world. In this village more than half of the people speak in just 8 languages. 21 speak a Chinese dialect, 16 of them speak Mandarin 9 speak English 9 speak Hindi 7 speak Spanish Ages One-fifth of the villagers would/ us would make about a dollar a day Approximately 18 of us would be from Asia 9 of us would use 75% of the energy What about the Money? The richest 2 people would make about 65% of the income The richest 6 would make just over 80% /

Topics in Chinese Grammar Huma300khttp://teaching.ust.hk/~huma300k.

explain? wThe subject precedes the object. wThere is a conceptual priority in the energy flow from an Agent to a Patient. wreflected in the great majority of preferred word orders in the world’s languages w[4] Word order in a complex noun phrase wThe relative word order of D (demonstrative, /A; Q-A-N- D; Q-A-D-N; … … w6 actual combinations w(1) D-Q-A-N (German, English, Chinese, Finnish, Hindi, Hungarian, etc.) w(2) N-A-Q-D (Diegueno, Swahili, Kikuyu, etc.) w(3) N-D-Q-A (Kikuyu [less popular variant], etc/

Language in TOK Language is: –Rule-governed –Intended –Creative and open ended English, Arabic, Chinese…. Body Language; mathematical formulas.

Language and identity Continental and insular Scandinavian: Swedish, Danish, Swedish vs Icelandic and Faroese: political and linguistic identity merge Hindi vs Urdu Lost in translation Guten Tag (German --> English) S’il vous plait (French --> English) How do you do (English -->/and sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, and reserved. You have a great deal of unused energy which you have not turned to your advantage. While you have some personality weakness, you are generally able to /

“Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all.” -William James Durant (American writer, historian, and philosopher)

/watch?v=VVPqgeWPTww&mode=related&search http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVPqgeWPTww&mode=related&search LANGUAGEPOPULATION  Hindi Official Language  English is 2 nd Official Language  Total of 14 Official Languages  122 scheduled/related deaths  Commuting issues  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8waJqyvORY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8waJqyvORY  Water and Energy Production in India  Weak monsoon season and farmers…  Low rainfall and hydroelectric power…  Coal and Nuclear power plants…  Too much/

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