Ppt on energy generation from busy road

Energy Tax Directive Revision European Environment Bureau (EEB) Brussels, 17.05.2011 Kai Schlegelmilch Economist Vice President of Green Budget Europe/GBE.

energy tax rate 27 Electricity/nuclear energy Currently: –Electricity taxed when used ("at output"). –To avoid double taxation, energy products used for the generation of electricity exempted from/ country-specific authorisation (ES and FR) 33 The Energy Tax Directive, road Minimum excise duty (road) per litre by 2010 (+derogations): petrol: € / Euro p.a. GBG recommends -Differentiating of the fees (Economy and Business Class) -Including freight transport 78 3. EFR Reform elements – Recently implemented/

WHY EAC: REFLECTING ON THE EAC BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Presented during the 1 st East African Investment Conference Kigali, Rwanda: 26 June 2008 By Mr. Charles.

Business 7 Doing Business Index EAC - improvements from 2007 against the following indicators: Burundi - in employing workers and in registering property. Kenya – in starting a business/energy. In recognition of this, EABC intends to hold, in the coming months, an energy forum to promote local innovative sources of energy such as biomass systems, bio-fuels, use of solar energy, co-generation/is need to reduce the number of weighbridges and police road blocks which not only cause delays, but sometimes became /

Your Ideal Platform for Business. SINALOA: NATURAL RESOURCES & PRIVILEGED LOCATION Located in Northwestern Mexico, Sinaloa is strategically positioned.

Energy and water Power Generation  9 power plants; 1,743 MW total demand  Investment opportunities for green power generation/ Condominiums SINALOA: Business consistency Sinaloa provides/energy, illumination system, signposting, water, drainage, telephone, satellital communication, waste water plants, road efficient system, safety, service of compilation of garbage, internal regulation, administrative office, access to international road, Federal Road 15, less than 12 km from Mazatlans Port and 1 km from/


Authority, http://www.customs.ro National authorities for road, water, air, and railway transportation. The/energy field. Apart from its international activities, the BSREC is actively involved in the Bulgarian energy issues, acting as a Bulgarian energy society http://www.bsrec.bg LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR DOING BUSSINESS Legal base to register a business in Romania: A local business/://ww.fseromania.ro) 2. National programme addressing young generations of entrepreneurs: START (http://www.aippimm.ro/categorie//

THE ROAD TO DURBAN – PERSPECTIVES ON SOUTH AFRICAN CLIMATE POLICY AND UNFCCC COP 17 Date: Tuesday 18 January 2011, Time: 12H30am to 14H00 Venue: ippr,

business as usual baseline, plateau to 2035 and begin declining in absolute terms from 2036 onwards, in particular, interventions within the energy, transport and industrial sectors; and, »have potential positive job creation, poverty alleviation and/or general economic impacts. Strategies (3) –Prioritising the development of knowledge generation/ Environmental Law) Director: IMBEWU Sustainability Legal Specialists (Pty) Ltd. 53 Dudley Road, Corner Bolton Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg, 2193 Tel: +27 (0)11 /

Wind Energy: Responding to Controversy & Barriers

energy from renewable sources in the EU energy mix. The Future of EU Energy: Facts & Figures In real terms, the overall share of renewable energy in the EU energy mix has risen steadily to some 10% of gross final energy consumption during 2008.[3] By 2009, 62% of newly installed electricity generation capacity in the EU was from/business, developers and planners within onshore regions. Also, opportunity to exchange and learn from offshore ‘best practice’. Wind Energy/the nearest dwelling/road; - Nature /

Focused. Professional. Realists. Mongolia Energy Corporation Corporate Presentation January 2009.

for impoverished citizens of Ulaanbaatar city Building of Khushuut road Local employment Infrastructure investment Economy Strict health and /generation. This depends on further exploration and mine plan. Products Future Plans Market Study Shanxi Fenwei Energy Consulting completed an independent market study for the Khushuut coal China and Europe for coking coal. China for electricity. Customers 32 Financial Highlights 33 *The aggregate turnover from the continuing operations, mainly the private jet business/

Slieve Kirk Wind Park Environment Energy Output Operations Team Construction Design Community Social Responsibility Location Slieve Kirk Wind Park is Northern.

is critical to maximising returns from a wind farm investment. Besides day to day/been spent directly with around 75 local supply chain businesses supporting local jobs and enterprise. http://irelandnews.sse./Road, Kildoag Road and Castlewarren Road, Slieve Kirk Wind Park is expected to generate around 200GWh* of electricity each year, producing enough green energy to power over 65,000 Northern Ireland homes. The green energy generated at Slieve Kirk will significantly decarbonise energy generation/


road map for U.S. carbon reductions”. Science, Vol. 279, No. 5351. (Jan. 30, 1998). Washington GREEN ENERGY A more recent concept for improving our electrical grid is to beam microwaves from Earth-orbiting satellites or the moon to directly when and where there is demand. The power would be generated from solar energy/ ….. Diunduh 9/3/2012 THE LAW OF ALGAE THE LAW OF ALGAE is a guide to the business and legal issues in developing an algae biofuels facility.  While algae or algal biomass can be processed to/

Summary of Findings Florida Dairy Production Conference April 28, 2009 Anaerobic Digester Feasibility Study and Business Plan Road Map for Dairy Farms.

bankable business plan road map to obtain future project funding / financing for the venture or identify barriers. ©SJH and Company, 2008. All rights reserved. Slide 3 Why AD Was Examined 1.Dairy manure is a leading feedstock for renewable energy generation through /sourcing and hauling system with tipping fees of $10ton.  Work with DEP for allowances for the diversion of food waste from generators to farms.  Development work at UofF on organics – food and forage 4.Develop a financeable plan using a group/

Advancing Alternative Energy Technologies Glenn MacDonell Director, Energy Industry Canada Workshop on Alternatives to Conventional Generation Technologies.

Technologies Glenn MacDonell Director, Energy Industry Canada Workshop on Alternatives to Conventional Generation Technologies 25 November, 2002 Page 2 Overview: Overview: Advancing Alternative technologies Assisting technology development: –Technology Partnerships Canada Focusing technology development efforts –Technology Road Maps Commercialization –Fuel cell commercialization road map –Photovoltaic barrier study –Renewable Energy skills study –Trade Team Canada Electric Power Overview Page 3 Industry/

Solar Energy ….and it’s many uses.

from the grid in case of an emergency. At the End of the Month, the Consumer will reek the benefits. Benefits to The Economy, Environment, You, and Me Americans yearn for reliable, clean, abundant, affordable energy, and safe energy. Can prevent catastrophes such as “the blackout” on Aug 14, 2003. Businesses/the environment, making them one of the cleanest power-generating technologies available . Solar power produces no air pollution. /Road Guilford, VT 05301-8117 Sunrise Solar Service Ed Butler P.O. Box 129 454/

Sustainable Economic Growth for Essex Communities and Businesses

is crucial for business growth and the Essex Employer and Business Survey (2010) provides an insight into the views of business. The three factors considered most important were mobile phone coverage, the road network and high speed broadband (71%). Energy costs (49%), /be designed to maximise its economic value and take account of the added-value that is generated. The alternative would be a shift from Predict and Provide on broad priorities to a more targeted approach, management of asset and demand/

Opportunities in Wind Energy

energy source DISCOMS or consumers voluntary market REC component NAPCC June 2008 Policy document on RE The GBI scheme Objective: to expand the market by facilitating large scale investment from IPPs & thru’ FDI and to encourage higher generation/ Medium to High capacity WTGs (1.5 MW – 6.15 MW incl. offshore) Product Portfolio Integrated Business Model Infrastructure Access roads, power evacuation, grid interconnection and power lines Equipment Supply Onshore and Offshore WTG & Component design, development /

IBM Smarter Planet Strategy Florence D

to gather insights into the operation and performance of the building and based on ‘best practices’ and business rules provides optimization recommendations for the efficient operation of the building(s). Some of these optimization and operational decisions are based on not just the internal data generated from the Instrumented layer but also on external criteria like weather patterns, emergency operations, Smart Grid, government/

Madhya Pradesh: Means Business

suitable for power generation. Potential of hydro-energy generation. Installed power capacity (MP’s share) Hydel Power Generation: 852.7 MW* Thermal Power Generation: 2,147.5/. GWALIOR AIRPORTS KHAJURAHO INDORE BHOPAL JABALPUR The total length of roads spanning MP is 67,600 kms.** National highways of 5,200/from these tourists generating points. Other Growth Drivers With corporates such as Genpact, Reliance Infocom, Force, Eicher etc planning to set-up their centres in MP (Bhopal), the number of business/

Future Business Opportunities

Generators (RRGs) on implementation. Business opportunity will be opened for suppliers , installation contractors and developers for Distributed Energy Resources Generators (DERG) and Renewable Energy Resources Generators /be further connected to central inverters which convert the current from DC to AC. The output voltage of the inverters /of Solar Innovation Centerm Supply, Installation of Fibre Optic Cable at Sheik Zayed Road & Hatta. Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of a New Water SCADA /

Solar Energy: Is It Viable In Florida? Presented By: Carolyn Greene Justin M. Hojnacki Katie McCarthy.

very expensive if Florida were to install solar materials in residences and businesses across the state, and the pay back would not been seen until many years down the road. FPL contends it would be very expensive if Florida were to /S. Gets Its Power According to the Energy Information Administration, in 2005, 49.7% of all U.S. electricity was generated from coal. According to the Energy Information Administration, in 2005, 49.7% of all U.S. electricity was generated from coal. Only 2.3% of electricity/

Evolution of Telecommunication Business

MANAGEMENT Voltage Control Outage Management Improvement Areas Distributed Generation Syber Security Electricity Vehicles (V2G) Big Data Demand Side Management Energy Storage Micro Grids Smart Meters Communication SMART GRID ROAD MAP OF TURKEY STAKEHOLDERS: Energy and Natural Resources MinistryBilim, Sanayi ve Teknoloji Bakanlığı EMRA TEİAŞ. TEDAŞ Generation Companies Supplier Companies Distribution Companies Turkey 2020 Smart Grid Road Map Project Stakeholders: EMRA Distribution Companies Purpose: Current/

Wind Energy Business Overview FPL Energy Wind Tour 2004 Waymart Energy Center, PA.

tons each Height –65m Rotor Diameter –70.5m Wind Tour 2004 45 Waymart Wind Energy Center Project Details Roads –23.5 miles of roads Collection system – 21 miles of 34.5 kV cable connecting each WTG to the /generation facilities operate wholly or partially without long- term power purchase agreements. As a result, power from these facilities is sold on the spot market or on a short-term contractual basis, which may affect the volatility of FPL Groups financial results. In addition, FPL Energys business/

Energy foresight (vision of the future of energy industry) V.N. Knyaginin CSR “North-West” Foundation May 2010, Paris.

, environmental and regulatory 2. Resource and environmental component3. Regulatory component 19 > What tools does Russia’s Government (or business?) have in order to manage country’s energy system development along the “road map"of global energy? All answers end with "but...“ 1. Restructuring (liberalization) of internal energy market is to be completed after 2014 (including the liberalization of the retail market), but there is no/

The Basics Convergence Divergence Communication Ecology Person or Group Perception Culture Emerges from self-organization Stimuli categories dimensions.

to "mindlessness" — on a variety of behaviors ranging from business effectiveness to mental health to creativity. Even though mindfulness / sure. But the brains job is not to generate consciousness. Consciousness isnt that kind of thing. It/ just one example of sustainable architecture that uses dramatically less energy by copying the successful strategies of indigenous natural systems. The/Adler Peter Adler Experience of nothingness Michael Novak Michael Novak The Road Within O ’ Reilly et al. O ’ Reilly et /

The India Opportunity for European Business & Research Leena Pishe Thomas European Business & Technology Centre, New Delhi May 21&22, 2012 www.ebtc.eu.

for Energy Efficiency – National Mission for Sustainable Habitat – National Water Mission  EBTC – Promoting Clean Technology from EU to India under the Umbrella of Climate Change – Business /  Over 160,000 Metric Tons (MT) of municipal solid waste is generated daily.  3R and for high polluting sectors, such as thermal power / Very few cities have organised public transport.  Increasing levels of motorisation.  Road fatalities very high and increasing. Transport Emissions & Air Quality  Transport one of/

SENCO UK ENERGY SCENARIOS crossing the fossil and nuclear bridge to a safe, sustainable, economically viable energy future Preliminary scenarios for discussion.

on it for other uses, such as road transport. Is it better to burn /from irreversible technology risk. In the UK, nuclear power and carbon sequestration Environment impacts. All energy sources and technologies have impacts, but the main concern here are long term, effectively irreversible, regional and global impacts. The greater the use of demand management and renewable energy, the less fossil and nuclear, the less such large impacts. SENCO Electricity security Demand management will reduce generation/

Road research and Green Vehicles in Horizon 2020 SMART, GREEN and INTEGRATED Riunione Annuale GUSEE– 15/7/2014 Maurizio Maggiore RTD Directorate Transport.

b€ for Transport research in H2020, largest shares expected for aeronautics and road Biannual workprogramme Main calls of automotive interests in the Field of Transport: /from modules to systems and vehicles – are considered relevant. Example of technology content Next generation of competitive Li-ion batteries to meet customer expectations 2014 Optimized and systematic energy/ Green Vehicles) JTIs (HFC, ECSEL) Small Business and Fast-Track Innovation for Transport Thank you for your attention! Maurizio/

The Clapham Omnibus is Full………….. Challenges to our Transport System Neil Ridley Chief Business Development Officer.

Energy Consumption Rapidly Increasing Energy Costs +46% projected 2013 - 2020 Transport: 36% of total consumption of UK energy products 2012. Road transport: 74% Air transport: 23% Rail 2% Marine 0.6% Transport Energy/traveller experience 5. Developing insight from transport system information to improve /Business perspective: Connecting expertise: expediting the commercialisation of research to generate exploitable IPR Clustering of transport systems organisations Providing a platform for start-up businesses/

© 2013 IBM Corporation ROAD TO SMARTGRID Serhan ÖZHAN IBM Global Hizmetler Enerji Sektör Lideri ICSG – ROAD to SmartGrid.

ICSG – ROAD to SmartGrid © 2013 IBM Corporation2IBM Proprietary 2012 IBM Corporation IBM continually changes its business mix toward/Timeline: Deployment can be very fast and supported by a business case  Investments: benefits from the first projects can provide the investment for the rest /of intermittent energy supplies Services beyond the meter Operation of “virtual power plants” © 2013 IBM Corporation8IBM Proprietary Global Smart Metering Technology Progression 2002200420062008201020122014 Generation 5 /

An introduction to Transnet 13 October 2004. Agenda Strategy Overview of key businesses –Spoornet –SAPO –NPA –Petronet –SAA.

the Logistics Chain NPA Terminal operators Shipping agents Concessionaires Stevedores Rail operators Road operators Cargo owners Freight forwarders Inbound Logistics Outbound Logistics Cargo owners Ship / Funding plans Private sector participation Port Regulator Petronet OUR CORE BUSINESS Bulk transportation of energy (energy carrier) : Range of petroleum products and gas HOW /SAA’s sales are generated outside of South Africa. Note: Data is for FY2005YTD; 48% of sales (i.e. originating from outside RSA) are /

17 Audubon Way Sturbridge, MA. 01566 508-347-9235 The Future of Energy The investment opportunity is not in the thorium itself,

tax base for the expansion of local infrastructure (school, hospitals, roads, utilities, government building and services) wail maintaining a high quality of/ generator producing clean emission free energy for just about any power system requirement or application:  large central power systems  distributed power systems  small in home or business/  Lager centralized grid based systems  Back up or Stand by systems  Scalable From 1Kw to 100 Mkw  Mobility for use in transportation systems  Can use many /


road through states Within state, part of the railroad’s business involves carrying persons and property from point to point Since the Constitution doesn’t give Congress the power to control this business, the state exercises its police power over the intrastate business/ Electric Utility Regulation Retail competition? Separate generation, transmission, and distribution? Change pricing mechanisms? Promote use of renewable energy sources Speed Bumps on the Road to Restructuring Enron and the California market/


Roads)/Energy Conservation Investment Program (ECIP) Investment: $45-50M per year Energy savings: 120 Billion BTU/ year Opportunities: advertised in fedbizops.com 10 ECIP - 170 KW Photovoltaic Solar Power System, New Jersey National Guard Joint Training and Training Development Center Generated/business/index.asphttp://www.cerdec.army.mil/business/index.asp ₋Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center: http://nsrdec.natick.army.mil/business/index.htm ₋National Defense Center for Energy/

新疆众和 XINJIANG JOINWORLD CO., LTD. “One Belt and One Road” initiative encourages the development of Xinxiang aluminum companies. Innovative technologies.

Belt and One Road” initiative encourages the development of Xinxiang aluminum companies. Innovative technologies help to explore new energy-saving ways. / of the improved welding method that utilizes the superheating fused metal generated in the heat-releasing reaction between metal oxides and aluminum metal in/ to its business operation. Differentiated service: Joinworld dedicates itself to the transformation and upgrading of logistics in the aim of expanding from fundamental transportation business into the/

Energy and Hazardous Waste. Coal Ch 19: 531-536 We use a variety of energy sources We use energy in our homes, machinery, and vehicles and to provide.

greenhouse gases. -Much of the world’s potential for wind power remains untapped. -Capturing only 20% of the wind energy at the world’s best energy sites could meet all the world’s energy demands. -Turbines are hooked up to generator to create and store energy Geothermal energy Geothermal energy = thermal energy from beneath Earth’s surface Radioactive decay of elements under extremely high pressures deep inside the planet/

Your Logo OMID PARS CONSORTIUM Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Energy Services Provider A General Contractor.

services span from Well Services/Business Management Tenders Division Business Development Division Admin/Finance Management Administration Human ResourceTraining Finance AccountBudget Logestic Management HSEQ Management QA/QCHSE Factories Coordination Management Consortium Coordination Management Secretary Advisor Legal Your Logo OUR MARKETS 8Sustainable Solutions in Energy and Environment Oil and Gas (Onshore, Offshore and FPSO) Petrochemical and Refineries Power Generation/Zone - 5 km road to Shiff Island-/


Energy Agenda (1) ENERGYGeneration: new projects to satisfy an increase in demand from regulated and free customers. From 2014 through 2025, 45% of the new electric generation capacity will come from NCRE (1).  Energy/ roads (including public transport) US$ 21.7 billion. Ports US$ 2.6 billion. Water resourcres US$ 3.6 billion. Interurban roads / NEW INVESTMENT PROMOTION AGENCY Information services Information about Chile’s business climate. Portfolio of public and private investment projects. Reports and/

1 Tooele Large-Scale Renewable Energy Solar Project Industry Day Tooele Army Depot Bldg 1005 Tooele, Utah, 84074 Eagles Nest Conference Center 435-833-2442.

state revenues generated from new infrastructure investment. Other Tax Incentives for Large- Scale Alternative Energy Generation 30 Tooele Large-Scale Renewable Energy Solar Project Industry Day Rob Simmons Energy Policy & Law Manager rsimmons@utah.gov energy.utah.gov 31 Tooele Large-Scale Renewable Energy Solar /Gas, Water, Sewer, Steam) 5,175 Miles 784 Miles ISR Rated Red (Q3) 649 Miles ISR Rated Black (Q4) Roads (paved and unpaved) Total: 39.0 M SY Paved: 26.1 M SY Unpaved: 12.8 M SY Buildings Permanent:/

Copyright © Corona Energy 2014. All rights reserved. Your invoice explained Available through myGuides Copyright © Corona Energy 2014. All rights reserved.

of the bill The Total kWh is consumption in kWh derived from corrected metered consumption 3 3 2 2 1 1 Sample Customer 1 New Road New Town N1 1DW Copyright © Corona Energy 2014. All rights reserved. Billing information 1.Rate p/kWh / generation) There are also exemptions for some processes that use energy, but not as fuel. → Download → Download CCL - Who needs to pay? What is CCL? The Climate Change Levy is a government tax on energy for business customers. The tax is levied on all business users of energy,/

Solid and Hazardous Waste. 2 Women and Waste are inseparable Women generate most of the kitchen wastes and dispose of waste from homes. Women bear the.

Hazardous Wastes Hazardous Wastes – Dangerous by- products of industrial, business, or household activities for which there is no immediate use./, chemical sludge etc. E-wastes: Electronic wastes generated from any modern establishments. They may be described as /equivalent to removing more than 5 million cars from the road for one year.” CATEGORIES OF WASTE DISPOSAL 1/treated Useful options Resource recovery Composting Vermicomposting Energy recovery Incineration Pyrolysis Gasification Bio-methanation /

Bali Road Map, Climate Change and Official Statistics Maria Netto United Nations Development Programme 25 June 2008.

and finance for development. 8 8 Bali Road Map negotiations - Convention Technology: Strong linkage /not exist, assess feasibility to generate them Discuss with experts from other countries on alternative solutions /GHG sectors Sectors Sources of emissions, sub-sectors, means, Energy supply Natural gas; Renewables; Hydropower; Nuclear; Crude Oil,/storage and communications Financial intermediation real estate, renting and business activities Construction Wholesale retail trade, repair of motor vehicles,/

Proposed 2011 Specification ENERGY STAR FOR HOMES.

Com. Areas MERV 8 Filter No Ozone Generators CO Alarms Whole-Hse Ventilation Spot Ventilation /ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED HOMES PROPOSED 2011 SPEC WHY NEW SPECIFICATIONS? Codes Ramping Up Codes Ramping Up Standard Business Practices Ramping Up Standard Business Practices Ramping Up Significant Value Opportunities Significant Value Opportunities ENERGY/FROM HERE? 20062011 Pressure Balancing Insulation Installation Min. Thermal Bridging Insulation R-Value THE ROAD AHEAD: CLIMATE CHOICE ADVANCED TECHS. Base: ENERGY/

K e m a d a Marshall House Heanor Gate road Heanor

Feasibility Studies and Reports CHP and Waste to Energy Generation Conceptual and Detailed Designs Inlet work and Screens Handling/a process that has become very affordable to everyone in business today. At Kemada we have had lots of success/works associated with Confined Space Entry, Lifting Operations & Working from Heights. Rail Working with the UK’s leading Construction/Framework / large volume tanks Supporting walls and structures Access paths, roads and bridges   Building Services At Kemada we have the/


-S’s make up the competitive infrastructure of 21st global business LifeStyling Catering to 21st century demands for lifestyle expression, convenience/Ranging On Grid): magnets embedded in roads that guide driverless vehicle convoys & protect vehicles from road obstructions SMART DUST: tiny “motes/ENERGY In 2006, global investors put $73B into renewable energy, a 43% rise from the previous year. Investments through public markets doubled in 2006, reaching $10.3B. GLOBAL WARMING: BURDEN OF THE NEW GENERATION/

Geralyn van de Krol Energy Law, Fall 2009

user or pipeline, or from sale of electricity generated to local power grid. Reduced environmental compliance costs. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) Tax credits Renewable Energy Bonds Public relations Source: http://www.epa.gov/lmop/benefits.htm Source: EPA Economic Benefit: Available Financial Assistance Federal Dept of Treasury Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit Business Energy Investment Tax Credit Dept of Energy Renewable Energy Production Incentive Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block/

RES Americas Kansas Wind and Renewable Energy Conference 2008.

5 Emerging Renewables RES is using wind power expertise to develop and construct projects that generate power using solar thermal, solar PV, and biomass Also interested in energy storage, though this is still a developing field. Focused on utility-scale, grid/ Wind Farm - Roads Oakley, KS roads contractor 6.7 miles of roads, 20 foot wide with 8 foot shoulders Roads built from crushed base material over a Geotextile fabric Roads completed in July Extensive testing on sub-grade and road base. Shoulders are/

topics Burmese energy sector (compiled by MEE NET)

Generation by Fuel Type (@ May 2009) Currently, Thailand’s power generation depends heavily on natural gas as fuel. - Efforts are being made to boost greater use of renewable energy as fuel. Status of Power Generation from Renewable Energy/ Malls Province 59 การกระจายของจำนวนผู้ใช้ไฟและปริมาณการใช้ไฟฟ้า Distribution of number of power users & energy consumed Agricultural pumping Government Specific businesses Large industrial/commercial) Small industrial/commercial Small industrial/commercial Large houses/

Energy for a low-carbon economy 11 November 2010 Presentation by Ernst Venter Executive General Manager Business Growth.

economy is changing From: Carbon intensive From: Carbon intensive To: Carbon constrained To: Carbon constrained MtCO 2 e/a 7 Exxaro developed a strategic response to this changing environment Analysis of business environment Business response: Prepare for a low-carbon, energy constrained future + + Energy Supply Shortage Energy Price Pressure Carbon Constrained Future Existing businesses Energy security Carbon footprint Improving energy efficiency Carbon offsets Existing businesses Energy security Carbon/

Smart Grid Vision and Road Map for India

Roadmap Smart Grids: Journey from present state of grid towards adding a set of smarter systems/applications aligned with business priorities of each utility /generation facilities where feasible Development of indigenous smart meter. Total Renewable integration of 30 GW; and EV trials, 2% EV penetration. Compulsory Roof top PV and Energy/& principal cities. Energy Efficiency Programs for all lighting in urban areas. Standards Development for Smart Infrastructure (SEZ, Buildings, Roads/Bridges, Parking lots/

Integration of Renewable Energy

Basics of Renewable Technologies Scenario of Renewable Energy generation in India Issues involved in Grid Integration of RE: International Experience The Road ahead WIND ENERGY HARNESSED Source : MNRE SR Maximum Wind / Optimised combination of NWP suppliers Incorporation of mesoscale models Regular live feedback from the wind farm “Learning” Algorithms for: Meteorology Power models Site geography/business Retrofitting of old machines Need for develop Real time tools Assess Stability Limits Thank You

WE Energies Launches Assault on Distributed Generation Rate Filing Aims to Drive Small Renewables Out of SE Wisconsin August 2014.

Charges Revenue from Generation Offset ConsumptionRetail energy rate13.9 cents/kWh Above ConsumptionAvoided energy rate~/Energies 2014 Report to the PSCW, RENEW Numbers That Matter Anticipated We Energies purchase price of Integrys Energy Group $9.1 billion Elm Road – Monthly and annual lease payments from We Energies customers to We Power (plant owner) $19.33 million $233 million We Energies/ (Milwaukee) Businesses powered by renewable energy that will be harmed by these changes Business Johnson Controls JJ/

Global Studies Regents Review Mr. Giesler Global Studies.

other ancient civilizations; could divorce, own land, and enter business deals Contributions – mummification, which helped them understand the human body/ N. Africa, and Europe Trade from China followed the Silk Road and entered Europe through Russia and /Revolutions The Industrial Revolution Causes of the Industrial Rev Energy and Technology – 1700s, people used giant water/ small amounts of electricity discovered Dynamo – enabled the generation of large amounts of electricity 1879, Thomas Edison –/

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