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Organizational Culture and Environment

of top management Continuation of the Organizational Culture Recruitment of like-minded employees who “fit” Socialization of new employees to help /time Playfulness/humor Conflict resolution Debates Risk-taking Copyright © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall Exhibit 3–7 Creating a More Ethical Culture Be a visible role model. Communicate ethical expectations. Provide ethics training. Visibly reward ethical acts and punish unethical ones. Provide protective mechanisms so employees/


aims Profit & return On assets Grow revenues Fewer planes Attract & keep customers Customer aims Low prices On-time flights Fast plane turnarounds Internal operations Committed Ground & Flight crews Employee Considerations 31 Customer Service and Quality Emphasis Total Quality Management (TQM): a cooperative form between labor and management to improve quality and productivity. Core values of TQM include: designing methods and processes to meet the/


strategy etc. HR needs developed after that. From strategy organization determine goals and objectives. With time period which these results in structural change which follows changes in job requirement reporting relationship and grouping/. Compensation and Benefits. Employees Relations. Reference checking Employment planning HRIS SAMPLE JOB TITLES Vice- President Employment Manager Compensation and Benefit Manager Training and Development Manager Employee Relations Manager Recruiter. HRIS Analyst. /

1 Washington Wellness April 17, 2008 Jan Paul, LMHC, CEAP Manager WA State Employee Assistance Program Department of Personnel Washington State Employee.

-involvement is not to be used as basis of disciplinary action  Miscellaneous or personal leave/consult with WAC 357 & CBA. http://www.dop.wa.gov/Managers/EmployeeAssistanceProgram/ReferralstotheEAP.htm Employee Assistance Program 12 Can employees use state time to go to the EAP? Yes – Civil Service Rules: Chapter 357-31 325; Must an employer grant leave with pay for other miscellaneous reasons such as/

ORGANIZATIONAL Structure & Design, HRM

Performance Management Performance Management System: A process of establishing performance standards and appraising employee performance. Advantages and Disadvantages of Performance Appraisal Methods Written essays Simple to use More a measure of evaluator’s writing ability than of employee’s actual performance Critical incidents Rich examples; behaviorally based Time-consuming; lack quantification Graphic rating scales Provide quantitative data; less time-consuming than others Do not provide depth/

1 Are your employees avoiding you? Managerial Strategies to Close the Feedback Gap Juan I. Sanchez, Ph.D. Florida International University Department.

to gain empathy. Increase psychological distance to gain objectivity. 27 Management Strategy: Best feedback-giving practices (Task or motivational level, private, well-timed) Zero Tolerant Manager MicromanagerConflict Avoidant Manager Manager avoids attacking the employee. Reduces employee discomfort. Wait: Allows manager to check emotions. Manager avoids making employee feel inadequate. Reduces employee discomfort. Wait: Allows employee’s task strategy to play out. Realize that negative feedback can/

Managing Careers and Fair Treatment

grade Transferees are looking for: Personal enrichment Interesting jobs Convenience Better hours or location Transfers should result in better productivity Page 279 Career Management & Commitment Question: In these times of rapid change & mergers how do you get the employees to keep the company’s best interest at heart if the company doesn’t seem to or is unable to care about what’s/

Managing Human Resources

Chapter 10 Human Resource Challenges Competition for a limited number of employees Employees are struggling to balance their home and work lives Managers are challenged to manage and communicate with employees around the globe A diverse and multicultural workforce requires better workplace /of people currently involved who will be available to fill jobs at some future time Determine the number of people needed by some future time The HR Demand Forecast Forecasting an organization’s HR needs, known as an/

Talent Management Corporate Training Materials.

. Attainable: Impossible goals discourage people. Make sure that goals are reasonable and attainable. Relevant: Goals need to align with employees’ jobs. Timely: Goals require specific timeframes. The success of a talent management program requires leaders to identify goals and objectives. Goals and objectives help guide employees. Goals and objectives must be SMART to be successful. SMART Goals: Specific: Goals should have specific instructions. For/

Human Resource Management

is supposed to measure Reliability Example: scores should be similar for the same person taking the same test over time. Validity Example: how well a physical ability test predicts the job performance of a firefighter. Training and Development /the job. Focuses on what a worker does right and wrong and provides good feedback for employees to change their behaviors. Results appraisals Managers appraise performance by the results or the actual outcomes of work behaviors Performance Appraisal and Feedback /

Using MIS 2e Chapter 12: Information Security Management David Kroenke

has three critical security functions: establishing a security policy, educating employees about security, and managing security risk. Security safeguards are classified into technical, data, and human categories. Disaster preparedness safeguards include asset location, identification of mission-critical systems, and the preparation of remote backup facilities. Organizations should prepare for security incidents ahead of time by developing a plan, ensuring centralized reporting, defining responses/

11-1. Business in a Changing World McGraw-Hill/Irwin Copyright © 2009 by the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Chapter 11 Managing Human.

achieving better pay, hours, and working conditions. 11-39 Managing Unionized Employees Collective Bargaining – negotiation process where management and unions reach agreement on wages, hours, and working conditions for the bargaining unit (employees represented by union). 11-40 Managing Unionized Employees Labor contract – the formal, written document that stipulates the relationship between union and management for a specific time period. The outcome of collective bargaining. 11-41 Unionized/

Managing Human Resources in Organizations

-leave programs. Copyright © by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. Managing Labor Relations The process of dealing with employees when they are represented by a union. Organizations prefer employees remain nonunion because unions limit management’s freedom in many areas. The best way to avoid unionization is to practice good employee relations all the time by: Providing fair treatment with clear standards in pay, promotions, layoffs/


After IT and BPO, it is now the pharmaceutical sector that is facing the issue of high attrition rates. For most HR managers, employee retention is the biggest challenge. Talent or human resource is a major asset for any company. Company invest high amount of / the changes and new models. It is still time to change, train and develop our people.  In India, we have a huge supply of manpower in the management pool, but are sadly deficient in people management expertise.  In this industry high churn other /

The Dynamics of Labour Relations

all workers—skilled, semiskilled, unskilled—employed along industry lines Employee associations Labour organizations that represent various groups of professional and white-collar employees in labour-management relations. Copyright © 2008 by Nelson, a division of Thomson/evidence; witnesses can be cross examined. Parties make closing statements. Arbitrator closes hearing and designates date and time for rendering the award. Copyright © 2008 by Nelson, a division of Thomson Canada Ltd. The Arbitration /

Performance Manager 2013 Training.

from any computer with internet access. AAHS has been using PFM since 2010 User Registration Every employee will need to register the first time they login to Performance Manager, otherwise just login using employee ID and password created previously. Step One: Launch Performance Manager Click on the Performance Manager link on the AAHS Intranet page OR Open an Internet Explorer Window In the URL address line/

The Exceptional Manager: What You Do, How You Do It.

such as wage levels, rest periods and length of the work day were varied Worker performance seemed to increase over time leading Mayo and his colleagues to hypothesize the Hawthorne Effect That employees worked harder if they received added attention, if they thought managers cared about their welfare and that supervisors paid attention to them They succeeded in drawing attention to the “social/

Tragic HR Mistakes Managers Make IHFA Leadership Conference April 2010.

10.Playing favorites – inconsistent enforcement of company policy Top Ten Tragic HR Mistakes Managers Make Believe it or not… Sandra – Crew Tony – General Manager It was the fifth time in a month that Sandra was late to work. Tony was swamped and just/ told Sandra that it had to stop… “Ink is better than the best memory.” - Chinese Proverb Why bother documenting? Documenting Employee Discipline Very /

Desktop Based Payroll Management Software  Employee Management  Salary Management  Leave Management  Loan & Advance Management  PF / ESIC / PT Returns.

Module Employee can login in to the system from their respective computer using their user name & password and view their  Payslips  Cumulative Payslips  Leave Details  Loan & Advance Details  Income Tax Projection  Yearly Salary Sheet Security  Users can be created  User Level Rights can be created and managed Other Add on Modules  Integration of Payroll Software with Tally Thanks for your valuable time. We/

Oracle Fusion Applications A Case Study John McDonald Senior Manager, Deloitte, New Zealand John Hansen Senior Director, Applications Development &

, and as such it came with lots of problems and limitations Given the nature of the ‘first-time’ implementation, there was no prior knowledge within the project team of the application No frame of reference was/ Greater visibility of the organization through key HR indicators and global job classification Empowerment of Line managers Communication Improvement with our employees and more specifically our Beauty Consultants Ultimately, HR function focused on strategic HR activities Visibility Empower/


staffing plan can include : –Security staff functions Describe the key areas of influence, functions in each area, required time to be spent in each area and the amount of staff required to perform the function in each area E./ Organizations should conduct periodic security awareness and training activities to keep security at the forefront of the employees’ minds and minimize employee mistakes Management of Information Security, 2nd ed. - Chapter 10 Slide 40 Personnel Security Practices (continued)  /

Army DCIPS Transition Manager Summit

Provide Army G-2 a framework for DCIPS communication activities within Army Intel Establish a process for developing key messages in a clear, relevant, meaningful, and timely way to stakeholders Utilize Transition Managers to push communications out to DCIPS employees within their command Stakeholder Feedback Transition managers indicate that a low level of knowledge and readiness currently exists regarding DCIPS implementation 43% of Transition/

© 2003 South-Western College Publishing. All rights reserved.15–1 The HR Triad Extended Line Managers Know and appreciate historical context and current.

management Go to arbitration © 2003 South-Western College Publishing. All rights reserved.15–18 Grievance Issues  Discipline and discharge are most common issues reaching arbitration  Other issues:  Calculation of seniority  Compensation for Time away from workTime away from work Vacations, holidaysVacations, holidays Sick leaveSick leave  Wage and work schedules © 2003 South-Western College Publishing. All rights reserved.15–19 Defensible Disciplinary Procedures Employee/

Dessler, Cole, Goodman, and Sutherland In-Class Edition Management of Human Resources Second Canadian Edition Chapter Twelve Labour Relations, Collective.

of group meetings –sudden popularity of certain employees –sudden cessation of conversation when manager approaches –appearance of strangers in parking lot –distribution of cards or flyers © 2007 Pearson Education Canada 12-20 Union Organizing and Recognition Employer Rights –express views on unions –state position on remaining non-union –prohibit union activity on company property/time –increase wages in normal course of business –gather/

Chapter 9 Human Resource Management, Motivation, and Labor-Management Relations Learning Goals Discuss employee separation and the impact of downsizing.

time workforce: 13 percent Government workforce: 33 percent Private-sector workforce: 8 percent The Collective Bargaining Process Labor Legislation • National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (Wagner Act) • Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 • Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 (Labor-Management Relations Act) • Landrum-Griffin Act of 1959 (Labor-Management/ and benefit packages at nonunion employers. • Effective communications by management. • Employee participation in goal setting and grievance handling. • How will /

► Introduction ► Performance Management ► Policy

the complaint, along with the grievant, his or her supervisor, and any witnesses. (time management) 114 Deadlines NOTE: The grievance will be closed if the employee fails to submit by any given deadline or time frame within this policy. Steps in Process—Step 1 The EEO/Grievance Officer will: Contact the employee and appropriate supervisor within 3 working days Explain the mediation process and grievance/

1 of 33 Incident Reporting 2009 employee education competency module DMC Corporate Quality Department Detroit Medical Center© Revised: December, 2008.

. Department Manager, Site Administrator, Risk Management and Quality Department are notified of any situation which may have the potential for significant negative outcomes, serious patient injury or adverse media attention. In these situations, refer to the Unexpected Clinical Event policy 1 CLN 027 for further information or direction. Notify the Safety Officer to report unsafe conditions or hazards. Report any employee lost time to/

MGT 674 Employee Relations Management Ajaya Mishra.

worth studying? For many people work is central in terms of time, money, identity, status, social relations Most of us experience work as employees – we have an employment relationship – between ourselves and those who employ us, and an employment status However many different interests at work (‘stakeholders’) – owners, shareholders, managers, employees, customers – all exert pressure on employment relationship For employers – the ‘labour question’ a/

Managing the Risks of Wrongful Discharge Claims Raymond L. Hogge, Jr. HOGGE LAW Attorneys and Counselors at Law 500 E. Plume Street, Suite 800 Norfolk,

Most Important Protections Against Wrongful Discharge Claims Do Not Promise Employment for Specific Period of Time Do Not Promise Termination Only for Cause Include in Employee Handbook Acknowledgment Managing the Risks of Wrongful Discharge Claims Raymond L. Hogge, Jr. Personnel Policies and Employee Handbooks – Contract Disclaimer Need to prevent employee handbook being treated as a contract which can be breached by employer Include in front/


MAN A G E MEN The Leaders The People Time, Talent, Treasures T Aligning Gearing Up For Enabling (Training) Ennobling (Counselling) Enriching (Rewards) THE MEASURE OF EXCELLENCE In LEADING/ Managing PEOPLE E – Effectiveness ( Results ) X C E – Efficiency (Resources) L E – Ethics (Attitudes & Values) N E – Enjoyability ( Engagement ) IN LEADING AND MANAGING EMPLOYEES TO DO ALL THESE: WE NEED TO DEVELOP OUR: K - Knowledge/


make sure that his or her work area is safe and healthful for all employees. Russell DeReamer, author of Modern Safety Practices, considers the supervisor the only person who can control employees, machines, and working conditions on a daily, full-time basis. In his text, Occupational Safety and Health Management, Thomas Anton relates that the supervisor bears the greatest responsibility and accountability for implementing/

The Supervisor as Manager

not covered by federal and state wage and hour laws. This includes supervisors who spend 50% or more of their time managing 2 or more employees, and under federal law when they are paid $455 or more per hour week. (depending on the state). Copyright © 2012 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All Rights Reserved Obligations & Responsibilities /

501: The Employee Performance Review Process. The Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center Learning Objectives Learning Objectives: Participant will.

complete control; Faster than collaborative goal setting; Easier for the manager/supervisor; and Manager/supervisor gains better knowledge of employee’s job. 8 501: The Employee Performance Review Process The Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center S.M.A.R.T System Goals should be: –Specific –Measurable –Action-oriented –Realistic –Time-bound 9 501: The Employee Performance Review Process The Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center Steps in/

Table of Contents Miken Specialties, ltd. M.S.M. (Miken System Management) Servicing the Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana Industrial Insulation, Scaffolding.

Personnel Hourly Personnel Table of Contents Previous Hire-in-slip Table of Contents Previous Time Card Table of Contents Previous Define Job Description ProductionSafetyAdministrative Table of Contents Previous Production / Discipline Progressive Discipline  Hazard Analysis Hazard Analysis Previous  News Letters News Letters  Employee Handbooks Employee Handbooks  Environmental Management Environmental Management  Safety Alert Memos Safety Alert Memos Table of Contents Previous Safety Meetings  Daily/

Chapter 08 Performance Management

. 2. Forced Distribution—The forced distribution method requires the managers to put certain percentages of employees into predetermined categories. 3. Paired Comparison—The paired comparison method requires managers to compare every employee with every other employee in the work group, giving an employee a score of one every time he or she is considered the higher performer. Employees are ranked by how many points they receive. 8-11/

Crisis Management Assistance Crisis Management Presented by Jack Cloonan.

media, transparency and speed are even more paramount Pre-define (or quickly define) roles and responsibilities of employees and advisors managing communication is critical local issues can quickly become national news West Fertilizer Company Explosion West, Texas (2013)/two years. His disciplinary record included written warnings for attendance violations and discipline for not ringing in his own time card. That record showed no instances of violence in the workplace. The record did indicate, however, that /

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 8e, DeCenzo and Robbins

unions an advantage over individuals. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 8e, DeCenzo and Robbins Why Employees Join Unions Greater job security: Collective bargaining contracts limit management’s ability to arbitrarily hire, promote or fire. /that covers a specific period of time. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 8e, DeCenzo and Robbins Collective Bargaining Objective and Scope of Collective Bargaining Contracts must be acceptable to management, union representatives and union membership./

Managing the People Side of Change

a cost, at least in terms of your time and effort. You thus need to seek what movement you can create at what cost and hence find the best alternatives for action. 40 © Copyright Foxfire Consulting, LLC Involve IIEE Approach to Managing People Side of Change Involving employees and managers means communicating – messaging and relating. What employees want to know about about the change initiative/

Labor-Management Relations… …Back to the Future? Reno, Nevada October 27, 2010 John R. Obst Vice President National Federation of Federal Employees.

Chapter 71).  The Labor Statute legally defined employee, union, and management rights.  The Labor Statute authorized Collective /time and motion studies.  Taylor applied “scientific management” to human work and acquired an international following and reputation.  Many organizations today are still greatly influenced by “Taylorism”. - Charles S. Jacobs (Management Rewired) Taylorism  Taylor believed that he was the working man’s savior, creating a new age of cooperation between managers and employees/

Business Ethics: A New Style of Management and Investment

concern, and submitting and voting proxy resolutions. These activities are undertaken with the belief that social investors, working cooperatively, can steer management on a course that will improve financial performance over time and enhance the well being of the stockholders, customers, employees, vendors, and communities.* Recent movements have also been reported of "investor relations activism", in which investor relations firms assist shareholder activists/

MANAGEMENT OF STRESS Web based training course for employees who have management responsibilities NB please view as a ‘Slide Show’ to enable the hyperlinks.

look at assisting individual to prioritise own workload One month and ongoing appraisal process Demands Workload Employee identifies high workload demands, not enough time to meet deadlines Manager suggests prioritising workload and not taking on other tasks not required for role due to time restraints Both manager and employee to work together to determine priorities Straight away Stress risk assessment continued Stress risk factors – items to/

February 8, 2005 Is Employee Performance Management Performing? Exploring the Latest Findings from the Field February 8, 2005.

culture where on-going evaluation is part of corporate life; and managerial time is allotted to and rewarded for that endeavor. Train managers who are responsible for performance evaluation. –Evaluation of performance and the follow-on coaching to improve it both require training. In addition, managers report discomfort at discussing performance with employees, especially that which needs improvement. A performance-driven culture requires open/

Welcome to CNATRA’s online EEO Refresher Training.

an informal and flexible interactive process to identify precise limitations of the employee and what accommodations could overcome those limitations. Management’s failure to engage in the interactive process alone is generally insufficient/the risk involved 19 Examples of Reasonable Accommodations Making existing facilities more accessible Restructuring job Utilizing part time or modified work schedules Telework Providing qualified readers or interpreters Acquiring or modifying equipment -making entrances//

Mixed Strategies For Managers

/2 : Shirk Best response to q=1/2 : Work or Shirk (i.e., the employee is indifferent) If you want to keep the employee from shirking, you should set q >1/2 (i.e., monitor more than half of the time). Not done yet… Mixed Strategies All this was from the Manager’s perspective; she wants to determine the best q to induce the/


/benefits/leave/556LeaveTr aqProxy.pdf Forward the completed and signed form to the Department Administrator Proxy Access Managers can generate the following reports: Employee Year-to-Date (YTD) Activity Manager’s Employee Current Balances Manager’s Employee Extended Balances Manager’s Employee Usage (for selected time period) Manager Reports Human Resources LeaveTraq Training for Managers 7/20/2009 Page 42 Division of Finance Generating a Report Click Reports tab Click drop/


who contact the UEO or the COI Office. POTENTIAL CONFLICTS OF INTEREST NEEDING MANAGEMENT Company in which University employee has an interest Licenses University IP (requires COI plan) Sponsors research, /MANAGEMENT PLAN, CONT. 6.Employee provides background A.Status of the company or other activity B.Status of any licensing arrangements with the University C.Business aims of the company or goals of other activity D.Expected time commitment E.Anticipated involvement of students or other University employees/

Management of Information Security Chapter 10 Personnel and Security

security instrument. It is important to have these contracts and agreement in place at the time of the hire. Management of Information Security Security as Part of Performance Evaluation To heighten information security awareness and change workplace behavior, organizations should incorporate information security components into employee performance evaluations Employees pay close attention to job performance evaluations Including information security tasks in them will motivate/

1 ITC358 ICT Management and Information Security Chapter 11 P ERSONNEL AND S ECURITY I’ll take fifty percent efficiency to get one hundred percent loyalty.

involvement as the plaintiff or defendant in civil suits – Criminal court history: criminal background, arrests, convictions, and time served Contracts and Employment Once a candidate has accepted a job offer – The employment contract becomes an important security/ for Nonemployees Many individuals who are not employees often have access to sensitive organisational information – Relationships with individuals in this category should be carefully managed to prevent threats to information assets from /

Facilitating Employees’ Work Performance

ways of doing things or are fearful of closer supervision during changes. Strategies to reduce resistance include using a participative management style, informing employees about changes that affect them, setting an appropriate time for the change, and sharing past successes. Employees may be rewarded for sharing beneficial ideas. Managers must be change agents and recognize that each change improves the operation. 4. Explain procedures for/

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