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Semantic Web Techniques - Lecture Notes - Harold Boley Bruce Spencer NRC-IIT Fredericton University of New Brunswick CS 6905 SWT 17 September 2003.

Web Techniques 5 Bruce MMath 83, BNR 83-86, Waterloo PhD 86-90, UNB prof 90-01, NRC 01-now Automated/based knowledge markup and RDF-based Semantic Web techniques. He was a visiting researcher in the Knowledge Modeling Group at Stanford University in 1999. Before that, he led several government and industrial/ Embedded elements: 17-Sep-03 CS6905 Semantic Web Techniques/server (e.g., with Apache´s Cocoon or Xalan) – in client (browser, preliminary support in Netscape 6 and IE 5.x) 17-Sep-03 CS6905 Semantic Web/

Semantic Web https://store.theartofservice.com/the-semantic-web-toolkit.html.

are an important source. The semantic web server attaches to the existing system without affecting its operation. https://store.theartofservice.com/the-semantic-web-toolkit.html Semantic Web - Current state of standardization 1 Note/web-toolkit.html Semantic Web - Current state of standardization 1 * Automated agents to perform tasks for users of the semantic web using this data https://store.theartofservice.com/the-semantic-web-toolkit.html Semantic Web - Current state of standardization 1 * Web-based/

Tutorial on the Lightweight CORBA Component Model (CCM) Industrializing the Development of Distributed Real-time & Embedded Applications Douglas C. Schmidt.

Industrializing the Development of Distributed Real-time & Embedded Applications Douglas C. Schmidt schmidt@dre.vanderbilt.edu Vanderbilt University Frank Pilhofer fp@fpx.de Mercury Computing OMG Real-time & Embedded/ to hand-written code Server code is now generated, startup automated by other CCM tools / Component Implementation Descriptor files NavDisplay.cid –text-based implementation NavDisplayGUI.cid –GUI implementation –“deployRequirement” on/and Sons Web resources “The CCM Page” by Diego/

File server https://store.theartofservice.com/the-file-server-toolkit.html.

. https://store.theartofservice.com/the-file-server-toolkit.html OpenBSD - Server 1 OpenBSD features a full server suite and is easily configured as a mail server, web server, ftp server, DNS server, router, firewall, or NFS file server. Software providing support for other server protocols such as SMB (Samba) are available as packages. https://store.theartofservice.com/the-file-server-toolkit.html Point of sale - Hospitality Industry 1 Newer, more sophisticated, systems/

Developing Applications for Cloud Computing Platforms Jeremy Cohen Department of Computing Imperial College London The Influence and Impact of Web 2.0.

contains only necessary software to run Sensor Gateway: Java, Glassfish Application Server, Sensor Gateway Web ServiceJava, Glassfish Application Server, Sensor Gateway Web Service Start up scripts start application server and Sensor Gateway service when image boots upStart up scripts start application server and Sensor Gateway service when image boots up Root Gateway Service has uses embedded client to start / stop Sensor Gateway instances as requiredRoot Gateway Service/

Marek Perkowski’s Productions present:

low power Constraint Satisfaction Computer Oracle Based Computer General Spectral Transform Computer Typical /test High-Level Synthesis and Design Automation – ECE 574/ECE674 If you /At the end, some recent research and industrial papers from top conferences and journals will/borders, thicker paper, same price/ content; Corrections available on web site (see slides) 2nd edition, Springer, "2006", scheduled / alerts servers when close to empty © Jakob Engblom Smart Beer Glass Typical embedded solution Integrates/

October 2009 Customer Presentation

New Dedicated services Gateway, SSL, XML, Domain, DHCP, Security Connectivity Web, Terminal Server Applications ERP, Office, CRM etc. Database ERP, Office, CRM etc. Copyright 2009 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Copyright 2009 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PRIMERGY Rack Server Positioning Perfect to setup dynamic infrastructures for your business processes of today and tomorrow. Advantages Benefits Based on industry standard Focused on operational security Optimized for virtualization Easy to/

Intel® Active Management Technology For Embedded Systems

based security and Power Management features which to be addressed in future slides Remotely discover, heal and protect networked embedded systems Intel® AMT Usage Model: Industrial 2017/4/17 Intel® AMT Usage Model: Industrial/ Intel® AMT Web Interface http://ipaddress:16992 2017/4/17 Intel® AMT Web Interface http://ipaddress/server 4. Client sends “Hello” packet 5. Server assigns profile and provisions client One-touch configuration automates the process of securely setting up and configuring embedded/

Academic Relations Manager Microsoft Corporation

define and customize the user experience. Industrial Automation Smart Displays Avalanche: Devices in /Media Player and ActiveX Control Stream from media server, web, local file Support for many types and formats/based on integrated peripherals Many source examples available Decouple high-level app development from hardware and driver development At least one BSP per supported kernel included in PB, additional on the web Additional BSPs available on the web and included in reference hardware products Embedded/

NatureSmith Web Application System Rev.2 -1/05. natureSmith is an environmental information management solution developed through a public/private partnership.

v7+ and Opera Server Requirements: Enterprise-level Unix server (RedHat, SUSE Linux or Mac OS X Server) Sufficient bandwidth /data providers via purpose-built web-based database forms Seamless automated data exchange with other initiatives /the Map Explorer application or as embedded images anywhere within the system Location /Secure environment Uses industry-standard security mechanisms. Additional encrypted security is available. natureSmiths default installation uses industry-standard security measures/

ASI Controls HVAC Control Building Automation Energy Management Since 1986 HVAC Control Building Automation Energy Management Since 1986 ASI Controls Reliability.

for many protocols  Onboard clock, battery backup JASIC-200 Controller  RS-232, RS-485, 2xEthernet, USB port  Embedded web front end with library of HVAC graphics, and optional configuration tools  Drivers for many protocols  Onboard clock, battery backup JASIC Web Supervisor  Server-based front end software  Archives trend data, delivers automated alarm notifications  Small, Large, or 64-bit version  Database drivers available for MySQL, MS-SQL/

Introduction To Embedded System Design Embedded Systems Architecture : A Comprehensive Guide for Engineers and Programmers - An Elsevier Science Publication.

Embedded Systems Model System Layer Application Layer MemoryManagementDrivers Hardware Cypress EZ-USB FX-2 Xilinix FPGA 16 MB DRAM....... USB Drivers Interrupt Drivers User Interface...CameraApplication N ame of University - Class Title Know Your Standards Market Specific –Consumer Electronics, Medical, Industrial Automation & Control, Networking & Communications, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Office Automation/Web server/ PPC … Hard Real-Time, Priority- based … … LinuxDepends on vendor for development IDE/

©2004 InfoNetrix LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide 3-1 PART THREE Market Drivers, Issues & Trends Market Horizons™ Report Geospatial & Field Automation.

industry and market data and portrayals of the business environment are based/ information is provided on the web at: www.InfoNetrix.com.) /Automation & IT Initiatives Among Utilities Mission-critical 3. Technology/Integration/Standardization Automation & IT Enterprise Position ©2004 InfoNetrix LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide PART 3: Market Drivers, Issues & Trends 3-38 Proliferation/implementation of standards on all levels  Microsoft Windows Operating System  Linux making inroads at server & embedded/

The Web Wizard’s Guide to HTML Chapter One World Wide Web Basics.

the industry standard HTML Validation Services A validation service on the Web can/Automated Link Checkers If you have a large number of links, you should automate the process of link testing You can subscribe to a Web-based/ can center HTML elements on a Web page by embedding them inside a single-celled table/Web server The host address for your Web server The directory path to your account on your Web server The URL for your homepage Use Your Web Browser Web browsers can create FTP connections to Web servers/

WebSphere Application Server - Express Dynamic Web sites made easy.

Optimize Operations Integrate applications & automate business processes for operational efficiency /Server - Express IBM WebSphere Application Server Family WebSphere Application Server - Express Design Points WebSphere Application Server, V5.0 –An industry leading Java-based platform –Fully open-standards-based –Optimized for custom OEM and embedded/Server 2000, Oracle 9i, Informix and Sybase 111 JDBC for access to DB2400222 Web server support Embedded HTTP server IBM HTTP server included2 Web server/

Application Server https://store.theartofservice.com/the-application-server-toolkit.html.

https://store.theartofservice.com/the-application-server-toolkit.html Web application server - Push-based vs. pull-based 1 Most MVC frameworks follow a push-based architecture also called action-based https://store.theartofservice.com/the-application-server-toolkit.html Web application server - Caching 1 Web caching is the web cache|caching of world wide web|web electronic document|documents in order to reduce Bandwidth (computing)|bandwidth usage, web server|server load (computing)|load, and perceived lag/

Copyright © 2005 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved. 1 Five Technologies That Will Drive The Future Of Industrial Automation Sujeet Chand Sr.

Embedded In Packaging Material Such As Cardboard, Plastic Caps, Cartons 26 Copyright © 2006 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved. The Five “Key Technologies” For Industrial Automation Machine (Factory) Line (Manufacturing Solutions) Plant (Enterprise) SoftwareSoftware Software Integration / Web Services High Reliability Software Software Integration / Web/Customer Problems Today (Information Architecture): High cost Too many servers Custom code Upgrades difficult Multiple copies of data Difficult to/

Consolidated Product Line Management (CPM) Next Industry Day 24 June 2013.

costs Extensibility  Enables modernization and embedded training Accreditation  Improves flexibility in addressing system accreditation INDUSTRY PARTNERS PEO STRI Live Training Standards /Lanman CTIA Architecture Concepts  Distributed, component-based, client-server architecture Centralized, persistent exercise planning, history database/web services and SOA technology aligned with COE directives  Composable services to scale to needs to individual use cases  Independently release services and automation/

© 2010 IBM Corporation IBM Software Group ~ Industry Solutions REMOVE THIS SLIDE BEFORE USING THIS PRESENTATION In 2012, you have access to two similar.

Industry Solutions 11 SAFE Industry Framework Evolution 2004 SAFE framework Introduction  Evolved from the Energy Hub  Concentrated on Enterprise Application Integration 2006 SAFE framework architecture based on SOA 2009 SAFE framework enhanced to leverage acquisitions and new capabilities:  Asset, device and service monitoring  Asset lifecycle management  Business process automation/ Manager, Embedded ViaVoice, Unified/web/ IBM WebSphere: Application Server Network Deployment, Enterprise Service /

Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved. PanelView Plus 6 with Enhancements 700/1000/1250/1500 Machine-level HMI John Gajor – Rockwell.

Industrial Computers and Monitors PanelView Plus 6 Positioning Copyright © 2012 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved. 2 FactoryTalk ViewPoint PanelView Plus Compact Run-time (PvP6/ ME Station) SMTP Email ActiveX Web/ Improved Security Role based security using FactoryTalk /Automation, Inc. All rights reserved. On-Terminal Services Menus offer one-stop menu to setup embedded servers  VNC ServerWeb Server  FTP Server  File Server  KEPware Server (now pre-loaded on PVP6) 18 “The Terminal Server/

Next Generation Web: Whats Next? Young B. Choi Department of MIS & CIS Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

on the Web and forecast future development trends of Next Generation Web based on the current technologies and emerging Web technologies developed by international standard organizations and changing requirements of Web users and industry market. 12/Web, there are five major component technologies such as Ubiquitous Web, Mobile Web, Web 2.0 [2, 4, 5, and 12], Web Platform [8], and Web Accessibility. Ubiquitous Web Technologies make possible different types of devices including desktops, office automation/

©2004 InfoNetrix LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide 3-1 PART THREE Market Drivers, Issues & Trends Market Horizons™ Report Geospatial & Field Automation.

representations of industry and market data and portrayals of the business environment are based on / (Detailed company contact information is provided on the web at: www.InfoNetrix.com.) ©2004 InfoNetrix LLC/Automation & IT Enterprise Position ©2004 InfoNetrix LLC All Rights Reserved Worldwide PART 3: Market Drivers, Issues & Trends 3-25 Proliferation/implementation of standards on all levels  Microsoft Windows Operating System with Intel Hardware Platform  Linux making inroads at server O/S & embedded/

Exploratory Software Test Automation Copyright © 2009 Cem Kaner 1 Copyright (c) Cem Kaner 2009 These notes are partially based on research that was supported.

Automation Copyright © 2009 Cem Kaner 34 Comparison Oracles have the same problems Based on notes from Doug Hoffman Program state System state Configuration and system resources Cooperating processes, clients or servers System state Impacts on connected devices / resources To cooperating processes, clients or servers/Test Automation Copyright © 2009 Cem Kaner 36 A program can fail in many ways 1100 embedded /probably an industry worst practice for design QC. Exploratory Software Test Automation Copyright © /


static RDF files to a Web server ◦No special server configuration is needed ◦Not /Embedding references to ontology terms in XHTML tags, but… Chapter 4Materializing the Web of Linked Data284 Semantic Annotation of Dynamic Web/Web of Linked Data325 Creation and Population of a Domain Ontology (2) Automation level ◦Depends on the involvement of the human user Data accessibility ◦SPARQL-based/opmv/ns# PRISM: Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata prismstandard.orgprismhttp://prismstandard.org//

Web Design Specialist. Lesson 1: Overview of Web Design Concepts.

automated link checker Reports view is used mostly for site management Options for Replacing Old Webbots Web Search component Themes and shared borders Link bars Summary Create Web/ industry//Web Embedding/based and pull-based technologies What Is an HTTP Server? Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) –Personal Web Server Apache server Accessing Servers and Services Domain Name System (DNS) –Translates word-based domain names into numerical IP addresses Creating DNS entries Ports Basic HTTP Server/

GE Substation Automation System Solutions Providing innovative product and service solutions for markets and customers worldwide.

Experience Over A Broad Range Of Industries A corporate commitment to six sigma quality Financial Strength Dedicated to bringing the best Automation solutions to our customers INTEGRATION SERVICES /embedded into IED’s Easy integration of third party systems - acquisitions Web based Architecture - Easy Integration of new systems and improved support WEB SERVER Comm Interfaces DDE / OPC Oscillography Viewer Waveform Server PMCS DDE Server Event Viewer Event Server CIMPLICITY Ethernet Server’ PML ION Server/

1 SQL Server 2012 Prof. Jeong-Man Seo. 2 Name : Prof. Jeong-Man, Seo Department : Dept. of Game Contents Contact : M) 82-10-3402-2056 / o)82-31-610-4831.

/SQLProcedural Language/SQL (based on Ada) 18 1/ using a wide variety of industry-standard data mining algorithms. Integration/Server Compact 3.5 is a free, embedded database ideal for building stand-alone and occasionally connected applications for mobile devices, desktops, and Web clients on all Windows platforms. 2. SQL Server 2012: Introduction and Installation Editions of SQL Server 2012 28 To install SQL Server/processing application. –Examples of OLTP: ATM(Automated teller machine), POS(Point of sale), /

Oracle Industry Solutions Complex Equipment Manufacturing

servers, test & measurement, etc. Forecast-driven suppliers feed in-house/EMS CTO final build & assy Products sold direct to businesses Products – Processors, DRAM, embedded controllers, etc. High cost of fabs pushing industry/ of next PM activity Automate stocking rules Manage excess inventories Utilize automatic replenishment rules based on lead times Dispatch Technicians/40% of IT Budget. Bus Proc Mgmt B2B Integration Web Services Manage Business Collaboration vs. Manage Technology & Maintenance /

UNLEASH THE POTENTIAL Thomas Goepel Senior Strategist

conceptually, show how HP will deliver based on a position of strength, starting /to production 15 days: New web server 1 month: Remove outdated software/industry-leading lifetime warranty. Data Center Connection Manager allows network architects to pre-configure server connection policies that are enforced through the common RADIUS and DHCP standards. These policies can drive events directly to the HP BSA Network Automation/to start. Thermal Logic technologies Embedded ‘sea of sensors’ Accurate power/

Business activities of building automation

Automation Existing powerful Controllers according to every application Performance small controller BC / BX Embedded PC CX9000 Embedded PC CX1000 Embedded PC CX1020 Industrie-PC Panel Bus-Controller Embedded PC IPC Application Complexity Beckhoff Building Automation/-Bus Controller TwinCat OPC server offers room temperature data /Automation BSH Bosch und Siemens Household Appliances GmbH, Munich, Germany Customer advantages: - Integrated networking on an ethernet base/web page Project realisation: FOM Future Office Management,/

(Based partially on Ch. 6 of text)

[ZOU05] describes a model for worm propagation based on an analysis of network worm attacks at that/Web servers: Nimda scans Web servers, looking for known vulnerabilities in Microsoft IIS. If it finds a vulnerable server, it attempts to transfer a copy of itself to the server and infects it and its files. Web clients: If a vulnerable Web client visits a Web server/industrial control system software there are concerns about using sophisticated targeted malware for industrial sabotage logic bomb code embedded/

Metadata and the Semantic Web Marlon Pierce Community Grids Lab Indiana University.

from the W3C “The Semantic Web is the representation of data on the World Wide Web. It is a collaborative effort led by W3C with participation from a large number of researchers and industrial partners. It is based on the Resource Description Framework /this value suspicious? Why?Is this value suspicious? Why? Monte Carlo and other techniques exist to automate this. Monte Carlo and other techniques exist to automate this. Has the data been officially blessed? By whom?Has the data been officially blessed? By/

Middleware for Distributed Real-time & Embedded Systems Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt Professor of EECS Institute.

Avionics IOM BSE Industrial Process Control Theater Missile/(CCM) Real-time CCM DCE Web Services The maturation of component middleware/automating/encapsulating Object location Connection & memory mgmt. Parameter (de)marshaling Event & request demultiplexing Error handling & fault tolerance Object/server/based COTS Patterns & Pattern Languages Standards-based QoS- enabled Middleware Our R&D focus: Advancing distruptive technologies to commoditize distributed real-time & embedded (DRE) systems Model-based/

A Feature-Based Analysis & Comparison of IT Automation Tools: Comparing Kaseya to Windows Server 2003 Developed By: Timothy Cruz & Flavio Suguimitzu Advisor.

Server 2003 (W2K3) is the sole foundation of every business cyber-infrastructure. W2K3 has become the industry standard server/Server 2003 BU does not have this aspect embedded in the utility, Windows Server 2003 along with Scheduled Tasks, another utility built in Windows Server, can be used to schedule such tasks. Windows Server/Base and Known Error database Windows Server 2003 is more of an Operating System and not an IT Automation/Administrator is their remote web-based environment that helps users to/

Developing Web Services: SunONE vs.NET Abner Mendoza Selen Ustun

Web server so that it is accessible to the desired audience.  Publish the existence of the document in a Web Services registry using the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) specification. Functional Components of SOA Discovery  Once a Web Service appears in a registry, any application can discover the service and therefore locate the published Web Service description document.  UDDI registries support pattern queries for automated/

Clarke, R. J (2000) L909-13: 1 Office Automation & Intranets BUSS 909 Lecture 13 Reinventing Inter/Intranets: Hytime, XML and Emerging Technologies.

Automation & Intranets BUSS 909 Lecture 13 Reinventing Inter/Intranets: Hytime, XML and Emerging Technologies Clarke, R. J (2000) L909-13: 2 Agenda (1) there are several short to medium term developments which are currently emerging in the industry/- Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning reengineering the static WWW pages XML: Re-emergence of SGML XLink Specification servers everywhere/continuously run until needed mod_perl for Apache servers- embedded Perl interpreters but ultimately the best /

Power Research & Development Consultants Private Limited

Desktop applications Client Server Architecture applications Web-based applications Web-enabled applications Integration with Third party applications including ERP systems like SAP, Baan, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Oracle Apps. Integration with proprietary database(s) and/or communication technologies etc. Copyright © 2011 PRDC® All Rights Reserved. Embedded System Solutions One source for total automation and software solutions An ISO 9001 group ESS’s Core Competence Industrial Engineering Services, Design/

Languages and Tools for Web Programming Uri Dekel ISRI, Carnegie Mellon University Presented in UI course Some examples taken from w3schools.com.

Microsoft COM framework Support base COM interfaces, as well as interfaces for automation, persistence and UI. ActiveX adds web-related features Security Reduced /page are dynamic 80 Java Server Pages A more natural way to dynamically create web pages Dynamic sections embedded within the static document JSP / – industrial categorization Green pages info – technical information on exposed services 88 Web Services Description Language (WSDL) XML format for describing public interface of web services Services/

L06 - Building FactoryTalk® View SE Applications

Scalable PC Based HMI PanelView™ Plus and Compact Industrial and Non-Industrial Computers and Monitors FactoryTalk® ViewPoint Rockwell Automation has multiple /industrial servers and desktop computers as well as our Industrial Computers and Monitors FactoryTalk® ViewPoint is a Web HMI add on for both View Machine Edition and Site Edition that allows you to access HMI screens from a Web Browser. Web-Based/ Wizard. BENEFITS Graphic Import/Export VBA code is embedded in Graphic file and can now be part of/

ICS 123 Software Engineering Challenges Web Services and SOAP Richard Taylor & Eric Dashofy UC Irvine

industry. ICS 123 9 Topic 16 Web Services and SOAP Without EAI Numerous Point-to-Point Interfaces Manual Hand-Offs Web/Web Services and SOAP Components in an EAI Solution EAI Infrastructure Data Transformation Message Routing Message Storage Business Process Automation Process Modeling Often GUI based/ 16 Web Services and SOAP SOAP Example Example 1: Sample SOAP Message embedded in / msgs –Availability: Router can redirect to live servers –Scalability: Router can redistribute messages –Interoperability: Router/

Industrial Ontologies Group Semantic and Agent Technologies in Developing Distributed Applications “Device” “Expert” “Service” Resource Agent Vagan Terziyan.

industrial systems consisting of mobile, distributed, heterogeneous, shared and reusable components of different nature. Partners:  IOG (AC, UJ), ABB, Fingrid, Hansa Ecura, Inno-W, Metso Automation, Metso Shared Services PRIME: “Proactive Inter-Middleware for Integrating Embedded/ Common managing system The reports making system The Web-interface making system The interface making module Ontology store system The ontological knowledge base structure Ontology server The interface structure Task area (e.g. /

Intelligent Web Applications (Part 1) Course Introduction Vagan Terziyan AI Department, Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics / MIT Department,

Net Challenges smart industrial devices §New group of Web service users – smart industrial devices. §Internalexternal service platforms §Internal (embedded) and external (Web-based) agent enabled /based on common ontology will enable interoperability and intelligent processes support. (Semantic)GUN environment Java package Dynamic Link Library Database server/59 BANK : Loan Borrower annotation Loan borrowers Bank - investor Automated support of: making decisions about trusting making decisions about trusting/

Advanced Embedded Technology Systems Martin M. Stein, D.Sc. 617-755-1960 Annual Meeting, Institute of Industrial Engineers, Montreal,

industrial processes and communication of KPI’s to management.  The use of specialized software also is discussed so that these machine output measures are converted into a data base/ in the consumer product, marine, medical and home automation industries. 17 Advanced Embedded Technology System: Definition  Utilizes innovative approach for configuration/Multimedia Options 22 Web Options Web-Server © 23 Application Areas 24 Marine Oil and gas Mobile Systems/Automotive Outdoor Automation Food and beverage /

Chaps26.28.29-1 CSE 4701 Chapters 26, 28 & 29, 6e - 24, 26 & 27 5e Database System Architectures, Data Mining/Warehousing, Web DB Prof. Steven A. Demurjian,

(Oracle, Sybase, Informix,..)  Different Access Modes (Query, Embedded, ODBC)  Difficult for SWE to Code Chaps26.28.29/Making  Important Caveats  This is Not an Automated Process!  Requires Significant Human Interaction! Chaps26./Industry (Trying to Return Back to Academia)  Emergence of Java  Java changed the way that Software was Designed, Developed, and Utilized  Particularly w.r.t. Web-Based Applications, Database Interoperability, Web/ a DB to the WebWeb Server are Stateless  DB Interactions Tend /

1 Design of Embedded Home Network Gateway for CEBus Based on ARM Binbin Ni, Mingguang Wu, Yanpeng Liu 2006 IEEE International Conference on Industrial.

between external application and Web server. External applications conforming to CGI standard can process the input data from the Web browser, and this would help server and client communicate and /Automation. With its advantages, it has chance to be the leading standard of home network, and our research on it is valuable. 22 REFERENCES [1] EIA-600. 10, Introduction to the CEBus Standard. Longview, USA: CEBus Industry Council, 1995. [2] Jiajun Lou and Mingguang Wu, "Design of embedded home gateway based/

Industrial Ethernet and Networking

graphics Industrial Ethernet and Networking Industrial Ethernet and Networking Term Alert: Web Server Web Server Application software embedded in a/11b & 802.11g 802.11b & 802.11g Based on MiMo Technology Legacy Standard Fast Speed Faster /Industrial Ethernet and Networking Yokogawa DAQ Systems: Network Security July 2005 Corporate and Plant Network Industrial Ethernet and Networking Industrial Ethernet and Networking Plant Network Detail Increasing Plant Floor Security Today Rockwell Automation Industrial/

1 Towards Future Internet: Web 3.0, Internet of Services & Internet of Things 8 de Julio 2009, 11:30-13:30 Sala de Videoconferencias, ESIDE Dr. Diego López.

of FI Distributed, automated, and autonomy (organic/web server (HTML, JavaScript, images, etc). – A desktop module which allows applications to interact with the local machine – A geolocation module which allows web applications to detect the geographical location of their users http://gears.google.com/ http://code.google.com/intl/es-ES/apis/gears/sample.html 56 Rich Internet Applications (RIA) A current industry/ not for complex embedded (e.g. proteins/Semantics to REST based services Based of SAWSDL Attempt/

COM, DCOM Heterogeneous DCOM and Microsoft DNA Richard J. Bonneau, Ph. D. Systems Application Integration Engineering (SAIE) Industry Solutions Division.

Web pages n Web Technologies also highly integrated –Active Server Pages (ASP) –Dynamic HTML (DHTML) DNA Model Two Dimensions of DNA n Cross Industry Support –Infrastructure Tools and Components n Industry/based on MS COM technology –foster interoperability in the process control industry between n automation/control applications n field systems/devices n business/office applications Applications working with OPC Servers/Components Application XApplication Y OPC Interface OPC Server A OPC Server B OPC Server/

Top Web App Attack Methods and How to Combat Them Dennis Hurst, SPI Dynamics Schedule: 9:30~10:00 Breakfast 10:00~11:30 Presentation 11:30~12:00 Break.

web based application and have that command executed on the database server  Use the exploit to steal data or damage/alter the database. SPI Dynamics Confidential SQL Injection  Demo  Browser based  HTTP BasedAutomated/ users to log in and change their passwords via an embedded link.  This policy MUST be communicated to end users/digitalphishnet.org  The Digital PhishNet is a joint enforcement initiative between industry and law enforcement designed to ensnare those who perpetrate phishing attacks /

Automate Blue Button Initiative Payer Content Workgroup Meeting November 2, 2012.

via pull-model OAuth-style server-to-server transport (although content standard/Self- Displaying Embedded Data? Self- Displaying Embedded Data? Proposal: Embedded Interoperability in/Web Site with meeting details, materials, discussions and recordings: http://wiki.siframework.org/Automate+Blue+Button+Initiative http://wiki.siframework.org/Automate/decision-making, for both evidence-based decisions as well as preference-/don’t have standards. We should let the industry work its way out. (commenter; ed. /

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