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than that of DC ii)The reactance of the line, affects the voltage regulation of electrical power transmission system iii) problems of skin effects and proximity effects only found in AC system. iv) AC transmission system is more likely to be affected by corona than DC system. v) Construction of AC electrical power transmission network is more completed than DC system. vi) Proper synchronizing is required before inter connecting two or more/

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and distribution levels; Inadequate Metering and Communication infrastructure at the national grid level; High Transmission System Losses (over 13%); Fragile System Security with low or no redundancies; Poor Networks Reliability and Power Quality; Poor Asset Management, Maintenance & Operations; Inadequate Monitoring Tools ( e.g. Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition - SCADA). Electricity on Demand Technical Regulation/Monitoring Challenges Health and Safety Constraints: Before passage of the EPSR/

Energy Law 8 – Electric Power Fall 2014 October 21, 2014 Alan Palmiter Not for distribution- for study purposes only.

- for study purposes only Topic roadmap 1.Electric power sector – History of electricity – How “the grid” works 2.Generation, transmission and consumption of electricity – Traditional / renewable generation – Transmission of electricityElectricity distribution 3. Regulation - electric power system – Generation (state v. federal jurisdiction) – Transmission – Distribution – Public utility regulation and deregulation 4.Future of electric power system – Regulatory coordination – “The smart grid” http://www/

Environmental Physics Chapter 11: Electromagnetism and Electricity Generation Copyright © 2008 by DBS.

transmitted at high voltages Transformer sub-stations are used to reduce voltage for use in the home Figure 11.16: Electrical transmissions system. Electricity passes through a number of steps on its way from the power plant to the customer. Transmission of Electrical Energy Electricity is usually generated at around 25,000 V (25 kV) and raised to 115 kV, 345 kV or 765 kV Figure 11.17/

Electronically Automated Standard Transmissions

automation components connect the transmission electrical and electronic circuits with those of the vehicle. This group of components includes: System manager Gear display Shift lever Power connect relay Start enable relay Vehicle harnesses System Manager The system manager ECU is a second microprocessor module with the dual functions of interfacing with the rest of the vehicle and overall management of the transmission systems. Controlling logic power Managing shifting Processing/

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Drivers Advancing and implementing new technology to the benefits of our customers Developing network capacity & operating our electricity networks in the most efficient and economical way we can TSO – Comparison Group The Group of International Comparison of Transmission System Operation Practice Mission To exchange information on Power System Operators current and future operating practices for the purpose of benchmarking. An annual survey is undertaken to/

Technical challenges in the power system Lewis Dale, 18 th Nov 2009,

in the power system Lewis Dale, 18 th Nov 2009, 2 Content  National Grid  Grid development & operations - the immediate tasks  GB  Europe  Technical challenges Transmission – our activities Transmission UK – electricity and gas Transmission US – electricity Electricity transmission owner Gas transmission owner Electricity system operator Gas system operator French interconnector LNG storage Electricity transmission owner/operator Canadian interconnector We own the electricity transmission system in/

Course: EE447: Computer Applications in Power Systems

mechanical, thermal, light, chemical etc. An electrical power system is made up of many components connected together to form a large, complex system that is capable of generating, transmitting and distributing electrical energy over large areas. The structure of electrical power system A power system is usually divided into three parts: generation, transmission and distribution system. Generation Electricity is produced by converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy. In majority of cases, the/

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? Ho does it work? LMP LMP Big City LMP LMP ERCOT’s computers calculate the value of power at all the Electrical Buses based on Offers to sell generation from power plants These prices are used to control the generation deliveries to the loads When the transmission system is limited or lines are taken out for maintenance, a Generation plant that is closer to the/

University of Kansas | School of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 1 Nishitha Ayyalapu Access Methods for Mobile Ad.

these networks are known as base stations.  Handoffs occur.  Eg: wireless local area networks (WLANs), Cellular Systems 2.Infrastructure-less Networks  No fixed routers; all nodes are capable of movement and can be connected dynamically in /of Kansas | School of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 31 Nishitha Ayyalapu Enhancing Channel Utilization 4. Transmission Power Control MAC Schemes:  Mobile nodes are usually powered by batteries that provide only a limited amount/

Transmission Business Evolution In a Period of Significant Resource Constraints Patricia A. Park UCONN MBA PROGRAM April 24, 2008.

. 4 Today’s Discussion Topics  Transmission History  US Transmission System  NU Transmission SystemTransmission Major Projects  Mitigating Risk of Resource Constraints  Labor Constraints – The Quanta Deal  Material Constraints & Contracting Strategies  Additional Information – Lead Times/Source of Supply 5 Transmission’s History  For nearly 100 years, US Power Industry was dominated by vertically integrated monopolies that generated, transmitted and distributed electric power in their own service/

Electricity in Minnesota History of the System, Today’s Grid, and Where the Electricity Goes 6/21/2011.

/index.cfm?page=us_energy_industry.http://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/index.cfm?page=us_energy_industry 14. Amin, Massoud. "Toward A More Secure, Strong and Smart Electric Power Grid." IEEE Smart Grid. IEEE, 25 Feb. 2011. Web. 21 June 2011.. 15. "Minnesotas Electric Transmission System: Now and Into the Future."Minnesota Division of Energy Resources. State of Minnesota, Jan. 2011. Web. 21 June 2011. . Charts and Images 1/

1 Introduction to Electric Power and Energy Systems Power Engineering = The Power to Transform and Restore Paulo F. Ribeiro, MBA, Ph.D., PE Interim 2008.

By 1900, over 3000 Stations Objectives/Introductory Words: 30 Recent Developments High-speed relay systems High-speed, EHV circuit breakers Surge Arresters (MOVs) Communications applications in power systems Energy control centers with SCADA and AGC Development of power electronics devices Adjustable speed drives / motors Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) Objectives/Introductory Words: 31 Current Issues Two extensive outages in/



Market Overview in Electric Power Systems Market Structure and Operation Introduction Market Overview Market Overview in Electric Power Systems Mohammad.

Structure and Operation Introduction Market Overview Introduction Restructuring: Decomposition of the three components of the electric power industry Separation of transmission ownership from transmission control Creation of a competitive electricity market Market Overview in Electric Power Systems Market Structure and Operation Introduction Market Overview Introduction Electricity Market Objectives: Ensure a secure operation Facilitate an economical operation. Regulated environment: cost-based central/

OBJECTIVES After studying Chapter 8, the reader should be able to:

8-8 Wiring schematics use symbols to show the various components. (Courtesy of Chrysler Corporation) BASIC ELECTRICITY System Components Power Source Circuit Protection Switches Wiring Electrical Loads BASIC ELECTRICITY FIGURE 8-9 This wiring diagram of a transmission with electronic controls for fourth gear (O/D) shows the power source (battery), three fuses for protection, a control switch and two ECUs (electronic control units), two output devices/

OBJECTIVES After studying Chapter 3, the reader should be able to:

3-47 The assist motor is sandwiched between the engine and the transmission. HYBRID DRIVE SYSTEM FIGURE 3-48 This hybrid drive system (HDS) combines a gasoline engine, an electric motor, and a generator with some rather complex electronic controls. The vehicle can be powered by the electric motor along with the engine as needed. The generator will help stop the vehicle using regenerative braking. HYBRID/

OBJECTIVES After studying Chapter 13, the reader should be able to: Describe the problems that can occur in electrical circuits. Test electrical circuits.

will begin with P. The first digit indicates if the DTC is generic or manufacturer specific. The second digit indicates the power train system; a 7 or 8 would indicate a transmission fault. The last two digits indicate the fault. MEASURING ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS Oscilloscopes Interpreting Measurements FIGURE 13-23 The scope is displaying a secondary ignition pattern in which most spark plugs are firing/

Frank A. Wolak Director, Program on Energy and Sustainable Development

Power Electricity supply industry extremely susceptible to the exercise of market power in the spot market Demand must equal supply at every instance of time at every location in the transmission network All electricity must be delivered through transmission / and generation unit owners to enter into fixed-price forward contracts for energy Hydro-Dominated System Hydro-dominated system makes achieving competitive market outcomes during low water conditions is extremely difficult Hydro suppliers attempt /

An Introduction to Sustainable Energy Systems: www.virlab.virginia.edu/Energy_class/Energy_class.htm A Generic Power Plant and Grid Today we begin our.

bell shaped insulator disks: Rule of thumb: One disk per 10 kV of voltage used 1 An Introduction to Sustainable Energy Systems: www.virlab.virginia.edu/Energy_class/Energy_class.htm http://www.ausnetservices.com.au/Electricity/Safety+&+Preparedness/Transmission+-+Easement+Use.html 1) Source: Electric Power Systems – A Conceptual Introduction, page 181 – Alexandra von Meier http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insulator_%2 8electricity%29 But "grids" almost/

ELECTRICITY RESTRUCTURING TRENDS AND IMPACTS presentation by George Gross University of Illinois At Urbana - Champaign at the NSF Sustainable Energy Systems.

spikes  Grid regionalization  Increasing use of e-commerce in electricity RETAIL ACCESS STATUS 25 states with legislation 1 state with PSC order 19 states with studies 7 states with no activity VERTICALLY INTEGRATED UTILITY STRUCTURE IS DISINTEGRATING Transmission ownership Customer Service Marketing/ trading ISO Ancillary services Power exchange System Operations Generation Distributio n wires Generation Transmission Customer Service Distribution UNIT/PLANT SALES CAPACITY ALLOCATION reserved/

Indian Electricity Grid Code. 2 Contents 1.General 2.Role of various organisations and their linkages 3.Planning code for Inter State Transmission 4.Connection.

procedures specify criteria promote coordination information exchange Objective 20 Planning Philosophy (3.4) CTU Identification of major inter state/regional lines including system strengthening schemes Planning schemes shall also consider: CEA’s:  Long-term perspective plan  Electric Power Survey of India report  Transmission Planning Criteria and guidelines  RPC Feedback  NLDC/RLDC/SLDC feedback  CERC Regulations  Renewable capacity addition (MNRES) Annual plan (5 year forward/

Topic 11.2 is an extension of Topics 5.1, 5.4, 8.1 and 10.2. Essential idea: Generation and transmission of alternating current (ac) electricity has transformed.

; observing Wheatstone and Wien bridge circuits Topic 11: Electromagnetic induction - AHL 11.2 – Power generation and transmission Aims: Aim 7: construction and observation of the adjustments made in very large electricity distribution systems is best carried out using computer-modeling software and websites Aim 9: power transmission is modeled using perfectly efficient systems but no such system truly exists. Although the model is imperfect, it renders the maximum/

The Impact of a Rapidly Changing Energy Economy in the U.S. on Electric Power Grid Modernization, and the Role of Advanced Grid Technologies for Future.

, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) joint Report: “….transmission and integration into the U.S. electric system…” is one main hurdle to establishing wind power on the grid “….many challenges are inherent in building transmission systems to accommodate wind and solar energy. If electric loads keep growing, extensive new transmission will be required to connect new generation to loads. ….true regardless of the/

Designing Competitive Wholesale Electricity Markets for Latin American Countries Frank A. Wolak Department of Economics Stanford University Stanford, CA.

Market Power Electricity supply industry extremely susceptible to the exercise of market power in the spot market –Demand must equal supply at every instance of time at every location in the transmission network –All electricity must be delivered through transmission network/set standard for Market outcomes and firm behavior that is consistent with workably competitive market outcomes ISO system and market operator behavior that is consistent with prudent management techniques Market monitor must know what /

Year 2006 Report “Better” Managed and Controlled Transmission Grids using Advanced Technological Concepts Aty Edris EPRI Power Delivery & Markets

and maintenance, and future trends 23 © 2007 Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. All rights reserved. EPRI Power Electronics-Based Transmission Controllers Reference Book Written Chapters (five) Alternating Current (AC) Transmission Systems Power Semiconductors and Valves Generalized AC Transmission Controllers: Unified Power Flow Controller and Interline Power Flow Controller Voltage Sourced Converter-Based DC Transmission AC to Tripole DC Transmission Conversion Ten more Chapters to be written 24/

Analysis on DPRK Power Industry & Interconnection Options 21. SEP. 2010 KERI ( J. Y. YOON )

16  Internal policy :  Devise various countermeasures to overcome electricity shortage  Devise various countermeasures to overcome electricity shortage Construction of Large hydro plants (11 units 1180MW) Construction of Large hydro plants (11 units 1180MW) Remodeling of overall power system Remodeling of overall power system  Generation plants, Transmission, Distribution system  Generation plants, Transmission, Distribution system Co-operational policy with neighboring countries Co-operational policy/

1 Dr. R.P.Singh CMD, POWERGRID. 2 RLDC::Brain Generation ::Heart Sub-Transmission:: Sub Arteries Transmission:: Main Arteries Distribution: Capillaries.

-93 with the mission of Establishment and operation of Regional & National Power Grid  Carries 45% of Country’s generated electricityTransmission Network - 56,317 Ckt. Kms. of EHV  Sub-Stations – 95  Network availability - above 99.7% POWERGRID – The Central Transmission Utility 36  Right of Way, Conservation of forests, flora & fauna  Resettlement & Rehabilitation  Integrated Transmission System planning and selection of proper technology to mitigate above issues Challenges/

Conditions for unbundling the electricity sector and the introduction of RES into the energy mix By Alberto Gonzalez June 21, 2012 of Jamaica www.jsea.org.jm.

distribution companies and 1 TSO. ELES,the Transmission System Operator (TSO) in Slovenia, is the public utility for transmission network management and is 100% state owned. As a national Operator its primary responsibility is to reliably operate the Slovenian electric power system and to offer quality electricity supply to consumers. ELES also buys electricity from the generation companies. ELES sells electricity to the 5 regional public distribution companies: Elektro/

Electrical Energy Research Center - CepelJune 2010 Electrical Energy Research Center Expo Shanghai Brazilian Forum Background II: “Brazil: Clean and Renewable.

–Tariffs –Parallel Processing Techniques Energy Optimization and Environment Electrical Energy Research Center - CepelJune 2010 –Transmission and Distribution Systems Planning –Static and Dynamic Systems Analysis –Reliability –New G&T Technologies Impacts on Electric SystemsElectric Systems Models and Algorithms –Harmonics –Control SystemsPower Quality Electric Networks Electrical Energy Research Center - CepelJune 2010 –SCADA Systems –Distribution Automation –Protection –Real Time Applications –Data/

1 Presented at International Symposium on Smart Grid and Renewable Generation Impacts on the Power System Taiwan National University, Institute of Applied.

pipeline grid, China’s only missing piece of world-class infrastructure (A good economic stimulus infrastructure project. Planning of the electric transmission system and the gas pipeline system should take each other into account and not fight each other. SEE NEXT SLIDES) –to provide the local power generation needed to stabilize the radial grid from outage, especially if the grid is elevated to 1000 kV/

Autorità per lenergia elettrica e il gas 1 ELECTRICITY QUALITY OF SERVICE REGULATION IN ITALY Ferruccio Villa Quality and Consumer affair Department Head.

for maintaining good levels (if achieved) or for improvement  OBJECTIVE D: Ensure customer satisfaction for electrical service Autorità per lenergia elettrica e il gas26 2. SCHEME AS SIMPLEST AS POSSIBLE /i REGULATION /TRANSMISSION Telephone response incentives Volt.Qual. Monitoring systems Volt.Qual. minimum standards VOLTAGE QUALITY CONTINUITY OF SUPPLY COMMERCIAL QUALITY FAVOUR AND TEST MARKET MECHANISMS PROMOTE QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROTECT WORST- SERVED CUSTOMERS MAKE INFORMATION AVAILABLE Power/

POWER SYSTEM LOSS MINIMISATION GUIDED BY PROF.B.K.RANA Presented By:- Arun Kumar Samal 7th Semester Electrical Engineering Roll-No:0401101174.

Electrical Power is the optimal choice of energy as it can be transmitted efficiently and can be converted into other forms as required. Electricity follows the path of least resistance. Electricity follows the path of least resistance. ELECTRICITY LOSSES Technical Losses Transformer and Transmission line losses due to poor maintainance. Transformer and Transmission/tends to concentrate near the surface of the conductor i.e in ac system no current flows through the core and entire current is concentrated at /

Confidential October 7, 2009 Integrating Wind Generation and the Impact on the Texas Power Grid Mary Anne Brelinsky Vice President, Texas Power.

compensation in this state equipment or Facilities to transmit and/or distribute electricity, and whose rates for Transmission Service, distribution service, or both is set by a Governmental Authority WGR - Wind-powered Generation Resource - A Generation Resource that is powered by wind. 7 ERCOT in the National Picture ASCC - Alaska Systems Coordinating Council ERCOT - Electric Reliability Council of Texas FRCC - Florida Reliability Coordinating Council MRO - Midwest/

Case Studies in Electric Power. Electricity Case StudiesSeptember 152 Contents Argentina and Chile – State versus Private California Power Crisis – Problems.

Retail Price Signals  No Bilateral Contracts  No Capacity Pricing Characteristics of Physical SystemTransmission Bottlenecks  Reliance on Imports  Hydro Volatility  Natural Gas Market Power Electricity Case StudiesSeptember 1537 Demand for Electricity Increased a Bit More than Expected Healthy California Economy Growth of Electricity-intensive Products Decline in the Retail Price of Electricity Supply of Electricity Did Not Increase Until Recently No New Generating Plants on Line But Many/

Electric Power Steering https://store.theartofservice.com/the-electric-power-steering-toolkit.html.

engines (14.0 to 1) with new 2-stage turbocharger design, highly efficient automatic transmissions, lighter weight manual transmissions, lightweight body designs and Electric power steering#Electric systems|electric power steering https://store.theartofservice.com/the-electric-power-steering-toolkit.html Drive by wire - Steer by wire 1 This is not to be confused with Electric Power Steering. Electric Power Steering can be considered as a stage of evolution from mechanical steering to steer/

1 Dr. Keerati Chayakulkheeree Department of Electrical Engineering Faculty of Engineering Sripatum University Supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Weerakorn Ongsakul.

, May, 2006, pp. 593-604. 4.W. Ongsakul and K. Chayakulkheeree. Coordinated Constrained Optimal Power Dispatch for Bilateral Contract and Balancing Electricity Markets, International Energy Journal., vol. 6, no. 1, part 2, Special Issue: Ancillary Services, ATC and Transmission Pricing, Optimization and AI Application, Power System Analysis, Power System Monitoring and Control, Power System Operation, June 2005, pp.2-1 - 2-18. 4 International Conference Proceedings: 1.W. Ongsakul/

Presentation by George Gross University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Seminar “Electric Utilities Restructuring” Institut d’Electricité Montefiore Université.

vertically integrated utility environment, electricity services were bundled  The unbundling of services entails  energy completely separated from transmission  basic transmission service provision to all eligible entities engaged in wholesale markets  ancillary services as separate services VERTICALLY INTEGRATED UTILITY STRUCTURE IS DISINTEGRATING Transmission ownership Customer Service Marketing/ trading ISO Ancillary services Power exchange System Operations Generation Distribution wires Generation/

Rev. 2.8;Page 1 ©1996-2005, R.Levine Transmission Line Fundamentals Southern Methodist University EETS8320 Fall 2005 Session 5 Slides only. (No notes.)

frequency due to smaller effective current-carrying area Resistance of the wire causes i 2R loss, the conversion of electric power into heat –Silver would be slightly better, but too costly (silver coating/plating sometimes used) –Aluminum’s/ 39 ©1996-2005, R.Levine Conflicting Objectives Amplifiers are used in analog transmission systems to compensate for power loss in transmission wire, cable –In digital transmission systems, dispersion and other waveform changes must also be compensated by repeaters. The /

Power September 2006 www.imacs.in. POWER www.imacs.in Market Overview Government regulations & policy Business opportunities and Advantage India Contents.

Sector Structure Policy Regulations Generation Transmission System Operations Distribution Trading Centre MOP CEA Central Generating Units CTU Appellate Tribunal CERC State State Government SERC Some Private Players in Generation & Distribution IPPsGENCOs STU Plan Appeal Trading Licencee NRLDCRLDC SLDC Distribution Licencee Trading Licencee Appellate Tribunal Market Overview POWER www.imacs.in Roles of institutional players Central Government Formulate National Electricity Policy and National Tariff Policy/

Electric Transmission Overview May 13, 2015 Tony Greve, Customer Services Engineer AEP Ohio.

contingency outages. Columbus is served by one of the most robust transmission systems in the U.S., operated as part of the PJM Regional Transmission Organization (RTO). AEP is investing over $1.5 billion in Ohio’s transmission and distribution infrastructure between 2014 and 2016. 6 American Electric PowerTransmission Real Time Operations 6 AEP’s Transmission Operations Center (TOC) is located in the Columbus suburb of New/

Moving Intelligence Down the Cable (and into the sensor!) Sensors Expo June 9, 2005 Mike Edick, Wilcoxon Research Sr. Electrical Design Engineer.

Edick, Wilcoxon Research Sr. Electrical Design Engineer (the way it needs to be, cont’d...) Wired or Wireless Network Sensors Required bandwidth, transmission-distance, and/or available operating-power are the dominant drivers for device/wire capacitance attenuates analog AC signals, wire resistance attenuates analog DC signals - long wires means noise-injection into system (frequency-response, triboelectric, capacitive-coupling of RFI) - multiple wires means multiple-expense, increases channel-to-channel/

SENCO UNDER DEVELOPMENT GREEN LIGHT A UK electricity scenario Mark Barrett May 2006 SENCO Sustainable Environment Consultants.

technologies having different costs, efficiencies, power ratings, cycle times etc; such as pumped storage, compressed air storage or electric vehicle batteries. A more refined control strategy for the system, particularly of flows to storage and trade, could be developed. Currently, the operational strategy is fixed. SENCO 67 Further modelling The modelling and optimisation could be improved to incorporate transmission issues, increase accuracy and to/


would address siting of transmission facilities. April 26, 2000OKLAHOMA ELECTRIC RESTRUCTURING; STAFF STATUS REPORT NO. 7 36 NARUC’s Positions on Issues in Federal Legislation – –Supports legislation leading to voluntary formation of regional transmission systems (RTOs). RTO functions/ 2, 2000 ,  The Public Utility Commission of Texas grants final approval of settlement regarding Central Power and Lights’ securitization request – The Texas Commission gave final approval to a settlement which will permit /

Electricity and Magnetism 29 Alternating Currents and Power Transmission Chapter 29 Alternating Currents and Power Transmission.

. P = I 2 R Experiment 29.3 Overhead transmission lines Example 29.5 Electricity and Magnetism 29 Alternating Currents and Power Transmission A grid system is a transmission and distribution network of mains electricity. Grid system in Hong Kong Electricity and Magnetism 29 Alternating Currents and Power Transmission The voltage of the electricity generated at a power station is stepped up before transmission and stepped down successively at substations in populated areas. Checkpoint (p/

1 Advanced Modulation Formats for High-Capacity Optical Transmission Pierluigi Poggiolini Politecnico di Torino Winter School 2005 www.optcom.polito.it.

power spectrum frequency power density power bit time slot 72 This talk Preface The system context What is “bandwidth efficiency”? Conventional IM/DD Alternative formats: Duobinary and DPSK Future prospects: multilevel systems Conclusion 73 Alternative formats Several new formats have recently been proposed for bandwidth-efficient transmission/introduced here 124 Bandwidth efficiency We elected to use a “mixed” electrical- optical bit correlation structure For every channel spacing we carefully optimized all/


in Alberta, Canada. In this model, since, there are more than one main transmission companies, an independent System Operator and Transmission Administrator exist. Indian Electricity Market; Evolution Electricity Act, 1887 Electricity Act, 1910 Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 1948 1963 1975 1981 First legislation on Electricity in India. Basic legal frame work for Electricity Supply Industry was provided. Dealt with Statutory Powers and functions of CEA, SEBs and Generating Companies. State/

Role of Electricity Regulatory Commissions By S C Shrivastava Joint Chief (Engg) Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

setting mechanism which ensures economy and efficiency in the pricing of bulk power and transmission services and leads to least cost investments, Promote development of power market by creating a market structure, facilitating open access in inter-State transmission, facilitating interstate trading, Improve the operations and management of the inter-State transmission systems through Indian Electricity Grid Code (IEGC), Availability Based Tariff (ABT), 10/3/201526CERC Regulatory/

POWER MARKETS IN INDIA RAHUL BANERJEE SENIOR ADVISER, POWER MARKETS CERC Disclaimer : These are the person views of the Speaker 10/6/2015.

1996  Access to line on payment of charges  Allow transmission to recover stranded cost through energy customers  All info in open market – OASIS Open access same time information system  NLDC, RLDC similar function, information asymmetry reduction Market related Sections in Electricity Act 2003 10/6/2015 Market related Sections in Electricity Act 2003 Development of power markets including trading - Section 66 NEP suggests 15% of/


)(b)) The National Load Despacth Centre (NLDC) and Regional Load Dispatch Centres (RLDCs) / Transmission Utilities / Transmission Licensees do not trade in power. The RLDCs ensure integrated operation of the power system and optimum scheduling and despatch of electricity. (Sections 26, 27, 31, 32, 38, 39, 41) Non-discriminatory open access to the transmission system to be provided to the distribution licensees, generating companies. Provision for progressive reduction of/

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