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France vs Algeria PESTEL Hofstede Analysis High Context vs. Low Context cultures Business Etiquette USA - Lauriane.

% below the world average. This means that the country places more emphasis on caring for others and quality of life. The Masculinity index is the third highest Hofstede Dimension. It is only slightly higher than the 50.2 average/than by intuition or feelings. Greetings Gifts Names, Titles & Business Cards Dining Etiquette Business Meetings Business Communication Dress Etiquette Greetings FranceAlgeria 1.The handshake is a common form of greeting. 2. You are expected to say bonjour or bonsoir (good morning /

Business Etiquette in Spain By: Olivia Watkins and Autumn Lewis.

(Castilian) Religion: Roman Catholic Government: Parliamentary Monarchy A Cultural Overview Family is the most important component of daily life. Men and Women are very equal in the Spanish society. Overview Introduction etiquette Dinner party etiquette Relationships and Communication Negotiation skills Business Meeting etiquette Dress etiquette Gestures and Body language Introduction Etiquette When you are introduced shake hands. Men sometimes use a two-handed shake in which the left/

International Student Skills Seminars Weds 9 September 2015 Business skills & etiquette CRICOS Provider: 00111D | TOID: 3059.

professional development guide for each stage of your Swinburne student life cycle  More details: www.swinburne.edu.au/student/international/employability www.swinburne./of Australian business culture / etiquette Hierarchy & leadership styles Expectations of employees Communication styles Business dress Networking etiquette Dining etiquette – the basics Swinburne 8 Why focus on Australian workplace culture, skills & etiquette? Globalisation has seen increased recognition of the importance of/

The Bright Wisdom of Tao The Four Subjects of Tao Cultivation Wendy Cheng March 2, 2013 English Tao Class Kuang Ming Saint Tao Temple.

helps us carry out the right actions. Science is the study that organizes knowledge; Wisdom is the foundation for organizing a happy life. Where does “Wisdom” come from? 天命之謂性 What Heaven confers is called our “ True Nature ” ; 率性之謂道 Those in accordance/ & Ladies are separated. Gentlemen – left side of altar Ladies – right side of altar Bow when greeting someone Do not cross legs & cross arms Dress properly ( with collar; no sandal ) Temple Etiquette Arrival & Departure ritual Make three bows to the/

ITALY Etiquette. I TALIAN S OCIETY & C ULTURE  Italian Family Values  Centre of the social structure.  Provides a stabilizing influence for its members.

color  Do not wrap gifts in purple, as it is a symbol of bad luck.  Gifts are usually opened when received. E TIQUETTE & C USTOMS IN I TALY  Dress Etiquette Men and women should wear dark colored, conservative business suits. Elegant accessories are/In the north, people are direct, see time as money.. In the south, people take a more leisurely approach to life. Italians prefer to do business with high-ranking people.. Negotiations are often protracted.. Never use high-pressure sales tactics.. Heated/

TABLE MANNERS & ETIQUETTE BUSINESS DRESS Keith Soster-University Unions Food Service Director.

to your right Please be seated "Good manners never go out of style."  It consists mostly of common sense (although it sometimes doesn’t seem so common).  Using etiquette makes life more comfortable for you and makes you more confident in social / Light colored blouses that complement the suit- without frilly collars or cuffs  Judge the environment before wearing a business dress as they are considered less formal Blouses  Light colored that complement the jacket  Avoid low plunging blouses  Camisoles /

Proper Dining Etiquette Proper Dining Etiquette Facilitator: Joyce Thomas.

a complete understanding of how to conduct yourself when entertaining or being entertained. Goal...To help you perform with graciousness and poise at the table. …Provide you with knowledge, self-confidence and skills needed for a successful social and business life. …Teach you how to handle meal situations and make a big difference in your image. Proper Dress Attire- Ladies Proper Dress Attire- Ladies/

Business Etiquette Coach Nick Johnson. What is Etiquette? “The conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed.

conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life.” - Merriam Webster Dictionary Types of Etiquette  Customer Service Phone Etiquette E-mail Etiquette Written Etiquette (Thank you cards)  Clothing  Interview Dinner  Social  Dress “Customer is always right”  Do not take comments or insults personally  Never interrupt the customer  Show empathy  Stay focused  Take responsibility  Patience really is a/

Business Etiquette in China Siyi Liu PRIME Class of 2011 M.S. Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Brown University April 5 th, 2011.

The more you share your personal life, including family, hobbies, political views, aspirations, the closer you are in your business relationship. Sometimes, a lot of time is spent discussing matters outside of business, but then a lot of time, the other party is /or flowers or something from your own country), and remember to take your shoes off at the threshold. 8Business Etiquette in China Dress Code Conservative suits for men with subtle colors are the norm. Women should avoid high heels and short sleeved/

By: Madison Blackmon Ladies clothing was frilly, lacey, and outgoing. They dressed of five layers.. 1 st layer THE BASICS- Stockings that were above.

carried at a formal event. Boys wore frocks with pleated skirts until the age of four or five then the would start to dress like their father’s would. Girls of the Victorian Era followed after their mother’s style from the beginning. They suffered/ball_07.jpg http://www.kickery.com/i mages/2008/08/22/court esyferrero.jpg Simple Etiquette: WOMEN/GIRLS: Victorian girls were trained early in life, to prepare for family and household life and chores. GENTLEMEN: A gentlemen tips their hat to greet a lady, opens /

What do you mean by ‘Team’?  A team is a group of individuals who depend on one another to accomplish a common objective.  Teams are often superior to.

Communication 55 CROSS CULTURAL COMMUNICATION: continues………… Culture:  A way of life of a group of people; a shared pattern of behaviour, attitudes and values passed from one generation to the next.  A way of viewing human relationships  Something we acquire as a part of socialization process from birth through all our life  Overt associations: language, tradition, customs, food and dress etc.  Covert associations: Values, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions etc/

Intercultural Communication: Understanding Egypt… Provided in partial requirement of COM201 by Chelsey Adams, Akima Briggs Stacey Hilliard, Karen Morano.

life. Islamic religious renewal movements are present in most cities and in many villages. Understanding Egypt… Contemporary Egyptian Islam Because of/ (head scarves) and burkas. In some areas, majority of women dress conservatively. Better to be overdressed than underdressed. Younger women/ he or she may actually mean “possibly.” (http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/resources/global-etiquette/egypt-country-profile.html) Understanding Egypt… Tourist Guide: CASUAL INTERACTIONS Indirect communication is also common/

The Business of Business Etiquette. 2 Goals Ultimate goal Enhance your personal and professional growth Workplace Etiquette Enhance productivity, profitability.

: – Always polished and appropriate Dress impeccably, people notice the person…Dress shabbily, people notice the dress. Coco Chanel Attitude of Gratitude When to say “Thank You” in writing – When you have received a gift of appreciation or for a special event/ primitive people learn that life is easier and that things get done more efficiently when behavior is modified out of consideration for others!” Mary Mitchell – Author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Business Etiquette Breakout Agenda Service Questions

Business Etiquette 101 Politeness is to human nature as what warmth is to wax. - Arthur Schopenhauer Authored and presented by: Patty Kirkley & Chuck Reece.

never any backbiting or gossiping) Appearance and Dress Err on the conservative side until you understand the dress code; when in doubt, take the /Life Project, A Project of Pew Research Center, Reputation Management and Social Media, by Mary Madden and Aaron Smith, May 26, 2010 Social Media Unless your job directly requires providing content, updating, or using social media to promote or advertise, it does not belong at work. Dont be caught on your personal Facebook page during work time. E-mail Etiquette/


of such dress is inappropriate for the type of activity, or such dress is determined to be potentially disruptive or dangerous. Rules and regulations of the dress/ system responsibly. Network Etiquette ("Netiquette") Users of E-mail and other network services should be aware of the common expectations or network etiquette that users expect from/major life activities (major life activities include activities such as walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, and working); 2. Has a record of such/

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE. ? 为什么 Which Company Gives You a Deepest Impression....

respect for yourself, for others and the situation. a Etiquette is common sense but not always common practice. Etiquette Awareness Good Etiquette Equals Good Business a It improves the quality of life in the workplace a It contributes to optimum employee morale a It projects/impact on your job, your customers and co-workers a Safe selection is A SUIT with darker shades and cool tones. a Dress for the position you would like to have and the image you want to create. Appropriate Attire a TPO - Time Place /

Etiquette Foundations for Success book Page: 355.

are invited Etiquette: A code of behavior based on rules of a polite society Martial: Of or relating to army or military life Monopolize: To take exclusive ownership or control Palate- The sense of taste Place Cards: A name card for a formal dinner Sequence of Events 1800-/: Females All females should wear a formal Dress School dress codes apply If your Military Ball date is not a cadet in JROTC please teach them Etiquette Review 1.Tines are the slender pointed parts of a fork. 2.A gentleman does not sit/

JAPAN. Japan Business Culture Many business-people transplanted to the Land of the Rising Sun has come back with tales of culture shock and bewilderment.

contracts as final agreements so they can be renegotiated. Japan Dress Etiquette Business attire is conservative - Men should wear dark-coloured, conservative business suits. - Women should dress conservatively. Rules of Japan Business Culture Defer to your elders - Its customary in/ an endemic part of Japanese business life and should not be confused with notions of bribery and corruption. Gifts should not be too lavish but should always be of good quality. It is important to take a number of small gifts to/

Protocol Solutions The Essentials for a Polished Professional Presented by: Diane Brown Former Deputy Director of Protocol Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Deputy Director of Protocol Office of the Secretary of Defense Overview Business Etiquette Protocol Solutions Business Entertaining First Impressions are Lasting Impressions First Impressions are Lasting Impressions Business Etiquette Handshake Introductions Nametags Art of mingling Business / Titles Vehicle/Aircraft Protocol Common Practices Invitations Dress Gifts What is Precedence… Precedence is… “The practice of precedence in official life is conducive to smooth relations because it provides simple /

A Transgender Primer For OCHRS Members

not just a word is a way of life says we are all human and have equal potential Step 2 – Update Policies Step 2: Update Transgender Related Policies The company will need to address company policies in several areas as the transgender employee goes through transition. Bathrooms (be very careful not to segregate) Dressing Rooms/Showers Dress Codes (all employees, including trans, must follow/


. Clocks also symbolize time is running out; therefore, the end of relationships and life. In China, avoid gifts in sets of four because 四 (sì, four) sounds like 死 (sǐ, death). The Etiquette of Gift Giving There is a Russian term meaning "connections" or "/2 …are people very competitive? 3 …are things changing? Sydney London New York Breakfast Meetings Common-8am Punctuality Important Dress Lunch What do people talk about outside work? business Offers and Requests Tick the responses that mean ‘no’. What/

Ep’s Etiquette for Everyone! Ellie Pribble Harrison ATC

, on the job and in everyday life. What is Etiquette? Etiquette is: Good manners Good behavior Showing respect What is Etiquette? The point of etiquette is to make you feel comfortable not uncomfortable Social Etiquette Should a man pull a womans chair//her first. Work Etiquette Make your boss look good. Promotion and opportunities will arise when you work toward the organizations goals. Work Etiquette Dress as professional as possible. Being well groomed and clean is essential. Work Etiquette Adopt a “can /

An Intoduction to Chinese Business Etiquette

Main topics What is Business Etiquette? What influences Business Etiquette? How to interpret Chinese Business Etiquette? 1. What is Business Etiquette? The importance of knowing the Acceptable way of doing things —what to say, how to dress, how to react in /Guanxi / Renqing (EQ) /Trust Respect for age and hierarchy Family orientation Avoidance of conflict (indirect) Need for harmony (concept of the face) Taoism Life in harmony with nature Doing nothing The Yin/Yang principle (there exists neither absolute/

OFFICE ETIQUETTE. It is the rules for being polite in a social group. Why is business etiquette important? 1. For building new contacts and relationships.

It is believed the head is the ‘seat of the soul’.  There are many etiquette rules surrounding the exchange of business gifts.  Avoid giving any gifts containing/. Clocks also symbolize time is running out; therefore, the end of relationships and life.  In China, avoid gifts in sets of four because 四 (sì, four) sounds like 死 (sǐ, /? 3 …are things changing? SydneyLondonNew York Breakfast Meetings Common-8am PunctualityImportant Dress Lunch What do people talk about outside work? business Tick the responses /

I-EARN LEARNING CIRCLE PROJECT Session: Sept -2012 to Jan 2013 Full name: Charles Kutegana Name of group: PPH1 Title of project: People and Culture Class.

public displays of affection, especially not homosexual displays of affection. Manual work on days of mourning the dead is prohibited Cultural Dos in Nigeria General Etiquette and Customs a/spouse’s underwear to the grave. “If the deceased is a man, his wife dresses him up in her underwear, while saying out loud to him that he (the / is the Yoruba personification of the waters of life and the spiritual mother of the Osogbo township. It also symbolizes a pact between Larooye, the founder of Osogbo, and Osun: /


first meeting is over. Cultural Issues While doing business in India one MUST understand that cultural nuances are a way of life and should be respected for a successful business relationship to be developed. Before the business meeting try to set up /between men. Wait for women to put out their hand before offering a handshake. English is the common language of business. Basic Etiquette at Meetings Dress: Remember - Be modest! Business wear is conservative for men and women. Men should wear a dark suit and /


Effective Global Leadership Global Mindset and Effective Global Leadership RULES OF ETIQUETTE IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE WORLD NEED International Deals & negotiations - Result of Globalisation of Trade Increase in Imports and Exports and Trade Expansion Entire/Work & Discipline Punctual Formal in Greetings Dress - behaviour & pasture - orderly and immaculate Business presentations Detailed facts - Numbers - Samples - Charts Don’t use first name No mix up of Private life Polite & well mannered JAPAN Business /

CHAPTER 2 Psychology and ethics of commerce The concept of professional psychology, ethics and etiquette What is psychology? There are several definitions.

of commerce The concept of professional psychology, ethics and etiquette What is psychology? There are several definitions of the term "science of the laws of development and functioning of the psyche as a special form of life", "science of the laws, and the development of forms of human mental activity." Psyche - this particular character, of persons temper. Commercial psychology - is a professional psychology, which means the psychic activity of/ clothes, do not dress in mens style, hairstyle and shoes /

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT & ETHICS CHRISTIAN ETHICS I Presented by: Howard F. Faigao, Director Publishing Ministries Department General Conference of SDA.

way, he can talk to his prospect at ease and not feel ignored. 1. Dress neatly and appropriately 2. Appear physically clean and fresh. 3. Practice correct position while /is encourage to explain according to local cultural practices.) DON’TS ON ETIQUETTE A gentleman must never ask a lady what she likes for a /to our fellowmen Children towards parents The sanctity of life Home and family Sanctity of truth and property OLD TESTAMENT – BIBLE The Essence of Christian Ethics NEW TESTAMENT – BIBLE Jesus reaffirmed /

International Business COMM 321 Intercultural Communication


Significance Of Professionalism 31 August 2015 Significance Of Professionalism Tunde Ezichi, 18 June 20141 The Induction Programme of the.

are common in instant messaging. 31 August 2015 Significance Of Professionalism Tunde Ezichi, 18 June 201413 PROFESSIONALISM @ WORK PLACE II DRESS WELL & APPROPRIATELY  To act professional, look professional.  Your dress should represent the job you would like to have /or client treats you in a belligerent manner, you should not resort to the same type of behavior 6. Phone Etiquette  An important component of professional behavior.  Identifying yourself by your full name, company and title when you place/

Business Etiquette 1.The golden rules of good business manners.

Etiquette 1.The golden rules of good business manners Introduction Unwritten code of good business manners: Unwritten code of/monochronic time monochronic time polychronic time polychronic time Pace- of-life studies Pace- of-life studies Linear and nonlinear languages Linear and nonlinear languages linear/fin. institutions Dressing for Travel Dressing for Travel Dressing for Social Events Dressing for Social Events Good advice: Dress modestly for international social events. Good advice: Dress modestly for /

Pro Bound Life Training Presented by Je’Mone Smith President, Pro Bound International.

Life Training Presented by Je’Mone Smith President, Pro Bound International Program Overview  Presenting Yourself  Resume  Communication  EtiquetteDress for Success Program Overview  Marketing/Selling Yourself  Networking  Job Search Strategies  Career Fair Tips  Interviewing  Salary Negotiation Resume Preparation  Resume Writing Tips  Resume Writing Don’ts Communication  Communicating Effectively  Worst Human Fears  Your Presentation Objectives  3 Components of a Speech  4 Principals of/

Angela Lin. Thoughts Ways to talk Social situation Etiquette Dress.

to talk Social situation Etiquette Dress  The factors of choosing jobs  The features of popular corporations  Personality Careful Strict Responsible  Job demands High salary Job security Stimulating work  Personality Responsible Hearty Likes to change  Job demands High salary Job security Stimulating work Paid overtime Japanese Student Popular companyReason Tokyo Kaiko Nichido Well-known High salary Good welfare Tokyo OFJ Bank Japan Life Insurance Shisedo Mitui/

Interview Etiquette Rebecca Leary CDC – Gates County High School.

Etiquette Rebecca Leary CDC – Gates County High School Dress for Success A potential employer has developed a perception of you within the first 12 seconds. How would you like to be remembered and perceived? Dress in business professional way – depends on the company. Better to be over dressed than under dressed/ should demonstrate your knowledge of the company. If salary is discussed, know the ballpark salary offered and what you feel comfortable asking for. Keep your personal life private. Do not answer/

The Eagle Dance Department 2010-2011. Dance Class Etiquette 1. Leave your social life and negative attitude outside the classroom. 2. Be dressed, remove.

Class Etiquette 1. Leave your social life and negative attitude outside the classroom. 2. Be dressed, remove excess jewelry, and be on the floor on time. 3. No gum, candy, food, or unhealthy drinks in the dressing room or on the floor. 4. Dress out//Portfolio 20% Journal Entries15% Test Grades 15% Quiz Grades 10% Class work/Homework 10% _________ 100% NC Standard Course of Study For Dance COMPETENCY GOAL 1: The learner will identify and demonstrate elements and skills in dance. COMPETENCY GOAL 2: The/

Never let your husband have cause to complain that you are more agreeable abroad than at home; nor permit him to see in you an object of admiration as.

persons, and many seek to obtain an ascendancy in families by gaining the good opinion of young married women. From Decorum: A Practical Treatise on Etiquette and Dress of the Best American Society by Richard A. Wells, 1886 Let nothing, but the most/ because of jealousy, but because of “a pity for that colorless existence which never uplifted its possessor beyond the region of blind contentment, in which no moment of anguish ever visited her soul, in which she would never have the taste of life’s delirium/

Chapter Four Chinese Wedding Cai Shengqin. content Major Elements in Wedding Tradition and Morden Ceremony Etiquettes CONTENTS.

Chinese Wedding Cai Shengqin content Major Elements in Wedding Tradition and Morden Ceremony Etiquettes CONTENTS content Introduction Wedding in China Marriage is the most important thing in the life. In China, a traditional wedding is simple and lively, ceremonious and/ reserved for the royalty and divine. content Images of Blessing Four Deities-Symbols of Auspice Reserved for the royalty: In ancient China, no one else except the royalty family can dress the designs and use the other utensils with the/

Oklahoma Department of Corrections Training & Staff Development Legislator 101 For DOC Employees.

hear. Dont shout, but do speak clearly and distinctly. Personal Communication Etiquette Six Points to Remember: 5. Be brief. We all know how busy life is. Your representative is every bit as busy as you. Therefore, / represent the Oklahoma Dept of Corrections. Act and dress professionally. A Friendly Reminder Professional etiquette builds leadership, businesses and careers. Without etiquette, you limit your potential, risk your image, and jeopardize success. The authors of this material received responses /


They will really want to see the place where you dress and what the backstage and set looks like. Your Stage Manager will let you know when that will be possible. Just let them know it’s one of the rules and you feel bad but have no choice. /me, your director wants you to look as good as you can. Head Set Etiquette Actors are not to distract technicians on headsets. Technicians on headsets are not to use foul language, discuss life outside the play or talk about the play in general. Your Stage Manager is /

Par Life Skills Program Beginning Your Journey in The First Tee.

you count your own score and call penalties on yourself Integrity golf is a game of honor, etiquette, and composure Perseverance to succeed in golf you must accept bad breaks and play the/this site. Here are 4 rules of golf I have learned: 1 2 3 4 The First Tee Code of Conduct THE RESPECT FOR MYSELF I will dress neatly in a clean shirt tucked /dealing with friends and family helps you to be prepared for what life has in store for you. Using the 4Rs in My Life Activity #7 I used the 4Rs at HOME when… I used/


various aspects of workplace communication from telephone skills to email etiquette.  Through case studies and quizzes, participants will learn how to improve their interaction with both internal and external customers. COURSE CONTENT 3. Dress for Success:/ hand, manage work and home life, and set achievable goals. COURSE CONTENT 5. What It Looks Like: The Anatomy of a Successful Presentation This program begins with an examination of the parts of successful presentations: powerful introductions, effective/

PERSONAL NETWORKING AND DRESS ETIQUETTE. The WIN Conference that you have attended today emphasized that before you invest in others, YOU have to invest.

food is in the tray). If you saw them talking with someone that you know, you can always ask…”How do you know Lucy Ito?” Dress Etiquette Pay attention to your hair. People tend to notice your hair and face first. Putting off that much needed haircut or color job may cost you/ was meant to be. I’ve either been somebody’s daughter, mother or wife And now it’s time for me to take charge of my life. I’ve been pondering all this time trying to decide just who I am At first I thought it depended on whether I had a/

Preparing for Life After College Nine months and counting…

: Dealing with Project Setbacks Preparing for Life After College Nine months and counting… 8  This project mimics IT project development in the real-world and hence it demands professionalism  Email etiquette [especially with Professor Leipold]  Documentation structure, readability, consistency, and accuracy  Team relations  Professional Presence in your Presentations  Dress appropriately  Be prepared! Know your slides and practice ahead of time!  Eye contact: Talk to/

WorkPlace Etiquette By: Jennifer L. Frey.

official life. The practices and forms prescribed by social convention or by authority. Etiquette is found in many areas of daily life *Workplace *Boating *Golf course *Driving a vehicle *Telephone *Email, letters, memos *Air travel *Sports *School The why’s of Etiquette? / to help Mutual respect Compromise Punctuality Professional dress Respect for others opinions Teamwork Getting to the top - continued! Show appreciation or give credit for a job well done Speak well of your co-workers Try not to step on/

Professionalism Basics. What is it? Your professional image is the set of qualities and characteristics that represent perceptions of your competence.

of students (and people in general) neglect to follow up with those who they exchange business cards with. If you get a business card, it’s appropriate to follow up the next day. If you get a business card, it’s appropriate to follow up the next day. Career website  Online Resources  Business Etiquette/ to keep your conversation and dress at a more professional level compared to being on campus. Don’t overshare about your personal life! Don’t overshare about your personal life! Communication How do I deal/

ESSENTIAL Principles and FREE Global Etiquette Classrom Strategies Holly B. Smith University of North Texas.

Create confidence Better organized in life situations http://smallbusiness.chron.com/definition-business-etiquette-2906.html 11 Copyright © Texas Education Agency, 2014. All rights reserved. Effects of Etiquette: Etiquette accomplishes many tasks: Respect and/of cultural diversity to enhance travel planning by exploring differences in social etiquette, dress, and behaviors of different countries (3) The student knows the impact and value of diversity. The student is expected to: (A) express elements of/

BY: WHITNEY YARBER Republic of India. Introduction Location  Southern Asia  Consists of entire Indian Peninsula  Portions of Asian mainland Territory.

respect are big factors  Third party introductions are common Dining Etiquette/Table Manners Say NO to the first offer of tea, coffee, or snacks  This is part of the Indian culture Dress modestly and conservatively  Take off shoes before entering house or /Conclusion Overall, culture has a large impact on how Indian government operates, how others are treated, and everyday life. The people of India take their religions and beliefs very seriously, and demand that they are respected in an approach that is /

Protocol Solutions The Essentials for Today’s Executive Presented by: Diane Brown Former Deputy Director of Protocol Office of the Secretary of Defense.

full hand, not with fingers Keep your feet on the ground Be punctual in business Universal Etiquette Err on the side of formality Dress conservatively Don’t use given names Respect age Topics to avoid are politics, crime, religion, /practice of precedence in official life is conducive to smooth relations because it provides simple answers to what might otherwise be difficult questions of rank and formality” McCaffrey, Innis and Sand System of order to what otherwise would be chaos Recognized system of /

Church Protocol and Etiquette Rev. Dr. Danny L. Boyd 2015 Holy Convocation June 26, 2015.

and give strength for the next week To give and get guidance for issues of life Tell of God’s goodness CHURCH PROTOCOL A code of courtesies, proper practices, set of rules regarding church worship service. “Let all things be done decently and in order/your teenager about the holiness of the church building, specifically the sanctuary. Teaching church etiquette to children Step 3 Encourage punctual behavior from a teenager when attending church. Step 4 Talk about appropriate dress and appearance in church. /

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