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How Do Teenage Girls Use Media to Shape Ideas about Love & Romance?

from the media? how do you think about love and romance? what messages would you prefer to see? Media exercises select images from magazines view and discuss prime-time TV clips Focus group participants were asked to discuss: what messages they receive about love, romance and relationships from the media; their thoughts and feelings about the importance of romance and relationships in their lives; and the different ways of being romantic or sexual/

Printing LISA 98 (c) 1997-1998 Patrick Powell Managing Network Printers and Print Spoolers Patrick Powell Astart.

Standard –132 columns and 66 lines –Unless it was 60 lines (margin at top? bottom) –Or 80 columns with 66 line??? –And dont forget metric sizes... /doing BCP and have put in the escapes –When we scan the file and detect ^A M we do not add more escapes This is one of the leading causes of problems printing PostScript files with binary images/Do I Get Help? 1. If it is a commercial system, try your vendors support group 2. comp.peripherals.printers news group has a large number of discussions about printers and/

Sustainability Management for Tour Operators

doing business even better” Some do’s and donts Don’t Greenwash. “Greenwashing” is an environmental claim which is unsubstantiated or irrelevant – people see through this and react negatively to it. Don’t 10 Indicators of Greenwashing Fluffy Language – Words or phrases with no clear meaning e.g. Eco Friendly Green products v dirty company – sustainable product which is accessed by polluting transport Suggestive Pictures – Green images/

A centre of expertise in digital information managementwww.ukoln.ac.uk Brian Kelly UKOLN University of Bath Bath, UK UKOLN is supported by: Acceptable.

Report back: Each group to share three reasons for having a blog Please do not repeat reasons already provided! 6 Why Blog? A centre of expertise in digital information managementwww.ukoln.ac.uk Projects Must Blog!? Twitter/blog discussion in Feb 2009/ view But some features dont work (Java, Flash,..) A centre of expertise in digital information managementwww.ukoln.ac.uk Interoperability can be achieved by writing style and links, with no technology needed 40 A centre of expertise in digital information /

Prevalence and Effects of Client Violence on Social Workers: Implications for Keeping Social Workers Safe National Association of Social Workers Florida.

Small group exercises (O’Keefe & Mennan, 1998) What might make safety training more effective? Discussion about field experiences (O’Keefe & Mennan, 1998) Use of excerpts from popular dramas to illustrate causes of violence and emotions surrounding violence (Rey, 1996) Use of actors, both live and on/ (hips’ width) One foot extended more in front than the other Don’t touch! Mirror body language Do not cross arms; rather, allow arms to hang relaxed at your side Safety training components- V Safety training/

All Contents © 2007 Burton Group. All rights reserved. REST Easy Peter Lacey Senior Consultant Tuesday – June.

of architectural constraints that restricts the roles/features of architectural elements and the allowed relationships among those elements within any architecture that conforms to that style. or … an abstraction, a design pattern, a way of discussing/;q=0.8,image/png,*/*;q=0./of plentiful, GETable resources is maintained REST Concepts and Practices Is this RESTful? You may relax constraints, but do so knowingly If you really need sessions (you dont/ not the official Burton Group positioning (yet) REST Easy/

Multimedia Journalism Multimedia Journalism Overview of Internet Reporting and Multimedia Storytelling Sec. C1 - Jan. 26, 2009.

them first. Multimedia Storytelling in 5 Steps step 1 Choosing a story – class discussion – A journalist wants to travel all over the lower 48. How do you make his road trip engaging?his road trip – A year after the /a different aspect of Hurricane Katrina: Users can choose the stories that interest them Nonlinear parts: The stories dont depend on one another to be understood, and neither do individual parts within the stories. See Anatomy of KatrinaAnatomy of Katrina – Video, audio, images and graphics are /

marketing 300 discussion section

and why. Why? What is a segment? Segments/Submarkets A relatively homogeneous group of customers who will respond similarly to a marketing mix. Segments are based around NEED. discussion/be looking for proximity to bars, others might want pets. These groups do not necessarily overlap. “Students” also leaves out non-students who /images to your computer Product-market ex. digital cameras C. Single target market ex. waterproof digital camera D. Multiple target market ex. one camera targeted at professionals and/

Social Media Social Media for Sisterhoods How to Engage your members …and potential members Hillary Handwerger Patty Rehfus.

documents (forms) Link to other sites Provide email links Include images Manage lists Add members at no additional cost Your Word Processing Program and Data Base – No cost – You do all formatting – More work to manage and maintain lists. Constant Contact – Costs money – Lots of help with formatting and list management Robly – Claims to have features and services comparable or better than Constant Contact for less money/

Research Process, Research Design

Data: Primary Secondary PRIMARY DATA Primary Data Sources: Informal discussions; brainstorming Focus groups Observational Methods Structured & Unstructured Surveys Experiments Primary Data – Focus Groups Focus Groups = bring a small group of people (10-12) together for an interactive, spontaneous discussion of a particular topic or concept. Discussion is led by a trained moderator and usually lasts 1 ½ hours. Typical Objectives: To identify and define problems. To generate new ideas about products, services/


do you have for key persons and/or institutions? TRADITIONAL JUSTICE CHANGES IN LAW / INSTITUTIONS AMNESTY PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT MEMORIALIZATION REPARATIONS TRUTH-TELLINGPROSECUTIONS RECONCILIATION Focus Group Discussion Guide NR&TJ Audit 2011 -2012 BRIEF 16 of 18: Tororo District Map of/ and forget. The need for independence and victim and witness protection was underlined: People are living in fear; people dont /Yoweri-Museveni3.jpg http://www.ugpulse.com/images/articles/daily/20070417_105_02.jpg http://www./


of Family Therapy). The Gottmans’ two-day “The Art & Science of Love” workshop significantly increases trust compared to a control group/ thoughts and images with no control, flashbacks, depression, nightmares, excessive rumination. 2. 1st phase of therapy /do to make a discussion of this issue better next time. (It’s important to remain calm as you do this.) Then, while it’s still your turn, share one thing you can do to make it better next time. What do you need to be able to put this behind you and/

Family and Social Health

Putting it to use… Life is full of relationships You can prevent, change and free yourself from harmful relationships You do not have to stay in a harmful relationship Evaluate. Discuss changes. Set and keep a date to re-evaluate Watch for others who may be in trouble Dating Dating Young teens are still interested in group activities, but groups include both sexes Dating – having social plans/

How to survive a recession

and social care recruiter supplies nurses, pharmacists and specialist medical staff to the NHS and other health care organizations doing well during a recession - health care sector naturally resistant to recession – people still get ill in a downturn. Restaurant Group. This type of /will continue to come to the club. In six months, maybe theyll have a job and will resume their membership. Or maybe theyll decide they dont want to participate. Either way, weve kept that client for six more months”. Creative /

Market Your Library Like a Bookstore Tips and Tricks for Displays.

and Tricks Library Geography Front of Library Power Aisle Endcaps Small Tables Front of Library First Impressions What do your patrons learn about your library when they first enter? Valuable Real Estate Clean and clear signage and small displays Dont /ways how to make your patron welcome and wanting to come back often. Additions Coffee shops Comfortable seating Teen spaces Book Discussion Groups and other programming No Shushing The image of the stern librarian and the quiet library still remains to some /

A review of the eight strategies common

Group Stakeholders who need to be told what to do so that their actions are consistent with implementation Media (Print / Radio / T.V. / Magazine) Municipalities Builders Consumers Tarion Employees The Consider Group Any Stakeholders not falling in any of the above categories and/1 Description of the External Factor under Discussion: Transparency: The move by corporations and government to be open and accountable to stakeholders by providing comprehensive information disclosure and discussion of major issues/

Great Migration Section 3. What’s On Tonight? Review & Debrief Podcast Discussion/Sharing/Teaching Moments Tom Unwin & John Trampush Resources and NHD.

will add their own take-away: what struck you them most about the group conversation This will be done by order of where you appear on the class participant list How would you teach this source, this topic? Break out 3 Next Time End of What Set You Flowin’ Discussions of Teaching and Multiculturalism Another tech Quickie... Zotero Walk Through www.zotero.org Lives in your/

HOK Potential parking, planet, physical fitness, public image Value.

People want to be part of the solution. They just dont know how. Brög, TravelSmart/building Social Marketing TDM – Martha Jefferson Plan Discuss auto externality issues w/staff at monthly /and affirmationHelps personal growth and affirmation Pull or soft methodsPull or soft methods Doing due to pressure, cost, to forestall a punishment, achieve an outer-directed goal To illustrate to others Drives wealth, fame and image-consciousness Push or coercive methods Govt/Media MORE Rational… The economic concept of/

Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S

or on the computer you see something in the online history - how does that feel? What do you do once you find out some information, but not enough? Would you look further? How would you feel/and trauma work begins in earnest Group work is more effective than individual Healing maladaptive attachment is the slow work of long- term therapy, living honestly and 12-step involvement (2-3 years minimum). This is where Psychodynamic, Analytic, Jungian, Somatic and other forms of therapy are most effective Discuss/

1.Which one of the following statements about the treatment of depression is correct:  A. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) should be used.

alternative causes of primary amenorrhea. ECG is helpful in evaluating the severity of malnutrition and risk for dysrhythmias in patients with metabolic abnormalities Imaging is rarely necessary in the emergency department 4.Pregnant woman on SSRI-what will you do? A. /After a discussion of some of the theoretical issues raised in the past about the concept of insight, the authors go on to track changes in the internal representations of two young patients during the course of a session with each of them. /

Lesson Study “Chronology of the Holocaust” Road to Auschwitz: ( )

: Photograph Analysis What do you see? Look at this last! Don’t cheat! Caption Look at this last! Don’t cheat! A group of German soldiers and civilians look on as a Jewish man is forced to cut the beard of another in Tomaszow Mazowiecki. IN-CLASS ACTIVITY, Part II: Photograph Analysis As a group, complete the rest of the packet (p. 7-8): discuss the photos fill/

Medicalised Selves: ADHD and childrens identities

of parents discussing the impact of medication on children’s lives and literature that documents children’s own experiences of taking medication. It aims to explore how children understand the diagnosis of ADHD and document the impact of medication on their lives and/of staff and one local (pro-medication) parent support group during/ do /and ‘different’. Diagnosis invariably led to medication, leading many children to feel they were impaired in some way; Many children experienced negative self-image and/

Unit Five “School Days”

the Agent Marker, while others do not. With the exception of a small group of signs, the Agent Marker creates the meaning of someone who does something. In the/do you think each facial expression conveys? Hostility, pleasure, and amusement are a few different meanings shown above. Discuss the facial expressions with a partner and write down a list of/ can reach the mind as swiftly… ... as the thing seen… …The language of images.”---Douglas Tilden, sculptor MASL p 195 Classroom Exercise V CL:/ Using only CL: /

Web Privacy with P3P Lorrie Faith Cranor P3P Specification Working Group Chair AT&T Labs-Research July 2002

discussed at November 1995 FTC meeting Ad Hoc Internet Privacy Working Group convened to discuss the idea in Fall 1996 W3C began working on P3P in Summer 1997 Several working groups chartered with dozens of participants from industry, non-profits, academia, government Numerous public working drafts issued, and/in a web page, including ads and invisible images http://adforce.imgis.com/?adlink|2|68523/dont understand them Only useful if user agents or other P3P tools know what to do with them Example (IBM GROUP/

StudentAffairs.com Virtual Case Study February 19, 2006 Image ©2006, www.Facebook.com.

in groups and classes. Hereafter, Facebook.com will be referred to as Facebook, which is how students refer to the site. Discussion: Introduction to Facebook Students use Facebook for many reasons: To meet people Popularity Fun Peers (everybodys doing it!) Getting people together Contact others Class connections Self-expression Community Discussion: Introduction to Facebook Students should be aware of several issues when utilizing Facebook: Privacy Safety Image/

The Mirror: Getting Ideas for Comedy Material Roger Fusselman Pohang Comedy Group April 15, 2007 Cell: 010-6873-7981.

specific as possible. Hating brussel sprouts is better than hating vegetables. Dont do all of the list at once. Pace yourself. Be genuine. Have patience. Dont think ahead to any act or any statement you want to make. Dont censor. Looks like this: I hate _____________________. (Ten or more times, of course.) Workshops # 7 and #8: Worries and fears Follow the workshop # 6 directions also on: Workshop # 7/

The Future of Distributed Systems .

? Want ALL or NOTHING for group of actions 5 Why Bother: Durability Once a transaction commits, want effects to survive failures Fault tolerance: old master-new master won’t work: Can’t do daily dumps: would lose recent work Want “continuous” dumps Redo “lost” transactions in case of failure Resend unacknowledged messages 9 Why ACID For Client/Server And Distributed ACID is important for centralized/

Georgia High School Writing Test (GHSWT). 2 Table of Contents Part I:IntroductionIntroduction Part II:Persuasive WritingPersuasive Writing Part III:Writing.

in a generally clear sequence. Related ideas are grouped together and connected with some transitions. Word choice is generally engaging, and there is some variation in sentence length and structure. The writers voice is clear, and the writing shows awareness of the audience. Sentence formation, usage, and mechanics are generally correct, and errors do not interfere with meaning. The text is of sufficient length to demonstrate effective writing skills. Exceeds/

Blended learning in WebCT some practical approaches Institute of Psychiatry, 16 November 2006.

images, video, new technologies as far as your budget allows Get some input from a designer/editor/web developer Online content recommendation 2: Dont use the VLEs tools Dont upload ad hoc collections of Word docs, pdfs etc: this produces content thats hard to use, disorganised, inconsistent and locked into the VLE Dont use the VLEs HTML Creator: its hard to use and very limited (if youre/

How to Review (…and Read…and Write) Scientific Papers.

dont follow from the M&M The order of presentation of results should parallel the order of presentation of the methodsThe order of presentation of results should parallel the order of presentation of the methods Section headings may be useful if lots of complex dataSection headings may be useful if lots of/If so, why?)Focus the Discussion on an explanation of why the conclusions and the purpose served by the manuscript are valuable, and place this explanation in the context of pre-existing literature (Does /

AHEAD 2013. HTML Accessibility Topics: Keyboard Accessibility Content and Structure Links Headings and Lists Images in HTML Pages Tables Forms.

. Either: Link caption with normal hyperlink, or Use the longdesc attribute of HTML Image tag Imagesimage maps Create alt-text for overall map and for each hot spot. All image maps must be client side to be accessible. Images – reminders Use real text, not graphical text. Dont use flashing/strobing images. Avoid background images. Provide color contrast, but dont rely on color alone. Tables – for data Follow all general table/

Film and the News: Network Politics in Film Braunwarth.

a group of revolutionaries to document their crimes No network yet has made a deal with a group of revolutionaries to document their crimes But dont they show terrorist executions or similar things, over and over? But dont they show terrorist executions or similar things, over and over?/dollars via ratings it is a democracy that is destroying itself in just the way Plato said it would but were doing it in a democratic manner But if this is our democracy, where people vote with their dollars via ratings it/

Sandra Cisneros House on Mango Street.

Do you have brothers, sisters, cousins, etc who are treated differently from you because of gender? Explain. Read pg 56-73 Group work with Conflict Dissection. Each group will be assigned a chapter and they will dissect that chapter and fill in the chart in regards to their assigned chapter. Discuss Geraldo No Last Name Discuss immigration and/ her secrets and who will understand her jokes, she believes she will be a red balloon. The image of the balloon suggests she feel like she is floating and that she /


Image of ...BIDMC A ringing phone is a cue to present your best image to the unknown customer. Answering promptly: builds a reputation of efficiency minimizes the disturbance of/to take a break 7 THE DO’S AND DON’TS OF WHAT TO SAY TO A CALLER! DO SAY DON’T SAY “I/2. Dial the number of new party and wait for an answer.  NOTE: You can privately discuss the call with the /and instructions can be found on the Care Group web page, General Portal, IS Support, Self Help Training, Voicemail, and choosing the Click Here/

Managing Electronic Theses & Dissertations National Seminar, JNU, New Delhi India Dr. Vinod Chachra, President & CEO VTLS Inc. Board of Directors, Networked.

Document (21) Gnu ZIP ArchiveGnu ZIP Archive (4) JPEG ImageJPEG Image (4) TIFF ImageTIFF Image (4) GIF ImageGIF Image (3) MPEG VideoMPEG Video (3) Quicktime VideoQuicktime Video (3) /Do – Use a subject classification system Standards committee discussed this topic Discussion of Dewey and UDC Discussion of multilingual subject headings Discussion of multilingual subject terms Do- Include Institution Name, Department name, Degree, and Year Language issue here – vernacular, English, both Do and Dont List Dont/

Social Psychology Elliot Aronson Timothy D. Wilson Robin M. Akert

sadness and despair. Source of image: Microsoft Office Online. Source of image: Microsoft Office Online. Passionate Love Reviewing the anthropological research on 166 societies, William Jankowiak and Edward Fischer (1992) found evidence for passionate love in 147 of them. Cross-cultural research comparing an individualistic culture (the United States) and a collectivistic culture (China) indicates that American couples tend to value passionate love more than Chinese couples do, and Chinese/

The Windows 2000 Report Card: what is it, why do I care, and what will it do for – or to – me? Presented by Mark Minasi teacher, speaker, author, alpha.

your own in a discussion on Windows 2000 You will be the envy of your friends as you effortlessly explain Active Directory, Change and Configuration Management, and Offline Files … before / you create generic images, burn on CDs and roll them to any hardware System Lockdown network admins need to control user desktops n Solution: Group Policies n Benefits/n Plug and Play:B What do I DO???? the problems n Theres no smooth path between an NT 4 domain and a W2K domain n Many of W2Ks benefits simply dont work /


00 5 Customer Relationship Management 5,000.00 Professional Image 7 Power –Up With NLP ( A Personal /and rephrase blunt wording for more professional communication. Understand and demonstrate the use of to-do lists and the ABC prioritization technique. Explain methods for handling typical office interruptions:visitors, phone calls, requests from the boss or subordinates. METHODOLOGY 2-day programme, Screen Projection Lecturing Discussion Case Study Individual & Group Workshop Exercises Discussions/

A demonstration of WordPress to create a blog/website for increased student interaction, and for training students to operate this valuable content management.

a new window if your link takes your visitors away from your site. To add an image, look between the post title and the main body text of the post. Youll see a group of icons next to Upload/Insert. They are images, video, audio, SWFs, polls and custom forms. Click Image. Click Select a File from your Computer. Add details. Remember, alternate text is important for search/


Lack forward thinking and developmental planning It’s hard to do & takes too much time Connections to reward and recognition are weak at best One-sided, boss administered review HR 698: Group 4: Crouch, Handsel, Mitchell, Trull, Wheeler Other Problems with Employee Eval Source: LinkedIn.com discussions; personal experiences, custom survey Obstacle to straight talk relationships Prime cause of low morale Personal development is impeded Disruptive/

Just BE. B y C C L a w h o n, M. E d. Discover, Develop, and Sustain integrated whole-self wellness and happiness. Your Key to Emotional Wellness.

not crazy every once in a while!!) says, Tell me what God you dont believe in and I bet I dont believe in him either. A lot of people do not believe in a limited, humanistic God, but, we all almost automatically are aware of and subscribe to a power that is infinitely amazing and creative. When you start to feel something good happening, start saying (well, start/

Differentiating Instruction: Beginning the Journey

’s, an expert teacher’s) time and support for modeling, mentoring, consulting, collaborating, and discussing Vera J. Blake, Ed.D. verablake@verablake.com Sara Lampe sntlampe@msn.com In learning to differentiate, teachers may need help with . . . A rationale for differentiation Pre-assessing student readiness Effective work with classroom groups Flexible grouping Resolving issues regarding grading / report cards Role of the teacher in a differentiated classroom/

Love and Romantic Relationships

: Any public performance or display, including transmission of any image over a network; Preparation of any derivative work, including the extraction, in whole or in part, of any images; Any rental, lease, or lending of the program Copyright © Allyn and Bacon 2005 Have you ever had strong feelings for another person and wondered whether or not you were “in love?” What do you look for in a potential long/

Getting and Keeping a Job Career Networking Résumé Writing Pre-Employment TestingInterviewing How to Act: In the Interview & On the Job.

discuss job prospects. Sum up your educational background and work experience and state how this qualifies you for the job. Dont be bashful but dont be boastful, and again state what you can do for the company. Send slightly different versions of the letter to each person you met. The advantage of/elements such as lines, images and bullet point symbols have now been eliminated. But if they havent, go ahead and delete them. You may use equal signs in place of lines or borders and replace bullet points with /

James D. Johnston Microsoft Corporation Audio Architect

of aliasing? Aliasing and imaging (imaging, as we will see shortly, is the reconstruction version of aliasing) sound awful. Aliasing in general is anharmonic, and remarkably annoying. THEREFORE: Filtering is a requirement. It’s not an option. The presence of a filter has consequences that we will discuss/ Signal + H(s) Quantizer - Quantized Signal This is the basic form of a noise-shaper. I’m not going to do a full mathematical analysis for the sake of time. What H(s) does is shape the noise floor. This can /

Course Information A Review of the Ground Rules for

audio, image or video recording. iPads will remain closed during the entire period of an/group effort. You will do your own homework. You will not allow others to copy your work. In the past, I have found students who copied the homework assignment of others. All were given zero credit for the assignment. Do your own homework Avoid host/parasite relationships! General Rules of Academics Academic Integrity Plagiarism – “the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and/

Course design for university classes

ever before. She motivated you, excited you, and demanded your very best. And I like that. In a class where someone is just doing a general coverage of something, it lulls me to sleep. I /Group – average test score : 84.39* Control Group – average test score : 76.28 Ruhl, Hughes, and Schloss., 1987. Teacher Education and Special Education, v.10 #1, p.14-18 Examples of Teaching/Learning Activities Small group discussion Think/pair/share Peer instruction (w/clickers) Role playing Jigsaw exercises Data/image/

To explore, through relevant discussions and practical exercises

go find out Think Of Three Things You Like Doing & that you do really very well How do you do them? Pick 1 & /discussions and practical exercises Workshop Aim To explore, through relevant discussions and practical exercises how to develop individuals and teams Workshop Objectives Define the context and importance of Learning & Development in organisations Review the practice and benefits of using Personal Development Plans Conduct an exercise in identifying individual & group training needs Identify ways of/

Public Law I 2005 Review Sept. 9/05: What is law?

of the majority of members becomes first minister and chooses cabinet.  First minister tells GG or LG when to call election, unless another group can form gov’t 2. The ratio in the judicial decisions about the meaning of the constitution (eg. the ratio in the cases we’ll be studying in this course) The role of courts in Canada Why do/is ultra vires Ontario. Sir Montague Smith discusses how s. 91 & 92 overlap. JCPC/ Education for lawyers and judges Electronic law library Public image of legal profession Public/

Community Participation, Civic Capacity & Neighborhood Identity

A Limiting, Distorting Lens HEALTH OUTCOMES Q: If you had to take a guess on what groups of people in Louisville would be healthier and what groups would be less healthy, what do you think? A: The couch potatoes would be less healthy. Conservative white woman, age 71 / bodies. Other Black people are bigger … but they’re okay with themselves, and I think White people have a harder image of what they need to live up to. There’s more of a pressure on White people, because we’re the dominant race. Liberal White /

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