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ZULFIQAR HASAN2 Contents Measure Nation’s levels of international economic activity, and how it is measured by the balance.

T-Shirt in Bangladesh. ¤ A Bangladeshi Tourist purchase a canned coke from Heathrow Airport, London, UK ¤ Nitol Motors, Dhaka, Bangladesh is the distributor of cars manufactured in Japan by its parent, Honda of Japan ¤ BATBC’s subsidiary in Bangladesh /. Debit: A Bangladeshi buys shares of stock of a European food chain on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Credit: The government of Korea buys Bangladesh Bank Treasury bills to hold as part of its foreign exchange reserves. Other investment. Debit: A Bangladeshi/

International Portfolio Optimization using Regime Switching: Case of Subcontinent Presenter: IQBAL, JAVED Presented on: 17 February 2010 CCFEA Workshop.

1 and 2 stabilize. and (3) (4) DATA DESCRIPTION AND ANALYSIS Data Analysis & Description Data used is monthly index values for three Subcontinent stock Exchanges from December 1993 to July 2009. These stock indices are Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). The MSCI World is used as the market index, a proxy of GDP. It is generally accepted that that business cycles drive/

Md. Shahed Rajon www.studyandjobs24.com 1. 2 Chapter Contents Concepts of Market Financial Market Spot Market Status of Financial Market Classification.

Secondary Market The secondary market is where already issued financial assets are traded. Secondary markets are the market where the existing securities or financial asset are traded. The examples are Dhaka Stock Exchange, Chittagong Stock Exchange etc. Md. Shahed Rajon www.studyandjobs24.com 24 D. Classification by Immediate Delivery or Future Delivery On the basis of immediate delivery and future delivery, two types of financial/

Economic situation of Bangladesh Business opportunities in Bangladesh Business Breakfast: Next eleven Economies Ljubljana, 14 September 2012.

, real estate, natural resources, frozen foods, agribusiness and many other industries. Bangladesh shipbuilding industry Source: Internet Dhaka, Centre of the city Source: Internet introduction of automation in the judiciary; The Government implemented several reforms in/) - Tax exemption on capital gains from the transfer of shares of public limited companies listed with a stock exchange. - Special facilities and venture capital support will be provided to export-oriented industries under “Thrust sectors”./

Unit 1.2 Types of Organization On completing this chapter you should be able to: Analyze and apply: –The distinction between the private sector and.

Transportation Average, which Dow also created.NYSEDJIWall Street JournalDow Jones & CompanyDow Jones Transportation Average ******Stock exchange.docStock exchange.doc How the stock exchange work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3Qp gXBtDeo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3Qp /is the largest microfinance provider in Bangladesh. Founded in 1972, its headquarters are in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Founded in 1972, its headquarters are in Dhaka, Bangladesh. BRAC has more than 44,300 staff and has helped around 135 /

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third of New Zealand’s fuel, may list it on the nation’s stock exchange as they prepare to sell a stake to the public. 5. U.S. stocks rose for the week U.S. stocks rose for the week, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average to the highest /Motors to invest Rs Isuzu Motors to invest Rs.3,000 crore in Andhra Pradesh manufacturing unit. Spice Jet to add Hong Kong, Dhaka as new destinations from March. Vodafone India moved 265 towers on green technology in FY2013. POLITICS RTI and political parties: The party /

1 E-governance and ICT: Bangladesh Perspective.  Introduction  Definition  Benefits  E-governance Model  Gartner’s E-governance Model  Global Level.

the country  Better intra-governmental communication network through video-conferencing, e-mail, digital library, electronic data exchange etc.  Reduce digital divide by taking ICTs outside urban areas  Empower citizens through online utility /annual confidential reports. 54  Stock Exchanges: Both Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchange are highly computerized and networked, allowing citizens to trade with much more ease than before. Such as enhanced system of stock trading has contributed greatly to /

ISA Global Update #362 12 th of January 2011 ISA (International Strategic Analysis) 1 Key Political Issue Key Economic Issue North American Review South.

sharp fall of Bangladesh’s main share index led to major protests by investors. Severe flooding hit Sri Lanka in recent days. Stock Market Crash in Bangladesh: The recent volatility on Bangladesh’s stock market continued this week when the Dhaka Stock Exchange fell by 9.25% in less than an hour on Monday, prompting large- scale protests by investors. This volatility followed record gains/

Economy of South Asia General Objective: This course focuses on introducing the economic situation and development in South Asia, which is an important.

problems of hyperurbanization. The cities are more crowded than ever; parts of Karachi and Lahore are more densely populated even than Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Since its freedom in 1947, Pakistan has enjoyed a robust and expanding economy, but wealth is/. However, it is now showing signs of recovery after the Government and the LTTE signed a ceasefire in 2002. Colombo stock exchange reported the highest growth in Asia for 2003. Today, Sri Lanka has the highest per capita income in South Asia. /

Page 1 Dr. Paul Dorosh Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI Dr. Quazi Shahabuddin Research Director, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies April 2002 Trade.

between calculated net supply (in the absence of private sector stock changes) and domestic consumption. Page 18 1998 Market Prices in the Absence of Imports from India  The Dhaka wholesale price of coarse rice averaged 13.3 Tk/kg from/ in times of future domestic shortfalls  Very low import prices (due to dumping of surpluses by exporting countries or exchange rate overvaluation in Bangladesh) may threaten domestic agriculture.  Significant import tariffs may again be re- imposed if international trade/

International Activity in the College of Liberal Arts An overview of CoLA international activity: Students Faculty International expertise Curricula Research.

., Anthropology. Curricula CoLA offers highly internationalized curricula – Languages – Study abroad – Educational exchange – Field schools – Majors and minors – Courses CoLA offers study in the Arts/ with masculinity & gender, as well as race & class. Rachel Stocking Late antique & early medieval Iberian history Christian culture, religious and political/ restructuring  women’s school and training program for women workers, Dhaka  Nari Jibon Project, alternative skills, www.narijibon.comwww.narijibon.com/

Chapter 4 Organization and Functioning of Securities Markets Questions to be answered: What is the purpose and function of a market? What are the characteristics.

firms listed Wide geographic dispersion of listed firms Diverse clientele of buyers and sellers Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) Chittagong Stock Exchange Important Stock Exchange in the world American Stock Exchange (AMEX) Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) London Stock Exchange (LSE) Over-the-Counter (OTC) Market Not a formal organization Largest segment of the U.S. secondary market Unlisted stocks and listed stocks (third market) Lenient requirements for listing on OTC 5,000 issues actively traded on/

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Definition and illustration from: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/currencycarrytrade.asp and the Financial Times Stock Exchange in Cambodia The Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) opened in April, 2012 Money had been banned under the Khmer Rouge regime that / track harvesting schedules because many factories rely on migrant workers. They watch weather reports to advise drivers. In Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, sourcing agents check in daily with political and labor officials who can offer warnings about /

1920; Mohammedan Educational Conference (1886), which met every year to take stock of the educational problems of the Muslims and to persuade them to get/ it required an organized platform. 3: Formation of the Muslim League in Dhaka: December 30, 1906 Time had come to formally organize the Muslims after the/ of looted wealth of the state; • Revival of the economy through increasing Foreign exchange reserves and reducing International debt burden through rescheduling;  • Poverty Reduction and social uplift./

Basic Concepts about Financial Market

to their most productive uses. This is especially true for securities that are actively traded on major exchanges, where the competition among wealth- maximizing investors determines and publicizes prices. DSE Established- 28th April 1954 as East Pakistan Stock Exchange Association. Re-named- 23rd June 1962 as ‘The Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited’. Registered as a public limited company and its activities are regulated by its Articles of/

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which the two sides of a transaction, the buyer and seller, are brought together to trade securities. –Trading takes place on centralized trading floors. –Examples include: NYSE Euronext, American Stock Exchange, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) © 2012 Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. 2-18 The Capital Market (Cont.): Broker Markets and Dealer Markets Dealer markets are markets in which the buyer and seller are /

Ayesha Saimoon www.studyandjobs24.com 1. Required Text Book L J Gitman, “Principles of Managerial Finance”, Latest Edition Additional Readings 1.James.

Visible marketplace Members trade Securities listed Example: New York Stock Exchange, DSE, CSE. OTC Market Wired network of dealers No central, physical location Examples: NASDAQ Ayesha Saimoon www.studyandjobs24.com 38 Foreign Exchange Markets Definition: Markets deal in trading one currency /the upward trend of Beximco Pharma’s Share price, you have just purchased 100 shares of this company from Dhaka Stock Exchange. d)You purchase $1000 from HSBC Bank at 10:00 am today. e)Concerned about recent trends in /

The Business, Tax and Financial Environment Chapter 2.

the performance deteriorates. Nature of Financial Securities Some of largest securities markets are situated in USA (the New York Stock Exchange), Britain (the London Stock Exchange), Germany (the Frankfurt Stock Exchange), and Japan (the Tokyo Stock Exchange). In Bangladesh, securities are traded in two stock exchanges, the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), and the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). Types of Financial Securities A Debt Security represents money borrowed by the company. The firm incurs a liability/

2nd Chapter outline: -Share Capital -Share Classification: -Transfer of Shares; -Share Transmission, -Share Warrant; -Alteration of Share Capital;

their dividends cumulatively to the next years, if the dividends are not paid in the current year.  Shareholders of preference stock get precedence even when there is a liquidation of the company, which has issued the shares. - When a company is/to Bankers to the Issue and members of the DSE and the CSE Filing of application for listing with Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. (CSE) Notwithstanding the above, if any other services required but not listed herein above for the/

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OTC Markets Visible marketplace Members trade Securities listed Example: New York Stock Exchange, DSE, CSE. OTC Market Wired network of dealers No central, physical location Examples: NASDAQ Zulfiqar Hasan Foreign Exchange Markets Markets deal in trading one currency for another is called/the upward trend of Beximco Pharma’s Share price, you have just purchased 100 shares of this company from Dhaka Stock Exchange. You purchase $1000 from HSBC Bank at 10:00 am today. Concerned about recent trends in the price/

ZULFIQAR HASAN 1. 2 Text Book James C. Van Horne, John M. Wachowicz Jr. “Fundamentals of Financial Management”, Latest Edition

Organized Visible marketplace Members trade Securities listed Example: New York Stock Exchange, DSE, CSE. OTC Market Wired network of dealers No central, physical location Examples: NASDAQ ZULFIQAR HASAN 39 Foreign Exchange Markets Definition: Markets deal in trading one currency for another /the upward trend of Beximco Pharma’s Share price, you have just purchased 100 shares of this company from Dhaka Stock Exchange. d)You purchase $1000 from HSBC Bank at 10:00 am today. e)Concerned about recent trends in /

Company Profile. MBIZTech Consulting is a single point solution provider for startup to mature enterprises on technology & management. The company is.

with timelines and delivery CA. Sangam Lal Expertise in Initial Public Offering (IPO) / listing of company into stock exchange(s) Promotion of startup venture by investing seed capital and angel funding Promoting social entrepreneurship by Citizens Secretariat and / & Analyzing and Project Management. Contact Us BANGLADESH OFFICE Level 3, House No. 07, Road No. 12 Sector No. 01, Uttara, Dhaka - 1230 Phone: +880-2-8931233, +880 1713018708 E-mail: info@mbiztech.net INDIA OFFICE 209, SRBC, Plot No INS-12,Sector/

An Analysis. This entry in the notification exempts services provided to UNO or specified international organisation. UNO has not been defined and it.

Biotechnology 21. Asian Development Bank 22. South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation 23. International Jute Organisation, Dhaka, Bangladesh Exemption is provided to all services to UNO and a specified international organization and no specific conditions/ exchange and who provides access to trading platform of a stock exchange or a commodity exchange as an agent of such stock broker or member of a commodity exchange; (b) Authorised person to a member of a commodity exchange; (l) commodity exchange /

Idea Sharing Session on Political Economy of Trade Liberalization in Bangladesh: Research Questions and Methodology Taiabur Rahman PhD Department of Development.

included fiscal reform, financial liberalization and the maintenance of a realistic and flexible exchange rate, together with trade liberalization, reduction of government intervention and improved management of/landlords and traders (some of it relocated to the garment industry in Dhaka). ► ► In this way, then, it can be seen how/ fact, its importance has further strengthened in developing countries following several stock market crashes in recent years and political instability (including the 1996 /

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providing financial assistance & equality support. Institutional Information of Bangladesh Shilpa Bank Established- October 31, 1972 Head Office- Dhaka Division- 5 Department- 21 Zonal Office- 3 Branch Office- 15 Personnel/Employees- 731 Capital Structure & Sources/ sells of share/Securities for BSB & on behalf of its customer as a member of Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. & Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. for capita market development Conduct Project promotional activities along with preparation of various sub- /

Progress in the Implementation of the RAPIDC Programme Johan Kuylenstierna, SEI.

in 2007) 2.Health study in Dhaka Schools study to determine air pollution impacts on children’s health in Dhaka Study undertaken by MoE and NIPSOM:/ determine relative corrosion in sites with different pollution - Expose for 1 year iii. Stock at risk training - identify materials in typical buildings (random inventory of 100s of /e.g. for 2025, 2050) to organize capacity building: training workshops, work-exchange visits, to coordinate activities within the atmospheric modelling centre (where MATCH model is /

FIN 4140 Financial Markets & Institutions Lecture 1-2.

Organized markets vs Over-the-Counter markets:  Some secondary stock market transactions occur at an organized exchange, or a visible marketplace for secondary market transactions. E.g. Dhaka Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, etc.  Over the counter market is a virtual/one year are called capital market securities. Three common type of capital market securities are bonds, mortgages, and stocks.  Bonds & Mortgages:  Bonds are long term debt obligations issued by corporations and govt to support /

Julie Tanner Assistant Director, Socially Responsible Investing ENDING HUMAN TRAFFICKING The role of corporations, investors and.

direct engagement with companies on issues of concern to clients  Our stock screens are tailored to participants core religious values and actively managed to reflect/ with $100 million+ in revenue that report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  The California Transparency in Supply Chain Law of 2010/: http://www.verite.orghttp://www.verite.org  Dhaka Principles for Migration with Dignity: http://www.dhaka-principles.orghttp://www.dhaka-principles.org  Free The Slaves: https://www./

ANNUAL MEETING – 20 JUN 2014. Agenda Introduction Overview Investment Administration Finance Actuarial Session 1 – 2013/14 Review Session 2 LGPS 2015.

 Embed Living Wage standards in the UKs private sector, beginning with the biggest companies on the London Stock Exchange  "Weve found that paying the Living Wage is a smart business move as increasing wages has reduced /52 Cracks on beams detected Viyallatex Ltd, Gazipur, Bangladesh (December 2013) Responsible Investment  Structural inspections  Grameen Knitware, Dhaka, Bangladesh (November 2013)  “Storage Building at East face of main building – structural system does not match construction /

Bank : We can define bank as a financial intermediary accepting deposits and granting loans ; widest menu of services of any financial institution banks.

as the first shariah based interest-free bank in south- east Asia on the 13 th march 1983. It is listed with Dhaka stock exchange ltd. And Chittagong stock exchange ltd. Paid up capital was 3456 million number of shareholders was 20,960 and number of employees are 7,459 in 2006./ of issuing bonus share 1:4 (one bonus share for existing 4 Share. The price equation of share o the bank in the stock exchange was as taka 1000 The first Rights of Share was issued in 1989. 2 nd rights of share was issued in 1996. 3/

E NERGY S ECTOR IN B ANGLADESH : A N AGENDA FOR REFORMS Presented by Group: K Md. Ashikur Rahman Student No.: MSS 141511 Gita Barman Student No.: MSS 141511.

the distribution companies such as Dhaka Electric Supply Company (DESCO), Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA), West Zone Power Distribution Company (WZPDC), Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC)/quarterly and adjusted annually to reflect changes in fuel prices, generation mix, exchange rates, and inflation.  Differentiated rates will be maintained for peak and / the energy sector. Action 1  Undertake a review including taking stock of the progress of implementation of the energy sector reform agenda, /

Management Science Modeling of Risk in 21 st Century Supply Chains David L. Olson James & H.K. Stuart Chancellor’s Distinguished Chair University of Nebraska.

fundamental to doing business – Insurance Lloyd’s of London – Hedging Risk exchange swaps Derivatives/options Catastrophe equity puts (cat-e-puts) – ERM / of 12 September Bangladesh clothing factory fire 25 Nov 2012 Dhaka 12 story building housed four factories Over 100 dead Served / Forum 2011 Robust Strategies Tang [2006] Postponement – standardization, commonality, modular design Strategic stock – safety stock for strategic items only Flexible supply base – avoid sole sourcing Economic supply incentives – /

At the forefront of the Capital Market development A Presentation on “Key impacts of participant insolvency on the Central Depository System of the Central.

Depository System of the Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited ” 11th ACG Cross Training Seminar 2-5 July 2009 Dhaka, Bangladesh Rasool Hooda, Presented by: Rasool Hooda, Manager Legal & Compliance At the forefront of the Capital Market / market turbulence  Of these, most were handled efficiently and in a consensual manner by the administrations of the Stock Exchanges  Moreover, Pakistan does not have a culture of institution of insolvency/liquidation proceedings against defaulters  Therefore, it/

MST 315 Company Laws & Secretarial Practices In Bangladesh

public limited company may offer its shares for sale to the general public. It may also be quoted on the stock exchange. === Company Laws & Secretarial Practices In Bangladesh Company Laws & Secretarial Practices In Bangladesh The Memorandum of Association (/ of Companies, Associations (Trade Organizations) and partnership firms received from Kolkata, India. The office was transferred to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh in 1962. Currently there are around 110,000 entities registered under RJSC. Company Laws /

Communications service provider https://store.theartofservice.com/the-communications-service-provider-toolkit.html.

com/the-communications-service-provider-toolkit.html Grameenphone 1 Grameenphone () (Dhaka Stock Exchange|DSE:[http://dsebd.org/displayCo mpany.php?name=GP GP], Chittagong Stock Exchange|CSE:[http://www.cse.com.bd/ind ex2.php?option=Quote/provider that has traditionally provided telephone and similar services. This category includes incumbent local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, and mobile wireless communication companies. https://store.theartofservice.com/the-communications-service-/

 Governor: Dr. Atiur Rahman took the helm of the central Bank of Bangladesh for four year tenure on May 1, 2009 as the 10th Governor of Bangladesh Bank,

domestic private banks, foreign banks and non-bank financial institutions. The financial system also embraces insurance companies, stock exchanges and co-operative banks.  Bangladesh offers generous opportunities for investment under its liberalized Industrial Policy and export-/ 5 or 7 years depending on the location of the industrial enterprise. For industrial enterprises located in Dhaka and Chittagong Divisions ( excluding Hill Tract districts of Chittagong Division) the tax holiday facility is for/

1 ASSESSMENT AND GOOD PRACTICE ON REMITTANCES by Antero Vahapassi ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK Second Labour Migration Ministerial Consultation for Countries.

3. 3.ADB study in Bangladesh by Prof. T. Siddiqui (University of Dhaka), 2004 5 Remittances are a major source of external development finance Source: Dilip / the use of remittances for sustainable poverty reduction 7 Stocks of Overseas Filipinos Stocks of Overseas Filipinos 8 Characteristics of Flows from Philippines /charges of the recruiters; difference between official and unofficial exchange rates; anddifference between official and unofficial exchange rates; and quality and speed of service, and ability/

1 Analyzing Causes and Consequences of Global Financial Crisis 2008-09: Is Islamic Banking a Remedial Option? Dr. S. M. Ali Akkas Director (Planning &

banks iand other financial institutions n Bangladesh not affected by the global financial meltdown, which have heavy concentration in stock exchange (44.23% of Dhaka Stock Exchange). 6 World Financial Crisis and Bangladesh.. Contd. 2. Impact on the Export-oriented Sector Rather than being / went higher and higher. The excesses took recently the form of premia of 40-50% or higher on the stock price of firms that were a leveraged takeover target. Also, the amount of issuance of low grade corporate bonds /

Suresh Agarwal Managing Director Infotech Global Pte Ltd ACHIEVING ECONOMIC VALUE BY USING ICT TO SUPPORT AND ENABLE BUSINESS Date: 22/10/2013.

Book Entry System Standardization and Integration of systems. Training (from general IT to specific application knowledge) The Transformation More Case Studies…. Capital Markets – Ghana Stock Exchange – Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan – Dhaka & Chittagong Stock Exchange – Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan Ltd – Capital Market Authority, Kenya – Capital Market & Securities Authority Telecom – VAS, Outsourcing etc. Public Sector – Registrar General Department – Revenue Management System – Ghana/

Individual Tax Free Income Threshold Type of TaxpayersTax free Income Limit Last YearThis Year Individual220,000250,000 Women and 65 above aged taxpayers275,000300,000.

-resident foreigner 30%Any income of an individual being a non-resident foreigner 30% Minimum Income tax payable by individual taxpayer: Dhaka & Chittagong City Corporation : 5,000 Other City corporation : 4,000 Other areas : 3,000 2 Surcharge for individual /for BSEC [SRO No-195/2015, date 30 June 2015] Income earned by partnership firm and company from sale of shares listed in stock exchange shall be taxed @ 10% [SRO No-196/2015, date 30 June 2015] 37 Other amendments 4 Income from hatchery, poultry,/

“Present situation of RMG sector in Bangladesh” SUBMITTED To: A.K. Nabil Ahmed Lecturer, Dept: of AMT SUBMITTED BY: Md.Toufiquzzaman Chowdhury S.M Touhidul.

short Period of time. The industry has contributed to export earnings, foreign exchange earnings, employment creation, poverty alleviation and the empowerment of women. The export/2002). The RMG firms are located mainly in three main cities: the capital city Dhaka, the port city Chittagong and the industrial city Narayangonj. Bangladesh RMG firms vary / T-shirts and trousers are the main woven products and undergarments, socks, stockings, T-shirts, sweaters and other casual and soft garments are the main knit/

URBAN PLACES. Urban Places – Outcomes These are the outcomes you need to address for the Urban Places topic. You should ensure that you can adequately.

HSBC Holdings and Barclays PLC; and Tokyo, Bank of Tokyo, Mitsubishi and Dai-Ichi Bank. All of the major stock exchanges are located in world cities, for example Wall Street in New York. Headquarters of TNCs World cities are often the / MEGACITIES Mega Cities Nature, Character and distribution  at least 8 million inhabitants  Examples: Lima, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Dhaka, Bangkok, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Bangalore, Istanbul, Beijing, Dehli, Seoul.  Mega cities occur as a result of rapid urbanisation./

Taxation Institute of Chartered Accountants Bangladesh Md. Shakhawat Hossain Articled Student Howladar Yunus & Co.

Sixth Schedule). – Primary Stocks and Shares of a public company listed with a Stock Exchange in Bangladesh (Paragraph (8) of Part ‘B’ of the Sixth Schedule). – Primary Shares or Stock (Paragraph (9) of Part ‘B’ of the Sixth Schedule) – Primary Debenture or Debenture Stock (Paragraph (9) of/more details please see the SRO Income from Capital gain Mr. Jarin bought a building within the jurisdiction of Dhaka Municipality 8 years back for Tk. 65 million on which he also incurred another Tk. 35 million as /

Geography of International Trade Jinan University Department of International Economics and Trade Students of Year 2001 Autumn, 2004.

(1989) Braer (1993), Sea Empress (1996) Damage to coastlines, fish stocks, and communities dependent upon the sea Gulf War damage – Oil wells and /their level of integration. Interdependencies imply numerous relationships where exchanges of capital, goods, raw materials and services are established/long-established cotton textile industry. Karachi, Pakistan’s largest port; Islamabad( 伊斯兰堡 ), its capital. Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital. Mountain and Island Rim Afghanistan(Kabul, 喀布尔 ), Nepal (Kathmandu, 加德满都 ), /

Bangladesh-India Friendship Power Company (Pvt.) Limited (A Joint Venture of NTPC Ltd and BPDB) Registered Office : Bidyut Bhaban (14th Floor), 1 Abdul.

MAITREE SUPER THERMAL POWER PROJECT 31.05.2014PROGRESS REPORT-MAY20147 Pending Critical Approvals IssueStatus  SEC Approval  For not Listing in Stock Exchange A meeting with Chairman BSEC is fixed on 8 th June, to discuss this issue.  Coal Sourcing, Supply & /of NTPC Ltd and BPDB) Registered Office : Bidyut Bhaban (14th Floor), 1 Abdul Gani Road, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh 31.05.2014PROGRESS REPORT-MAY201410 Transformer Erection work in Progress BANGLADESH- INDIA FRIENDSHIP POWER COMPANY (PVT.) LTD/

The Perfect Bed An Invigorating Shower A Great Workstation.

. 150-room flagship hotel scheduled to open in Q1 2015. Malaysia Hotel UNO Dhaka Dhaka, Bangladesh Complete turnkey development under HOTELCORPs Hotel UNO brand. 54-room boutique city hotel/ pasta and noodle dishes from Italy and Asia. Along with a well stocked bar featuring fashionable Martinis and enticing wines by the glass and bottle. / for hotel guests at the Guest Services counter and in the restaurant. Currency Exchange Available at the Front Desk - at favourable rates that will not lessen your/

SCM and Network Orchestration The Li & Fung Experience Chang Ka Mun Managing Director Li & Fung Development (China) Limited Li & Fung Research Centre 9.

Seoul Shanghai Shantou Shenzhen Taipei Xiamen Zhanjiang Marketing Offices Tokyo South Asia : 12 Amman Bangalore Chennai Colombo Delhi Dhaka Faisalabad Karachi Lahore Mumbai Sharjah Tirupur South Africa : 3 Antananarivo Durban Moka Southeast Asia : 9 Bangkok Hanoi / and the Philippines Established the Circle K Convenience Store chain in Hong Kong in 1985 Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in January 2001 Over 392 company owned and managed stores in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Shenzhen The/

Bangladesh-India Friendship Power Company (Pvt.) Limited (A Joint Venture of NTPC Ltd and BPDB) Registered Office : Bidyut Bhaban (14th Floor), 1 Abdul.

APR20147 Pending Critical Approvals IssueStatus  SEC Approval  For raising Capital Exceeding BDT 10 Crs.  For not Listing in Stock Exchange Approval given by SEC for raising initial capital (BDT 16 Cr.). We have to apply separately for additional capital induction/Venture of NTPC Ltd and BPDB) Registered Office : Bidyut Bhaban (14th Floor), 1 Abdul Gani Road, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh 04.05.2014PROGRESS REPORT-APR201410 Main Plant Fencing work in Progress BANGLADESH- INDIA FRIENDSHIP POWER COMPANY (PVT/

© 2005 by Institute for Energy, Law & Enterprise, University of Houston Law Center. All rights reserved. 1 PMRE/BUET & UH IELE WORKSHOP Commercial Frameworks.

WORKSHOP Commercial Frameworks for the Oil, Gas and Power Value Chains Dhaka, Bangladesh. January 9-12, 2005 © 2005 by Institute for Energy, / Financial investor Objectives: taxable nontaxable income growth stability Global Capital Markets Securities: stocks, bonds, royalties, partnerships Industries: energy, financial, consumer, technology, cyclical,/, government meeting all commitments of state- enterprise performance and exchange conversion, enforcement of laws and contracts (e.g., disconnections/

Strengthening the air quality management community in Asia www.cleanairnet.org/caiasia Introduction to CAI-Asia Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia A CAI-Asia.

partners on the main policies of AQM in Pakistan Take stock of current and planned AQM programs and projects in Pakistan/Objectives Strengthening the air quality management community in Asia www.cleanairnet.org/caiasia CITIES Dhaka, Bangladesh Chittagong, Bangladesh Phnom Penh, Cambodia Chengdu, China Chongqing, China Hangzhou,/ AQM Benchmarking of Urban Air Quality Management Capabilities in Asia. Allows exchange on lessons learned in addressing air pollution issues Understanding Sustainable Urban Transport/

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