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PROF. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQUB KAZI MBBS, MCPS (Family Medicine) DCH (Pb), MCPS (Paeds), FCPS (Paeds), FRCP (Edin), FRCP (London), FRCPCH (UK) Ex Dean, Institute.

to drink oral rehydration solution, fruit juice, or water to prevent dehydration. Return of appetite after dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome is a sign of recovery. Activity Bedrest is recommended for patients with symptomatic dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, or dengue shock syndrome. Drugs Aspirin and Brufen should be avoided in dengue fever, as it is known to increase the bleeding tendency and also it increases the stomach pain/

RMIT Travel Health Briefing July 2007 Destination: Shanghai Ho Chi Minh City Dr Tony Gherardin.

supplies Be aware of health risks Be aware of health risks Health Risks in Indochina Communicable diseases via air, food and water, body fluids or /dengue fever, JEV, MVA, STDs No malaria risk No malaria risk Combination vaccines Changing Epidemiology of Polio By 2003, only 7 countries remained endemic for polio : By 2003, only 7 countries remained endemic for polio : India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Niger & Somalia (listed from highest to lowest burden of disease) India, Nigeria, Pakistan/

Traveler’s Health and Emerging Infections Julia A. Piwoz, M.D. Chief, Pediatric Infectious Diseases The Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital Hackensack.

What is the now the most common cause of fever in a returned traveler? Hint: more likely to get this in a popular family vacation destination than Sub- Saharan Africa Dengue! Caused by 4 related viruses-DENV1-4 –Immunity / series recommended for unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated children and adults and those with unknown vaccination status. FOR SYRIA, PAKISTAN, EQUATORIAL GUINEA AND CAMEROON—DOCUMENT ON International Vaccination Certificate—may be required for exit from country Benin Central African/


the bite of the Aedes mosquito. An estimated 50-100 million cases of dengue fever and several hundred thousand cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever occur each year with numbers growing in both dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever as a consequence of climactic factors, travel, and urbanization. Dengue is the second most common cause of fever (after malaria) in travelers returning from developing countries. McPhee, 2012 Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, p/

Arboviral Diseases Stephen J. Thomas, MD

Pakistan, Italy, Singapore, and Australia. 2009-2009 - Thailand (54k) 2012 - Cambodia, Philippines 2013 - Caribbean Mutation- primary vector change Current Epidemic Get references on this mutation/vector change. Historic Movement of Chikungunya This map just shows the spread in/vs. Dengue In terms of distinguishing this from dengue, note that with dengue myalgias predominate (“break-bone fever”) and while with chikungunya, arthritis is more common. Abnormalities on CBC are also more common with dengue. /

COL Jennifer Caci US Army Special Operations Command Mosquitoes Lice Ticks Sand flies Fleas Tsetses Chigger Mites WHY DOES THE VECTOR MATTER?

human or animal) Endemic in many countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean; since 2001 cases or outbreaks have been recorded in Kosovo, Albania, Iran, Pakistan, and South Africa Most widely distributed HF in the world Austere conditions/ Knowlton, K., Solomon, G. and M. Rotkin-Ellman. Mosquito- Borne Dengue Fever Threat Spreading in the Americas. NRDC Issue Paper. July 2009. WRAIR 1367 Project 002. USASOC Dengue Seroprevalence Protocol. 10 Sep 09. http://www.promedmail.org/ Evaluation of SD /

COL Jennifer Caci US Army Special Operations Command Mosquitoes Lice Ticks Sand flies Fleas Tsetses Chigger Mites WHY DOES THE VECTOR MATTER?

human or animal) Endemic in many countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean; since 2001 cases or outbreaks have been recorded in Kosovo, Albania, Iran, Pakistan, and South Africa Most widely distributed HF in the world Austere conditions/ Knowlton, K., Solomon, G. and M. Rotkin-Ellman. Mosquito- Borne Dengue Fever Threat Spreading in the Americas. NRDC Issue Paper. July 2009. WRAIR 1367 Project 002. USASOC Dengue Seroprevalence Protocol. 10 Sep 09. http://www.promedmail.org/ Evaluation of SD /

Health Consequences of Environmental Degradation and Social Injustice

in the world (2012): 10 – Lahore, Pakistan 9 – Kanpur, India 8 - Yasouj, Iran 7 - Gaborone, Botswana 6 – Peshawar, Pakistan Air Pollution Top ten cities with the worst air pollution in the world (2012): 5 – Kermanshah, Iran 4 - Ludhiana, India and Quetta, Pakistan/Consequences of Global Warming Floods, cholera, rising malaria zone Dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, even plague now being seen in Europe Increased Chagas, yellow fever, chickungunya virus in U.S. Weather Extremes Headline from “The Onion” /

Health Consequences of Environmental Degradation and Social Injustice Martin Donohoe, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Canada Air Pollution Top ten cities with the worst air pollution in the world (2012): Top ten cities with the worst air pollution in the world (2012): 10 – Lahore, Pakistan 10 – Lahore, Pakistan 9 – Kanpur, India 9 – Kanpur, India 8 -/malaria zone Dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, even plague now being seen in Europe Dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, even plague now being seen in Europe Increased Chagas, yellow fever, chickungunya virus in U.S. Increased Chagas, yellow fever, chickungunya virus in U.S./

Combating Infectious Disease & Toxin Outbreaks, Natural & Man-made, through the Internet Jack Woodall Dept. of Medical Biochemistry Institute of Biomedical.

taken into account… if [Cixi] has a semi-temperate climate, it could be that the decreasing temperatures in October helped a lot in controlling dengue fever. Below a certain temperature, the reduced activity of the vector(s?), and even more the extension of / : No. subscribers, 10 most populous countries by rank, 2003 zero10. Nigeria 4645. Brazil 1 9.Bangladesh 234. Indonesia 48. Pakistan 20 7963. USA 4007. Japan 472. India 476. Russia 841. China No.CountryNo.Country ProMED: No. items posted PORT=Portuguese,/

Al Hodges References Part 4 of 4. Organic Vegetables and Fish Improve Family Health, Plus Mosquito Control Aquaponics is increasing world wide, improving.

. Both species are well established throughout the Americas. These two vectors also transmit dengue and the West Nile virus, so counties in California provide Gambusia affinis (mosquitofish) to residents with pools of water on their property in the fight against West Nile fever. Aedes aegeypti Aedes albopictus Pakistan Poster Warning of Dengue Danger Punjab, Pakistan scattered tilapia fry but produced no food (e.g., not aquaponics): 2011/

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use mobile data © 2008 Nokia 9 Average 46.54 US dollars Bangladesh India Pakistan Madagascar Thailand Mongolia China Uzbekistan Honduras Guinea Mauritius Cambodia Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Iran Paraguay /dengue fever Liberia 2010 Building birth registration 93% cut in dengue fever cases Health Agriculture Census Emergency Services Other Finland 2010 [coming soon] Substantially shorter cycle for requested field information Fighting back dengue fever in the Amazonas Challenge Thousands of registered dengue fever/

LITERATURE REVIEW Adult Onset Still’s Disease

disorders, and some metabolic diseases. This rare phenomenon was first ever diagnosed and reported in our setup by our Dengue team in HFH, caused by Dengue co infection with Malaria. DISEASE COURSE Monophasic pattern — Intermittent pattern — Lasts only weeks/in a tertiary care hospital of Pakistan. J Pak Med Assoc. 2009 Jul;59(7):464-7. PubMed PMID: 19579736. Results 13 patients with ASOD were identified. Fever (100%) Arthralgia, myalgia (100%) Sore throat (53.8%) None of these patients had rash with fever/

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. Dengue Fever Mosquito-borne flavivirus endemic in most tropical areas of the world No vaccine and no medication for dengue Illness usually mild; it can be severe and cause dengue hemorrhagic (bleeding) fever (DHF) Dengue is another mosquito-borne illness common in most/spread High transmission areas are India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria Polio is a disease that many people in the United States don’t think very much about, but it is still endemic in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria. Polio Risk /

“What Shots Do I Need?” An approach to pre-travel counseling Omar A. Khan, MD MHS

not. General Preventive Principles General Preventive Principles Backyard ‘bottling plant’ in Beijing Backyard ‘bottling plant’ in Beijing Filtering the water in Pakistan Reiterate common-sense advice which would apply here as well: –/(via rats, to humans): Plague n Mosquitoes: Dengue, yellow fever (Aedes); Malaria, lymphatic filariasis (Anopheles); Japanese encephalitis, filariasis, West Nile fever (Culex) n Sandflies: Leishmaniasis (concern in Middle East) n Tsetse flies: African trypanosomiasis (sleeping/

Of Viruses, Mosquitoes & Zombies How Mathematical Models can Help Control Epidemics Adnan Khan Department of Mathematics Lahore University of Management.

coexistence equilibrium Stability analysis show that this ‘endemic’ equilibrium is stable With our parameters this results in some humans and lots of zombies coexisting A Model for the Spread of Dengue Fever We have developed a model involving two strains of the DF This is relevant in Pakistan where an overwhelming majority of cases are type II and type III Data available form previous outbreaks/

Major regional Disease Risks of International Travel Ronald D. Warner, DVM, MPVM, PhD Professor Director, TravelMed Clinic TTUHSC School of Medicine -

,000 are fatal zRabies: ~60K human deaths/yr.; India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippine Islands account for the majority zYellow Fever: ~ 30,000 human deaths/year; most in S. America z hepatitis A: estimated 26,975 cases/year, with/Hemisphere map from CDC web site. Yellow Fever - endemic in the Americas map from CDC web site. Yellow Fever - endemic in Africa map from CDC web site. Dengue – endemic in the W. Hemisphere map from CDC web site. Dengue – endemic in the E. Hemisphere map from CDC web/

Chikungunya By Edidiong Umoren 1967. Contents What is chikungunya The virus Historical background Etymology and origin of the name Epidemiology Transmission.

Asia, and elsewhere. In South-East Asia, epidemics have been documented in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Since 2003, there have been outbreaks in the islands of the /such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. Although dengue fever and CHIK virus are almost similar they have some differences. Skin rash in dengue Skin rash in CHIKV Rare manifestations A petechial or maculo papular rash usually involving/

Preparing the Traveler UNCLASSIFIED Stephen J. Thomas, MD Director, Viral Diseases Branch Walter Reed Army Institute of Research AUG 2013.

in the AKO Program UNCLASSIFIED Slide 18 Locations Submitting Teleconsultations Supported Facility US, Canadian & Australian Navy afloat Afghanistan Bosnia Chad Continental US Egypt – MFO Sinai Haiti Relief Germany Hurricane Katrina Iraq Italy - Sicily Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Okinawa Pakistan/traveling to a malarious region Any fever in any traveler who is in or who has been to a / Vector Avoidance Mosquitoes, sand flies, chiggers, ticks Malaria, dengue, CCHF, scrub typhus, leishmaniasis Be smart, be knowledgeable,/

Health Consequences of Environmental Degradation and Social Injustice Martin Donohoe, M.D., F.A.C.P.

in 2008 ($45 billion in the U.S.) Over $200 billion in 2008 ($45 billion in the U.S.) Floods, cholera, rising malaria zone Floods, cholera, rising malaria zone Dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, even plague now being seen in Europe Dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, even plague now being seen in/, goes to Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan, and the Philippines Most U.S. aid benefits U.S. corporations, is spent on military, goes to Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan, and the Philippines Foreign Aid Aid agencies/

OMICS Group Contact us at: OMICS Group International through its Open Access Initiative is committed to make genuine and.

Energy Commission 2Pakistan Tobacco Board 3Pakistan Agriculture Research Council 4Capital Development Autority (CDA), Islamabad-Pakistan CURRENT ASSIGNMENTS 1 Work as Entomologist in Capital Development Authority, Islamabad- Pakistan 2 Member of National Coordination Cell for prevention and control of Dengue fever at Islamabad-Pakistan 3 Committee Member of Vector-borne diseases in Islamabad-Pakistan 4 Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Biodiversity, Bioprospecting and Development 5 Member of/

Drone Warfare against Mosquitoes Group: Nauman Afridi, Michael Benison, and Jenai Booker 12/13/2013 Source: www.xheli.com.

breeding grounds ❏ Pre-programmed ❏ Easy to operate ❏ Stable, routine action Dengue Virus ❏ Dengue hemorrhagic fever is caused by the bite of striped Aedes aegypti mosquitoe ❏ Causes Severe Flu like illness with Headache, fever,joint pain and if untreated causes death. Dengue Outbreak in Punjab Province Pakistan ❏ First case was detected in 1994 ❏ Severe dengue epidemic in 2011 in the Punjab Province ❏ Since then 300 people killed, 16000 infected ❏ Cost of Treatment/

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Anicteric disease is common form seen in Australia, vague symptoms, flu-like, fever, headache, myalgia Icteric disease more severe, uncommon in Australia, this form commonly seen with/ misdiagnosed at this stage in animals Now considered the 10th most common infectious cause of deaths in the world India - 30,000 deaths annually Pakistan - 2-5000 deaths / water with animal urine, in particular rodent urine Mosquito-borne diseases will also be a potential risk, e.g. dengue, Japanese encephalitis, malaria If/

WASH Cluster – Emergency Training D D31 WASH related diseases Session 3 Categorisation and Transmission.

Hookworm) Trachoma WASH Cluster – Emergency Training D D314 Insect or Vector Borne Examples include Dengue/Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever Malaria Yellow Fever Rift Valley Fever Plague WASH Cluster – Emergency Training D D315 http://www.lboro.ac.uk/well/resources//prepared for the WASH cluster meeting in February 2008 Sanitation Water Quality Source WASH Cluster – Emergency Training D D322 Handwashing with Soap A recently conducted randomised control trial in Karachi, Pakistan, further confirmed the findings of/

U. S. Naval Medical Research Unit No. 3 Cairo, Egypt Captain Robin Wilkening Medical Corps United States Navy Commanding Officer Since 1946, an internationally.

reference laboratory for the Egyptian Ministry of Health  Capacity building in partnership with DTRA  Afghanistan  Djibouti  Iraq  Pakistan Disease surveillance Outbreak mitigation Biosafety and biosecurity Global Disease Detection and Response/Vector Biology Outbreak Response  Malaria  Leishmaniasis  Rift Valley FeverDengue Fever Vector Biology Current Projects  Efficacy of traps in attracting Phlebotomus spp. in Morocco  Characterization of Leishmania parasites, hosts/reservoirs, vectors, and/

Speaker: Akhilesh Chanda Nishad MSc. Final year. INTRODUCTION  Different methods of mosquito larvae control are used throughout history, and they include.

was reported to control dengue fever vector namely Ae. Aegypti. CONT…. 3. Colisa sp. Common name: Giant gourami Size : 12.5 cm Distribution: Assam and Upper Burma (now Myanmar) to Punjab and North West Frontier of Pakistan and India. Ecology/> small Gambusia > female Laccotrephes > male Laccotrephes > Gerris. Aplocheilus latipus,Tilapia mossambicusus. CONCLUSION The use of chemicals in mosquito control appears to have many disadvantages. It is harmful to non target populations as well as the environment and /

SALMONELLOSIS (Salmonella food poisoning, enteric paratyphosis) A common bacterial cause of food-poisoning worldwide. Over 1800 food-poisoning serotypes.

-Spring-Summer Encephalitis 2. Louping Ill MOSQUITO BORNE viruses, ie 1. DENGUE (Breakbone Fever, Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever) AGENT: Flavivirus, Flavidviridae RESERVOIR: nonhuman primates, occurs in Asia, Africa, Australia, the Caribbean including Puerto Rico, the Pacific Islands/ and South America, India, Pakistan, the Middle East, southern Russia, the Mediterranean coast and Africa. The distribution of visceral leishmaniasis is poorly reported, but foci probably occur in the Mediterranean basin, the Middle/

Disease Early Warning System. DEWS Training 2 | Disease Surveillance Surveillance is the ongoing systematic collection, collation, analysis and interpretation.

Warning System, Pakistan, 2009 Acute Diarrhoea: Any other types of Diarrhoea, (not acute/Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF)  Suspected Case: Any person with Acute febrile illness of two or seven days duration with intense Headache, retro-orbital pain, myalgia, arthralgia, rash, haemorrhagic manifestations and leucopoenia.  Confirmed Case: Any suspected case confirmed by laboratory isolation of the virual antibodies. IgM-ELISA test. PCR. Neonatal Tetanus Any neonatal death between 3 and 28 days of age in/

KCOM/TX Dermatology Residency Consortium Dan Ladd DO

verruga peruana) Culicidae (mosquitoes), filariasis, malaria, dengue, yellow fever, WNV. Diptera – 3 main problems Mosquito bites Ked itch Myiasis Mosquito bites – Culicinae Moisture, warmth, carbon dioxide, estrogens and lactic acid in sweat attract the mosquito Pruritic wheal, urticarial reactions/ chigoe, sand flea, jigger. Reddish brown flea 1mm long Africa, Central & S. America, India, Pakistan Pregnant females burrow into skin of ankles, soles, feet and toes. Lesions become infected and painful Tunga /

Public Health Surveillance By :Dr Snehal Moderator : Dr D.G.Dambhare Public Health Surveillance By :Dr Snehal Moderator : Dr D.G.Dambhare 1.

in most countries. 1973: The goal of eradication neared, a systematic house-to-house search for cases was established in India and subsequently used widely in Pakistan and Bangladesh. 1981:National surveillance was begun in/1995), dengue (2006) in different parts of the country further highlighted the weaknesses in the surveillance system. 18 Following plague outbreak in 1994,/ Mumps 17. Rabies 18. Rheumatic fever 19. Tetanus neonatorum* 20. Tetanus in older age 21. TB in older age and pulmonary* 22. Whooping/

TRAVEL MEDICINE. Medical insurance Don’t travel without adequate insurance Don’t travel without adequate insurance Make sure it covers repatriation Make.

large brim Wear hat with large brim Sit in shade Sit in shade Stay out of sun either side / catching high drug resistance = large no of deaths India Pakistan Thailand = Vivax Prevention Mosquito nets Mosquito nets repair holes /fever - causes Malaria42% Malaria42% Non- specific viral25% Non- specific viral25% Viral dengue6% Viral dengue6% Viral Hep A3% Viral Hep A3% Investigation of fever Thick and thin blood films Thick and thin blood films FBClow platelets – malaria dengue FBClow platelets – malaria dengue/

Parasite effects on populations 1)Can Parasites wipe out entire populations? - entire species 2)Can Parasites affect life cycles? 3)Mate selection? 4)Drive.

recently from animals to people. In a separate report, doctors in Singapore say the Nipah virus was also responsible for an outbreak of fever and drowsiness among abattoir workers there in March this year. Blame game amid Rio dengue crisis In one of Rios poorest shanty towns/members during a recent visit to the Middle East and Pakistan. First known deaths from H7N9 bird flu in China BEIJING – Two Shanghai men have died from a lesser-known type of bird flu in the first known human deaths from the strain, and/

GAVI Vaccine Investment Strategy Typhoid Analysis Final October 27, 2008.

Ty21a-oral; Vi-injection TYPHOID 16 Vaccine Landscape Analysis Japanese encephalitis, malaria, and dengue are febrile diseases that are somewhat similar to typhoid. The average of WHO’s/ of school-age and/or preschool-age children is recommended in areas where typhoid fever in these age groups is shown to be a significant public health/Least Poor (2 of 12) Indonesia (25%) Sri Lanka Intermediate (8 of 16) Zimbabwe Pakistan (25%) Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Uzbekistan India (25%) PNG Viet Nam * Poorest (12 of 31/

Religious Conflict. The Big Question: Can secular society exist alongside traditional and fundamentalist religious sects and states? We are quick to notice.

A and E, and typhoid fever vectorborne diseases: dengue fever, malaria, and Rift Valley fever water contact disease: schistosomiasis Religious tensions Christian mission schools closed in 1972 and foreign Protestant missionaries were expelled in 1976. The 1960 constitution forbade proselytizing of any religion but Islam, a law which is still in effect Kashmir Kashmir is a disputed territory between Pakistan, India, and Pakistan. It has also been occupied by/

CHAPTER 10 Global Warming and Ozone Depletion.

distance between ice floes. Consequences of global warming Impact on people Rising temperatures in the Tropics allow mosquitoes to thrive, causing the spread of diseases like dengue fever, malaria and yellow fever Heat waves cause people to die of dehydration or heat stroke. A nurse tends to a heat wave victim in Pakistan as temperatures soar to as high as 45 degrees Celsius. Consequences of global/

Agreement on TRIPS & access to medicines Presentation by Dr Zafar Mirza PILdAT Briefing session for Parliamentarians on “The WTO Regime and Implications.

in January, says in a footnote, that "this (public health problems recognized in para 1 of the Doha declaration) covers at least HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, yellow fever, plague, cholera, meningococcal disease, African trypanosomiasis, dengue, influenza, leishmaniasis, typhoid fever, typhus, measles, shigellosis, haemorrhagic fevers/imports) to a few very prominent ones like HIV/AIDS, TB or Malaria. Why Pakistan should not accept any list of diseases? Restrictive interpretation of Para 1. We recognize /

Lecture 33Bioterrorism "Advantages" of biological weapons: relatively inexpensive, easier to conceal than conventional weapons, potentially easier to spread,

7. Smallpox: highly infectious The infectiousness of the virus was seen in 1970 A German electrician returned from Pakistan, having contracted the virus. He was hospitalized, and though he /fever Experimental vaccine for Argentine hemorrhagic fever is under investigation –Control of rodent populations –Control of insect and other arthropod populations Isolation and containment –Viral hemorrhagic fever patients, with the exception of hantavirus and dengue fever infections, have significant infectious virus in/

- Unit V - High Profile IAS and Partnership Development Strategies Randy G. Westbrooks Rebecca M. Westbrooks Steven Manning Global Invasive Species Programme.

Mosquito (Ades albopictus) Dengue Fever Dengue Fever Eastern Equine Encephalitis Eastern Equine Encephalitis Dog Heartworm Dog Heartworm St. Louis Encephalitis Virus St. Louis Encephalitis Virus LaCrosse Encephalitis Viruses LaCrosse Encephalitis Viruses Other IAS Covered in Text Catclaw Mimosa (Mimosa/Tree Snake Cane Toad (Bufo marinus) Coqui Frog Bulbul (Bird – Pakistan to China House Cat House Mouse Nutria Feral Pig Other IAS in East Africa Bamboo Bamboo Canna Lily Canna Lily Chinaberry (Melia azedarach) /

PHT313. E. coli Klebsiella Citrobacter Enterobacter Salmonella Shigella Proteus Vibrio Yersinia Bacteroides Pseudomonas Brucella Bordetella Haemophilus.

8.Transplacental: Rubella, congenital syphilis. 9.Vector-borne.(Insects) Actively, e.g. Spotted fever, dengue, plague, yellow fever Passively, e.g. diarrhoeal diseases, enteric fever, salmonella food poisoning. 52 III. Host Host is the harboring organism of a parasite/ do not produce cholera enterotoxin (atypical or nontoxigenic O1 V. cholerae ) Cholera is endemic in southern Asia (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh), Latin America 248 Pathogenesis Mode of Transmission – Consumption of contaminated water or food/

Wastewater Microbiology Bob Rawson. Recommended Text Books Manual of instruction for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators two Volume New York State Department.

in these groups if dehydration is ignored or not treated. Yellow Fever Yellow Fever Yellow fever and Dengue Fever (Bone Crush) are both viral diseases carried by mosquitoes that bread in contaminated water including septic tanks. Yellow Fever has caused large epidemics in/such as coxsakievirus and Echovirus. Wild polioviruses can be found in approximately 10 countries: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria, and Egypt, with a 2004 outbreak in West and Central Africa. Wild poliovirus type 2 has probably/

Identification of Bioterrorism Agents Rashid A. Chotani, M.D., MPH Assistant Professor of Medicine & Public Health Director, Global Infectious Disease.

Surveillance & Alert System Johns Hopkins University President, Pakistan Public Health Foundation rchotani@jhsph.edu GIDSAS Chotani, / Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses: Ebola, Marburg, Lassa Fever, Argentine and Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses, Hantavirus, Congo-Crimean Virus, Rift Valley Fever Virus, Yellow Fever Virus, Dengue Virus/classic description = Woolsorter’s disease) –Gastrointestinal by ingestion of spores in contaminated meat; rarely encountered but highly lethal Chotani, 2003 Cutaneous Anthrax /

Congo Virus. What is Viral Hemorrhagic Severe multisystem syndrome Damage to overall vascular system Symptoms often accompanied by hemorrhage  Rarely.

workers and hospital personnel. Cont… Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever is one of the most widely distributed viral hemorrhagic fevers. This disease occurs in much of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, as well as parts of Europe. Congo Virus in Pakistan Four people, including a surgeon and a medical technician, have fallen victim to haemorrhagic fever in Quetta in Sep.2011. Reports said a patient suffering from Congo/

Ebola Virus Disease Implications for NMCP Staff and Patients CDR Karl C Kronmann, MD MPH Infectious Disease Staff, NMCP ACP, 17 Oct 2014.

Date of PHEICDisease Outbreak 25 April 2009Influenza H1N1 (Mexico, USA) 5 May 2014Polio (Pakistan, Cameroon, Syria, et al) 8 Aug 2014Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa Public Health Emergency of International Concern? Gire SK, et al. Genomic /including humans, mosquitoes No Dengue HF/ DSS Southeast Asia, Carribean, South and Central America Aedes mosquitoesNo FiloviridaeMarburgSub-Saharan AfricaYES EbolaSub-Saharan Africa?BatsYES Bray and Johnson. “Viral Hemorrhagic Feversin Richman Clinical Virology CDC /

Parasitic Infestations, Stings & Bites Part 2

TX: topical steroids, DEET. Also a vector for filariasis, malaria, dengue, yellow fever. Ked itch Sheep ked = Melophagus ovinus Feeds with mouth and sucks / jigger. Reddish brown flea 1mm long Africa, Central & S. America, India, Pakistan Pregnant females burrow into skin of ankles, soles, feet and toes. Lesions become /Centruroides sculpturatus Latrodectism – Black Widow Dark dry places under rocks, in cellars, in wood piles. Severe pain in minutes, spreads from bite site to extremities and trunk, severe /

U. S. Naval Medical Research Unit No. 3 Cairo, Egypt CAPT John R. Gilstad, MC, USN Commanding Officer.

Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratories with a Biological Select Agents and Toxins program Arbovirus surveillance (Dengue, Rift Valley Fever, Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever, Chikungunya, tick-born encephalitis, hantaviruses) Outbreak response: 24/7 capability for laboratory investigation of /of vector- borne disease threats: Liberia Nigeria Libya Egypt Djibouti Somalia Yemen Pakistan 16 NAMRU-3 Ghana Detachment (N-3GD) NAMRU-3 Hub in West Africa: Collaboration with the Ghana Health Services and the Noguchi Memorial /

Bioterrorism and Biological Warfare

Libya Myanmar N. Korea Pakistan Former Soviet Union South Africa S. Korea Sudan Syria Taiwan U/fever -Korean hemorrhagic fever -Bolivian hemorrhagic fever -Lassa fever -glanders -melioidodis -plague -yellow fever -psittacosis -typhus -dengue fever -Rift Valley fever -Chikungunya virus -late blight of potato -rinderpest -Newcastle disease -fowl plague -staph enterotoxin B -botulinum toxin -ricin What Do We Worry About? Ali Mao Maalin, was a cook in Merca, Somalia Ali Mao Maalin, was a cook in Merca, Somalia. In/

The returning traveller A few cases Richard Bellamy ID Physician.

, Guanarito, Sabia and Dengue Current Ebola epidemic in 2014 Outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia >20,000 cases so far Probably 10,000 deaths Largest outbreak ever Viral haemorrhagic fevers; clinical manifestations Incubation is around 2-21 days. Prodrome: fever, headache, myalgia, sore/PDR Myanmar Nigeria Pakistan Thailand Turkey Vietnam Avian influenza A H 7 N 9 175 deaths in 453 (39%) affected people Case definition: Patient has visited China in the 10 days before onset of symptoms and Fever ≥38°C/

Responding to the Signs of the Times Camillians and Disasters Part 1 Fr. Scott Binet MD,MI Family Physician International Coordinator – Camillian Task.

diseases: dengue fever and malaria water contact disease: leptospirosis (2009) LiteracyLiteracy: definition: age 15 and over can read and write: total population: 52.9% Education expendituresEducation expenditures: 1.4% of GDP (1991) - country comparison to the world: 177177 Haiti – A Suffering People 2 Security : since 2004, about 8,000 peacekeepers from the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) maintain civil order in Haiti; despite/

Travel and International Vaccines Michael Martin, MD Inova Fairfax Hospital.

-September.” Travel to the Southern Hemisphere during April-September.” CONTINUITY CLINIC HIGH RISK COUNTRIES: Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Nigeria (based on 2008 data) DISTRIBUTION OF POLIO CONTINUITY CLINIC Medically /Fever, Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis, Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, and West Nile Encephalitis CONTINUITY CLINIC Balancing Risks Yellow fever has a 50% fatality rate! Yellow fever has a 50% fatality rate! Africa 1:250 in epidemic areas, 1:4000 endemic area Africa 1:250 in/

M2: ecosan - an Approach to Human Dignity, Community Health and Food Security M 2-4: ecosan and Community Health seecon International gmbh ACTS Agriculture.

no breeding grounds for vectors (mosquitoes)  decrease in vector-borne diseases (malaria, dengue etc.) K. Conradin Health Benefits: Improved Food Security Further benefits:/ characterized by diarrhoea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps. Other symptoms can include nausea, fever, and chills. The severity of gastroenteritis varies from a sudden but transient attack /in Southeast Asia, particularly in India and Pakistan, having been responsible for at least 370,000 deaths in India in the period from 1898 to 1907. In/

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